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Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's a Stocking Fiesta!

i admit Master has made me into somewhat of a rare breed. i will copy and paste one of His rules exactly as it is written so i don't mess it up.

#31 your standard daily attire will consist of stockings (pantyhose with permission only), foundation garment/brassiere or AIO, skirt/blouse or dress, slip when possible, heels of 2” minimum, non-granny earrings, rings (wedding minimum) and of course My nipple rings. you may wear panties (for now) unless told otherwise. you will never deviate from this without explicit permission, and you may ask to deviate from it only with very good reason.

That is the rule that i follow to a *t* every single day. The most difficult part of that rule is not the shoes and or the foundation garment (girdle), it's actually acquiring the stockings!!!!! You can not believe the nightmare it is to find stockings in this country or just about any country for that matter. Forget finding them in a store, we used to be able to find a great brand at, none other than Wal Mart, but they stopped carrying anything but Thigh-high stockings and those aren't *real* stockings.

The stockings that i wear require a garter to hold them up, not a garter belt but the actual tabs than are attached to the foundation garment. Forget trying to explain this to a clerk at Wal Mart, they are really just too young to know what we mean. So after years of pain staking searching and trying different types, brands and styles we finally found some that work for me and some that are somewhat affordable. The kicker? They are in the UK!! hahaha. When we order, we really order!!! i knew that Master was placing an order but i had no idea that when they got here this most recent order would literally FILL the entire stocking drawer in my lingerie dresser!!! HAHA! i counted 40 pair, i believe. i am so happy to have new stockings, after i filled up my drawer, i kept (carefully, haha) opening the drawer to look at all of them! 40 pair will last me a long time, if i am cautious with them they could easily last me a year or more.

Because i never go barelegged in my shoes, with the exception of my bedroom slippers, my shoes last much longer than they would if i were to go barefoot. A shoe that you perspire in takes much more wear than a shoe that is protected from your foot and your shoes last much longer, they also rarely smell, unless they get wet. There are so many good reasons to wear leg coverings than to go barelegged, sun protection not excluded from that list.

i will admit however, the driving force for me, other than Master, is femininity and modesty. At a glance you can nearly immediately tell if a woman is wearing hose and there is a quick impression given. i won't say that it doesn't take a little bit extra work because it does. i once read somewhere, someone said that it doesn't take any more time or effort to dress nice as it does to throw on sweats and a t-shirt. Now that's just not true and i would be remiss if i said it didn't take a little effort, i would also be remiss if i didn't stress the rewards of those efforts. Unless i am ill, really ill, i am completely dressed, foundation garment, stockings and shoes. When i am up and out of the shower, no matter how i felt before my shower, i feel so much better for having gotten up and gotten dressed. For the first few years people looked at me strangely but now it's expected of me and i think if i were to show up some where in slacks or heaven forbid jeans, people would really think i had lost my mind. The benefits more than outweigh the negatives in this situation but had someone told me this almost 9 years ago, i would have laughed in their face and told them to take a long walk off a short pier. It's not for everyone, but i am glad that it's for me! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Response to comment, On Shoes ~

It has taken me years and years to get where i am at now, to be able to wear the heel height that i am able to wear now. When i first started wearing the shoes that Master wanted me to wear i thought that a 1.5 heel was too much to wear for more than a couple of hours. Now that's the shoe that i use as a flat when my feet are tired from a long day of shopping. This has been a long journey however, the thought of wearing a three inch heel for any length of time was preposterous, in my mind no one in the real world actually did that. i just never really paid attention to women in heels until now.

my older half sister always wore extremely high heels and until i started wearing heels, it never dawned on me what she was wearing. To this day, she is 50 years old wearing nearly 5 inch heels every single day. She is also barely 110 pounds and believe me, i know that makes a huge difference.

There are times when i wish it were easier for me and Masters canned response is "it would be easier if you would lose weight". It would be easier, wouldn't everything be easier? Now just give me a little pill and i'll take it and *poof* i'll be 120 pounds. i'm not being smart or sassy, i am being realistic, i would love to be able to lose weight just that easy, it's easy to say it, horrible to do. i lost the weight i lost when i wasn't trying, try to lose it and no way.

Funny though the more weight i lost, the fewer shoes i had that fit. How awful would it be if i was no longer able to wear all these amazing shoes? i can only modify these shoes so much lol.

Anyone can wear heels if you start slowly enough and if you're patient enough. You just have to be diligent. You have to find the right shoe for your foot and learn how to walk in them. Don't start with a 4 inch heel if you can't walk in a 2 inch heel, start with a 1.5 inch heel and practice at home. There are even good instructional videos on You Tube. It has taken me this long and i don't have this mastered, i still have a long way to go but sitting in the heels while i'm at my desk does stretch out my feet and helps a little bit every day. It depends on how committed you or more importantly, your Master is hehe.

i better get off here for the day, it's too pretty to sit here staring at this screen.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, April 25, 2010

More on heels

i am finding that the more i think about my shoes and the amount of time they take up my mind space and thought, it's really quite a lot. it's very automatic in the morning because i keep the bedroom slippers at the bedside and i have to admit that i cheat and run around barefoot here and there. Once i'm seated or actually doing a chore, then i am most often in those shoes. After my shower however, the shoes go on and stay on, it's before my shower that i am the worst at cheating. Master doesn't say too much too often, but sometimes He'll get after me and then i'm on the straight and narrow again, until i start to slip. It's a cycle i suppose and not one that i am trying to repeat.

Master is obviously a lover of all things high heel related and woman in heels is His delight. Therefore we shop for shoes as often as we can, not nearly as often as He would like but quite a bit. Master is of the opinion that i'll never have enough shoes or too many different kinds. His favorite kind of shoe is the classic pump and sadly that is the most difficult shoe for me to wear. As i started to say, my footwear and what i'm wearing at any given time takes up much of my day as far as what i am doing, what we're going to do and where we might be going. There have been days when i might have changed shoes more than three or four times. Depending on an outfit or how high the heels are, it might be more.

He loves to hear my heels click on the floors and i think that this might be something that other men might enjoy as well. This day and age you don't often see women in skirts and heels say at a home improvement store and that's where we were. The cement floors provided the perfect surface for the heels to make just the right sound that Master enjoys. i was some distance away from Master and catching up to Him, Master noticed a gentleman watching me walk past him. Master said that the man glanced away and then continued to watch me walk to Master. i don't know if this happens a lot but i do know that at times i see men glancing at my feet when we're out. Most often i am busy talking to Master and i am not allowed to leave His side without His permission so i'm pretty occupied when we're out in public. i wouldn't notice too much, too often, but every once in a while, i notice a glace or smile. i have had several older women tell me they like my skirts or shoes.

Well i better get outside and help Master, we're working on finishing up our scrapping and taking it all in tomorrow. i can't wait to get rid of it all. Then we can start working on our yard sale, it really snuck up on us! i hope everyone had a good weekend.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Heels n Stuff

In response to an email we received the other day i am going to try to be a little more specific about some rules that i follow on a daily basis. One of the rules that Master has for me is that i were stockings and no less than 2.5 inch heels every day as long as i am up. If i'm working around the house then i'm to be in whatever kind of shoe that i can find that is no lower than 2.5 inches but something that i'm able to work in. Unless i have a very good reason, ie spending the day outside working in the yard or garage, i must be in those heels. i also find that if i spend too long in a pair of flat shoes my calf muscles cramp up something fierce because they aren't used to being completely stretched out and flat. my toes also hurt from being flat for too long, so it's a give and take, for being in the flat shoes.

That's what the rule states and i think that i probably do have a couple pair of shoes that might be that low but they are very few and far between. When i think about the shoes that i wear every day the ones that come to mind most often are at least 3 inches and they are the ones that are the most comfortable. i wear mostly wedges and during the summer time wedge sandals are definitely a preference.

Another rule that i follow is that for training purposes any time i am sitting at my computer i'll be in a pair of 4 inch heels, or higher, to get my feet used to being in a higher shoe. Yet another rule is that i must wear a pair of bedroom slippers when just out of shower or just out of bed in the morning. i have a few different pairs of bedroom slippers to choose from but since i've lost weight, i am in need of smaller ones.

We've always had a hard time fitting me for shoes, my feet are smallish and as Master loves pumps unless we get a size 6 or 5.5 they are almost always too big in the back. Every once in a while we strike it rich and find a pair that fits like a glove. It's rare but it happens. In a good shoe i'll wear a 6.5 or 7 but it's almost never the same twice. The Jessica Simpson's we just bought are an 8 but i swim in them. We only bought them because we loved them and they were on clearance lol. We love to shop for shoes, but it's always frustrating, so many shoes hurt my feet. Now with this new bunion starting up, we'll have to be a little more cautious still but even so, neither one of us are willing to give up the shoes in favor of the bunion, we'll just be a little more careful.

So unless it's really a hard work day, i am always in a heel. If i am up, i am wearing a heel, no matter what i'm doing, i'm in a heel the only thing that changes is the height depending on the activity. If i'm doing laundry and cleaning it's a bit lower. If it's shopping and out to eat it's higher but if i'm sitting at my desk or playing games or Master is playing with me, chances are, i am in my highest heels ever. It's always up to Him though, of course.

i hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday evening!

MD's treasure

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We don't like to rush into things.

After 37 years and 8 dozen requests, I have changed the e-mail links over yonder to your right there.

No, down a bit farther.

There ya go.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What we'll do for love and shoes!

For anyone who has read my blog for any length of time they know that there is no gray area when it comes to how Master wants me to dress. The highest heels my feet will tolerate and tightest foundation garments my torso would stand is pretty much the gist of it. He likes the look of a woman in heels and a tiny waist. i don't have a tiny waist but i have worn a foundation garment for many years and heels for just as long, although i don't wear either one as high or a tight as He would like. That being said it's always been a work in progress and will continue to be, i hope. There's never been a "but" in there before. i have always been a work in progress going further and further, never stifling in my progress and in my mind right now i don't see this as quite the big deal that Master does. i think i am not looking at the ramifications as much as He. A few weeks ago i noticed a red spot on my foot the inside of my big toe and it felt hard, like the bone. i showed it to Him a couple days ago and He immediately looked it up on line. It's (i HATE the name i don't know why) a bunion, it makes me think of this horrible old woman's thing with these nasty disgusting feet. Anyway, it's a slow deformity of the bone and in my case it's from wearing the high heels.

Master showed me pictures of what happens when it's let go, the bone continues to poke out and eventually it's got to be shaved off by an orthopedic surgeon. Now... there are millions of women out there who ignore this condition and continue to wear the shoes they love and deal with it. Master is having a little bit of a hard time wrapping His head around that because it's His call and His responsibility because this is His rule. However, i have a closet full of amazing shoes and when i say full, i mean FULL. It's an enormous walk-in closet and the entire back shelf, wall unit, door unit and large part of the floor are nothing but shoes. i have well over 200 pair, that's just not an exaggeration. i can't give up wearing these amazing shoes, He loves them too much and i have grown to love them as well, truly love them. So until it's just not possible i think i should wear my shoes as much as i can.

i know this isn't my decision but it's such a big part of my service to Him i think i should get a small vote lol. In the long run i think that He'll see it my way hahaha. He's got my best interest in mind, that's the conundrum. It would be easy for Him if He didn't care about me, He could stick me in 5inch heels and say who cares what happens to your feet, or whatever.

So, my sister in law called a little while ago, she wants me to go to the dinner theater with her and a bunch women some night in May. Now i just found out it was at night, it was bad enough when i thought it was during the day because the way it will work out Master's Mom will drive her van. Now it will be AT NIGHT. Yeah, i can't do that, it's out of town and i can't ride with her a couple blocks in the middle of a sunny day. So i either fess up and see if there's another way to get there or i back out with no excuse and look like a real hag. Master just told me that He might be able to take me to the show and wait for me the whole time. It would be a very long wait but He could shop or something. i don't know but what i do know is His Mom and Dad are terrible drivers but somehow they don't wreck their van every other day.

i better go ahead and log off here and get going on my laundry. i love my new washer, it's so awesome!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring has Sprung

It's been a good week despite the fact that my pain level has been higher lately than normal. i've been wearing the TENS unit almost daily and Master mentioned that He didn't really want me to become dependent on it but then again, that is what it's for, it's sort of a toss up. We just want it to work when i really need it and He's totally spot on, i don't want to get used to it and then have a horrible headache and have it not help as much as normal.

Anyway i cleaned for Master's Mom on Thursday while He helped His Dad with some stuff. M's Dad fell and hurt his back pretty bad, he's a pretty tough guy so for him to ask for much help, he must be in some pain. Yesterday we went shopping out of town for the day and had a really good day. We had a long list of things we need to finish up our projects and really did poorly finding the things we needed on that list. But we had a good time nevertheless. No matter what time we get started we are late getting home because we putter haha.

Today we worked outside and got a little bit done in the garage and started our spring cleaning and bringing out the summer supplies. The most important thing came out first, the GRILL! i can't wait till our first cook out. Some people are already grilling out but we will probably wait a couple weeks yet. i guess it just depends on Master's mood, He said He doesn't just want to grill out and then not be able to eat outside if it's too cold. So we'll see, the temptation of the amazing food might be too much for Him to stand hahaha.

We're going to have a movie night and the supper bell just rang so i'll hop off here for the night. i hope you're all having terrific weekends.

MD's treasure

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Family and Stuff

M and i went to a family birthday party last night and stayed longer than we should have. We got to gabbing and store that we wanted to go to closed at 8pm and M realized it at 7:40pm, we were like 12 minutes away from the store haha, oops. We needed an Anniversary present for His sister's party that was tonight. So we ran around and found some solar stuff that she likes for her yard. Then she called at like midnight last night and asked if we could postpone until Wednesday, haha. Oh well, we have the gifts now and there won't be any last minute shopping.

Today we're trying to finish up more projects around here but the biggest things are done. Now it's just getting the smaller things in place. It's so pretty outside that we'll be happy to have the inside projects finished in time to get outside and start the summer projects.

my sister has been out of the country for about 6 weeks or so, maybe a little longer. This coming week is her birthday and i won't even be able to talk to her on her birthday. This will be the only birthday since i've been alive that i haven't spoken to her on her birthday. my only hope is that i am able to catch her on Skype but the chances are slim as her computer isn't working well. i can't wait until she gets home but that could be as long as August. It's so weird to have her so far away and not be in touch with her. my niece just got a job in Thailand, she'll be leaving in a month and she'll be gone for an entire year. She's going to be teaching English in downtown Bangkok, she heard of the program through a friend. It's a great experience for her but it's pretty scary for all of us to think that she'll be that far away for so long. i miss my family, we're so spread out and right now it just seems that there is little chance that we'll be together any time soon. i haven't seen any member of my family since 2008, that's been quite a while.

We still have stuff to do so i better get off my hind end and see what i can do to help!

Have a wonderful day!

MD's treasure

Saturday, April 10, 2010

~Sleeping on a cloud ~

Almost done! We had our first night in our new bed and M said it was like sleeping on a cloud. The new mattresses are amazing. We have an 8 inch memory foam with a 1 & 1/2 inch memory foam inch topper on that. It was going to be the most affordable choice for us and after reading many reviews it was also supposedly the best mix of mattresses for the comfort and money. We tried out a real Temperpedic mattress and honestly so far, i am not noticing any difference, none. This mattress is a fraction a tiny fraction of the cost. With the canopy curtains pulled all around the bed it's like a cocoon but it's not smothering, it's so cozy and dark which is exactly what Master wanted for me. If i am hurting badly mid-day i can go lie down and have near pitch dark for my head.
Once we have the curtain tabs up and the top cross pieces in place we'll be completely finished.

Our first night in the bed, Master didn't actually even come to bed until 6am and insisted we christen the bed immediately. Lots of slapping and reminders of why all those eye bolts and rings are in place on that bed were to follow. The other thing that He reminded me was that in the next few days He'll be doing the labia piercings that He's been planning on doing since Christmas. It's just gotten put on the back burner and now with summer coming up and swimming season very nearly upon us, it's got to be done or i won't be able to swim. They take 6-8 weeks to heal or before you're allowed to swim, so they need to be done soon. Not that we'll be swimming that soon haha, it's rarely that warm that fast here anyway, but you never know!! =) We had to wait till after my gyno appointment because He didn't want me to go in with brand new rings, so now we're all set as soon as we get a chance. But now He really just needs to finish up the bed, one project at a time and it's nearly done.

Yesterday we worked a bit trying to get the house back in shape, we pretty much had to rip the whole bedroom apart to rearrange it and now we're still putting it back together. We got a lot done and we're nearly there but Master is pretty low on energy, i might even confess to being a little worried about it. He has slept a lot in the last 24 hours and i wonder if He might be coming down with something either that or He's just worn out. i'm not sure, but i think i'll just leave Him sleep. If He's sleeping this much, He must need it.

That's all i've got for the day, i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

MD's treasure

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

It's been a long busy day for us, but a good one. We had a different day than the normal Easter Sunday. We all went out for dinner to an Amish Village where they have many shops and restaurants. We had reservations for 2:15pm but i don't think we were seated until around 3pm. They were just that busy and it was fine with me, it gave me more time to browse the shops. i only wish that it had been a different day as many of the shops weren't open.

i thought the dinner was awesome, everything was family style except your own entree. Master didn't think His was that great but i loved mine. i found an amazing pair of earrings that He bought for me too.

Today was pretty weird in that i only spoke to one member of my side of the family, my niece called me early this morning, other than that i didn't get to talk to anyone else. Being that my sister is out of the country i have gotten to talk to her at all on the phone. i've talked to my nephew some and my time talking to my brother is limited. Hopefully i'll be able to catch up with my sister via Skype next week. i am so glad for Skype, that's the only way we'll be able to communicate while she's in the UK for the next 5 months or so and it's been tough.

i hope that everyone had a really nice Easter, we had a great day and even got to have an Easter egg hunt here at home.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Where does the time go?

Wow i can't even imagine where the days and weeks go sometimes. i thought i just wrote here like two days ago. Master and i have had a pretty productive week. He and His friend brought the bed upstairs to be sanded and stained and they did fine until they got to the headboard. This bed is intended to hold quite a bit of weight and because of that it's very heavy on it's own. The headboard alone most likely weighs well over 200lbs. It was a scary site watching Master and His friend carry that thing up the basement stairs. By the time they had it to the top of stairwell, it wasn't so much the weight of it that had be worried it was the strain on Master of balancing and turning the whole thing, it was pretty bad. He was pretty much ghost white and i really was scared.

Thankfully the worst of that is over and getting it into the garage and getting it into the bedroom will be much easier. Once it's in the bedroom, it will have to be all pieced back together. Not that it will be too difficult because Master took great care in labeling and making sure we didn't stain over any markings so everything will go back the way it's intended. We're both super happy with the color, it's black cherry and i think it's so pretty. i can't wait to see it all done up with the bedding and curtains on the canopy. Even though this bed is very purpose driven and industrial as Master calls it, i think it's quite beautiful. Master has also allowed me to pretty it up as much as i want with every bit of girly foo-foo bedding i can muster. He knows that bedding is really important to me and i love to shop and look for that kind of thing so He totally let me have at it. i just hope once it's all together it looks good. He said that He hopes i really love this bed because i'll be spending a lot of time bound/chained/tied to it. There are attachment points at any and all angle one might imagine. i would have to ask Master but i would venture a guess there are more than 25 attachment points, 3 in O-rings and D-rings as well as enormous eye bolts. Before there is any bedding placed on the bed and it's completely put together i'm sure Master will be taking many pictures.

We have to get the bedroom prepared before we can place the bed and that means making room and moving some furniture. So we've got some work to do and tomorrow is pretty much shot because of Easter. We better get to work today if we want to get it in place on Tuesday when Master's friend comes over and he's here to help carry the headboard again. There is much to do and not a lot of time. Time just always gets away from us it seems.

Have a nice Saturday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure