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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Topping from the bottom

From Hawk:
"One of my biggest fears topping from the bottom...or appearing to top from the bottom."

i decided to make a whole post from his comment because my comment back to him got really long AND i thought it was such a great statement from him. We have a lot to learn from each other, this was a wonderful example of just that.

i love to hear you say topping from the bottom is one of your fears. It means you're totally aware of it. Isn't that huge? i mean if that's one of your biggest fears then isn't it more than likely never going to happen?

i don't know maybe that's a backward way of looking at it but i think that if you are hypersensitive to a situation in this regard anyway, i think you'll be much less likely to ever over step your boundaries.

It's a short coming for me, topping from the bottom. Whether i mean to do it or not, my headaches play a massive role in any bondage setting. No matter if He knew i had them when we got together or not (which of course He did) having a non stop headache is something that gets in the way of every. single. bondage time. Even if i don't say a word, Master can tell something hurts my head by a wince or the look on my face and if something starts out hurting, He knows it won't go well or last long because i will soon be in excruciating pain and really what fun is that? Yucky pain and suffering on top of what's supposed to be *good* pain and suffering?? =)

Over the nearly ten years that Master and i have been together i have learned to adapt to different equipment and unfortunately Master has had to compromise too. Is there any other way to look at it than topping from the bottom? It's a matter of opinion. Indeed, my headaches were the driving force in that, for a bondage scene to be successful we had to work together and maybe use things with less head buckles or more padding on the head. Something with slightly looser locks around the neck or head, etc. This in NO WAY pleased Master, make no mistake about it, but it was all a necessary evil to make this work.

There are still things that come up that do not please Him, that make Him take a breather where He has to remember that it's my headaches calling the shots, not me. It still doesn't please Him. The new hood, i got for Christmas is amaaaaazing for me!!! It's soft supple leather, locking in the back, perfect with nooooo buckles on the top of the head. The best part about that hood? i had no idea He was ordering a new one. He did that all for me, He could have continued to make me wear the old ones, with the huge buckles and locks. The new one is just as restraining (maybe more so) than any other hood He's ever used, and softer than any other head restraint He's ever used. Again, is that me topping from the bottom or is it a compromise or a means to an end; Him getting what He wanted me bound for His pleasure? =)

i should be just as afraid as Hawk to top from the bottom, even though i've always really disliked the phrase, it's for good reason. It's because i dislike the action even more.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


i was just browsing through Fet Life and i found a a thread about Phobias this younger girl was asking what type of phobias people have that prevent them from playing at what they might otherwise enjoy. Many of the posts were worded in this way "I have a fear of drowning, so any breath play is a no go" or "I am severely claustrophobic, so there is no way I can ever do anything with hoods" and so on. You know what struck me at the core? The ones who are owned, they have a choice? Now of course i am not so blind or silly to think that everyone is the same or that everyone lives the way we do but i was never EVER given a choice. i know that many submissives and even slaves are given more leeway and or rights than others in all sorts of areas. Of any area at all, this might be the one area where my rights were overlooked and stripped first and to this day it's where i learned some serious conditioning. i will say this, because of those first days in the hood, i am now able to spend time in the hood without severe panic. When i see that hood laying about the house, knowing i will be wearing soon, it is most likely the most powerful reminder of who is in charge of my life and that at any time He can easily disregard my phobias whatever they may be.

i was born with asthma, i'm scared to death that i won't get my next breath, that's all part of the hood as well, the stale air, now when i have the hood on, He's quick about putting it on and He's made some very serious intentions to try to make me as comfortable as possible. He has not in anyway ever let on that the hood will no longer be a part of His bondage practice, however. Since we've been together He's bought at least two or three more and this Christmas i actually was given a hood as a gift and it was a gift i truly loved. It meant that i was growing and it was a beautiful soft luxurious leather that when He put it on, smelled wonderful and felt good.

Even though i told Master i was afraid, that i was claustrophobic, He showed me the hood and basically said, "get over it". There are millions of people who are afraid of billions of things, had the shoe been on the other foot, i never would have gotten away with anything of the sort. It wasn't and He did. He will continue to get away with it and no matter what type of phobias i have i will continue to have to "get over it". i'm afraid of traffic and bridges, there's no way He'll let me live in a cave.

All i know is that i won't be able to call the shots and say that one thing or another is a no no because it's something that i don't care for. i've never liked the term, hated it even, but how is that not topping from the bottom? i realize everyone has rights and everyone has limits but just using these blanket statements, i will NOT! do this! no way! Seriously? How about a little wiggle room?

Master bought me a Ring POP! tonight and He told me that when we got home i could put it on His Willie and suck it.... What's the matter with Him? Weirdo =p

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Humiliation at its finest

It doesn't matter why He does it all i know is how it makes me feel. There is only one word that i've been able to come up with and that's humiliated. There is of course a huge amount of embarrassment involved but that's something that would only be expected it's the humiliation that i'm sure He likes. i don't really know, either way, that's the only word that really rings true. The other thing is, it's the only time since we've been together that i can actually say He's really gone this way.

Every day i suck His cock, at the very least twice a day, maybe more it depends on the situation. i don't have to finish unless He wants me to, it just depends on whatever He wants. Every Tuesday His best friend comes over and has for years, as long as i've lived here but probably for more than 25 years, every single week unless someone is ill or we're on vacation, His friend comes over. They just hang out and play a video game, mess around on the computers and watch porn. There is always some sort of porn involved on some level. Master's friend is the only real life friend that we've always been completely out with, throughout our entire relationship. He knows just about everything, if not everything about us. He's seen pictures of me completely naked and every time Master puts in a higher gauge nipple ring in me, Master shows him the new rings.

It's gone a step further. Each week when it's time for me to suck Master's cock, i have to wait until His friend is here and in the room. It's only uncomfortable for me, they both love it. Master's friend has made many comments to Master and he loves watching it, it's none other than live porn and it's Master's right to use me anyway He sees fit at any time He sees fit. No matter who is around. It's just one more level of humiliation that i have yet to wrap my head around. Baring new nipple rings is somewhat humiliating but nothing like this is.

Last night Master knew i was really uncomfortable and i've been doing it now for many weeks. That just made Master have me do it longer, until He was sure that i was good and embarrassed. Funny though, i have no recourse, there's not one thing i can do. i just knelt there and did it.

Today in the shower i was thinking, who has safe words and what or when are they used? *For Us* i can't imagine ever using a safe word or ever having the need for one. Master just knows what is right for me. He knows His property and He knows how far He can push until it's "safe" for both of us. It's really not about what's safe for me, it's about what is good for us. i think that's the bottom line, He wouldn't ever want to hurt us in anyway and if He ever hurt me irreparably, He would be hurting us. This isn't really a topic i've ever even thought about before but i think for us, that's why we never really thought about having one. It just doesn't make sense, for us.

That was my Tuesday night. That's been my Tuesday night for the last few weeks.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stockings and Confessions?

my stockings are here!!! One of the last of my Christmas presents from the UK finally came!!! YaY! We've been waiting for this package for well over a month and they finally showed up. Master places an order for me for Christmas every year but this year there was a huge problem with the royal postal system and about a million and 1/2 packages were backed up. Anyway, my stockings are here and i'm super happy! Stockingshq were awesome about the order and made sure we got our package! =) i think we're still waiting on two more packages, one that i ordered for Master and Master ordered a new labia "ring" for me. It's a tunnel, but it's still on the way! We're excited to see it in, if it ever gets here!! =)

i wonder how many times a day, as His slave, do i mess up? How often do i break a rule, be it a small one that isn't super important to Him or a bigger one that means a lot to Him? How many times a day do i forget to do something that i have said (in not so many words) that i wouldn't do?

How often does He look the other way or not even notice and does this part even matter? Isn't it all on the honor system? Should i come to Him every single time i notice that i didn't follow the rules or His expectations to the "t" and confess, or would He just finally get so overwhelmed with my mistakes that He wouldn't want to hear it anymore?

Okay, so why do i even bring this up? No, not because i'm a glutton for punishment but because i do mess up a lot, probably more than a lot of people but because lots of times i don't really even notice until it's too late. Last night we watched some TV and at the end of the night when it was time for me to get ready for bed, Master went to the den and i went to the bedroom. i immediately started getting ready for bed, i started taking my shirt off until it struck me, i hadn't asked for permission to get ready for bed so i slipped my shirt back on right away. i didn't come in a confess and at the time i wasn't sure if i should or not because i hadn't actually gotten undressed. It's a pretty big no no to get undressed without asking and i came right in and asked to get ready for bed. Now, where does the line get crossed and where do the confessions start? How often would i be confessing throughout the day?

How often do other slaves/submissives mess up and how often do you rat on yourselves each day? For instance (and i could go on and on here) i am supposed to get Master's email before anyone else and respond to His first, sometimes i forget to do that. i am supposed to write prescriptions on a calendar.. i forget. Seriously the list is long and He knows that. The rules around here aren't hard to live by as far as i'm concerned, i wouldn't want things different than they are. i just wish that i was able to follow the rules He has in place. It's really no wonder when He gets so furious when a prescription runs out and we have to make a special trip into town when there is a rule in place to prevent exactly that!!!

i am going to sign off for now. Master is watching football and i have supper to make. i hope you're all having a good Sunday night.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

To find me on FetLife i just posted a couple more pics.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dress For The Elements

So it's about a billion degrees below zero tonight give or take a degree. Master and i went to meet His Mom and Dad for supper and Master needed to hit the grocery store and i needed a couple things so we made a quick trip after supper. i have the warmest clothes known to Nanuk of the North... AT HOME. i didn't know that it was going to be Arctic weather outside because the weather Gods didn't send me a personal message and i am continuously out of touch with news and weather. So what do i have on to wear out in blizzard like conditions? A little jean skirt, my foundation garment, a pretty black slip, stockings (of course) heels but at least they were closed toed. What? You think i'm nuts? It's WINTER!!! Anyway, we get to the store and there's this chicky who is wobbling on what we think are 3 inch heels, we can't really tell though because she's wearing them with the longest sweat pants i've ever seen. You know the kind that drag the floor so badly the ends are totally frayed? Right, those! haha Anyway, Once we get up close to her we can tell the little heels are pink and sort of cute but she's soooo unsteady on them it's hilarious and i only hear one thing between she and her friend and she says to her friend.. "we've got to go! I can't stand one more minute in these shoes or I'm going to die!!" hahaha It was awesome. First of all, why was she wearing them when they couldn't even be seen and second of all, why was she wearing them when she was about to break her neck and thirdly, they were cute and i admire her tenacity for trying at all!!! It's more than a lot of girls do these days! She was cute for trying.

So for me? The next time mother nature calls for a bajillion degrees below zero, maybe i'll bother to wear a warmer skirt. i doubt it. Maybe i'll wear my high heeled boots at least, there is promise there. Perhaps i'll wear a cotton slip? That would be an improvement! =)

One thing i have to say, no matter what, no matter how cold He is, no matter if He's forgotten His warm coat or how badly He's feeling, i get in the car first. If it's icy i am offered an arm, i never open my own car door, if it's raining, i am dropped at the nearest entrance. For that i am truly spoiled. Tonight as i sit here, my legs are freezing in my stockings and heels but i know that Master appreciates everything i wear, He loves how i look for Him every day. i love how He goes out of His way to be sure that i am as comfortable that He can make me.

Had i asked, He might have even let me wear panties tonight, but that's up for debate... He doesn't like anything covering up that labia ring. It's His work of art! He pierced me in May and i'm still healing! =)

If you're interested in becoming our Flikr friend to see lots of our photos, send Master a request, just be sure you let Him know you're over 18 please!!! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's Your Best/Worst Mishap??

Change of plans. Today Master and i were going to go have lunch with His sister and go grocery shopping. We were also going to go get my medicine that i've been out of for a few days now. It's not a big deal, it's just a secondary medicine. The thing is, i feel like yuck but that's the not really what will keep us in today. It's snowing like a banchie outside and someone forgot to tell the people in this town that they are allowed to use salt on the roads when there is ice.

Last night when Master and i left to clean our drive way was like glass, from a distance it sort of shimmered. The day before we had an ice storm and then it got warm. Recipe for disaster. So then last night, it was freezing cold and our drive way was a skating rink! The same with our roads in our subdivision. The main roads were fine, apparently there's no rule against using ice on the main roads, only where those pesky homes are. So last night when Master's friend got here, he just about crashed turning into our drive way. Awesome.

So i was just typing an extended portion of a very long on going email and part of this email got to the topic, what would happen if Master and i were ever "found out"? Now that Master and i have started selling clips, the chances of us being found out by a family member at some point may or may not be higher, i just know that my face is certainly out there more than it ever was and the chance of someone we know seeing me is higher now than it was. So what if one of our family members found us out? What would we do? Well, for Master and i the situation is fairly uncomplicated, in that we have no children. So the only thing we'd have to worry about it facing our families. We aren't doing anything illegal and we're doing nothing wrong in our eyes. So i suppose there's nothing we could do except let the chips fall where they may. i would only hope that in time, for the most part, my family would accept me for me.

So the other part of that is, do you think any of your family (those of you that aren't out) have any ideas about how you live? Master and i are pretty clear about who is in charge in our home. There's really no gray areas and we don't try to hide that part of our life. Other than that, there's not much else that people know. i just wonder sometimes how much His Mom or my sister might guess.

What have you ever slipped up and said around people? One time i nearly asked Master if i could leave His presence when His Mom was sitting right there. Lots of times i've slipped up and worn the leather collar inside a grocery store when i might not have had a turtle neck on or the eternity collar on. The procedure is that i'm supposed to remove it when we're in public and put it right back on before we return home. i'm so used to having it on that i've walked into many public places with it on before. Thankfully, no one has ever said a thing or really noticed it and it's not small! lol The worst mishap was when i went to a campfire and i had it on, it was pretty dark but there were a lot of people there and there was no good, subtle for Master to tell me that i had it on and the car was pretty far away!! hahaha! Tons of times His parents have been over and there have been cuffs laying around or the leather cuffs are out. We're so used to it, we don't even realized they aren't supposed to be sitting out. A few years ago we had satelite installed and the guy was programming the remote. Many toys were hanging on the side of the entertainment center in the bed room, and he stood back and got a perfect view of hand cuffs, chains, collars, leather cuffs, leashes all neatly hung from hooks. He never said a word....

What's your best/worst mishap?

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lots to learn

Master and i started a little fish tank just after my birthday when my sister in law gave me a little African Dwarf Frog. The environment he was in wasn't at all sufficient so we upgraded, quickly. Since then we have done a lot of learning and we're starting slowly, very very slowly. Yesterday we walked into this aquatic center and we were immediately blown away by this salt water tank. i could have stood there for hours, seriously hours. i was reminded right away of firerunner's tank, if you read Yes Master then you would be familiar with her tank and all the work they put into their tank and how amazing it is.

Master and i could have spent the day in this shop and it's barely bigger than our living room and kitchen, or so it seemed. The fish were incredible and the staff were really helpful. Hopefully we'll be able to go back there and get a couple more fish for our tank, we really need a couple more although we're partial to mystery snails, they are exceptional!!!

We're still trying to solve our TV problem and we're closer to a solution, we think. We looked at the TV's the other day and it's almost like you have to sell a kidney to buy a new TV!

On the way home from looking at TV's and dinner, Master cuffed me and locked me in the car after i was buckled in. He likes to have me ride in the car with the wrist cuffs on, at least. He had me sleep in them cause once they're on they're on for the night. i still had them on this morning when i woke Him up with a blowjob. He told me that a good slave would have nice heels on when giving Him a blowjob. So before iwoke Him up i found a pair of 4.5 inch white pumps that i haven't worn in a long time. i don't wear them much because they are a little too big but because i was naked i didn't have to worry about them slipping off, as i normally would with stockings on! haha! Even though He's bummed about not having our normal TV in the bedroom, at least it was a good way to wake up!! =)

i made a pot of chili for supper and i think we might watch a movie tonight, we'll see.

i hope everyone is having a good Saturday night.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Since Master built our new bed we've been pretty hooked on spending our evenings watching TV in bed and lounging in comfort in our super comfy bed. Master even went so far as to say that when He walks into the bedroom He feels like it's really a whole new realm for Him. It's something brand new for us and something that we couldn't begin to describe if we tried. The bed is perfect the comfort level is out of this world, watching TV in there is awesome, we love our new shows, we have it set up with our lap tops and TV trays, the list is truly endless how much we love it. UNTIL. Master was setting up a movie last night, supper was ready, we were all set to eat and we were choosing a movie to watch and i said, what's the matter with the color? Eh.. it wasn't that noticeable while we were just messing around flipping through settings. Bottom line? The TV is fried (more or less). We got this TV through trade. Master traded an old beat up car for it and believe me as long as this TV has lasted, we got the better deal. But now, we're out our bedroom big screen TV and it SUCKS. We have a big screen TV downstairs that we're not using but it's wayyyy too heavy to put in the bedroom. The bed is over 1,000 pounds as it is, the older big screen could be close to 300 itself. Yeah i'm already in a panic every day over how much the bed weighs. We can't add another 300 pounds to the weight of the bed. Getting the TV fixed might just be more money than the TV is actually worth so we're at a cross roads. Who just has $500 sitting around these days to spend on a TV? We're going to have to be creative!

We have the living room TV but to be honest, it's very old, more than 20 years old and Master needs new glasses, He can't read the stuff on the screen and i have to squint myself. Which is fine for a while things are just fuzzy, no one will die, lol. In the mean time until we figure something out, we have to squint and Master will be in a horrible mood. When things aren't going well He is in a bad mood, no matter how much i would like to help, i can't.

That's what the topic of the day is around here. Things will work out, they always do, one way or another. =)

Peace to you all,

MD's treasure

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Feelin' zombie-ish

Today i am sort of like a zombie. Master and i, His cousin and his wife and Master's Mom and Dad went to His sister's house last night to have dinner and play games. We played the Wii for a while and before we started a game it was almost 10:30 i think. The game we played can take a while but before we knew it, it was 4am! All but His Mom and Dad, they went home to bed, they are the only sane ones who got some sleep! i didn't get to bed before 6am and it's not totally rare that we'll stay up late but for some reason i am just wiped out today. There are different times that my head pain is harder to control than others and this is one of those times. That just adds insult to injury, lol if you will. We had a good time last night though so that does make it worth it. i'm just shocked that we were all there so late and when the game was over, no one rushed off either. We all still sort of stood around a bit, lol. No wonder i'm groggy today.

The last of the Christmas presents are still trickling in through the mail. This year we had a heck of a time getting things in time. We both ordered in plenty of time and we've never had this trouble but for some reason both of us are still missing packages. One of my packages just arrived for Master and i am still waiting on one more. Master is still waiting on a couple. Crazy that we ordered them a month ago now and the companies are assuring us that they are on the way. hmmm

It's really cold here today, thankfully the house is very well insulated. The furnace does some wacky stuff but even when it doesn't want to go the first time the house stays warm for hours and hours because Master decided to over insulate when He built the house!! haha i think we're supposed to have a high of like 6 degrees here today... bleh.

Good day to stay under a blanket and watch movies or something!

Well i'm going to hop off here and get in some toasty sweater and figure out our supper.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, January 03, 2011

How would you feel?

So, Master and i aren't super wealthy folks if you're talking finances, that is. Happiness and love, we're all in. i mean if they are handing out $100 bills, i'd get in line. So when we decide to make a meal, we put some thought into it and plan for it, when will we make it so that the ingredients we've purchased won't go bad, things like that. So we got the fixin's for stuffed peppers, one of Master's favorite meals, like for real his faaavoooriiite. He doesn't usually ohhhh and aaah over much but this He does.

So the other night i made them, they are kinda a pain in the rumpus to make but i don't care, He truly loves them and that makes it worth it. So we had dinner and watched TV and did whatever blah blah... then i came out to the kitchen and clean the kitchen and put the leftovers in the tupperware, all that stuff. i got the kitchen all cleaned up and went to sleep on the couch cause i've been sick.

The next morning what do you think i see on the stove? Yeah, you're already on to me huh? THE TUPPERWARE CONTAINER full of the left overs. The thought that i wasted all that food almost brought me to my knees. i got a huge lump in my throat and i knew He'd be heart broken cause His favorite meal left overs were trash. They'd been out for 12 hours, nearly. i looked on line and everything said, they had to be tossed.

When Master got up i had no choice but to fess up, but i didn't do it immediately. i was too upset and i didn't know what to do because wasting food is a such a huge no-no around here. We waste almost nothing. It's not about the money so much as the food gone bad. So i mark everything that i put in the frig with tape and a sharpie so we know what needs to be eaten first. Master just hates waste. So... i came to Him and knelt at His side and i told Him i had a confession to make and He thought i was sorta kidding but i knew He'd be mad. Then i burst into tears, like a baby. i know it's only a couple peppers and this might seem overly dramatic but to me, i let Him down in a really big way and that's all that matters.

He surprised me, He really did. Instead of His usual unpleasant reaction when things get wasted, He said that because He could see i was truly remorseful, it was enough for Him. Remorseful? i was mortified and sorta scared outta my stockings. It almost made it harder! *sigh*

So now it's out there, to everyone who might read this and again to Master, i'm sorry! =( So mistakes happen and everyone does dumb things, now i'll just make sure never to do this one again. (i hope!!!)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure