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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Q & A, continued

edit:(To be clear, the date on this post reflects when i actually began writing it, not when it was actually posted.)

So obviously it's not March anymore but i intend to get through these questions, whether it's Q & A month or not! Having said that, don't let the month's end stop any of you from asking a question, whenever you have one, please! Feel free to ask away and i'll do my best to answer whatever you come up with. =)

OK, onward!

Q: Do you ever openly or secretly disagree with your Master's decisions about things? If so do you discuss it with Him? What does He do if you disagree or argue?

A: Yes, i disagree with His decisions both openly and secretly. It depends on the severity of the matter whether or not i decide to speak up. Sometimes i decide to speak up when i shouldn't anyway. There are times when Master really does value my opinion, such as health care issues or some business matters.

There are times when He wants me to back out and completely be still and mind myself. It's difficult for me to watch if i believe i see Him making a mistake, even if it's something small. i have learned that if it's not a life or death mistake or something that will do no harm, i must butt out! i've also learned that i do not always have all the information so what i might deem as Master making a mistake, is really me being a "buddinsky".

There is a fine line though and how far do i go? Something very silly happened many years ago while Master and i were making some kind of food and a mistake was being made. i was as insistent as i dared to be. The only thing that would happen was that a few bits of food might not turn out perfect. It wasn't worth carrying on about. Master realized the mistake and asked me why i wasn't more persistent. There are limits, and levels of priority.

Q:What does He do if you disagree or argue?

A: i am the worst at coming up with little excuses. To me, i see it as "explaining". i have an explanation for everything and it's the littlest things i question. When He confronts me on things i ALWAYS have a "reason" as to why i did one thing or another. ALWAYS. This pretty much drives Him insane and i can't stop doing it, i can't stop because i don't wanna get in trouble. So i give Him a reason... i guess i think if i give Him an explanation then He won't punish me.

So it's not really the big decisions, we can work those out quite easily. It's the tiny daily things that are the challenges. It's me constantly trying to hold my tongue and remembering that i make mistakes and not EVERYTHING needs an explanation, even though i think it does. If He makes a decision, i don't need to wonder "why".

An example: Him: "Go take a shower."

Me: What i say: "Yes Master."

Me: What i think: How come He wants me to take a shower already? Are we going somewhere? i wonder if we're going to His Mom and Dad's house. i thought we were grilling out tonight. He never said for sure that we were grilling out tonight though so maybe we are leaving... huh. GREAT i don't even have anything out to grill for later. i wonder if He wants to have His Mom and Dad over for dinner, omgosh if we're leaving i'll never have time to get everything ready in time!! If we're grilling out, He's going to want to dog outside and i didn't give the dog his flea stuff yet, ugh we need to get that heartworm medicine from the vet, Master hates going to the vet. If we have to go to the vet Master is sure to get into it with that Vet, one of these days we're going to have to find a new vet and that will be such a pain cause we've had the same Vet for so long........

What Master was thinking: It's time for her to get in the shower.

Even though i didn't say all that stuff He knows i don't have blind faith and it shows. True, this might not technically be arguing, His decisions and instructions should be followed, period. So eventually, He'll lose it. But it takes a while because even though i make myself sound like a complete and utter basket case, i'm not really all that bad, usually. When we get off kilter, He will toss us back on track. One way or another. We had not been on par with each other for several days. So the other night He had me get in the shower with Him, i washed Him, then He put me on the floor of the shower to suck His cock wash His feet. After He got out He turned the water on what seemed like as cold as it would go. i'm sure it wasn't but it seemed like it, and left it. i was pretty sure i was going to die! LOL After i was good and freezing, He never let me get dressed the rest of the night, i was allowed only a short skirt. i was froze all night, Some people would say it's not much of a punishment but it's not something i'll soon forget. The disappointment is punishment enough.

Q: How often do you get punishment/correction? Does it always involve physical pain and or restraints or do you sometimes have other things like withholding of privileges, etc?

A: So an actual punishment depends on just how bad i've been. i don't really get too many proper punishments to be honest. i am only given a real thorough punishment when i have done something severe. That would be something like entering the house without Master's collar, using a swear word or perhaps eating without permission. Those are all major infractions, as Master calls them. =/

When i have done something that Master considers worthy of punishment then normally it will involve physical pain, restraint and sensory deprivation. Master doesn't take away privileges as a punishment because we do everything together. So if He takes something away from me, He's inconveniencing Himself. If He were to take the computer away from me, then He sits in the den alone, He takes TV away, He watches alone, etc.

As far as being restrained or in bondage, Master uses wrist and ankle cuffs very often. Not so much as a punishment though. i can't really say how often He places the cuffs on my ankle or wrists with an accurate number, maybe 4 or 5 out of 7 times a week. That's a guesstimate, but fairly accurate, i think. Of course, if we are home, i am wearing Master's collar. =)

MD's treasure

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  1. I ALWAYS have an explanation. I'm trying to get better at owning up to things, or just accepting situations without having to explain. One of my bosses at work hates explanations. She just wants to say things and move on. Doesn't want to hear it, good or bad.

    Sir doesn't really seem like that. I think he finds it beneficial to hear what was going on in my head, at the very least. Sometimes it does make him a bit too soft on me, however.