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Friday, August 27, 2010

Being loved

We had a really nice day, the weather was amazing when we drove through a riverside park. We got out to check out what seemed to be a WWI tank and Master took my picture looking like a USO girl along side the tank. Then He took me out for a really nice dinner that while the atmosphere was a little louder than we had hoped for, the food was good and as always, we enjoyed each others company.

Master thought we should try the video shop to see what new movies we might be missing out on, turns out, not much right now. So we passed on getting anything new and thought about our next move. It was much too early to head home, it was just way too nice outside to go home and huddle up on our new bed for the night's TV watching, so we needed to figure out something fun to do, for a little while. The thing is, Master and i can pretty much have fun just walking through the grocery store, so that's just about what we did. We went shopping! Master wanted to look at a few things and He wanted me to browse the clothes.

Master found a short skirt for me, He is always on the look out for short skirts to wear about the house when we're alone. Skirts that will show stockings and garters and barely cover anything at all. Basically skirts that serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever. So He found a great one. Once home, i asked Master if i could try on my new skirt and once i had it on, Master decided that i would leave it on for the remainder of the evening. Even though it was midnight when i tried it on, it didn't matter, i don't get undressed until i am going to go sleep. We watch television in bed for the most part but i am still fully clothed with the exception of my shoes for cleanliness issues of course. i mean really, who wears their shoes on the bed?? EWW!

For the majority of the last three weeks, the days have been tolerable. my headache pain has been bad, worse than normal, i count the minutes until i can take my next dose of tylenol but that much i can stand. Night time is another story altogether. Night time is when the monster rears his ugly head and there are no limits to the agony. As understanding and patient as Master is about the pain that i am in, i still have duties as a slave to Master. i have to pleasure Master and this new rule isn't one that i am allowed to slide on, shall we say. If i haven't followed through with sucking His cock earlier in the day, no matter how badly my head hurts late at night, i must still go through with it. Many times He'll stop me and i won't have to finish all the way, if the pain is just intolerable. This is what happened this night in particular, only when Master told me that i was allowed to get ready for bed, He had other plans for me.

He told me to get in bed in the middle of the bed and just lay there near Him, He had me turn off all the lights and pull the curtains around the bed to block any additional light to stop any other light sensitivity. There was silence, just us breathing and Master's hands rubbing my stomach, touching me anywhere that He hoped would stop me from thinking about the pain. It's not easy and never has been easy to bring me to orgasm but Master asked me if i thought i would be able to and i said that i was pretty sure i could. It wasn't long before i asked if i could cum and He said "beg me". i've never had to beg before and i was certain that i would lose it, He made me beg for quite a while and i just knew it was going to be gone before He would allow me to cum. i held on and before i knew it, He said that i could cum.

Master is the romantic One, He always has been, not the bring home the flowers, type. Just the more sentimental one. After He gave me an orgasm, we didn't have sex this time. This time we actually made love, Master said that it's His favorite thing to do, in the world. He meant it, He has said it before, when He says it, i know He means it. i usually don't say much because i am embarrassed by what He has said or i am overwhelmed by Him. This time i told Him something i don't think i've ever told Him before. i said that the very first time we made love as Husband and wife, it was a feeling that i would never forget and every time since, the day after, i think about it and think that we've just made love. i feel closer to Him and it's like we have a little secret, that no one else will ever know.

This much i didn't say being His slave, His wife, is the most important thing in my life. Sometimes just being loved is enough to take the pain away, even for a split second. Master proved to me once again why i should lay my head on my pillow every night knowing that i am loved.

His treasure

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What was the best advice you've ever received?

The best advice i ever got was from my Grandpa. He said that no one ever learned anything with their mouths open all the time. You can't listen if you're the one doing all the talking. Be still and listen, really listen.
To this day very few people really listen, you can tell that all the while you're trying to say something or share your story, they are thinking of what they want to say next. i wish that more people had heeded my Grandpa's advice.

He didn't talk to me too much but when he did, it was something profound. hehe i was just a kid! =)

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Still so much to learn

Today i learned that i will never be done learning. i have remarked before that Master and i do just about everything together and that's really not an exaggeration. We really do just about all our chores and go everywhere together. Except for the rare occasion where He'll go fishing or to a friend's house He almost never goes out socially without me and even then He's hesitant to say the least. There are also times when He'll go work for someone doing a job without me but again, it's not often that i don't go along, for more than one reason or another, He wants me along.

Having said that, when we have things to do, Master's "to do" list is always knocked out first so i help Him with that and my stuff is put on the back burner. The only tough thing about that is, sometimes my stuff still has to get done or things go bad. Today was a good or very bad example of how things go bad for me. i was helping Master with His to do list all the while trying to get my chores done as well. The sheets had to be washed and changed so in between the times that He needed me, i was switching from washer/dryer/bed. The dog HAD to have a bath today it was three days after i was meant to give him a bath and he was scratching so badly, it must have been done today. Other things had to be done, the animals fed, His laundry and of course i still had to be available to Him. So at the end of the day when i was tired and Master's chores were done, guess what? Mine weren't. So when He was in the shower i was trying to sneak away to put clean sheets on the bed instead of waiting for His toothbrush because all i was thinking was... i still had SO much to do and i just wanted to be done so badly.

So when He got out of the shower, He reminded me just WHY i'm here. i admit i got upset because even though i didn't wait for His toothbrush i felt like i wasn't "not" serving Him, i was still doing things for Him. Making His bed, getting His clothes finished for Him to wear after His shower, getting ready to make supper... the list is long... But He didn't see it that way, He saw me as putting what i wanted to do before what He wanted to do and i know He's right. i was prioritizing for myself i wasn't putting His priorities first. So will i do better next time? i hope so, otherwise i'll spend even more time on the bathroom floor on my knees waiting for Him to tell me it's okay to finish my chores. As it was, had i just waited for the toothbrush i would have had more time to just go about my business but because i got all in a rush and tried to get the sheets on the bed and didn't wait for Him, He decided i needed a little time out to think about it. Linoleum does NOT = soft and cozy for those of you scoring at home. Just sayin~

i also learned that old stockings make a great filter for old chlorine in the pool. We had an old bucket of those chlorine tablets that had turned to dust, i took three stockings and put all the dust (muck) into the stockings and tied them to the pool ladder and viola~ perfect chlorine filter dealio!

The word for the day is dealio... tell your friends.

Okay have a good night.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What would your perfect day look like?

There would be melted butter dripping from the sky, and everyone I dislike would turn to shrimp.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sneakers or sandals?

i am sure that sneakers have their place in the world, but not on my feet, unless they are high heeled sneakers!! i have a couple pair of high heeled sneakers and they are perfect for parks and walks.

During the summer time we see sandals everywhere we go. You even see them in the winter, the whole socks and sandals thing is enough to send Master over the edge sometimes! i am a sandals gal and i can't even begin to imagine how many pair i have. i have wedges, platform wedges, sling backs or a variety of high heeled sandals. Just about any shape style or color you could imagine. i'm not sure how many pairs of shoes i have, some day we should do a thorough count and post it. i know it's well over 200 but many of those shoes don't fit anymore even with heel grippers and inserts.

i would definitely say that i have a bad habit of getting in a rut with my sandals, i find a pair that i just love or one pair that i find go with everything and i forget to mix it up. Even though i might wear two or three pair of shoes a day, i'll go back to the same shoes several days in a row and finally Master will ask me how many times i'm going to wear the same shoe. Then i know it's time to find something new.

Master also gets tired of wedges, i love them, He is tired of them. So i have to remember to grab the heels more often. During the winter time i try to go with the closed toe shoes, Master loves pumps, so it's easy to go with regular heels. In the summer time, so many sandals are wedges that it's easy for me to get in that rut again and only go for the wedges. Master thinks heels are much sexier than wedges. i like them all!!! =)

What do you think?

MD's treasure

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Friday, August 20, 2010

What's for supper?

ROFL! Well it would appear that tonight You're going to have fried fish! Sadly i was going to offer You tomato soup and grilled cheese sammiches, but YOU lucked out! =)

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Exactly what i wanted, i just didn't know it... yet!

So i've been asking Master for a new foundation garment, i wear an all in one open bottom with 4 garters. i am just needing a new one as after washing the ones i have wear out. He handed me a package the other day and said that He got me a new foundation garment and that i was to try it on. i knew immediately it wasn't the "right" one because i could feel the boning was stronger, right through the packing.

