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Monday, December 31, 2012

Formspring Question!

Do you prefer stockings (or) pantyhose?

Hi!  Thanks for the question!  This is one of my favorite topics! =)

Before i met Master i wore primarily tights and some pantyhose.  When He first took ownership of me and began my clothing and girdle training, He began with a long legged, high waisted, panty girdle.  i wore panty hose under those for many years until my training took me to where i am now. 

Now i wear only stockings with an all in one open-bottom girdle, with a regular bra underneath for extra support and i couldn't be happier!  i just love the look, feel and convenience of stockings.  Some might be shaking their heads thinking "convenience"?? but yes!! really i do mean convenience!  There are no pants to mess with, no panties to deal with and there is always the clean, put-together look of hosiery.  If one stocking runs, i don't have an entire pair of pantyhose to toss in the trash, i can simply find another match in my spares!  

The only time i wear pantyhose now is if we're working in very cold weather for extra warmth so they certainly have their place for me, but there's really no contest.  i love stockings! =)

Thank you again for the question!

MD's treasure

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Formspring Question

Okay. So maybe your BDSM lifestyle is more extensive that I realized. However if that's what makes you happy. Who cares what people think. My point is that as those relationships go yours is not all that kinky.

i am completely okay with that, as Master and i detest the word "kinky".

i can only speak for myself and as i don't consider myself "kinky" i simply consider our relationship to be what it is, if some want to call it kinky, fine.  If others want to call it vanilla that's fine too, we just call it "us". 

That being said, what do you consider a kinky relationship?  i mean a real livable life with the ups and downs of actual life.  Considering aging parents that need to be cared for, jobs that need to be worked, bills that need paid, animals that need cared for, children that must be cared for (if the couple has them), homes that must be kept up, illnesses that must be tended to or doctor appointments.  i am not talking about what Master so eloquently spoke of "a play party".  i am speaking of a real life.

i am of the opinion that Master has weighed our lifestyle and there is nothing "vanilla" if you will, about it.  The Master/slave element is ever-present no matter where we are, who we're with or what we're doing.  Even if we're apart for hours, days or weeks at a time. (When i was caring for my dying Mom). 

i will say one last thing.  This blog has always been one thing, the truth.  Our relationship is what it is.  i just write because Master told me eleven years ago when we got together that i would write every day.  Then eight years ago, i brought it on line and He told me i would write at least twice a week.  This blog is simply our life.  i love my readers, i love the fact that i have made friends and met some pretty amazing people and i love how people like yourself challenge me.  However, i won't make crap up just because you may not think we're kinky enough. If you don't think we're kinky, then.. um... okay? =)

Thanks for writing.

MD's treasure

Sex, Chains and Leashes

Last night Master decided that i would sleep leashed to the bed in addition to the normal ankle cuffs, chains and wrist cuffs.  So i hadn't been turned loose when i began writing this post as of about 2pm today.  i just asked if i could go use the rest room and take care of the bird.  He said i could do those two things but denied a coffee run.  Once i was yet again tethered to the bed, He said "bend over the bed, I'm going to fuck you now." The leash He uses is only 6 feet long and once it's wrapped around the center of headboard of a king size bed i only have a very short distance to work with.

i did as i was instructed and while He stepped away for a short time, i set my glasses on the bed somewhere.... because i knew He would be taking my hands from me at some point and using the wrist cuffs to immobilize me and i'll end up flat on my face.  =)  As soon as He came back today there was no ceremony, He ordered me up on my knees, He was already hard and inside me before i knew it.    Very soon He pulls my wrists out from under me, as i thought He might and attaches the cuffs with a double snap hook.  While i'm flat on my face Master is pounding me from behind and decides that He'll change His point of entry and i hear Him grab the lube.  It's been a long time since Master has used me that way and while it always feels good, it's that hurts so good, feeling.

Once Master was satisfied He offered me a towel and told me to roll over.  i couldn't imagine how in the heck i was going to do that!  With my hands cuffed behind me, my ankles cuffed and the leash stretched to it's limit, all the while trying to hold a towel between my legs.  i tried for a moment to roll over and Master had a good chuckle.  He took pity on me quickly and unhooked the snap hooks and gave me my hands back.

Master left me on my own still leashed to the bed with of course the understanding that i was to remain where i was.  i immediately remembered that i had set my glasses "somewhere" in a rush and now had no idea where they were.  Master was in the shower and i couldn't sit because what if i sat on them?  So now, i'm sort of stuck! lol!  i have to stay kneeling on the bed, keeping the towel that He's given me between my legs, scooting around the bed, "looking" for my glasses by feel only.  So i'm very carefully picking up blankets a tiny bit at a time, feeling around, hoping that each little shiny thing might be my glasses.  To no avail.  i do this for a long time, like a longgggg time.  Ten minutes at least.  Then i think maybe, just maybe, Master might have seen my glasses sitting on the bed and picked them up and set them on the bed side table.  i turned around, felt on the table and there they were.  Heh.  All that time and they were right where they were supposed to be all the time. Oops. =p

i sort of wish i had some video just to watch me scoot around on the bed while i was blindly searching for my glasses while Master was in the shower.  hehe! 

i hope you're all having a nice Sunday!

MD's treasure

Formspring Question

You're concerned about master's parents. A little bondage, an occasional spanking and some oral sex. That's about as vanilla as it gets. What are you worried about?

Thanks for your interest.

If i'm honest i'll say that your question was a bit off putting at first but once i slept on it i was able to see that you clearly aren't familiar with our relationship.  It's an easy mistake to make as an on line blog is really a snippet of what goes on in a 24 hour lifestyle.

i am more than a little guilty of not sitting down and writing about every single exchange that goes on between Master and i but i do believe that there is much to learn about our relationship from the inside out.  Some bloggers have a talent, in that they are capable of grabbing one liners from their owners throughout each day and turning it into wonderful blog posts that give their readers more in depth looks at their relationships, i am working on doing that as well.

Master has told me many times that the topics i write about are far too bland by definition. However, when we started the blog He didn't want to set any parameters and wanted me to feel a certain sense of freedom regarding the topics i wrote about.  There was to be no difference in this blog and the journals i was using before.  i was supposed to feel free to write anything and everything and feel no fear of reprisal from Him at all.  

i may have gotten off topic there a bit but my point being, i know i haven't included as much of our BDSM, M/s, TPE life as my readers deserve and need to get a good picture of our true life.  That being said, i would like to include something Master mentioned while He was reading what i was writing.

It's about respect. Master doesn't give two hoots about anyone finding out how we live our lives, but he'd prefer that his parents don't find out because it would bother them. He would prefer to spare them the trouble, whether he agrees with their beliefs or not.

Below are questions that Master posed to me after i brought this question to His attention;

Is having a collar locked on you 24 hours a day, every single day of your life vanilla?
Is wearing ankle chains more often than not and sleeping cuffed and chained every single night of your life vanilla?
Is having bits of chain, random cuffs and padlocks lying all over your house at any given moment vanilla? 
Is not being allowed to see, eat, speak, pee, poop, sleep, watch TV or anything imaginable without permission every single time vanilla?
Is having a big, locking wooden box with a seat in it, taking up a chunk of the den vanilla?

If those things are vanilla, then i'm proud to be vanilla. This is real life, not a play party. i won't apologize for not being up on a cross 12 hours a day or being hogtied to sleep every night.

 i thank you for your question and your interest in our life.  You are more than welcome to clarify your question, if i've taken it the wrong way.

MD's treasure


Friday, December 21, 2012

A Snow Day For Cooking, Baking and Wrapping!

Yesterday was a good but busy day, we had our first snow fall of the season so we were sure happy to stay home yesterday.  i mentioned that it was the first day that Master and i had been spend time at home.  Master's brother had been here with his family and that meant taking Master's Mom out of the nursing home every day and having her at their house.  While it was nice for her to be able to see her children and a couple of her grandchildren it was sort of an intense few days.

Once Master's brother packed up and went home Master and i had to take His Mom out of town to a doctor appointment and that turned into an all day ordeal.  i'm happy we went, we got some much needed questions answered so it was a good day.  The bad thing about being on the go with activities that aren't in your normal schedule is that the things you typically do are completely tossed to the way-side and chaos ensues.  So while Master and i had the day to ourselves yesterday, it seemed as though we wanted to do everything all at once.  At least that's how i felt and i think He must have had some of that too because we both worked like little elves trying to get ready for Christmas.

Master and i spent nearly the entire day in the kitchen.  We started around 10:30am and i think we finally headed downstairs with supper at 8pm.  Each one of us may have taken 10 minutes or so here and there to sit but we pretty much cooked/baked non-stop the entire day.  Master was in charge of the projects yesterday as they were all His ideas, i was just Santa's helper.  =)

The first thing on the menus was supper and that was all Master!  The more i've been working, the more Master is trying His hand at meal planning.  He's really been wanting to try this new chili out and it seems like each new meal He tries, i love it and He is only "so-so" about it!  Well last night's chili was incredible.  It was called Chicken and Corn Chili.  It's a crock pot recipe and it was flippin' amazing seriously!

As we all know, Master's Mom isn't going to be doing any of her regular baking this year so we're missing her sugar cookies!  Well, instead of missing them, we're going to make them ourselves! =)  i have to admit the memory is a crazy thing.  When i was in the shower thinking about baking the cookies and knowing i've never actually made them myself, i was able to recall the actual recipe on my own.  i of course didn't know the amounts, but i knew every single ingredient as well as every step along the way.  For me, who scarcely remembers to shut the water off when getting out of the shower, i was glad to know that there are some things that never leave you.  Again, Master was mainly in charge of the mixing and such, i was just the little gopher.  i sort of steered Him in the right direction on one occasion or two.  Once we were all mixed up, the dough went into the fridge and we're all set today to do our baking.  We don't have quite as many cut outs as i wish we did, but we'll make do! =)

The last thing on the agenda were homemade pizza rolls that we made using egg roll wrappers.  Now you can get as creative as you want with these wrappers but because we just wanted to get them done and in the freezer, we were quick about it this time.  In the first batch He used turkey pepperoni, chopped. About 2/3 of a can of black olives, chopped.  Tomato sauce that He doctored up Himself to taste like a better than store bought pizza sauce and small amount of mozzarella cheese.  The only thing that takes any time at all is wrapping these little suckers up.  Once you've got the hang of it, they go pretty fast.  You can literally put anything at all inside of them.  The next one we did was just some elbow macaroni and spaghetti sauce with a little bit of cheese, Master added some Italian seasoning to that too and it was pretty incredible.  Once we had them finished, we tossed them in a container with waxed paper between them to let them freeze up.  Now that they are totally frozen, i'll steal my container back and just put them in freezer bags, label them and we'll have them for appetizers, snacks or a meal if we like.

Once we were finished in the kitchen and i was nearly about to pass out, it was time to eat that wonderful smelling chili that had been tempting me all day.  It was perfectly done and although it was called chili many people said they were eating it with chips, so that's what we did!  i loved it! =)

Here's the recipe:

4 Skinless boneless chicken
breast halves
1 16 oz jar salsa
2 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp chili powder 
salt and pepper to taste
11 oz can mexican corn
15 oz can pinto beans

Now here's where Master's took some liberties:  He added about 1/3 a can of sliced ripe olives, one 15oz can of black beans (because we like them!).

1. Place chicken and salsa in the slow cooker the night before you want to eat this chili.  Season with garlic powder,, cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper.  Cook 6-8 hours on low setting.
2. About 3-4 hours before you want to eat, shred the chicken with 2 forks.  Return the meat to the pot and continue cooking.
3. Stir the corn and the pinto beans into the slow cooker.  Simmer until ready to serve.


Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Formspring Question

You frequently mention that even when you are in public you have to ask master if you can use the toilet. I assume he like to what you on the potty. If not he wouldn't care. Does he watch you while you are on the toilet

Hi and thank you for the question.  i am sorry for the delay in my answer,  this is the first day Master and i have been home in many days. 

i'll just say that it might appear that Master is interested in my bathroom activities as He does take control of when and where i use the restroom.  As a rule, that's really not the case.  The real reason Master has me ask to use the bathroom at all is merely to take control of yet another area of my life.  The only reason He ever asks what sort of relief i've had when using the bathroom is if i've had some sort of medical issue.  Otherwise, when i ask to go, He gives His permission and i'm off on my own until i'm finished.

i'm not permitted any privacy so if Master needs something in the bathroom that i'm using, He'll walk in and do whatever He needs to do.  In the Master bathroom if one opens the door wide enough, someone can sit on the bed and have a conversation with another person.  There have been times that Master will do that with me if we have something to discuss.  However, He doesn't focus on me using the bathroom, it's again, a way to kill two birds with one stone, if you will. Like chatting with someone while they are in the tub or shower.

Suffice it to say Master doesn't have a toilet or potty fetish.  What He does have is a control fetish. =)  So like nearly everything in our relationship, this is yet one more thing that is about Him having complete control over me.  =)

i hope i answered your question! Thank you again!

MD's treasure

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hiding In Plain Sight

Master's family is getting together this weekend so we're spending the weekend pretty much away from home where our lifestyle is in stealth mode.  There are two main things that are difficult for me to maintain while we're out.  When to eat and when i'm able to use the loo.  It's easy to go fill a plate while everyone else does but once i'm seated i have to wait for the touch of a hand, the smile, Him to hand me a chip, anything to let me know it's okay to go ahead and eat.  We certainly have a pattern with meal time but i can't just walk up to a tray of cookies and help myself and that's not a problem.  When it can become uncomfortable is when someone says "here try this".  In most cases, i think He'd rather i just try whatever it is and tell Him about it when i see Him.  Even if He's only in the next room, it's better to just go with the flow.

Using the bathroom isn't quite so easy to be subtle about.  i think as with any of the rules, as long as i make a sincere effort to follow them while we're in a public setting, He's not going to be too terribly upset about each honest effort. 

There is a part of me that wishes we weren't hiding anything at all.  Master's family aren't the type of people that could even begin to accept who we are.  i'm not saying my family would be all that more accepting either but it's fairly obvious that at very least His brother and clan would have nothing at all do with us. 

In some ways we are "out there", hiding in plain site, if you will.  i wear Master's collar everywhere.  i wear a fairly good sized BDSM symbol on a necklace pendant and i wear my slave ring every single day.  With a very tiny bit of surfing, that symbol is easy to find.  We're also not shy at all about letting people know that we're firm believers that the Man is the Head of the household and should have the final say in decisions.  i actually welcome those type of questions.

So while i say we're in stealth mode while we're around Master's family, i wonder if i should retract that statement.  Are we ever in stealth mode or am i kidding myself?  Hmmm.  How about this?  Pseudo Stealth? hehehe

i better get ready to go, i hope everyone is having a nice Sunday afternoon!

MD's treasure

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Formspring Question

You asked what is kinky. Most slaves drink their masters urine. That's pretty kinky. Do you do that?

Hi and thank you for the question!

i think whether something is kinky or not is how comfortable you are with the activity.  Looking at things from that angle, it's harder for me to see one thing or another to be kinky.  i'm not rather uncomfortable with something that someone else might look at as being slightly extreme or foreign to them. 

So don't i don't think it's wrong to think things are kinky or fetishy or extreme.  It's just a little harder to identify things in my life when i'm asked "what's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?".  i like to be super honest and give a good clear concise answer and sometimes i'm not very good at saying "this or that is THE KINKIEST thing i've ever done! =)

To answer your question: 

As a statement, i'm not sure that i would agree that most slaves drink their Master's urine, i'm sure some do as i've read blogs where slaves are performing the activity.  i'm just not sure i would go so far as to say that most slaves drink their Master's urine.  That's just a matter of opinion though. =) 

As for me,  i can't say i've ever sat down with an ice cold glass and said  "Down the Hatch!"!  =) However, there have been countless times Master has had me kneel at the side of the commode while He relieves Himself and i act as His cleaner-offer.  =)  There are also times where He'll have me kneel in the shower and tell me to close my eyes,  open my mouth very wide and he'll use my mouth as a receptacle for His morning urine.  i'm not required to drink the entire load but i can't just spit and spit however.  So yes, i certainly have ingested His urine on many occasions.

This was a great, thought-provoking question, thank you again! =)

MD's treasure

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Kinky Or Not?

One question i have the hardest time answering is "what's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?".  Similarly "what sort of kink are you into?".  i have a very hard time defining kinky in my life.  Everything that we do has just melded into our life.  i can't seem to compartmentalize what some people might look at as "normal" or "kink" because our whole life is lived as an M/s couple so i can't pick and choose this bit or that bit as being kinky.

Washing dishes, doing laundry, whatever else i might do around the house, with my ankles in chains, to me, has become quite normal or standard operating procedure.  Asking to use the bathroom or to eat or stopping on a dime to give a blow job when He wants one.  i'm actually struggling to come up with things to type because i'm not sure even these things are "kinky".  Maybe to someone who isn't in the lifestyle they are but to anyone who is reading this they must seem, again, SOP.

It gives me the warm fuzzies to think about kitty at the sub-mission in her kitty ears and tail, dressed for her Master.  i still don't think anything about that is "kinky" i think that's her and the way she lives.

i can think of lots of other examples of other slaves who do things for their Master's regularly like Bre at Owned Collared Loved, who is called "property" instead of any other name.  That doesn't seem kinky to me, that's who they are.

If you're to think about it, can you come up with something that is truly "kinky" or like me, when asked, do you just feel like it's not really kinky exactly it's simply how you and your Master/Mistress live your life?

i hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A Push In The Right Direction, His

Yesterday i was helping Master in the garage, and He was giving me little jobs, doing busy work.  i asked Him if He would put the Mp3 player on as He almost always does when we're working.  So He went in and got it and not too long after He had it going, a Bruce Springsteen song came on.  Music is a huge part of our relationship, we love to talk about it, we love to make up funny songs and we're always open to new artists no matter what genre.  So Master knows that i'm just not big into "The Boss" and although the song that was on was from his best album Master asked me if i liked the song and i was like "ehhh".  Master was baffled because it was off of Born in the USA.  Anyway, Master said to me, "well, you like it now, congratulations!".  i said "sweet thank You Master!". 

i kid you not as soon as He said that my attitude changed about the song.  i am not all of a sudden the biggest Springsteen fan who ever lived, mind you.  But i softened to the tune and gave it a real listen.  For no other reason than it was important to my Owner.  There was a good 3 minutes left of the song when Master declared me a fan of the song, so i had a while to stew on my new found friendship with The Boss.  The song dragged on so i wasn't upset when it ended, but i certainly wasn't as annoyed as i once would have been.  It's funny what you can do when you do it for The One you love when given a bit of "guidance" haha.  =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure 

Sunday, December 02, 2012


i like being leashed.  i don't have any idea why or where it started.  i suppose i haven't put a whole lot of thought into it but we have lots of leashes because every once in a while i'll see a cute one and Master will pick it up.  It must just be more about control, being tethered to Him and His will.

i am sitting here listening to Him snooze all the while, being tethered to His bed via a short 6' pink leather leash.  This particular leash is always on the bed post and He'll just randomly reach over and hook it on to the collar at His whim.  So tonight, i was taking a nap and He came in and joined me.  Before Master fell asleep, He reached over and hooked me up to the leash.  He didn't say anything, He didn't have to but it's understood.  Once He places something on me it's there to stay until He takes it off, i ask for it to be removed, or there is an emergency.  Like a real one, blood, fire and the like.  Not something such as "i dropped my pen and juuuuuuust... couldn't reach it".  Yeah no, too bad.

So i woke up from my nap and our kitty, who we love dearly!!! Well.... she's sorta kinda a lil turd to our lil doggy!  Master made this tiny little staircase for our dog to get up and down off the bed because he's little and the bed is high and there's really no way he can jump up and down safely.  So those stairs are our doggy's only way on or off the bed.  The kitty?  She knows this and uses it to her delight!  As soon as the dog gets down, she gets on the stairs and will.. not.. move! So he's stuck until she moves.  Normally i can just go pick her up and put her on the bed and the dog can get up on the bed.  Tonight though, my leash was too short to help out.  i couldn't even reach down to get the dog and lift him up.  i tried everything i could think of but nothing was working.  There were just no combination of efforts that was going to make this debacle less stressful on the doggie.  The cat?  She's was her glory!!! Finally the dog was so tired of crying and whining and carrying on, as soon as he gave up and just sat at my feet, the cat got off the stairs and walked away.  It was like something you see on Americas Home Videos.

Sometimes i think our animals must look at Master and i and just not understand why we do the things we do.  i just wonder if the dog was thinking, c'mon mommy just bend over here and pick me up!  Or if he wonders why sometimes i just stand at the back door and watch him run and bark at the neighbors and other times i run out and grab him and stop him from barking his fool head off.  He doesn't know that in the mornings my feet are chained together and i can't run out into the yard but as soon as i'm dressed he's all mine! =)

Tomorrow i am going to the doctor, i'm having very weird coughing fits, so i'm going to get them checked out!  They have been going on too long and well, it's time! i don't like my nurse though, which is one reason i have been putting it off.  Oh well, too bad i guess. =)

i hope everyone had a good weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, December 01, 2012


i think i write about this stuff all the time, but it's the little things that get to me.  Last night right before i was getting ready to go to sleep, Master got out of the shower and He was of course, soaking wet. He asked me if i would go out to the refrigerator in the garage and get Him a soda.  He wanted me to do it because i was dry and it's pretty cold outside.  Not that He needed a reason to ask me or tell me to do something, but sometimes He offers an explanation out of kindness or courtesy.

Anyway, i said of course i would run out and grab His soda but i believe i was finishing my snack and there was no hurry, because He didn't want it right then.  With me though not doing something i'm told to do right away is just asking for trouble.  i will most certainly forget.  i have a memory for "to do" lists and routine things.  What i can't remember are arbitrary items that are thrown at me on a whim.  Those are the things i have to do immediately or i will most certainly forget.

So, of course i forgot the soda.  When Master came to bed that night i was asleep and He said a few things but nothing about His soda so i didn't know at that time i had forgotten to bring one in the house.  What bothers me the most about the whole incident is how i remembered.  i didn't remember His soda until i thought about soda for myself.

i sat down immediately and wrote Master a short but very sincere apology note.  i apologized, naturally but added, "every day i find ways i'm not as thoughtful as i hope to be".  It was upsetting to find that i didn't think about Him until i thought about myself and my own needs first.

You know i know i will never be perfect, i know i need to think about myself and my own needs.  i just wish that thinking about Him and His wants and needs first, before anything at all, was more than second nature by now.  i wish it was just "me",  i mean after all this time, it should be, shouldn't it?  i suppose in most cases and about most things it is.  But then i go and do things like this and i know these things will never end.  i will never stop being human and i will never stop making mistakes.  Mistakes i can live with, i just wish they weren't self-centered ones. 

Well that's it for me for tonight, i've been trying to get this post written for a couple days now and i'm finally getting it posted!  yay me! haha!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure