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We've never, ever wanted to be mistaken for any of the countless people who claim to be a Master or slave when in reality, they just pretend for money. There's potentially a fine line in other folks' perception, and I've gone to considerable effort to never cross that line. My treasure writes here because she enjoys it, she loves to get and reply to comments and she also does it because I require it. In the beginning, it was a blog, nothing more, nothing less. In the last few years, it has become not only a blog, but also a hub for all of our online activity. Some of that activity is done simply for fun, some of it is to feed some sort of narcissistic need for kudos that I still deny having, and some of it is done to try to supplement our income by sharing our real life with others who might be willing to toss a few bucks our way for a small window into our normal activities. Normal for us but mere fantasies to them, things that they can't get at home or simply things that get their blood flowing south. Like most people, we started out never showing our faces, never being specific about where we live, blah blah blah. One day, I decided that I was tired of acting like I was ashamed of Myself or My girl, just so someone I knew wouldn't find a photo that would make them all butt hurt because of their own insecurities and closed-mindedness. In a very short time, we had started making videos and posting non-anonymous pictures all over the place. Eventually, My girl started doing live cam sessions for cash and it's become a multifaceted "business". That's why we're making this page. I didn't want it on the front page of the blog because this is still her blog, and always will be, but we wanted to add a page for some of the money-making things that we do.

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

Master and i aren't big whoop it up people for New Years Eve. It's sort of an excuse for people to drink too much, i think. We're going to friends for dinner and play some games. They always make amazing food so it should be good. They live close to us and that's a bonus because i'm not a fan of being out on the roads on New Years really, it's not a huge deal it's just something i am leery of because of people who do drink too much and then decide it's okay to drive.

my cold/cough still aren't gone and i waited too long to call the doctor. They aren't in today. The whole clinic is closed. It never dawned on me that the whole clinic would be closed today. i guess i should have known but it's not technically a holiday. Anyway, i can't stop coughing and i've had this now for almost 2 weeks. Master says that's too long for a regular cold. If i still have the cough Monday i'll have to go in and see the doctor. i can always go to the Urgent Care Center but i'd be there all darn day, bleh.

i hate coughing one because it hurts but mostly because i feel like i'm annoying Master. Is it annoying to hear someone cough non-stop? It doesn't bother me when someone coughs, i just feel bad for them. i just hate it when i do it.

Because of my cold, Master hasn't been allowing me to follow through with His rule for me to suck His cock twice a day. He called me into the bathroom and took off my night gown and the leather collar. He put on the nylon shower collar and told me to kneel by the tub. He got in the shower and started His shower and a in a little while He told me to get in. Once i was done washing His upper half He told me to kneel, our shower is just a standard size tub so it's not huge and we're not super small folks =p so i was squatting sort of and He wasn't at all happy with this arrangement. After we got the kinks worked out and i was kneeling the way He wanted me to be i brought Him just to the brink of orgasm and He told me to close my eyes and open my mouth. i had an idea that i was going to get some "moisturizing creme" LOL.. Just as i suspected He came all over, i dunno where, really, my eyes were closed! It had been at least 2 weeks since Master had a blow job and in "Master Time", that's an eternity! rofl So everyone is happy, i got to complete part of my rule at least and Master got what He wanted. YaY =)

Happy New Year everyone. Stay safe tonight.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's more than a blog

i don't really know where i'm going to go with this post but i feel compelled to say something. i've had this journal for a while, not as long as some have had theirs, but a while. Before i started writing my journal i was reading a few, mainly Delia Day, Lisa and Yes Master. i'm not sure who else. Anyway, after reading people for so long you become attached to them, emotionally i suppose even though they never know you're out there reading about them, we become attached to them and their lives. Emotionally invested, even.

i read many blogs and out of all the blogs i read i know a couple of the authors and even though i'm really not very vocal out there in blogville, i have myself become emotionally invested in a few different blogs, to varying degrees. Only because i care about them and i wouldn't ever want anything to happen to them. Some i know fairly well and consider them friends, others i've only just barely met and respected from afar.

That's where this post comes from, this past week, twice now i've felt my heart leap to the back of my throat when i click on someone's post and i read bad news or see a terrible picture. It's interesting to me how people we've never met or scarcely spoken to can have an impact on another person. We open up our inner most feelings on here and let each other into our lives so i guess it shouldn't shock me when people start to feel that they know us or feel for us when bad or good things happen to us.

Taking this whole thing one step further, i know that there are people who have been coming to read my stuff year after year and sticking with me through the good and the bad. To you i wanted to say thank you and if you're a new reader or an old reader returning, thank you as well. Thank you for trudging through the blunder that is my mind and sometimes the boring, that is my mind. Often times i sit in front of these keys with not a clue as to what i'm going to say and it shows, but for some reason you faithful folk keep coming back. Other times even when i had an idea what i'll write it's all jumbled up lol, maybe even like today...

i only had one point i guess even though i'm not out there posting and commenting all the time, which i'm going to try to do more of, i swear, it's just hard for me. It's hard to explain but i feel like i'm putting myself out there where i might not be welcome, i wasn't invited to the party, no one hands out invitations, i know, i just can't explain it. Commenting on posts makes one vulnerable, there, that's a better way to say it and i don't want to hurt anyone or say the wrong thing. So i guess i'm a wimp.. LOL.

Okay.. ANYWAY... Even though i'm not out there posting and commenting on blogs, i'm out there, lurking, reading and above all, caring and wishing you all wonderful lives hoping that whatever is going wrong will straighten itself out and what's going right will continue on it's path.

Peace to you all,

MD's treasure

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

There is no fear of not having a White Christmas around these parts. Well we had some snow on the ground before last night, but some time last night it started to snow and it hasn't stopped since. It's very pretty to look at, i'm just not all that thrilled to be going out in it. There is a family Christmas Eve thing they do every year and we haven't gotten word that they've can canceled it, so we're still planning on going.

Tomorrow we'll go to Master's parents house where Master said He couldn't even walk through the living room for the presents around the tree yesterday. Thankfully He was talking about a small walk way, but still, the idea that His Mom goes a bit overboard is a little disturbing. At least Master comes by it honestly hehehe.

Anyway, my casserole will be done soon and i should be in the kitchen when it's ready to ding!

i wish you all blessings of peace and love this Christmas. i hope you're all with the people you love most!

Merry Christmas

MD and His treasure

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cover your mouth!

The other day Master and i were at the little pharmacy that we go use to get my medicine. It's one of those old time Mom and Pop stores that are just not around anymore. It's downtown where there is no parking, and it's really inconvenient to get to.. but. The pharmacist knows me by name and when my meds changed, one time he took out a calendar and took me to his office and wrote out a 6 week calendar by hand to show me exactly how the meds were supposed to be taken. When they changed again a year later, same thing.

So as long as they are open, i am happy to go there, so are many other people. Sick people who will pay a lot more for their cold medicine just so they can ask the pharmacists questions. So the other day i'm waiting in line behind this guy who is SICK... holding a box of Thera-Flu, he's sniffling, got the red nose going, hasn't had a bath in days, he's sick. Without losing my place in line, i step back while i wait for Master. He's out on the side walk helping His parents into their vehicle as the snow removal was horrendous. Master comes in and when Typhoid Mary leaves i said to Master, when You pay don't touch anything! That guy was SICK! Master did His best to stay away from the counter and i gave Him some alcohol stuff straight away after we left the store. Here it is a few days later, Master? He's in great shape, i'm sicker'n a dog laid up in bed 4 days before Christmas wishing i had The Plague Bringer's phone number! Seriously? Send someone else out for your medicine or have them deliver it to you! That's why pharmacy's deliver so you don't go out into the public and make unsuspecting victims like me sick!!

At least last night we got the presents wrapped. i'm not done shopping for Master and i can't go out shopping like this. i just have to hope that i'm better tomorrow. Like pray that i'm one in a million who has a 36 hour cold lol. Either that or i'll be that goof who wears the mask at the store, i'll DO IT! okay i won't but i need to get this shopping done.

i hope everyone is healthy and having a good holiday season! Tis' the Season to be sneezin'.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spinning my wheels

How can i seem so busy and when i look around it looks like i've gotten nothing done? Since the cat has been sick it seems like i spend ages throughout the day tending to her, washing bowls, feeding her, rewashing bowls, giving her fresh water, fresh cat milk and hair ball medicine. This system is working and she's eating her own food as well, she's gaining weight again, she's got tons of energy and hopping up on everything. Last night i opened a gallon of milk and within the first click of the top being opened she was on the counter to get the ring from the bottle top. That's one of just about every cat's favorite toys i think. She'll play with it until a. she looses it or b. the dog steals it or c. it ends up in her water. When we move the refrigerator some day i can't even being to imagine how many of those rings we'll find under there.

i changed the sheets and i'm washing the comforter on the bed. Master spilled just a small amount of soda on it but i thought it would be nice to have everything fresh for the week. i could have just spot washed it but eh.. i probably should have, it's not very durable, it's already had one tear. Hopefully it will come out alright, i can't indulge my love for super clean linens with this comforter as much as i did our old one. my old one i had for over 20 years and never had so much as a stitch come loose. This one, not so much. It's my own fault for trying to get a bargain the old saying rings true, you get what you pay for and Master was right in this case for sure.

Well i think i'll try to get back to work. i hope everyone is having a good Sunday, doing something you love with people you love.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, December 18, 2010

my little pity party ~

A week away from Christmas and we have nothing wrapped and i'm not done shopping for Master. At this point we typically have things wrapped and i am done shopping or i feel a bit more prepared at least. i am going to clean for Master's Mom on Monday and that will make the last of my Christmas money. i've always saved my own little stash for Master's Christmas presents and i didn't want this year to be any different although i ran a little short this year so i'm scrambling to finish up. i can use the house money to buy presents but that just seems off to me, i dunno.

