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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Life's little trials

Enough already! This past week has been nuts. Saturday Master and i spent a really nice day shopping in “the city” and headed home late Saturday night. Our nice day ended with a “bang” when we hit a deer coming home. We missed the first one and before we knew it, there was a second one and we hit him straight on. We killed the deer and our car. The insurance company totaled our car out on Monday. So we went shopping for a car as we only had the one car. We found a van that we really liked and on Tuesday i went to town and bought it.

On my way home with the van (it was used) i noticed that the breaks were really soft. Just by chance our friend who owns a garage and is a very experienced mechanic stops by and i mention it to him. He looks at it and listens to me tell him what is wrong and determines that it’s the master cylinder. i have only had the van off the lot for an hour! So i gave the car lot a call and they said that they would look at it and gave us permission to get it fixed (we hope). Soooo now i have to take the van back to the car lot and tomorrow i get to spend the day waiting for them to fix it.

i just feel like with the whole thing with Sassy and now the car and now the van, i’ve about had it. When we hit the deer i said to Master, maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Maybe now we can get the van we have wanted for so long. As it turns out, it might just be a blessing, with the exception of the deer that is. But it just seems like such a huge hassle and i don’t handle stress very well, with my headaches and all.

In the midst of it all, we did have a nice Easter at Master’s sister’s house. We had our annual Easter Egg Hunt and it was really a good time. i am sure that everything will work out, it always seems to, but it’s just tough when you have to deal with life’s little trials. We’ll get through it, we always seem to do just fine, in the end.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, March 24, 2005

A Journey's End

The last leg in this journey with Sassy was completed today. i took her today to be cremated. i bought her a lovely little gold urn that will hold her ashes when i get them back. She would have loved the urn because she loved anything gold or sparkly. i said my last good bye to her before i left the house with her and sang her favorite song to her one last time. It’s so hard losing a pet because you feel so alone in your grief. No one else will love them the same as you did and no one else will feel the same way you are feeling.

Since her passing i have been able to spend a little more time with Zeeky, my parrot and i think he’s adjusting as well as i could expect. He’s calling out a lot more when he’s not with me and he clearly isn’t sleeping as well as he was when she was with him. He’s chatting more at night and i can hear him playing with his bell and toys in the middle of the night. i’m sure that the restlessness will calm down with time, it’s still pretty fresh.

i had to stop by the vet’s office today for meds for our dog and i got to speak with Sassy’s vet. She said that she thinks the tumor hit a blood vessel or an artery and that would explain the quick passing. She said that there would have been no indication that she was sick and that there wouldn’t have been any pain at all. It would have been sudden and Sassy would have felt nothing. i’m so relieved at that, if she had to go, i’m glad it was quick and i’m glad that she went in her own time on her own terms.

When i took Sassy to the humane society this afternoon, i inquired about a Yorkie. i have wanted one for a very long time and i thought i would see if they had one up for adoption while i was there. i asked and the lady said that they had one but she wasn’t sure if it was up for adoption or not. i won’t get my hopes up, but i can’t help but think that maybe this would be a good time to get one, if i can get one there that needs a good home. We’ll just wait and see what happens.

In other non-animal news, this week has been a quiet one. i have spent most of the week at home, just trying to adjust. i think i’ll try and go to water aerobics tomorrow just to get out of the house. i had a massage today and it was nice, i haven’t had one in a long time and it felt good. If i have the opportunity to go back, i will.

Master has this upcoming weekend off work but i’m not sure what we’ll do or how we’ll spend it. i know that we’ll be going to His sister’s house for Easter and for our Easter Egg hunt. We have one every year and it’s always fun. i think it’s fun anyway, Master is mostly just annoyed by it.

Well i’m off to find something suitable for supper.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Perfect Timing

In the midst of it all, Master decided i needed some time away. So that’s what He did. He sent me this email yesterday:

Hey baby. :) At 5:30, I want you blindfolded, spread-eagle on the bed, cuffed to the headboard. You should put a cuff on each wrist, then lay down and stretch out cuffing the other end to the farthest bar you can reach. Wear some kind of garter belt, stockings and sexy shoes...nothing else. Close the door so you're free of animals. Keep your legs spread. You may put a sheet over yourself if you think you'll be cold. Put on some soft music if you like. Don't click the cuffs closed until 5:30. I'll be home eventually! :P

Oh, go ahead and insert the large butt plug too. Have fun!

i didn’t get the email until 4:45 so needless to say i was rushing around a bit to get ready. When He got home, He put on some music, a CD that He made for me the night of my collaring. Then He got out the vibrator and what seemed to be a very large dildo. He put the dildo in so i was plugged both ass and pussy. Then He set out to give me just what i needed, a lot of pleasure to escape the pain. After what seemed like several orgasms, He used the little rubber flogger to smack my tits, stomach and thighs. For being so small, it really has a very sharp sting to it. Then He placed some clamps on my nipples and i thought i would die. He said that He would leave them on just long enough to have a smoke, then if i behaved well, He would take them off. Well, i don’t think i have ever been better behaved in my life, i wanted those things off as soon as He would allow. He was true to His word, when He was done smoking, He took them off, only the one slipped out of His hand and clamped back on very quickly and super tight. i didn’t know what happened until later, all i know is that i screamed so loud He put His hand over my mouth to dull the noise.

Shortly after this He let me loose to use the restroom. When i came back He put the hood on me only He used the hood that has a mouth hole instead of the one with only the nose hole. i tolerate the one He used much better. He was all about my comfort last night and about making me feel good and giving me an outlet. Then He put me back on the bed and cuffed my hands behind my back and left me there to think. i’m not sure how long i was there but it didn’t seem too long. It was just the right amount of time. He came in and asked me if i was uncomfortable anywhere and seeing that i still had the enormous butt plug still in, i told Him that it was really burning and hurting, so He took it out. We talked about me feeling like a “thing” and did i like it, did i like feeling like an object with nothing to do but feel used. i did in fact feel exactly like a thing, just waiting to be used and told what to do. He left again and i can’t remember how long He was gone this time, i’m not sure what happened while He was gone.

When He returned for the last time, He told me that He would use His property. i was sore from the dildo and sore from being tied up for several hours so when He told me to bend over the bed, i was glad to stretch out and move again. He left the hood on and cuffed me in front so i would have my hands to balance on the bed. Then He fucked me hard and fast, not really thinking about my pleasure at all, just “using His thing” again.

When He was finished and i had cleaned us both up, He told me not to get dressed. That i was allowed to put on a pair of panties and i would wear my long black dress coat and heels to get supper. So all i had on were my stockings, a garter belt and a pair of panties underneath my coat. my coat fits well so there wasn’t any chance of it falling open but if you looked up the slit of the back of the coat, you might think i didn’t have a skirt on. The car ride was cold but i was happy to do it. No one was the wiser at the restaurant but there was an element of the thrill, for sure.

This was easily the best playtime i have ever had and i think that Master was pleased as well. In a really lousy time when i was feeling so very sad, this was just what the Master ordered and all was right with the world for those few hours.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


We'll meet again little girl.


This post is a lot of rambling and a lot of "thinking out loud". i'm finding that the best way for me to deal with this is to write about it. So i'm sorry if nothing makes any, i just need to get it out.

Nighttime is the worst. i’m afraid to lay down because i know i’ll start thinking about her. Then the tears come, sometimes so hard i can’t breathe. i can’t stop thinking about “why”. Why did she go when she did, what was the final cause, can i be sure she wasn’t in pain. Why can’t i stop crying? When i think of it in a logical sense, i know that she was a little animal and animals die. That’s the reality of it when you have pets they die. my mind knows that, but my heart feels like it’s breaking. i just can’t believe i’ll never hear her sweet chirp again or pet her soft feathers. i’ll never give her a bath again and watch her cuddle in the warmth of the blow dryer. She’ll never make a mess of the counter again with a tiny piece of bread. She’ll never offer me her head to scratch.

i’m so scared for Zeeky, he has to learn to live without her too. He’ll be all alone in there unless we move him out, but still he’ll be alone. He’s never been alone before, i don’t know how he’s going to take it. When we walked in the house last night i instantly listened for her chirping and when i didn’t hear it, i thought my heart would break. i’m sure in time, i’ll get used to this but for now, i just don’t see how i can handle this. i keep telling myself that this was the best way for her to go. She went on her own terms in her own time. It was just so sudden she was fine before this. i watched her eating patterns and she was eating and drinking the same as she always had, there was just no indication that she was sick. The tumor was huge and growing, i suspect, but she just didn’t act like it was bothering her at all. When we learned that it wasn’t cancer, i thought that we would have many more years with her. Maybe the tumor just got to be too much for her and her little body was just worn out.

Whatever the reason, i know that i’ll never be the same again. Life goes on, as they say. But my life will forever be altered by that tiny little bird. i’ll always be a better person for all that she gave me and for all that she taught me. She taught me to always stick by those that love you and sometimes all a person needs is to know that you’re counting on them to love you. All she did was love me and need me when i needed to be needed.

i posted a memorial to her on and it should be posted soon. It’s a really wonderful site for anyone grieving the loss of a pet. It will always be there and you can visit your post any time you’re missing your pet. It’s a sad place but there are also some really lovely tributes to read. Monday i am taking her and having her cremated so when i get her back, i will always have her with me. i don’t know if that will help or not, but i know i want her with me in one way or another, forever.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Today (3/18/05) my Cockatiel, Sassy went to heaven, she was only 6 years old. The following is my tribute and love letter to her.

From the first day i saw you, i knew you were going to be a very special part of my life. You became my baby girl from the start. i can picture you in the apartment, sitting in the kitchen chirping whenever i walked in. There were so many nights when i needed you to keep me company, and you were always there to talk to and to sing to. I loved sitting and watching TV with you, letting you chew on my bracelet, letting you eat bits of food from my plate. You loved to steal rice from my plate and make a mess all over the table. When my life was at it’s lowest point, i knew i had to hang on for you. i knew you were counting on me to take care of you. You gave me strength to hold on for one more day.

When i brought your brother home you were nothing but sweet to him, i knew you loved him right away. You would talk to him and the two of you became the best of friends. i’ll never forget the way you offered him your head to preen and how you loved the attention. He and i couldn’t pet you enough or spend enough time preening you. You’ll never know just how funny and special you really were to me.

When the doctor told me almost three years ago that you only had a month to live, i thought my world was crashing in on me. Being the loving and special little girl you always were, i couldn’t imagine how you could deserve such a fate. i sat with you for so many hours just waiting for a sign that you needed to “go” and you never once gave it. i know that i should be thankful for all the extra time i had with you, and i am. i am so thankful that you stuck it out for as long as you did and i’m so happy that you weren’t in any pain. my life changed forever, the day i met you and today, you took a piece of my heart with you when you went. i’ll never know the love i had with you again. i’ll still love the same as i did but i’ll never know the love i had with you. You were and always will be my baby girl. God loved you so much, He couldn’t wait to bring you to Him and now you are at peace. i couldn’t ask for more.

mommy, Papa, Monkie, Boo and your baby brother Zeeky will love you and miss you forever. God is the luckier of the two of us tonight, as you rest with Him now. i’ll cling to that, knowing that you are in the best place you could possibly be and knowing that you’ll always be happy, you’ll always be pretty and you can fly and play to your little hearts content. You are my little angel and you already have the wings, God bless my baby girl.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Our first Munch!

Master and i went to our first munch last night. It was a very nice gathering of area people who are in the lifestyle. This was the first time Master and i have been to anything like that. It was the first time that we had been to anything public or met other people who are in the lifestyle and i’m not sure about Master but i felt very comfortable and welcomed. i really had a nice time visiting with this one couple. They were very welcoming as was everyone. Then after everyone cleared out, Master and i hung back to chat with a sub and her Master that i had met on line. We must have talked for 2 hours or better and i really had a wonderful time. They were just a blast to spend time with. i only wish they didn’t live so far away. Master even said that He enjoyed Himself and that’s really saying something when He makes a comment like that.

