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Sunday, June 28, 2009


It's a pretty day outside today. Master got home from night fishing about 5am and neither one of us feel all that energetic. We usually grill out on Sunday night but i'm not sure if we're going to do that or not. my head has been throbbing all day so i'm not all that ambitious and Master is most likely pretty tired as He got up pretty early for as late as He got home.

All we've done for the last 20 minutes is ask each other what we want to do today and neither one has any ideas lol.

It's going to be one of those days hehehe.

Have a good Sunday! i hope everyone else is more productive than we are!

MD's treasure

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Fallen Star

Master is out night fishing for a while and it just got done pouring down rain. Who knows how long He'll be gone, the weather reports are sketchy all over the place. No one says the same thing twice. i never know how long they'll stay out sometimes they stay out till 3am and sometimes it's 10pm and Master calls and says that they are taking the boat out already lol.

This last week was really busy with therapy and doctor appointments. All we did was run and between that we tried to clean the pool. It was super hot all week too but at least we both got a lot of good sun! Next week it's supposed to cool off quite a bit. i hope so at least so it's not quite so bad for the 4th.

Last night we had Master's Mom and Dad over for sort of a spontaneous cook out and bon fire. We had a really nice supper and a nice time at the fire. They stayed until after mid night. By the time they left Master and i were both really tired. We'd been on the go all day and just about collapsed. The heat just gets to a lot after a while and we never really came inside all day from working on the pool and working in the yard. Then as soon as we were done with the yard His parents got here. So we never got a break from the heat.

Tomorrow i don't think we have too much planned unless Master has plans that i've forgotten about, which is entirely likely.

i am going to log off here and find some sappy movie to watch, He is always more than happy to indulge me more often than not He even enjoys watching the "chick flicks" that so many men just hate. Tonight i think i'll find something that i know He isn't fond of at all that way He doesn't have to sit through the torture hehehe. All i know is that i do not want to run into a whole bunch of memorial or tribute videos while He isn't home. i couldn't handle watching anthing about Michael's life or tragic death alone. Not that i'm not totally bummed or saddened about Farrah or Ed Mc Mahon, i am, but i don't want to do the whole Michael thing alone.

We haven't watched anything about Michael on the news or TV, we're aware that the videos are available and He clicked on them briefly but didn't allow them to play in full. When we became aware that they were about to show footage of something that was far too personal and truly an invasion of one man's private life and death, we clicked off. It's just too disrespectful.

i don't care what people thought of him as a person or as a man, as an entertainer, the man gave his life to entertain the masses and he suffered for it. As an entertainer and a musician i believe he was and will always be a star.

Have a good Saturday night!

MD's treasure

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

We are planning on working on the pool today and having Master's parents over tonight for a late cook out. It was a last minute idea seeing that they had plans to go to a party today and they won't be back in town until later this afternoon but Master didn't want Father's Day for His Dad to just pass by.

When i got up it was raining pretty hard after i had heard that the next six days were supposed to be beautiful and rain free. Pretty much all it's done for the last few weeks is rain. UNCLE! It does look like it's clearing up and we'll be able to go ahead with our cook out and pool work.

i just wanted to say Happy Father's Day, i hope you're all enjoying your Sunday and celebrating the special men in your lives.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Pretty

Bad week, good week. Started out bad ending up good. Master and i have just gone through a rough time the last few days. We always work it out but the time going through it is always pretty grim, quiet and sad. There is never any yelling it's just a very dark house and everything is nearly silent. i took my thoughts and went to bed and stayed there for a whole day and Master left me there. Oddly, i wasn't waiting for Him this time, i just stayed there to think and i think in the end, it worked out okay. The next morning, i had no choice but to get up and get in the shower, we had to go to a funeral. We needed to work together to get going but i terrible day, health wise. i am sure i tested His patience to the brim but He really didn't show it. We've worked through the rough spot and we're back to normal. Sometimes it's like we need those bad days, almost like a reset.

Last night we went to dinner with His folks to a really neat place we've never been to before. They had to completely rebuild from last years flood, it's a place on a lake a few miles from here maybe a 20 minute drive. We had a nice meal and the lake is really pretty.

We have to leave soon, i better hurry up!

Have a good weekend!!

MD's treasure

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Change is good!

Today is Master's Mom's birthday. We're going to spend the day with His family. This will be the first entire He's spent with them since He quit smoking and i'm curious to see if it will be any easier for Him. He won't be as anxious knowing that He can't smoke or wanting to leave as quickly to go have a smoke and to be fair, we never left early just to smoke. We spent many hours there 8 or 10 hour days without smoking, i am just wondering if it will be any more comfortable for Him.

Last night we went to a bar-be-que at the given by the same guy that Master did that bathroom remodel work for. This dinner was Master's payment for the work LOL! Master did the job for free and although He didn't work 8 hour days in a row, He did put in a ton of time and He did remodel the entire room, top to bottom. But they were desperate and Master knew He wasn't going to get paid, the work needed to be done. The break from our regular Saturday night at the cabin was really a good one. Master was dreading last night, but when we get together with this couple we always have a pretty good time.

The meal was good and their kids are exceptionally well behaved and funny. The kids are enjoyable company as well as the adults that in itself made the evening somewhat of a relief compared to how we are used to spending our Saturday nights. They like to swim and i would like to have them over this summer to enjoy the pool at least once. We owe them a couple dozen meals and it would give us another excuse to miss a Saturday night at the cabin. We need to break up our routine and get out of this rut. When we started going down there i mentioned to Master that i didn't want to become a burden to them and that i thought going every weekend was too much. Now it has gotten to be just that, too much. We just need to break it up a bit and it will be more fun for all of us i think.

Well time is ticking, i better scoot!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Out of character

Last night Master prepared for His shower. He put a stool in the corner of the bathroom and had me come and sit on the bed where He blindfolded me. Then guided me into the bathroom and handcuffed me behind my back. He handed me the keys to the cuffs and said, if you're able to get out of the cuffs, you can have a special treat. i started fiddling with the keys and my very first thought was, there is no long straight key on here like i am used to seeing. Of course i was out of my element, they were behind my back, i was blindfolded and my hands turned at an obscure angle. That was a fleeting thought so i kept feeling. i felt the keys and figured out what key was for what lock. i gave up right away because i knew that i was going to get very upset, i wasn't able to even find the lock hole on the cuffs let only move my fingers/wrists to feel the lock. Master told me i wasn't allowed to give up and i had to keep trying.

i struggled with the keys until i found one that i thought must have been the key, as there wasn't a long "hand cuff" key on the ring. i asked Master if the handcuff keys weren't long with the knob on the end and He said that all those keys are different. i still wasn't even able to feel where the keyhole was after turning my wrists as hard as i knew how to turn them and working up a sweat. i was actually sweating but He said i had to try, so i tried. i turned my right hand so far that the cuff dug into my hand but He wasn't saying stop and He said that i wasn't allowed to say that it hurt. By the time He told me i had to stop i knew that i had turned my wrist nearly too long cause my fingers were swollen but it went down immediately. It didn't matter cause it was all for no reason.

When Master got out of the shower He told me that it was all for His amusement. The key to the handcuffs were never on the ring, He had them in this pants pocket the whole time. He said that the way He had put the cuffs on me i would have had to be double jointed in every joint and knuckle to get a key in that hole and get them off. ~

Perhaps He is a sadist after all? Who knew? Certainly not me.

Have a happy Saturday.

MD's treasure

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Everybody Matters!

Last night we had dinner at the cabin, next week we are taking a break from down there. A much needed break for Master. He is about ready to blow up at their constant arrogance and self- centered behavior. It isn't easy for me either, however. They wait until the very last minute to let us know what the meal plans will be for the night and then we're left scrambling to have our portion ready and yesterday i called her cell phone twice and it went to voice mail. i was left wondering all day what time dinner would be and therefore had no idea what time i should put my food in the oven. When she called at 6:30pm she said, "i was supposed to call you?", as though it was a surprise that i would need to know a plan for the evening. When we finally ate, the dish that i had made for the night had been out of the oven for over 2.5 hours. Thankfully the thermal case i have is amazing and it was still hot. The list of things that they do that are selfish and rude are seriously too long to list and after a while it becomes unbelievable and any one family could be quite so rude and careless. So why are we friends with them? Because Master's friend is very smart, very clever and very very funny. He is a blast to be around and extremely generous those qualities more often than not out weigh the bad. It's his family that make it so hard. Master's friend is also extremely arrogant but to me it's so much easier to over look because the good out weighs the bad with him.

Master needs this break and maybe even a longer break than one week. We might need to work on another plan for a couple weeks off from there. Master is angry about going there and the children and wife portion of that family make it miserable for Him. The children make it super miserable for me as well. i know that i have said this before but it's so hard for me to deal with. With her, anyone who doesn't have children simply doesn't matter. i am not making this up, in her mind if people haven't had children, they have not made their mark on society and their opinion on things does not matter. So, because Master and i have no children, nothing we have to say, matters regarding family or matters about family. i suppose it smarts a little bit to think that she truly feels that our lives mean nothing just because we haven't reproduced. She knows nothing of my life before i came her or how i was an active participant in raising my niece and nephew and i don't mean one or two nights a week. To her though unless someone calls you Mom and you had babies, your opinion isn't really worth squat. That's a tough pill to swallow.

Enough complaining, we either need to resolve ourselves to the fact that they are never going to change and we need to deal with it or we need to look for friends who are more like us. i'm not sure there are too many people like that though hahaha. i hope that Master is able to figure out a way to deal with His differences because i really do enjoy spending time with His friend.

We're going to grill out tonight if the rain holds out long enough for us to do that. Not many other plans for the day.

Happy Sunday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Update

i don't know where this week has gone. It rained a lot and yesterday Master spent a whole day working on a project on the computer for me so that was one whole day gone. It's amazing how fast the weeks and days fly by though. He got an early Fathers Day gift, He got a case for His Dulcimer that He's been wanting. Now He can transport it without fear that something will happen to it and the case is really nice. When we were at the music store the owner told us about a festival that is going on next weekend a couple hours away. i think Master is thinking about going. The only bad thing is the festival only runs until 5pm and it's like 2.5 hours away so i'm not sure it's worth the drive for such a very short day.

Master and i were supposed to go with His parents yesterday to look at showers for His parents bathroom remodel job. His Mom is having a hard time deciding what she wants exactly. She wasn't feeling well so we didn't go. It would be nice if He could start the job soon though so He wasn't at it all summer. We are running errands today and then therapy later, not much of anything remarkable really. The cat is better and the Vet even called to check on her.

i hope everyone has a great weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure