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Monday, January 31, 2005

Quick Update

i had a bit of a busy week this past week. i had bowling and work and then on Friday i went to the doctor in Illinois. i went by myself as Master had to work and it’s a long boring trip for Him to just sit there while i visit the Doctor. Then i went to see my mom and grandma. The both spent some time with my and showed me some crocheting stitches that i wanted to learn. i spent a good part of Sunday crocheting and i think i’m actually getting the hang of it.

Master got called into work on Saturday and He didn’t get home till late afternoon. He brought home a pizza for me to make and we watched a movie and had pizza. This has been another quiet weekend. i’m glad for that because it gives Master a chance to “recharge” for the new week. i think i’m finally going to water aerobics this week. It has been a real pain trying to find a day when we can work it in, but i think that later today will be our first class. So we’ll see how it goes.

i like the idea that i’m learning a hobby, it makes me feel very domestic. i know that Master likes it as well. He really hasn’t said much about it but i do think He likes it. He wants me to do things that are very ladylike and feminine and crocheting couldn’t be more ladylike in my opinion.

i had a good visit with the doctor and he thinks that i might be able to decrease some of my meds if i continue this current level. He didn’t say that he thinks i’m doing poorly and as long as the headaches aren’t out of control, then i think he feels like i’m doing ok. i do have some headaches that aren’t manageable but i don’t spend every day sleeping all day the way that i was a year ago. i think that is very positive.

There is no bowling this week due to the city tournament. i’m really excited about having a whole week with no bowling. i still have to work on Tuesday but other than that, i have no commitments at all.

i’m going to try to get some sleep so i’m fresh for the aerobics class!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, January 24, 2005

Little Tid Bits

i was right about the quiet weekend. Master and i haven’t left the house since Friday night. Yesterday we did in fact have our movie marathon. i think we watched 3 movies including all the special feature stuff that Master likes to watch. i think it’s a bit tedious but Master likes it sooooo we watch it!

Master let me sleep late today seeing that i was up and down all night. That is pretty typical of my nights though. Today was spent basically sitting on the couch watching movies and football. We had snacks throughout the day and i never did end up cooking supper. Today was a totally relaxed day with nothing to do and not a care in the world. It was really wonderful.

After i took my shower this evening, Master told me to put on only a skirt and come to the living room. He put the leather cuffs on me and locked them. He has kept me like that all evening and i’m wondering if there is more to come. He is in the shower now and i can’t help but think there might be more. Far be it from me to second-guess Him!

Tomorrow i am going to my first water aerobics class. my sister in law had to cancel Friday so we’re going Monday. i’m hoping that it’s not going to be a problem going with other people. It might be a bit of a challenge if we have to work around everyone’s schedule. i just want to be able to commit to it and go. If i like it, that is. i’ll just wait and see how it turns out tomorrow or later today i guess.

Well i’m off to bed, or i’m off to see what Master has in store for me!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Not much

This weekend holds the promise of being a quiet one. Master plans to have a “movie marathon” this afternoon and tonight. We have so many movies from Christmas that we need to watch that we are going to attempt to get some of them watched.

Yesterday was a quiet day as well. i spent the day cooking and doing some much needed laundry, and i still have more to do. UGH i hate laundry. i don’t mind the washing and drying but i hate the folding and putting it away part! Our laundry is in the basement and that just makes it too easy to leave everything down there instead of bringing it up and putting it away.

We went to the store last night when Master got home from work and didn’t get home until after 9pm. No matter what we do it seems like we can’t make a “quick trip” to the store. Anyway we got home and had supper and before i knew it Master was snoozing soundly on the couch.

There hasn’t been much D/s around here lately as Master gets home from work pretty late and He’s fairly tired. But maybe this weekend we’ll find the time. As i mentioned before, there is always the element of D/s in everything that we do. But there just hasn’t been much play time.

Not much else is going on at the moment and i need to get ready for our movie marathon.
Have a great weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Who wants a slave that argues?

It’s 2am and Master is sleeping soundly. Unfortunately, i can’t say the same about me. i can’t get to sleep even though when i fell into bed an hour or more ago, i was totally exhausted and hurting so bad i couldn’t stand it. i have been taking some new meds to help the pain and i think that in general, they did help. Today was just a bad day in terms of pain.

i went bowling tonight and that was fine although i was in a hurry to get home for some reason. i usually have a really good time at bowling and i’m happy to be there, tonight however, all i could think of was getting home to Master and making His supper. To my surprise and delight, when i got home, Master had laid out all the utensils and ingredients that i would need to make supper. i was really thrilled by this very simple act of kindness. It spoke volumes to me as far as how considerate Master can be sometimes. He even mentioned that He thought about starting supper Himself but was afraid He’d burn it.

There are a couple new rules that Master set in place over the holidays and i’m not sure if i have mentioned them here or not. The first being that when i get home from work and bowling, any activity that requires me to wear pants, i’m to change when i get home. The other being that when i’m in the house and not around “vanillas” if you will, i’m to wear my ankle bells. The other night i was getting ready for bed and i took the bells off and was getting ready to get redressed. i started to walk away from the bells and Master told me that i should be wearing the bells as soon as i was undressed and had my pantyhose off. Then the other night i got home from work and before i could get supper started, Master told me that i had to change into my skirt. i was really upset both times. i know that i shouldn’t have been upset but i couldn’t help it. i feel like i have been doing really well with both rules and that i have only had to be reminded a couple of times. i had every intention (both times) of following the rules that He has implemented and i felt as though He was being quite unreasonable. He came to me later telling me that i get too defensive and i’m sure He’s right. i guess i just feel that if i’m doing well at something, i wish that He weren’t so picky. There are a hundred things that i do wrong or don’t do (not intentionally) that He could focus on. This is where i need to step back and remind myself who is the slave and who the Master is. It’s His show and He needs to run it as He sees fit.

i know that there are things that are very important to Him and things that aren’t as important. He’s obviously going to focus on things that matter the most to Him. i’m not good at blindly following His orders if i am not totally clear on “why” He wants me to do something. That is a huge fault of mine and a characteristic i’m sure He wishes He could change about me. If i want to know why, He views it as arguing. i don’t want to argue, i just want to know why so i can see the whole picture. This is probably not the best attribute to have in a role such as mine. Much work to be done there i dare say!

The crocheting is still slow going but i think i’m making progress. i spoke to my mom and she was able to help me over the phone, believe it or not. The fruit smoothies weren’t as a big a hit as i had hoped they would be. Master choked down a couple of them but if He’s going to start eating healthier, it’s going to have to be some other avenue. i’m going to try out a water aerobics class on Friday afternoon with my skinny sister in law and my mother in law. i’m really looking forward to it and if we like it, i’m pretty sure we’ll join the class. i love the water and i loved the last water aerobics class i took, so i’m hopeful.

That’s all for now, i’m going to try to get some sleep.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, January 17, 2005

Health Kick!

This was a busy week and good week as much as i can remember. i have such a terrible memory. i know it’s partly from the pain as well as from the depression. They say that when your depressed your memory fails you something awful. The funny thing is, i never really “feel” depressed but my actions and temperament suggest that i am and my Doctor readily agrees. It’s never been something that i focused on at all and it’s still not something that i think about, it is what is and i try to be as upbeat as i possibly can, even with a migraine.

Master and i had friends over Saturday evening so we spent much of the day straightening and cleaning up around the house. i am absolutely thrilled with the work that Master did as i have my kitchen counter back (for the time being, i’m sure). The friends that we had over know about our relationship for the most part and it’s good to have someone to share my life with that won’t judge me and i know that they don’t. i bowl with the wife of the couple that came over and i would have to say that she has become my closest friend in this area. She never judges me and she always has something positive to say about my life and me. She is also a ton a of fun to be around and more than anything, i need that in my life.

We spent part of the day today watching the Vikings get their butts handed to them. Then we went to supper with Masters mom. We sat at the restaurant forever while Master visited with His friends and His mom and i chatted about how much we want to lose weight. i heard from someone that if your on disability, you can get a free membership to the “Y”. i’m not so sure of it myself so i think i’ll call and find out. But it would be hard for me to get there seeing that we only have one vehicle at the moment. But it would be awesome to get to go and swim and ride the bike or walk the treadmill.
Anything would be better than what i’m doing now, which is nothing. Master and i both really would like to shed some weight so we have started making smoothies for breakfast. This is a big deal for Master seeing that He hates to eat in the morning. We have started on a vitamin and i’m hoping that we’ll find that we have more energy, eating better and taking the vitamins.

i’ve taken up crocheting. i’m off to a little bit of a rocky start but i think if i can find someone to spend a little time with me, i’ll do fine. Master really loves seeing me work at it and as i mentioned before, He really wants me to do something crafty. i’m hoping it works out and that i like it. If anyone knows of a really good instruction manual for beginners, i would be grateful for the information. Master was pretty helpful today when He read from the book and then showed me the first stitch. At least He got me started.

While i’m crocheting i think Master will be trying out His new X-Box. We were very involved in Everquest for a long time and we both loved it. Due to a new work schedule, Master stopped playing and since then, so have i. We have been looking for something to do that doesn’t require so much time and energy so we’ll see how we take to this type of recreation.

Needless to say with all of our new endeavors, we haven’t been very playful lately. i haven’t really spent too much time in chains or cuffs. That comes in spurts too though. He’ll really get a bug and i’ll find myself bound more than i’m not and then we’ll have times like this were we focus on other things. He just got all the materials to make a cage so i’m sure that He’ll be working on that very soon. i loved helping Him make the box and i’m looking forward to working on the cage with Him. Even though we don’t play or i may not spend as much time in chains or bound, the D/s is always present in our lives. The rules that i follow and the tone that He sets is clear that He’s the Master and i’m clearly the slave. Sometimes i wish He were a bit more Dominant than He is and i know that He wishes i was a bit more slave like than i am sometimes. But i continue to work on it and i know that He works on being the best Master He can be. As we all know, it’s a never-ending journey that we are on and we all have to work at it.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, January 10, 2005

Finding a hobby

Even though i’m not working a steady job, i hate Mondays. i get so used to having Master home on the weekend and spending time together that Mondays are hard to get back into my routine. i’m finding that it’s hard to keep myself occupied all day while He’s at work. When i was sleeping during the day, the days went by quickly and before i knew it, He was home from work. i admit that i sleep much better at night and in most ways it feels good to be on a more normal sleep pattern. Master really wants me to take up a hobby, as i really don’t have one. i like to read and play with the animals but those aren’t really hobbies. He has offered to take me to Wal-Mart to check out some crocheting magazines and see if i might be interested in something like that. i think after years of encouragement, i might finally take Him up on His offer.

i grew up around crafty women. my mom and grandma both knit, crochet, do needle point and various other things. i was taught at a very young age how to knit but i never stuck with it. i’m hoping that i find this somewhat entertaining. i know that Master would be thrilled having me do something feminine and crafty. He’s all about me being the most feminine woman i can be so this might just be the thing for me. Speaking of being feminine, i’m reading a book that i got for Christmas called Fascinating Womanhood. It’s turning out to be an extremely educational and worthwhile read. Basically it’s a guide as to how to be the perfect woman for your man. It’s not a slave book nor does it have anything to do with BDSM but it’s truly a gift for any marriage.

The other night, for the first time in a while, Master put me in chains. Both my ankles and wrists were chained for the entire night. i’m not used to sleeping with my hands in chains so it was a little rough. Master told me that He really wants me to get used to sleeping in chains so that i’m able to get a good nights sleep in them and so He’s able to do it more often. i’m not sure how often He’s planning on having me chained at night but i’m pretty sure that i would be able to get used to it over time. i do pretty well with my ankles chained so He might start there.

We took some pictures the other night of my nipple piercing and how Master has me wearing different and larger “jewelry”. Each time He gets new jewelry, He gets a larger gage and i love wearing them. i think that He’ll post the pictures here as soon as He gets a chance.

Well i better wrap this up and see if i can get some chores done before Master gets home from work and sees just how little i got done today! OOPS!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, January 08, 2005

A cage for treasure

Wow where does the time go? i thought that i had just written a couple days ago when Master told me this morning that it’s been almost a whole week. i really don’t spend as much time on the computer as i used to so it’s easy to get away from. i had a bit of a productive week although to look at the house, you would never know it. i have been going to bed earlier and getting up earlier which is really nice. i hope that it’s something that i can keep up. The only difficult thing about getting up earlier is that it makes my days without Master a bit long and boring. He really loves His job and His boss and that is truly a wonderful thing. With Him happy at work it makes our life so much better.

Last night i met Master at Menards where He bought all the stuff to build a cage for me. i have never had a cage and seeing how well i took to the box, i’m thinking that i’ll be just as satisfied with a cage. The only trouble we’re having is deciding where we’ll put it. Space is a bit limited and there is always the issue of privacy. We need to put it somewhere that His parents and guests won’t see it. i’m pretty sure we’ll be able to find room in the bedroom for it, we’ll just have to do some rearranging. i don’t think that i’ll be sleeping in it, but then who knows what He has up His sleeve. He may decide to keep me there at night so He can have the bed all to Himself! When we got home, i helped Him unload all the lumber from the truck in the bitter cold.

It has really been terribly cold here and we had a bit of a snowstorm here on Wednesday. Bowling was cancelled and Master and i were both happy to have an extra night to be home together. He hates me bowling an extra night a week, every other week and i’m not too keen on it myself. Next year, i am certain that i won’t be bowling every other Thursday night.

We had a nice night last night as we went to supper with His mom and it turned out to be a pleasant experience, as it sometimes just isn’t. We came home and watched a movie until Master fell asleep. Between the two of us, i think we got over 20 DVD’s for Christmas. Master is an avid movie collector and i enjoy watching movies with Him. We have enough movies to keep us busy for quite some time. The other night we watched The Story of O. i had never seen the movie and i was totally psyched about watching it. i liked it but i wasn’t at all happy about the end, it didn’t end at all how the book did. It totally changes the outlook of the entire movie, at least i thought it did. If you don’t mind bad cinematography and voice dubbing, i think it’s a good movie for everyone involved in BDSM to watch.

i think that’s enough for now, Master and i are going to take advantage of the snow and build a snowman. i have never built one before and i’m looking forward to it. i just wish it was 80 degrees outside!!! hehe

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year! i'm still here!

i’m glad to be home. i had a really wonderful time with my family, crazy as they are! They are really a fun bunch and they are also pretty nuts. my brother and his family were in town and i hadn’t seen them for a long time. It was great to spend so much time with my sister. It was ‘t so easy to spend so much time with my mom, she wasn’t in the best mindset for the week and all of us had a hard time with her.

We went to a water park for a couple days and that was a really good time. The only rough part was that everyone ended up getting sick. my nephew was the first one to get sick and it all went down hill from there. i was one of the lucky ones and i escaped without getting sick. With all the stress and activity i had a hard time with my head for the week. i know that stress is a contributing factor in my headaches and spending that much time with my mom is hard on me.

i was so ready to come home on Friday when Master came to get me. We didn’t stay for the whole New Years Eve party so we could come home instead of stay the entire night and drive home Saturday. We were both happy that i was home and when i saw the state of the house, i was glad to be home so i could get working on cleaning up the mess. Master wasn’t very motivated while i was gone and the house was really pretty bad when i got home. i still haven’t gotten a handle on it totally, but it’s better than it was.

When i got home Master gave me a long note that He had written and there are several changes that He plans on making in the very near future. He wants us to be happier and healthier and He’s going to be making some changes in our lifestyle. i’m hoping that i’m able to do well in the area’s that Master wants to make improvements. He wants me to start exercising and i will be doing that. i had every intention of starting today while He was at work but my day started out horrible and i was in terrible pain all day today. i’m hoping that i’m feeling better tomorrow than i was today so i can spend some time exercising.

i have spent quite a bit of time in the leather cuffs and ankle bells since i have been home. i will be required to wear the bells from now on and i’m getting used to them. We have spent most of our time together just cleaning up and relaxing. i have been extremely tired since i got home and Master and i have just been watching movies and getting caught up since my week away.

i’m glad to be home and i was excited to see the updates that Master posted while i was away. i’m pretty sure that we’ll post a new picture of my current nipple piercing within the near future. Stay tuned….

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure