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Monday, November 29, 2004

Little bit of everything

We were both up pretty late last night. i wasn’t up as late as Master was as He stayed up until almost 5am working on the check book that He hasn’t worked on in months. He actually let me help Him sort receipts and i felt as though i was being somewhat helpful. He doesn’t usually give me “jobs” to do so when He lets me help Him, i always feel good. i wish some times that He would give me odd jobs and tasks to complete but it’s hard for Him because i’m not usually feeling well and He hates to give me something to do then to have me not be able to complete the task. So it’s a little bit of a double edge sword.

It’s quiet here today with just me and the animals home. The birds are even quiet. i just fed them and i can hear them chomping away at their seeds and fruit. Zeeky is the parrot and he’s the loud one of the two. i’m actually pretty lucky though as far as their volume. Most parrots are unbearably loud but i think that my birds are just happy to play with their toys and nap throughout the day. Sassy naps a lot i think because the tumor that she has weighs on her and makes her a little tired. Some day i’ll have to deal with the tumor that she has but for now she’s able to function normally and she’s not in any pain. i’m not going to take any chances until i need to.

Master called and said that His brother in law posted the sign for the stock car for sale and he’s had a lot of questions about it. i’m really hoping that we can sell it before Christmas. It would really help out a lot to have that extra bit of money before the holidays. i understand that it’s a pretty good deal and it’s a good car so we just need to find the right guy out there.

i have been reading one of my favorite journals today and she talks a lot about her pregnancy and the trouble she had conceiving. i can’t help but wonder what if anything will ever happen for us. Master never wanted children but since we have been together, He’s come around a bit and i dare say He is open to the idea. However, i would have some trouble conceiving as well as i have polycystic ovaries. Basically what that means is that they are full of little cysts and they don’t work unless i’m on the pill. As soon as i go off the pill my ovaries stop functioning so it would be hard to get pregnant without some type of assistance. The infertility drugs are quite costly but i must admit i haven’t done much research. There’s nothing i would like more than to have a baby but it just seems like the odds are stacked against me. So there, i have said it, it’s out there now and no longer a secret. i’m not getting any younger so if i want something to happen i need to act soon. The next time i see my doctor i plan on talking to him about it again and seeing what he has to say about the whole thing. Master said the other day that He wasn’t really aware that i was off the pill for a while and He thinks that if we were to “practice” more that we would be successful. i wish i had His faith!! At least the practicing would be a lot of fun!

Master said when He called that He had supper planned and that i wasn’t supposed to make any arrangements. So my afternoon is free and now i need to decide just how to spend it. Maybe i’ll do something fun like laundry or cleaning the living room. i’m just not sure but whatever i do, i better get at it cause time is awasting!

Have a great day everyone!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Family the joy and pain

We had a really good day at my sister’s house with my family. It was a pretty laid back day, everyone just sat around and watched football while we got dinner together. i had a good time messing around with my nephew, who is nuts. He really makes holidays fun and i always look forward to spending time with him. He’s going to school to be a pathologist, he’s always been very interested in dead bodies and the like. So that gives you a bit of an idea of who he is and what he’s interested in.

On Friday we spent the day with Master’s family and had Thanksgiving with them. They all waited a day so we could spend it together. We had a wonderful meal and spent the rest of the day playing games. i always have a good time playing games and visiting with Master’s family. The games were a lot of fun and Master’s dad and i even won one game.

The rest of the weekend was just a normal weekend. Master ended up having to work on Saturday, which was fine. i just spent the day watching TV and resting as i’ve had a rather difficult weekend as far as pain goes. Today was rough too, i am sure it’s just because i over did it on Thursday and Friday. When i get too tired and too worn out i end up feeling crappy for a couple days. So i’m hoping that tomorrow i’ll be feeling better. i would love to put the tree up tomorrow night when Master gets home from work. i need His help to get the tree upstairs so i think i’ll spend the day preparing to decorate and i’ll be all ready to go when He gets home. He’ll be thrilled i’m sure!! hehehehe

We spent the day watching football and cleaning up the house. He’s happy because the Vikings won today!! It’s always a good day when the Vikings win!! We went to supper tonight with Master’s mom and that was a bad idea as Master and His mom got into it over basically nothing. She is so unreasonable some times and it’s so incredibly frustrating to listen to them argue. Master is so much better than that and i hate it when He lets her get to Him. He’s just too smart to argue with someone who has no clue and that’s how she is when she’s upset. She’s clueless.

