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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

The kids trick or treat here tonight. For some reason the powers that be seem to think that they can't trick or treat from 5:30 - 7:30 on a Sunday night and then have to get up for School the next day. Whatever, it makes no difference to me, all i do is stand at the door and scoop candy into their pails and watch them run off our porch without so much as a thank you.

Don't get me wrong i love trick or treating and giving candy to the littlest ones. The ones who can't really even eat the candy yet, the ones who can barely say trick or treat, the ones who can scarcely make it up the stoop and get to the door and say something that resembles... "tick-teet" in a voice so quiet that you want to just pour the entire contents of your basket of candy into their pail. Yep, them. They are the ones that i wait all night to see, i hope for a ladybug or perhaps bunny but Cinderella or an Indian who refuses to keep his shoes on will do just fine. We've all seen them and we know how amazing this night is to their parents too, they have the digital cam with them and one or the other are snapping that sucker as often as possible. Maybe grandma or grandpa are driving the van depending on what year this is for the special tick-teeter, an aunt or two might even be tagging along for the special event. It's a big dog-gone deal and for me, the candy hander-outter, i could just shut my door and be done for the night cause they've made my Halloween year. The more fun i have handing out the candy, the more fun they have. Once the big candy giving is over, all 15 seconds of it, i get a chorus of thank-yous and they all disappear across our lawn and they are off to rinse and repeat.

But what i said couldn't be more true, if the candy hander-outter is grumpy and don't remark about the costume and have fun, it's a lot less fun for the kids and parents. i don't remember much about trick or treating, but i remember this one woman who was amazingly nice to my brother one year. She made his Halloween, how awesome is that? =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This topic has been covered lots by lots of us but i dunno if i've ever blogged about it. Anywho, i hurt my back, in that, holy crap i hurt my back kinda way. i'm not sure what i was doing, i think i bent over to grab something behind the clothes hamper that fell and twisted wrong. So in the last couple days since i did it, i keep telling myself that it's going to get better on it's own and it's not, it's getting worse. Of course, i'm not doing anything to help it, cause that would mean stopping my chores.

Last night Master asked me what i wanted for supper and i said "well, whatever You make?? hehe...??" So He "made" Subway. But we all know how horrible that feels, it sucks the big one. i knew there was no way i could stand to cook, i can barely stand to walk down the hall without those stupid spasms. So today i had to ask Him to come help me put on my skirt after my shower, every time i bent over i was hit with one. So now what? He's the servant, i'm the servie? B L E C H.

He said to me just the other night when He was out of soda in the house, i piped up and said, i'll go get it! and He was like, NO! your back hurts, I have my shoes on, NO!, there is no reason I can't get MY own soda or do something once in a while if you can't or if I just want to. Hmmph. Well. He does that to me sometimes when we're watching TV too, i'll be piled down with animals, all comfy under blankets and need more soda or water, He knows i need more soda and He'll say that He'll go get it. Errr... but... waaaaiiiiitttt.... Now i know that i do plenty, and it's okay for Him to do for me once in a while but it almost makes me want to remove my skin because that's just not who i am. i. serve. Him.

It's just that right now i can't and i feel terrible and even though He doesn't complain (much) i still feel bad. =) i should be the one taking care of the animals and all the other stuff that i normally do. Not to mention that i haven't really been able to follow through with my daily rule lately of sucking His cock twice a day. i have done it but not very well.

Having a bad back sucks hard and not in that fun way.

Peace to you and yours, may you never have to be flat on your back for the wrong reasons!!!! =p

MD's treasure

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday is Rule Day

Monday is "rule day". Above everything else, before i am allowed to get dressed for the day, i have to sit down and read through the full list of rules. Each and every day before i get dressed i kneel beside the bed and look at an abbreviated list of the rules but Monday is rule day. i have to read every rule as it's written out. The thought behind this is that if i read the rules every day it will try to help me follow them better, remember them and keep my "eye on the ball", so to speak. Some days it works, other days i'm distracted and i have bad days, just like anyone else.

For some reason though when Master makes something a rule, it sticks with me better than if He just says He wants me to try to do something more often. i operate better with clear black and white rules. Gray areas are tough for me so if it's something that He really wants, He makes it a rule. One might imagine that i have hundreds of rules to follow but i don't i think at present there might be 42 or so but there are new ones that He's added that aren't on the list, they are just on the mental list. The list needs to be updated.

i thought because it's Monday and i've never shared the rules before i might toss out a few of the biggest ones.

i will be collared at all times. There is a lot more to that. i am collared at all times, we have collars for every occasion, including a shower collar if i don't have the stainless one on at the moment.

i will call Him Master or Sir, i will never call Him by His given name, unless talking about Him to a vanilla. When we're in public i call Him Sir unless it's someone we know. In all the years we've been together, i have never addressed Him by His given name, not once.

i own nothing. Everything that i once brought into this relationship is gone and now belongs to Him.

Anytime He returns home from being out, i will greet Him at the door in the kneel position, i will do this immediately or asap and kneel just inside the room He is in at the time.

i will not leave His presence without permission. Yes... that means every single time i want to leave the room that He is in, i must ask. =) There is a lot more to that rule but it's quite detailed to how we live.

i will never eat anything without permission.

i will never begin eating a meal until told, even in public. He will tell me in a very casual/nonchalant way that i am allowed to eat, once my hands are placed in my lap.

i will not swear or take the Lord's name in vain, except in the throw's of passion, that is the only exception.

If i see His cock i must suck it immediately and not stop until told.

Standard daily attire will be, stockings, girdle/brassiere, skirt/blouse or dress, slip, heels of 2" minimum, non-granny earrings (something long and dangly is what He means lol), His nipple rings and panties (for now). i may never deviate from this attire without explicit permission and may only ask to deviate for a very good reason.

Wear high heeled mules when not fully dressed.

Keep fingernails/toe nails painted.

Shaving, pussy trimmed, legs/arms shaved every day.

When He tells me to do something say "Yes Master" and do it.

Will work on high heel endurance when sitting at the computer i will wear no less than 4" heels.

He reserves the right to be unreasonable! =)

There are more, but those are the biggies.

i hope everyone is having a good Monday!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thank you

i just wanted to say thanks SO much for stopping by for LOL Day!! It means a ton to have you say hi and if i missed you on LOL Day on your blog it's only because my computer(s) have been broken or no internetz! i think there is seriously something wrong with me, i touch a computer and everything goes to pot. i am still trying to catch up with all the bloggers!

Master's computers work fine though, matter of fact He just said to me earlier today "how come we have five computers in this house, 2 of them yours, and those are the only two that are always broken?" *sigh* i guess i am just that talented!! bleh.

Anyway thank you again for stopping in!! *hugs*

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, October 22, 2010

Strip! Masturbate! huh?

Master is lying in bed, we're watching TV and i'm up doing "something", putting the dog out, getting water, a snack, who knows. When He says out of the blue "strip". There is no ambiguity in this statement. When He says this, i stop and strip, really no matter what i'm doing unless i just have to stop and strip. Then He ordered me to get in bed and we just watched TV. There was no ulterior motive He just got a whim. It's funny to me when He wants me to strip because i am usually completely clothed in my skirt and girdle and such so being told to completely strip is just way out of left field, not unheard of by any means, just a shock when it happens.

A bit later come the leather wrist cuffs, locked on and then more TV. Things progress slowly through the night but i can see that something will be happening, i just (as usual) have no idea what it will be. i haven't finished with my cock sucking rule for the day and at some point i will suck His cock at least once more before we go to bed. When we're done with TV and He shuts everything off, i crawl over to Him and take His cock in my mouth, it's not long before i realize each time whether or not i'll only be serving Him for a short time or if Master wants to use me completely. Last night i was confused because He used me for quite a while and allowed Himself to get excited and then pushed me away. He told me to get myself a toy and masterbate myself.... errr.

Okay that's something i've done like twice since we've together. So we have like a bajillion toys for me but either i use them alone or He uses them on me. i don't use them with Him watching, it's just not something He's really into all that often, it's not that He doesn't like it, He does it's just not something we've explored to a degree. So i set about finding a toy and He watched. He didn't help, He watched. At first i was nervous and i didn't think i could be nervous around Him in any situation at all, but this was one i hadn't thought of. Once He was satisfied with me then i was allowed to finish satisfying Him!! =)

One never knows what He'll have up His sleeve next!!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love our Lurkers Day!

We know you're out there!!! hahahaha!!! This day is in honor of all you folks who read but rarely if ever comment. Today is the day to say hi or ask a question and then you can crawl back under your rock if ya want! i should know i am one of the best lurkers out there. i read so many blogs, have all this stuff i wanna say and then get all nervous about making a comment haha. So today is YOUR day! i would love to hear from you.

Happy LOL Day!

MD's treasure

Monday, October 18, 2010


So i was making dinner tonight and i was just warming up a plain 'ole can of beans on the stove top. For some reason they wouldn't get warm and wouldn't get warm, the burner wasn't on super high or anything but i got impatient so i turned that sucker up to high and left it for a few minutes. When i came back thaatt's what i was talkin' bout! It was a furious boil LOL, a bit much for a few beans... woops. i knew Master wouldn't be in to eat for a few minutes and by the time they were on His plate they'd be totally cool enough to eat.

He was ready to take His plate to the basement as we were watching a movie in the basement and i reminded Him that He hadn't grabbed any beans and He goes "Oh that's alright, I'll eat some before I go down, I don't have much room on My plate."

Now... i knew that they were still going to be SCALDLING fricken hot if He ate them right out of the pan but i didn't process it in time to say anything...

It's wrong to laugh when someone is screaming in pain isn't it, worse yet to double over crying because you're laughing too hard? Yeah, i am that rotten. In all fairness He was laughing too, i mean when He wasn't screaming....

Saturday, October 16, 2010


i am sorry but this is a short rant.

We went to the drive-in movie tonight and we were running late. Master was working on a video so i got stuff together and we got there just as the movie was starting. There were very few people there but it didn't matter how many people were there, we were just as quiet getting settled as we would have been if the place had been packed with cars. i understand that people run late, it happens, it happened to us tonight and we didn't want to miss the show, i had been preparing for it most of the afternoon.

So the biggest thing was, we SHUT OFF our headlights. Seriously, how hard is that to comprehend? We had two cars right beside us that got there for the second movie, okay, whatever, they drove in with their lights ON, fine whatever, tards. But if that's not bad enough once they were parked (i'm not even making this up) they kept them on for like an additional 10 minutes at least. Okay, why? You need your headlights to do what? i mean other than blind everyone around you and make it so the screen is really hard to see?? Half way through the movie they turn their lights BACK ON for at least 10 more minutes because they just weren't annoying enough the first time. So, my point is everything isn't always about you, seriously. When you're pulling out of a car stall, look to see what/who is in front of you, are there people in the car in front of you or people in the restaurant sitting in front of you that you're going to blind? Wait to turn on your lights for 10 seconds until after you're backed out, i learned that from Master.

Return your cart to the cart corral so you don't ding up someone's car and make insurance prices go up, i'm sure you can use the exercise, i know i can. You're not too busy to take those extra steps. If i'm at the front of the store and i decide i don't need those Q-tips that belong at the back of the store, guess what? i don't stick them in with the ice cream. i take them back. i don't place that frozen pizza that i changed my mind about, in with the car batteries either. i actually place IN THE RIGHT BIN in the freezer, for someone else to purchase.

Something else that isn't necessary but just a little bit kind is say excuse me when you walk in someone's way or if you're in someone's way, move. Don't just stand there with absolutely no intention of moving because what you're doing is more important. i know what i'm doing is rarely important and when i need something from a shelf where someone is clearly blocking the way, i don't understand why they don't move when it's so obvious that i need to be where they are. All they have to do is step to one side or the other to share. That's all we need to do is share and it's like people revert to being 3 years old, MINE MINE MINE. Seriously, share, scoot over a bit and smile.

Play nice, be peaceful, love each other. We get one shot at this.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

i wish

Today i wish i could say Happy Birthday to my Mom. She would be 78 today. i wish i could buy her something beautiful and that she would make a bigger deal out of it than she should, like she always did. i wish i could take her to her favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner and watch her eat too much and laugh and have a great time. Today i wish i could talk to my Mom and just spend time with her.

Happy Birthday Mom.

i miss you.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finally Found my Forte

i think i have found my forte. After all this time, i finally know where my talent lies. i can bust a computer like nobodies business. my computer hasn't run right for a long time, i haven't been able to use it really since August. i have been lucky because i've had my lap top to fall back on but lately it's so sluggish that i can't really even use it to surf. The last week or so it's like it's on the slowest dial up known to man. That's two! Now i'm on Master's lap top, i wonder how long it will be before i ruin this one? i've already completely rearranged His bookmark tabs on the top toolbar, last i looked before my shower they were completely fine and when i sat back down afterward, they were completely reorganized. So i hit something, somehow without noticing. He's pretty happy about, i'm sure.... =/

The last few weeks my headache pain has been bad, really bad. Master told me last night to call the University and see if i could get back in to see them. It's usually an ordeal to try to get back in and often takes months. Even if you don't have months to wait, you wait. That's just the way it is there, it's a teaching hospital and you "pay" for the care in the time you have to wait. Once you get in you get incredible care though. So i really hate starting the process, but i know it's bad enough not to wait any longer. So i called this morning, dreading the inevitable, "we'll see you in January" when she said, "we actually have two openings this Thursday". Otherwise it would have been December, heh. i could have cried and almost did, she heard the joy in my voice when i said oh my gosh, that's amazing, thank you so much! People just don't get in there that quickly, this is definitely a case of taking the good with the bad. Yes the pain has been terrible, but this is a blessing. Hopefully i might have a little help with it. They never give me any false hope though, they just tell me that they might be able to help me manage the pain a little better. They never tell me that the pain will leave or that they'll get rid of it, they never once have said anything like that. Again, good and bad. i would love to think that it will go away someday but when i ask it's like they throw up their hands in the air as though i have a gun to them. No doctor will ever tell me if it's going to go away or even attempt to tell me if it "might" go away. One of the doctors up there said one time years ago, just live in the moment, don't think about next year or the next. hmmm That's a cop out lol.

i just want to be able to laugh without grabbing my head as though it's going to explode. Every time i so much as giggle my head seriously feels like it's blowing off and i have to grab my forehead for the pressure. i don't remember it ever being quite this bad without a reprieve. i can't lie flat and if i do and happen to fall asleep i'll sit bolt upright a few minutes later feeling as though someone is stabbing the back of my head with a hot poker. Something just isn't right, nothing has been this bad for a while. Hopefully they'll be able to resolve this much this time. But who knows it might just be something else i'll have to live with, we'll see.

i don't care how i feel the rest of the day i really need to vacuum and i want to get some fall decorations up. i've never waited this long to get decorations up and it's one of my favorite things to do. i know having the house look pretty will make me feel better and just having it feel like fall will be fun. It sounds silly to Master but it's the little things like that, that i really do enjoy. He hates decorating but He lets me do it.

i don't think i have true "orange" heels, otherwise i would wear them today while i was decorating! HAHA! i only have melon and they just won't do, but they are adorable!!! =)

Have a great day everyone.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, October 11, 2010

Don't know when

i can't remember when the last time was i missed the blog requirement. i am supposed to write two times a week and this week i blew it. i was going to write tonight when we got home from the park and i blew it.

It's too late now but i thought i would make my confession on here so at least it's documented. i am sorry Master, i hate it when i disappoint You.



Saturday, October 09, 2010

Stand Up for What You Believe In!

In a word, Blah. This week has sort of sucked. Master and i finished a job that has been hanging over our heads. We started building these two sheds and got one done but never started the second one for various reasons. Anyway, we got it done this week and i have felt like warmed over garbage for the last three days with no good explanation. It didn't really matter how i was feeling because i had to go on the last day of the job because leaving Master alone with His Dad to help just wasn't a great idea. Master was going to be 8 feet up on a ladder on blocks and His Dad would just as easily walk away to see what so-n-so is doing in the street. i'm really not joking, he did that last time we were there. *sigh* So i went and mostly sat and now it's done and i'm starting to feel less crappy and i'll mostly likely live hahaha.

So the other night Master went out to dinner with His parents without me, whenever He goes alone there are usually long talks (arguments) about politics/religion and family. Master's Mom is just so distraught over her family not being able to get along. Now i don't mean to make light of the situation but if she wants to point fingers perhaps she could look at the actual offenders. Master's brother can do no wrong her eyes as he is a Christian. Period. However when Master made a discussion board for the whole family to share, for photo sharing, posts, to further our communication and help us all to keep in touch, Master's brother (and all but one child) wouldn't even go look at the web site. Master's brother replied that if Master wanted to talk to him, Master could call him. Tell me now how that is a loving and Christ-like attitude.

Family is everything and furthering your communication with your family in any means possible should be a priority. That was Master's way of reaching out and His brother shot Him down and i could have cried. Not because it took tons of time but because Master's Mom wouldn't stick up for Him if she had the chance. i could go on and on but it's too much and it's too much to bore you with. It's nothing more than anything other family doesn't go through, i'm sure.

One topic that they discussed that Master has constantly had to defend is the way He "makes" me dress. That is how His Mom looks at it. This is how He makes me dress and that i must fight it every single day, crying and screaming until it's time to leave the house, when finally i'm in the car in my skirt and heels. The fact of the matter is i didn't always dress this way, that's true. There are other things we do when we meet someone, change our hair color or style, we start watching sports that they like, going to movies that they like or trying new food. These are things we do for our partners in life to make them happy. At first when i came to Master, i thought i might be wearing skirts and heels. That's really all i knew, i didn't know much more. Over time He has formed me into who i am now and i am all the better for it, we are better for it. i am happy, Master is happy and THAT is all SHE needs to know. Why i wear skirts or if i only wore black fingernail polish or green lipstick, really it's just a wife pleasing her Husband because that is what a good wife does. i love my Husband and that's what a good wife does.

Master said that His Mom said when i first met her i was wearing jeans and then all of a sudden i started wearing skirts. Master wanted to know what would i have said had i been there. i wasn't really sure but the first things that started coming to mind were all these excuses and reasons to defend myself. After i slept on it i realized there is absolutely no reason at all to defend ourselves or who i am for my Husband. i started wearing skirts to please my Husband. i enjoy it now, not only because it pleases Him but because i enjoy looking nice. Period, end of story. Not that we have any reason to explain ourselves to her in the first place, but that is the answer.

People fear what they do not understand. i don't know who said that, i'm sure it's a famous quote by someone cool. But it's oh so true. Someone once said that a woman should look like a woman. i like it, Master likes it and His Mom doesn't. It does take a little more effort to wear stockings or pantyhose but it doesn't take anymore effort at all to chose a skirt over pants. There is nothing you can do in pants that you can't do in a skirt. Except maybe crawl. Crawling is a little harder but it's not impossible. It can be done, you just hike up your skirt. Skirts make things faster, breezy in the summer, you can stay just as warm in the winter, they dry faster, there are TONS of sales because no one wants to buy them. The difference is amazing, you'll feel incredible about yourself.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, October 02, 2010

To The Only One..

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hope You know just how much You mean to me, how much love and joy You give me every single day and how blessed i know we are. There aren't enough to words to tell You how much i love you.

Happy Birthday Master. Thank You for allowing me to call You Master and kneel at your feet, for another year. There is no where else i would rather or should be.

Your, precious treasure