Anyway lots of things seem off lately we had a weird thing last night, things were said that i'm still trying to process and i don't know what if anything was resolved. There are a lot of things i should say when we have talks but i don't seem to say anything because i fear saying the wrong thing. i hate to make things worse and make Him more angry. So i sit either silent or stumbling for words, making myself more confused and making Him more angry. He says i should say something anyway.

i am missing my family right now or what there is left of it anyway. i talk to my sister now that she's in the states and that's good but being friendless and no where near anyone on my side of the family at holiday time isn't easy. i look forward to time spent with Master's family but sadly, He doesn't. There is stress there because there has been some bad blood built up more and more this past year with His brother in law. i know this is a bit pity party here but nothing i've said isn't 100% true and there is just no simple way to change things, there is no good way to make friends here (we've tried the munch thing and working on it again) and family is just too far away. Holiday time is always the toughest, on everyone. i realize that i am one of the lucky ones. i have nothing to complain about, someone out there always has it much much worse. Sitting here, i should (and am) be ashamed of myself for feeling bad sometimes you just can't help it, i guess.

Peace and happiness to you all.

MD's treasure

Sunday, December 12, 2010

What 24/7 means to me

i have been reading different things that brought me to write this post, as you'll soon read, i have a point, maybe. Being a slave and wife to Master isn't something i really take a break from like going on a coffee break. No matter where we are or what we're doing, i am immersed in this life.

That doesn't have to read that i am constantly shackled although i do wear a collar all the time, like no kidding, all the time. There are different choices for all sorts of occasions but i have one for every occasion, except surgery where they won't allow it.

The thing is, there are doubters and there are over achievers who make the kind of boring people like Master and i seem unreal. We aren't flashy "lookit me" type of people, we eat hamburger helper and chili and a big night for us is movie night with chips and bean dip. The twist is, lots of those nights, Master has me in wrist and ankle cuffs locked up or cuffed.

For us, just because i might not feel well or i am tired or it's 4am, i am still His slave. 24/7 means all the time, truly. If He wants a blow job in the middle of the night or at 10am, He will have a blow job. If He has to leave for the day and he leaves me a list of things to do, it doesn't matter if i have a bad day, those things better get done, that is all part of being a slave. 24/7 ownership to me is about the entire relationship, everything that encompasses total power. Just because i am tired i may never tell Him "no", i won't go get You a glass of water. There is a rule, if He tells me to do something, i say "Yes Master, and do it". i have a vague recollection of something horrible happening once and a beating... apparently, i didn't follow this rule. (beatings aren't really all that common, i am a wimp see, a huge wimp and He's not really a sadist) Something as simple as that is still power, i am never allowed to tell Him no. Not at any hour of the day or night no matter where we are.

i don't eat without permission nor do i leave His presence without permission. This applies at home as well as away from home. It's tricky when there are others around but again, i am nothing if not His slave and that's what has to be at the forefront of my mind.

These are all things that work for us, understandably they wouldn't work for other people and these are things that we've worked on for years. But this is just what living the lifestyle means to me. It means that it never stops and it means that there are people out there who do live it 24/7.

We are also the kind of people who will lie in bed for all hours of the night watching TV wrestling for the remote, trying to smother each other with pillows and kick and scream until someone (me) gets hurt.=p In some ways we are just as vanilla as a box of cheerios and in other ways we're as real as it gets. Mostly we're us just being us.

This is what 24/7 means to me. This is very much a my kink is my kink your kink is your kink post. i feel like there are many many people who are 24/7 living it and breathing it every single day. i would love to read more about what 24/7 means from other people. What does 24/7 mean to you? =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just when you thought everyone sucked....

Every year Master and i have one long day where we go to town and have a day of shopping. We do all the same things with slight variations each year, but typically, we stick to the routine. At some point we split up and buy for each other or at several points throughout the day we split up and hit different stores and meet back up. Yesterday was a bit different but it was a day of nice surprises. In two cases i thought that there was no hope (one i can't give specifics cause of You know Who) and they both turned out with amazing endings. Master and i were walking through the mall and there is this cheesy dollar store and i'm talking cheeeeeesy... but we always go in there cause sometimes we find something funny in there. Like yesterday i found the fuzziest pink gloves, totally what i've been wanting and now "Santa" can give them to me, for a BUCK! Anyway, i was trying on all sorts of gloves, messing around and apparently my watch must have come off, it came undone before we left home but i thought it was because i hadn't snapped it properly. When i put it back on, i checked and i felt secure so i went on about getting ready to go. i never felt it come off, maybe because i also wear a bracelet on that wrist, maybe cause i had my coat on, i dunno. Seems a little amazing to me that i didn't feel it come off but i knew that's the only place i could have lost it and not heard it hit the floor, that's the only place that was carpeted.

i didn't notice it was gone for at least an hour and 1/2 later however. We had made our way all the way down the mall, had lunch yada yada. So i said to Master.. OMGOSH! my watch, my brand new frog watch is gone! Now i gotta tell ya, this watch is CUTE! i bought it with my birthday money and it's all sorts of adorable. i can't even begin to imagine where or how i would replace the silly thing. So we began the treck back through the mall, looking all over and i was just praying that it might be in the dollar store. So we looked all over the store, all through the gloves, the isles, everywhere but it wasn't there. We were just leaving when Master told me to ask the guy at the counter if there was a watch turned it. He said no and sort of shuffled some stuff around behind the counter. i just said okay, thank you and started to leave but Master stood there waiting and watching him. Master apparently wasn't satisfied with the man's effort so Master just stood there and waited for the guy to keep looking. So he did, he looked a bit more and i was almost out of the door when he said "is this it?" as he stood there holding my little frog watch.

i was flabbergasted that someone in these times, wouldn't have just pocketed it. To whoever that person was who turned in my little frog watch, thank you, it's probably worth about 5 cents in parts but to me i just love it. Just when you thought everyone sucked, turns out they don't.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, December 06, 2010


Monday's are always the same for me, i get up and boot up my computer to read the rules and every time i read them it reminds me of when He sat me down the first time to write the first set. i thought He was insane, mostly i thought i was insane for what i had gotten myself into. It was pretty new to me still and i didn't think i could ever be the person He wanted me to be. i didn't think i could ever be the slave He needed me to be, i felt like giving up and walking out the door and going back home to Mommy. i probably felt like that a lot in the beginning come to think of it haha and i'm sure He knew it, i know He knew i was scared. i also know He took things slowly and He didn't present me with who He wanted me to be all at once. The rules remind me of how slowly He really did go with me. The rules that He has for me now show me how He has molded me, well, i guess how He continues to mold me.

i posted a while ago that He's been talking about a corset for me but He's not sold on the exact one or where or from whom to buy it. Right now He's decided that i'm going to change from an All In One girdle to a two piece open bottom and long line bra. It really seems like absolutely nothing to people who read this, but this is what i'll wear every single day, from the moment i step out of the shower, until it's time to get in bed. That's the notable part. Not until it's time to get comfy for TV or whatever... until it's time for bed. For me long line bra's are not a good fit so far as i am much larger on top than the bottom. It's true what He says, i always have resisted change and in the past He's always been right. Now, i love the All In One and stockings and i've been wearing that combo for years. He's decided that it's time for a new "upgrade" shall we say. Once He decides that it's time, there are typically no negotiations. "He's been patient, long enough".

Pretty much the same with the shoes, for a long time i was allowed to wear flats for shopping. Then one day He had enough and said that i had had long enough, my legs and feet should be well trained, if not, too bad for me. "He'd been patient, long enough". i don't have to wear 5inch heels, but i am going to wear heels when we shop (or other long days), period.

So i guess when i read my wardrobe or how i'll conduct myself or the one where He says He reserves the right to be unreasonable, or the one where i will not i worry that i am really going to have a hard time with this. i don't care so much about being uncomfortable, i can handle being uncomfortable, it's when the bra starts to cut under my arms. Sadly a masochist i am not, LOL. We'll see how it goes, cause i know He loves the look of this combo!

i have lots of open bottom, long line combos already and i've had my pic taken and worn it many times we are just looking for the perfect fit that i can wear all the time. That's Master's goal to find the perfect fit for everyday wear and one that looks nice. To me that's also a key, i don't think that others have looked all that great. Anyway, i just hope to do well, i mean heh.. not that i have a choice here but i need to be able to make this work, however it all pans out. i just know that there will soon be a transitions.

i hope you're all having a good Monday.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Lost and Found!!!

This is going to strike a cord with a lot of you right away because many of us take similar pictures to what Master and i post on our blog! Can you imagine your mother in law or your own mother perhaps getting a hold of your camera? Wouldn't you just die? Well that's what nearly happened to us!!! We thought we'd lost our digital camera and thankfully we discovered at the same time Master's Mom and Dad did! They saw His camera case in their van this morning and thankfully they hadn't had a chance to even look to see if it was their camera or ours. Can't you just see them going through the camera? Oh, there's a nice of Him grilling hamburgers oh and here's .. OH MY .... *thud* as His Mom hits the floor.

i should have prefaced this by saying that Master has lost ONE thing in His life. i'm not kidding. ONE. It was a key chain, an REO key chain i think, it haunts Him to this day to think that He lost something. Being something of a pack rat, Master just does not lose things, He misplaces things from time to time, but He finds them. To think that He'd lost this camera with pictures on them that He'd not yet taken off the card, well... That's really unthinkable. Well anyway, crisis averted.

Now that Master and i can breath again and we have our camera back in our grubby little perverted hands all is well with the world. Master was about the throw up and i was near tears thinking about the repercussions of that camera ending up in the wrong hands. Not only that, losing our camera, that would just suck in all sorts of ways.

So back to making dinner, hanging stockings and ironing table clothes. All the things that you'd think that slutty chick in those pics would be doing.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

It's not fat, it's excess water!

Where did this week go? For real? It was just Wednesday. No i mean it was! Anyway, i must be retaining water! i can't be gaining weight, right? All my clothes fit the same but i get the feeling that ... nah it's just a little water weight. =) That's my story and i'm sticking to it!

The cat has lost weight, too much. i looked at her the other day and thought that she looked way too thin so i got on the scale with her and thought well geez, i know what i weigh so she hasn't lost much. Then i got on the scale without her and i was like HEY! i don't weigh that much, that's four pounds more than it should be!!!! Well anyway, the important thing here is that when i called the vet, according to them, she weighed 10.4 pounds in May and my rough estimate is that she weighed 8 pounds the other night. That's a lot of weight for a kitty to lose. i'm going to try and fatten her up, everything that i'm not eating is goin' to the cat! That and i'm going to watch her and give her some special snacks and soft foods. As well as a weight diary for a few weeks. We'll see if i can't fatten her up, then we'll take her in for blood work.

i am not going to panic about the cat, i can't let myself get into a tither about her. She is my special baby but at this point, i'm going to take things one step at a time. There are no words to describe... well.. like i said i'm not going to let myself get worked up right now. my guess is that she's having a hard time chewing that harder food. i have high hopes that i can fatten her up. Please think good thoughts for our baby, she has stolen Master's heart too. When i came here He wasn't much of a cat Guy, now she's Pappa's girl just as much as my baby.

my Sister is home, finally. After spending 9 months in Europe, she's finally home for good. Although home for her is still several states away from me, she is in the same country and only one hour time difference. The biggest thing is we can talk on the phone again!!! We could Skype but it was nearly impossible to get our schedules right. We used to talk on the phone daily or nearly, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. my sister is pretty much my only family member on my side of the family that i have regular contact with other than my nephew who tries to call once a week or so. It was a big albeit temporary loss when they left the country. i'm so happy she's back and just in time for the holidays, it might seem stupid, especially when we won't even see each other. But she's home and it for us it will seem like we're back in touch because for us the phone makes a pretty good substitute for living near each other. She already apologized, in advance to Master and me, mostly to Master for calling too much. She said she knows that she's going to be a pest. haha! i'm sure she will be only because she'll call too dang early!!!

i should get this posted, i think Master might want to watch some TV yet tonight and it's late!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tid Bits

A while ago i hurt my back i don't really remember what i did, if i really did anything significant, i don't know. It might have been while Master and i were working outside in the cold, that always messes me up, anyway, babbling cut short, my back has been messed up for like a while and i'm sick of it. The worst thing is that i have these spasms out of no where, they are less and less and anymore they only come after i've been working for a long time. But i have been having a hard time fulfilling my duty for Master, the rule that i am supposed to suck His cock no less than twice a day, yeah, i haven't been able to do that as much. i can kneel on the floor but He wants me to kneel on the bed and without making all these retarded seal noises i can't do it very well. So my back needs to heal. Cause He wants what He wants, He doesn't want me to do it on my knees from the floor.

i mentioned that i went over to Master's Mom's and helped her trim her tree, she got a flocked tree this year. While they are pretty, holy cow what a mess. By the time i had the lights and garland on it, there was so much white stuff on the floor i'm not sure it's worth it and i know it'll just worse. The other thing is, i thought that you were supposed to keep live trees in water?? Maybe it's different when they are flocked but there was no water for this tree. Anyway, it's going to be really nice but whew what a mess.

It's getting late and Master and i haven't started our project for the day, i'm not sure how much decorating we'll get done today but hopefully once we get going we'll be productive! i hope everyone had a good holiday weekend!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Shop till ya drop!

Like everyone this time of year, time gets away from me. i thought that i had written earlier this week but when i just thought about it i realized i hadn't. i have to write twice a week and a long time ago, Master said that waiting until Sunday and writing twice wasn't going to cut it. This is pretty much the same thing, even though i'm still up Saturday night, it's technically Sunday. Bleh!!!

We decided to brave the crowds yesterday but we got a late start so the crowds weren't bad at all. We got quite a bit of our shopping done and had a nice time and we didn't get home until 1am which wasn't a surprise really but i was pretty beat by the time we got home.

Today we were back up and out the door again so i could decorate Master's Mom's tree. i don't think we've spent one day home this week but i am hopeful that we'll get some of our own things done soon haha. Master has even agreed to help me with decorating as long as we go through boxes and as long as i follow His plan so we're organized about it! i'm just happy that He'll help me and we can do it together!! =)

i hope everyone else had a good Thanksgiving!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bloggin like a Sailor

i love how all these people have these poetic soft names, almost untouchable. Like "Lilac Cloud of The Morning Dew" or "Rain Drop Lights on Flower Petals" and i fall for it every time and think "OH! this will be a terrific blog, i'll give it a try". So i click only to find that "Perfect Purple Pansy" is talking about how futchin mad she is at someone she got in a fight with and this f'ing thing and that $%*('ing thing..... And so it goes... the filth prevails and on and on it goes. Seriously? The EXACT same message can be conveyed without the filth, it can, i promise!!! Not only can the message be given, it can be given in a more respectful and well thought out manner that people will hear. i am not a prude, i'm not but i sure would love to hear or read a message that isn't full of vulgarity but rather creativity.

People might challenge me and ask how are they to express themselves when they are angry, it's easy! Just be creative! Those words are just that "words" but they are ugly.

/rant off.

i posted a few new pics on FetLife, be my friend if you wanna see 'em. Master and i are going to spend the rest of the day working on pics of our own for a family DVD and hopefully get a good start on it this year for His parents. i need to get off the computer so we can get going soon though.

Have a good weekend!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

submission Vs. Being Dominated

i was browsing blogs and came across this post from libby and realized that it's really something i've never really thought about. How do i respond or react to Dominance verses submission? i would have say, both, given the situation.

i have always been someone who likes to have rules in place and have those rules set by someone else but once those rules are set in place, i willingly submit to them. Like having a roof over my head, i didn't build that roof but i know it's there when i need it. Those rules are my comfort and having Master rule over me lets me know that He's there every step of the way, watching just in case i fall off the proverbial path. For the most part however, i am spending my days submitting to Him not being Dominated over.

The only time i might feel being Dominated over is productive for me is when i have strayed away from where Master needs me to be. We all talk about mind control and being a slave is as much about mind control as it is about physical control. Master has me trained to stay when He says stay, chained or not, keep my eyes closed, blindfold or not, shut up, gag or no. The list is endless and sometimes i need that to be put back in my place. Ask me and i would probably think i didn't need it at the time but looking back at my attitude then and now, i'll admit that how i reacted to the Dominance would have changed my attitude, every time.

i can't take a beating, my birthday spanking is a perfect of example of that. i don't "do" pain at all. Some slaves are awesome pain sluts, i am just simply not one of them. i did it, i lived but by watching the video played back you'd have thought someone was murdering me!!! =p Even still, i felt good after it, for doing it for Him, i know that there are so many of you who know what i mean. i did it, i didn't do it well, but for me it was a win.

Every day is different for a variety of reasons, that day i was happy to submit to His Dominance, at the time it didn't look like i was happy, but i was. i was Glad for the opportunity to please Him. Whatever works for us or however we make this lifestyle keep spinning on a daily basis, to me, it's somewhat of a miracle. So many people condemn us for our beliefs but to get a good look inside us yeah we struggle sometimes but of the blogs i read these are some of the happiest people i know. i'll never judge anyone's lifestyle choices i would love to know i wasn't either.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Had Better Days

Today has sucked, in a word. i have had a terrible headache, worse than normal. i had to miss a family party, not much makes Master more upset than when i have to miss a family party. That means He has to go alone and that also means, He will exercise His right to be unreasonable!! It makes for a super fun day around here! Hey, can you smell the sarcasm? These days end the same, i have a melt down and Master ends up "booming" a few choice words. i say booming because yelling just doesn't really capture His voice, it's deep and big when He's angry lol.

The rest of the day is going to be catching up on football and with any luck at all getting rid of some nasty pain and i guess i should figure out something for dinner. Unless of course the dinner fairy shows up, that would be awesome.

i hope that everyone is having a good weekend.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i am owned

When i first met Master on line, one of the first things i remember talking to Him about was the prospect of being owned. Please don't read into that and think that we started off right away and talked about Him owning me within the first few days of our talking. We just spoke about it and talked about the ramifications of it and i expressed my thoughts on it. i said that i thought the idea of being owned was "hot", i believe those were my exact words, or close to it.

i still think that to this day, Master brings it up somewhat regularly. i think that He would like to know why i think that. Now that i think about it, i would also like to know why i think that. Someone ask me, please, haha. i don't know really why i think it's hot. So where am i going with this? i am asking myself, what exactly is it that i get out of being owned? Specifically, owned. When i write out a profile for joining a new site, for instance, i always write, "i am an owned slave". It's usually the very first thing i write when writing out my profile because it's my favorite thing to say. i am owned, but beyond that point, i'm not sure what else to say about it.

In some cases, i am much like an E-bay purchase. He found me on line but i was too much to ship so He had to travel to pick me up. If He wanted He could just put me in a closet and lock the door, take me out when He needed to use me and place the lock again. Just like anything else you buy on E-bay or Amazon, just like anything else you own, you use it and put it away.

Then there is that pesky human side of me the side of me that needs "stuff" food and water at the most basic level. For Master though, He needs me to have more. So while i am indeed His slave, i am much more, this is where partner comes in. While i am indeed property we need the other to be everything to each other. Master/slave, Owner/property, Husband/wife, friend, confidant, lover, comic relief, punching bag, nurse, the list is endless.

i'll never be anything more than i am owned, being owned will always be hot, being His slave will always be the most significant thing i've ever done in my life. Just don't ask me to explain why it's so, i might fall apart if i had to share those secrets. i think they are the glue that hold me together some days.

Peace to you,

MD's treasure

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Thank You Master!!

Yesterday Master took me out for a nice afternoon/evening of shopping and a really nice dinner. Before we left the house He hid little gifts all over the house in random spots where i would find them as i was getting ready to go. i found a doughnut cutter in my purse, a new book on the bed that my teddy bear was reading and gel window clings in the bedroom with my teddy bear and lambie. Then we went shopping at Gordmans and for some reason we spend like forever in that store Master finally said that we were going to have to go or we'd never get anywhere else. That store just has everything in it and we could have spent 2 more hours there, easily.

Then we went to TJMaxx and found the cutest pair of shoes for a great price, usually their "sale" shoes really aren't all that much on sale, but these were. We love that place when we actually find a pair of shoes that are really on sale haha. At dinner, Master gave me two more gift, another book and a blue ray to finish off Lord Of The Rings on blue ray. YaY!! =)

i am sitting here waiting for Master, He said it was time for my birthday spanking. i don't mind getting older but i sure don't like that extra swat each year, haha.

Thank You Master, for always making everything so special for me and for trying so hard.

i love You so much!!

Your treasure

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Happy late Anniversary Master

From the feel of things it feels like it's been a super busy week. Looking back at our days, i couldn't say what we did with any amount of certainty. This past Monday was our Anniversary, we were married seven years ago and i don't know where the time has gone. It's crazy to think that we've been married that long or together for as long as we have and it hasn't really been that long.

i remember thinking that i couldn't wait to be together a year, then it would seem like i would really fit in with His family. His ex-wife had been around for so long that i really felt like the odd man out, so to speak. It was all of my own doing, of course, but i still felt that way, all the same. She held all the memories and i knew nothing of the past, i didn't know what came from where, i knew nothing about what Christmas ornament or decoration everything around me was foreign. Now all that surrounds me is ours, our home, our life, our future and our memories. The past is still there but it's all so familiar that it's like we lived it together, two lives easily blended into one.

So much has changed since we first met not just who we are as a couple but who we are as people. Neither one of us could say who we were positively when we first met and i know i didn't know what i wanted, Master knew what He wanted in a slave, but i certainly didn't know what i wanted or what i could be. Had anyone told me where i would end up at this time i think i would have called them a liar and said that i would never be the slave that i am today. i pray that Master is happy with His slave and that i continue to improve and work toward becoming His perfect slave. i know that i'll always have work to do, i just pray that i never stop trying.

Happy (late) Anniversary Master.

i love You

Your, pt

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

The kids trick or treat here tonight. For some reason the powers that be seem to think that they can't trick or treat from 5:30 - 7:30 on a Sunday night and then have to get up for School the next day. Whatever, it makes no difference to me, all i do is stand at the door and scoop candy into their pails and watch them run off our porch without so much as a thank you.

Don't get me wrong i love trick or treating and giving candy to the littlest ones. The ones who can't really even eat the candy yet, the ones who can barely say trick or treat, the ones who can scarcely make it up the stoop and get to the door and say something that resembles... "tick-teet" in a voice so quiet that you want to just pour the entire contents of your basket of candy into their pail. Yep, them. They are the ones that i wait all night to see, i hope for a ladybug or perhaps bunny but Cinderella or an Indian who refuses to keep his shoes on will do just fine. We've all seen them and we know how amazing this night is to their parents too, they have the digital cam with them and one or the other are snapping that sucker as often as possible. Maybe grandma or grandpa are driving the van depending on what year this is for the special tick-teeter, an aunt or two might even be tagging along for the special event. It's a big dog-gone deal and for me, the candy hander-outter, i could just shut my door and be done for the night cause they've made my Halloween year. The more fun i have handing out the candy, the more fun they have. Once the big candy giving is over, all 15 seconds of it, i get a chorus of thank-yous and they all disappear across our lawn and they are off to rinse and repeat.

But what i said couldn't be more true, if the candy hander-outter is grumpy and don't remark about the costume and have fun, it's a lot less fun for the kids and parents. i don't remember much about trick or treating, but i remember this one woman who was amazingly nice to my brother one year. She made his Halloween, how awesome is that? =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This topic has been covered lots by lots of us but i dunno if i've ever blogged about it. Anywho, i hurt my back, in that, holy crap i hurt my back kinda way. i'm not sure what i was doing, i think i bent over to grab something behind the clothes hamper that fell and twisted wrong. So in the last couple days since i did it, i keep telling myself that it's going to get better on it's own and it's not, it's getting worse. Of course, i'm not doing anything to help it, cause that would mean stopping my chores.

Last night Master asked me what i wanted for supper and i said "well, whatever You make?? hehe...??" So He "made" Subway. But we all know how horrible that feels, it sucks the big one. i knew there was no way i could stand to cook, i can barely stand to walk down the hall without those stupid spasms. So today i had to ask Him to come help me put on my skirt after my shower, every time i bent over i was hit with one. So now what? He's the servant, i'm the servie? B L E C H.

He said to me just the other night when He was out of soda in the house, i piped up and said, i'll go get it! and He was like, NO! your back hurts, I have my shoes on, NO!, there is no reason I can't get MY own soda or do something once in a while if you can't or if I just want to. Hmmph. Well. He does that to me sometimes when we're watching TV too, i'll be piled down with animals, all comfy under blankets and need more soda or water, He knows i need more soda and He'll say that He'll go get it. Errr... but... waaaaiiiiitttt.... Now i know that i do plenty, and it's okay for Him to do for me once in a while but it almost makes me want to remove my skin because that's just not who i am. i. serve. Him.

It's just that right now i can't and i feel terrible and even though He doesn't complain (much) i still feel bad. =) i should be the one taking care of the animals and all the other stuff that i normally do. Not to mention that i haven't really been able to follow through with my daily rule lately of sucking His cock twice a day. i have done it but not very well.

Having a bad back sucks hard and not in that fun way.

Peace to you and yours, may you never have to be flat on your back for the wrong reasons!!!! =p

MD's treasure

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday is Rule Day

Monday is "rule day". Above everything else, before i am allowed to get dressed for the day, i have to sit down and read through the full list of rules. Each and every day before i get dressed i kneel beside the bed and look at an abbreviated list of the rules but Monday is rule day. i have to read every rule as it's written out. The thought behind this is that if i read the rules every day it will try to help me follow them better, remember them and keep my "eye on the ball", so to speak. Some days it works, other days i'm distracted and i have bad days, just like anyone else.

For some reason though when Master makes something a rule, it sticks with me better than if He just says He wants me to try to do something more often. i operate better with clear black and white rules. Gray areas are tough for me so if it's something that He really wants, He makes it a rule. One might imagine that i have hundreds of rules to follow but i don't i think at present there might be 42 or so but there are new ones that He's added that aren't on the list, they are just on the mental list. The list needs to be updated.

i thought because it's Monday and i've never shared the rules before i might toss out a few of the biggest ones.

i will be collared at all times. There is a lot more to that. i am collared at all times, we have collars for every occasion, including a shower collar if i don't have the stainless one on at the moment.

i will call Him Master or Sir, i will never call Him by His given name, unless talking about Him to a vanilla. When we're in public i call Him Sir unless it's someone we know. In all the years we've been together, i have never addressed Him by His given name, not once.

i own nothing. Everything that i once brought into this relationship is gone and now belongs to Him.

Anytime He returns home from being out, i will greet Him at the door in the kneel position, i will do this immediately or asap and kneel just inside the room He is in at the time.

i will not leave His presence without permission. Yes... that means every single time i want to leave the room that He is in, i must ask. =) There is a lot more to that rule but it's quite detailed to how we live.

i will never eat anything without permission.

i will never begin eating a meal until told, even in public. He will tell me in a very casual/nonchalant way that i am allowed to eat, once my hands are placed in my lap.

i will not swear or take the Lord's name in vain, except in the throw's of passion, that is the only exception.

If i see His cock i must suck it immediately and not stop until told.

Standard daily attire will be, stockings, girdle/brassiere, skirt/blouse or dress, slip, heels of 2" minimum, non-granny earrings (something long and dangly is what He means lol), His nipple rings and panties (for now). i may never deviate from this attire without explicit permission and may only ask to deviate for a very good reason.

Wear high heeled mules when not fully dressed.

Keep fingernails/toe nails painted.

Shaving, pussy trimmed, legs/arms shaved every day.

When He tells me to do something say "Yes Master" and do it.

Will work on high heel endurance when sitting at the computer i will wear no less than 4" heels.

He reserves the right to be unreasonable! =)

There are more, but those are the biggies.

i hope everyone is having a good Monday!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thank you

i just wanted to say thanks SO much for stopping by for LOL Day!! It means a ton to have you say hi and if i missed you on LOL Day on your blog it's only because my computer(s) have been broken or no internetz! i think there is seriously something wrong with me, i touch a computer and everything goes to pot. i am still trying to catch up with all the bloggers!

Master's computers work fine though, matter of fact He just said to me earlier today "how come we have five computers in this house, 2 of them yours, and those are the only two that are always broken?" *sigh* i guess i am just that talented!! bleh.

Anyway thank you again for stopping in!! *hugs*

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, October 22, 2010

Strip! Masturbate! huh?

Master is lying in bed, we're watching TV and i'm up doing "something", putting the dog out, getting water, a snack, who knows. When He says out of the blue "strip". There is no ambiguity in this statement. When He says this, i stop and strip, really no matter what i'm doing unless i just have to stop and strip. Then He ordered me to get in bed and we just watched TV. There was no ulterior motive He just got a whim. It's funny to me when He wants me to strip because i am usually completely clothed in my skirt and girdle and such so being told to completely strip is just way out of left field, not unheard of by any means, just a shock when it happens.

A bit later come the leather wrist cuffs, locked on and then more TV. Things progress slowly through the night but i can see that something will be happening, i just (as usual) have no idea what it will be. i haven't finished with my cock sucking rule for the day and at some point i will suck His cock at least once more before we go to bed. When we're done with TV and He shuts everything off, i crawl over to Him and take His cock in my mouth, it's not long before i realize each time whether or not i'll only be serving Him for a short time or if Master wants to use me completely. Last night i was confused because He used me for quite a while and allowed Himself to get excited and then pushed me away. He told me to get myself a toy and masterbate myself.... errr.

Okay that's something i've done like twice since we've together. So we have like a bajillion toys for me but either i use them alone or He uses them on me. i don't use them with Him watching, it's just not something He's really into all that often, it's not that He doesn't like it, He does it's just not something we've explored to a degree. So i set about finding a toy and He watched. He didn't help, He watched. At first i was nervous and i didn't think i could be nervous around Him in any situation at all, but this was one i hadn't thought of. Once He was satisfied with me then i was allowed to finish satisfying Him!! =)

One never knows what He'll have up His sleeve next!!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love our Lurkers Day!

We know you're out there!!! hahahaha!!! This day is in honor of all you folks who read but rarely if ever comment. Today is the day to say hi or ask a question and then you can crawl back under your rock if ya want! i should know i am one of the best lurkers out there. i read so many blogs, have all this stuff i wanna say and then get all nervous about making a comment haha. So today is YOUR day! i would love to hear from you.

Happy LOL Day!

MD's treasure

Monday, October 18, 2010


So i was making dinner tonight and i was just warming up a plain 'ole can of beans on the stove top. For some reason they wouldn't get warm and wouldn't get warm, the burner wasn't on super high or anything but i got impatient so i turned that sucker up to high and left it for a few minutes. When i came back thaatt's what i was talkin' bout! It was a furious boil LOL, a bit much for a few beans... woops. i knew Master wouldn't be in to eat for a few minutes and by the time they were on His plate they'd be totally cool enough to eat.

He was ready to take His plate to the basement as we were watching a movie in the basement and i reminded Him that He hadn't grabbed any beans and He goes "Oh that's alright, I'll eat some before I go down, I don't have much room on My plate."

Now... i knew that they were still going to be SCALDLING fricken hot if He ate them right out of the pan but i didn't process it in time to say anything...

It's wrong to laugh when someone is screaming in pain isn't it, worse yet to double over crying because you're laughing too hard? Yeah, i am that rotten. In all fairness He was laughing too, i mean when He wasn't screaming....

Saturday, October 16, 2010


i am sorry but this is a short rant.

We went to the drive-in movie tonight and we were running late. Master was working on a video so i got stuff together and we got there just as the movie was starting. There were very few people there but it didn't matter how many people were there, we were just as quiet getting settled as we would have been if the place had been packed with cars. i understand that people run late, it happens, it happened to us tonight and we didn't want to miss the show, i had been preparing for it most of the afternoon.

So the biggest thing was, we SHUT OFF our headlights. Seriously, how hard is that to comprehend? We had two cars right beside us that got there for the second movie, okay, whatever, they drove in with their lights ON, fine whatever, tards. But if that's not bad enough once they were parked (i'm not even making this up) they kept them on for like an additional 10 minutes at least. Okay, why? You need your headlights to do what? i mean other than blind everyone around you and make it so the screen is really hard to see?? Half way through the movie they turn their lights BACK ON for at least 10 more minutes because they just weren't annoying enough the first time. So, my point is everything isn't always about you, seriously. When you're pulling out of a car stall, look to see what/who is in front of you, are there people in the car in front of you or people in the restaurant sitting in front of you that you're going to blind? Wait to turn on your lights for 10 seconds until after you're backed out, i learned that from Master.

Return your cart to the cart corral so you don't ding up someone's car and make insurance prices go up, i'm sure you can use the exercise, i know i can. You're not too busy to take those extra steps. If i'm at the front of the store and i decide i don't need those Q-tips that belong at the back of the store, guess what? i don't stick them in with the ice cream. i take them back. i don't place that frozen pizza that i changed my mind about, in with the car batteries either. i actually place IN THE RIGHT BIN in the freezer, for someone else to purchase.

Something else that isn't necessary but just a little bit kind is say excuse me when you walk in someone's way or if you're in someone's way, move. Don't just stand there with absolutely no intention of moving because what you're doing is more important. i know what i'm doing is rarely important and when i need something from a shelf where someone is clearly blocking the way, i don't understand why they don't move when it's so obvious that i need to be where they are. All they have to do is step to one side or the other to share. That's all we need to do is share and it's like people revert to being 3 years old, MINE MINE MINE. Seriously, share, scoot over a bit and smile.

Play nice, be peaceful, love each other. We get one shot at this.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

i wish

Today i wish i could say Happy Birthday to my Mom. She would be 78 today. i wish i could buy her something beautiful and that she would make a bigger deal out of it than she should, like she always did. i wish i could take her to her favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner and watch her eat too much and laugh and have a great time. Today i wish i could talk to my Mom and just spend time with her.

Happy Birthday Mom.

i miss you.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finally Found my Forte

i think i have found my forte. After all this time, i finally know where my talent lies. i can bust a computer like nobodies business. my computer hasn't run right for a long time, i haven't been able to use it really since August. i have been lucky because i've had my lap top to fall back on but lately it's so sluggish that i can't really even use it to surf. The last week or so it's like it's on the slowest dial up known to man. That's two! Now i'm on Master's lap top, i wonder how long it will be before i ruin this one? i've already completely rearranged His bookmark tabs on the top toolbar, last i looked before my shower they were completely fine and when i sat back down afterward, they were completely reorganized. So i hit something, somehow without noticing. He's pretty happy about, i'm sure.... =/

The last few weeks my headache pain has been bad, really bad. Master told me last night to call the University and see if i could get back in to see them. It's usually an ordeal to try to get back in and often takes months. Even if you don't have months to wait, you wait. That's just the way it is there, it's a teaching hospital and you "pay" for the care in the time you have to wait. Once you get in you get incredible care though. So i really hate starting the process, but i know it's bad enough not to wait any longer. So i called this morning, dreading the inevitable, "we'll see you in January" when she said, "we actually have two openings this Thursday". Otherwise it would have been December, heh. i could have cried and almost did, she heard the joy in my voice when i said oh my gosh, that's amazing, thank you so much! People just don't get in there that quickly, this is definitely a case of taking the good with the bad. Yes the pain has been terrible, but this is a blessing. Hopefully i might have a little help with it. They never give me any false hope though, they just tell me that they might be able to help me manage the pain a little better. They never tell me that the pain will leave or that they'll get rid of it, they never once have said anything like that. Again, good and bad. i would love to think that it will go away someday but when i ask it's like they throw up their hands in the air as though i have a gun to them. No doctor will ever tell me if it's going to go away or even attempt to tell me if it "might" go away. One of the doctors up there said one time years ago, just live in the moment, don't think about next year or the next. hmmm That's a cop out lol.

i just want to be able to laugh without grabbing my head as though it's going to explode. Every time i so much as giggle my head seriously feels like it's blowing off and i have to grab my forehead for the pressure. i don't remember it ever being quite this bad without a reprieve. i can't lie flat and if i do and happen to fall asleep i'll sit bolt upright a few minutes later feeling as though someone is stabbing the back of my head with a hot poker. Something just isn't right, nothing has been this bad for a while. Hopefully they'll be able to resolve this much this time. But who knows it might just be something else i'll have to live with, we'll see.

i don't care how i feel the rest of the day i really need to vacuum and i want to get some fall decorations up. i've never waited this long to get decorations up and it's one of my favorite things to do. i know having the house look pretty will make me feel better and just having it feel like fall will be fun. It sounds silly to Master but it's the little things like that, that i really do enjoy. He hates decorating but He lets me do it.

i don't think i have true "orange" heels, otherwise i would wear them today while i was decorating! HAHA! i only have melon and they just won't do, but they are adorable!!! =)

Have a great day everyone.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, October 11, 2010

Don't know when

i can't remember when the last time was i missed the blog requirement. i am supposed to write two times a week and this week i blew it. i was going to write tonight when we got home from the park and i blew it.

It's too late now but i thought i would make my confession on here so at least it's documented. i am sorry Master, i hate it when i disappoint You.



Saturday, October 09, 2010

Stand Up for What You Believe In!

In a word, Blah. This week has sort of sucked. Master and i finished a job that has been hanging over our heads. We started building these two sheds and got one done but never started the second one for various reasons. Anyway, we got it done this week and i have felt like warmed over garbage for the last three days with no good explanation. It didn't really matter how i was feeling because i had to go on the last day of the job because leaving Master alone with His Dad to help just wasn't a great idea. Master was going to be 8 feet up on a ladder on blocks and His Dad would just as easily walk away to see what so-n-so is doing in the street. i'm really not joking, he did that last time we were there. *sigh* So i went and mostly sat and now it's done and i'm starting to feel less crappy and i'll mostly likely live hahaha.

So the other night Master went out to dinner with His parents without me, whenever He goes alone there are usually long talks (arguments) about politics/religion and family. Master's Mom is just so distraught over her family not being able to get along. Now i don't mean to make light of the situation but if she wants to point fingers perhaps she could look at the actual offenders. Master's brother can do no wrong her eyes as he is a Christian. Period. However when Master made a discussion board for the whole family to share, for photo sharing, posts, to further our communication and help us all to keep in touch, Master's brother (and all but one child) wouldn't even go look at the web site. Master's brother replied that if Master wanted to talk to him, Master could call him. Tell me now how that is a loving and Christ-like attitude.

Family is everything and furthering your communication with your family in any means possible should be a priority. That was Master's way of reaching out and His brother shot Him down and i could have cried. Not because it took tons of time but because Master's Mom wouldn't stick up for Him if she had the chance. i could go on and on but it's too much and it's too much to bore you with. It's nothing more than anything other family doesn't go through, i'm sure.

One topic that they discussed that Master has constantly had to defend is the way He "makes" me dress. That is how His Mom looks at it. This is how He makes me dress and that i must fight it every single day, crying and screaming until it's time to leave the house, when finally i'm in the car in my skirt and heels. The fact of the matter is i didn't always dress this way, that's true. There are other things we do when we meet someone, change our hair color or style, we start watching sports that they like, going to movies that they like or trying new food. These are things we do for our partners in life to make them happy. At first when i came to Master, i thought i might be wearing skirts and heels. That's really all i knew, i didn't know much more. Over time He has formed me into who i am now and i am all the better for it, we are better for it. i am happy, Master is happy and THAT is all SHE needs to know. Why i wear skirts or if i only wore black fingernail polish or green lipstick, really it's just a wife pleasing her Husband because that is what a good wife does. i love my Husband and that's what a good wife does.

Master said that His Mom said when i first met her i was wearing jeans and then all of a sudden i started wearing skirts. Master wanted to know what would i have said had i been there. i wasn't really sure but the first things that started coming to mind were all these excuses and reasons to defend myself. After i slept on it i realized there is absolutely no reason at all to defend ourselves or who i am for my Husband. i started wearing skirts to please my Husband. i enjoy it now, not only because it pleases Him but because i enjoy looking nice. Period, end of story. Not that we have any reason to explain ourselves to her in the first place, but that is the answer.

People fear what they do not understand. i don't know who said that, i'm sure it's a famous quote by someone cool. But it's oh so true. Someone once said that a woman should look like a woman. i like it, Master likes it and His Mom doesn't. It does take a little more effort to wear stockings or pantyhose but it doesn't take anymore effort at all to chose a skirt over pants. There is nothing you can do in pants that you can't do in a skirt. Except maybe crawl. Crawling is a little harder but it's not impossible. It can be done, you just hike up your skirt. Skirts make things faster, breezy in the summer, you can stay just as warm in the winter, they dry faster, there are TONS of sales because no one wants to buy them. The difference is amazing, you'll feel incredible about yourself.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, October 02, 2010

To The Only One..

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hope You know just how much You mean to me, how much love and joy You give me every single day and how blessed i know we are. There aren't enough to words to tell You how much i love you.

Happy Birthday Master. Thank You for allowing me to call You Master and kneel at your feet, for another year. There is no where else i would rather or should be.

Your, precious treasure

Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's the little things

Remember that new rule that i am supposed to follow every day? i offer on my own to suck Master's cock at least twice a day. It can be more than that but it can't be less than twice a day. i can offer, He might say no, if He does then i'll have to come back, His cock has to be in my mouth at least twice a day of my doing. So if it's of His doing it doesn't count. Last week, i failed. i only did it once on two separate occasions. So yesterday, i was punished.

i don't do well with punishment of any kind, whether it's verbal, physical or a task. It doesn't matter what kind of punishment it is, i don't take it very well because i just don't like being in trouble. Physical is probably the easiest and it's probably the easiest when i don't know it's coming, like yesterday. He called me into the family room and He had it all set up. He told me to kneel over the stool and gave me a pretty "good" spanking. Now for me, a "good" spanking is relative. i take pain like a baby. i have a high pain tolerance when it comes to one thing, headache pain, that's it. Anything else, i am a wimp. The best part was, when it was over, it was over and my debt was paid in full, lol. So said Master, i still have a hard time and i always feel bad. Master insists once a punishment is doled out i have to let go and be done with it.

Tonight i was trying to move my table by the bedside and my shoes were in the way so i got myself all upsidedown on the bed. Master walked in and laughed at me cause i was half hanging off the bed with my dress half way up my back and my under things all showing and He commented that it was a pretty nice sight. He started to put His shorts on from His shower and i thought that it was a good time to take advantage of the situation, so laying on the bed i took His cock in my mouth and fulfilled one portion of the rule for the day. Master said that He felt pretty lucky to be Him, or something like that. Hearing her Master say something like that, any slave would feel lucky to hear that, it's what we live for. It's the littlest things and i am blessed.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Nature Of The Beast

Today is a quiet day. Master is watching football, it's a cool fall day and a good day for me to get lots of things done. Now, where is that get up and go? i had it for a few minutes yesterday but it didn't last long haha. Even the brisk fall air isn't helping much, i was thinking that perhaps it was the warm air and that once it got cooler outside i would get some spunk. i really don't care much for the warm weather, i operate much better when it's a little cooler. i love to wear a sweater or sweatshirt rather than a light shirt or t-shirt, i always have.

Yesterday i made a pot of chili and some home made corn bread, it all turned out really well and even Master liked it. He's not all that crazy about chili but then He admitted that He's used to His mom's chili which is pretty tasteless. i put it all in the crock pot and we have plenty left over for tonight's supper as well. i never used to like corn bread but it's sort of growing on me and it couldn't be any easier to make.

my Sister called this morning and asked Master to get me up, she just had to talk to me! They got a new puppy and she wanted to talk to me on Skype so i could see him. They named him Walter Payton Manning. Her husband is a huge Bears/Walter Payton fan and she is a Peyton Manning fan. One of them had to compromise on the spelling, obviously it was her lol. They got a Wired Hair Fox Terrier and he's really adorable, he's 8 weeks and 5 pounds, but he won't be very big. i only got to see him for a few minutes before he fell asleep but then he pooped out and put himself to bed! She'll obsess about this dog like crazy, but that's okay, it'll give her something to do.

Master's rule for me to suck His cock twice a day continues to be something i struggle with. Not because i don't want to do it but because finding the right time is difficult. He's busy doing something, He wants to jump in the shower, He's just gotten dressed, i am cleaning, i am doing my chores, we're getting ready to go somewhere or we're gone for hours at a time and it's late when we get home. Then i'll have to fit those two times within a very short time frame, before bed. There are all sorts of circumstances that come up, we'll get up and rush to leave the house early and get home, then once we're home, i am ill. That just happened the other night. That time i hadn't done it once let alone twice.

So what did i do? Once i was feeling better i did it once then sat on the edge of the bed so i wouldn't fall asleep until 4:30am and came in and did it again. i fear getting in trouble, not because of the punishments but because i don't like "being in trouble". There are also many times that i am ill and i go to suck Master's cock and He won't allow it knowing that i am hurting too badly. That doesn't get me in trouble, but it does make me feel guilty. Would i rather put myself in the predicament of having to sit up and wait to fulfill my duties or would i rather feel the guilt of Him allowing me a pass because i am hurting?

The obvious answer is neither. i would rather not hurt and be able to suck His cock every day with no pain and have complete and total passion with no thought at all of my headache pain. That not being the case, i don't know what is the better choice. Sometimes i think i'm too hard on myself, sometimes i think He isn't hard enough. Really though, only He can decide and i have to accept His decisions. Whether or not i think He's being too lenient, too harsh or just perfect. It's something i'll always struggle with i think, i want to please Him and i know that He can see that if there is more pain than i can handle, then i'm in need of His leniency. It's then that i need to accept it and just be thankful for Him. i've never been very good at being the recipient. i am usually the giver, not usually the getter, the nature of the beast, right? haha =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bitter Sweet Season

i think i make this post every year at this time. This is a tough time of year for me. It used to be my very favorite time of year, i love everything about fall, it means Master's birthday is coming up, it means holidays are nearing and cooler weather. It also means that the leaves are turning and everything will look amazing. All the things i truly love.

It also means that i have the face the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my life. i have to remember that this time of the year is when i lost my Mom. i wish that i could just sail on through this time and not allow the two to intertwine. There is absolutely nothing that i can do about that. i am not in control of the time of year or the seasons nor am i in control of when my Mom died. No matter how i try, i still think about it, i don't dwell on it and i don't curl up in a corner (no matter how much i want to) and sob. i just miss her and i remember how much she loved the fall and it makes what used to be my favorite time of year bitter sweet.

i think having my sister out of country has been harder on me than i expected. Not being able to speak to her has been rough. We were trying to talk on the computer but even that has been hard with the time difference. i'm not complaining, i'm super happy for her, i don't mean to whine if that's what it sounds like. i will be happy to have her to chat to when she is back in the country and from what it sounds like it will be sooner than later. They just heard that they should be back before Christmas and that's really great for everyone.

Master's procedure went really well, He was in there just a bit longer than i expected so i was a little worried when He was back there for more than an hour. The incision is perfectly clean and the stitches look like they were done with a machine they are so neat. If He has a scar i'll be shocked. He's been sleeping on the couch to be certain to keep animals off of Him and so He doesn't roll over on His knee, for that He's quite unhappy, lol. He said last night He'll sleep out there One! More! Night! haha! i'm not convinced. If He rolls over on that cut He'll regret it!!! Anyway, it looks great and He's had like zero pain and He hasn't even taken a Tylenol.

i better get busy, no one else is going to do my chores for me!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stumped for a title =)

Tomorrow is a long awaited day for Master. He is having a procedure on His knee that has caused Him an unbelievable amount of pain when touched or His pants rubbed it, sheets hit it anyone looked at it lol, seriously horrible pain. As of tomorrow it will be gone and in a few days we will rejoice! =)

Not all of this upcoming week will be so great though. We got a call late Friday night saying that a cousin of Masters was in a car wreck and he didn't survive. The man was only one year older than Master and it's just a tragedy. Master and i are pretty close with his Mom and we're just sick for his family. Next week we'll attend services for him.

i have issues with traveling, every time i hear something like this i struggle just a little more. This time i am working against that, being aware that bad things happen to good people and that's just the way things work. This isn't about me, it's about the family and i need to focus on them, that will help.

i was reading posts on Fet Life about sensory deprivation and then the other night we saw something on TV where they did the Vac Bed on just normal cable TV. It's pretty amazing to me how S&M activities and bondage are becoming more mainstream than ever before. This woman on there who brought the bed just clearly announced that she was a Domme in her private life. The hosts barely missed a beat as though anymore just about anything is accepted and expected. It was great. The hosts then tried out the vac bed and the explanation given for the bed was fairly accurate. i just thought it was a testimate as to the progression of the this lifestyle into mainstream media.

We've been given a nice fish pond by some friends who are moving and even though all it's done is rain all weekend, we are going to have to go load it up in the rain. They will move soon and Master won't be able to do it in the next few days so today is the day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not just cleaning my keyboard this time...

Now that my keyboard is clean i feel better about this post! haha. Yesterday Master took me to see my family. It was a short visit, we just went over and back for the afternoon and evening but it was okay, long enough to reconnect and have a good time. We had supper and played a game and then Master and i headed home. We were supposed to hit nasty weather but made it home without a drop of rain.

It was a good day and we even picked up a special treat, Mrs. Fishers potato chips! It's really local and a treat i only get when we go to Northern Illinois, Master made me get 4 bags because He didn't want to hear me cry when they were gone so soon. i have no idea what i'm going to do with 4 bags of chips, maybe freeze them lol.

i also have a new video card in my computer and my PC is back up and running, i am SUPER excited about that. This computer is so much nicer than my lap top, i love my little lap top, it's really convenient but it's not meant to work as well as a PC for full time use. It's just crazy to me how much easier it is to work and get things done on this computer, YAY, thank You Master!!! =)

Other than spending the day traveling yesterday we've had a productive week, including getting some work done for Master's parents and getting some long overdue pictures taken. All good things!

Fall is certainly on it's way if not officially here, Master isn't a huge fan, but i am! i can't wait to finish cleaning the kitchen so i can get my fall decorations out!! Hahaha... i'm sure He's thrilled at the idea of hauling up cartons of decorations only to haul them back down in a months time. What a sport! =)

That's it for tonight, off to find something for supper, soon.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


See .... that's what happens when you clean your keyboard with a post open.... SIGH.
Perhaps my next post might actually be something to read. One can only imagine. =)

MD's treasure


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Bed

I've been promising a few folks some pics for a long time and here they are ALREADY! But first, the details for anyone who's interested. Over the winter, I built us a new bed. As usual, I got carried away. I built us a king size canopy bed with 14 eye bolts, 6 large D rings, 6 huge o rings (not visible here but they're permanently around the bottom of every other headboard vertical) and 4 hitching rings (not installed yet) for attachment, along with the headboard which obviously can be used for any number of things. It weighs in at well over half a ton. There's also another 4X4 not pictured that locks in place over the top 2X6 cross pieces with 2 more heavy duty eye bolts for suspension or whatever other deviousness I can come up with. It sits on 6 4X4 legs and 6 casters. There's a 2X4 framework under a 1/2" OSB platform. The mattress is 5" of regular foam and 3" of memory foam. On top of that we use an extra 1.5" memory foam topper and it's like sleeping on a cloud. We sit in there to watch TV or movies more now than we do in the living room because it's just that awesomely comfortable. You can see speakers in a couple of the pics and yes, we have a big screen with a 5.1 sound system in the bedroom. Sue me! :P The finish is black cherry with a couple thin poly coats over it. The foam behind the fan is supposed to keep the vibration down. It fails. Anyway, I've rambled on enough. Here are some pics. The rest, and larger versions of these are on Flickr but they're only available to friends. Come be my friend if you wanna see them, just tell me where you came from and please have your age in your profile.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


A couple days ago someone made a comment on one of the pictures on Master's flikr account. Master just thinks it's hilarious and last night when we were at dinner, the more we thought about it, i was almost in tears, laughing so hard. There's a pic where i'm in a purple all in one open bottom girdle, someone said "lovely pudgy treasure...", HAHA pudgy! That's the BEST word ever to describe me!!! ROFL HAHA omgosh!! Master asked me last night, what does it take to get from "pudgy" to fat and i said that i wasn't sure, maybe just a couple more cheeseburgers. So i better be careful!!! =p

But in all seriousness i love the comments, no matter what they are, that guy was super cute about it and there was no malice intended. i am just happy to know that people are appreciating the pictures. Just as a reminder, Master is the one who has all the pics, not me. If you wanna see the pics, click on Master's flikr and ask Him to friend you. i'm happy to be a contact, but it won't do you much good lol.

Every day i get on the scale and it's balancing between those same few pounds that's it's been the last 3 years since i lost my weight. i'm maintaining but not losing anymore, which would be really nice. Now that fall is slowly approaching i am looking for an indoor exercise that i might enjoy because once it gets cold out there is very little i'll be able to do outside in 3 feet of snow. Master was looking at one of those bike pedal things, for under the desk. That might be an option for me. i would love something to work my arms and stomach though that's where i need the work and that's where i hate to work on haha!! Makes sense right? =)

Have a great weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, September 10, 2010


i was just hearing from a local sub how she was missing her Master as he is out of the country, then reading other blogs where the Boss is away from home for one reason or another. i was just realizing how lucky i am to have all this time with Master. i know i say that we are together all the time but i don't really think that unless you live it, you really understand what i mean. We're scarcely in different rooms, let alone truly apart. There are times when Master leaves to do a job when He doesn't take me with but those times are rare. i can't imagine anymore being alone for much time at all. Even when i suggest to Master to go without me, He'll postpone a job, if i am unwell, so i am able to go with Him. He just feels that strongly about us being a team and working and being together.

It wouldn't work for some people, for some people it would be the end of the relationship, for others it would bond them. i think after a while, it would make or break you. Like being stranded on a desert island, having to rely on that one person for everything, only in our case, we have a choice, we just choose not to separate. i think that must make it easier, cause we have a choice.

my only point is that i am blessed in my situation and hope that everyone who is separated from the ones that they love the most, are together soon. i am familiar with being away from family, i see members from my side of the family very sporadically, if it weren't for Master i would feel terribly disconnected. He and i are a good fit though i don't get to see my family and most of His family makes Him crazy! haha!!!

i hope everyone has a good weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Wow, just wow.

my main computer where i have every single website that i religiously visit, is pretty much broken. i have been relying on my lap top and i don't have all my passwords so i have been lax in my daily visits to the blogs that i would normally visit every day. Why am i bringing this up? Because Master just said, have you seen Starla's blog? To which i responded, ummm which one? =)

Starla or the ever popular "Yes Master" blog is also one of my most faithful readers, has once again stunned me. Without so much as a word to me or Master, she offers an unprompted and much appreciated mention of our new clip store.

What a special gift, just to be thought of, that alone is enough.

*hugs* and Thank you Starla

MD's treasure

What it take you stop blowing that whistle?

i think i am a good at the whistle blowing. If not just wee bit on the loud side.... maybe. ;)

Ask me anything

Monday, September 06, 2010

A corset in treasure's future?

Master has wanted to get a corset for me for years. This spring we talked about going to Kansas City to visit WASP Creations, Master's intention has always been that when i got a corset it would be from her. Until, her website stopped being updated and the rest is history. For the those of you who don't follow tight lacing, the beautiful and amazingly talented lady who owned WASP Creations, passed away just a short time ago. Master often went to her website where you could watch her create her amazing corsets live on web cam. Today is the first day that He's revisited the thought of getting me a corset.

This just might be the dawning of a new day for me, entering in to tight lacing and corsetry isn't something you go into lightly as they don't just give these things away on your local street corner. They aren't cheap! If He's going to spend the money, i have to learn to wear, it and wear it well. As with everything Master does there will be a breaking in period and it will take as long as it takes but if He gets me one, i will wear it. =)

i know that it would be easier to wear a corset if i were 30 pounds lighter, i wish i could snap my fingers and make that happen, unfortunately i can't. i also know that i can keep trying and working my way toward a smaller me.

For no good reason today i decided to wear my new bra and one of my favorite pair of shoes. The shoes came from Vegas i think, they are adorable with a 4 inch heel the heel looks like it has a leopard print on and they sport gold coins on the top sandal strap. Super cute for a Labor Day shoe!

Master said something about movies tonight, i should see about providing Him with food for said movies. haha!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Don't you just wish that you could request certain days to have more hours in them? We have so much to do the next couple days that there is no way we'll fit everything in and be ready for company tomorrow night. We also have to be gone for a pic nic dinner tonight for a few hours so that is going to cut into the time we have to work. Master will call this "fretting". i call it wishing i had more time to get ready. i spent two days this week feeling crappy and had i felt better i wouldn't feel as rushed as i do now.

We finished one of the two sheds yesterday so that's a little weight off and we can't start the other one until they deliver a replacement part so that's not up to us now. When we got home last night i was able to get a pretty good jump on my house work but still it leaves a lot to be done today and tomorrow. Thankfully they won't be here until around 5pm.

The weather is amazing here right now, like 70's and sunny! So these are great days to spend outside, we're going to do yard work and make the yard look somewhat acceptable for company for Labor Day.

i hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend and that you're able to spend some fun time with your families. my sister will be stateside in a week or so and we're going to see her for a day. She isn't moving back quite yet, but she's coming back for a visit from England. i am very excited to see her, i haven't seen her since she came here with my brother, nephew, and friend on my 40th birthday almost 2 years ago. Good times! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Scent of a Woman

To foundation garment enthusiasts this topic is nothing new but it never gets old. Master bought me a new bra from One Hanes Place. Every so often they have a great deal on the Playtex 18 hour comfort strap soft cup that i've worn for years. In Master's opinion it's really the only bra for anyone over a B cup. i happen to agree. It lasts forever and it supports like nothing else and best of all, it's not an under wire. Under wire bras (which i wore my entire adult life until meeting Master) last about a dozen washes before the wires start poking through or just come out altogether.

So why an entire post about a new bra? Have you ever opened a new Playtex item? THE SMELL!!!! Playtex foundation garments of all kinds have this amazing rubber/new cotton smell that is unmistakable from the first time you smell it. The best thing is, it doesn't wash away from the first wash to the 25th wash. It diminishes of course but it's really never completely gone.

i didn't wear my new bra today, i'm saving it until we do something just a little special, nothing fancy, just go out to dinner or something. i don't want to waste it on just any old day. =)

This week has just been rough! Even in the most dire situations, i try to wear a low heel, 2 inches at least. i have shoes for almost any terrain. But this week i have been helping Master do some building and in this setting open toed shoes are just not safe. As a result, me in flats for several days = misery. my calf muscles are just not used to being in that position for extended periods of time so i have had terrible cramps at night. Even my back is hurting from it and i can't just pop on a pair of heels and have all be well again. The cramping doesn't go away by tossing on a pair of heels, sadly. Such is life and helping Master is all important, that isn't a complaint, it's just been a rough week all around. The work has been good for me i only wish it could be done in heels!

As i was dressing to go work, i put on my usual attire, minus the shoes. In addition, i wore socks over my stockings to accommodate the shoes i was wearing. Once we got to our work site, Master said that He had intended to tell me that i would be allowed to go without stockings for the day but had forgotten. The temperatures rose to 95 or slightly above and Master told me that i should remove my slip. i never did take my stockings off, i didn't see the need as i already had them on. i am so much more comfortable in what i know. Aren't we all like that though? No matter what we wear, we're more comfortable in what we're used to.

i can't wait to wear my new bra! Maybe Master will take me for dinner soon!! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, August 27, 2010

Being loved

We had a really nice day, the weather was amazing when we drove through a riverside park. We got out to check out what seemed to be a WWI tank and Master took my picture looking like a USO girl along side the tank. Then He took me out for a really nice dinner that while the atmosphere was a little louder than we had hoped for, the food was good and as always, we enjoyed each others company.

Master thought we should try the video shop to see what new movies we might be missing out on, turns out, not much right now. So we passed on getting anything new and thought about our next move. It was much too early to head home, it was just way too nice outside to go home and huddle up on our new bed for the night's TV watching, so we needed to figure out something fun to do, for a little while. The thing is, Master and i can pretty much have fun just walking through the grocery store, so that's just about what we did. We went shopping! Master wanted to look at a few things and He wanted me to browse the clothes.

Master found a short skirt for me, He is always on the look out for short skirts to wear about the house when we're alone. Skirts that will show stockings and garters and barely cover anything at all. Basically skirts that serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever. So He found a great one. Once home, i asked Master if i could try on my new skirt and once i had it on, Master decided that i would leave it on for the remainder of the evening. Even though it was midnight when i tried it on, it didn't matter, i don't get undressed until i am going to go sleep. We watch television in bed for the most part but i am still fully clothed with the exception of my shoes for cleanliness issues of course. i mean really, who wears their shoes on the bed?? EWW!

For the majority of the last three weeks, the days have been tolerable. my headache pain has been bad, worse than normal, i count the minutes until i can take my next dose of tylenol but that much i can stand. Night time is another story altogether. Night time is when the monster rears his ugly head and there are no limits to the agony. As understanding and patient as Master is about the pain that i am in, i still have duties as a slave to Master. i have to pleasure Master and this new rule isn't one that i am allowed to slide on, shall we say. If i haven't followed through with sucking His cock earlier in the day, no matter how badly my head hurts late at night, i must still go through with it. Many times He'll stop me and i won't have to finish all the way, if the pain is just intolerable. This is what happened this night in particular, only when Master told me that i was allowed to get ready for bed, He had other plans for me.

He told me to get in bed in the middle of the bed and just lay there near Him, He had me turn off all the lights and pull the curtains around the bed to block any additional light to stop any other light sensitivity. There was silence, just us breathing and Master's hands rubbing my stomach, touching me anywhere that He hoped would stop me from thinking about the pain. It's not easy and never has been easy to bring me to orgasm but Master asked me if i thought i would be able to and i said that i was pretty sure i could. It wasn't long before i asked if i could cum and He said "beg me". i've never had to beg before and i was certain that i would lose it, He made me beg for quite a while and i just knew it was going to be gone before He would allow me to cum. i held on and before i knew it, He said that i could cum.

Master is the romantic One, He always has been, not the bring home the flowers, type. Just the more sentimental one. After He gave me an orgasm, we didn't have sex this time. This time we actually made love, Master said that it's His favorite thing to do, in the world. He meant it, He has said it before, when He says it, i know He means it. i usually don't say much because i am embarrassed by what He has said or i am overwhelmed by Him. This time i told Him something i don't think i've ever told Him before. i said that the very first time we made love as Husband and wife, it was a feeling that i would never forget and every time since, the day after, i think about it and think that we've just made love. i feel closer to Him and it's like we have a little secret, that no one else will ever know.

This much i didn't say being His slave, His wife, is the most important thing in my life. Sometimes just being loved is enough to take the pain away, even for a split second. Master proved to me once again why i should lay my head on my pillow every night knowing that i am loved.

His treasure

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What was the best advice you've ever received?

The best advice i ever got was from my Grandpa. He said that no one ever learned anything with their mouths open all the time. You can't listen if you're the one doing all the talking. Be still and listen, really listen.
To this day very few people really listen, you can tell that all the while you're trying to say something or share your story, they are thinking of what they want to say next. i wish that more people had heeded my Grandpa's advice.

He didn't talk to me too much but when he did, it was something profound. hehe i was just a kid! =)

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Still so much to learn

Today i learned that i will never be done learning. i have remarked before that Master and i do just about everything together and that's really not an exaggeration. We really do just about all our chores and go everywhere together. Except for the rare occasion where He'll go fishing or to a friend's house He almost never goes out socially without me and even then He's hesitant to say the least. There are also times when He'll go work for someone doing a job without me but again, it's not often that i don't go along, for more than one reason or another, He wants me along.

Having said that, when we have things to do, Master's "to do" list is always knocked out first so i help Him with that and my stuff is put on the back burner. The only tough thing about that is, sometimes my stuff still has to get done or things go bad. Today was a good or very bad example of how things go bad for me. i was helping Master with His to do list all the while trying to get my chores done as well. The sheets had to be washed and changed so in between the times that He needed me, i was switching from washer/dryer/bed. The dog HAD to have a bath today it was three days after i was meant to give him a bath and he was scratching so badly, it must have been done today. Other things had to be done, the animals fed, His laundry and of course i still had to be available to Him. So at the end of the day when i was tired and Master's chores were done, guess what? Mine weren't. So when He was in the shower i was trying to sneak away to put clean sheets on the bed instead of waiting for His toothbrush because all i was thinking was... i still had SO much to do and i just wanted to be done so badly.

So when He got out of the shower, He reminded me just WHY i'm here. i admit i got upset because even though i didn't wait for His toothbrush i felt like i wasn't "not" serving Him, i was still doing things for Him. Making His bed, getting His clothes finished for Him to wear after His shower, getting ready to make supper... the list is long... But He didn't see it that way, He saw me as putting what i wanted to do before what He wanted to do and i know He's right. i was prioritizing for myself i wasn't putting His priorities first. So will i do better next time? i hope so, otherwise i'll spend even more time on the bathroom floor on my knees waiting for Him to tell me it's okay to finish my chores. As it was, had i just waited for the toothbrush i would have had more time to just go about my business but because i got all in a rush and tried to get the sheets on the bed and didn't wait for Him, He decided i needed a little time out to think about it. Linoleum does NOT = soft and cozy for those of you scoring at home. Just sayin~

i also learned that old stockings make a great filter for old chlorine in the pool. We had an old bucket of those chlorine tablets that had turned to dust, i took three stockings and put all the dust (muck) into the stockings and tied them to the pool ladder and viola~ perfect chlorine filter dealio!

The word for the day is dealio... tell your friends.

Okay have a good night.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure