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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Home is where your Master is!

As usual Master went crazy this year with the Christmas gifts and it took quite a while for me to open all my gifts. i got several movies and books that i can’t wait to watch and read. i think together we got over 30 DVD’s. i got tons of little trinkets and earrings and as in years past, Master got me a Charming Tails. This year He got me two of them and they are both absolutely adorable. i have been collecting one every year that we have been together and they are something that i can’t wait to open!

It was a very slavelike Christmas around here this year. He bought me a new collar, it’s something that He’s been looking at for a very long time and this year He decided to splurge. i love it, no more changing from one collar to another for bed or showers and this is one that i won’t be taking off when we leave the house. He also got me a jeweled butt plug, it’s really pretty and heavy, but small. i haven’t been allowed to try out my favorite present yet but i’m sure it will be getting a lot of use!!! It’s a Hitachi Wand!!! i have been drooling over them for a very long time and it came as a complete surprise when i opened it. i had all but forgotten about it. He also broke His own rule this year and got me some of my favorite chocolates. (that are almost gone)

We had a pretty hectic couple days with going up to see my family Christmas eve and then getting home really late to open one gift from each other. We got up very early Christmas morning to go to church, then home to open all our gifts to each other. We were so tired we could have gone to bed and slept till the next morning, but we headed over to His parents house to celebrate with them. We had a very nice holiday all in all and it’s nice to get things back to normal. We spent a long time last night taking pictures of all our gifts and trying to regain some semblance of order in the house.

i had a bit of a revelation when we arrived at my sister’s house on Christmas Eve. The very minute we got there, i wanted to leave and go home. A small part of it was that i was worried about the driving conditions as there was a threat of ice and sleet coming that way. But like i said, that was a small part. The minute we got there, my sister irritated me. Her house looked like something out of Better Homes and Gardens, i can’t even begin to imagine what that dinner, food and decorations cost her. Her husband’s parents were there, so that meant that she had to put on her best show. Master made a funny yet slightly off color remark at dinner and you would have thought that she had been brought up in a bubble, never having heard such a remark in her life. GIVE ME A BREAK! She must forget that we were brought up in the same house with the same mother who has about as much class and decorum as lion on the prairie with it’s fresh kill. Again, it was all due to the fact that she wants to be seen as something that she isn’t: Rich and Royal. She and her husband have a little bit of money and whew….. what money can do to people…. it’s sad. So, my revelation was simply this: my home is with Master now. Yes, those people are my family and i love them very much, but Master and His family are my true family now. With that bit of information tucked in my cap, i can say that it’s a relief to me, i have found where i truly belong. In a small way, in the last four years i have been floating. Always wishing that i could be back home with my family and friends, yet loving my life here with Him. Now i know that this is my family and this is my home now.

It was awesome to spend a little time with my niece and nephew, i would have been completely thrilled if i could have just spent my time with them alone. But it was great to see them and catch up with them a bit. my niece is doing really well in college and had a great first semester. my nephew is struggling with his classes and seems to be on the five year plan. He has always wanted to be a Pathologist but he just doesn’t have the grades for it. i think he’ll end up becoming some kind of lab tech so he can still pursue his gruesome dreams of working with dead people. Whatever floats your boat!

When i talked to my sister the day after Christmas she told me that she and her husband spent the better part of Christmas day cleaning up from her bought of over drinking. Apparently she got sick all over the house and made quite a mess. She was pretty toasted when Master and i left and i’m sure she didn’t stop there. i think it’s rather comical that she wants to pretend to be all refined and pompous yet she gets trashed in front of her in-laws that she works so hard to fool. Again, whatever floats your boat.

i hope that everyone out there in blog land had a lovely and safe holiday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Master and i are as ready for Christmas as we’re going to get, i think. The gifts are wrapped and the presents for His family are already over at His parent’s house. i did a very little bit of baking the other day and that’s about all i’m going to do. i don’t want to wear myself out before the holiday and have nothing left when it gets here. So i think i’m about as prepared as i can be. It’s going to be a couple of hectic days with Master’s work schedule and going up to see my family for Christmas Eve. We will be getting up early on Christmas morning to go to church and then back home to open some gifts. Then we’ll head over to His parents to spend the day with them. Just about every day Master comes in with more packages and He swears that this is His last purchase, then the next day, here He comes again with more! He’s out of control!!! giggles He just loves to shop for Christmas!

i went with Him on the route yesterday and we had a very good day. We got a little stuck in a ditch but some angel came by with a big truck and chain and got us out in no time and we were back on our way with very little time lost. What could have been a huge pain turned into no big deal at all. The roads out where He delivers are pretty bad and very little plowing has been done out there, so it makes for some interesting driving!

my brother’s wife had a death in her family a couple days ago. Her brother had been quite ill and has had some pretty rough riding with his health the last few years, somehow he contracted Hepatitis C among some other very serious health issues and he passed away Tuesday morning. i feel bad for them because losing someone at any time of the year is hard but to lose someone at the holidays must make it all the more traumatic. It makes me really think about the blessing of having my mom with us this year as it was very touch and go with her just a few short months ago.

i had jury duty yesterday morning and we were all very happy to hear that as soon as the accused person heard that there was a jury waiting to hear his case, he pled guilty and we were all able to go home. Master was pretty upset that i was going to have to serve, but it worked out all right and i was still able to go with Him on the route yesterday. He was more than a little upset about the whole deal as He firmly believes that our justice system is a complete joke and wasn’t all that thrilled about me being a part of it. So, no harm done in this case and i was able to go back to my normal humdrum life without having to spend much time in “jury hell”.

It’s all Christmas, Christmas, Christmas here these days as we both get pretty excited about the gifts that we have gotten for each other and for our “kids”. i’m looking forward to attending church Sunday morning and getting a dose of “what Christmas really means”. As much as i love the Christmas spirit, i do really enjoy taking a break from the gifts and parties to remember why we celebrate this Holy Holiday. i feel my faith getting stronger every day and i have been able to see every day challenges as gifts rather than stumbling blocks.

Just as a side note, i think that companies that feel the need to change “Merry Christmas” into “Happy Holidays” is a bit over the top. If i want to wish someone a Merry Christmas and they happen to have other beliefs then they take my Merry Christmas, in the spirit it was intended and go about their merry way! Never for one second would i begrudge someone his or her beliefs, but i also feel that it is my God given right (as it were) to wish someone a Merry Christmas! Just as anyone else might want to wish me a Happy Chanukah, Kwanzaa or whatever, i would take it as a peaceful gesture and be completely comfortable with their well wishes. Just my 2 cents.

That having been said…… Merry Christmas everyone!!! Many blessings to you and your families!

MD's treasure

Thursday, December 15, 2005


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Monday, December 12, 2005

A little bit of rambling

Saturday Master and i went to the annual Christmas party that His family has. It was nice but we were both disappointed at how quickly everyone left. In years past people have hung around late and played cards and visited. i guess every year people get busier and let the hustle and bustle of the holiday get the better of them. We left when it seemed that the party was coming to a close and came home so Master and His dad could clean the snow off the drive way and sidewalks. We have had a considerable amount of snow already and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. It is much colder this year than it has been in the few years that i have been here.

Yesterday we got up early and got a pretty good start on our shopping. We went out of town and did a lot of browsing but we didn’t seem to get much accomplished. We had a good day and nice supper but didn’t make a whole lot of progress on our gift buying. For the most part we are right on schedule with our holiday preparations and i’m hoping to get some presents wrapped tonight after Master gets home from work. We’ll see how He feels when He gets home. Our cards have been sent, the decorations are up and most of the gifts are purchased. So i think we’re doing pretty well. We need to be have all our chores done with week before Christmas because i got a Jury Summons for the week of Christmas and there is a slight chance that i won’t be around that whole week to finish up last minute tasks. i was given a low number so there is a chance that i’ll be called to serve. i can’t imagine that they would start a trial in this small town the week of Christmas, but you can never be sure.

i have had a couple of fair days related to pain so i’m very thankful for that. Today doesn’t seem to shaping up to be one of my better days, but i certainly won’t complain. i know it could always be much worse. i’m well enough to do some small things around the house and i’m grateful that i’m able to function as well i am.

i had a long talk with my sister Saturday morning and she’s having a hard time with her relationship with her husband. Somehow he got wind that she’s having an affair with a man that she works with. She says that she’s not and that’s all i have to go on. i would like to believe her and since i have no evidence to prove otherwise, i’m guessing that she’s telling the truth. When her husband heard that she might be involved with someone else, he freaked and roughed her up a bit. He’s a pretty classy guy and i was really surprised when she told me about it. He just doesn’t seem the type, but who knows. She has a history of not always being the most truthful person so it’s hard to say what actually happened. i just pray that they can work it out and stay together. He has been really good to her and i know first hand that she’s a very difficult person to live with. Not that anyone deserves to be abused, ever. i would never want her to stay with him if it turns out to be an abusive situation for her. She has been married three times now and i was really hoping that this one might hold for her.

i’m really looking forward to seeing my family for the holidays, i haven’t spent any time with my niece and nephew for ages and i really miss them. They are both in college and it’s hard for them to get away much any more. When they were little i saw them every day and i was a big part of their lives so it’s really weird to think that i only talk to them once in a while now.

Enough rambling on about not much, have a great day everyone!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, December 09, 2005

A Good Day!

Finally, the day that i had been hoping for. i’m having a good day, so far. i got up early for me and i spent the day shopping, having lunch with my mother in law and i really got a lot accomplished. i’m sure that i did way too much today but when i have one of these rare days i have to squeeze in everything that i can. i’m exhausted but the pain is at a tolerable level and for the first time in a very long time, i can see light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe, just maybe there is hope for a better day for me.

i can’t say all the things that i bought today because much of it was for Master. i have been saving the little bit of money that i make at the bowling alley and that is my Christmas money for Master. It was a good plan and it’s working out great. i don’t make much and it’s just enough for me to splurge a little on Him.

We had quite a bit of snow yesterday and i was so worried about Master out driving in it, but He’s a very careful driver and He did fine. By the time i went out today, all the main streets had been cleared and i didn’t have any trouble. Although of course i worried about that too. my mom told me that i need some Xanax, she may be right hehe.

When i showed up at my appointment to see the counselor at 3pm they said that she had left for the day. HMMMM i was certain that i had an appointment. The gal that i spoke with said that they were still working the kinks out of her schedule and would i mind terribly coming back next week at the same time. i didn’t mind the fact that i came there and she wasn’t there, it wasn’t my time that i was concerned about at all. It only took me ten extra minutes to go there and it wasn’t out of my way. What i was upset about was the fact that i was emotionally ready to see someone again. i haven’t been to see anyone for a couple years now and i was ready to head down that road. i have spent the last week getting ready to talk to someone and now it wasn’t going to happen. That is what i was most upset about. So now i have an appointment to see her next week, same time. i hope i don’t spend the next week constantly thinking about it and again, getting ready to talk to her, only to have them mess up the schedule again. i’m sure it can’t happen again, right? We’ll see.

Master should be home soon so i better get supper started. Have a great weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, December 08, 2005

One Day At A Time

People must get tired of reading the same old thing, over and over again. But i remind myself as i write this that i write for myself and i use my blog as an outlet more often than not. So here i go and i hope this doesn’t sound whiney. i am tired, i haven’t hurt this much for so long without a slight reprieve for as long as i can remember. The other night i made another trip to the Emergency Room. my head is worse now that it has ever been. i wake up every day with this searing pain and even the meds that i take for it every day, are giving me no relief. i find myself a lot of the time counting the hours until it is time to take another pill for the pain. Even the smallest task seems insurmountable right now. i used to have one bad day in the midst of some pretty good ones, now i am seeking that one good day in the midst of the horrible ones.

Today is the first day in more than a week that i have been able to sit at my computer without the screen being blurry from the pain. The other night before i finally decided that i needed some medical attention, i found myself on the floor of the bathroom. Having no idea how i got there. The ER doctor said that occasionally people will black out from intense pain and apparently, that’s what happened to me. my blood pressure was sky high but there was no other indication of heart trouble.

i know that stress has a very large impact on how i feel. i don’t deal as well with stress as i once did. The other morning i got up and it was snowing pretty hard. i spent the entire morning worrying about Master driving in the snow for His job. When He didn’t offer any reassurance that He would ok, i think i went into panic mode. Our financial situation isn’t the best and i am constantly worried that He’ll get fed up with His job and quit and then we’ll be in a real bind. In my position i know that i am not supposed to worry about things as much as i do, but i can’t help it. i need to learn to let go and trust Him that He’ll take care of me. He’s taken care of things so far, there is no reason to think that He won’t continue to do so. i have to remember that.

Speaking of Master. i can’t even begin to say how thankful i am for Him and all that He does for me when i’m not doing well physically. He gets frustrated at how lethargic i am and the constant pain gets very old. But He’s always there to help me. He’ll get me whatever i need, whenever i need it. He’ll drop whatever He’s doing and go into “Protector Mode”. He’ll do whatever He can to help ease the pain and make me more comfortable. The other night He even stood behind me and held me as i was leaning over the toilet. i can’t count the times He has told me to not worry about supper and He’ll find something to eat just so i have one less thing to worry about.

Guilt. i feel horribly guilty that i can’t take care of Him and live up to my end of the bargain when i am in this condition. Many times the tables are turned and He ends up serving me instead of how it should be, instead of how i wish it could be. i came here to serve Him and to be His slave and in so many ways, i am not capable to doing so. There are times when i can’t even kneel down before Him because i don’t have the energy to get back up. He takes it all in stride in hopes of a better day. i have to believe that those days are coming, that i won’t be in this misery forever.

The plan. i made many phone calls the other day and i’m going to go back to the University Hospital after the first of the year. When i was there 2 years ago the team of doctors that i saw told me that they would like to admit me to the hospital for a week or more. i’m not exactly sure what they would do but i remember them saying something about medicating me enough to get me at a manageable pain level. Then go from there. i don’t even know if i would be able to recognize what no pain feels like. Until then, i’ll wait it out and pray for some relief here and there. i have an appointment to see a counselor tomorrow and i might find some way of dealing with stressful situations until i’m able to get to see the doctor. i realized that i have to take a more proactive role in my road to recovery, so that’s what i’m really trying to do.

In the mean time i know that there are some things that i can do to help have a more positive outlook on the whole thing. i need to continue to count my blessings and remember that there are people out there who are much worse off than i am. i am not dying, i just hurt. i have a wonderful Husband/Master who looks after me every day and who loves me no matter how i feel. my mother in law is incredibly supportive and is always there for me when i need her. We have a lovely warm home and we never go hungry. Our “kids” (animals) bring me more joy than i could ever imagine and they keep me occupied when all i want to do is sit and think about how bad i hurt. i have so much to be thankful for and i know that some day, this pain will be a thing of the past. In the mean time my motto is: One Day At A Time.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, November 28, 2005

i feel Blessed

We had a good Holiday weekend with lots of yummy food and lots and lots of Christmas shopping. We made great progress on our shopping Friday afternoon and late into the night. We only have a few things yet to get and of course we still have to shop for each other. Master goes crazy every year with shopping for me and come Christmas morning, i have more presents to open than anyone could imagine. i tell Him every year that i wish He wouldn’t spend so much but it’s something He truly loves to do and i can’t take that away from Him. His mom is almost as bad when it comes to shopping for Christmas. The gifts abound on Christmas day!

my mom is having a colonoscopy tomorrow and we’re hoping that it comes out ok for her. i’m a little worried with them doing something so invasive so shortly after her GI illness, but they must know what they are doing…. i hope! She can’t eat all day and in just a short time, she’ll be starting with the yummy drink to clean her out. Oh Joy!! i think that she is really starting to get better even if she is still very weak.

Tonight Master and i are going to see the new Harry Potter movie with His sister and her husband. We don’t do much with them but every year when the new Harry Potter movie comes out, we see it together. Master hates the theater in a big bad way but He’s going just to humor me and i really do appreciate it. Any time a movie comes out that He wants to see, He waits for it to come out on DVD and i usually wait as well. But i’m such a big fan of these books and movies that i would just hate to wait so long to see it.

i have been wearing the foundation garments that He likes more often and He really seems to enjoy that. i am having a hard time finding stockings that are a good fit though. Actually, i’m just having trouble finding stockings at all. They have some on line and i’m sure that is the route that i’ll end up going. But i hate the fact that you just can’t go buy stockings anymore. Just a few years ago i would be able to find nice stockings in almost any nice department store, i would buy them for my grandma every year. i guess now they are a thing of the past. They have thigh high stockings all over the place, but they certainly aren’t the same thing. The sex sure has been better since i have started to wear the foundation garments and stockings that He likes. So that’s a big plus right there. i do have a little bit of a hard time wearing the stockings if we’re going to be walking a lot, but just on normal days, they are fine and i really do love the look of them. They fit nicer than pantyhose and they look much more elegant.

Last night we went out for supper with Master’s mom and His dad was there intermittently as we went to the place where His dad works for supper. Throughout the night we played this silly little game. His mom and i were asking the men to finish the question “What is my favorite…” flower, movie, song artist etc. Master’s parents have been married for 50 years and he did terrible at this game. He couldn’t even name her favorite flower. Master on the other hand didn’t get one answer wrong. We asked some pretty obscure things too and He knew everything that i love. i did well at the game as well, there wasn’t anything that He asked that i didn’t know with the exception of His three favorite songs. i knew one artist but i did miss that one altogether. It’s amazing to think that there is someone out there who is so “into” you that would take the time to get to know you so well that there isn’t a question about you that they couldn’t answer. i never thought that i would be so blessed. i am, truly. In so many ways!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Short Update...

Master and i had a meeting the other night at the bowling alley. Basically, if we want the job, it’s ours. We just have some concerns about the job and the pay is poor, as it is everywhere in this town. So we still have some talking to do before we decide to take it. It’s a big commitment and we don’t want to take the job and then find out in a month or two that it’s not for us. It’s a good job for me, but i can’t work 40 hours a week. i physically can’t do it and i can’t risk losing my disability for a job with very low pay. So we need to think about it long and hard before we take it.

We spent some time last weekend working outside trying to get ready for winter, and not a moment too soon as this week has been very cold. It’s supposed to warm up a bit this weekend so we’ll be able to get back out there and finish up. Master has to work the morning of Thanksgiving but i’m still really looking forward to spending the day here with His family. We won’t be able to go see my family because He has to work, but it’s fine. Master and my sister don’t get along well and it wouldn’t be as much fun up there as will be if we stay here. i love Thanksgiving just because we spend the day at His sister’s house and then play games. Master isn’t as excited about spending an entire day with His family, but i’m hopeful that it will be a really good day for all of us.

my mom got her lab results back and they were surprisingly good. It looks like she’ll be able to put off going on dialysis for some time. That is really good news for all of us. She is still quite short of breath but i’m afraid that is something that will stick around as she does have emphysema and some CHF. i’m hoping that she’ll decide to go back to my sister’s yoga class just to get active again. i think she might feel better if she does that. It’s a very low stress class and just perfect for someone who isn’t in the best health.

We have started our Christmas shopping just so it’s not such a huge shock to the wallet when the big shopping comes around. We don’t have a lot of people to buy for, so we’re lucky in that respect. Anyway, i’m rambling on about not much, so i’ll sign off for now.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Spoiled Rotten

This past weekend was my birthday weekend. We had a busy weekend and we’ve a few busy days this past week or so. We went out for dinner with Master’s family Sunday night for my birthday and our Anniversary. i have been extremely spoiled this year by everyone and it’s quite humbling. i got loads of presents from everyone especially my mom. She sort of went all out this year for me. i’m still not done with my shopping from her. Monday night Master and i went out for dinner for my birthday alone and we had a really good time. We ate at what is probably my favorite restaurant and did some shopping. We made a trip to the mall to Teddy-Set-Go where i got a new suit for my teddy bear that i take everywhere with me. It’s a tuxedo and he looks unbelievably cute.

Tomorrow night we have a meeting at the bowling alley to discuss this job that i think we’ll be taking. i’m not sure what role i will be taking in the whole thing, but i think it’s a small one. i have been helping run a small league these past few weeks and i’m having a good time with that, trying to make it even more fun for the bowlers than just a regular league. i love doing “foo foo” stuff just to make people feel good and it seems to be working. i think they are having a really good time.

Master gave me a present for my birthday that i think was mostly for Him but the changes that it has made in our sex life are undeniable. It is an all in one open bottom girdle. It is the kind that you have to wear stockings with. i have been wearing each day since i got it and just about every night that i have worn it, i have found Master in bed at night waiting for me. He just loves foundation garments and i have been making more of an effort to wear heels with it as well. Normally i wear a long leg panty girdle, but you can’t wear stockings with those. So this has been a change that Master is clearly pleased about. Now i just have to find more of the stockings that i like, so far i haven’t had much luck. i think i may check on line to see if i can find them.

Tonight will be the first night that we have been able to stay home in a long time and we’re both looking forward to it. Today is my bird’s birthday, he is 6 today and we got him some new toys the other night. So i plan on putting the dogs in their room for a bit tonight so he can roam free of worry that the dogs will bother him.

Not much exciting is happening around here lately. i better go get my shower and get dressed before Master gets home. Take care!!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, November 04, 2005

Love Each Other

i would like to think that my mom is on the road to recovery. Although she is very short of breath and has very little stamina i think that she will regain her strength a little at a time. When i was at the hospital with her over the weekend the Kidney Doctor came in to visit and gave her some rather daunting news, he told her that because her kidney function had dropped so low, she would have start home dialysis. i went back up there on Monday to see the Kidney Doctor in his office and after he had a chance to review all of her labs over the past several months, he said that he would like to wait until she’s over all these infections and retest her. He’s hoping, as we all are, that her levels might increase once the infections are completely cleared up. So on top of some not-so-great news, we might have a bit of a reprieve.

Master and i celebrated our Anniversary this week. i had to work on Tuesday night and His friend was here so we didn’t end up really doing much of anything on the actual day. So on Wednesday night we treated ourselves to a very nice dinner at Red Lobster. Master is crazy about seafood so that’s where we decided to go. We were seated in a private booth away from all the hustle and bustle of the other patrons and had a wonderful time. We had a long talk about how our relationship is going and where He would like to see it go. In a nut shell i told Him that i would try harder to do more of the things that He likes more often. Some of the things that He enjoys are not easy for me, to put it lightly. The one main thing that He wants to see change is that i wear high heels more often. They are not easy for me to wear and almost as soon as i put them on, my legs get weary and my feet start to hurt and i just get very tired, very quickly. So, i’m hoping that i can do better with that and wear them more often when i’m just sitting watching TV and not cooking or doing house work.

Master bought a John Denver DVD for me for our Anniversary and i can’t wait to watch it. We have a busy weekend coming up so i don’t think i’ll have a chance this weekend, but maybe one night next week. Sunday night we are all going out for our Anniversary and my Birthday. Master’s Mom and Dad are taking all of us to the Olive Garden, so that should be a good time, i hope! i never know what will happen when Master and His Dad get together. Master is very impatient with His Dad and although i think that His Dad is really a wonderful person, i can see how he can be trying sometimes. For one thing, he is deaf as a post and refuses to wear his hearing aides, so he never hears what is going on. So he interrupts people all the time, because he doesn’t know that anyone else is talking. In spite of that, he really is a great guy and he would do anything to help us out at any time of the day or night, if we need him. When Master was building this house, His dad was here every day for several months helping Him. He worked is tail off to help Master and he would do it again if Master needed him.

When i was driving home from my Mom’s on Tuesday afternoon, i was searching for something to listen to on the radio and i came across a country station. There was a Shania Twain song on the radio that really disturbed me. i can’t remember how the lyrics went verbatim but in a nut shell it said that men are like shoes, made to abuse. It went on to say how men are really good for nothing and should be used and tossed aside when a new one comes along. Can you imagine, just for one second if a MAN had sung that song about a woman? OH MY GOSH! The pandemonium that would ensue would be immeasurable. When was it that it became standard practice for women to degrade men in such a way? How is it that we as a country or world, think that this is acceptable? i don’t think that it’s acceptable for either gender to disrespect the other in any way. Whatever happened to the loving wife who supported her husband in his business endeavors and in his life choices? This song is a very small example (in my opinion) of why there is so much divorce and discontent in our world today. Even if the woman is a strong business person herself and is sharp as a tack in the corporate world, i still feel that there is no reason she can’t go home at night and be a loving compassionate wife/significant other to her mate. But somehow it became common issue for the woman to rule the house and rule her husband.

It is my humble opinion that no one should be treated like a shoe, to be used and abused, just because we “can”. (Unless of course that’s what you’re in to: SSC acts) What a horrible message to send out to our young women, who are learning from this insanity. This country pop star has so many young followers and i think it’s a crime that this woman is allowed to send out this message.

End Rant!

Well, the laundry awaits me and thus far, no fairy princess has shown up to do it for me. =)

Love Each Other, that’s my message for the day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Yet Another Quick Trip...

Looks like i’ll be making another trip to my mom’s. She is back in the hospital, this time with pneumonia. One of the ER doctors said that she may have gone home from the hospital with it and had it for a while now. She called 911 this morning and they came and took her to the ER where she was given O2 and now she is feeling significantly better. When i talked to her this afternoon she asked me how long this was going to go on. i just told her the only thing i could think of at the moment. Just take it one day at a time. Don’t think about what will happen tomorrow, for now just focus on today.

When my brother called this morning to tell me about my mom he also gave me some distressing news about my grandma. He said that he doesn’t think that she should be living with my mom anymore. He said that my mom is abusing her, verbally. Now this really isn’t news to me, i know that my mom has always been less than pleasant to my grandma. Apparently it’s gotten out of hand since my mom has been home from the hospital. He told me that my grandma said that she would like to come and live with Master and i. Well…. this just isn’t the best place for her. There are so many things that we do that just would make her miserable. We have to set pattern in our eating, our lifestyle is just not conducive to catering to a very elderly woman. But that’s not the biggest thing, we just simply do not have room for her. i think that for now, she may go live with my sister. She has a huge brand new home and it’s quiet there. Our dogs would drive my grandma crazy. They are always under foot and i’m terrified that she would fall over one of them. They are tiny and when you are cooking, they are constantly right there, just in case you might drop something =). The only draw back to her living with my sister is that my sister has a two-story home and my grandma isn’t able to do the stairs very well. So they will have to take care with her and walk her up and down the stairs.

i feel terrible in that i just don’t think that she would be happy here and the fact that she would like to come live here makes me feel bad for not immediately say “sure”. i don’t know where we would put her and i think that she would really be unhappy here. The only positive thing about her living here is that she and i get along like two peas in a pod and we have a wonderful time together. i am by far the most patient with her not because i’m a saint, just because i have a pretty good understanding of how the elderly “work” and their needs. i think in this case, i’ll take my own advice and take it day by day and see what happens if she should decide to live with my sister.

Things here are pretty much status quo. The only new thing is that we have a lead on that job that i mentioned. Master and i may end up doing it together as i mentioned and i think that would be a great system. We were supposed to meet with him tomorrow but he had a change of plans so we’ll meet with him another soon, i think.

i’ll only be up there a couple days because Master and i have plans for Saturday night and i don’t want to miss out on that. Unless of course i am truly needed up there, then i’ll stay. But for now, i’ll plan on coming home Saturday. Every year Master and i go haunted housing with family, so we’re hoping to do it again this year. If no one else is going, then we’ll go alone. No matter, as long as we get to go!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Desperate Times? or Greed?

i grew up in a small town in Illinois. i moved to a fairly large city until i moved here to this tiny town almost four years ago. i loved living in a small town because i was only 20 minutes away from the city, yet it was very homey and safe. We never had to lock our doors nor did we ever lock our cars. All our friends and extended family knew that if they needed to get into my mom’s house, it wouldn’t be locked. i loved the safe feeling of going to bed at night never having to worry about crime. When i moved to this tiny town i knew that i would once again have that safe feeling.

Last night Master came home and told me that He had run into an old friend of His who is a policeman. The policeman told Master that here in our sleepy little town, right in our neighborhood, there have been burglaries. They are even cutting screens to get into homes. Last night for the first time, i went to bed with an uneasy feeling. Master has always been very careful about locking the house before we go anywhere but when we’re home, we had been less careful. Last night before i went to bed, i went around and closed up all the windows, locked them and triple checked the doors to make sure they were locked. Now it’s not like we have a mansion or many priceless items to make us a target. But it doesn’t seem as though that is a prerequisite. They are not picky, anyone and everyone is a target. For the first time in my life, i went to bed with an uneasy feeling, one that i don’t care to experience again, thank you very much.

Needless to say i didn’t sleep well last night. i knew that Master was in the den and that He is well prepared for any such intruder but i still had an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. While i was lying in bed last night, my mind started to wander. The one question that kept creeping up was this. Are times so tight right now, that people around here have no choice but to invade other’s homes, just to provide for their families and loved ones? Maybe these people have no other choice but to resort to becoming a common thief. i know that desperate times call for desperate measures, but i wonder if times are really that desperate.

i have stayed home each day this week while Master runs the route on His own. i think He does it a bit faster without me, but i also think He likes the company every once in a while, so i think i’ll go with Him tomorrow. i haven’t done too much this week but i’m enjoying doing a few domestic things every day and now that i’m on a more regular sleeping schedule, i’m able to get a lot more done now than i ever have. i’m able to get just a few things taken care of during the day while Master is gone and be dressed and have supper planned before He gets home. i’m sure He likes that much about me staying home from the route.

Today is my mom’s 73 Birthday so i’m going to go call her and wish her a Happy Birthday! Have a great day everyone!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Just Jibber Jabber

Things are starting to settle down for us now. We had a really nice weekend and the party on Sunday at the park was great. Master’s dad brought wood and even though the park was quite busy for this time of year, we were able to use the shelter. The shelter has a huge rock fireplace and we had a very cozy fire to keep us warm and to cook over. The brats that His mom brought were yummy and we had lots of other tasty food as well. Master and i took a short walk on one of the trails and had some alone time too. After everyone was packed up and ready to leave, i suggested to Master that we stay behind and enjoy the fire for a little while longer. We had a good time just sitting and talking. Saturday afternoon we worked in the yard and burned some weeds. After supper we went out and had our own fire in the fire pit in our back yard. Master played music and we had a really nice evening.

After our fire, we came inside and got cleaned up from our work in the yard. Master had me come and kneel in the shower with Him and pleasure Him for just a few minutes. After i was done with my shower i was instructed to dry my hair and come and kneel before Him at the side of the bed. He cuffed my hands behind my back and placed the hood on my head. He used the “comfy” hood and everything worked out great. We had some of the best sex that night that i have had in a very long time. Master paid attention to my most intimate parts and before i knew it, i was asking to orgasm. To say that doesn’t happen very often would be an understatement. It was a truly wonderful weekend and one that i think i’ll remember for some time.

i worked at the bowling alley last night as usual. i would have to venture to say that when i see an opportunity, i grab it. Maybe i’m a little too opportunistic at times, but that’s the way i get things done. There might be a job opening at the bowling alley and when i heard about it, i went immediately Master’s cousin (he runs the bowling alley) and asked him about it. This is in its preliminary stages at best, but i am excited about the possibilities. Because i am on disability, i am limited as to how much i can earn per month and obviously, i am on disability for a reason. i am not able to work a full time job as i once was, unfortunately. i miss working and i hate thinking that i am relying on the government for my income. If i could work a full time job i would be very willing and ready to get out there and start pulling my weight. As it is, i am not able. But this job might be just enough to get me out there again and help me to begin my voyage back into the working class. It would involve some marketing and league coordinating. It might be a job that Master and i could share, i would be the one out there doing all the marketing and “foo foo” stuff and Master would do all the paper work and take care of the organizational part of the job. So, like i said, nothing is set in stone, more like etched in Jello. But i’m open to seeing where it might go.

my mom’s birthday is tomorrow and i think i may head up there for the weekend. i finally talked to my sister today. We only spoke about my mom and didn’t get into much else. She thinks that my mom is over medicating herself and i can’t say for sure, but my sister might be on to something. i am not going to go behind my mom’s back and call her doctor, i think that would be deceitful and my mom would be very upset if she found out. So i simply asked her about her meds and how much she’s taking every day. She is well under the limit as to what she is allowed every day and if she’s telling me the truth ( i think she is) then she should be ok. i asked her if she wanted me to come up there for the weekend and she said “No, i don’t want to take you away from your husband and your duties there”. But in the next breath she said that if i was able to come and spend a night up there, that she would love to have me and would be thrilled if i thought i could get away. i would come up there anyway if nothing else, just to attend her birthday party, so i might as well spend a little time with her and see if there’s anything that i can do to help out. When i talked to Master about it i told Him that this time, i would leave it entirely up to Him. So, i’ll just wait and see what He decides.

i have lots of chores waiting for me and the laundry won’t do itself. i better run!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, October 07, 2005

my Favorite Time of Year!

This has been a pretty good week for us. i worked Tuesday night so i stayed home and didn’t go on the route with Master. It made work a little easier, i think. i stayed home yesterday while He went on the route and did some decorating for the fall and Halloween. This is my very favorite time of year and i love the decorations. i love going outside with a fuzzy sweater on and feeling the coolness of fall creep up on me. The leaves won’t be as spectacular here this year due to the drought that we had but they will still be beautiful. Master doesn’t appreciate the trees as much as i do, but He will indulge me and take me driving at least once to see them, i’m sure.

Sunday we will be getting together with Master’s family to celebrate some birthdays. i’ll be leaving here in a bit to go shopping for a few gifts and some food to make for the party. We’re going to one of the loveliest parks i know of, for the party and it should be a great time. i love this particular celebration because it was this party, at this park where i first met Master’s family. Little did i know at that time that they would become my family. Master’s dad is planning on building a big fire in the outdoor fireplace at the park and we’ll roast hot dogs and brats over the grill.

i talk to my mom every day and it sounds like she’s getting a little stronger every day. One major thing that i have noticed since her illness is that her voice and demeanor are more gentle. i think that this was a real awakening for her and she (as Master says) got a little taste of mortality. She sent me a thank you note in the mail and she told me in her note how much she loves me and i can’t remember the last time she told me she loved me. i wish that i could just stop by and see her the way i used to when i lived up there. i feel a bit detached from things being this far away. It sounds like she’s being well taken care of and she’s got people stopping by and doing little things for her all the time. my sister has stepped up to the plate a little more since i have been home. She stayed with my mom and grandma all day Tuesday and did a lot of cooking and little chores that needed doing. my mom sounded very pleased with all the work my sister did and that’s all that matters. my sister has made no effort to contact me and i have only spoken to her briefly to discuss my mom’s condition one day when i thought she wasn’t doing well. Mom’s birthday is this coming Wednesday so i’m sure that i’ll be in touch with my sister regarding plans for a little party. i’m sure that i’ll be the one to contact her and that’s just fine, i don’t expect her to “be the bigger person”, so to speak.

Last night Master cuffed me and had me kneel in front of Him to take care of Him. Then He bent me over the bed and took what He owns. We haven’t had much sex lately, so i’m glad that He did it. i want to take care of Him and please Him more often but it seems like whenever i have the urge to make the first move, it’s the wrong time. i’m sure we’ll figure it out, we always seem to muddle through.

i better get this posted and get moving, it’s getting late in the day and i still have lots to do. Have a great weekend!!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, October 01, 2005 last!

i have been home for a week and this is the first real opportunity i have had to sit down at my computer for more than 10 minutes. It has been a busy week, trying to get back on track with my life. my Mom is doing better and i brought her home from the hospital a week ago Thursday. It will take a long time for her to get her strength back, but we are hopeful that she’ll make a full recovery. She has many medical issues one being her heart and the other major issue being her kidneys. She has been in chronic renal failure for several years but this illness has brought on a bit of a set back.

i am still tired and trying to recoup from the stress and strain of it all, but things are getting back to normal around here and i’m glad for that. Master did His best to be patient with me while i was gone, but now that i’m home He wants things back to normal. i have slipped up a couple times since i have been home, i came into the house after doing the paper route without His collar on and He wasn’t too happy about that. i gave Him a blow job and was less than passionate about it and He wasn’t at all pleased about that. There are lots of things He lets slide but my lack of passion isn’t something He’s willing to concede on. i am sure that i am just tired and stressed and worried about my mom, so my head is elsewhere sometimes. my time away from here was one of the most stressful times in my life, thus far. i’ll come around soon enough, just maybe not soon enough for Master.

my sister and i had a huge row just a couple days before i left to come home and we still haven’t spoken. i know that Master sees this as a benefit but i however, don’t see it that way. She can be a selfish self-centered wench, but she is my sister and i love her and i hate fighting with her. The way i see it, she feels that she’s doing the best that she can under the circumstances and i know that i did everything in my power to make my mom’s life as well as my grandma’s as easy as possible. If either one of us wasn’t happy with the decisions that the other one made, then we’ll have to learn to deal with it. i can’t see how i could have done anything different or better and i’m sure that she feels the same way. i am going to try not to worry about it and hope that everything will work out. The most important thing is that my mom is getting better and that she and my grandma are taken care of.

Tomorrow is Master’s birthday and tonight we are celebrating with His buddy who owns the cabin on the river. His birthday is just a couple days after Master’s. i have some cooking to do and a few chores to get done before i leave for the cabin. Master is down there now on the river, fishing. He didn’t get much sleep so i’m not sure how late we’ll be there tonight but it could be a long night.

Thank you for all the comments and concerns while i was away! i’ll keep everyone posted on my mom’s condition.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, September 19, 2005

Being Important

So, the return of My treasure has been delayed yet again. The original problem is on its way to being cured, but now another problem has cropped up, so we go into a holding pattern once more. That's the very abbreviated update on my mother-in-law, but that's not what I'm here to talk about. My wife and I haven't seen each other for 9 days, but her mother is very ill and in a hospital 160 miles away, so I can deal with that. What I can't deal with is her rich, arrogant, self-centered sister who lives minutes from the hospital and hasn't lifted a finger to help do a fucking thing. My treasure has been at the hospital for hours and hours every day, she's done all the shopping and running for her grandmother, she's taken care of all the errands her mother needed done, she's fetched and put together a shower chair for her mother's return, she's driven all over hell buying special groceries for her mother's new diet upon her return home, she's taken care of her 98 year old grandmother every night, she's missed her last 2 nights of work (she's on disability and only works one night a week for insurance purposes), she's battled with mean nurses and she's had to listen to me bitch about her worthless sister on a daily basis. All this bullshit on top of a never-ending migrane, while her sister, who gets to be HOME every night, gets to sleep in her own bed every night, sleep with her husband every night and enjoy her normal routine every night hasn't lifted a fucking finger to do a fucking thing. Oh, I forgot, she did find the time to attend a dinner party the other night, while my wife was running all over hell trying to keep her sanity. Her sister's husband, who makes well over a half a million a year and obviously can't afford to take a day off to help anyone out but himself, actually found the time to make a token appearance for the first time today...he stayed a few minutes. My wife hasn't seen her husband in 9 days, hasn't slept in her own bed in 9 days, hasn't seen her furbabies in 9 days yet she's still running her ass off to take care of her mother and her grandmother. I've yelled at her a lot and upset her, but I've never really meant to yell at her, just TO her. I know there's nothing she can do about her selfish sister, but I'm not the kind of guy who holds stuff in, and when I see what a bunch of bullshit is going on up there, I find myself incapable of keeping my mouth shut. She knows it's not her I'm mad at, but it still upsets her and that's exactly what I shouldn't be doing. There's a brother too, he's a millionaire a couple times over...he did manage to fly in for one fucking day. This will perhaps upset her when she reads it, but she already knows how I feel about her uppity sister, so it's not like I'm dropping a bombshell here. I guess I just needed a place to vent besides in her ear, so if anyone's still reading this bitch session, thanks for letting me scream at you instead of her. I'm proud of My treasure for doing all that she's done and managing to keep her sanity through this nightmare...alone. As for her sister's husband, I hope that he's embarrassed and ashamed of his wife, but that'll never be the case, because people that important just don't get it, and never will. If being important means that you only think of yourself and look the other way while those around you shoulder the burdon that you should help to bear, I'm glad I'm not important, and I hope I never am...


Thursday, September 15, 2005

My treasure... still away. Her Mom's thing has been diagnosed and treated and is getting better, but don't ask me what it is because I have a hard time remembering the differences between a contusion, a laceration and an abrasion, let alone diverticulitis, diverticulosis, scoliosis or guacamoleosis. I haven't seen my slave for 5 days now and it's taking its toll on me. I understand that she's needed there, but she's needed here too. I've tried to be understanding, but I think I've failed. I made the love of my life cry tonight and I feel pretty shitty about it. I've said things that I'm not sorry about, and she knows what they are, but I've said things that needn't have been said as well, and for those I offer up this public apology.
The current plan is that she'll be home Monday for 2 days, so I guess I'll just wait and try to make the most of it. (Note to self: Prepare the leather.)



Saturday, September 10, 2005

Isn't Life Grand?

Quite a bit has been happening in our lives since my last post. Master got a job working for the local newspaper and we have been out every day delivering papers together. We thought that this might be a good thing for us because it was something we could do together. The route is a very long one and it takes us about 5 hours to complete. We enjoy doing it but there are some serious drawbacks. The most obvious one is gas prices the second one being the wear and tear on the car. Even though we have an old beater car to use on the route, we still don’t want to completely ruin it. So we’re considering our options for other sources of income at the moment. While we would love to continue to do the route together, it’s just not a lucrative endeavor.

i started working at the bowling alley last week and i think this year it will be a bit different than it was last year. i’m hoping to sort of expand my duties there and see how that goes. i decided that i won’t bowl this year for lots of reasons. i just haven’t been feeling all that well lately and i don’t want to be someone who is constantly calling and telling my teammates that i can’t make it every other week. So i thought the best thing to do was to just let them find someone who was more consistent.

Basically the bulk of my time in the last week and half has been spent with Master doing the route and it’s been fun, for the most part. We have a really good time i just wish that it paid a little better and that gas prices weren’t such a huge factor right now. Once we’re done with the route i’m pretty tired and the most i’m able to do is make supper and try to keep things around here a little bit tidy.

my mom has been very ill since she got home from visiting my brother in Boston. Finally, after 2 weeks of misery, she has been admitted to the hospital. She has a horrible infection and her white blood cells went from 11,000 to 18,000 in one day. So needless to say i’m more than a little worried about her. i’ll be heading up there tomorrow to spend some time with my grandma while my mom is in the hospital and help out my sister wherever i can. That will leave Master without His paper helper and i’m not sure how He’ll manage on His own. i’m worried about that and of course i’m scared for my mom.

Tonight Master is fishing with His buddy and i’m trying to get ready to be gone a few days. i have no idea how long i’ll have to be up there so i’m trying to get all the laundry done and get the house in order before i go. i would like to leave Master in good shape while i’m gone so there isn’t much that He has to do.

So that’s the scoop and i’m not sure when i’ll be home but i’m hoping i’ll only be gone a couple days. Sorry there was a such a gap between posts, i’ll try to keep up a little better once things settle down a bit.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Just Stuff...

i had a really good time visiting with my grandma. She’s incredibly old (98) and she is really doing well. She doesn’t hear all that well and of course she gets tired easily but other than that, she really does great. i took her shopping a couple of times and you would have thought that she’d won the lottery! my mom for some unknown reason won’t take her shopping. So she doesn’t get out too much. i just let her putter around the store and get a few things. She was just happy to get out and get the few things that she needed without being rushed out. We went out for dinner a couple times and that was really nice as well.

i also got to spend some time with my sister and my best friend. It was great to see them both and we all have an awesome time together. i went to the hotel were my sister works and sat in the pub for a while. i had anything i wanted for free, so that was a bonus!

Master didn’t do much of anything while i was gone, just puttered around the house and did some of His favorite things. He doesn’t eat very well when i’m gone and i think He gets a little lonesome, so i’m pretty sure that He was happy to see me come home.

We are still working on acquiring a job and we’re thinking that we may be on to something that will suit our needs. i’m praying that something works out very soon! i’m supposed to start working one night a week at the bowling alley, but i’m not sure when that will start.

The first night i came home, Master cuffed me and chained me all up and sent me to bed. Then He came in and chained me to the bed. i don’t know what it is, but i really don’t like to be chained to the bed at night. i didn’t complain at all so He was none the wiser, but i’m sure He must have known that i wasn’t really “into” it.

Not much else is really going on, Master is out fishing with His friend tonight so i’m taking advantage of the alone time and doing some much needed cleaning. With being gone just those few days, i got a bit behind in my housekeeping. So i have some stupid movie on the TV and i’m a cleaning fool. Speaking of cleaning, i have had enough of a break and i better get back to it!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Life n Things

Not too much has been happening lately although it seems we aren’t home much. We have been given a bit of a reprieve from sitting with Master’s mom as the therapist said it wasn’t necessary to have someone with her at all times! That has been a real blessing. i have been up to visit her several times just to make sure she didn’t need anything and i have been calling her regularly. At least we don’t have to be there constantly and that is a real load off of Master’s sister and us.

The other day i woke up with what i thought was a cold, feeling run down and stuffy. i began to cough something terrible and it turned out i was having a small asthma attack. It turned out to be nothing severe though, thankfully. That was just the time that Master thought He should spend some time using me. His timing isn’t always “spot on” but everything worked out just fine. He blindfolded me and cuffed me to the bed. We have a brass bed, which is just perfect for tying, cuffing and chaining. Then He put some clamps on my nipples and began to use the vibrator on me. It was really a good feeling to be used and played with, even though it wasn’t anything extreme. He even made me orgasm a couple times and that isn’t always an easy task!!

He’s been spending time fishing with His buddy and working on the boat with another buddy. He’s got a boat that has been sitting for quite a while and His friend has been after Him to get it running, so they have been working on the engine. i would love to get it running before it’s too cold to take it out this summer. i love the water and just about anything to do with it, so i would be thrilled if they could get it running.

We are hopeful that He’ll hear about a job very soon. He’s had several leads so i’m praying that something works out before too long. i will be working one night a week at the bowling alley again but instead of working at the desk i’m going to be tending bar. i did that a couple nights last bowling season and i really enjoyed it. i’ll have to do some reading up on specialty drinks as i’m not terribly familiar with different concoctions.

my mom went out east to see my brother and his family so while she’s gone that leaves my 98 year-old grandma alone in the house. She’s in incredibly good health, better than my mom for sure. She is able to take care of herself with no trouble at all except that she’s not able to drive anymore. So i’m going up there in a few days to spend some time with her. We just like to have someone in the house at night with her, if we can work it out. So between my niece, sister and i, we’ll make sure that she’s not alone too much. i’m not positive what night i’ll head up there, either Saturday or Sunday and i’ll stay a couple days. i have to be back on Wednesday because bowling starts next week.

i have spent the night getting ready to be gone for a few days. i like to have the laundry caught up and the house picked up before i go away for any length of time. i don’t want Master to have to do much in the way of housekeeping while i’m gone. i’m looking forward to seeing a couple of friends while i’m up at my moms and taking my grandma out for supper once or twice. If i’m lucky i’ll even get a chance to drive through town and do a little window shopping in some of my favorite stores. The difference between in shopping from Iowa to Illinois is amazing! So i’m sure it will be a fun little trip for me. i know i’ll miss Master and my animals while i’m away, i always get homesick even if i’m only gone for a little while. Master and i spend so much time together that i’m just not used to being without Him for even one night.

Well that’s all for now! i’m off to “veg” on the couch for a bit!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Quiet Night

i am enjoying a very quiet night at home alone. i had initially thought that i would be mother in law sitting tonight, but i have the whole night to myself. We celebrated my in laws 50th wedding anniversary last night with a huge party. Master was the DJ and there were lots and lots of people there. i spent my night tending to the food and doing dishes, then cleaning up afterward. i am glad they had such a good time but boy am i glad it’s over. One nice thing about anniversary party was the food! There was an abundance of food at the party and tons left over. So Master and i got lots of free food out of the deal!

i have been enjoying the blogathon a lot today and i’m having a great time learning more about the bloggers out there. i am planning on staying up as late as i can an maybe even chat with some of the bloggers that will be trying their hardest to stay awake all night. Master is out fishing again with His buddy so i have the entire night to do with as i please.

This past week was a very busy one for us. Master’s brother was in town with his family and he and his wife have 8 children. We all got together a couple times this week as they were only here for a very short time. Master and i went to “the city” for a gift for Master’s dad from His mom seeing that she’s laid up she can’t really do much shopping for herself. When we got to the mall we saw that they had many of their clothes 70% off! What a great deal for us! Master was in dire need of some new shirts and many of them that had been $40 or more were less than $8!! i even got a couple of new blouses, so it was a really good trip for us.

Master has a tiny lead on a job working for the local paper, doing some freelance writing. So we’ll see where that goes. He went to college as a pre-journalism major so this is right up His alley!

i can’t be positive but i think our ant problem is gone. i haven’t seen any, not even one for well over a week. So i’m keeping my fingers crossed that they have gone elsewhere for the water they were seeking. We are still in the midst of severe drought and have had no rain to speak of for over 2 months. Our outdoor irrigation sand point is all but dry and i’m praying that we don’t lose our indoor water source. We need rain very badly!

Not much else is going on at the moment. Just the every day M/s life that we try to live! Master continues to remind me of my place in life as His and i’m constantly testing the limits. Rarely a conscious behavior! Well, good luck to all you bloggers out there, blogging for your charity, i hope you all get lots of donations!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, July 29, 2005

Blogathon "pimp"

A quick “pimp” for those who are doing the Blogathon! Unfortunately i can’t do it due to my mother-in-law sitting responsibilities. So i thought i would help get some donations for those who are donating their time and effort to good causes. Please give all or anything you can to these worthy charities!!

aphrodite: has chosen the following charity:
Pulmonary Hypertension Association

luna: has chosen the following charity:
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

annissa: has chosen the following charity:
Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays

Good luck to all you bloggers out there!!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, July 25, 2005

A Quickie

Much of the last week has been fairly busy. Since Master’s mom came home from the hospital Master’s sister and i have taking shifts sitting with her while Master’s dad is working at night. This will be the way of the world for us for the next month or until she’s able to put weight on her ankle. She’s pretty helpless and demanding, as I knew she would be. Master and His dad spent hours in the scorching heat building a ramp for her and all she said about it was that it was “ok” and that she wished it had a railing. She’s terribly difficult to please.

Speaking of scorching heat, it’s been over 100 here for the last couple days and we haven’t had rain in well over 6 weeks. i just heard on the news tonight that the Governor of Iowa will be calling several counties (ours included) a state of disaster so the farmers will be allowed to get some assistance. We get our water from a sand point and our sand point for our irrigation is running out of water. i’m just afraid that it will effect our indoor sand point as well if we don’t get rain soon!

Master took me to see Rascal Flats last Friday and we sat on a hillside where people are allowed to watch concerts at the fair for free. Well this is the second concert we have gone to at this fair and i’m reasonably sure it will be the last. They were “ok” but certainly not what i was hoping for. We couldn’t see them, which was fine, but they did a lot of songs that weren’t even theirs and it was a little bit of a disappointment. i did have a good time at the fair in general though and even though it was unbelievably hot outside, it cooled down some at night and turned out to be a really nice evening.

Master is waiting for me to come and watch a movie with Him so i’ll have to make this entry short and sweet.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, July 21, 2005

We have been INVADED!

All my life i have associated ants with dirty people until my sister got ants in her house. Then she moved and they followed her. my sister is a clean freak and i mean she’s nuts about it. She’ll mop her floors several times a day and she’s constantly cleaning something. A couple weeks ago we started seeing ants here and there in the kitchen and we went out and got little ant trap things. Apparently, they didn’t work. Monday when i got up and went to the kitchen, they were everywhere! Running all over the counters, on the floors, running up the sides of the cabinets… i mean they were everywhere. Needless to say, i freaked out. Master had to go out and when He got back we cleaned! We pulled out the stove, the cabinets were pulled out, i’m talking some serious cleaning!!! i scrubbed everything that i thought might be yummy to ants. The more we cleaned and killed ants, the more turned up! Then i read on line about how they hate black pepper and i think, more like hope, that they are somewhat under control. i see one now and then but they are nothing like they were. my only theory is that we are in the middle of a terrible drought and maybe they are coming in for water. Someone else i talked to said the same thing. So i’m praying for rain now more than ever. If anyone out there knows of a surefire way to kill ants for good, i’m all ears.

Master’s mom is coming home from the hospital tomorrow and Master and His dad are building a ramp today. She’s not able to use a walker very well due to some pain in her shoulder so she’ll be using a wheel chair for long distances. They have a tiny house and Master has had to be quite creative in His building skills but i’m sure He’ll make a very durable and safe ramp for her to get in and out of the house. It’s extremely hot here right now and they are out working in 95+ degree heat. i have been cooking my little heart out so Master and His dad will have a good supper tonight. i’m sure they’ll be very tired and burnt out from the heat. i’m just waiting for the last of my supper to cook before i go over there and see if i can help out.

If everything goes as planned, Master is taking me to one of the county fairs tomorrow night. We are going to see Rascal Flats and i can’t wait. i love them!! It’s quite a distance away but the way they have the stage set up, you can sit on this little hill along side the grand stand and watch the concert for free. We did that a couple years ago when we went to see Meatloaf. We had a great time but the concert was horrid!! So this time i’m hoping for better results from Rascal Flats.

There is a job in the paper that Master is interested in and it would really be perfect for Him. He would be helping people surf the net among other things. So cross your fingers and toes for us, if you would please!

That’s about all for now, i have to get ready to go!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, July 14, 2005

i'm alive... really i am!

First off i have to say i’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post! i could say that we have been busy with life… but that’s just an excuse.

Our dog is all but completely healed and the vet called today to check on her. Her sore is about the size of a dime and she is just about her old perky self. It’s so great to see her up and running and playing just like she used to. Master and i are thrilled to have her back. She’s such a sweet little girl that we hated to see her so miserable.

Sunday night we got a call from Master’s cousin. She and a several of His relatives were at Master’s sister’s house to see the new baby horse. In the midst of some confusion, the mother horse got upset and started bucking and throwing a bit of an tantrum and Master’s mom got in the way. The momma horse kicked her and she fell down twisting her ankle. Her ankle is badly broken in three places and Monday morning she had surgery to place pins in her ankle to repair it. She is still in the hospital and going to skilled care for a week. Master’s mom is somewhat of a pill to begin with, i can’t even imagine how difficult this recovery is going to be, once she gets home. She will be almost completely helpless and it’s going to be very hard on Master’s dad. The rest of us will help out as much as we can with household chores and taking care of her but i’m sure the brunt of the work will fall on Master’s dad.

The local hospital is too small to take care of such a bad break so they sent her to the city, which is an hour away. We have been going up there most days and going out for supper with Master’s dad. Last night we went out with him and i think he likes the attention. Master has a hard time making conversation with His parents so i try to act as a buffer between them. His dad is very hard of hearing and won’t wear his hearing aides so it’s pretty frustrating for them.

Yesterday when we were getting ready to go to the hospital, Master got in the shower with me. He told me to kneel on the tub floor and asked me if i knew what was coming. i really didn’t have any idea. He told me to close my eyes and lift my head and began to pee on me. i didn’t have a hard time with Him doing it until He peed on my face. i moved around a bit but i stayed put for Him. He told me that i did a good job and even though i really didn’t like it, having Him tell me that i did well, was worth it.

Just a short update today, i’m off to get a few chores done and get into the pool.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Lots of Fun and Experiments!

We had a good day yesterday. We went to Master’s parent’s house for lunch. i wasn’t feeling all that great but it got better as the day went by. We all played games until it was time to go to the fireworks. Master won one game and His sister and i won the second game. (hehe Master hates to lose) We went to a private showing for the fireworks and it was really something. There is a local farmer who invites anyone who wishes to come to his house to watch. He spends thousands of dollars on the display every year and it was really awesome to be so close. The only bad thing about being so close is that it’s so very very loud. Even Master said it was making His head hurt, so you can only imagine what it was doing to mine. But we had a nice time and we didn’t have to deal with the crowds of people like we usually do. So it worked out great.

After the fireworks we were planning on going to our friend’s cabin down on the river. The cabin is close to our home and we wanted to stop and check on our sick puppy. Thank God we did! We have been keeping her in a kennel and somehow she got her head stuck in the kennel lid and had torn her bandage off along with a bunch of hair. i have no idea how long she was stuck but the tip of her nose was rubbed raw and she was out by the time we got here. So needless to say, no more kennel for the dog! We have an entire bedroom set up for the dogs to stay when we’re away but we wanted her to be in a totally clean environment away from our Yorkie but we can’t risk putting her back in the kennel and having something even worse happen to her. Once we got her all bandaged and cleaned up we set off for the cabin.

They were setting off some fireworks and one of Master’s oldest friends was there visiting. He only comes to town for holidays and Master doesn’t see him that often. He’s a nice man but he’s a bit hung up on alcohol and other mind-altering substances. i have spoken with my doctor a couple times about trying “alternate” methods for dealing with my head pain and i can’t remember what he said exactly but i don’t remember him telling me that it wouldn’t work. Master thought it might be a good idea to try a hit or two just to see if it might take some of the pain away. Well i tried it but it had less than the desired effect. i remember 20 years ago when i did it for the last time that i didn’t have the best reaction to it and this time wasn’t any better. Well that’s ok, it was worth a try! Live and learn. =)

We kept busy this weekend as we went to a party Sunday, thrown by some friends of ours who are in the lifestyle. We didn’t stay too long due to the dog but we had a nice time. i always enjoy seeing them, they are really a lot of fun. Saturday we went for supper with Master’s mom and then home to watch an extremely long race due to a rain delay. But it was a really nice weekend i always love the Fourth!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, July 02, 2005


It has been an eventful week! Tuesday night we found a huge lump on our dog’s neck and she had been acting really odd for a while. i made an appointment for her first thing Wednesday morning to be seen by the vet. About half an hour after i made her appointment, Master called me to come out to the living room and her lump had broken open. She then shook her head sending most of the contents of her abscess all over Master, the walls, the couch and many of our pictures and knick-knacks. It was a disaster, not to mention the horrid odor. i called the vet and we took her immediately in to see her.

She had some kind of cut that developed into this huge abscess. We have done almost nothing the last few days but tending to her and trying to keep her calm. We have been changing bandages, giving meds and trying to get her to eat. She has lost more than 25% of her body weight. It’s a mess and we’re in this for the long haul. i can’t even be sure how long it took us to clean up the mess in the living room, cleaning the walls and using upholstery cleaner to clean the couch. There is a huge open sore on her neck now and it will only get worse before it gets better. She’s so uncomfortable, i feel terrible for her.

We were supposed to go and help my sister move this weekend but we were up until 5am with her last night/this morning and there was no way that i could justify going and leaving her here with Master. So i’m sure that my sister is very upset with me now but there’s nothing i can do about that. i have to think of my responsibilities here first. Last night Master was very upset saying that my sister would never come and help us move if we needed her. Honestly though, i just don’t look at those things the way that Master does. Just because she may or may not help me, doesn’t mean that i shouldn’t be there for her if she needed me. i love spending time with my sister and we always have a good time no matter what we’re doing. In the end though, i needed to respect Master’s wishes and stay home where i am needed. He would have allowed me to go and even stay over night if i needed to, but i made the right decision.

Wednesday night Master and i spent some time in the pool together. We even went skinny dipping for a while. For the most part, we sat together floating and holding each other, kissing and fondling. It was very romantic, under the moonlight. It was a very sex filled evening and something that we haven’t done for a long time. It was great.

There is a party this weekend that Master and i might go to for a while with the local BDSM group. Then Monday we’ll go over to Master’s parents house for a picnic for the 4th. Then we’ll all go to the fireworks and parade. So with taking care of our puppy and the 4th festivities, it should be a busy weekend.

i hope everyone has a very safe and happy 4th of July!!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, June 24, 2005

my turn....

Have you ever...?

snuck out of the house - yes
gotten lost in your city - no
seen a shooting star - yes
been to any other countries besides Canada - no
had a serious surgery - no
gone out in public in your pajamas - no
kissed a stranger - no
hugged a stranger - no
been in a fist fight - yes
been arrested - yes
laughed and had milk/coke come out of your nose - yes
pushed all the buttons on an elevator - no
swore at your parents - yes
been in love - yes
been close to love - yes
been to a casino - yes
been skydiving - no
been skinny dipping - yes
skipped school - yes
seen a therapist - yes
done the splits - yes
played spin the bottle - yes
gotten stitches- yes
drank a whole gallon of milk in less than an hour- no
bitten someone - yes
been to Niagara Falls - no
gotten the chicken pox - yes
kissed a member of the opposite sex - yes
crashed into a friend's car - no
been to Japan - no
ridden in a taxi - yes
been dumped - yes
shoplifted - no
been fired - yes
had a crush on someone of the same sex - yes
had feelings for someone who didn't have them back - yes
gone on a blind date - yes
lied to a friend - yes
had a crush on a teacher - no
celebrated Mardi-Gras in new Orleans - no
been to Europe - not yet
slept with a co-worker - yes
been married - yes
gotten divorced - no
had children - no
seen someone die - yes
had a close friend die - yes
been to Africa - no
driven over 400 miles in one day - yes
been to US - yes
been to Mexico - no
been to India - no
been on a plane - yes
seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show - no
thrown up in a bar - no
purposely set a part of myself on fire - no
eaten sushi - no
been skiing/snow boarding - yes
met someone in person from the Internet - yes, Master for one
lost a child - yes
gone to college/university - yes
graduated college/university - no
fired a gun - no
purposely hurt yourself - yes
taken painkillers -yes
been intimate with someone of the same gender - no

Summer Fun Mixed with Bits of Turmoil

i was thinking tonight when i was grilling out supper that Master and i have been busier this summer than we ever have. i’m not sure if you could call it busy more than we are staying active and doing more things. i have to say that i am very happy with the activity level and i only hope that we continue to stay busy.

Since my last post several little things have happened but nothing earth shattering by any means. We had a bit of a falling out, if you will. One night i was cooking supper and felt really light headed and dizzy. Master was outside and i knew that if i didn’t eat something right away, i would pass out. Our eating patterns really suck and most days we eat one time and that is our supper. Otherwise we don’t eat anything all day. This is a terrible habit that we’ve gotten into and sometimes we wait so long to eat, i get sick. So while He was outside, i picked up a piece of bread and started eating it. When He came in and saw that i was eating without permission, He became angry. When i told Him that i had to have food immediately, He laughed, shrugged His shoulders and walked away. Just a few moments later, He walked back outside, never asking if i was all right. While He was outside, i became extremely dizzy and lost my balance and fell down. He walked in the kitchen and i was sitting up, but still on the floor. Master asked me if i sat down or fell down and i told Him that i had fallen. Again, He shrugged His shoulders, laughed and said “whatever”. It wasn’t that He didn’t believe me, it’s that He’s sick of me being sick. Well as anyone might imagine i got extremely angry and then ultimately, hurt. The way i saw it, He didn’t care….. not one little bit. Things just got worse from there but we have talked about it and things are ok now. He continues to have very little tolerance for my health issues which is VERY discouraging seeing that He knew i was ill when He brought me here and He knew that it wasn’t likely to change any time soon.

He must have felt pretty bad about what happened because the very next day He took me out and bought me a pool that i have wanted for as long as i can remember. It’s nothing terribly fancy but it’s perfect for us. Since then we have been working on getting it set up and yesterday we spent the entire afternoon in it and had a ball. We both got lots of sun and exercise, which is just great for both of us. We have really been watching our diet and we have both been losing just a bit so the exercise in the pool should certainly help out.

Last weekend Master had a party to DJ so He spent much of last week preparing the music for that. The party went well although there near the people there that they said would be. That didn’t matter to Master as He was being paid a set amount no matter what. The gal that hired Him actually gave Him a $50 tip, that was very nice and generous of her! They had free beer at the party and i very rarely drink but Master said that i could have some beer, so i thought why not? Seeing that most of the people there were also family, i sat at the bar for a while and visited and had a wee bit too much to drink, just enough that i was certainly giddy and having a good time. Master thought it was funny and we had a fun car ride home. When we got home Master thought that i was due a spanking for asking Him if He was going to share His smoke with me. So He had me strip, cuffed me and gagged me for just a bit and gave me a spanking that i’m sure i deserved!

When Master checked the temperature of the pool an hour ago it was 86 degrees! So i’m off to have a quick swim before it starts to cool down for the evening. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, June 17, 2005


These are supposed to be actual newspaper headlines from 2004.... found them while surfing on another blog. Enjoy!

Crack Found on Governor's Daughter [imagine that]!
Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash, Expert Says [no, really]?
Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers [now that's taking things a bit far]!
Is There a Ring of Debris around Uranus? [not if I wipe thoroughly]!
Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over [what a guy]!
Miners Refuse to Work after Death [no-good-for-nothin' lazy so-and-sos]!
Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant [see if that works any better than a fair trial]!
War Dims Hope for Peace [I can see where it might have that effect!]
If Strike Isn't Settled Quickly, It May Last Awhile [you think]?
Cold Wave Linked to Temperatures [who would have thunk it]!
Enfield (London) Couple Slain; Police Suspect Homicide [they may be on to something]!
Red Tape Holds Up New Bridges [you mean there's something stronger than duct tape]?
Man Struck By Lightning Faces Battery Charge [he probably IS the battery charge]!
New Study of Obesity Looks for Larger Test Group [weren't they fat enough]?
Astronaut Takes Blame for Gas in Spacecraft [That's what he gets for eating those beans!]
Kids Make Nutritious Snacks [Taste like chicken?]
Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half [Chainsaw Massacre all over again!]
Hospitals are Sued by 7 Foot Doctors [Boy, are they tall!]
And the winner is....Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead Did I read that sign right?

In a London department store: BARGAIN BASEMENT UPSTAIRS
Notice in health food shop window: CLOSED DUE TO ILLNESS
Spotted in a safari park: ELEPHANTS PLEASE STAY IN YOUR CAR

*hugs* MD's treasure

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

This n That

i have spent quite a bit of time in the last week resting my back. Everything i have read about back pain tells you to keep active so that you can get back to normal as soon as possible. So that’s what i have been doing. That’s just fine except that every time i try to do my normal stuff i end up hurting again. It’s a double edge sword, but i do think i am finally on the mend. Master was a big help with the daily chores while i was at my worst and that really helped a lot.

We ran a bunch of errands today including stopping by Master’s parents house to take care of the flowers and stuff while they are on vacation. Master is DJ’ing another wedding reception this weekend and even though it’s a bit of a pain, the extra money will help out right now. The company that Master was working for didn’t contest the unemployment so that is also helping out a tiny bit for now.

i have spent quite a bit of time in the ankle and wrist cuffs lately and Master seems to be “reminding” me a lot more of my duties and rules. i need to be reminded a lot of the rules, even though many of them just come second nature to me now. There are some rules that have really gone by the wayside and i think that it would do me some good if we were to sit down and go over them again.

Master has wanted to write a book for a very long time and He has a very good start to what could be an excellent novel. The other night we sat out by the fire and did some brainstorming for His book. We came up with some pretty good ideas for an outline. Now He’ll just need to sit down and organize the ideas and make sense out of them. He is really a gifted writer and i think He certainly has what it takes to write a good book. If He can discipline Himself a little more i’m sure He would do very well. It’s hard to stay focused when you have so many other things going on and the financial concerns that we have right now are certainly weighing on His mind. He certainly has my support and if i can help with ideas and suggestions that might just be all He needs.

i got up a little early today, after getting very little sleep last night so i’m going to head off to bed soon.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, June 10, 2005


Just a little pic to celebrate 10,000 hits.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Master Chef!

So i hurt my back a week or more ago and it seemed to be getting better when all of a sudden…. boom! It came back with a vengeance. i have been in pretty major pain all week and Master has been helping me with my chores around the house. Tonight however, He went one-step further and made supper. He cooked out brats on the grill, which to most people seems like the man’s job anyway. In Master’s family, the men don’t grill out, the women do it, so for Him to do it all by Himself was a real treat for me. The brats were wonderful and all i had to do was set the table, He even served me. It was quite a treat.

Then after we finished supper, we invited His mom and dad over and we had a fire. They were in pretty good form tonight and barely argued at all, that was wonderful. Master sat and drank an entire bottle of some cheap booze and proceeded to get a little tipsy. That is truly a rare occurrence.

It stormed pretty much all day here and we had tornado warnings all around us, but it never hit our county. Now it’s threatening to storm again so we ended our fire for the evening. If Master can stay awake, we’re going to watch a short movie so i better cut this short for now.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

* i just looked at the date and noticed, 35 years ago today, my father passed away.