There hasn’t been much D/s other than the normal TPE that is ever-present in our lives. We just haven’t had an opportunity to play or do much else lately. No matter how busy we are or whatever is going on in our lives the Total Power Exchange is always there and strong in our lives. It never falls to the wayside as He is always Master and i’m always the slave. Even when i’m misbehaving, i’m still the slave and i’m easily reminded of it. Master is able to remind me of my place with little things even the tone of His voice is a reminder of who i am and reminds me of my place in His life.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving

We’ll be leaving here in a couple of hours and i have tons to do before i’m ready to walk out the door. Basically i have no business sitting here writing when there’s a lot to be done. i really wanted to just take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!! We are going to see my family today and it’s about a 3 hour drive. Master doesn’t care for the trip because it’s long and boring but it goes so much faster when we’re together.

i thought i would take this opportunity to give thanks for all the blessings in my life. i’m so thankful for my family and of course Master is at the top of the list. He’s my best friend, my confidant, my owner, my lover and my wonderful husband. There are no words to say how thankful and blessed i feel to have met Him and to have been taken by Him. i’m thankful for my animals, they bring me joy every day of my life and i love them so much and they ask for so little, only to be loved. i’m thankful for Kerpy, my little bear who brings me laughter and joy, he goes everywhere with me and even though it’s odd, he has become a huge part of my life. i am giving special thanks this year for my sister’s dog. He had very good results from his biopsy and it looks like he’ll make a full recovery!!! What a wonderful Thanksgiving blessing for us all.

i am also thankful for all of the bloggers out there that i feel as though i have come to know and have a sense of bonding with them. i look forward to the posts and it gives me something to look forward to every day. i wish them all and everyone who reads my journal, the most blessed and Happy Holiday!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and don’t forget to count your blessings today and every day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Monday, November 22, 2004

Ready for Winter

i had a really nice time on my trip to see my family. i got to spend quite a bit of time with my sister and her family and that was wonderful. i also saw my mom and grandma for dinner one night. The whole trip had a bit of a shadow over it though. my sister’s dog is very ill and we’re not sure if he’s going to make it. He has had a development with his kidneys and could be in renal failure. my mom took him today and his levels are not going down even though he’s on fluids, in fact that they are increasing. So it’s really a bad deal as my sister is absolutely grief stricken, as i know i would be. There’s not much i can do for her or the dog except just be there for her and i’m glad i could be there as long as i was.

i was glad to come home, i was gone a day longer than i had expected and i always get pretty homesick when i go away. Master was very understanding about her dog and told me that i could stay the extra day if i needed to. We had a nice evening Saturday night when i got home and an even better Sunday. We went to church for an evening Thanksgiving Service and i thought that it was really nice. i miss going to church and i’m always glad when Master will take me. In the past i was very involved in my church and i have always had a really strong faith. i miss the sense of community that you can only get in a church setting.

When we got home we watched a couple movies that weren’t all that great, but that’s ok. After the movies were over Master sent me to the bedroom and had me strip for Him. He then blindfolded me and had me lie down on the bed. He used the sunbeam electric vibrator and inserted a very large dildo in my pussy. Then He placed clamps on my nipples that were very hard. He played with my pussy and made me cum several times right after He removed the clamps. i thought i was going to go through the roof when He took the clamps off, they had been on there for so long that the rush i felt was amazing. i was totally spent by the time He was done. Then He said it was His turn and He had me give Him a blowjob. He came a ton in my mouth and it was almost more than i could take.

When He got home from work today i asked Him if we could move some furniture that i have been wanting to move for a while now. Instead He wanted to wash the stock car and ready that for sale. We worked outside until i was a Popsicle, but i think that we’re totally ready for winter weather now. All we need to do outside now is put out the decorations and lights for the holidays. i’m sure that Master is looking forward to that! (NOT) He isn’t the most excited holiday decorator but He always indulges me and i’m very thankful for that. =) After we were done outside we came in and He moved the furniture for me and now i have my living room back!!! YAY!!

There’s not too much else happening at the moment, just looking forward to the holidays with our family. i hope that everyone is as excited about the up coming holidays as i am!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A little trip

i have a lot to do today. i’m going to see my family tomorrow and i’ll be gone for a couple days. It’s about a 3 hour drive from here and i am always a little apprehensive about going alone. i never know if my head is going to hurt bad enough that i won’t be able to drive. i don’t normally have any trouble but it’s always in the back of my mind. That and i always feel a little guilty leaving Master although i’m not sure that He doesn’t enjoy the time alone. i think that it’s good for us to spend a little time apart, it gives us a chance to miss each other and the coming home is always fun.

my sister starts her new job on Monday so it’s a good time for me to go and spend some time with her while she’s not working. She is always so very busy that it’s rare that she would be home long enough for me to visit. She has two kids and even though the eldest is in college they keep her running. i think that she and i will go out to dinner with my mom and grandma while i’m there and i’ll look forward to that. my grandma is quite old but sharp as a tack and she’s always got a good story to tell.

Life the last couple of days has been pretty “vanilla” if you will. Master has been working fairly long hours and i worked last night. So we haven’t really had much of a chance to play. Even when we don’t have time to play there is always the M/s component of our relationship and that never falls to wayside. He is always in control of the daily routine of the house even when there hasn’t been time to play. i wouldn’t know how to act if things were any different. There are times when He says that i’m too dependent on Him for certain things. Then there are times when He thinks i should be more dependent on Him. It’s a fine line between being capable of making small decisions and doing little tasks on my own, to being too independent and making decisions that i shouldn’t be making. As we grow together, i learn what i should be doing on my own and knowing when to wait to ask His opinion before acting.

Before i came here i had a job where i was very much in control and a leader. i was comfortable in that role and i was happy to make all the decisions in my job. There was always the side of me that wanted to have that control stripped the moment i walked out of the office and into my private life. Master would prefer that i have no control in any part of my life, including my job. But any time you work, you have responsibility, unless you work for your Master of course. So now that i have started working again, i have to remember what my role is, when i come home. i may be asked to make decisions at work that Master wouldn’t want me to make at home. Again, it’s a fine line that i have to learn not to cross.

Master told me the other day that there is a good chance that He’ll be able to pick up more hours at His job. Something we have been hoping for since He went to work there. i have been hoping and praying that this happens soon as Christmas is coming and the money would be very nice. i really hope that it works out as Master really likes His job and His boss, which is a wonderful thing. It would just be such a blessing if they could give Him more hours.

Well i better get busy, time is running short and i have lots to do. Take care everyone and i’ll be back in a couple days.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Lazy Day

Master came into the bedroom and woke me up in time to watch the football game with Him. It wasn’t early but for me, it wasn’t too late to sleep. We had a really late night and i was still tired from our visit to the cabin. It was a really good time, we drank too much wine and played cards and just chatted for hours. We have a lot in common with our friends and there is never a lull in the conversation. They are very funny and fun people to hang out with and we always have a really good time when we’re with them. This weekend was their last weekend at their cabin until the spring so we won’t see them as much this winter. i’m hoping that we still keep in touch with them throughout the holidays at least.

Unfortunately The Vikings didn’t win today, their third loss in a row and Master was upset. He’s a “big” Viking fan as am i, but He hates to lose, He’s really competitive. So i tried to take His mind off of the game by making a nice supper. We had supper and He went to work on the computer and i made out all my Christmas cards. i’m glad to have them done early this year, it’s just one more thing i won’t have to worry with when the holidays come. i am so excited about the holidays as i am every year. i am a nut when it comes time to decorate the house. i’ll decorate anything that will stand still and Master is so supportive, He will indulge my craziness.

i talked to my sister today and she wants me to come up and visit for a couple days while she’s not working. Master didn’t sound too thrilled about it. He really doesn’t like me to go away without Him but He knows that it’s important for me to see my family, so i’m sure He would let me go if i really want to. i’ll just take it by ear and see what happens, only that i need to let my sister know if i’m coming or not.

Master just called me to the bathroom where He had my kneepad laid out in front of the shower door. He told me to put on the blindfold that He had set on the sink and had me kneel in front of the shower. When He got out, He told me to dry Him off with my tongue. i licked and lapped up the water from His body until it was only moist from my mouth. Then He used my mouth as a fuck toy and fucked my mouth until He erupted in my mouth. He called me His cum slut before He came in my mouth. Then He dismissed me to go about my business. Any time He uses me for His pleasure i’m reminded of my place as His property, just a toy to be fucked or used at His whim, then set aside to be used another time. i especially need these reminders seeing that He is somewhat easy on me at other times due to my headaches. So the more reminders He can give me, the better i perform as His slave.

All in all it was a very slow and lazy day. A perfect Sunday where we just sat around and watch the race and the game. It would have been a truly “perfect” day had the Vikings won!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Saturday, November 13, 2004


Even though i have been a slave for a few years now, i have never been “used” the way that Master used me this morning. When He got up, He told me to go kneel beside the toilet. i just thought that i would be giving Him a blow-job when He was done using the bathroom. Instead when He was done relieving Himself, He turned to me and told me to clean off His cock with my mouth. i don’t have a very strong stomach but i surprisingly did pretty well. i did as He asked and He even told me that i did a good job, which made it well worth it. i have never been used as a toilet, but i have been urinated on in the shower. So this was a little bit of a new experience for me.

At first i was totally disgusted and i felt dirty, like i needed to brush my teeth right away. But then i felt like a nasty little slave and that was a pretty good feeling. As long as Master was happy with me, i feel good about my performance, no matter how small the task.

Master and i are going to a fish fry tonight at our friends cabin on the river. Master’s friend is an excellent cook, or so i’m told, and He has a freezer full of fish that he has caught over the summer. So Master has been looking forward to this fish fry all summer and fall. Master loves fish, unlike me who hates it, but i’m happy that He’ll finally get to enjoy a long awaited treat.

i have been doing a little baking to take with us tonight as i actually got up at a decent time today. That makes 3 days in a row that i have been up at a somewhat normal time!!! When we get home this afternoon from getting haircuts, i’ll finish my cooking to take with us tonight. Then i’ll help Master on some chores around the house. He wants to get His stockcar sold as it takes up a large chunk of the garage and we could use the money to spend on Christmas. So we’re really hoping to sell it soon.

Well i’m off to get my haircut. Have a wonderful day everyone!! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Friday, November 12, 2004


i had to go see the Nurse Practitioner today for a recheck. i hate going to see her cause as all women know, it HURTS! Master took me and waited in the car while i was being poked and prodded. Then He took me out for lunch with His parents. We had a nice time and He got to visit with many of His friends that go to the local pizza place for lunch.

We both bowled tonight and Master did really well (in my book). i like to be with Him when He's bowling well because He's in a great mood and all is right with the world. It's another story when He's bowling poorly and then i wish i wasn't even in the same town as He is. hehe. After bowling we just came home and watched all our favorite shows in TV. Thursday night is our night to watch TV and we look forward to it all week. Now that our shows are over Master has me sitting at my computer naked. i really wish that i was going to bed as i slept very little last night and had a short nap this afternoon and i'm still really tired. But Master obviously has other plans for me that don't include going to bed.

If there was one thing i could change about my life right now it would be my sleep pattern. Because of the headaches, i sleep late in the day and it's almost impossible for me to go to sleep at a decent time at night. Then due to the fact that i'm up out of bed later in the day, we don't ever "play" until late at night and that's when my head hurts the worst. Late at night and first thing when i get up, those are the two worst times of the day for me. So by the time Master decides to play with me, i'm hurting and all i want to do is sleep. It makes for a bit of a difficult situation. It would be great if i could get back into a regular sleeping schedule, i know i would get so much more done if i could just readjust my schedule. Hopefully some day i'll be headache free and i won't have to worry about when my head hurts the worst and it will be easier for us to have play time.

i know my sleep schedule is very frustrating for Master as well because He spends a lot of time alone when i'm too sick to get up. He gets upset when i have a bad day cause He's alone so much and i feel bad for Him. Our best days are when i'm feeling good enough to get up and we actually accomplish something around the house. i feel good about myself on those days too, like i'm almost normal and that is a really good feeling. i miss the days when i woke up in the morning and went to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour. i just have to have hope that some day the headaches will go away and i'll get my life back. Until then, i'll just continue to make due with what i have now and make the best of it.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


i worked tonight and when i get home from work i'm always pretty worn out so i hadn't planned on writing tonight. Master had other plans for me when He asked me if i was going to write and i said no, He said, "yes you are, your going to write about chimpanzees". So... i know nothing about chimpanzees other than what i have seen at the zoo and that i think they are extremely cute. So i went to a web site and what i found there was sad! i found a site called Save the Chimps and you can read all about how they have been used and abused. You can also find out more how to help, if you so choose.

Nothing much has happened since i last wrote except that i went to a concert last night. i went to see Bette Midler's Kiss my Brass concert. i never used to be a big fan of hers but in the last few years i have grown to have a new appreciation for her. The concert was more than i ever would have imagined. i'm not sure how old she is, but her energy level is that of a 10 year old. She danced the entire night and her show was spectacular. She was funny, she was exciting and she was crude at times but all in all an awesome show. i would highly recommend seeing her should you have the chance. She sang The Rose as her last song and it brought me to tears. Partly because i used that song in my collaring ceremony to Master and every time i hear it, it reminds me of that night.

The best part of going to the concert was the fact that i got to go with what i might call a new friend. Master and her husband have been friends for probably more than 20 years so i met her through Master. Her husband was in our wedding and we see them quite often down at their cabin on the river. Her mom just recently passed away and they had tickets to see Bette Midler and when she had this extra ticket, she asked me to go with her. i was very honored to go with her as this event was something that she would have shared with her mother. We had a wonderful time just chatting and getting to know one another better and throughout the evening we were very comfortable with each other. It was like we had been friends for many years and i was thrilled. i don't have friends here as i'm still somewhat new to the area and i have only just started working so i haven't had a chance to meet many people. i finally feel like i'm starting to make a life for myself here, other than my life with Master.

Tomorrow will be a busy day as Master's dad is coming over and we'll be moving furniture around to accommodate our new curio cabinet. It's been standing in our living room for far too long and it needs a home so i'm very glad to know it will finally have a place in the house. i would like to give the house a thorough cleaning before the holidays so hopefully now i'll have that chance, with the cabinet out of the way. i'll stop rambling now and head off to veg in front of the TV till i fall asleep or until Master tells me to go to bed.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, November 08, 2004

A bit of an "off" weekend

Master took me to the "city" for my birthday for supper and shopping. It started off ok but by the time we were done with dinner i was certain that Master was all about making my birthday a miserable one. We were not clicking at all, to put it mildly. We had a disagreement at dinner and i wasn't about to say i was wrong or shut up about it. i have no idea why i get like that only to say that i get upset and stop thinking. Looking back at it, Master tries hard to get me to stop while trying not to be a jerk about it.

On the way home, Master asked me how i thought Lisa would act in that situation. The more i got to thinking about it, the more i thought that it was really unfair to compare me to Lisa. i mean she's been a slave for many more years than i have and she's had so much more time to be "molded" by her Master. i can only hope that she and other slaves make some of the same mistakes i do. But yet we all learn from experience and from our Master's and move on. Only i think i'm a slow learner because i keep making the same mistakes! Sometimes i wish that Master would just tell me in a firm tone to knock it off or to shut up. There has to be a way to over come my belligerence in times like these.

Yesterday we went to my sister-in-law's house for my birthday to celebrate with Master's family. When we got there His sister and brother-in-law weren't there! They can be so inconsiderate it's not even funny. When they finally showed up an hour late, they offered no apology, only to say that they were helping a neighbor out with her horse. So Master and i were both upset about this, although i'm not sure why seeing that they do this all the time. It just didn't make to a good start to our evening. When Master and i aren't meshing well it seems like everything i do makes Him mad and there's nothing i can do to make Him happy. It was just a bad weekend and i'm very glad it's over.

When we got home Master decided that i needed some time to think, so He stuck me in the "box" and left me there for what seemed like 3 hours. As it turned out it was only an hour but when i'm in there i have no sense of time. i was supposed to think about what i had done wrong over the weekend and how i could have acted differently. More than anything i think that He knows that the box offers me some quiet time to think and puts in a fairly submissive state. So it was a good thing, when i came out He put me on the sybian and told me to take my time while He busied Himself elsewhere.

Well i'm off to see Bette Midler in concert, i hope it's a good time.

Peace to you and yours!

MD's treasure

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Happy Birthday to me...

Today is my 36th birthday and i'm really not feeling "birthdayish". Cool, i just made up a new word, gotta love that! i have had many phone calls already today including one *singing* phone call from my brother and his kids in Boston. They call every year and bellar into the phone as loud as they can "Happy Birthday". It's always something i look forward to. =) i had a brief phone call from my sister who is always too busy to talk. i love talking to her when she can find the time, she's really one of the funniest and most entertaining people i know. We have an absolute blast when we are together, which is all too rare since i moved out of town.

Master gave me one of my presents last night before we went to bed, He got me a CD that i have been wanting and i can't wait to listen to it. It's the soundtrack to the movie Brother Bear. Most of the score was written and performed by Phil Collins and it's wonderfully uplifting. We'll be going to town tonight, when Master gets home from work, for a quick supper and to do a bit of shopping for my birthday so i'm looking forward to that. Master is a lot of fun to shop with, yeah i know... a Man who likes to shop! i'm very blessed i know! He and His mother can shop the pants off of me and i love to shop!

Master told me last night that some friends of ours had to put their dog to sleep yesterday. He was very old and could no longer walk and was in extreme pain from arthritis. i have a flurry of emotion when i hear that someone has put their pet to sleep. Being someone who loves animals so dearly, part of me is so sad and selfish that i hate to see any animal put down. Part of me is happy for the animal because i know that they are in place much better than this and they are no longer in pain or suffering. It's the ultimate sacrifice for your animal to lay them to rest when they need it most. i have to commend our friends for making that selfless decision for their dog, i'm sure i would do the same thing had i been in their shoes but it's such a hard call to make. i remember when the vet told me that my little cockatiel had cancer. i completely fell apart as she has been an enormous part of my life since the day i got her. The vet said that she wouldn't live longer than a month. That was October of 2002 and she's still going strong. When i last had her to see the vet, the vet said that there is no way the tumor she has is cancer or she wouldn't be with me any longer. So now Sassy lives with a large fibrous tumor on her neck. It doesn't impair her living status what-so-ever so there is no need (at this time) to have it removed. There may come a day when i'll have to consider surgery and that will be an extremely tough call to make as the vet does not feel that she'll make it through the surgery. So i'll deal with that when the day comes. Right now, she's a happy little bird with an adorable personality who loves to chew just about anything in her path.

i couldn't sleep last night after Master and i went to bed i got up and started perusing some blogs that Master had sent to me. i spent the bulk of my time at A Slaves Path and i found an inspiring story there of a slave and his Master. Often times his Master will use him for furniture, a foot-stool to rest upon or a table for her drink or papers. To me, this basic act of manipulation goes back to the bare roots of what being a slave is all about. i am sure that it's a common practice for many M/s relationships it's just not something that Master has ever dabbled with. The thought of being used for a piece of furniture, just being used like that for nothing more than an object is very appealing. Not only would it test your stamina and endurance but it would give one an opportunity to reflect on their purpose in life, a tool or piece of property to be used at the Master's discretion. i know that i could use some simple reminders from time to time, my place in His life and this would serve as a lovely little training mechanism, no matter how long you've been in the lifestyle.

Well i'm off to see about the never-ending task of laundry.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, November 05, 2004

Feeling Owned

There is an article that i came across some time ago from the Dark Fairy Tales journal that i read. There is one particular part of the article that addresses a point "How to make her feel owned" (i think i'm paraphrasing). When i think about being owned and how i want to be owned it makes me think of that portion of the article. i have known for a very long time that i wanted to be dominated. Even when i was with my exboyfriend, i loved it when He told me what to do and when He kept a close eye on my comings and goings. It made me feel loved and protected. i know now that it was a bad relationship and that it wasn't the way to live as a slave to someone who didn't appreciate my submission by any stretch of the imagination.

Since learning more about the BDSM community and expanding my knowledge into what D/s really means, i know that i want to be owned by my Master. i have always needed to please and i get a lot of satisfaction from serving and from being told that i'm a "good girl". The more Dominant Master is with me, the less mistakes i make and the more i strive to please Him. i respond to very simple things, it can be the tone of His voice letting me know that He's serious to Him ordering me to do something. The more Dominant He is with me, the better i feel about my submission and the safer i feel. To me, there is nothing more comforting that knowing that He will take care of my every need and i feel a sense of peace knowing that i need not worry about the trivial things that most people worry about. All i need to do is focus on my submission and on my service to Him and He'll take care of everything else.

Now i'm not saying that i am completely sheltered by the rigors of the real world. i know when the bills need to be paid and i know how to access our checking account and things like that. But just because i know these things, doesn't mean that i have to concern myself with them. i trust my Master that He will and does take care of every little detail leaving me the freedom to serve Him. i'm sure that just about everyone has heard this in some sense, but nothing sets me free more than giving up complete control.

The less control i have and the more i'm able to let go, the more it inspires Master to take control. So it's a cyclical event. The more control Master has over me, the more submissive and slave like i feel. The more slave like i am, the more it empowers Master and gives Him the confidence to Dominate me.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

An Anniversary Spanking

We had a nice quiet dinner in the Quad Cities for our One Year Anniversary. Then we went shopping and i got few things for my birthday. It was a really nice evening and it ended with a bang. When we got home Master blindfolded me, and cuffed me in "The Box". He left me in there for what seemed like a long time and with the lights off, it's completely pitch black in there. i actually like spending time in there. As soon as He puts me in there i enter some type of "head space". It's a good place to be and it helps me get more into my submission than just about anything else.

When He finally took me out, He lead me into the bedroom and had me lie on the bed. i was pretty sure that i was in for a fairly intense spanking and i was right. He had me screaming into my gag in no time. He started with the flogger then He switched to the crop (i hate that thing!). He used the leather paddle some and that really put me over the edge. i was completely wasted by the time He started spanking me with His hand and my butt was on fire! i found myself going through a number of different emotions and the one that i always remember is anger. i always wonder why He puts me through more pain when i'm already in so much pain to begin with. Then i come to the conclusion that the "normal" pain that i'm in isn't a submission type of pain. He subjects me to this type of pain to give me an opportunity to prove to Him that i'm willing to endure this pain for Him. Although i fight the temptation to be angry with Him i end up feeling good about myself and happy that i was able to please Him.

When the spanking was over, He uncuffed me, took the gag off and used me for His pleasure. By the time He was finished with me i could barely even talk, forget walking and functioning like a human being. i was completely fried and it felt good. We talked for a long time and it ended up to be an awesome night.

Today has been a bad day for me as i have felt just awful. i had to skip my bowling night because my head was just hurting too bad. It's a good thing that i didn't go to bowling because i was sick when we got home from having supper and running errands. i'm going to head to bed and pretend this day never happened and hope that tomorrow is a much better day.

Peace to you and yours!

MD's treasure

Monday, November 01, 2004

i think it's paper....

Today is our one year anniversary. Master and i were married in a little church in the near by town at 4pm November 1, 2003. All our friends and family were there and it was the second best day of my life. The best day of my life was the day we had my collaring ceremony. We really had a wonderful time and i was so pleased that i didn't faint at the wedding. i have been known to faint or "black out" when i'm in a wedding. i think that everything was just so perfect and i felt so good about it, that there was no way i was going to faint. my brother gave me away and my sister and best friend stood up for me. Master had His two best friends stand up for Him and everyone looked amazing. The girls wore black Ann Klein dresses and they were stunning. Both of them are incredibly beautiful women so you could put a gunny sack on them and they would still look great.

The one thing that made the day so perfect was that before the wedding, after i was gone to the church, Master got a phone call from our lawyer. We had been in an appeals case for over 2 years trying to get my disability approved. The lawyer called to say that i had won my case and i would be getting my disability that i had worked so hard for. Master didn't say a word about it to anyone before the wedding and when the Minister pronounced us Man and wife, Master leaned over and told me that i won my case!!!!!! i had a flurry of emotion, i was happy, i was relieved, i was in shock...... not to mention that i had just gotten married to the Man of my dreams. It was surreal to say the least.

Master and i spent the night at a local hotel in a whirlpool suite and we didn't take our honeymoon until several months later. The next day my family had to leave to return to their respective lives, my brother and his family had to fly back to Boston and my sister and her family back to Illinois. my mom and grandma were going to stay to help open gifts but they opted to head back to Illinois as well. We spent the entire day with Master's mom opening gifts and that was a blast!! i never thought that we would be getting gifts, i just didn't put any thought in to it and i was just dumbfounded by everyone's generosity. i'll never forget Master's gift to me. Master was a little surprised when His mom told Him that i got Him a wedding gift. So, knowing me as well as He does, He got me two boxes of Crunch n Munch. It's been a running joke with us since we have been together as i'm a Crunch n Munch fanatic!!! So the gift was perfect!!! i couldn't have been happier.

We will be going out tonight to celebrate our anniversary although Master hasn't said where we will be going. i'm sure that there will be some play time when we get home to commemorate the occasion at least i'm *hoping*.

As to my title.... i think the symbol for the first anniversary is paper!

Peace to you and yours!

MD's treasure