When i took it out of the package i could see it was more of a corselette, so i set out to find other garments to wear with it. i have a long line bra but not a great fitting one, let me rephrase that, i have many long line bras, but not one that is a great fit. So i made due. Once i had the whole outfit on, i was really happy with the look. The new foundation garment fit great, much better than any other laced garment i have had before. Any other time i have tried a corselette it's been much too long or short, but this time with the laces tightened properly and tight enough, it fit well. my stomach was nice and flat and the skirt that i had one before, i slipped back on and it was nearly too big. i can easily tuck a shirt in without feeling self conscience and that's a feeling i haven't had for a while. i'm not sure how many inches it took off my waist but i know it was a couple at least.

i haven't worn it every day since, but i have worn it and i definitely plan on incorporating into my daily attire as soon as i find a good fitting long line bra. In the mean time i'll make due with the bras that i have and wear it occasionally, it's worth it. i know that Master enjoyed it very much so for that alone, it's worth it for me me.

i felt sexier that night than i have felt in a long time, i wasn't really even wearing anything different that night as far as my skirt and blouse, but once i was dressed in my foundation garments, i put on higher heels, longer earrings and a touch more make up. Feeling sexy automatically makes you look sexy, that's just a fact, it's gotta be, right? haha

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What household chore do you hate to do the most?

i don't think i hate anything really, because i love having it all done. But if i had to choose something my least favorite task would probably be cleaning the bird cage, it's really time consuming and tedious. The other thing i dislike would be putting away the clothes after they are folded because there is never enough room for all the clothes!

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Friend me on Facebook! =)

i finally made a Facebook account that i would like to share here! So here's the link! If you have Facebook, please send me a friend request! i'll ask Master if He'll add the link to the side bar! Friend me! =)

MD's treasure

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Life Lessons

i picked up Life's Little Instruction Book again, just a few nights ago. Just to refresh my memory on the suggestions that the writer gave his son. There were parts of that book that i really found inspirational and i've always loved that book, so when i thought of it a week or so ago, i thought i'd look through it again. i'm glad i did because it's been a little dose of reality i think, that i need work, a lot of it.

Yesterday, we had our yard sale and the friends that i've really been struggling with came over. She had called earlier in the week and asked if they could come and "use our pool", interesting phrasing on that i thought, but i returned the call and said that it wasn't really in good shape. We've just had too much rain, but i would work hard this week to get it ready for the weekend and if they were coming to the city-wide yard sales, hopefully it would be ready for the weekend. Unfortunately, all it did all week was pour and the chemicals that i put into the pool went to waste and it's still not good for swimming. When they got here there was a telephone conversation where they planned their entire evening of a cookout and the entire meal, fishing and fun, all of which in years past, every single Saturday night, we would have been included. There is no way that anyone can tell me that phone call wasn't strategically planned to take place in our garage at that exact time. When she hung up the phone she announced to her children that they had to run back into town for their company who would be joining them for dinner, for a beverage for him. They finished looking around at our yard sale items and i was no longer able to face them or look them in the eye. They said their goodbyes to Master and i and i was looking out the back window of the garage and said nothing but "bye".

The very second they were safely behind a closed car door, i burst into tears. i am just not used to that kind of senseless horrible treatment and i don't know what we did wrong, if anything. i couldn't say anything more than "bye" because i would have completely fallen apart in front of them and that would have been more trouble and caused a scene that they most likely wouldn't even have understood how hurt i was.

Here is where the book comes into play. "Be kinder than necessary". i was rude. i was less than kind, when they asked me about the pool, i was curt, and when they said good bye i barely spoke. i was NOT the bigger person and i was just down right nasty. Whether or not i was hurt, does that give me the right to be rude? No, i don't think it does. Should i shower them with kindness? i think i should still be kind and courteous, yes. i don't really live my life with that whole, WWJD, thing, i am just trying to do the right thing in my mind.. wwid, what would i do? i am the only one whose conscience i have to answer to. i figure if i am right with God then i should be doing as He would want me to do.

Last night Master said that i probably won't have to worry about them asking about the pool again because i was rude. i am more upset about being rude to them than how much they hurt me, but i have to forgive myself for that. i have to remember that i too am human and i was hurting, it doesn't make it right but i do have to forgive myself.

It's hard for Master to allow me to let someone walk all over me, be it a "friend", a family member, anyone really. Being the Master of my fate, He is the One who wants control of when i do or don't cry or when i do or don't feel pain physical or mental. Seeing me submit to someone else even in the slightest way, even if it's help in the kitchen, i think is difficult for Him, this is even harder.

i am glad i picked up that book again, there are so many life lessons to learn, that is only one tiny one.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Party Animals

This is the third time i have started a post now for the blog, i hope this one gets finished and posted! hehe This has been a long and busy week and i'm all tuckered out sitting here typing this. We worked on our yard sale this week and it was so hot today that we didn't have a very good turn out. This spring when we had one even though it was bitter cold we didn't have 30 seconds where we didn't have 5 people in our garage this year we would go 5 minutes between customers. People shopped late into the day this past spring too, even though it was bitter cold, i guess cold doesn't effect people as much as the heat.

Master said He didn't care what we sold but that nothing was going back into the house so now we can pack everything back up and call someone to haul it away! i just know i don't want that stuff back either hahaha! =)

We don't have anything planned for the night we got almost no sleep the past two nights so we'll scrounge around for some sort of supper tonight and probably spend the night in bed watching TV and pass out. Pretty amazing Saturday night huh? Sometimes we're such party animals there is no stopping us! We'll make up for it tomorrow once we're rested, i'm sure!

Peace to you and yours,

Have a wonderful Saturday night.

MD's treasure

Sunday, August 08, 2010

What's your biggest phobia?

This is a very long response because it's a difficult one for me to answer. i am afraid of a lot of things, i don't like bats but i have gotten past it some. i didn't know that i had claustrophobia until i had an MRI when i was about 29 years old but since then Master has really forced me to get over that a lot with the hood. i don't have any trouble when He puts me in the box, even if i'm all chained up or cuffed and tied. The biggest thing was the hood and i'm able to talk myself down and take slow breaths. Master just doesn't accept claustrophobia as being "real" no matter what i say or how much data there is. The first time He put the hood on me i completely went haywire and it was a disaster, since then He has given me no choice but to work through my fears.

i believe my biggest fear is that of not being able to breath, it comes from having asthma. i was born with it and even though i have all but outgrown it, only having a flair when i have a cold, not being able to breath cool air or get a deep cool breath is frightening. If i can feel cool air from somewhere, i can calm down, otherwise i do tend to panic. That isn't something that i've been able to overcome yet. i'm not sure how i'll get over that one. But as the saying goes, practice makes perfect! =)

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In The Good Ole' Summer Time!

Friday night Master and i went to a local Baseball game and we had a really good time. The weather cooperated and it wasn't even too terribly hot outside. Our seats were good as long as we paid attention! It seemed like we were in foul ball alley! But Master said that no matter were you sit at a baseball game, as soon as you buy that ticket you're buying a commitment to pay attention to every single at bat and to pay attention to where the ball goes. He's totally right about it too as i could easily see how someone could get seriously injured if they weren't watching, every time someone was at bat.

You can't go to a baseball game and not have a hot dog, so Master got us each a hot dog! The best part about the game, or so i thought was pretty much between every 1/2 inning, they did something. Some little activity or contest give-away. The best thing about the night we went, the Zoo-perstars where there! From America's Got Talent last year. They were really fun and funny, too! They were there throughout the whole game and made it even more fun. At the end of the game there was the MOST spectacular fireworks display i've ever seen. Toward the end Master and i were like alright-already enough LOL. Seriously it went on for only 20 minutes or so but it was so much so fast that it was intense. Amazing though, truly.

Once we finally got home it was really late because we went grocery shopping after the game. i was pretty tired from the game and then shopping. i wore a newer pair of heels that both Master and i both loved! They are strappy leather sandals that have a wooden soul and heel. The heels have a 4 3/4 inch heel with a 3/4 inch platform. Another thing that i love about these shoes is the thicker straps, they didn't cut into the back of my heels or into my foot anywhere at all. They were a comfortable fit no matter where i was walking, up and down stairs or just on regular terrain. They were great all night, even for a long night, they did great.

i did notice that after being in those shoes for several hours and after walking around the entire baseball diamond and then grocery shopping, the bone in my foot or bunion was particularly red that night and next day. From anything i have read, that is to be expected. The last two days i have worn a 3 inch heel (which by the way i nearly feel is cheating) and the redness nearly goes away.

Tonight Master and i grilled out supper and while we were grilling His Mom and Dad showed up to give us some cucumbers. (that reminds me to ask Him where those are!) Anyway, i asked Master what they would do someday if they just showed up and we were skinny dipping!!! They NEVER call, they just show up. Master asks them every single time they show up without notice why they didn't call before they came and they say the same thing, that it would have been okay if we hadn't been home, they were just out for a drive...etc. But it's NOT okay if they just show up because they might catch us in the middle of something that Master just can't walk away from. They don't understand and we can't explain it to them in detail hahaha. All we can do is BEG them to call before they come over and they refuse to call. The phone rang when i went in the house to turn the stove on and she said, "aren't you in the back yard??? We've been yelling over your fence!" rofl. So now we're back at our computer finishing up a few things before He'll let me go veg in front of the TV! =)

i hope everyone had a great weekend.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Exciting, Fun... nervous? =)

Master decided a while ago that if He enjoys seeing me in my girdle, stockings and high heels that He was certain others would too so He has started making clips, longer and shorter ones of me. Things that are just part of my daily routine but things that others might look at as "out of the norm", to be done in 4inch heels.

This is a whole new venture for us, Him putting me out there for others to see. We've never shown my face before and in so much as it hasn't been a major decision not to, now it's a decision we've made that we *will* show my face as well as just about every other part of me. He's already made clips out of the piercing video He took when He just did the labia piercings a few months back.

Master made an excellent point one night when we talked about it and He made the final decision, He said anyone that finds these clips or finds my blog, we'll learn something about them too. If that person wants to confront us, then they'll have to come out with where they saw me and or the video clip. So it'll be a double edged sword.

It's been something fun and exciting for Master and i because it's an opportunity for us to show how we live our life on a daily basis. Nothing fancy or anything different from our daily routine, it's just giving us a chance to show the inside life as Master and slave. The sometimes mundane sometimes erotic sometimes silly (often silly) life that we've come to truly love. So for us, it's just another leg on this journey of our life together. One that we're enjoying so far and we hope that if you decide to join us on it, we hope that you enjoy it too! Our store will be opening soon and when it does, we'll post a link to it on the blog, it's very amateur as it's just us, being us! hehehehe!

Peace to you and yours, i hope everyone is staying cool! It's been so hot here lately i can't imagine living in a southern state! Stay Cool!

MD's treasure

What's one food you'll never eat again?

i can't say never about anything anymore especially since i'm not in control of my life, what i do and don't put in my body. If it were up to me i wouldn't ever eat brussle sprouts again though, i HATE them! =p

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Mind Games

Master and i went to an annual city carnival yesterday, it's very small but it was okay. It's a River Front carnival but this year due to rising waters they couldn't even have it on the river, they had to have it somewhere else in the city so it was a bit odd. It was alright though, we had our corn dogs and Master bought be a funnel cake, that i ate way too much of but it was good, i'm just glad that fair and carnival season only comes around a short time of the year.

We've talked about going to nearby fairs as well but there aren't any this year that we've said we just absolutely have to go to. We love to go but they are expensive and hot but we really love to go, just because it's tradition!

Last night we watched a couple of movies both of them really quite good for what they were. We watched GI Joe and it was no Academy award winner but it was definitely fun. The other was Extreme Measures, this movie was really something. If you've never heard about it or seen it, it's really one to see. It's about a father who goes above and beyond to save his children's lives. It's a true story as well.

i watched both movies in regular handcuffs, something a few years ago, would have been difficult for me, to sit 5 hours in cuffs, even cuffed in front. Much of the time i am in leather ankle and wrist cuffs, the regular cuffs add a way different feel to the mood for me. i am never cozy lol but at least now i am not in pain nor do i feel as though i am being punished. It's just a different form a restrain. i used to feel as though when those went on, i was immediately in trouble and being punished because they hurt so badly. Now because the pain is gone, the feeling of punishment is gone as well. Now i am able to just sit in the metal cuffs knowing i am being restrained for His pleasure, the same as with the leather cuffs and for no other reason. Mind games, of course, they are all in my mind! haha

i am going to get off here and try to see about getting the dog's hair trimmed up a bit, it's really hot outside and he's pretty miserable.

i hope you're all having a good weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure