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We've never, ever wanted to be mistaken for any of the countless people who claim to be a Master or slave when in reality, they just pretend for money. There's potentially a fine line in other folks' perception, and I've gone to considerable effort to never cross that line. My treasure writes here because she enjoys it, she loves to get and reply to comments and she also does it because I require it. In the beginning, it was a blog, nothing more, nothing less. In the last few years, it has become not only a blog, but also a hub for all of our online activity. Some of that activity is done simply for fun, some of it is to feed some sort of narcissistic need for kudos that I still deny having, and some of it is done to try to supplement our income by sharing our real life with others who might be willing to toss a few bucks our way for a small window into our normal activities. Normal for us but mere fantasies to them, things that they can't get at home or simply things that get their blood flowing south. Like most people, we started out never showing our faces, never being specific about where we live, blah blah blah. One day, I decided that I was tired of acting like I was ashamed of Myself or My girl, just so someone I knew wouldn't find a photo that would make them all butt hurt because of their own insecurities and closed-mindedness. In a very short time, we had started making videos and posting non-anonymous pictures all over the place. Eventually, My girl started doing live cam sessions for cash and it's become a multifaceted "business". That's why we're making this page. I didn't want it on the front page of the blog because this is still her blog, and always will be, but we wanted to add a page for some of the money-making things that we do.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quick Get Away

We finally decided that we're going to go away tomorrow to Mr. Leather. Master has been looking forward to going for a long time and i think it'll be fun. It's supposed to be a huge fetish vending area and i'm sure i'll be great. There will be tons of kinksters there and walking through the vending area will be really neat.

We have to get up really early cause it's a four hour drive for us and we want to make it worth the trip. i think we might end up going to the zoo on Monday so it should be a good weekend. It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow but we'll be inside all day tomorrow so better tomorrow than when we're planning on being outside all day Monday.

i know that at these events there are a lot of people dressed in fetish wear. i just wonder how Master will have me dressed. i don't know if He'll put cuffs or a leash on me or what He'll do. i have my outfit set out but He hasn't told me what else He'll be putting on me, i'm sure He won't tell me until we're there. =)

We haven't had even a short weekend get away for a long time, this will be nice for us!

i hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, May 27, 2011

Favorite Toy!

Onward with the kink!

Number 6 is; Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy.

i have often wondered if i'm just not imaginative enough or if i'm just boring. i don't have these amazing fantasies where a man on a white horse comes and sweeps me off my feet and sticks forks in them (my feet) and then wacks off on a hair brush in front of me just for good measure. i've never had anything in particular that was just plain weird. It's not that i'm not open to just about anything and everything, i just don't have tons of fantasies or dreams. i've never even had a wet dream where i know just about everyone does at some point of their life.

The main fantasy i have or the thing that will get to me more than anything is to think about Master. i can't even "cheat" on Master in fantasy land if i wanted to. i'm not just saying that because i would think i would get in trouble, because i wouldn't, i think Master would think it's healthy for me to fantasize. Master is the One that i think about, i have to in order to have an orgasm, that's the way it's been since we got together.

Number 7; What’s your favorite toy?

We have a lot of toys. i don't know if we have more than most, but we have lots. A few years ago, Master finally bought His dream toy. He bought a Sybian. Now while i really do love it, we don't really get the use out of it that we should. It's an amazing machine and if you've ever heard anything about one, yes it really is everything that everyone says it is. If you've ever heard anyone say once you start you can't stop, it's true. Even if you're not a multiple orgasm person (i'm not) once you start and you're on a Sybian, once you're on this and you start, you won't be able to stop until someone turns it off for you or you have the forethought to have the controller in your hand before you begin. This is not an exaggeration. i was a non believer until i took my first ride. =) They are worth every penny, it's the most expensive toy we'll probably ever buy, but it is amazing. That having been said, i don't think i would say it's my favorite.

i would have to join the masses and say that the Hitatchi Magic Wand has cornered the market for being a favorite. It just does everything you need it to do when you need it to do it. It's affordable and light and powerful (no where near as powerful as the sybian, of course). The other great thing about the Hitachi is that it's amazingly quiet where the Sybian sounds like a lawn mower when it's at it's highest speeds. i'm really not making that up, it's incredibly loud.

i'm going to have to assume, this question was related to a sex toy, so those are my answers for "sex toys". =)

Master and i are still thinking about going to Mr. Leather this weekend in Chicago. We only have a few more hours to make up our (His) mind. hehe i'm not sure if we're going or not really. It being Memorial weekend the traffic will be awful and it's a long way to go just for an over night. We are looking forward to the vending and such but it seems like a bit of a hassle just for a few short hours away. i am torn myself, i would like to go away for a weekend but i'm not sure if i want to go to Chicago on such a busy weekend. eh... /shrug hehe

Tonight we're going to Master's sister's house for a cookout, but from the looks of things outside, it might be a cook-in. Looks like it might rain again.

i better scoot off here and get ready to go.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stormy Sunday

Well we're all here to see another day. Master was a little disappointed because now we have to clean up after our yard sale! =)

This past week was really busy and it seemed as though we were running the entire week. We were just headed out the door to the store and Master put the breaks on and said that there weren't just tornado watches throughout the area, there were also warnings in the area. We can't go out in that kind of weather, even in they aren't in our immediate area. So here we sit, waiting for things to calm down.

Master and i have been talking about going to Chicago this coming weekend to International Mr. Leather. It's primarily a gay event and that doesn't matter to us, one way or the other, it's the vendors that we want to go for and it's all very fetishy and that does matter to us!!! It sounds like it could be a blast. It's about a four hour drive for us and while we could do it in a day trip it would be a very long day and wouldn't be as much fun. The best way would be to spend the night. That makes it considerably more expensive. With gas being a ten dollars for an eye dropper full, that limits our traveling a bit, haha.

Master hasn't totally ruled it out though, we still may go, it would be a good time, for sure.

That's it for me. i need to get this posted. i'm posting between storms!

MD's treasure

Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Kinky Stuff

Number 4:

Any early experiences that, in retrospect, hint at your kinks?

This one is really just a "no". That i remember anyway. i'm sure if we were to dissect anyone's childhoods we'd come up with kinky things all over the place. For me though i just don't see anything in particular.

Number 5:

What was your first kinky sexual experience? If you haven’t had one yet, talk about what you hope to have happen.

i'm going to have to go right to Master on this. There may have been few minor things before the one i'll mention but this is the one that really sticks out in my memory. He took me into the TV room in the basement and as i've mentioned before i was quite green when it came to all things bondage, so i had no idea what i was in for, but i was also open to just about anything. He told me that i should expect to 'be uncomfortable' but that was all He told me. He tested the range of motion on my arms and pulled rather hard on my shoulders and i really wasn't sure what was going to happen.

He had laid out a quilt on the floor and told me to lie down. i'm pretty sure He blindfolded me right away, He relishes the element of surprise lol. i heard lots of jingling and really wasn't sure what He had. Soon enough He told me to put my arms behind my back and He started to place the armbinders on me. my memory is poor and it's been almost ten years ago, but i believe i had never seen them before. Never having seen them, not knowing what was happening, it was all very surreal.
Once the binders were on, He tied the rope around my ankles and to the rings of the end of the binders, i held the hogtied position for quite a while, i of course had no reference for time. Then He made it sound like He left the room, if only for a second. i couldn't imagine He'd leave me there, then i realized, He'd only shut the door. If i remember nothing else about that, i remember Him shutting the door and thinking He'd left me alone.

In that position, on my stomach, back arched because i had no choice, the binders were pretty tight to my ankles, He sat on the floor in front of me. i heard Him unzip His jeans. i thought, there's no way, how can i do this? i was so new to the lifestyle, i told myself, "figure it out, this is was you said you always wanted, it's put up or shut up". i remember that very clearly like it was yesterday. That was one of the best blow jobs i can remember ever giving Him because i had something to prove to Him and to me. Even in the most compromising positions, i knew i had to prove to myself that this was truly what i needed for my life and to give everything i am to Him.

Even to this day, when my head is hurting and He wants to give me more breaks than i deserve and not have me give Him a blow job, i think of that night, "put up or shut up".

We've had so many since then, but i think this was the first "kinky" experience i can think of. =)

MD's treasure

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Number 3

This last week was a very busy one! Master and i worked all week preparing for a yard sale that we had yesterday. It turned out that the weather wasn't very good for it at all. As it was a city-wide yard sale, we're hoping that they allow for the rain date and run all the ads over again! So we'll do it all over again next week end! =)

On to number 3

How did you know you were kinky?

This is actually not an easy one to answer. i didn't have an "aha" moment really. The very first dominant i talked to was certainly instrumental in getting the ball rolling. He got me thinking about my submissive nature and he asked me questions i had never been asked before. Until then i didn't know there was a word for it, i just thought that i liked rules and structure. i believed that i enjoyed being looked after or dominated, as he put it, i didn't know that there was anything more to it. So some of it would be due to him.

i have to give credit where it's due and had i not met him i may never have gotten into this lifestyle, he saw something that no one else did and he took the time to ask questions that no one else ever had. That was more than eleven years ago.

Once i got with Master, that's when every other facet of this lifestyle became apparent and opened up to me. i was really very green when we got together. i believe that nearly everything "kinky" i've learned or learned that i've enjoyed has been introduced by Master. i knew nothing about bondage, i had only heard of it. i knew only about submission and dominance. That was the extent of the BDSM lifestyle that i knew. That's what i was drawn to, Master taught me that there was so much more and He taught me that there is a whole world of people out there, just like us.

How did i know? i didn't know, i had to be told! Isn't that just like a slave? =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

If anyone is interested, i started a new group on FetLife Owned Ultra-Feminine Ladies. It's not just for ladies, gentlemen are also encouraged to join. Please read the rules and description.

Monday, May 09, 2011

my Kinky self

Day 2: List your kinks.

If you hadn't guessed, i'm sure i won't get this whole list done in a matter of 30 days. It might take me more or less than 30 days, depending on the questions. i've never been much for conforming! =)

Okay so listing my kinks. i don't have a clue because to be perfectly honest, to someone who might be a little different like people in this lifestyle. i know i don't think of myself as kinky or my interests as being all that out there. i'm actually shocked to know how flabbergasted people are when they hear about my lifestyle.

i remember showing my best friend when Master first had the nipple piercings done. She said she couldn't wait to see them, then she about freaked when i showed her. It was her idea, she wanted to see them and then she about fainted. So i'm really not a good judge of what i think is kinky.

my interests are piercings and tattoos although Master hasn't decided where or when i'll have a tattoo. i am more interested in piercings and love the ones that i have. i love dressing as a lady and wearing foundation garments, stockings, heels, skirts and a slip every day. i love being Master's bound slave girl in many different facets. From wearing His collar, wrist and ankle cuffs to being completely bound or locked in the bNot only just wearing Master's collar, but being collared and everything that it entails. Master's control and ownership of me. Not only just wearing Master's collar, but being collared and everything that it entails, Master's control and ownership of me.

my personal service to Master and being under His ultimate control is huge for me. Learning new rules and having to be completely accountable to Him for everything is constantly a goal for me. i know it's something that i'll never totally achieve to perfection but i want to be Master's perfect slave and always working on the rules He sets for me keeps me going.

i thought i would pop over to Fetlife to see if there were any kinks listed on my profile to help me out with this list and really in a nutshell, i've listed lots here, only in bulk form. i love traditionalism and the way the Man is King of His castle and i might have left out a couple random things, like masturbation or sensory deprivation. i think the fact that i got a lot of them without even looking at FetLife, tells me that i must be fairly consistent with my likes and wants in this lifestyle! =)

That's it for this one, unless i think of anything else!!!

MD's treasure

Saturday, May 07, 2011

30 Days of Kink

Day 1: Dom, sub, switch? What parts of BDSM interest you? Give us an interesting in-depth definition of what that means to you. Basically define your kinky self for us.

When Master and i got together i would say that i was submissive. It really wasn't long however, that Master took total control. i think we both knew or at least hoped that i was going to be the slave He had always wanted. There was a defining moment when Master and i first started chatting on line. Master told me what He'd had and then He told me what He'd always wanted. He wasn't specific bit by bit, what He said was that He wanted someone who wanted to become completely His. He wanted someone who was willing to be molded, He wanted an open book. All i knew when i met Master was that i was a submissive and that i wanted someone to take control of me and my life. i didn't really have all that many preconceived ideas of what i thought we as a couple were going to be. i wasn't even sure what i thought our relationship was going to be like as a whole. i was more focused on service where Master was more focused on my person, control and my transformation.

This is what we've worked toward all these years, Master has been molding me to be His perfect slave the entire time we've been together.

Defining my kinky self would be an impossibility because when i came to Master i was my own person, my own thoughts and my own opinions. What we've worked toward and what we've both wanted is to develop a life as one, a life together. We've worked to build our life as a kinky, perverted, fetishy, couple. Interests that are ours, not His, not mine but ours. Now, i am an extension of Master and His interests and beliefs. Not in totality, there is work to be done, there always will be but this will never stop being our goal.

my definition is "Master Dream's precious treasure". i define myself by The One who owns me.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Hit The G-Spot

Master and i were afforded a wonderful opportunity from EdenFantasys! They sent us a terrific toy to play with and in the process Master was able to have fun doing a photo shoot of me!

We were excited about the chance because what slave girl doesn't want to play with toys any chance she gets, right? hahahaha The vibrator they sent this time is called Monique's vivid dreams, aptly named, i'd say.

i've had lots of different types of sex toys but this one was quite different because i've never had a g-spotter before. EdenFantasys gives it "4 vrooms" and it really does stand up to every vroom they give it. i loved the smooth contour of the head and it has a few raised swells at the very tip that hit juuuuuuuust the right spot. The dial was sensitive to the touch but not too much so. The only possible improvement that Master and i might mention about this would be the battery compartment, there is no indication as to which way the batteries are to be inserted. On the plus side here, for having only two batteries, it's a nice even yet powerful feeling that pulses through you even after it's removed.

Master was very involved in the test run and i'm not allowed to orgasm without permission, even when it's in the name of product testing *grumbles*. No matter what i did or how much i whined or begged, He wasn't about to budge. He was too interested in watching me squirm and of course taking a few photos for posterity. Monique's vivid dreams wasted no time, getting me to my happy place, it was Master who kept me from going all the way. Finally after what felt like ages of begging, He finally relented and allowed me my release. Mid way through He'd blindfolded me so everything else was blocked out and i was alone in my glory! =)

Thanks to Master and of course EdenFantasys, yesterday was a good day! Master could have kept me on edge all night, but then of course, He'd never get supper!! haha

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure