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Friday, February 17, 2006

Just..... Life

my mom called me Tuesday night to tell me that her surgery had been postponed. She's got to have some more tests before her doctors will allow her to go ahead with the surgery. So i was able to stay home this week which was really a big relief. i'm trying to get ready to be gone for a while and going up there would have made things pretty stressful for me.

i'm glad that i didn't end up having to go seeing that we had an ice storm yesterday and they are expecting a winter storm up where my mom is too. It would have made things even more stressful had i been stuck up there in a storm.

We have a quiet weekend planned just planning on staying home and spending time together, maybe playing some Everquest. Sunday is the Daytona 500 and that's always a big event here at our house. We got a few snacks last night at the store and i'm sure that Sunday will be all about good food and racing! i'm finishing up the last of my laundry this morning and i'll do a little dab of cleaning today. i have done well keeping the house up since our major clean and it's been pretty easy just doing a little bit every day.

i went to have my stitches taken out Tuesday before work and the doctor said that the site on my back isn't healing as fast as he would like, so he left those stitches in. He told me to have them take them out while i'm in the hospital. There is going to be an ugly scar there i think as it looks really nasty right now. But i think it's getting better every day and the pain isn't as great as it was, so that's always a good thing!

Not really too much is going on here right now, and i'm happy for the lull. i think for many reasons things in the "bedroom" have been at a standstill. i was very sore, then had my period on top of that. We're doing well and getting along great, there just hasn't been much romance lately. i'm hoping that this weekend we'll find time to end the dry spell. i know that He tries very hard not to push me when i'm hurting and this has been quite a long time, so i definitely want to make it up to Him before i have to be away for a time.

We got the dogs groomed the other day and oh my goodness, do they look amazing. We have never had the little Yorkie groomed since we got him and he looks like a totally different dog. i never knew how tiny he really was. If Master has time this weekend i'll see if He wants to post some pics of them on here. It would be worth the trouble, just to show them off. They have been so cold since we got them groomed so they have been sporting sweaters and they are so cute it almost brings tears to my eyes to look at them.

Ok... back to my chores. Have a great weekend everyone!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yesterday morning i woke up feeling pretty bad. The incisions that i got from the surgery are still hurting and of course i had the usual searing pain in my head that i have when i first wake up. i got up and took some meds and laid down on the couch and just felt sorry for myself. About 30 seconds after i laid down, my booboo kitty hopped up on the sofa and curled up in my arms. She nudged my cheek and gave me a kiss while i stroked her fur. i was soon completely involved in her, talking to her and telling her how pretty she is, when i realized that the pain, all over, had lessened a great deal. i was no longer miserable, but quite happy to be there laying with my booboo kitty.

Animals are amazing to me and this little kitty is nothing short of a miracle in my life. Often times she doesn't show up for treat time, she skips out on parties where she is the guest of honor and sometimes she blows off TV night with the family. But when i'm hurting, really hurting, she is there. Always. When i'm hurting there are two things i need, Master to hold my hand or rub my head and tell me it's going to be ok, and i need my booboo. She'll hop up on the bed and silently curl up beside me. She'll lay a paw gently against me and look up at me and i know she's saying, "I'm here mom, I love you". When it's at it's worst, she'll come to me and kiss my cheek with her rough tongue and just sit there, watching over me until the worst has passed.

i have been completely in love with every animal i have ever had. But i think that just as though there is one true love out there for every human, there is one true love out there for every animal. Amazingly enough, i have found both. Even Master sees it in her, He was never a cat lover before He met my booboo and she is very much Daddy's little girl. The way that He talks to her and loves her warms my heart to boiling over some times. We have 4 animal companions to love and we are blessed beyond compare!

Last night when Master and i were going to town for a little bit of Valentine's Day shopping and for a bite to eat, He said that He was sure that when the whole financing was over, that our lives would slow down a bit. Well, things haven't slowed down at all, in fact things are going to be a bit hectic in the next couple weeks. i am going up to take care of my mom tomorrow post surgery and i won't be home until Friday, most likely. Then we'll have the weekend to spend together before i go up to the University Hospital Monday morning for who knows how long. The doctor that is admitting me said 3-5 or 7-10 days, depending on how i respond to treatment. Master is convinced that i will be looking at the 7-10 day time frame. i'm hoping that i'll respond quickly and get to come home within that 3-5 day frame.

The one thing that concerns me is what the doctor said about the time i will be there. She said that i should plan on (i'm paraphrasing here, can't remember her exact words) being uncomfortable or in some sort of discomfort while i am there. Now to me, every time i have heard a doctor say "you might feel some discomfort" what they really mean is "we're going to cut your leg off with no medication" *giggles* So i am somewhat worried about the whole "discomfort" comment. But if this helps, there are of course no guarantees that it will, it would be wonderful. At this time being hospitalized is my only option to try and get better.

Master will have a very busy couple weeks or however long they decide to keep me. He'll have to take care of the animals and the house while i'm away. In between driving an hour each way to the hospital to see me. i'm pretty sure He won't be able to make it up there every day and i'm happy to take whatever He can give. With my whole family being out of the state and my mom just having had her own surgery, there is no way that she'll be able to visit and there is no way on earth my sister would come out to see me. That might cause her a tiny bit of inconvenience and no one would want that! *rolls eyes* But i'm sure that Master's parents and sister will at least be up once to check on me, and that's all i can ask for.

We had a birthday party Sunday night for our kids we have three of them who have birthday's in February. They got lots of toys and treats. Combined with what they all got for Christmas and now their birthday, they will be set until next Christmas!

We did our Valentine's Day last night because i'll be working tonight and Master's friend will be here when i get home. Master bought me a new night gown and a really pretty pair of pink sparkly earrings. He also got me a couple of movies! He looked at flowers and asked me if would like some and i said no. i already have small bouquet here from when i had that little surgery and i won't even be home to enjoy them. So i opted for things that i can keep and enjoy for years to come. Flowers are lovely but they just don't last and i would prefer to have something that i can look back at and say "remember when You got me that for Valentine's Day?"

So i'm not sure when i'll be back, but i most certainly will be! In the mean time, Master may post once or twice while i'm gone, but no promises there either!

Peace to you and yours,
Happy Valentines Day!

MD's treasure

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Sunday = Yummy Food!

Master got His new computer last night and it's really great to see Him so happy! It has all the bells and whistles that He wanted and i'm sure He'll be spending lots n lots of time getting it all set up. He was up all night last night working on it and i'm just thrilled that He's got His new toy!

We got all the financing stuff at the bank taken care of and now for the first time in a very long time, we have a little bit of breathing room financially. We actually had very few bills before but now we have even less worries and i can't even explain how good it feels to know that we'll be able to go to the grocery store and not leave with a heavy heart wondering if we just spent too much money.

i went to the doctor on Thursday to have my minor surgical procedure. i mentioned to the nurse that one of the lumps that they are removing was previously removed (several years ago) in the OR because the surgeon said that it was too deep in the breast tissue to be removed in the office. She spoke to the doctor and he came in to have a look at it and said... "hmm we didn't look at this last time, did we?" i said "oh yes you did and you said that it would be fine to take out right here in the office". He poked around a bit and said, no way, that's way too deep to do here in the office, we'll see you Monday in surgery. *sigh* Master was very upset because when we went in for the initial consult, the surgeon spent about one minute with us and said that he could remove both lumps in the office. Master even commented that he didn't take much time with me and how does he even know he can take care of it in the office. Well, as usual, Master was spot on in His assessment! What a mess it would have been had the doctor started the procedure and then had to take me to surgery in the middle of it.

So now i'm having a not so minor surgical procedure tomorrow morning, ugh! i am so not looking forward to it cause now i have to do the whole, no eating or drinking after midnight... blah blah blah. Which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me cause i'm having a local. i totally understand that if you are having a general... but alas, i am not. So, whatever, i'll just be glad when it's all over.

my mom called to say that her surgery has been rescheduled for the following week, which works out much better for everyone. She asked me if i would come up there and stay with her afterward so she can do it as an out patient thing. i told her that of course i will, but just between me and the fence post, there is no way they'll let her go home the same day. With her unstable heart condition, i would be shocked if she doesn't end up spending a couple days there. But that's fine, i'll just go up there and go with the flow.

i have lots n lots of goodies planned for the Super Bowl menu today. i'm not so much into the game, but Master likes to watch it for the commercials. He normally detests commercials but the ones that they show during the Super Bowl are usually pretty funny. i'm not positive but we might be having some friends over to eat just hang out during the game. They aren't into football much but when i told her my menu last night, she said that they might have to come over for the good food. i'm hoping that they do but i believe it's a bit unlikely.

Speaking of food, i better get busy on my cooking. Have a great day everyone!!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Thank You Master!

Since i last wrote here, Master’s computer has pretty much given up so we were without computers for a few days. But now i have my new computer and i love it! i have this huge new monitor and the computer itself is so fast i can’t even believe my eyes. It’s just awesome!!! *Thank You Master*

We had an appraisal done on the house last week and i think it went pretty well. i’ll be so glad when the whole refinancing thing is over and life can get back to normal. i love having a clean and organized home and since the appraisal, i have worked pretty hard to keep it clean and picked up. This morning i did some cleaning just to keep it up and i think if i just do a little bit every day, i won’t get so behind. It’s so much easier to clean a little every day than it is to clean a ton once in a while.

With any luck, Master’s computer parts will be here by the weekend and His buddy can begin the building process. We spent most of last weekend over there while he built mine so i’m hoping that we’ll get Master’s done this weekend.

i have been talking to my mom every day for the last week or so. It turns out that my sister is having even more trouble in her life at the moment and i can’t help but worry about her. She told my mom this morning that she suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder, this is absolutely no shock to me at all, i am just amazed that she finally admitted it to anyone, most especially my mom. She has yet to take any of my phone calls and from what my mom says, she won’t really talk to anyone with the exception of my brother. i’m not worried that she’s not talking to me, i’m just glad that she is talking to someone. my mom of course has turned this into her own personal tragedy and now it’s all about her. Yesterday when my sister had a bit of a breakdown, my brother called our older sister to go and be with her. my mom is all put out that he didn’t call her to go be with her. i tried in the most delicate way to explain to my mom that my sister should be around people that she’s comfortable with and she has the right to choose who she opens up to. What i didn’t say is that the LAST person my sister would want with her during a difficult time would be my mom. Because as i indicated, it would become all about her and my sister would end up feeling much, much worse.

The one thing that i do feel good and bad about is that i am disconnected from the whole thing. i would like to be able to be there for my sister should she decide to talk to me, but i also know that Master’s patience would become very thin in a short time and He wouldn’t want me to become too involved as it’s just not healthy for me. The only thing that i can do for her right now is pray for her, and i do, i pray that she’s able to find some peace in this whirlwind.

Master got an early start at work today, so He’ll be home early. i’m fixing one of His favorite dinners tonight and i’m hoping to have a nice quiet night watching some of our shows and just relaxing. We haven’t had much down time lately and i think we’re both looking forward to some quiet time.

i’m having a minor (very minor) surgery tomorrow and we have to get up at the crack of dawn to be at the doctor’s office in the morning. So i thought that i would fix enough supper tonight to have it again tomorrow night should i not really feel up to cooking. my mom is having a not so minor surgery next week and if everything works out, i’m going to go up there for the day to be with her. my sister will be out of town for a while and there’s no one else to be there for her. i really don’t think that she should be alone while she’s having surgery. The only bummer is that i’ll have to turn around and come right home again because my long awaited appointment at the University Hospital is the following day. So i may just have to make a couple trips up there next week.
That’s about all for me today, i hope everyone out there in blogville is doing well!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure