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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Home Again, All about Mom

i got home last night from spending a few days up at my mom's house. She was in the hospital yet again and i got a call early Wednesday morning from my brother saying that my grandma was confused and needing some help. We were in the middle of pouring a cement patio in the back yard and it wasn't the best timing, but Master said that i should go ahead and go.

i was packed and ready to leave by 11am and off i went. When i got there my grandma told me that Tuesday she had called my sister to come out and help her with taking the garbage out and she asked my sister to come out and just help her out a little bit. my sister said "no i'm not coming out there just to take out the garbage, i'll send someone out there". She did send someone but he was too late and the garbage man had already come. my poor grandma was out in the 100 degree garage trying to struggle with the garbage because she's old and old people do things on a schedule. The garbage goes out on Tuesday, period. Well it didn't happen and in her mind she thought that she had failed my mom because she didn't get it out on time. A very small insignificant thing to most of us, but not to her. She was a mess.

my older sister tried to get in touch with my sister with no luck and finally she called my brother crying saying that she was very worried about my grandma. Grandma has a special place in all of our hearts, she's a sweet old lady who just doesn't deserve to be ignored. So my older sister was extremely upset and when she called my brother he was livid and called me to "save the day", that's what he called it.

By the time i got up there on Wednesday my grandma was OK but i could tell she was still pretty upset and confused. When my mom is in the hospital she gets very upset and worried. She's scared because she doesn't know what will happen to her if my mom passes before she does. Grandma is very hard of hearing and only catches half of what you say to her, so when mom is in the hospital, she basically has no idea what's going on with my mom's condition. She just needs people to tell her that my mom isn't going to die and that she'll be OK. That wasn't happening so she was a mess.

Mom came home Thursday afternoon and i think she's quite a bit better. There are so many things wrong with her that it's mind numbing. She's got fractures in her back from Osteoporosis, she's in end-stage renal failure, she's got a stricture in her throat and she's having a hard time keeping any food down at all, and they just found a tumor on her heart that needs to be removed before it grows and causes trouble in her heart. Those are just the major things, but she also has almost no voice at all, they hit something on her vocal cords when they tried to save her life this spring when the doctor slit through her jugular vein. So now she has no voice and her vocal cords aren't working so she's aspirating on almost all liquids. In a nutshell, she's a disaster. The bad thing about all this is that when she talks to the doctors she doesn't remember what they tell her so i'm getting no information on her condition. i have a call into her primary care doc, but as yet, he hasn't called me.

When i got home Master was happy to see me and He brought in my bags and even started helping me unpack. We went out and got some supper and brought it home to eat. Then we went for ice cream and stayed up way too late playing on the computer. It's so good to be home, the stress level at my mom's house is way too high for me. There's so much that needs done for them and there's no help from my sister at all. She'll be moving to Ohio in a couple weeks and i have arranged for a lady to come to my mom's and help them Monday thru Friday for 2 hours a day. i'm hoping that having her there will take the stress off my grandma and offer some comfort to my mom, knowing that someone will be there every day to help out. Before i left i got them all set up, i went to the store, i went to the bank, paid my mom's bills and brought in her supplies for her dialysis. i'm hoping she'll be all set till Monday. She's on some good pain medicine for her back and she looked so much better when i left, that i didn't feel like i was leaving them in the lurch, i think they'll be set up just fine for the weekend.

Master and i have no plans for the weekend so i'm hoping just to hang out here and get caught back up on my laundry and just veg out for the weekend. We slept late today and i can just feel the stress melting away from my hectic week, now that i'm home. my only responsibilities here are to make sure that everyone is fed, watered and taken care of. Straighten up the house and do a little laundry. Those are pretty easy things to take care of compared to running the lives of one very sick lady and another very very old one.

The first thing i did last night was come home and water my flowers, i don't know why but i couldn't wait to get home and just do something menial. It just calmed me down and i guess it just made me feel like i was home where things are quiet and the only things i have to do here are what Master requires of me. i guess i just wanted to get right back into my routine here and start taking care of Master and my babies again. i fed and watered the dogs and picked up around here, i think Master thought i was a little crazy but when i got home i just had to do those few things before i could sit. i love my responsibilities here and i love knowing that my kids and Master need me and miss me when i'm gone. This whole thing with my mom is far from over and it's just so very stressful i need to get home and get back into my routine as soon as i can, to feel like me again. When i'm there i feel like a mediator and a health care professional and like a mother to my mom and grandma. i have to be in charge and for me, that's a lot of stress that i am not comfortable with. When i'm home i the few little things to take care of and Master takes care of everything else. It's a pretty awesome place to come home to!

Peace to you and yours!

MD's treasure