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Sunday, February 27, 2005

On the mend

i dare to say, things are looking up. i’m certainly not in the pain i was in all last week and that’s really a wonderful thing. This is a manageable level of pain and if it stays at this level i’ll be happy! Master and i had a nice evening out on Friday night, we went shopping and out for supper. We really had a good time.

The best part about it was when we got Home Master decided to use His pussy for His pleasure. He cuffed my ankles and wrists and then He blindfolded me. He took what was His and it felt good to me. Midway through the ordeal He gagged me so tightly i thought my lips would split. i didn’t say a word as i know how much He likes having me gagged. i wanted it to be a good time for both of us and it was. It was much overdue and i think i’ll be more apt to suggest it in the future seeing that He took my suggestion so well.

Saturday Master had to work all day and didn’t get home much before 6pm. i know He hates it when He has to work Saturday’s but at least He always gets Sunday off work. We went to the store and spent way too much money but we got the groceries we needed badly. He is asleep on the couch as i’m up late as always. i’ll try to get some sleep now so i can spend the day with Him Sunday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, February 25, 2005

Falling Apart?

Master told me tonight that He thinks we are “falling apart”. i asked to smoke again tonight and i am always shocked at how angry He gets. It’s just something i can’t kick, no matter how hard i try. It’s not like i smoke a lot, He gives me three or four to have while He’s gone during the day then He’ll share one or two with me during the evening when He gets home. i guess it’s just a terrible habit i’m not able or willing to break. Willing might be the key word in that sentence. i think that i have done really well this last week as i promised Him that i wouldn’t touch His smokes after He’s gone to bed. He knew that i was sneaking smokes through the night when i was awake and He was sleeping. So i told Him that it’s important to me that He trusts me again so i wouldn’t touch His smokes again without His permission. He doesn’t see this as a positive thing at all. All He’ll say is that i shouldn’t have been sneaking them in the first place so i shouldn’t be commended on not sneaking them. He’s got a point but i feel as though this is a major effort for me, i truly want Him to trust me again.

As far as us “falling apart” i didn’t ask Him what He meant because i felt it wasn’t the right time. But i’m surprised to hear Him say that. i thought that we had been getting along fairly well. We enjoy each other’s company and have a good time when we’re together. There hasn’t been much DS in the house lately but i just attribute that to Master being tired when He gets home from work and largely due to my headaches setting some pretty major limitations on us lately. For the last two weeks i haven’t been able to go to the “Y” and i haven’t been able to go to bowling due to my head. i haven’t been well at all and i’m sure it must be frustrating for Master to see me in such bad shape. Even looking at all of this, i wouldn’t say that we are “falling apart”. It’s really very scary for me to think that He might have meant by that. i look at my wedding ring and feel the collar around my neck and i’m grateful for my relationship with my Husband and Master. His love means the world to me and to think that it could be in jeopardy, scares the living hell out of me.

So now what? What am i to do to ensure that we don’t fall apart? Our sex life hasn’t been much lately either and i know it’s because of my head. Master would have a blowjob every night if He thought i would be able to physically do it. The fact of the matter is, it hurts me head so bad that He won’t ask me to do it anymore. At least He hasn’t asked me to it in quite some time. So i guess this could be a large part of what He’s talking about. my inability to serve Him due to my headaches. Lately the most that i have been able to do is keep Him in clean socks and put supper on the table. And even that i don’t do very well. Tonight He came out to tell me to make His supper and i was standing in the kitchen crying because the pain had overcome me. So, He put His own supper in the oven as i sat on the couch and cried. Partly because i hurt so bad and partly because i’m so FRICKEN SICK AND TIRED OF HURTING… and partly because He had to make His own supper.

The last time i was at the doctor i asked him if he thought the headaches would ever go away and his answer was “yes”. When you’re about 48, they should start to go away. UMMMM i’m only 36!!! His response was, “well at least you know they won’t last forever”. So until then i have to find a way to live with these stupid things without letting them ruin my marriage. i have been thinking about starting a support group, to see if there is anyone in the area that might have the same trouble as i do. But i don’t know if i have the energy to do so. It might even help Master to meet people who are in the same boat as He is, living with someone who is in pain all time. i don’t know if there is a good way to handle it but it couldn’t hurt to meet other people to chat about how they deal with it.

One bright spot in my life is that i have met a new friend. At this point we have just exchanged emails but i have a really good feeling about it. i need a friend to talk to and someone that i might be able to confide in. i’m sure that it will do me some good to become a friend again as well. It might just give me something else to think about besides the headaches. i’m also looking forward to talking about our lifestyle as we are both somewhat new to the lifestyle. Anyway, it can’t hurt. Please notice the new link on my blog to her site. She’s got a really lovely site and it’s a great read as well. It's called A Walk in the Garden.

Enough for now, i’m not going to figure it all out in one night.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A Long Way to Go

i have read a lot lately about submissive women who ask their Master’s to be more dominant and more forthright only to turn on them when they do so. i am so guilty of this it isn’t funny. i have asked Master more than once to say “no” to me and to be more dominant. Then when He does say no or when He takes control in a manner that i don’t like, i totally rebuke Him. This has happened more times than i can count and i wish that there were some way i was able to blindly follow His lead in these situations. i am a very strong willed and strong minded person, i always have been and i’m sure i always will be. That doesn’t mean that i can’t be submissive and it doesn’t mean that i don’t have a strong desire to embrace that woman inside me. i have mentioned in the past about the timing, that i think a lot of it is in the timing. For some reason, i feel like Master chooses the oddest times and oddest situations to be dominant. Thinking about that though, it really shouldn’t matter what times He chooses to be dominant or the situation, for that matter.

i would love to be able to just say “yes Master” to anything that He suggests. But up until now, i haven’t really been successful at that. i almost always find a reason for not doing what He asks, even if it’s something as simple as coming to kneel before Him. When we first got together i found myself kneeling before Him much of the time. Now it’s a rare occasion and i think that might be partly the problem. He doesn’t require enough of me, often enough. i have gotten out of practice and when He does ask me to kneel before Him, or anything like that, it’s unexpected and i’m taken aback by the request. Just like the other day, He told me to get the handcuffs and cuff myself before i came back to sit with Him. The first words out of my mouth were those of protest. my first thought was how much i hate to be handcuffed (unless it’s with the leather cuffs) and how uncomfortable i would be in them. Of course, after mouthing off to Him, i did as i was told, but not before shooting my mouth off about how unhappy i was about His request. Afterward i sat wondering why i couldn’t just go and do as i was told instead of running my mouth.

i can sit here and type all this and say that i want to be better but i know i need help to do so. i can’t do it on my own, i need His direction and support and i need a constant form of dominance to be successful. i know that i would be much better if the situation were more consistent. i find myself feeling guilty more often than not for standing up to Him when i know i should find my submissive self and do simply that, submit. That is what i want, i want to submit to Him, i want to be a well behaved slave. More than anything, i want to please Him and i know that i don’t do that very well. i mean, even the rules that He has given to me, many of them have fallen to the wayside. i’m sure that partly because when He corrects me, i smart off to Him or worse yet, find excuses. In my mind i think that i’m just “giving my reasons” but i’m sure that to Him it’s nothing but excuses. If i’m going to do better and be a better slave to my Master i think i need more guidance from Him and i think i need it on a more consistent basis.

Now i can’t say that it’s His fault entirely because and i’m not, i’m not placing blame at all. i just see that things could be better and i see that i could be much better. i want to be better and i want to serve Him in the best way i know how. i truly want Him to be happy but is He? i can’t honestly say that i know. Looks like this little slave has a lot of work to do.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Another Quick Update

It’s been a quiet week for the most part. i went to water aerobics once and the other two days i copped out. i was sick Wednesday and today i stayed home to clean my filthy house. i’m so bad about cleaning anymore. When i lived on my own my apartment was spotless, for some reason i just don’t have the energy for it anymore. It’s hard to keep a clean house when you live with someone who’s a packrat (LOOKS at Master) =). He really is something else when it comes to throwing anything away. He keeps just about everything and when He does throw something away it’s like pulling teeth. But it could be worse, i’m sure.

i got quite a bit done tonight too after we watched a movie. We watched The Notebook and it was really wonderful, a bit sad, but great. We’re having a party tomorrow night and that’s why i want to get the house all cleaned up, so Master’s family doesn’t think i’m a pig hehehe. When i told my sister today why we were having a party, she asked my kindly if i wouldn’t mind making up some sort of lie should someone else ask me why i’m having a party. i think she thinks it’s odd that we have birthday parties celebrating our animals birthday’s. She’s the one that crazy, i mean who doesn’t have parties for their children’s birthdays? That’s what they are to us, they are our children so we celebrate them! Our whole family on Master’s side celebrates their animal’s birthdays. Master’s sister doesn’t have children either so her animals are her kids too.

Master took Thursday off this week so He could attend a funeral with me in Illinois. i was very grateful to have Him with me as the drive is so long when you go alone. Not to mention the fact that i enjoy traveling with Him at any time. We have a good time any time we travel even short distances.

i better get my butt to bed, i need to get up early tomorrow morning and it’s really getting late.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, February 11, 2005

Missing the Bondage

Awake again in the middle of the night. This has become my routine and i truly hate it. i try to go to bed with Master but i either get tired of being pushed out of the bed or His snoring keeps me awake, unable to sleep. i say this all the time but i really wish i could get on a “normal” sleeping pattern. i would be so much more productive than i am now. i am attending this water aerobics class and it’s really a struggle to go to it because i’m so tired from not sleeping at night. If i could get to sleep at night i would have energy to do things during the day. i never used to be like this until i moved here. i’m sure that part of it is that i know i can sleep during the day if i need to. i have been wondering if i should ask Master if we could find somewhere else for me to sleep. There is a bed in the basement and maybe if we made that room “sleep friendly” i could sleep down there. The room is quiet cozy, there are just some of Master’s papers down there that i would need Him to pick up, then i think it would be fine. i could even add a lamp or something to make it more homey. i think i’ll suggest it to Him and see how He takes it.

With Master working pretty late at night we really haven’t had any time for play or bondage. It seems like ages since we have truly “played” and i find myself missing it more than i thought i would. Because of my headaches it makes it hard for Master to put me in any kind of serious bondage without it hurting my head. But there are lots of things we can do that don’t hurt my head. He likes to use the hood on me and i hate it when it’s just going on, but after i’m in it and it’s been on me for a few minutes i adjust pretty well to it. i know that He enjoys bondage very much and i’m surprised that He hasn’t even attempted anything lately.

i don’t think we have anything planned for the weekend as far as Valentines Day is concerned. Master doesn’t usually do too much for that, Christmas is His holiday, most others aren’t too much of a concern for Him. i do need to get out and get some cards at some point and i’m thinking we’ll go out Friday night as we always do.

Not much going on at the moment, so i’ll sign off and try to get some sleep.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, February 07, 2005

i am blessed

Sunday morning i woke up with the worst headache i have ever had in my life. All i could do was lay in bed and cry and scream because the pain was so intense. i have said before that sometimes Master makes me feel bad because i’m hurting all the time but i’ll tell ya, today was something very different. Today i saw the “color of His love” if you will. He was there for me in every way that He could be. He got my meds for me, He got my ice pack, He made me as comfortable as He possibly could. But that wasn’t the big thing. He was there, He stood there and held my hand, He sat there and talked to me, He was simply…. there. Like i said, i have never had such terrific pain but the one thing that kept my head on was the fact that i knew He was there. i knew that no matter what happened, He would be there and that He would take care of me, no matter what that meant. i can’t remember the events as they played out because of the pain, but i do remember laying there and whispering His name and having Him be at my side in a matter of seconds.

As i sit here typing it occurs to me that no matter how bad things get for me, no matter how dim i think the future with headaches might be, i know that He’ll be there. That makes this life not only worth living but it makes my life a much brighter existence. i may get upset with Him for making me feel guilty for hurting and i may not understand exactly how He feels sometimes but in the end, none of that matters. There are even times when i might question His love for me. But all i have to do is sit back and remember today (Sunday). All i have to do is remember the look on His face as i cried out to Him in pain and i’ll never have to question His love again. It was all spelled out there on His face. i could see Him hurting for me and i knew that there wasn’t anything He wouldn’t do to take the pain away.

Some people might say that i’m cursed to live a life in pain, with no end in sight. People have even said that they were glad that they didn’t have to walk a day in my shoes. But i can say with no question in my mind…. i am blessed. Maybe these headaches are just God’s way of telling me that He trusts me to handle it and grow from the experiences. One thing i know for sure, i am one lucky girl.

i love You Master, with all my heart. Thank You.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

It's all in the timing

Last night Master and i went out for supper and when we came home i collapsed in bed for the night. Master went down to play His new X-box games. i feel bad when i leave Him alone like that but it did me some good to have a full nights sleep in the bed, that doesn’t happen very often.

Today i got up and watched a movie then played X-box with Master. It has been a very relaxed day. i’m waiting now for Master to finish up in the basement so we can run to the grocery store and get something to eat. i’m sure He’s hungry as we haven’t eaten all day, i know i am!

Last night before i went to bed, Master had me kneel before Him while He sat as His computer. He pulled my nightshirt up and twisted and pulled my nipple rings. my left nipple ring has never really healed after more than 2 years and it hurts like the dickens when He plays with it. He didn’t seem to care as He pulled and tugged at it and slapped my tits. Then He made me suck His fingers as He slapped at my pussy a little. This was nothing major, only a small symbol of who is in charge. He hasn’t done anything like that in a while and i’m sure i know why. i wasn’t very receptive to Him last night and He told me to stop being so crabby. i think sometimes He picks the worst times to do things like that to just test me. He knew i was so tired i could hardly keep my eyes open, yet those are the times He chooses to poke and prod me. i’ll never understand it. i really wish that He would do it more often, only not when i’m feeling poorly. He knows me well enough to know when i’m feeling well and when i’m not. Maybe He truly is just testing me to see how much i can take. i honestly don’t know.

i read Starla’s journal tonight and i read about how hard her Master pushes her and how well she responds to it and i wish so badly that i could react in the same manner. i know i’m not her and i know that i’ll only ever be me. i just wish that i could adapt some of her strength. i can’t blame all of it on Master, but i think a lot of it has to do with timing. i have mentioned many times that i wish He would use me before it gets late at night as that is when i’m usually feeling my worst, then and when i first get up. i am sure that i would be more receptive if the timing were better, at least i like to think i would be.

Well here He comes and we’ll be going soon, so off i go.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Quiet week

Master just sent me in to write in my journal and because He told me to, i am. i really don’t have too much to write about however. i enjoyed my water class and i’m hoping to go back on Friday. i’m not sure if it’s going to be strenuous enough to make a difference, but it’s more than what i was doing, so that has to be good.

i have had a rough few days and i’m really tired of hurting so bad. i’ll ask permission to lay down when i’m done writing in hopes of getting up tomorrow and really feeling better. This will be a quiet week as there is no bowling tonight or tomorrow and for that, i’m thankful. i love bowling, but it’s nice to have a break.

Master has had a significant change in His work as He has a new boss. This is a bit of an upset, as He truly loved His old boss who was wonderful. i’m only hoping that He’ll learn to like His new boss and that He will continue to enjoy His job. i have really been pretty upset at the though of Him not working there anymore and us having to go through the whole “looking for a job” thing again. i just pray that we won’t have to face that again for a very long time. It’s totally stressful on Master as well as me.

i’ll write more soon!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure