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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Life goes on, and there's nothing i can do about it

i spent the weekend and Monday at Mom's house, going through her house and sifting through all her things. my brother and sister and i worked all weekend and when Master and i finally left on Monday afternoon, it didn't seem that we even made a dent. There is just so much to go through and so much to do.

Now Master and i have a huge task of making room in our house for all of the treasures i brought home. It didn't seem like that much when i was packing up but once we got it all loaded i was amazed to see how much there really was.

Master says that i have really lost my focus as His slave. After everything that i have been through this year and having to take care of myself a lot being away from Him so often, He says that i have gained an independence that He's not at all fond of. i'm sure that we'll get back into our routine and back where we were before this all started, it will just take some time. i don't feel any different about my role as His slave and i don't feel like i'm any less subserviant to Him, but He feels that way and of course, that's what matters. i know this has been hard on both of us, just in a different way for Him. It's like we almost have to re-learn how to live together again. i have spent months away from home and even though we talked every few hours while i was away, i didn't defer to Him on every single issue like i would have had i been at home. There were so many decisions that i had to make on my own, things that He couldn't help me with that i'm sure He must have felt almost completely out of His element. He has to be in control, He has to be. That is His make up and that's the only way He knows how to function. That's one of the things i love about Him, the fact that He has the final say on things and that even if i don't agree with His decision, that's the way it is. This past year has been so opposite of that it's not even recognizable as our relationship. i want things to get back to the way they were before Mom got sick. me being her power of attorney for health care put so much burden on me. All of a sudden i was the decision maker for these huge life changing situations. It was a role i took on with an enourmous amount of respect of sense of duty to my Mom but i hope i never have to do that again in my life.

More than anything, i miss my Mom. i want so badly to call her and tell her what i'm up to. It's these lovely fall days that make me miss her so much. i know how much she would have loved to enjoy a day like this. How she would spend hours in her yard puttering about, feeding the birds and the chipmunks, doing a little raking or trimming. Then listening to her on the phone telling me how hard she worked, hearing how happy she was to get so much accomplished. i don't know if this ever gets any easier or if how some people say, you just sort of get used to missing them. But the terrible thing is, i don't want to miss her, i want her to be here for me to call her or go see her. How horribly selfish is that?

i know this is just the normal grieving process and it's all still so fresh, i just hope that it starts getting a little easier. i wake up every morning and i think to myself... something is wrong... oh yeah, Mom died. Then i get up, because i have to. my life isn't over, Mom's is. Life goes on and there's nothing i can do about it but go through the paces of my life until i feel a little better. But this is what i need, i just need some time to be home with Master get our life back in order and spend a little time missing my friend who also happened to be my Mom.

i'm sad but i'm OK. i have Master and His family and i talk to my sister every day. As much as Master hates her, it helps me so much to talk to her. She's the only one who truly knows what i'm missing. She was her daughter too and she also lost her Mom in the exact same way that i did. It helps me so much to talk to her about things that i miss about Mom and she knows the right thing to say and sometimes it's just saying nothing at all. my sister gave up much of her childhood to take care of me when my Mom wasn't around. She missed out on so much so she could be there for me and even though Master has huge issues with her right now, she's my sister and she sacrificed so much for me. She was the one who took me into our bedroom and played 45's on our little record player loud enough to drown out the screaming so i didn't have to hear it. She was the one who got me ready for school each day, making herself late for school just so my hair was curled. She did my laundry and made sure that i have something presentable to wear to school. When i couldn't go to school one day because i had torn my last pair of pants, she was the one who called my grandma and asked to borrow some money to get me some new clothes. Then called my Mom and told her she'd have to take me shopping with the money. She was the one who took me to my grandparents house every weekend so i didn't have be home to witness the horrid things that were happening at home. Then she'd go back home and cook and clean for the family, giving up her weekends for so many years. When all her friends were having sleep overs and going out to parties, she would stay home and make sure nothing bad happened to my brother. When she got her job, she gave all her money to my Mom to pay the bills and bought me clothes and pretty things that she knew i'd love.

No, she's not a saint, she's a pain in the butt. She's hyperactive and she frets about the silliest things. She's selfish and self centered most of the time now and very concerened about her social status. But she's my sister and i'll never forget all that she did to make my life a little bit easier when things were so very awful. i pray that some day Master will be able to look beyond her annoying qualities and realize that she's funny and underneath it all, a good person. Even if she's a bit misguided at times.

Ahhhh the joys of family, can't live without them! How boring would that be?

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom

October 13th.

Today my Mom would have been 74 years old. Happy Birthday Mommy, i miss you.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

She was ready.... i wasn't

Friday September 29th my Mom was scheduled to have a new port put in for dialysis. She called me at 9:30am at her house where Master and i were staying. She told me that she cancelled the surgery, she wasn't going to have a new port put in, she was ready to die.

She made the hardest decision anyone can ever make in life. She chose to end her own suffering, knowing that she would never get better, she was ready to end this life and continue the next. She knew what was coming, she was able to say good bye to her family and friends and we were able to tell her everything we've always needed or wanted to tell her.

my sister and i spent nearly every moment with her, taking turns and on Tuesday, October 3rd at 11:42pm, i heard her take her last breath. i was with her when she went and there was no emergency, just peace.

We had the most beatiful service for her, our cousin who is a preacher, did her service and the funeral home was standing room only. Even her doctor, who was also her friend, came to say good bye. She looked like she did before she got sick, she truely looked beatiful and completely at peace. Master was there for me and never left my side. He was there to hold me, cry with me and laugh with me, when i would remember something funny about her. i am so thankful for Him, i can't even begin to explain how His support has gotten me through this time of pain. This is the first time i have lost someone and even though we had a few days to prepare ourselves, i wasn't ready and i never would have been.

my Mom said many notable things before she went but one thing she said, we'll never forget. All of us kids were with her at different times, we all told her that we loved her, that we were proud of her and that she did the best job she could have done for us. We forgave her and told her that we were all going to be OK. She had always worried that she failed us in so many ways, but because we were all able to let her know how much we loved her, it gave her the greatest peace she had ever known. She looked at my brother and sister with the realization that she'd been a good Mom and said "I won". That's right Mom, you won at life, you did a good job and you're right, you won! That very small statement will be engraved on her headstone "Won at Life".

i will be OK, some day. Probably not today or tomorrow, but i'll be OK. She was always so worried about me because i was her baby. my brother had a long talk with her and assured her that she shouldn't worry about me. He told Mom how much Master loves me and that He would never let anything happen to me. Mom told my brother that she knew how much my husband loves me and how thankful she was for that.

my brother made us all really think one night when he took us all out for supper, before she died. He said that no matter what happens to Mom, no matter how soon she leaves us, she has created a web for us. She leaves us tied to one another for life. Inside this family, there are many different and individual relationships that will never be severed. Mom has given us each other for the rest of our lives. She gave us the gift of family.

i'm having a hard time as anyone would. She was my friend and i told her everything. Yesterday morning, Master was upset with me as He sometimes is, and the very first thing i thought was.... i'll call Mom, she'll tell me what to do. But i can't call her and i can't hear her tell me what to do anymore. Now i can only talk to her in my mind and listen carefully to what i think she'd say.

Master and i moved my grandma into an independant living facility and she's doing just fine. She's got a lovely room and new friends already. The timing could not have been any better. Now i know she'll be taken care of and she's safe. i call her nearly every day and she tells me what she's up to. It's good for me to be able to talk to her and i don't want her to think we've all abandon her.

Master is coming upstairs now, so i'll sign off for now. Thank you for all your good thoughts and prayers.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure