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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wow... what a prize

While i'm not usually one to stand on a soap box this particular event really struck a cord with me. It's done and over with and happened last February, although i only just heard about it a day or two ago. i still think i would be remiss if i just let it slide without commenting on the depth of this societies morals, or sadly, the lack thereof.

A radio station in West Virgina WKLC to be exact, had a contest last February, Valentines Day. i don't keep up with news, so i am certain that many people know about this and have long forgotten. The prize was...... a divorce. A real divorce. i can't even begin to imagine how the powers that be at that radio station thought that it would be a good idea to promote one of the worst things that can happen to a person. i've been married once and never divorced so i'm certainly not speaking from experience. All i know is what i've seen and heard and i know that people who've gone through it will tell you that it's a horrible thing. This radio station wanted to try to find a divorce that was "funny" none the less.

i have my own convictions about marriage, we all have our own opinions but i think that anymore divorce is seen by people as a get out of jail free card. There is absolutely no incentive to work at your marriage when you know you can walk into a courtroom and walk out "free". It's become nearly as easy as getting your license plates renewed (i know that's an exaggeration).

What happened to good old fashion morals? The union of two people for life? Divorce was created for those who needed it, for the extreme situations and i also understand being young and impulsive and making a very bad decision. This whole thing about the radio station giving away a divorce as a contest is just disgusting. i could see how it might look to a young mother who might be surrounded by children and bills and saw that as a way "out". How sad, how very sad.

i wanted to leave a comment on the website but decided against it, i'm sure they've no interest in hearing from an old fuddy duddy like me lol. It's old news anyway and what's done is done. i just hope that should another contest like this come up again in the future, it's not allowed to take place.

i hope everyone out there in blog land has a peaceful weekend!

MD's treasure

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free Weeds, pull your own, please.

M's Mom has called two times today from Alaska. She's shopping. 'Nuff said there. haha... Actually, she has to know sizes, will He wear "this"... He said not to buy Him "this" what about "this" instead? She can't and usually won't take no for an answer which is sometimes a bad thing. She said they watched a glacier as it broke apart yesterday. It was an amazing sight. i didn't bother saying what i know M would have wanted to say about Global Warming. i know it was a pretty sight for her and she was excited to see it.

M said last night that we're having a weed pulling party today. WooHoo!!! *blech* That's one party i wish i hadn't been invited to, because i'm sure there won't be refreshments and the entertainment will suck... =( The weeds in the back yard are out of hand but i haven't been able to pull them, if i do it just hurts my back all over again. i think i'll ask Him if He wants me to use the trimmer to help out.

OK off here for now to get moving on this "party" wooohoodles.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Awww =)

Early Saturday morning M's parents left for an Alaskan cruise. They'll be gone a week. i hope they have a wonderful time, it's supposed to be around 60 degrees up there the whole time and they will have plenty of time in port to shop and sight see. M's Mom just loves to shop so that's what she'll really look forward to doing.

my sister left Friday morning for London and she'll also be gone a week. This next week will be pretty boring. i usually chat on the phone with her on and off all day and when we do stuff we usually go with His parents. That's alright though, we can maybe catch up around here outside or something this week.

i can't really think of much else to write about so i'll just share this video with you. i just think it's sweet. For you softies out there, give it a whirl, it's about 30 seconds long!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Thursday!

It's been a quiet week and today it's raining and a bit gloomy. Master and i have to run in town to do a couple errands and then we'll just be right back home. i would imagine that our weekend will be about the same as it has been, He'll go fishing and we'll have supper at the cabin, although i'm not positive. haha We're so boring!

i just found (again) Mija's blog. i used to read her all the time and she changed her site and i found her and then i think she moved again and i lost her (i don't remember exactly when it was i lost her). Anyway.... i found her blog again a couple weeks ago (she just moved again lol). The thing i loved about reading her was not that she was funny, because she is, but that i get a real sense of "girly", "frilly", "foofoo", "not afraid to say, eww i don't wanna do that, i'll get dirty!" from her. As from my last post i just don't feel that there is enough of that out there. So i was very happy to find her again.

She had these questions on her blog and i'm stealing them. =)

Are you required to work out or keep in shape? i am not required to work out, no. Master would definitely like me to lose more weight but i think right now He wouldn't feel good about asking me to work out. We do talk about getting something in the home that i could use. i love to go for a walk but He really hates it.

Is that something closely monitored by your Master/Owner, or is that an area in which you are expected to be proactive?
my food intake is monitored, in that i'm not allowed to eat without permission. i have to ask any time i want to eat anything at all. It's a good thing for me, it keeps snacking to a bare minimum and i find that i only eat when i need to eat.

What are your favorite domestic chores?

haha people have favorite chores? my favorite thing to do by far are the little things Master asks me to do for Him. He just doesn't ask me to do much really. i make Him His meals and do laundry, lay out His clothes or iron a shirt, help Him get ready to go fishing, little things like that, but on the whole, there aren't big things that He asks of me. i also really enjoy taking care of our animals. It's something that i do everyday that must be done and it's something reminds me how much they need me.

Do you have any tips to help others do things simpler?

The only thing i can really think of here is to simplify. Master, as i have mentioned is a pack rat. But the more time we spend getting rid of things and working on the house, simplifying, the easier it is to maintain the house. This spring we basically tore apart the bedroom. It has stayed orderly and so easy to keep up. The same with our closet. my sister is the queen of simplifying. She has a nice house and plenty of home decorations, so it doesn't look sparse in the least. But she has no clutter, so her house is very easy to maintain.

Speaking of chores i should get off my fanny and do some!!!

Peace to you and yours!

MD's treasure

Friday, August 15, 2008

All Dressed Up & Loving It!

As many of you know, some of you may not, Master has always required that i wear nothing but skirts, pantyhose or stockings and some type of heel, every day. i own very few pants and the last time i wore pants was last Halloween. The time before that was the previous Halloween. It started out that Master required it, now it is my way of life and my choosing as well as a requirement. i went from wearing pantyhose and a long legged pantygirdle to what i now wear, an all in one with stockings. It's more comfortable for me, more attractive to me and much more attractive to Master. This has been a long time coming it was a slow process and a gradual transformation, i didn't jump in both feet first but Master was patient yet very persistent.

He sent me a paragraph via email last night i think it was from a blog He frequents more than i do but one that we both enjoy.

Here it is:

"I wonder sometimes if we rob our young women of the pleasure of wearing dresses daily in the home, because they are afraid of what others might think. Others may make them feel self-conscious and leave them with a feeling that they have to constantly explain why they are "all dressed up." Also, when they grow up in jeans and tee shirts and tennis shoes, they get so used to them, that they feel awkward in anything else. They do not develop a sense of style or a feeling of gracefulness when wearing a dress. We need to show our girls pretty fabrics in the fabric stores and let them appreciate them. Some girls I know have never been to a fabric store and have never worn a dress or a skirt. When they express a desire to do so, others cut them down and ridicule them. It is sad that our society has come so far backward, and I wonder what would have happened if people said the same things to our Victorian grandmothers. "

There are so many parts of that paragraph that really struck a cord with me. i suppose i have felt alone in my plight. Reading this was validation more than anything else. i can't tell you how many times i've heard things like "Wow, you look nice, where are you going?" or "Oh are you off to work?". People can't comprehend the fact that i get "all dressed up" every day, to do nothing but carry out my regular daily activities. i responded to Master's email by saying that i can't even imagine what people have said behind my back about how i dress. How i'm sure they make fun of me for wearing a skirt and heels to the park or how silly they think i look wearing a skirt to play miniature golf. Only a few short years ago, i would have felt very silly as well. i don't know what happened, if i had a change of heart or if i just became comfortable in knowing that i am pleasing Master. i do know that it's not just the fact that i know i'm pleasing Master. i genuinely enjoy looking nice and wearing skirts. A cotton skirt, t-shirt and 2 inch heels is me in my least attractive attire and i'm terribly embarrassed to head out to the store in my work clothes. i'm happy that i've gotten to this point in my life.

It makes me sad to think that young girls who might be shopping with their mothers would look at the prettiest pink frilly dress and oggle over it, might be shunned by their mother saying that "kids don't dress that way anymore". i know my sister in law was very much against her daughter wearing dresses until she begged for them. As a society we've made girls feel uncomfortable when they choose to look like girls. Shopping for me is difficult, pants, pants everywhere pants. i was thrilled when i first saw the store "The Dress Barn". Hmmmm *very* few dresses in The Dress Barn.

i would love to see more and more women in skirts and dresses and think that they are comfortable enough in their choices that they won't allow the naysayers to talk them out of living their lives as they see fit. Celebrate being a lady and all that entails!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy to be home

So my little trip to the hospital turned out to be a very short stay. i was scheduled for a possible 5 day stay and i told myself that i would stay until Thursday, Friday at the most. But i was such a good girl, i ended up having a couple spells that they were able to observe and record, they allowed me to leave after only one night. M came up and got me yesterday afternoon. So even though i was in the hospital, i had a private room and everything went well. It was absolutely no big deal at all. i had more spells in the last couple days than i've had in a while though and i'm fairly sure it's just the change in my routine. i wasn't home with M and since i've been having these i'm more than a little nervous to be out without Him, even though i was in a safe environment. i don't like to go shopping for sure without Him. His mom wanted to take me shopping for a night gown to wear at the hospital and i just wasn't comfortable going without Him. So He changed His plans to go with me. i am lucky to have Him, i know i am.

It's a pretty day today and i'm happy to be home. Even just a couple days spent away from home makes me lonesome for my daily routine. i'm happy that i can do putter around and do my chores, take care of the animals and do a couple loads of laundry. i think Master is going to mow and i'll mess around outside while He does.

On His way home from leaving me at the hospital Tuesday night, Master was almost home to our little town when he saw a car in the ditch that looked like it could have been his Dad's work car. His Dad still works part time as a delivery driver. So M pulled over into our little local gas station and called His Dad on his cell and said "that you in the ditch?" all M's Dad said was "yup". So M whipped around back on to the high way and His Dad was standing in the ditch hold his sore back and M saw the back end of this little delivery car, totally ripped off. His Dad got rammed in the rear end by someone going full speed on the high way. The guy that hit him must not have been paying attention at all because there were no skid marks and he hit him full on in the back end. M ended up taking him to the ER where (they are complete idiots!!!!!!) they gave him pain medicine and sent him home with a very sore back. His Dad is no spring chicken and already has quite a bit of pain in his legs/back. i hope this doesn't have any lasting effects on him. His folks have a cruise planned in 2 weeks, i really hope they're able to go. They have insurance on the trip so they can postpone it if they have to. Needless to say, M had a rough day! He left one hospital after sitting there all day and went straight to another one. His Dad was just very lucky that's all that happened it really could have been so much worse, getting hit at 65 mph. That's just scary as all get out.

Well i am off to enjoy my day at home. Have a great day out there in blog land!

Peace to you and yours.

MD's treasure

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Super short post!

Only a couple days before i have to go to the hospital and i feel like it's sort of sneaking up on me. i forget about, i think about our week, what we might be doing later in the week, how we'll spend it, just normal things that i think about all the time and then *boom*. i realize how i'll be spending part of my week and i get that icky feeling in my stomach.

It's so pretty outside today, i think we have plans that don't involve being outside at all for the day though. It's too bad too, it's amazing out there. i just wish it was warmer for swimming. We haven't gotten much use out of the pool this summer at all, it just hasn't been all that warm.

i don't have much at all that gab about but i had to get this post in or i would be in trouble. i have chores to finish up before things start to get busy around here. i hope you all are enjoying this lovely Sunday!

Peace to you and yours.

MD's treasure

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Love thy Neighbor

We've already gotten off to a late start today and we've got some errands to run. The mower crapped out on us so we need to borrow M's Dad's mower. That should be a good time, loading that up in the truck. They have a ramp or something, i'm not sure how M will get it off the truck. We also have a ramp but... hmm... Anyway, we also have to run to the store and M is going to fishing tonight. Hopefully sometime in there He'll be able to mow. He just *loves* to mow... *grin*.

i am getting even more nervous about this hospital stay next week. i think it will only be a couple days at least i'm really hoping it will only be a couple days. i just don't want to be away from home. Just this past Sunday i really got scared with these spells though. One hit me in a different way, i was feeling weak like normal but i didn't recognize it as a regular one and i fell. i hurt my back and neck. M was telling me to kneel in front of Him and i was trying to tell Him that i thought something was wrong, He started to get angry and said something like i shouldn't make Him tell me something more than once, when i fell. i knew something was wrong, i was trying to tell Him but He can't read my mind. i have been meaning to ask Him though if i was acting funny before that. i think i must have been but He didn't notice it. i recovered soon enough after a bit of an emotional meltdown as well. We were really counting on these subsiding enough that i wouldn't have to do this hospital stint. So far they've been fairly consistent.

We had some damage done to our pool in a storm a few weeks ago, we've yet to figure out what to do about it. Funny though, we looked up a picture of the back yard which happened to include a picture of the neighbors backyard. Now we know where the trampoline came from for sure. They have yet to come to claim it or say one word to us about it. They may very well know nothing about the damage it did to the pool, but they must know about the damage it did to the fence. That really isn't the point though, the point being, if i lost my trampoline, i think i would want to see what it might have wrecked in it's path. Perhaps go looking for it and at least collect it and apologize. So our brand new pool has a huge dent in it and if it's bent back it could crack the outside of it. We're just not sure what to do. We don't want to ruin our relationship with them and our insurance company says that they aren't responsible. They might not be legally responsible, but in my opinion they are certainly morally obligated to own up to their responsibilities and take ownership of whatever damage their property might have incurred. Especially because it wasn't secured. Bleh... i hate stuff like this. i have a feeling that even if we go to them very non confrontational, with every intention of just *asking* them about their trampoline, that they will assume the defensive and it will get ugly. i don't think i have that in me right now. M's Mom said they would pay for a lawyer ... lol i think that's a bit much.

Anywho, this isn't anything done! i better scoot off of here!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Weekend fun!

Master is out shopping with His fishing buddy. If they don't get out to fish soon though we're not going to be able to call him His fishing buddy anymore. It's been one thing after another this summer. Those guys haven't been able to fish at all and they are bummed about it. Nothing that could be helped, it's just a bummer. The motor went out on the boat so it's in getting a new motor.

It's very nice here today and i was sort of hoping to have company for swimming but that doesn't seem to be happening. i can't swim without company so i won't be out there at all. i guess i could sit at the pool side for a while but i just don't dare get in for fear of having a seizure while i was in alone. That would be terrible. But i could sit on the ladder, i feel them coming soon enough that it would be safe to do that. i should ask Master before i did that though. i've got my chores for the day about done and not much else to do until it's time to get ready for supper tonight at the cabin. i like Saturdays more this year than last. Last year they just seemed to be a pain and i sort of dreaded them, but now i look forward to the company. The kids don't seem to be as difficult as they were, i guess they are getting older and little easier.

i just talked to Master and His parents are on their way here, i better wrap this up. They are locked out of their house (again) and coming here for a key lol. Silly people that they are!

Have a nice weekend.

MD's treasure