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Monday, October 29, 2012


"Monday, October 25, 2004" 

That was the date of my very first journal post on this blog!  It was the beginning of journey  i couldn't even begin to imagine.  Since then i've made 767 posts, including this one.  When i was writing on paper i was told i had to write every night before bed, when i began writing on the computer, i stopped that and became a bit more relaxed about how many times i was writing.

When my Mom got sick, i think there may have been times when this blog went weeks without a post so  that's when Master said that i would at very least write once a week. Now i have to write at least twice a week and i wish i wrote more than that, i really do.  my hope is that someday i'll be able to spend a lot more time here!

So after 8 years of blogging, i still love coming here and seeing new friends and old.  i adore comments and formspring questions!  i write for Master, i always have and i always will.  However, knowing that there are folks out there who are walking this journey with us makes writing more enjoyable and exciting.

i would like to say thank you to all of you who have stuck around for so long and to those of you who might pop by in the future, welcome!  Pull up a seat and enjoy a cuppa!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure    

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Formspring and Caring Too Much?

From Formspring: Not a question, just really enjoy your blog.

Hi there! What a terrific thing to say, thanks so much!---

What a wonderful message to wake up to! 

Master and i have a lot planned today and as always very little time to squeeze it all into.  Tonight we're going out to dinner and we are taking His mom out with us.  That's always a difficult task especially when they refuse to use the wheelchair van, they believe that we can transfer her from car to wheelchair/wheelchair to car just as safely as the people from the nursing home.  It's simply just not true when they have the training and experience.  That's really what it boils down to, experience.  Doing it over and over again, you get used to what to expect from the human body and you know how to manipulate people.  Family members aren't as confident and that's how people get hurt, usually it's the family members who get hurt, not the patients.  But His parents don't want to pay the $40 for the wheelchair van because it's expensive just to drop off and pick up for dinner.  So, if we want His mom to go for dinner, we'll transfer her, end of story.

This whole nursing home thing is something that i have always been passionate about.  You know most people know one thing really well?  So this is my "one thing", there just isn't too much about the ins and outs of nursing homes that i don't know.  i might not know all the regulations anymore because i've been out of the game for a while, but i know how they run.  i just do, i really really do and when i walk through the door of a nursing home i can sit down and talk to any resident and feel completely comfortable.  That's just my gig.  So when there's something that Master's Mom or Dad don't understand i feel like i should explain it to them, only they don't listen.  Worse yet, they argue and tell me i'm wrong.  So this is when i wish Master would tell me to shut my mouth or better still drag me down the hallway by my hair kicking and screaming if He has to just to get me out of the horrid situation.  The thing is, Master knows i'm right and He doesn't want me to stop trying to explain things to them He wants me to keep trying to see if i can break through.  Sometimes, He DOES tell me to shut up but sometimes i just wish He would play that "Master card" HAHA get it? The Mastercard?  ahem... anyway.. and just make me stop for my own good.  No damage is ever done to them, they don't care one way or another if i drone on.  The damage is done to me.  Clearly Master and i care too much and try way, wayyyy too hard.  We have to pull back when things go into a tailspin.  If they don't want to be helped by us, it's time to stop.

i would qualify the above topic by saying we just want the very very best for them and try hard to help them understand a situation.  Most of the time, they'll ask a question and then don't want the answer or argue that the correct answer is wrong.  After one or two tries, that's when i need to learn to stop.

If i am completely honest, when Master does pull that "Mastercard" and i am on what i think is a completely legitimate roll, i get really embarrassed, until i'm out of the situation and realize that i should have shut up long before He stopped me.

i'll never understand asking a question about something you do not want the answer.  This is for me to work out, not for them.  i am very thankful that Master does pull His Mastercard, although sometimes it takes me a while to appreciate it when He does. =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure




Saturday, October 27, 2012

Garters & Dresses

Master and i went out of town yesterday to get a few things that we had to have.  Basically if we need any specialty item, we have to head out of town. 

i have had some mending to do but seeing that we were going to head out of town and i thought i might be trying on some clothes, i wanted to be able to wear my best foundation garment.  That meant putting thread to needle and putting forth my best effort.  i am not a seamstress but i do have common sense so i am able to see the job and i'm "usually" able to figure it out.  The only issue is that i do everything by hand so it doesn't look that great.  A few years ago Master got me this little handheld deal that does nothing but frustrate me.  He would buy me a real machine in a heartbeat but i've just been insisting that i don't want one because it would just sit and gather dust.  Each time a sewing job presents itself i find myself wishing i knew how to use a machine, alas i do not.

So because i wear my girdles so often and in reality i am fairly hard on them, i wear them to do anything and everything, the garters get pulled to their limit.  They often need mended long before the girdle itself is ready for retirement.  The garters get pulled from the elastic band from the bottom of the garment and unless i tack those back up, i can't wear the girdle at all.  So it sounds like an easy job to a veteran seamstress i'm sure, but to me, it takes just a bit of moaning and grumbling before it's all done! =)  

Anytime we go out of town we try the different Goodwill stores for their rotating stock, as i've mentioned before.  Right now i'm really on the hunt for winter dresses and when we first hit that rack we immediately thought that we were totally wasting our time.  Then we got into the rack a bit more and found about seven dresses to try.  i was pleasantly surprised!  It's completely shocking how few dresses there are out there in the department stores.  Oh, you can find a dress if you want a satin off the shoulder, above the knee (so short you can almost see the cooch) with sequins all over.  The thing is, if you just want to buy an every day dress, those days are nearly over.  You have to go to catalogs or really search throughout the malls and stores.  They are out there, they are, but they are few and far between and when you DO find them they aren't really affordable.  So... i do what i do best, i wait till that person is tired of it and wait for it to pop up at Goodwill! =)

Today we're off to work and then to see Master's Mom in the nursing home.  i better hurry off here so we can get to work soon!  i hope you're all enjoying your fall weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Learning From my Mistakes

To those of you who went along with my petition to bring back Bill, it worked!  At least for one more year!  i think i have to prove myself to see if i'm going to be allowed to continue to adopt Bill in the future.  i don't yet have a picture of Bill as requested, however. 

This year Bill is average size but he fits quite well on our front step, i'm very happy that Master decided that i would be allowed another chance.  We haven't put out any other decorations so i think He may have taken pity on me!  In years past i have the house decorated and the yard looks like i am ready to welcome trick or treaters any day!  This year, not so much.  It's just a different time in our lives and we're focusing our time elsewhere these days.  Priorities certainly change when our families lives change.

Yesterday our neighbor knocked on our front door, we don't normally have people at our door.  When she left, i was in a hurry to hop to my next task at hand.  She offered us their landscaping bricks that they were leaving behind because they are moving out of state and of course aren't going to lug them half way across the country.  We said that we would take them and i was going to finish getting my shoes on so i could help unload them.  What i didn't finish doing was locking the front door. 

When we got home late that night Master discovered the door unlocked and that it had remained unlocked the entire time we were gone.  He told me to bend over the bed and gave me a serious spanking.  Like an "I'm not joking" spanking.  Even today it still hurts and unfortunately i won't learn a lesson from the spanking.  i know it's important and i know i shouldn't leave the door open and it's not something i have done regularly, it's just that i won't learn because i am so forgetful.  Even leaving myself notes doesn't help!  Ugh.  i totally deserved it because He doesn't do stuff like that very often and i felt bad for doing it, i just wish that i could learn from my mistakes.  Sometimes i can, other times, i just don't think i can.  This is one area i don't think i will learn.  i would love to be wrong.

i hope everyone had a good weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Think Before Asking

Things have just gotten away from me this week.  i'm not sure why or what i just know that i can't keep up.  i'm working on a DVD for my brother's 50th birthday and i have almost no time to get it finished and i was counting on some pictures from my niece, so far i've gotten none.  If i don't get them tomorrow, the DVD won't be finished.

Last night and again today we went and saw Master's Mom, i think she's talking much better but her physical skills haven't improved much.  At least not what we see when we are there.  Master's Dad says that she's up and walking with a lot of assistance with the therapist but when we're there, she's never out of the chair and she appears just as immobile as she ever was.  Her right hand has no movement at all from what i've seen, all they've talked about is shoulder movement, well, she never lost shoulder movement.

The one notable improvement is her speech.  At times it's completely garbled and she says nothing that is identifiable.  Other times she is able to be understood and makes complete sentences.  i don't know but i think she's showing marked improvements on a consistent basis.       

Tonight on the way home Master and i stopped and had a turkey burger.  They were yummy but i am the first to admit i have a sweet tooth and lately it's been really really bad.  Because we have really been trying to watch what we eat, we've been keeping almost nothing yummy in the house and that's something that's really hard on me.  If i can have one cookie after supper or something available when i feel like i want something sweet, i'm am totally satisfied but to go for a while with nothing, it's harder on me.  So when we're out and about, Master will stop and get us something sweet occasionally.  All during our burger i couldn't help but think of ice cream.  i asked Master if we could go to the grocery store and get some to have on hand.  Sometimes i really feel bad asking, for lots of reasons. 

i know it's an extravagance that i shouldn't just ask for and two, it's indulgent.  So because my "sweet tooth" for lack of a better name for it, has been acting up, if you will, i asked.  Master said that He would really rather that we wait until we could go somewhere else.  It really wasn't at all economical to go to the place we were closest to at the time.  i immediately felt bad because just like Master said, sometimes He feels bad telling me no about things.  This type of thing is one of them.  So the next time we're in a better store, maybe i'll come home with ice cream, maybe i won't.  i need to learn to think before asking or better yet, not ask at all and let Him offer.

i hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy 80th

Today would have been my Mom's 80th birthday.  It's hard to believe that she's been gone so long.  She died only a few days before her birthday in 2006 and sometimes it seems like i just talked to her and other days i have a hard time remembering her voice.

Her birthday was always a special day for me because as a family we've always loved fall and taken little trips in the fall.  i was thinking last night how much i would love to take her to the apple orchard near Monroe WI for the day, that we always went to.  It was one of her favorite things to do. We'd drive up the back roads and stop at any random park and haul out paper sacks.  Then she'd talk all of us into collecting walnuts that were lying on the ground.  Now you'd think that i was talking about us as kids, no no... this was up through adulthood.  We didn't do things like this as a family until we were all much older, so we'd all run around like kids and pick up walnuts that we all (including my Mom) knew were going to just sit in those bags in her basement until sometime next spring she'd throw them out.  No one cared, she was happy and it didn't hurt anything, maybe it took a couple of nuts away from the squirrels but there were thousands more!  

After the nuts were done gathering the nuts =) we would all pile back in the car and go to the apple orchard.  We would get apples, cider and my Mom would pick up little pads of paper or tea towels.  These are things she couldn't resist.  Everywhere you looked in her house there were pretty little pads of paper with bears or apples and baskets on them.  You know the pads of paper that cost like $5.95 for 2 pads with a ribbon on them?  She stockpiled this stuff for gifts and whatnot.  Those gifts actually saved Christmas after she was gone... little did she know how precious they would be, i'll share that story once i'm done with this.

So once she was finished at the apple orchard and she had sufficiently added to her little treasure trove at home.  We were ready to go to the next stop, lunch!  We always went to the same place, The Swiss Colony!  You know those little ready made boxes of sausages and cheese you buy at Christmas time for gifts?  Well yeah, same place only this place is a restaurant.  They have the most amazing cheese (Wisconsin of course), breads and meats to choose from for your sandwich.  The place looks like it's about to fall down and the wood floor creaks like it will hardly stand to hold you but the food is terrific and she'd loved it.  Once everyone had a belly full, it was time to head home.  Only after, she'd buy things she didn't need from the shop, then we were ready to go. =) 

After my Mom passed away the clean up of her house was done in stages.  It was also handled very very poorly, but i won't even touch on that, it's a horrible subject.  Master and i were in the basement going through the things on the shelves underneath stairs.  i opened the doors and while i knew there were going to be some gifts and nice items in there, i had no idea just what we'd find.  i set up a card table and the unveiling began! Every time we reached in, we pulled out yet another treasure, a little teacup, a statue, a lovely frame.  All in the original box, wrapped in tissue.  Some were Christmas related, some were Christmas ornaments, i was just amazed at all the incredible things she had tucked away.  i know how her mind worked.  She'd see something at a craft fair and think of someone she worked with or of me or my sister and just know that she had to have it to give to us for one occasion or another.  Her intentions were pure and i also know that she gave many of her treasures away for these occasions, imagine if she actually kept everything that she purchased. 

i looked around the room at the sea of boxes and tissue with all these carefully collected pieces.  my card table space long since used up and the floor and nearly every other useable space was taken as well.  i looked at Master and asked Him what in world were we going to do with all these items.  As it was getting very close to Christmas time, i did the only thing that came to mind.  i called the nursing home where i used to work, the nursing home where i watched my Mom take her last breath. 

i asked for the activity department and inquired as to their need for Christmas gifts for the residents.  The Activity Director wasn't in at the time but the girl said that she was fairly sure they still needed some for this year.  To me, it sounded like a good idea, the best idea i had.  So Master and i packed up a good portion of the items, not all, but a good portion and took the box to the nursing home.  i've made many donations in my life but i will be honest and say that one was the most difficult.  It was raw, it was fresh and i knew just how much she loved those things.  But that's what they were, things.  i knew it was the right thing to do so i dropped the box and walked away feeling good but so very empty.

It wasn't until about a month later when we got a card in the mail from the activity director.  That card made all the difference in the world.  i knew her as i worked with her before and i knew what kind of a person she was, i could hear the words she wrote in the card.  She wrote that those gifts couldn't have come at a better time as their budget was spent and they were out of gifts, completely.  She had no idea what else they were going to do for the residents and Master and i showed up only a couple days before Christmas.  Mom's gifts allowed them to provide the rest of the residents with beautiful things and i couldn't have been happier or felt better about that donation, once i read that card.

It wasn't what i did or what Master did, Mom bought that stuff, Mom loved to give that type of thing and Mom was the one that saved them.  i was just the one who delivered them in the end.  She wasn't a hero or saint by any means, not by a long shot, but she really did love to see people happy. 

Happy Birthday Mom, i would have loved to spend this day with you.

MD's treasure

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Saga Of "Bill"...

So.... i was reading a post by Faete at The Sub-Mission and she was talking about carving her pumpkin and i got to thinking about our current stale-mate.

The story:

Every year Master and i get a "punkin fer the porch".  We name him "Bill".  Every year, Bill.  Well, i have a habit of letting Bill sit out too long and Bill gets rotten, he freezes and then Master has to scoop Bill up off the porch sometime in the spring.

However!  i have been getting better with taking care of Bill in the last couple years and my track record is improving.  This year Master is on the fence about the punkin fer the porch.  Every time we pass the pumpkins in the stores or the pumpkin wagons, i look at Master and He just... keeps on walking.

It is waaaaay past time for us to give Bill a home!

If you're in support of me getting a "punkin fer the porch" and for us giving Bill a home for the season, please sign my petition!  (leave your name in the comments)

Thank you to all my dedicated readers!


Monday, October 08, 2012

Not Your Typical Monday

Last night Master chained me to the bed and as usual He said i wasn't able to let myself out unless it was to put the dog outside.  i'm not "locked" onto the chain with an actual pad lock but the deal is ... it's a "magic lock" the quick lock only unlocks if the dog has to go potty!!?!! isn't that weird??? =)

So today Master kept me chained to the bed where i was of course able to reach all the necessities.  Once i finished my job (Master's blow job) He asked me if i needed to make coffee.  i had made the coffee in the middle of the night during one of the many times the dog needed to go outside.  All that needed to be done was push the button on the coffee maker.  Master said that He was pretty sure He could handle that!  He's not a coffee drinker and not at all fond of fiddling with anything kitchen related.  So He was off to push coffee buttons while i sat at the computer, chained to the bed.

Pretty soon He's calling from the land of the kitchen, "how many sweetners do you use?" Wow what a treat!  Master keeps me locked to bed AND brings me coffee AND takes the dog out on a MONDAY!??! What sort of alternate reality have i entered?

Hmmm my coffee is empty now and i'm still chained to the bed!

Oh Waiter.....!  

MD's chained treasure

Friday, October 05, 2012

my Full Time Job

As a slave i have many jobs and i serve Master in many ways.  i take care of His meals, His clothing as i mentioned in a very recent post,  i take care of the cleaning and i do many outside chores as well.  Those are just a few of my "jobs".  Of course i help Master at His actual job at the church and i am an active participant in the videos that we shoot when we make them.  As of late i am a cam girl, so i have many "jobs", if you will.

Wednesday was Master's birthday, day out.  As is customary for a birthday, we spend the entire day out and we try to get out of the house early and make an entire day of it. Yesterday was no exception.  It was a long day and by the time we got home, i was pretty tired.  We'd been shopping all day and we'd really had a great day.  One might think that Master would be the one getting the presents as it was His birthday but most of the shopping and things being purchased were for me, as always.  

When we got home, Master was due in a few ways for a blow job.  Especially for a thank You for all the presents and the wonderful day out! Master was a willing participant and i was too although i was hurting badly, a bit worse than normal and He knew it.  He was going to give me an out although it's not what either of us wanted, i want to push past the pain and i know if i can just get past the first few seconds i'll be okay and the endorphins will usually take over and pleasing Him is all i can think about. 

In that case it's always mind over matter, almost always.  That's how it worked out and the blow job was a wonderment of success, i pushed past the pain and now i get to my earlier statement.  i have many jobs but as Master said last night, for the rest of my life my "full time job" is sucking His cock and making Him cum. It was to please and worship His cock, for the rest of my life. 

my Job?  Resident Blower

MD's blower

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Happy Birthday, i Love You!


This year, more than ever, i can't wait to spend our day together!  i can't wait to go out, frolic and be fancy!  This year more than ever You deserve a day away from it all!  It's impossible for me to put into words just how much You deserve a celebration and more than anything, i am celebrating the day You were born!!!  The day You were born, i was given the only gift i would ever need, we have much to celebrate if we can only focus on us and the good in our lives. 

i love You Master!  i love our life together! 

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Master!