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Sunday, March 28, 2010

On the mend

i called M's mom on her cell phone yesterday afternoon, not knowing who would answer and she did. Sounding pretty chipper and i asked when they thought they would let her go home. She said, "oh I'm home, I've been home for a few hours". i don't suppose it would have dawned on her to call us and tell us. The funny thing is, everyone but us knew she was home, even Master's sister who had been up to see her for a grand total of 45 minutes the whole time she was in the hospital. Yet she couldn't bother to call us and let us know.

i am happy to say that she does sound better and she was up walking around but she's not super steady. As with all hospitals these days, i think they sent her home too early but i know they don't have much of a choice. She could have used some therapy to get some strength back but i'm not sure she would have qualified for it. Anyway, she's home and i just hope she keeps getting better.

Master and i watched our first Blu-ray movie last night on the new TV. It was really nice and the movie was good. Turns out it was scary but one of those sort of scary real life things, we watched 2012 and there are a few people who think it could happen. Thankfully the more i listened the less frightened i became because the men who were trying to scare the crap out of us seemed to be trying to do just that, scare everyone to death.

The TV itself is amazing and i know that we'll have a lot of fun watching movies and playing video games down there now, i'm not sure if it's any warmer, it might be with the new ceiling. i know it looks warmer and has a lot more cozy feel to the room. It will look amazing once it's totally done and M's got the light fixture/fan put up. i'm anxious to see it completely finished.

That's about all i've got for today, not much else is going on, i hope everyone has a great Sunday.

MD's treasure

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Please think good thoughts!

i supposed the biggest news is that Master's Mom is in the hospital. She's had something neurological go wrong, they just aren't sure exactly what happened. The general consensus is she missed some medicine and it could have brought on some major confusion and prompted some TIA's or mini strokes. The very hardest part about this is the fact that she points the finger at M's Dad saying that he is the one forgetting things and he's the one that isn't telling her things. Even though she knows she is confused she is trying to blame stuff on her husband and turn things around to blame on him. He is really patient with her, more patient that i can even imagine.

The other night she had a terrible reaction and became combative and started screaming at M's Dad. That was able all he could handle and even talking about a couple days later was very hard for him. i just hope that the doctors are able to get this sorted out for her. She has a great team of doctors working on her, no matter how incompetent she thinks they are, she can think whatever she wants, the hospitals record speaks for itself.

i did too much last week and was pretty much laid up all this week with a really bad back. i am much better the last couple days now but i did a little too much yesterday and paying for it today. That's what always happens, i start feeling better and do too much. If i keep doing that i will never get better, i have to start out really slow.

i don't think we have anything planned for the rest of the day, if Master's Mom is in the hospital tomorrow we may go up there again. We'll just see what's going on tomorrow, the talk was to let her go home soon and i really hope they don't. She's not ready and M's dad isn't ready to have her home.

i hope everyone has a nice weekend.

MD's treasure

Sunday, March 21, 2010

On a mission, to keep everyone awake!

So Master is on a mission to get this ceiling hung. As soon as He gets the ceiling hung He can get the TV and stuff set up. That being said, He kept everyone up hammering and drilling pilot holes and screwing in screws and whatever else He was doing until after 5am. zzzzhuhwha? So now i have to clean up the house and make supper for His Mom and Dad because they are coming over tonight so His Dad can give Him a hand again just holding some of the runners. i'm pretty much useless right now, i can walk erect and do chores very slowly but that's the extent of my usefulness. i messed up my back in a huge way, everyone around me just waits for me to move wrong and do that groaning screaming thing that i do when my whole back spasms up lol. i have had this before but not quite this intense but i just don't want to go to the doctor and have him send me to therapy for a stupid pulled muscle, this is getting ridiculous. i don't know anyone who can't just work out a sore muscle, it just doesn't make any sense why i would need to go to therapy for this when it happens.

my new washing machine is pretty amazing, it has this thing called a quiet wash and you seriously can't tell it's washing even if you're standing just a few feet from it. All you can hear is the water sloshing about. The only time you can really hear it is when it's spinning so i am going to have to get used to the wash times so i know when to go down and change the clothes around cause i can't listen for it to be done lol. Pretty stupid to be so excited about a washing machine huh?

It's a good thing that Master's Dad and Mom aren't very observant, that's all i can say. They went down to look at the nearly completed bed and neither one of them said a word or inquired about the eye bolts or O rings that are strategically placed all over this bed. There aren't just one or two bolts either, there are MANY it's actually amazing that they didn't at least ask what they were going to be used for. Once the bed is up and in place the bed skirt, quilt, canopy curtains and pillows will cover almost every single thing but in the building process there is no way to cover anything. Master's Dad even laid on it and still never mentioned a word about all the attachment points, boggling. The D rings on the bottom frame aren't on yet, to my knowledge but i am sure that wouldn't make a difference. But they are quite large, so they may have been noticed.

Well Master's Mom just called asking about dinner tonight so i guess i should get moving and do something productive.

Have a good Sunday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, March 19, 2010

Out with the old, in with the new!

Today is a banner day for me. This afternoon between 3 and pm i am getting my new washing machine. No more self spin cycles and sticking my arms in a spinning machine to make it continue to spin. No more running down twice each load to make sure it keeps spinning, no more burnt rubber smell after every single load is finished! Just a normal washing machine! YaY! Our old one was a trooper, it hung on longer than we had hoped and we put it through the "wringer" lol pun intended.

Master is pretty much finished with the bed as soon as He has it sanded i can start staining it. i'm going to try to stain it, that is. Seeing that we didn't get the soy stain that i had hoped to get the smell may be hard on my head. We'll have fans running and it's been really nice outside so we'll be able to have the house open but that doesn't help too much when we're in the basement. It just means that the smell escapes upstairs sooner. Anyway, we'll just see how it goes and if i need to take breaks or Master helps, we'll get it done. He stained the whole DVD rack and He was planning on doing the whole bed until i asked if i could help.

Now that the bed is done i have a lot of work to do to get the bedroom ready to move the furniture around and make room for the bigger bed. We're going to get a few tubs to store some clothes and i believe that we're going to have a huge yard sale this spring. If we do that we will really be able to down size, just being able to get rid of some clothes will be nice for me. i have a lot of clothes that i just never wear that are too big for me now and that i know i'll never wear. i don't even care if they sell, i'll just be glad to get rid of them and if someone can use them, that's even better. Master has wanted me to learn how to do some kind of sewing for ages, i can pretty much just sew on a button and mend a hole. That's about the extent of my sewing abilities. We have a little hand held thing that is good for, not much. When i was young i made a bunch of pillows, something i know i can do again and i need pillows for this bed. i know what i want and sadly i can't find what i want for anything less than a pretty penny. The initial investment would be more than the pillows would cost but i could then make curtains, not drapes. i don't think that i would be able to tackle anything like that and make it look good. i'm also not sure about clothes that is just a craft that takes years to perfect. Being able to make other crafty things though might be worth it, i'll have to look into it more, the one that i was looking at seemed to get really good reviews.

Master isn't really that picky about my hair as long as i don't cut it. i can have it trimmed under very close supervision and when i say trimmed i mean, like 1/2 an inch, just so it will continue to grow. He's always let me color it whatever color i want to only mildly saying that He thought it was all very stupid. i haven't colored my hair for ages but it was time, so i bought the same color i always do. Yesterday i colored my hair and it came out.... red. NOT the same color i always color it. *sigh*. i don't really care i was just a little worried that Master might look at me and go... ewww, lol. But He didn't care He just said that He thinks it's all stupid LOL. Oh well, i guess i'll go red for a bit haha.

Anyway, i guess i should get ready for my new washer! Happy Friday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Daylight what? haha

i just about blew it this week, i didn't even realize i hadn't written today until i went to log off my computer just now to go watch TV and thought, i wonder when i blogged today. hahaha oops. Master's parents just left a few minutes ago, i colored His Mom's hair tonight and they brought pizza down. Today we had sorta bigger plans that what turned out happening. We kinda sorta forgot about Daylight Savings time. So everything that we wanted to do, got done in a rush seeing that we always get a later start that we mean to lol.

i've messed up my back yet again and i thought yesterday i was really doing well until i picked up a thing of cat litter and all day today i've really been a mess. Coloring M's Mom's hair might not have been the best idea but i needed to get it done and now it's done for at least a few weeks. She does enough for me that i need to keep up on her hair, she doesn't ask much of us, at all. It's a very small thing.

Anyway, not much else, we stocked up on groceries and have everything put away. They just left and i think i need to try to rest my back for a bit. i just needed to jot down a little update on here before i signed off for the weekend.

i hope everyone had a good weekend.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The mystery package!

Pretty much all we've done this week is shop on line (well i've been browsing) Master's been doing the shopping. Master has been working on the bed and He's basically done with the main frame of it He just has to do the head board but He needs to get the rest of the materials before He can finish it. Menards has been out of the stuff He needs to finish it for like 2 weeks.

Once He's completely done building it, we can stain it and no, we didn't get the Soy Stain because no one around here sells that stain. The closest we came up with was Chicago and the guy that I spoke to on line wasn't at all interested in helping me out. So i wasn't interested in buying from his company. We did buy a really pretty dark cheery stain though, i hope it's as pretty on as it was in the little sample i put on when i tested it.

i never really remember how much i've written here, my sister was in the UK a few weeks ago, they were looking for a flat because they are staying there for a few months. She left this past Tuesday and now they are there, indefinitely. Probably five or six months but the notable thing she said "i sent you another package" and i'm always REALLY leery when she says that. She sends horrible things, like mashed up fortune cookies, smashed animal crackers... etc. The day before the package arrived i got an envelope of thumbtacks. But this one particular time i opened the package and there was an amazing pink patent leather wallet from Harrods!! That's the best thing, that it says Harrods on it lol. It's just really "foo foo" haha and i love it, she even put $1.25 in it, cause you can't send a wallet with no money! haha

Sadly my computer is doing very funky things and if i don't want to lose this post i have to hurry and post it before i lock up.

Peace to you and yours,
MD's treasure

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Projects and progress... it's slow

Yesterday i thought i would finally get the dogs hair cut out of the way. i got a set of doggie clippers for Christmas. The one and only time i ever trimmed his hair it was horrible. He's a handful on any normal day, let alone trying to cut his hair. Yesterday went remarkably well, all things considered. my "table" is a little too short though, i'm using the top of the chest freezer we have and sort of stooping for that long is just not a good time. But he looks like some might say some version of a Yorkie. i have to finish him today if there's any possible way he'll let me touch his feet, heh, right, i just don't have high hopes.

i love that HGTV channel, i watch it all the time when Master is doing something else. i saw on one of the episodes that they were using a Soy Stain, it's this totally organic stain virtually no odor and completely environmentally friendly. We've found it on line and we can order, in quantities of a gallon lol. We don't need anywhere near that much. The big super store home improvement stores who are supposed to know all the ins and outs haven't a clue, no one has even heard of it! It's pretty amazing how hard people 'don't' try sometimes. The awesome thing is, this stuff is no more expensive that regular stain, i think it might even be a little cheaper. If you're interested in checking it out, the name of the website we found is Timbersoy Natural Wood Stain. If we ever find where we can buy it from a retailer in a normal quantity i'll let ya know haha.

i better get busy, Master is wanting some help today on the bed frame. i'm not much help mostly He points and i look puzzled and He ends up doing most of what He wanted me to do, Himself. LOL

Have a happy Sunday!

MD's treasure

Friday, March 05, 2010

You chose a title!

i'd like to say we got a lot accomplished this week. i'd like to say that, but, i can't. Master and i have done a ton of measuring and planning for this new bed He's building but there have only been a few cuts made on the actual wood. There is a very good reason however. The height and placement of the bed and canopy has to really be pretty perfect or it will be too high and everything won't fit in our bedroom and/or the ceiling fan/light will be directly in the way of the canopy. There has been a ton to consider and many measurements to take.

M's Mom and Dad bought an RV, and she called yesterday saying she wanted to go to Florida. Reading between the lines that meant she wants to go to FL and she wants M and i to go with so M can drive the motor home. The place that she wants to go has exactly nothing to do, no shops, pretty much nothing. Taking into consideration we'd have no transportation once we got there, i'm not sure what we would really do. Then she called back and said that the other family member that she is thinking about following, said that the campground is completely booked up, due to spring break. i sort of thought it was a done deal, seeing that she's thinking about leaving in two weeks, people generally book vacations for spring break months in advance. Be that as it may, if there is some way that this trip does happen, i'm not sure what we'll do. She said she'd like to just go down there and relax and sit, she doesn't care if she does anything at all. We don't have to go to a theme park but a bit of civilization might be nice lolz. So we'll see what happens, it's very soon though, the 24th of this month.

Last night Master worked on my computer for about 6 hours, well he spent 6 hours planning to buy a new one and working on it. He tried one last thing and he got it to reboot. So as of now anyway we don't have to buy a new one. i still need a new one but we can hold off a little longer. It's been acting crazy for a long time but last night i pretty much thought it was a goner! He saved the day! =)

Today i'm devoted to being productive!!

Have a happy Friday.

MD's treasure