On our way home from the munch we got pulled over for having some taillights burnt out. That cop must really have been bored to pull us over for that. Thankfully he didn’t give us a ticket, just a warning to get them fixed asap. i’m really grateful that he didn’t give us a ticket as it was such a minor thing. i mean i could see if all our lights were burnt out, but the whole back panel was lit up. Anyway, we lucked out.

After we got home Master and i sat at our computers for a long time just messing around. Mostly looking at pictures of slaves in bondage. It was a very nice day and evening for me and i wasn’t even hurting too bad. i think that Master must have know this as He cuffed me and had me give Him a blow job. Then He bent me over the bed and used His pussy. He said that i was louder than normal last night and that He really liked it. He came quickly and i always like it when that happens. It makes me think that He was so excited that He didn’t want to or couldn’t hold out. That is a very good feeling to me.

Today we watched the race and we’re going to watch a movie tonight. i’m just waiting for my supper that is most likely ready, so i better scoot.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, March 11, 2005

Ready for Anything

This was sent to me by Master and i thought that it was really a great idea and something that i would like to practice on a daily basis. At least that could be my goal one day. This is intended more for the "Traditional Wife", but i thought that it was interesting and maybe someone might get something out of it. So here you go!

Ready For Anything (well, almost)

Upon arising, do not leave your room or bathroom until you are ready to "face the nation." This means that you are fully dressed, hair in place, wearing shoes, and well groomed. Even if "all" you are going to do is stay at home, prepare yourself as though you were called out. There is a hidden meaning in that phrase "called out." It means to come away from the ordinary, petty cares and to be prepared for life on a higher level, spiritually. In a way, dressing up for the day lifts your expectations of yourself and helps you to function more efficiently, or professionally, at your work. There are many people who make housekeeping their career. They have to wear a certain uniform and keep certain hours, in order to get the job done. Dressing for the day sets the tone of the atmosphere for yourself and your family. It says, "This is a special occasion," or "What I am doing is important."

At the risk of boring you, I'll repeat what someone once told me about dressing up for the home. She said she noticed an amazing difference in her accomplishment and her organization, once she began to put on a nice skirt and shoes, etc., but later on in the day she decided to wear her old grunge outfit of sweats and sports shoes. After that, the day went completely downhill. Clutter began to accumulate, and chaos ensued. Her husband and children were cranky. She said she saw a real difference when she decided to get ready for the day, and dress well.

In dressing up, I certainly do not mean you wear the outfit you wore to your friend's wedding, or a prom dress. I mean clothing that looks suitable for going to the store at the spur of the moment, but can be worn in the home for the daily function of the home. Most people find skirts and blouses the best choice for this.Dressing up at home means that if suddenly you are called out, you do not have to take extra time to put on your shoes, change your clothes, comb your hair or wash your face. It means that you'll be more time-efficient.The home is the highest office in the land. It is the place where bodies are fed but souls are taught, and where values are formed, if the mother is taking the time to tend to the spiritual training of her children. Even without children (mine are all grown now), the woman sets the tone for the home, by her attitude toward it. Dressing up can go a long way to keep her spirits high and her goals meaningful.

Posted by Lady Lydia

Just checking in....

This has been a relatively quiet week. i worked and bowled and on my free nights i just spent them home with Master. Last night i spent some time in an Iowa IRC channel. That was fun, talking to some people from my neck of the woods. Master has the whole weekend off and i think we might be going to a munch for the first time ever. It’s quite a drive for us so i’m not sure if He’s totally committed to it yet or not, but i’m hoping He’ll say that we’re going.

Sometimes i am so spoiled! Master bought me a Winnie the Pooh keyboard that i have wanted for a really long time. i can’t even say how happy i am to have it and how cute it is. It really was made for kids but it’s a full size keyboard and i just love it!!! i was totally surprised when He gave it to me this morning, i had no idea He had ordered it and i’m just thrilled to have it. Thank You Master!!! =)

i have quite a bit to do this afternoon before Master gets home from work. i have laundry to finish up and lots of cleaning up to do. i’m not sure what Master has planned for tonight but i don’t want to be cleaning when He gets home. i like to be done with my chores by the time He gets home so i can be available to Him if He should need me. So, i better scoot and get something done.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, March 07, 2005

A long time coming

Last night Master and i were at His mom and dad’s house for supper. While we were getting ready to eat, i burnt my hand on steam. i’ve never had a steam burn before and it really stung. i put ice on it and it wouldn’t quit burning, so i just mentioned that i would rather have a hundred paper cuts than one burn. i hate being burnt. Master looked at me and told me to “let it go”. i thought He was really being nasty as He never once asked me what happened nor did He give two bits about it. i’m not sure what happened next but what i do remember is that i was very snotty with Him and said something that i shouldn’t have said. He hurt my feelings more than anything. Sure it wasn’t a 3rd degree burn or anything like it, it just stung and i was just making a statement. The way that He handled it really hurt me and i suppose i wanted Him to know it, so i mouthed off to Him in front of His family. i had a feeling i was “in for it” when we got home but i didn’t let it ruin my evening i we ended up having a nice time.

When we got home Master let me chat on the computer for a while before sending me to the bedroom to strip down to my panties. He came in and put the blindfold on me while He did some preparing. i heard buckles and clanking and i thought He was getting the hood, thankfully i was wrong. He had me put my arms out and started putting the straightjacket on me. i was relieved to know it wasn’t the hood. i’m still not all that comfortable with the hood but i handle the straightjacket just fine. i enjoy the feeling of being totally helpless, having to rely on Master for everything and that’s what the straightjacket accomplishes. He took me into the den where He worked on a project on the computer and i just sat there, thinking about what i had done to get myself into this predicament. i knew when i did it that i shouldn’t have said what i said, especially in that tone, but i was so upset about what He said, i couldn’t help myself.

After i was in the jacket for what seemed like forever, He took me into the bedroom and placed some kind of very tight clamp on my nipples. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal but my nipple are pierced and for some unknown reason they refuse to heal and are incredibly tender. my left one is much worse than the right one as that one hurts much of the time. When He placed the clamps on me i thought i was going to come out of my skin and i immediately started to beg Him to take them off. At one point i even screamed at Him to please take them off. He didn’t leave them on too long, just long enough to freak me out and long enough to teach me a lesson. Well, lesson taught.

We went to bed after He was pleasured and i was feeling as though He had truly brought me into a submissive state that i haven’t been in, in a while and it was a good feeling. All day today i am still feeling good about what He did last night and i was happy that He took that step last night to put me in my place. At one point before i was allowed to get ready for bed, He made me thank Him for my punishment and normally i would have been upset about that and i wouldn’t have wanted to do it, but last night, i was happy to thank Him and i had no regrets. i have needed that for a long time and i think it was a long time coming. So, thank You Master.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, March 04, 2005

Looking forward to the Weekend

i went to the Y today for the first time in over a week. i was glad to get back to the water class, i always feel better after i’m there. The one thing i don’t understand is why i get hit with a terrible headache as soon as i walk into the pool area. The only thing i can think of is that it must be the smell of the chlorine getting to me. After we were done at the Y we went for a snack at Wendy’s. They have a new fruit cup and it’s pretty good!

Master just called to tell me that He’ll be very late getting home from work and that our supper plans for the night are off. So now i need to find something to make for supper. i’m sure i’ll find something we just spent a ton of money at the store. It just means i’ll actually have to cook! Oh well, i haven’t been doing anything terribly domestic lately so this will do me good. i haven’t even been working on my blanket lately and i need to get that finished.

We have a fairly busy weekend planned. Master has to work tomorrow and i think we’ll go out for supper tomorrow night. Then i’m not sure but i think we’re going to see a friend of Master’s play in a band. i’m not sure if we’ll go or not but i would like to. Then on Sunday i think we’re going to Master’s mom and dad’s house for supper and to look through old games and stuff that were Master’s when He was young. i think His sister and brother in law might come over too so that should be fun.

Well Master just got home from work and i need to sign off for a bit.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure