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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Punishment

Remember when i ate the cookie without permission?  Well if you do, you're doing better than i am because i can't remember when that was!!  i just remember we were at work when i did it and i remember He wasn't all that happy with me.

So anyway, the punishment was finally given.  i don't even remember when that was either!  A couple days  ago, but i can't even nail down the day.  Wow i'm an awesome historian huh?  Don't ever ask me to be a witness on the stand for you if you need particulars, i am the suck.

So Master decided it was time for me to have my punishment and He told me that i would have a few minutes to finish up at the computer while He got things ready.  Basically that was a little warning for me to get my head on straight because i'm in for a little ride.  Normally i don't get those warnings and when i do, i am super grateful.

Master called me into the bedroom when He was ready and the very first thing He did was put the cuffs on me behind my back.  Then He removed my glasses and put a lacing leather hood on me.  It takes a while to put this hood on and to get the breather holes in the right spots.  Until those holes are right where they need to be, i have to continuously be reminding myself that it'll be fine as soon as it's on properly.  Not only does this hood lace in back, it buckles as well as locks.

Master changed the cuffs from back to front and used some chain around my waist to further restrain my hands and connect them to my waist.  It's all very fuzzy now, and was then too.  Once that hood goes on everything is seriously a mental blur.  i don't think my feet were locked at all, but i might be wrong about that.  i'm not sure.  He told me to get as comfortable as possible because i was going to be in that position for a long, long while.  i felt Him get on the bed next to me and start messing with remotes and stuff, then the baseball game was on the TV.  i was to remain that was for the duration of the game.  So however long a nine inning baseball game lasts, fast forwarding through commercials, i'll have to leave the guesstaments up to you.  =)

The other part of my punishment would be more startling than anything else, occasionally Master would smack me with this swede slapper He has or the leather slapper.  The leather one is quite a bit more than just startling, however!  Then of course there is just the random smack here and there just to be sure i am reminded of the reason for my current predicament.

Once the game was over, Master removed the hood and put the harness blindfold on me with very strict instructions NOT to open my eyes.  i think the idea was that it would bring me out of my current headspace, i'm sure He would have been right.  Although i didn't think of that until just this minute.  Anyway, once the harness was on, the blowjob began!  Master had a long time to warm up because baseball games are long!!! So it took a short time and not much work for me to get Him to His happy place, this time.  That's always exciting for me, because i know He's super turned on!!  =) 

Of course this entire scenario wasn't simply because i ate one cookie.  i messed up a lot that one day.  There is more to it though, i'm really not punished enough for my daily mess-ups.  The times when i forget to say "Yes Master" or when i enter a room and speak without being spoken to, if i forget myself and have a smart mouth, the list is long.  i deserve the punishments i get and more than anything i like the reminder of my place in this relationship.  i am His slave, it's who i am and what i was meant to be in this life.  Call it punishment, call it a reminder of my place, whatever it is, pretty much whenever i get it, it's long over-due.

i hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday evening!

MD's treasure

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Master's helper

The other day i was helping Master in the garage and as He does now then when He's working on something, He'll ask what i think about this or that.  It's always understood that He will make the final decision but He would still like to know what i think.  So i tell Him what i think sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn't.  Sometimes He likes my ideas, sometimes He looks at me like i have absolutely no idea what the heck i'm talking about.  Sometimes... i offer my opinion when He doesn't ask for my opinion.  Sometimes, i do this way too often.

i wish i knew right before this was going to happen, because i get over confident.  i love to help Master when He's working and when He asks me for help, i try to do the very best job i am capable of  doing.  i have learned for the most part how to anticipate His needs and have things that He might need.  i'm not great at it, but i'm much better than i used to be.  So when i get too cocky and He gets upset with me i am crushed!  i don't see it coming, i am just flying high because i'm Master's big helper! and BOOM He lowers the hammer because i have gotten on His last nerve.

Master doesn't know He's hurt my wittle fewings and i don't know i'm about to go too far.  Like i said, i wish i knew right before it was going to happen so i could take a step back and stop it right before it was going to happen so i could take 5 and put myself in check.  This never happens!

The question i have is, why is it just so important to me that i perform so well for Him that in this particular case, when He reprimands me, i am so totally crushed.  It's always important to me to do a good job but this is just extra special!  In other instances when He reels me in, i am fine.  But when i am helping Him on His turf and i mess up, i'm mush.  This of course just happened the other night when i thought i was being so helpful, in fact i had reached His last nerve and He sent me inside.  He told me i was being just the opposite of helpful!  He wasn't mean, He just sent me inside!  Alone!  Hmph.

When He came inside to retrieve me because now He needed me, i was crying!  All i could do was tell Him that i just want to help and He said that He knows i want to help but i need to know when to hush!  Bleh.  i just get so caught up in being this good little helper that i forget to hush.

During the summertime Master and i do countless outdoor projects and this happens probably more than i can count.  It's just something i wish i was better at anticipating.

Well i'm off here to see what i can get into today!  i hope everyone is staying nice and cool.

MD's treasure       

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Few Things i Know

So yesterday when i was in the shower i was thinking about all the things that i think, say and do and how often i change my mind.  Then i was wondering if there were very many things that i know "for sure"?  So as i often do when i'm in the shower, i started brainstorming!  Now, because i'm not in the shower anymore this list isn't going to be near as good as it would be were i singing in the rain!  But i'll give it a try!

Things i know... for sure, and some i don't:

1. i love Master more than i love anyone or anything, ever.
2. When i make two cups of coffee, i will want just a hair more than that.  When i make more, i will want less.
3. The dishwasher is never too full and i can always make room for one more dish.
4. Pink is my favorite color, it always has been.  Except when i choose purple.
5. i am positive that i can take a quick shower and i assure myself every day that i will be in and out in a jiffy.  Every day, the time never changes and i stick the exact same routine, it never shortens, ever.  But today it will be shorter!
6. Football games are simply too long.
7. i am never given enough time to look in the jewelry section.
8. The picture is straight enough and no one will notice if it's even with other ones.
9. my grocery list is a guide, not a comprehensive list, i will veer from it occasionally.
10. The worst moment of my day is when i first open my eyes and feel that searing pain go through my head.
11. Nothing makes me feel better than a huge bear hug from Master.
12. It makes me blissfully happy to sit on the swing and watch the birds every evening.
13. i am always the winner at miniature golf because i end up with the highest score, Master on the other hand is always the loser with the lowest.  He should work on His game, really. =)
14. Other than Master, to me, Yadier Molina is probably the hottest man on the planet.
15. i think we spend too much time on ourselves and not enough on each other.  i don't know how to fix it though!
16. The things that Master can make just with some wood and some screws amaze me. It's not what He does, it's how He gets from point A to point B.  
17. If i were able to say what was in my head i wouldn't be so misunderstood and more widely accepted.  Words don't come out right for me a lot of the time and i think i come off wrong to people.  i wish i were better able to express myself, verbally as well as in text.
18. i'm almost ready to leave, just one. more. thing.

i had lots more but i lost it from the shower to here, since yesterday.  Maybe i'll add on later.

MD's treasure

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

i Need Work

Most of the rules that i follow have been set in place for a long time.  Some of them well over ten years, like the asking permission to leave His presence, that one for sure.  Asking to eat hasn't been set for quite that long, but a long time for sure.  Asking to use the restroom hasn't been for as long but quite some time.  The point being, it's all second nature for me to ask before doing any one of those things.  The other thing that is also second nature is that i presume Master will say an automatic "yes" to all of those things.  i mean, why wouldn't He, He always does, right?  Wrong.

i have become so conditioned that i just "know" He'll say "sure, you may use the restroom" or "yeah, go ahead and leave the room" or "eat whatever", that i don't even wait for His answer sometimes.  i just go about my business without even listening sometimes.  Whether Master likes to admit it, He mumbles! lol and admittedly i presume He will say "yes" those two combined are the perfect storm.  It's up to me!!!! to pay attention to His answer and WAIT for His response.  If Master mumbles i either have to ask for Him to repeat Himself or wait until it's a better time.  Now this He will admit; Master is not a patient Man, so if it's not a good time, i have to come back. =p

Either way, the moral of the story does not change in the least.  i have become presumptuous.  No matter what the particulars are, this is just how bad it is sometimes:  i will be sitting at my computer in the den with Master, and i want to leave the room.  i STAND UP and THEN i say "Master may i have permission to leave Your presence?" ..... ummmm?  How is that not super presumptuous?  Here's another good one:  With my hand on the bathroom doorknob:  "Master may i please use the bathroom?".  Also not an exaggeration!  Okay so the only thing i don't do is put my hand in the frig and then ask for something to eat.  In that case though, i really hardly ever expect that He'll say no.  i should though, and if He ever does say no, i'm crushed, shocked and sometimes even angry.  Huh.  Angry, really?  Wow.  It doesn't last long, maybe even for a minute or two but the fact that it comes up at all, huh.  i go through this whole litany in my head of "why would He tell me no? i need food! i'm really hungry! i'm lightheaded! i'm dizzy!  my head hurts!" LOL omgosh the list goes on!  Seriously you would think He shot me.  But then it passes and i realize He has a plan or more than likely He didn't think i needed food at that exact moment and He was probably right, i'm just being a drama-slave.

There are also some areas where i have begun to curtail my own thinking and gone the other way entirely.  An example;  because i must ask permission to do so many things i nearly feel like i should ask to do even more things and there should be even more restrictions on my activities.  Such as the other day, Master allowed me to use the restroom, when i was finished, i decided that as long as we were going to try to get an early start for the day, i would go ahead and hop in the shower.  Of course it's not just the use of the facilities that was on my mind it felt like a very bold activity to just presume that i was allowed to make myself unavailable to Him for more than just a moment.  i am using His water, His soap and shampoo, but it's even more than that.  i am coveting His property for a time, preparing it for His use none the less but manipulating it without permission, of that there is no doubt.

Another thing i was thinking about was going out of the house, should i be allowed to walk outside?  Even if i've already asked to leave His presence,  should i be allowed to completely leave the house where if He were to ring His bell for me, i would not hear it.  The answer i have thought of is probably no, i shouldn't be.

These are things i think about... i need work and lots of it. =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure         

Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Worth It

It's becoming so very clear to me lately that the more you do for people, the more you open yourself up to criticism and the more vulnerable you make yourself.  If i am going to care about someone and wear my heart on my sleeve, then i am going to get hurt.  There are no two ways around that fact.

Is there a way to truly care about people, put ones heart into their "work" if you will and still be guarded?  i think the answer should be a resounding no!  If you truly want to throw yourself into what you're doing and who you're caring for then you need to let your guard down or there will be no trust.  i am of course speaking about Master's parents and the work we do for them.  They call, we're there.  They need something we're there.  No matter the time of day or night.  We're no hero's,  that's the way it should be and thousands of other people our age are doing the exact same thing we're doing right now, caring for the people who raised them.  However, if we screw up we're on the chopping block for it in front of the rest of the family and His Mom offers no defense in our favor.

Yesterday was His Mom's birthday and in the past the ladies have gone out for lunch.  The older ladies in the family, that is.  i have been invited a few times but it's really the older ladies and since the falling out between Master and His sister, i haven't been invited.  The men don't go to the lunches and we were told that on Wednesday night as well, the men don't go, His Mom clearly stated it.  OK, so Master and i won't be going then.  Thursday we show up to clean late afternoon, no one is home.  We figured they were out messing around for her birthday.  Nah, His Mom and Dad were still at the lunch, that they BOTH went to.  Oh, Master's sister and husband went as well.  So we were the only ones from her immediate family that weren't there and as i type this, it's all i can do not to cry because His Mom knew they were going, i know she did.  It's just how she try to avoid telling me His sister was going to the lunch, altogether.  i am making an assumption of course and that's no good.

i wanted to pack up and ask Master if we could come back another time and finish our work, once His Mom told me about her party.  How could i do that though without making even a slight scene?  So i kept my head down and kept dusting and polishing while Master was outside painting.  i didn't tell Master about the lunch until we were on our way home, it was best to keep it to myself until we were gone from their house.  i didn't want to ruin her birthday and i knew Master would have been very upset and as it turned out, i think i might have been more or just as upset as He was.

As a rule in my life i believe we're meant to give of ourselves to those we've been given.  For instance, i was given Master and His family as gifts from God.  Therefore i should give the most of myself to Master and what He'll allow me to give, i give to His family.  i should do this with all the love in my heart and without regret or fear of being hurt because this is family.

Now as foo foo and wonderment as this all sounds, i screw up and fail all the time.  i get mad and impatient and complain when i shouldn't but this is what i truly believe i am meant to do!  This is what my ultimate goal is, this isn't what i actually DO!  Well i do give the most of myself to Master, i do that.

The thing is, i really honestly to try to do all those things and as long as i'm still trying there should be support in a family. It should be a two way street, everyone should have each others back and stand up for one another if there is bad mouthing going on.

i just have to remind myself, risk vs. reward.  i know we are doing the right thing every time we walk into that house and how good it feels to leave them at night knowing they are okay and maybe we just made things a little easier for them.  It's seriously worth it.

Okay, that's enough whining for the day.

Master and i have more work to do for His parents, they are expecting company next Tuesday and she wants her carpets cleaned.  Of course her company is seriously going to be there two hours!  She must have her carpet cleaned so that's what we'll do!  Once we're finished cleaning her house and painting our time is our own again! YAY.  =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

This song is so awesome as a pick me up! Enjoy!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Does confession garner leniency?

The Rule: Ask to use the bathroom.

The Mishap: i believe i used the bathroom before my shower without asking. i'm honestly not sure, but i had a sense of panic while i was in the shower that i had forgotten to ask. i can't imagine i would have gotten that feeling, had my conscience been clear. i confessed immediately after my shower, still dripping wet.

Master's decision on the matter this time was to allow me to choose my own punishment. i chose the heavy suede flogger.

Master believes that it doesn't matter if i have confessed or not, i am expected to confess every infraction.


i just posted this on Fetlife, curious to hear what you all have to say. =)

MD's treasure

TMI- Tuesday "The Most Times"

We want to know what thing you’ve done the most times.

1. What sex position have you been in the most times?

What's the position called when you're giving a blow job?  That's the one i've been in the most! =) If the blow job position isn't the "right answer" then i would say doggy style.

2. What book have you read …?

Children's book:  The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse!  Adult book:  Sydney Sheldon's Master of The Game, The Story of O.

3. What movie have you watched …?

Oh wow, i am a probably the worst repeat movie watcher ever.  i am one of those people who can watch a movie twenty times (or more), that's seriously not an exaggeration.  There are a few that have fallen into my "looping pattern" if you will.  Steel Magnolias, You've Got Mail, Forest Gump, Love Actually, The Green Mile, The Holiday and The Titanic    
4. In the last week, who have you texted … ? (no names, list the relationship or type of person)

my niece, yesterday was her birthday and i have lost my voice so i wasn't able to give her a call.  

5. In the last week, what food have you eaten …?

Chocolate/Butterscotch Chip Cookie Bars

6. Today, which website have you visited …?


7. When dining out, where have you eaten …?

This is a tough one.  This is one of our favorite things to do but we've really run out of places because it's a small town.  i'll say Taco Bell, it's a pretty random choice but it's just as fair as any other.

8. Which sex toy have you used …?

That's an easy one.  Until it blew up, i used the Hitachi Magic Wand, i miss it and i wish it hadn't blown up. =(

 i hope you're all having a wonderful Tuesday!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure 

Friday, June 08, 2012

Off Kilter

Master is sick.  Nothing is right when He's not well.  It just off sets the natural order of things around here.  Who is going to run the house when the runner of the house is under the covers?  Well i guess i just do the best i can.  In the mean time, everything is tricky, really.  How do the regular rules play out?  i really dislike bothering Him to use the bathroom, to leave the room, to have something to eat, etc.  because it hurts Him to talk and  i know He trying to rest.  Those ARE the rules and until or unless He states otherwise, i am to stick to them.

Yesterday, He was lying in bed watching TV and i went outside to water flowers.  Something i normally would have mentioned because the flowers are around the pool.  i really don't go near the pool without at very least letting Him know or without Him being there.  When He saw me out there, He hollered out the bedroom window and asked me what i was doing, He clearly saw what i was doing, the question was of course redundant.

When i got back inside Master just said that i should tell Him when i'm going to be outside by the pool.  i just realized that the only reason i hadn't told Him was because He was sick and i didn't want to bother Him, yet again with something so trivial.  It's not exactly a rule, it's just common sense.  i am very blessed to have Him think about me as much as He does, in all the ways He does.

i think He's getting better today, at least i hope so.  One of the worst things about Master being out of commission is my inability to drive and replenish supplies.  We always have to bother His parents but they are really good sports about it! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


This is it now, You can't get sick again for a couple years.  i don't like it and it throws me off kilter! So. There.

i love You, get better please.


Thursday, June 07, 2012

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Last night Master and i had been out shopping with His Mom and Dad, we had dinner at Taco Bell and when we left, He pulled in next door to Wendy's.  Master allowed me to run inside and get a frosty for dessert.  So we were on our way home and i was enjoying my frosty and before i knew it, my frosty was almost gone!

i said to Master that i was going to offer to share some of it with Him but i had almost eaten it all up!  Master isn't a big fan of sweets anyway so it was a token gesture.  Master was funny and said something like "don't eat it too fast, you'll get an ice cream headache!!".  i chuckled to myself and then Master and i decided that having a never ending headache has it perks!  i'll never have an ice cream headache because i have a headache all the time anyway, so i would never know the difference!!!

If that's not stretching the old saying "every cloud has a silver lining", i don't know what is!!! hahaha

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Formspring Question

You said in a recent post that you enjoy making and selling porn videos. Do you make custom videos?

Yes, we will make a custom video. Depending on the content of the video of course! i probably wouldn't be inclined to walk down main street, completely naked and proposition a cop. Would i? *grins* LOL

We would be happy to have a chat about making a custom video for you. Just email me at

Thanks so much for your question and for your interest in our videos! =)

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

TMI Tuesday

1. What’s the kinkiest thing about you, either mentally or physically?

my desire to be "edgy" or bad.  If Master and i lived somewhere different, i would dress much differently than i do now.  i am not so much into watching porn but i like making it for others to watch.

2. Do you have any fetishes? If so, what are they?

Clothing, shoes, stockings, jewelry, collars, earrings, slips, skirts, dresses.  i love anything that will adorn the body and even draw (some) attention, although this is somewhat new to me.  Again if it's edgy, that's fun for me.  Ankle and wrist cuffs that have big O or D rings or even bells, are awesome. 

3. Have you ever been spanked? Did you enjoy it? Tell us more.

Well, haha i am a slave!!! It depends on what He uses and how hard i'm being hit and for how long, whether or not i enjoy myself.  The fact of the matter is, i don't like pain and Master isn't really into giving it but every once in a while, He will, for different reasons.  i do enjoy a flogger, the heavier ones are better and i can go to a happy place with a heavy flogger.  The worst spanking i ever received wasn't even for a punishment it was for my 40th birthday.  He gave me forty swats for each year with different types of implements, whew. =)

4. Have you been tied up, or tied someone else up? Did you use rope or  restraints?

i have been tied up yes.  The most common way that Master chooses to restrain me is leather ankle and wrist cuffs and chain.  Although He has used rope to hog tie me in the past.  i have never tied anyone else up.

5. Would you classify yourself as more dominant, submissive, a switch or entirely vanilla? 

i am a slave.

6. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

This might sound like a strange answer and somewhat of a contrast to the first question.  i don't really think much of what i do or how we live is "kinky" or strange at all.  i have a really hard time finding anything kinky or perverted about my life.  Others might wholeheartedly disagree and think that everything that Master and i do is completely messed up and nothing but kink but i believe that we're simply living in our own comfort zone.  So when i meet someone on line and they ask me what's really "out there" about me, it takes me a bit to come up with something.  i don't think i'm much different than anyone else. 

That having been said we make and sell porn so we try to get as creative with it as possible.  i suppose some of those bits might be considered a bit kinky, if you will.  Does it seem odd that there is STILL a butt plug on the bed post of the bed?  Eh, maybe.  Master made me stand at the bed post and suck that butt plug as a punishment for a certain length of time.  Going out to get carry out food with only stockings and a garter belt on under a full length coat, a bit odd, sure. 

7. Have you been to a BDSM club? What was it like? If not, would you ever go to one?

We haven't, i think just for the experience of it, one time it would be a blast.  You bet!

8. What’s your favourite fetish item or implement?

Collars and cuffs.  But if i have to pick one, it's collars.

9. Favourite kinky clothing material?


10. Thigh boots – love ‘em or hate ‘em? 

Love 'em but i don't have any!  me! The girl with all the shoes and i don't have any!  Isn't it a crime? =p

11. If you’re kinky, who knows about it? Do you tell people or is it a closely guarded secret?

Master's best friend knows everything about us.  We had some friends who knew quite about, beyond that only friends that are in the lifestyle know about us.  We don't really hide who we are though either.  We live very much as a Dom/sub couple, no matter where we are.  Master is clearly in charge of everything and every decision at stores, restaurants, in front of His family, everywhere.  We don't broadcast the fact that i am a slave it's just clear that He's Dominant in our relationship.  i don't follow behind Him with my head down like a mouse, (although that might be fun to try) i simply refer to Him as i should for our decisions.   

12. What are your personal limits? 

There are things i don't like, sure.  i am afraid of the whole not being able to get a good breath thing, because i was born with asthma, i have had to overcome that and learn how to wear a hood where it's tight and the air is warm.  That by far is the very worst for me, everything to do with breathing.  Master likes hoods so when the rubber hits the road, i'm a slave.  Master will tell me what my limits are and that's what trust is all about.

13. What’s your safeword and why did you choose that one?

Master and i have never had a safeword.  i understand there are about a million different schools of thought on the subject, all of the
arguments are perfectly valid.  We however choose not to use one. 

14. Which fetishes do you just really not get?

i think if i had to choose one thing at all it would be the involvement of food in sex.  i've never thought it was erotic as so many people do, it sort of squicks me out.  All i see when i see people using all that food is the enormous waste and how so many people could have been fed off of all that food.  i guess i just can't get past the waste part of it all.

MD's treasure

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Once Again, Master Knows Best!

Master and i had to meet His family for dinner tonight to celebrate His brother in law's retirement.  The meal was fine but i am happy to be home.  i believe that in these past few weeks that if it had been up to me i would have chosen to withdraw from most everything and everyone.  i should be quite thankful that it's not up to me that Master won't allow me to make those decisions as i wouldn't make the best ones. 

Normally i bounce right back from nasty words and the like.  i think perhaps lately there have been a few too many of them, i'm not sure what's up.  Perhaps i am bringing it on myself, that can't be overlooked either.  Whatever the case, i need this particular cycle to end. 

None of this is coming from Master, it's all from extended family and there is just no way to avoid them.  Master said to me tonight that i need to be thankful for everything that i have, focus on my blessings.  Of course He wasn't specifically referring to this particular situation, but He's right, it applies here as well.  If i can just focus on everything that is going well and all the wonderful people i DO have in my life, how can i possibly stay in this pattern?

Once again, whether He knows it or not, Master knows best! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, June 01, 2012


This is the closest i've ever been to outing myself to my family.  i don't generally run off at the mouth or lose track of what i'm saying when i'm talking about where we've been, where we're going or what we've done.  Typically i'm able to go with the flow and if i have to, toss in a little tall tale to get me by.  This time, i really said too much and wasn't able to back my way out of the corner.

i was chatting with my sister, to whom i hadn't spoken in several days.  That doesn't happen very often so she wanted to catch up.  i wasn't really all that interested in doing so and while that really seems snotty, it's in my own best interest to back off a bit from her.  Lately each conversation ends with me feeling terrible, so the fact that we haven't spoken has worked out well for me, call it self preservation, if you like.  Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  She asked what we had been up to and i mentioned the trip to Chicago we had taken to help friends pick up a bed.

She knew we'd been to Chicago this time last year because Master and i stopped to see my nephew (her son) at his job and it was his very first weekend at his job, so it was a pivotal point in his life.  So my sister isn't slow and i should have realized that she would put two and two together and wonder why we went all the way into the city two years in a row, the same weekend.

We started talking about something else briefly because she was lost, driving (as always) and i thought i had distracted her, helping her find her way.  No such luck there, however.  Once she was back on track, she said "so I hate to keep pressing the issue" when in fact she didn't "hate to keep pressing the issue".  i knew she wasn't about to let this matter drop until she was satisfied, i was being much too vague for her liking.

Her: "you're not sure where you went to get this bed?"
me: *crickets*
Her: "can you not tell me?"
me: "ehh, i guess that's it."
Her: "okay then".

So she's still horribly lost driving around in circles and finally gets fed up and says she has to call me back.  Thank goodness!  i hang up and i'm just a fumbling mess because i've never really frozen like that before.  Why didn't i just say we were going to the city for the day with friends?  That's a true story.  Master contends that it's none of her f----g business and He is quite right.  i should have excused myself from the conversation by saying as much in a polite way but it's really my fault for bringing it up in the first place!

A while later she called back as she said she would.  She never calls back when she says she will, never. This time was different of course, she was digging for a story.  She allowed me a way out and i was ever so grateful.  Her:  "Did your trip have anything to do with S.E.X?" She is SO uncomfortable with sex and anything having to do with the topic... yep she SPELLED it out, i kid you not.  So i said, yeah we go in to purchase particular items that are difficult to buy other places.  We don't go for the show.  i hear a HUGE sigh of relief because she couldn't bear to think of me going to a sex show for the enjoyment of it all.  "Ohhh okay, I completely understand what you mean."  The truth being she didn't really understand anything at all.  She just needed to know that it was really about sex and i wasn't involved in something so filthy and disgusting like s.e.x.

my sister has a lot of material things, they have more money than God, a huge home and they travel all over the world.  Her husband cheats on her and she's alone more than he's with her.  It's also become quite apparent that she is no longer able to even speak about sex without becoming so uncomfortable she's a trembling mess.  i get mad at her when she's mean to me and hurts me but more and more i have to understand how much she's hurting.  Even if i had outed myself and Master the problem would have been hers to deal with, not mine.  It would have upset me to know she may turn her back on me for a while, maybe even forever but it's only because of her own shortcomings.  i would be devastated, even.  i just have to think that eventually people who truly love us will accept us for who we are, even if they think we're freaks!  =)

MD's treasure