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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Got Candy?

A few weeks ago Master sort of got into it with His sister's husband, they haven't really spoken since. They have been two back to back vacations since then home only a couple days in between. The interesting thing about this whole thing to me is that Master sent a very long email that was never answered. At this point we really have no idea what's going on. We don't know what would happen if we were to run into Master's sister and her husband. There are some occasions coming up that we always get together for and so far not a word has been uttered as to where, when or if we'll gather. Master's sister and i always chat about things and so far, nothing. So ... huh.

i guess i'm bothered only because Master's Mom is BIG on family. Any little tiff and she will turn it around to being about her and how she wants her family to get along. i am very curious as to how things will turn out and i'm hoping that everyone will meet up and it will be business as usual. Who knows though.

Master and i were working at His parents yesterday. He was putting together the hand rail for the stairs. We were literally one spindle from being finished and being able to assemble the last bit and the spindle split up the center. It was SO disgusting. He's used well over a hundred of these things and not one of them has split until now. So now it has to wait until He can get a replacement and we'll be back at His parents house on Monday. i have to go and prepare the house for His Mom to return from the Nursing Home anyway, it's just the idea. We would like to not be at His parents house every single day, for a while. At this point He's not even finished with everything His Mom needs, according to the therapist.

Master and i are spending the day watching Football and working in our basement. We have a lot of projects at home that we're working on as well as at their house. =) i have a cold so Master is trying to keep His distance and He keeps telling me not to breath in His direction! Big Meanie! i can't imagine being any more careful, i wash my hands all the time and just about every surface i touch, i use those antibacterial cleaners. If He gets it, it's out of my control! =(

i hope everyone is having a great Sunday Night!

i can't wait to hand out candy tomorrow so i hope my cold is gone by then!! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Master chains you to the bed and then he serves you dinner in bed. Who's the slave?

This is a great question and a terrific opportunity to explain the background on the picture in the previous post! =)

i was ill the day that picture was taken and Master is never all that happy when i don't join Him when He leaves for the day. This day was no exception and He was going to be gone for the entire day, working. He decided that if i was too ill to go to work, then i was too ill to leave the bed, all day. He told me that i would be allowed to remove the chain only to take the dog outside. For anything else, i would have to call Him. If He didn't answer the phone it would have to wait.

So that was my day, i was chained to the bed while Master worked all day and i wasn't allowed to leave the bedroom without asking. Keeping in mind that i wasn't feeling well, not up to eating much, Master insisted that i eat something, He brought me home some food. He set up my tray for me and brought me a plate of chicken. =)

i think your question is amazing in that it brings up so many wonderful points of interest. Master is my owner, to Him i am many things one of which is an object to be used. If His computer were broken He would need to repair it in order to use it, very much the same with me. When i am ill, He needs to care for me, to keep me in working order. If Master wants His property to function well, He recognizes that it needs rest and proper maintenance and yes sometimes pampering. The fact of the matter is, Master loves His property, much like one loves a dog, when His dog is ill, He pays special attention to it and nurses it back to health. In these situations, i am the property and the dog and the slave. i am also His treasure.

He loves me as much as i love Him and no matter what the situation is at the time, He will always be the Master and i will always be the slave.

Thank you so much for the question! =)

Ask me anything

Sunday, October 23, 2011

You said in a recent post that you had to put everything back on except your lease before you went to bed. Does that mean you have to sleep in your girdle and stockings?

No and thank you for the question. It was a poorly worded phrase when i wrote it! What i meant by "putting everything back on" was all the locking cuffs and even Master mentioned that my statement was confusing.

Your question brings up a good point though, when i take a nap during the day i am not allowed to get undressed completely. During that time i am only allowed to remove my skirt and blouse if anything at all so during nap time i do sleep in my girdle and stockings and slip. Of course when i'm on the bed my shoes come off so as not to soil the bed clothes! =)
Once i'm dressed for the day, i stay that way until bed time and there is rarely an exception made. i'm not allowed to take my clothes off until right before we're ready to sleep. As our evening is usually spent watching TV in bed, Master will specifically tell me that it's time for me to get undressed and ready for sleep.

Thanks again for the question and for keeping me on my toes! hehe =)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Home On A Saturday!

Master and i are spending a Saturday at home, it's beautiful outside and there are about a billion and a half things i would love to do. Master wants to work in the basement which really needs to be done and i.. well i don't want to work in the basement but we will. haha.

We still have lots to do outside and i would love to get that done before it's really cold outside and we're running around trying to beat the first snowfall. Last year i did it all too soon and i wanted the chairs out when it was still warm in November!

Master has really been working hard to get His parents house ready for His Mom to come home, and it's really more mentally stressing than anything. Some of it, that is. Like i mentioned the other day it's sort of hard to deal with His dad but that's not the half of it. So i'll just say that Master's dad antagonizes just about everyone around him, no matter how much you try to reason with him, he doesn't listen or hear and he flatly refuses to wear his hearing aids. Even his brand new ones that he swears are comfortable.

i have several years of experience working with the elderly in long term care. i know how to deal with most situations and there are times i can get through to him, if it's just he and i but it rarely if ever has a lasting effect. So even for me, he's a tough cookie to crack.

For his immediate family, it's just plain frustrating and i feel horrible for Master to work so hard and come up against nothing but resistance over and over again. Some of the stuff he does i think is freaking hilarious, Master, not so much. He has no attention span and Master thinks it's not so amusing.

Like Master will be sweating trying to screw a heavy board into place and he will ask him to hold the other end of the board. There will be some commotion at the end of the street and all of a sudden the end of the board will go limp. Master looks up and His dad is down the yard looking to see what's going on!!! See, i think that's a riot! Master... yeah not so much. The other day Master and His dad were sweeping the garage and Master was operating the dust pan, His dad had the bag and was holding it open. They were discussing how far 70 feet was. Master turned away to scoop up His mess and went to dump the pan into the bag and the bag lye limp on the floor in a heap. Master's dad? Oh he was walking off 70 feet into the drive way!!! Master swears His dad has the attention span of a grub. hahahaha

We had him over for supper last night and he just loved it. He stayed and played a game and although he usually hates games, i think he had a good time. He said several times how good supper was and when he called when he got home, he said it again. i'm glad he has Master to do all the things He does for them, i'm not sure what they would do without Him.

So like i said it's fairly mentally challenging and because of that Master keeps falling asleep when it comes time to watch TV at night. Master usually puts my "pretty jewelry" (as He calls it) the leather cuffs and leather belled ankle cuff every night after supper. Last night He attached the leash to my collar and because i have to ask to get undone from anything or use the keys, i was stuck or i had to wake Him up to get ready for bed or use the bathroom. i finished the show and watched part of another one when i figured He was done for the night and woke Him to ask if i could use the keys and let myself out of the leash. i got a grumble that sort of resembled yes. i'm only allowed to use the key to remove the ankle lock, to take my stocking off though, everything goes back on for sleeping, except the leash.

i better cut this off, if i'm ever going to get anything at all done today!

Have a great weekend!

MD's treasure

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Letting off a little steam

Just when i thought things where starting to slow down for us, right out of no where time seems to have disappeared. We were told that Master's Mom would be able to come home from the nursing home in a couple weeks and today there was a home evaluation to see if their home was safe for her. So the last couple days M and i have been working at their house on even more stuff to get the house safe for her.

Master installed a couple of grab bars for her in the stairwell and she'll need another one outside. The exact same place Master told His dad that there should be one installed and His dad just rolled his eyes. Today when the therapist mentioned it Master's dad thought that was a great idea. i think that might be the worst part of this whole thing, it seems like His dad has been fighting with us every time we try to help him with everything.

The main thing is i think is that it's invasion of his home and there's just nothing he can do about it. If Master's dad wants his wife to come home certain things need to happen and no matter how much we try to explain things to him it's his house and he wants things to remain the same. Who could blame him? It's not easy for anyone, we don't want to watch them get old and he doesn't want to give up his independence. i finally said to him the other day that i was done arguing with him and i typically have the best relationship with him. All we want to do is make things easier for them and help out and him being constantly resistant doesn't help anyone. He heard me, but it didn't last! hehe

It's just tiresome, that's all. Master's dad needs a break from us and we need a break from working at their house. Tomorrow we're going to stay home and not work there. It will be good for all of us! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lover's Prisoner Kit

Today, Master and i had an opportunity to try out another sex toy from Eden Fantasys called Lover's Prisoner Kit from Sportsheets.
The kit contains two wrist or ankle cuffs, made of felt with nylon connectors. There is velcro that is to be used to fasten the cuffs. There is a matching felt collar with a small D ring in the front and snaps in the back for fastening. The set also includes a nylon leash and lastly but certainly not least, the rubber flogger. The rubber flogger looks small but don't let the size fool you.

i'll start with the cuffs, Master used the cuffs on my wrists and fastened the velcro as tight as He could and then tied the nylon to the bed post. Due to the construction of the velcro and the way He tied the knot these cuffs are really fairly inescapable. This velcro held strong and the nylon is tough. When you hear felt and velcro you might think bah, but it's not as harmless as you might think! =)

The collar is pretty but there's no way to lock it and for Master that's a big downfall. For me, i thought it was very pretty and comfortable so if you're looking for comfort, this is a great find. It wouldn't be all that durable, so it's nice for show but not for a long term collar. Lovely to wear out though.

i thought the leash was terrific, i am a fan of leashes in general and this is a great leash that again, is pretty inescapable. It's got a nice lobster claw for an attachment point and if you're well bound anyway, there's no getting away! It's not likely to tear or wear any time soon so this is a great addition to the set.

So, the flogger. Master has a small rubber flogger that He's used on me previously and He pretty much always gets the same reaction... OUCH! These little guys hurt, like for real hurt. Swung quickly and with force they seriously pack a punch especially on the pink parts. Master was really loving the reaction He was getting from me, the more i screeched, the more He swung. The more He swung, the more i screeched and so our afternoon progressed.
For anyone looking for a little light BDSM, this set really delivers.

Thank you to Eden Fantasys for the opportunity!

MD's treasure

Friday, October 14, 2011

Open Book Policy!

i've been thinking about privacy or lack thereof. i've spoken of this several times and not long ago someone asked me about Master's rule for me in regard to using the bathroom. Where i said i really have no personal privacy, to be blunt.

It's just interesting to me though how i have become an open book to Master, in every single aspect of life. my telephone calls, my email, my journals even my on line chatting or even every website i visit. The only time i am allowed to have a secret is for a present or surprise and that is rare.

The only thing that i have of my own are my thoughts and to be honest even that isn't something that Master is entirely fond of. Master wants to know what's going on with me and He can't control me if He doesn't know what's going on with me at all times. That's really very simple. If i am upset and talking to someone else about it, He's out of the loop. If i'm frustrated and He doesn't know about it, again it's a lack of control. If i bottle it up inside and keep something from Him, He would have no idea that i might be stewing about something (an activity He forbids, by the way, i'm supposed to let things go and not stew!). It's easier said than done, to be this "open book" that i speak of, it really is.

The email and computer stuff is easy, the journal is right there in front of Him, the phone calls are easy also. It's the thoughts that are hard for me. If i'm truly not allowed any privacy or if i'm really not allowed to keep anything from Him being this open book is hard work. Something i'm not really all that great at. i'm terrific at thinking and working out scenarios or talking to Master in my head, i'm not so super at the actual verbalization.

Something so simple as Master: "what do you want to do tonight?"
What i'm thinking is: (i really just want to do whatever You want to do because i'm not all that particular, but if i say that, You'll get frustrated for me not having an opinion, so i know i better suggest something!)
What i say is: "How about a movie, were You thinking a movie, or no?"

Which couldn't be MORE wishy-washy if i TRIED, so THAT gets a bad reaction too!

Sometimes being an open book is bad and even more frustrating than keeping your mouth shut! Less is more... *nod*.

Ohhhh us poor slaves, we have it rough don't we?? *snicker*

Have a great weekend!!! =)

MD's treasure

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chasing Away The Blahs

With any luck the craziness has started to slow down. Master's brother was in town last week and over the weekend. With almost no notice, after i spent more than a week preparing His parent's house for guests to spend the night, we were informed that we'd be having a barbeque for 14 people! We literally had one day's notice to get ready.

Now that His family is starting to get back in order and His Mom just got news today that she might be going home in a couple weeks, we might be looking forward to our lives slowing down some too! Wouldn't that be a hoot!???! =)

Tonight we went to the nursing home and i washed Master's Mom's hair, it really needed it because she can't take showers right now. i am really glad that we're in the situation that we're in and we can be there for them, no matter how tired i am or how i think something can wait, cleaning or laundry, etc, i always have an amazing sense of fulfillment once it's done and i know His parents are well taken care of.

Master and i put me through a bit of a punishment the other night, He hooded me and cuffed my ankles and wrists for quite a long time. It was a reminder that i wouldn't mouth off at all, as i have been way too mouthy. Perhaps a result of too much time away from home, perhaps too much time away from the familiar confines of our confines. i don't know i just know that He was certain that He was going to remind me that i was going to stop mouthing off, once and for all. i just know that things have been very blah. i also know that i can't seem to get "untired". It's not for lying around doing nothing or for running around like a chicken with my head cut off although when we're home i do want to get lots done. i think once we get back to our routine again we'll be good. i can already feel things getting better and i'm sure Master's reminder didn't hurt either. =p

i better scoot off here, i'm hoping it will be TV time soon.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, October 07, 2011

Most master/slave relationships have limitations. What is the limit of pain and activity that you won't go beyond?

i could tell you that i have my own limits of things i don't like. i could say that, but it would be a waste of time. When Master and i first got together, we put together an original contract and He actually let me participate some. Things were very new between us and it was a good way to establish trust. i expressed concern about asphyxiation and all things related to breathing. It terrifies me as i was born an asthmatic. He really did very little reassure me that He wouldn't push those limits and that really set the tone for our relationship. i was allowed to tell Him what i was afraid of, but that's where it ended, He was in complete control of what would happen from there.

Another example would be the hood, again very little cool, fresh air when i am in a hood. However, He has pushed my limits far beyond what i ever thought possible. Depending on the hood, i can be quite comfortable, other times i still have moments of anxiousness but it's up to me to overcome that. Master will do with His property as He sees fit at the time.

If we're talking about pain it is much the same story. i am not a pain slut, as it were. Master is not so much the sadist that He enjoys inflicting pain on me to see me writhe in pain for pain's sake. What He does appreciate is watching me endure a certain element of pain for total submission. If i deserve a punishment then sometimes He'll give me a fair dose of pain. No matter what the reason is, i have no say, ever.

There have been other activities as well. Master decided early on in our relationship that He would have nipple rings placed in me. i was terribly nervous but He took me to the shop, told the piercer what He wanted and it was done. Last summer Master decided that He wanted to have labia rings done, so He did it Himself, i had nothing to say about it.

To answer your question, there is no limit that i won't go beyond, my limit i suppose is ultimately my connection with Master. i trust Him and have complete faith that He knows what i can and cannot handle. i am His most prized possession (His words not mine), He won't damage me so much that i am worthless to him.

Thank you for the question!! =)

Ask me anything

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I took Masters collar 2 days ago and am wearing it 24/7. I am very happy to serve Master and looking forward to this journey. Did you ever want to take your collar off when you first started, or did it come naturally to you to wear it 24/7?

Firstly let me apologize for the length in which it has taken me to get back to you, times have been a bit hectic for Master and i. Secondly, congratulations to you and your Master, these are happy times for you, indeed! =)

This would be a two part answer for me i think. i truly believe that wearing Master's collar and serving Him is what i was put on this earth do. i was
really a novice to this lifestyle when i met Master, i knew the basics but that's about it.

Physically taking the collar off was never my choice, once it was on me it was on to stay. The rule was that i would never take it off except to shower and then i had a shower collar or in public until we got a public collar to wear.

There were times however that i was unsure of my own performance and submission. i never wanted to remove it or give it back, i was always concerned that i would disappoint Him. Just like in the beginning of every relationship there were doubts, i was very far away from everything and everyone i knew and everything about this relationship was foreign to me. Every new experience though was just one more gave me more confidence in Master and more faith in my own ability to submit to Him.

It hasn't really changed today. i continue to grown in my submission to Him. i learn how to please Him all the time. The more i learn about Him, the stronger my submission becomes.

Blessings to you on your journey may you find the joy that i've found in serving my Master.

Peace to you!

Ask me anything

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Happy Birthday Master!!!! =)

We've been so involved in other things lately that we haven't really taken the time to appreciate each other, like we normally do. Tomorrow we're taking a day, like we always do this time of year. Tomorrow we're going to celebrate Master's birthday and i hope it's amazing for Him.

Today Master spent His birthday working at His parents house trying to get things ready for when His brother gets here. No matter how hard we try or how prepared He thinks He is, something always seems to slow us down. An hour project takes an hour and a half or we end up running out of something!

i know it's been more hectic than ever lately but i hope You know how much i love You and how thankful i am that i'm the one You want to spend even the most crazy of times with!!!

Happy Birthday Master!!! i love You!!! =)


precious treasure

Saturday, October 01, 2011

His lil helper!

We've had some pretty long days this week so, knowing that today was going to be one of our longest yet, i was going to make it a little easier on myself for this evening. So last night i made tonight's dinner and had it totally ready to put in the oven. i knew that when i got home tonight all i would have to do is put it in the oven and we'd be all set. Then i would be able to sit down for at least an hour and make my blog post that i've been really lacking all week!

So i'm getting everything all set up in the bedroom to sit down at the lap top and the dog runs in, so yeah. An unexpected 30 minutes later and a partial fanny haircut and living room carpet cleanup. Y U C K. It's really my fault, he's needed a haircut for a month, omgosh why is it on that one night when you think you've planned everything so perfectly though? haha!!!

Next week Master's brother is coming to visit with his wife and one of their 8 (yes 8) kids. They are staying at Master's Mom and Dad's house and seeing that it's just Master's Dad there on his own, i'm getting the house ready for guests and getting it decorated for Halloween/Fall like Master's Mom would want it. They are coming home because she's still in the nursing home and although she's shown tons of improvement she's still not doing great, so they're coming to see her. It's going to be a very busy time while they are here as there are lots of birthdays to celebrate! Master's being one of them!!! =)

i will be so glad when things settle down for us, this whole summer has been a whirlwind of running around. i know being sedentary isn't good for us either but this has just been crazy. We still have projects of our own from the very beginning of the summer that we never even got to think about starting. We were really focusing on His parents and i'm not saying that the priorities weren't in the right place, they were we did the right thing by taking care of Master's parents first.

Today Master was drilling through cement and it's really hard work, without the right drill. Well okay it's hard to do with the right drill it's almost impossible without the right drill. After He got to like the very last hole He needed i asked Him if i could maybe try. He must have really been exhausted because He let me try. Normally He would have said "no way" especially because i might have broken the bit, but He let me try anyway. So i did and i was actually helpful. Probably because by the time i tried, i wasn't as exhausted as He was getting to be and i helped finish off the last part. It doesn't sound like much but when i help Him on a project and i know i've really done something worthwhile, like helped cut lumber or carry my fair share or like today bare a little bit of the load, i really feel like a help to Him. He sighed a sigh of relief when that last hole was done and i knew He was happy and i was glad to have helped Him. That's just as nice as hearing "good girl".

It was a pretty good day and pretty soon our supper will be ready, so i better scoot off here! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure