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Thursday, August 30, 2012

On The Spot

Last Saturday Master and i were walking out of His Mom's room at the nursing home and a nurse called way down the hall, "can I ask a personal question?".  She was so far away that i wasn't positive she was talking to me.  Someone else even answered her because she was closer to them than she was to me, but i was pretty sure she was talking to me, so when we got a bit closer i said, that she could ask me whatever she liked.  She drew some attention to herself, and to me because she was so boisterous, however. 

Once Master and i approached the nurses station where she and a couple of other nurses were, she hit me with what i was pretty sure was coming: "Why are you always dressed up?"  i wasn't at all shocked by her question and all of them looked particularly intrigued as they waited for me to answer.  The first thing i said was, i have no pants and i really couldn't tell you the last time i wore pants.  There's just nothing that can't be done in a skirt or dress and i went on to explain some of the particulars of comfort and coolness in the summertime and how a skirt can keep you deceptively warm in the winter.

The topic shifted naturally to shoes and then the cost of clothing.  i was quick to tell them that we rarely (if ever) pay more than $20 for a pair of shoes or any article of clothing.  If i find a dress i like, i wait until i goes on sale, or i don't get it.  No name brand is worth the money.  When i walk, i can't see the red on the bottom of that shoe anyway! =p During our conversation, of course i would refer to Master for things like where we buy things or how much we pay for items.  i was clear that Master buys all of my clothes and at one point of them said "He'd have to know all your sizes" i said "There's nothing He doesn't know about me".

We had a great conversation with those nurses but the interesting part about it for me was, i was able to offer solutions to every concern the original gal asked.  She continued to say she was a "tom boy" but my suggestion was to start with long flowing skirts, nothing too revealing and go from there.  i don't expect to see her in a skirt the next time we see her, but it would be great to hear that she wore a skirt or dress to a family function.  More than anything, i love that she asked.

On Tuesday Master and i were walking into Bed Bath and Beyond and before we even got into the store (the glass doors were still opening and closing) a greeter (i assume) was so excited, it was almost comical.  She called out to me, I LOVE YOUR DRESS!  Really, anyone at the front of the store could have heard her.  Then, because i wear my sunglasses pushed to the top of my head when we're inside, she said, "Oh my gosh, your earrings! they are awesome too!!!" She even called another clerk over to look at them, at this point, i'm a spectacle.

There were two ways to play it though, get embarrassed and sink inside myself, which would have been really easy or give Master some credit and show people in a small way how we live. i chose the latter.  She asked me what most people ask when they like something, where did i get my dress.... i don't usually know because a) i have forgotten or b) Master has made the purchase.  This time, i had forgotten so i just looked at Master for the answer.  So we chatted about my dress for a bit.  Then we moved on to my earrings and of course "where did you get them?"... again... looking at Master because they were a Christmas present that much i remember.  Master wasn't sure but He took a stab in the dark.

Then both clerks said something to the tune of Master having great taste and i said, that i was pretty sure He purchased every single item i was wearing at the moment. 

i am so happy that people see me as approachable.  i've always welcomed questions and comments and it's not as hard to ask via the internetz.  But in person it's a much bigger leap of faith, i have to give them thumbs up for stopping me, i hope i get more of them. 

i hope all is well in blog land!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Each Other

Sometimes the best cure for a bad mood is.... 

Master had a pretty upsetting time with His dad at the nursing home last night.  Lately it's just been pretty rough with Master's Mom being in the nursing and the uncertainty of the future is nerve wracking, for everyone.  It's really hard on those of us who have spent the most time with her, in the past several years we saw them or spoke to them several times a week.  Everyone's world has been tipped on it's ear.  Most especially hers.  She's the one who seems to be taking everything in stride though, she's a trooper!

So when we left the nursing home, Master was really quiet.  i heated up some home made pizza (that Master made) and i added some veggie pizza to it that i threw together with whatever i found in the frig!  We just sat in front of the TV and slowly, the day started to peel off of Master, like an onion.  Master was surrounded by His favorite things and He had everything He needed.

i didn't try to get Him out of His bad mood i just knew that if i did all the right things hopefully the day would melt away.  The night went on perfectly, we watched some of our favorite shows, and i could even see Him relaxing.  Honestly, by me "doing" all the right things meant i wasn't really doing anything.

Like most nights it was very late and i was still dressed but last night the room was very hot and i wasn't sure if we were finished with TV.  i'm not allowed to get ready for bed unless we're done with TV.  i asked if i would be allowed to get undressed though, i was quite uncomfortably hot and Master patted the bed near Him.  That of course meant "no", come here instead and stay dressed.  i did as Master said and ignored the fact that i was sick to my stomach from the heat, i knew it would pass and it wasn't that hot in there, i just had a lot of clothes on at the time.  Master loves the feel of a silky slip, stockings and a garter strap.  He even asked me if i had been so industrious to have already fixed my garter strap from the previous day.  Unfortunately no, i hadn't.  i was wearing an old foundation garment that had all the garter straps intact... sort of haha, they've all been mended!

As warm as i was Master was intent on getting me warmer or... hotter.  He was spreading my legs and fingering me lightly.  For the briefest moment it's almost something i'm not sure i love or hate, to be so lightly touched it hurts or feels wonderful.  It only lasts a second until the question is gone and Master is able to touch me just perfectly.  Soon, Master told me to take off everything but my bra and i was so thrilled to be cooler.  It wasn't long once i was back on the bed near Him, under His soft touch again that He had me asking permission to cum.

Master had me climb on top of Him and tuck my feet far underneath His legs.  We stayed like that for a long time, just rocking.  i rode Him like that as long as i could until it started to become uncomfortable.  We finished off the night with Master on top of me, it was a great way to end the night.

i think sometimes the only thing you need to get out of a bad mood, is each other. 

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Lovely Day

Master had a doctor appointment yesterday morning, out of town.  It's only an hour away but when you consider the time i need to get ready and get all the animals fed and driving time, it ends up being a fairly early day.  Even though we ran into some pretty major construction, which could have held us up for a really long time, we were lucky and got to the appointment about 7 minutes late.  The receptionist didn't even blink an eye when Master said He was sorry about being late.  So He had His appointment, everything went well and we were out of there in no time.

Master grabbed a park and rec guide from the doctors office, we found a really pretty park that we planned on going to later in the day.  For now though it was time to do a little shopping.  For Master and i it's more about finding that one diamond in the rough than about quantity, unless we're at Goodwill!  Yesterday, that diamond was at TJMaxx.  Master found an adorable pair of black and maroon velvet pumps with a very square/block heel, for $7.00, that He'll keep for Christmas.  More often than not at TJMaxx they say their shoes are on clearance but they are priced at $39 or around there.  i was pleasantly surprised with these shoes at this price, for sure.

We made two stops at Goodwill yesterday as this town has two different stores.  Now i'm looking for fall/winter dresses and i'm trying to be picky.  The last thing i need are more things to clutter my closet.  So that's what we were, picky.  We left the first store with one dress and the second store with three.  Interesting that the Goodwill in our hometown has an exceptional selection on dresses and skirts, i always do better here at home than anywhere else.  But we check at in almost every town we visit.  Tuesday's at many Goodwill stores are pink sticker items are a quarter.  Unfortunately, i wasn't able to find anything for a quarter, but i'll keep trying! =)

Master also took me to Gordmans along our journey.  It's a bit like TJMaxx only i'm a bit more partial to Gordmans.  We (actually He) tried out some cologne for me.  i have been trying to find something that i am able to wear.  It's a bit of a challenge because the only way to know if i'm able to wear a perfume is put it on and wait and see how if there is an adverse reaction with my head.  If not, then it's a go!  So Master tried one, told me if He liked the smell.  We found one that He liked and it was by a maker that i had worn before.  That's the one He got me and the price was right!  With the discount card it was under $6.  Yay!  Usually if i've worn something by one maker before i'm safe.  >crosses fingers<

Sometime earlier in the day, Master and i were walking through a store and i thought my right stocking felt like the garter had given way or the stocking had ripped.  Of course i couldn't look right there in the store so i just had to wait until i could use the restroom or get to a fitting room.  Once i was in the fitting room, i lifted my skirt to see that my whole garter was literally hanging by an elastic thread that had stretched about 4 inches.  That's the only reason my stocking had fallen completely.  Thank goodness because my skirt was pretty short and i would have looked ridiculous, walking through the store and have my stocking fall to my ankle!  Unfortunately i had to go the rest of the day with no stockings.

Once we were done shopping, we went to Culvers and took a concrete mixer to the park that Master had looked up earlier in the day.  We went exploring and Master even let me swing on the park swing!  We had an awesome time looking around park!

It was a terrific day and Master made it a wonderful day! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, August 17, 2012

Old Habits, Exit Stage Left

There just aren't a lot of things anymore in our relationship that aren't under Master's control.  Over the years slowly but surely either with Master's insistence, due to need or at times through my own suggestion, daily activities become rules that i must ask for.  Things so mundane as asking to eat or use the restroom, to changing clothing from one thing to another or getting undressed altogether.  Some things are just regular exchanges between couples that we've put into place as rules.  Such as health concerns or medicinal needs, especially if it's for pain.  Some couples talk about money before it's spend, in our house, i spend no money without Master's approval.  As in, not one dime without His say so.  i usually have a couple of dollars in my wallet (sometimes more if i have just cleaned for His parents) and i always have resources for emergencies but i never spend a penny.

As with anyone, i am a creature of habit.  With these rules in place for so long, i have  become lackadaisical about asking for things.  Master has long since despised talking from room to room and told me many times that if i want something that i should come to Him and ask.  i've also mentioned how presumtuious i can be about asking for things, with my hand on the bathroom door knob as i'm asking to use the restroom.  The thing is, asking His permission to do whatever it is i want to do, if it's to get undressed and wear something different or have something to eat.  In most cases those aren't "favors", i don't have to earn the right to eat or use the restroom.  He simply wants me to learn how to ask Him in a more submissive way. 

The more i thought about it, the more i knew He was right.  Yelling down the hallway if we could stop at Goodwill on the way into town is no more submissive than a Foreman barking orders at a gravel pit.  Yet i'm sure i would be surprised if He said "no" just off the cuff, without telling me why.  (i always have to know why!)  i'm not a brat, i don't think so anyway, i just love an explanation.  Maybe i am a brat and need a slap across the face.  i hope not i hate getting slapped in the face. =/

Anyway, Master blindfolded me last night, cuffed me, leashed me and told me to kneel beside the bed.  He said that from now on i would do one of two things when asking for something: i would come to Him, kiss or just hug Him (i would be touching Him in some way) and properly ask for whatever it was i needed at the time.  If that wasn't appropriate, i could also come to Him and kneel and properly ask Him for whatever it was i needed. 

There are a lot of things this will help me with but the main thing is, i think it will just help me to remember my place a bit more.  It should all but eliminate the room to room talking.  One thing i know i am going to need to do is "bundle" my needs and wants or Master will lose patience with me in a heart beat.  It will force me to be a bit more prepared and hopefully think ahead.

Once i was clear on His expectations i gave Master a blow job.  Master had used the Mindfold on me last night and it's one of the better blindfolds in my opinion.  It's the darkest and most pliable.  The best thing about that blindfold is that you can do just about anything and you still can't see, it just lets in almost zero light.  One of the first things i said to Master was how much i loved the way He smelled as i was sucking His cock.  Normally i don't focus on that at all but with the mindfold on, i wasn't focused on anything else but the smell of His cock and sound of His voice.  It was a different and awesome experience simply because of the pitch dark. 

i better get scooting.  Master was working outside today so i brought the computer outside.  What an amazing day to be outside!  i just don't want to finish out the rest of our day as it means going to work!  This part has been terrific though!

Have an wonderful Friday!

MD's treasure

Monday, August 13, 2012

Nominations, Goin' Old School

The bloggers i am going to nominate for the Top 100 Sex Bloggers this time have been writing since Christ was a Choirboy.  In other words, they've all been writing for a long time and i think they've earned the nomination in a big way!

lunaKM :  luna has inspired countless BBW's to embrace their bodies and help see themselves as sexual creatures.  luna has shown us that sex and sexy are everywhere if you're willing to accept yourself for who you are.

Yes Master:  You can find it all here, family, cooking, animals, humor but what i can't forget is how hot her scenes are with her Master.  They aren't every day or sometimes every week, but when they happen, look-out!  Her dedication to her Master in itself is just plain freekin' hot to me.  Plus she's just an awesome friend.

Paw Prints in Slavery: i don't know anyone who writes with more candor than she does.  When i open up this journal i feel like i'm sitting face to face with the author and she's tearing my clothes off every time i open the page.  No matter what she's saying, i can hear her talking in the deepest sexiest voice.  i don't care what her voice really sounds like, that's what i hear.  She's just amazing.

Under His Hand:  Kaya's like a magnet that keeps people drawn to her, you can't help but feel as though you're sitting across the table from her actually listening to her tell you a story.  Her level of masochism and the exchanges she and her Master have had are undeniably some of the most intense i've ever read about.  i love the passion.

Those are the last of my nominations.  They may not all be "sex bloggers" but they are certainly sexy in and of themselves and deserve a shout out!  If you agree, please give them a nomination as well!! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, August 06, 2012

Top 100 Sex Bloggers

This is the time of year when people can go and vote for the top 100 Sex Bloggers!  Last year i put in a few nominations and i'll do the same this year.  i think i'll nominate a few more than i did last year but here are a few to start!  They are in no particular order.... Except maybe number one! =p

1. The Sub Mission~ if you've never been to her blog you are seriously missing out.  She's a riot, she's unbelievably hot and she's got fun written all over her. 

2. Journey to the Darkside~  Every single post is interesting and i am never disappointed when i click off their blog.  They've been on this list for many years and it's well deserved.

3. Owned Collared Loved~  i love how Bre is honest with her all her successes and struggles.  She offers support on so many other blogs, her comments couldn't be more positive or uplifting, i love that about her.  She's also crazy hot and posts awesome pics. =)

4. Spiritual BDSM~ Micheal and Serafina have such a wonderful, sexy chemistry, while they don't write as a team, their posts often compliment each other.

5. danaewhispering~ She's been around longer than most but that's not what makes her blog wonderful.  Danae is soft, easy and just as gentle as her name implies. She's incredible sexual and undeniably provocative.   

So that's all for now, there will be a few more added to my list but for now, for anyone that's curious, those are my first nominations.

MD's treasure

Formspring Question

For us attire lovers, would you please describe your daily clothing & shoes?  Would really appreciate that.  Thanks!

Sure and thank you for the question!  Several years ago Master wrote out a set of rules for me to follow, one of which included my standard daily attire.  It has changed some since then, but i'll post it here and then tell you how things have progressed or changed since then.

Here's the rule: #31 your standard daily attire will consist of stockings (pantyhose with permission only), foundation garment/brassiere or AIO, skirt/blouse or dress, slip, heels of 2” minimum, non-granny earrings, rings (wedding minimum) and of course My nipple and labia rings. you may wear panties (for now) unless told otherwise. you will never deviate from this without explicit permission, and you may ask to deviate from it only with very good reason.

Firstly, you'll notice Master mentions a skirt or dress, for the most part i have moved primarily to dresses as that was His goal all along.  That's not to say that i never wear skirts, i certainly do wear skirts as i have some that are very lovely.  Quite a few years ago Master told me that i may no longer wear panties unless it's my time of the month.  So that part of the rule is no longer pertinent.

There are other areas that are not mentioned in this rule as well.  In the summertime in extreme heat Master will at times have me remove my stockings when we are working outside and i will also wear flats when we are doing manual labor.  For example lately we've been preparing a garden for rock, when it comes time to shovel that rock, it will be up to Master to decide how i am to dress for that activity.  There is a chance He may have me in my normal attire of course. =)

So in short, my normal daily attire on a typical day ; Master's Collar, brassiere, girdle, slip, stockings, dress or skirt and blouse.  Heels, some type of dangling earrings, wedding rings and nipple rings. The inner labia rings had to be removed due to major tearing.  Master's plan is that some day i'll have new outer labia rings.  =)

As for my shoes, that totally depends on the day and what we're going to do.  As i mentioned if we're working outside, then Master will decide that my feet must be completely covered and He'll decide on a more work appropriate shoe.  However, if we're staying inside or spending our day having a casual day then i'll wear the shoes i am used to!  Those shoes can be a wedge, a pump, a cute summer sandal, you name it.  Saturday i wore an adorable pair of red patten leather wedges out shopping and to see Master's Mom in the nursing home.

i have over 160 pairs of shoes to choose from so i rarely have a hard time finding a shoe to wear.

Thanks again for the question, i hope you enjoyed the answer!

MD's treasure

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Feelin' Randy

It seems like i write here a lot more than i do, because i think about this blog all the time.  Then i go to post and i'm shocked to see i haven't written for days.  When Master and i are out (and believe me, we've been out a lot lately) i think of things that i should write about or say on here.  Then we get home and it's all faded away.  It wouldn't matter if i jotted it down at the time because the spark is really gone.  i also read things on line but then we've got to go and i just can't sit and write about it at the time.  Anyway, here i am writing about everything i didn't write about, silly i know.

The point of that all being, i miss being here, i miss writing and most of all i am a bit ashamed of myself for not keeping in better communication with my friends on here.  There's a sense of responsibility of sorts that i believe i've established with our readers and i want you all to know i wish i could pop on here much more than i do at this time.  my hope is that things will slow down, i'm not sure i see that changing in the near future but that's always my hope! =-)

Master's Mom has been placed in a local nursing home for therapy and all that encompasses.  With all hope, she will make great strides to a full recovery.  She has a long way to go to make that happen, however.  Her stroke was pretty severe and there's no telling how much function she'll get back.  We remain very positive, of course and it's very early in her recovery.

Master and i are having the rest of the family over for supper tonight.  One, to thank Master's brother in law for delivering 11 tons of rock to us this past week and two, just to give Master's Dad a place to be with the family and zone out for a while.  He needs that, i think. This is so hard on him, to see his wife like this and even though she can't be here with all of us, it's nice for him to be able to be with his kids and just have a nice meal.

Poor Master, He's been "neglected" as well.  The other night we were coming home from who knows where and He said He was feeling quite "randy" haha... but we've been working so hard that He fell asleep before either one of us could take advantage of His "randiness" !!! hahaha!  i've never seen Him fall asleep so early so many days in a row.  Today He's going to be outside shoveling rock again and i hope to have time to get out there and help Him.  Either way, He deserves a very wonderful blow job, it's just been too long.  He's likely to say 3 or 4 hours has been too long. HA!  Unfortunately who knows just how tired we'll both be after today as well. 

So i am just now sitting down to finish this post after many, many hours of walking away from the computer.  i knew if i walked away when i did, this would happen.  We had a good day but i'm exhausted as i usually am after having everyone here for a meal.  Master wanted to make shish-kabobs and while they are fun to eat, they are about the biggest pain in the butt ever to make.  He helped me put them together and i am very grateful He did because even with the two of us working on them, it still took us an hour.  They turned out very well and Master did a wonderful job on the grilling!  Everyone thought they were amazing, and they really were.  We marinated the chicken in teriyaki sauce and you could taste just a hint of it, i thought it was perfect. 

Well, it's been a long day and i better get this posted so Master and i can go lounge in front of the tellie.

i hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure