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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Resolution Or Not?

Hopefully, we're in for the next couple of days, that's the plan at least. We worked last night and went to the store for a few things for tonight and tomorrow. Master's parents were going to come over tonight until we forgot that Master's dad was going to work tonight. He always works on Saturday nights, we just didn't think about him working, being sort of a holiday and all. Anyway, we'll just get together with them tomorrow, not a big thing. Master and i usually go somewhere and play games every New Years Eve. This year we're staying home and doing our own thing. i don't like being out driving after everyone's been drinking and it's just so much safer being home.

i woke up early this morning with this constant fairly nasty stomach pain, i only have a few short hours to get rid of it so i can enjoy some fun snacks and maybe a very rare cocktail with Master tonight! So far everything i've tried doesn't seem to be working so i might just have to ignore it so we can have a good night! i'll deal with it tomorrow! ha!

i've been reading how some people plan for the year to come or make lots of goals and resolutions i'm not all that great with strict planning. Master and i are pretty good with ticking off lists of things to do but not in any time line. We focus on things that need to get done around the house and we know if one thing must take precedence over another. i don't need to write down that i want to get in shape and eat right, that's common sense. i might need to write down that i would like to remember to weigh myself every Monday morning though until it became a habit.

The best planning and goal setting for me comes from Master i am terrible at self goals. If He were to say you're going to have supper ready every night by 7pm. To me then, that's a rule set in place and i'll make it happen if we're home and i'm able. That's not a goal, that's a rule. Goals don't really work for me so much it's either there, or it's not. Unless it's a weight loss goal, then of course it's a goal set. If Master told me i had to lose weight, that would be very hard, but i think in my mind i believe i would have to do it. It's not something i've considered before.

i've just never believed in New Years Resolutions, that whole "I'm going to quit drinking" or "I'll stop eating chocolate"... blah blah. People think a new year is a great way to get a fresh start on things and that might be a good way to look at it. i just don't want to lie to myself and make these huge unrealistic goals! haha

Have fun and be safe tonight, whatever you do! Have a very happy new year!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Christmas

Master and i has such a busy Christmas eve and Christmas day that we decided to wait for our presents until yesterday. We wanted to take our time and i always like to make the days last anyway. So after we got up and got cleaned up for the day, Master said that He wanted me dressed in my underthings only. Every year He has me in something different, this was going to be my "dress" for opening gifts this year. There is almost always some sort of add-ons if you will once i'm dressed. This year there were many! Once i was all made up and ready Master added His own accessories to my outfit. First a different collar, the metal one with the silicone, leather wrist cuffs, He hobbled my ankles with chain and then another pair of cuffs on my wrists, metal ones with a length of chain holding them together for a bit of mobility to allow me to open gifts.

Now we're ready to open gifts! Places everyone! =)

So we do it the same way pretty much every year. Because Master goes a bit over-board every year with gifts, we don't wrap much. We wrap one gift and open that on Christmas eve, the other gifts are mostly in our stocking or from Santa. Santa just puts everything on the chairs or the couch and covers it up with a big blanket. We also save our gift giving throughout the year for the this one day, not much for birthdays and other days, because this is the one day that we really enjoy giving gifts.

So we take turns a couple at a time for me and then a couple for Master and we take pictures of it all. Yesterday Master had the camera running as well. The animals get stockings too, little treat snacks and such. It's hilarious how they know they are getting presents. As soon as it's present time and they see us sitting by the stockings or hear a present opening, even the kitty comes right out! The best thing about Santa is that he's on the look out for bargains all year! He bought me a dress off the rack for $6 at the end of the summer and saved it for Christmas! He's a smart shopper that one. i got many gifts like that, many that i had forgotten about even Master got something He'd forgotten about! hahaha!!

We had a lovely Christmas at Master's parents house and the most fun just here at home alone. After we were finished with our gifts i had prepared an Egg Strata to put in the oven the night before so we tossed that in and started putting things away. Master had gotten me a lovely red dress and i asked if i could try that on once all the gifts were open, i had been in my underthings all day and with the exception of a new long slip He'd allowed me to try on, i was quite chilly! haha. He said that i could try the dress on so once i had the dress on, Master said i could keep that on and wear it for the remainder of the day.

Then we got ready for movie night! We were SO excited because we were going to watch the long awaited DolpinTale! It did NOT disappoint us either. Master said that He couldn't give it 5 stars but i would have, had i rated it, for sure! i just thought it was amazing. To this day you can go see "Winter", the dolphin here any time. It's a live feed. It's a really small pool so she doesn't swim a lot, i think that must be by design.

Well that's it for me today. i hope everyone had a wonderful, safe Christmas.

MD's treasure

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Very Merry Chrismas!

Master and i are getting ready to leave to go to His Aunts house for a Christmas Eve dinner that she has every year. i love this night! We go looking at Christmas lights after we leave there and it's always a good time! Tonight when we get home we'll share one gift and it's usually a very late night!

i still have cooking to do for tomorrow for Master's Mom and Dad's house that i didn't get done today but we'll get it done, if i have to stay up until 4am, HA! i'll get it done one way or another.

i don't have much time but i wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my blogger friends out there and everyone who stops by!

Peace to you and yours!

MD and His treasure

Friday, December 23, 2011


i was just talking to my brother and thinking about all of our family traditions. my Mom made pretty much the same foods every Christmas eve and then we all opened presents. She didn't even make us wait until the dishes were done to open presents, not that i remember, anyway.

When we were little we were ushered upstairs to the living room and my Grandma read The Night Before Christmas while Santa visited in the basement. Santa had a very jolly laugh, much like my Grandpa, who was also very large and jolly himself. Huh, strange. =) When the story was over my Grandma told that it was time for gifts. i only remember this happening one year, i'll assume it was more than once.

In later years when there were grandchildren, my Grandma (their Great-Grandma) would take them to the living room and read The Night Before Christmas from the very same book, from my childhood, while Santa visited. my Grandma was the best story teller i've ever known. When the coast was clear, Santa's jingle bells would ring and Grandma would tell the kids that it was time. Although the kids were anxious for their gifts, Grandma was captivating and no one was ever in a hurry to leave her side when she was reading. Often times it wasn't just the kids who would go listen to Grandma read, the adults would go listen as well. =)

Somewhere along the way someone, i'm not sure who, decided that the opening of gifts was just going too quickly, it may have even been me. So we started going one gift at a time, oldest to youngest, youngest to oldest, it didn't matter. Yes, it took a while but we all got to see who got what and from whom and we didn't fly through the gifts like it was a race. It also gave us time to appreciate the day and the gifts more. People spend so much time shopping, choosing the right gift, that it's all over in 10 minutes. Why not take a while to enjoy it all? So we did and we still do to this day, with Master's family as well. We love it and now we all get to see what we all got. It also gave my brother a chance, every single year to cheat. He unwrapped every present out of turn, swore he didn't then would try to wrap it back up before anyone would notice. We have several pictures of him doing just that.

Master and i have made many new traditions that i love also, we open one present on Christmas Eve and save the rest for Christmas morning. Every year we watch Emmet Otters Jug Band Christmas which is amazing!!! So there's no way i could pick a favorite holiday tradition. i would love to hear your favorites or just something that you do that you particularly love!

Peace, joy and love to you and yours this Christmas!

MD's treasure

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Master's brother is in town and we were thinking about going to church this morning but last night Master told me that He wanted me to wear a dress. In the past few months we've bought a few dresses, all of them sleeveless though and summer dresses. The dresses that i have aren't the kind that He likes. They aren't the kind of dresses that can be belted. The progress of finding affordable dresses is just slow when buying off the rack and Goodwill's selection is poor at best. i haven't tried Goodwill very often though and that's something that you have to do when you're really looking for something specific, you have to go a lot. So last night when we were talking about going to church Master said that He would want me to wear a dress.

Eeek! my heart leaped out of my chest because when He says He wants something like that, that i *know* i can't deliver, i know it's not going to go well. There just aren't any dresses here that are what He likes, something that fits and can be belted. Not only that, i was totally unprepared. Almost anything i chose would need to have been washed these dresses were hanging in closest for years and it was 11pm before He mentioned it. Honestly, i was doomed before the words came out of His mouth. i tried on many dresses last night, some i didn't even know we had and nothing worked. Again, anything would have had to have been washed and by then it was almost midnight.

Master told me that He's wanted me to start wearing dresses a long time ago and since then like i mentioned we bought some sleeveless ones off the rack and He gave me one right away. The rest are put away for Christmas. i can't wear them anyway, they are for summer. He was unbelievably angry at me for not being more prepared, for not trying harder and there was nothing i could say or do. He said that i should have been shopping at Goodwill more or on Ebay more. The thing is, i didn't know that i was supposed to be wearing a dress to church until 30 minutes ago nor did i know that i was supposed to have dresses on hand to wear at a moments notice. Now, i do. Master likes the element of surprise, He thinks it keeps me on my toes for some things and He's right. It helps me not to over think or freak out about things. For this though, it completely set me up to totally fail and because of it, because He said we were going to church only if i was wearing a dress, we missed church. One big fat fail for me i went to bed feeling terrible.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

**i am sorry Master, sometimes i'm just too thick, i've always said i need it all written out in black and white. i should have been more prepared and i should have had some acceptable dresses already, it's been far too long. i'll make it a priority.

i love You.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Frenzy

Yesterday was like a marathon Christmas day around here. i'd say we did pretty well, actually it started the night before last with Master staying up all night long recording all our Christmas purchases. We (like a lot of people) keep close track of our spending but for us it's more so to keep good records of what we've bought people from year to year and to be fair that we spend about the same amount on each person. So Master goes about this seemingly insurmountable task each year.

While Master was getting a little rest i was worked on my Christmas cards (no they're not done yet!) and although i didn't finish them, i did get a very good portion of them done. This is going to be a very busy weekend so we really needed to get all this stuff done, and we had yesterday to do it. The plan was write out Christmas cards, make a double batch of Oreo balls, make dinner,watch Christmas shows while we wrap all of our presents, pass out. In that order, precisely.

So the Oreo balls are supposed to take 2 hours for one batch. It took me an hour to get them chopped up. i think it's because we just have an older model blender. Last year when i made them i used a rolling pin and a zip lock baggie. Neither option works well. Next year if we make them again, i am going to try zip lock baggie and running them over with the car. That's really the only viable option to retain sanity. So instead of the expected 2.5 hours because i was making a dbl batch, i took well over 3 hours and that's with Master's help.

So today i'm cleaning Master's Mom's house because of all day's yesterday she had her surgery for her fistula put in for her dialysis. This weekend Master's brother and 6 of his 8 kids will be staying at their house and she's going to be somewhat incapacitated. She has a 5# weight lifting restriction on her arm so she can't cook at all and she's not supposed to use it much for the first couple of days. It's really sensitive for a while and she has to be very careful with it. The timing seriously sucks. We'll make due i'm sure it's just the worst timing ever.

Their house is so small i woke up in a panic the other morning thinking there wasn't going to be anywhere for all those people to sleep. They had tubs of Christmas decorations everywhere that she kept saying she "wasn't done with yet" and all i could picture were kids propped against the wall with pillows and blankets. One kid in the shower sleeping and another one sleeping on the stairs... The house is cleaner now though and when i'm finished today there will be plenty of room. That's to say it's always clean, it's just more picked up. Master's Mom is very clean she just doesn't mind it when it's messy when she's in the middle of a project! =)

Okay, i'm off to get busy again.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Impressions Crop

Master and i had an opportunity Sunday to steal away some time to try out a new crop from Eden Fantasys. It's called Impressions Crop, made by Sportsheets. As you'll see in the pictures there is a heart inset in the leather, which given the look of the crop and the name one might think it's meant to leave an imprint on your skin if you're smacked hard enough.
i truly love the look of the crop with the red heart inset in the crop. i've really not been shy about making my feelings known about where i stand on pain. Of course that means nothing to Master, if He wants me to endure it, i will! haha!! He told me to bend over the bed so of course i knew what was coming. Having chosen something in the bondage and fetish line to review i knew what to expect! That having been said He started off slowly giving me a time to warm up on my legs and back side hitting harder and harder as He went. By the time He was really striking hard it was hurting but there wasn't the sharp sting that i have felt when He has used His old equestrian riding crop. i was really expecting this to hurt and leave deep red marks. i even asked Master part way if there were any obvious markings and He said that there really weren't. i was surprised as hard as He was swinging that i wasn't left with any lasting impressions. As far as pain goes, Master must have set the crop down for a second to snap a quick picture because He gave me a couple of great big unexpected wallops with His own hand and that hurt worse than anything He'd done so far!

my hands were already cuffed with leather cuffs, i had been wearing them all day so Master made good use of them when He had me bent over the bed. He attached the cuffs behind my back with a double ended snap hook and continued to swat a bit more. He told me to stand, turn around and sit on the bed. Master helped me get settled on the bed and started using the crop all over me. i was looking away because i was so scared He would hit right near the nipple ring and send me straight through the roof! Now even though Master's not particularly masochistic whenever we're playing like this, if He hurts me, i screech. If i holler like a baby, He obviously likes it! He took it one more step and told me to lie back and spread my legs where He started slapping all over between my legs. i was even more worried then because of all the sensitive bits and the piercing down there too!!

This particular sex toy is really well made. The Impressions Crop handle is quite sturdy yet the slapper itself is a smooth flexible leather. The surface area on the Impressions Crop is quite large 2" x 2 1/2" to be exact and the leather covered handle is just under 7", not counting the wrist strap. The cane portion of the crop is quite short however, just over 4.5", so if you're looking to get a quick smack in while you're delivering that well deserved spanking, this isn't quite the two -in-one tool! If i were disappointed in any area it would be that the Impressions Crop didn't leave a heart impression even after some pretty hard smacks.

i was thrilled to know that i would be able to handle a spanking with a crop without really falling apart. It definitely delivers some sting but it's not totally intolerable! This would be terrific for someone just like me who isn't great with pain but deserves a good spanking once in a while! Once Master was satisfied that the crop and i had a good work out He must have decided that i was a good girl and deserved a treat for my good behavior. He told me to get back up and bend back over the bed. This time i heard His zipper and every slave girl knows what that means! We had a great time with this review and it had a perfect ending!

Thank you to Eden Fantasys, who sent us the Impressions Crop by Sportsheets free of charge, in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

MD's treasure

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Do you have the e-mail alerts feature on your blog? i'm horrible with the RSS feed stuff...if not i'll see if Sir can set up the RSS. Thanks, nice blog!

Yes! Now we do!! haha As of about 3 seconds ago, Master added a "follow by email" feature. Thanks so much for asking!! =)

Ask me anything

Jingle Bells!

Yesterday we had our The family Christmas party for Master's side of the family. It was nice except that Master's Mom had some sort of spell. We weren't sure what was going on with her, she wasn't really completely out of it but she wasn't responding to us as quickly as she should have. She knew the date and and had strength in her arms and legs so it wasn't an urgent situation. It was more like an ocular migraine because she didn't have any pain and she's had those migraines before. i don't know exactly, it was just very odd and she didn't want to leave to go home and she certainly didn't want to go to the ER. So we just let her rest for a while and less than an hour later she was back to normal.

i'm hoping to do some decorating today, if i don't get anymore done today, i don't think it's going to get done! Master's brother is coming next weekend and that means i'm going to be spending the week getting His parents house ready. That's good and bad for me it's good because i need to clean over there to pay her back for helping me with Christmas presents and it's bad because that means i have no more time for Christmas preparations here at home. Oh well, i'm glad to do it though, His parents only get to see their grand kids once in a blue moon and this really means a lot to them. i want everything to be nice for them when they arrive, the more Master and i do for them, the less tired they'll be when everyone arrives.

It sounds like Santa came early to our house last night. Right before bed time last night Master put both of the jingle bell ankle cuffs on me. Usually He only puts one on because they are so loud when i'm walking through the house. Last night when He put them both on i thought oh wow, if anyone were outside they would think Santa's sleigh was on the roof.

The funny thing was, i was in bed with the cuffs on, just getting ready to doze off when i realized the garage door was left open. Sometimes we will leave it open and it's not a big deal. i just got to thinking that it really needed to be closed because you never know this time of year. So i went out there and i had to turn the light on because as soon as i shut the door, it would be pitch dark. When we're home we shut the door by hand so i walked right across the garage with my bells-a-jingling haha! Who knows who could have heard me or seen me in my little pink robe! =p

We're usually the quietest ones on our block and we never make a peep but every once in a while i think our neighbors might get a peep show! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, December 08, 2011


Master and i had our big shopping day yesterday. As we almost always do, we started out late but we ended going almost everywhere we wanted to go. Stores are open so late for Christmas that we were still able to make some progress. We even had time for our annual cookie at the mall! That's one of our very favorite things to do!

We pretty much head to the same stores each year and one of those stores is Gordmans. i have no idea if that's a national chain or not, but there are a few in Iowa. It's a little bit like TjMAXX or Marshalls. Anyway, we were looking through the framed art and i saw one that really struck me, i took a photo of it with my phone but apparently i didn't save it, i'm not all that terrific with my phone! It went something like:
Give everything, expect nothing
you'll receive everything in return.

That's quite close to how it was written on the plaque. As i was looking it up on line to see if i could find an original author (i really wasn't very terribly successful at that either!) i noticed that it's quite a popular saying. The concept is one that struck me however, given my "occupation" if you will.

The top word on that plaque could have easily been "slavery", couldn't it? Many words fit there, love, loyalty, devotion, submission, to me of course, i thought of slavery right away. So how clear is it that we get so much more in return than we give? Just in my daily routine of cooking or taking care of things around the house. The satisfaction that i get knowing that i am pleasing Him is a huge reward, of course that's not it alone. When supper is made and we sit down at the end of a day for TV and we're both super comfortable. Whether it was a day where all i had to do were my household chores or a particularly difficult day, the efforts of my day just seem to melt away. Because this right here is what it's all about, my devotion to Him and getting much more than i give.

i would love to hear your feelings and opinions on this. Could this be a slaves mantra?

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Almost The Worst Bath i've Ever Had

So last night Master and i went to that Christmas Stroll, like i mentioned and it was chilly. Before that we worked and because the church was very messy from all the decorating it took a long time to clean. i asked Master if i could take a bath when we got home, not super unusual for me lately. He said i could. i got my water going and got in, the water was only a few inches deep when Master came into the room. He hardly ever comes in when i'm in the tub, i think He relishes the peace and quiet when i'm otherwise occupied to be honest! =)

He said "close your eyes". my first thought, "this is going to be horrible, whatever it is". i did as i was told and closed my eyes, but i was right it was horrible. i laid perfectly still for the first few moments as ICE. COLD. WATER. was poured all over me. Then, He left. i said, "is it alright for me to open my eyes now?" He was already in the other room and shouted "Oh! Yes you may".


i sat there for a few minutes telling no one that this was the absolute worst bath i've ever had in my life and i was all warm and toasty and now it's ruined... i could only assume that He was listening to everything i was saying and chuckling to Himself.

After just a little while He came back in and said that sometimes a Master just has to be sadistic and He was away again. For some reason that made it all better. He even pulled the door nearly closed so it would get warm for me, that's something He never does. Once He was gone i let the bath water rise nice and high, let the water get super hot and all was well with the world.

Once i was finished i went to Him and asked Him what i should wear as it was almost 11pm. Sometimes He might have me get completely redressed depending on how late we're going to be up. We stay up late watching TV and i don't get ready for be until it's bedtime. Last night though He said "wear a belt". HAHA! So, i did. He fell asleep early and i didn't want to wake Him to ask Him if i should keep it on for sleeping, so i slept in my belt. =)

i don't normally go into such detail about our nights, but with the exception of the ice cold water added to my bath. That's not all that atypical from one of our evenings, come to think of it.

Happy Saturday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, December 02, 2011


Tonight is the Christmas Stroll downtown. Master and i are leaving in a few minutes to go to work and we're planning on going this year. We try to go every year and just walk around and eat cookies. It used to be really fun when there were lots of stores and more cookies than anyone could ever imagine. In the years past though it's sort of become a little less exciting with the stores closing. i'm hoping for a better year this year though!

The other day Master ran in to pay a bill and told me to watch the parking meter. i thought the time had run out and He was only going to be in the building for a second. He told me NOT to feed the meter, but to watch for the reader girl. i was panicked, i hate to be put in positions like that. i was looking all over for someone in a uniform when all of a sudden right behind us, there was a girl in a navy blue coat writing a ticket on the vehicle behind us. i hopped out of our car to stick a nickle in the meter. Turned out there was still 8 minutes on the meter and when i hopped out the girl gave me a nasty look. She knew i wasn't going to feed that meter unless i saw her coming.

Master got back in the car and said, "did you beat her?" cause of course He saw her standing there. i was really upset and i said to Him "Never again!" as soon as i said it i knew it was a terrible thing to say. He actually didn't react very strongly, He just said that i wouldn't ever tell Him "never again" i wouldn't decide anything of the kind. If He tells me to sit in the car in exactly that situation again and i'm sure He will, i'll have to do it. No matter how much i hate it or no matter how much i don't understand it. To Him it's (of course) the principle, it's not the nickle it costs. Anyway, i felt much worse about it than He made me feel and i still feel badly. i never should have tried to tell Him what i will or won't do so emphatically.

Write this in the "try harder next time" book, for sure.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure