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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Routine, A Good Thing

Today is the first day Master and i have spent the day at home for quite a while.  It's been great to be able to just "be home"!  i know it won't last and life will catch up with us but for today i can relax and enjoy a slow Sunday.

i don't have a ton to write about today really.  i guess we always fall into our routine and although He's constantly saying or doing something that may be remarkable, i forget to "remember" it as something to write about.  At the time i might think oh that's something to write about and then it's gone sooner than i might be able to reach for a pen. 

Today Master has me dressed very simply with a belled ankle cuff and lock.  No wrist cuffs or chain yet, that will come later, around our supper time and we eat late.  Those things, even though the bells couldn't be louder, or more prominent on my body they slip my mind.  It's just like the wedding ring on your finger or nose on your face, it's something one gets used to after time. 

i remember the first time Master placed His collar around my neck at our collaring ceremony.  i said something like there was no way i could ever forget it was there because it was so big and bulky.  HA!  Not too many months after that i walked into the local convenience store with it on!

If i'm going to be at all productive today i better get moving!

i hope everyone was able to spend some great family time this past weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

i hope everyone had a nice day yesterday.  Master and i spent Wednesday night cooking and it was pretty fun.  Master seriously chipped in and made His dish that He was taking as well as more than half our supper for the night.  i peeled potatoes for hours and made a couple of other side dishes.  i know i did way too many potatoes but i only did as many as Master's Mom did and we wanted to have plenty of left overs.  Well we accomplished that! Once we finished cooking we watched a movie!  The Big Miracle and i thought there was no way i could stay awake from cleaning all day at His Mom's house and then cooking.  But the movie was spectacular!  However after the movie was over Master poured me into bed and i was out like a light!

We had a nice day yesterday and i think Master's Mom had a good day as well.  She was talking well and only started to have some pain late in the day when she got tired.  Master's sister already had most of her Christmas decorations up on purpose.  She wanted her Mom to see the house all done up and pretty for the holidays in case she wasn't back out there for Christmas and it did look great.

This weekend we're spending part of our time decorating Master's parents house for Christmas.  Even though His Mom is in the nursing home, she'll be at the house for some celebrations and we want the house to look just like it would if she were home. Now that the house is all clean and shiny we can make a mess of it again with decorations! =)

Today Master and i are going to fight the hustle and bustle of the crowds at least for a while.  It's a tradition for us to go out and just be a part of the shopping experience for the day.  We're never after the deals or anything.

i just wanted to pop on here and wish everyone a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Master and i!

MD's treasure

Sunday, November 18, 2012

On Being Aware

The other day i was getting ready to work and Master came in and started to tell me a story.  i am a good multi-tasker when it comes to getting ready because i never just do my hair or get dressed.  i always throw in other things like feeding animals, laundry or doing the dishes.  To me that's all part of getting myself ready for the day.  So getting ready for the day is really just mind numbing and i can do lots of things at once.  It's my fault for thinking outloud while i do it, however. 

While Master was beginning His story, i marched right past Him and continued with my preparations and while talking to myself i said, something about not being able to find a comb that's always on the bathroom counter.  i had no intention of derailing His story as i wasn't even addressing Him, i did in fact interrupt Him while my ridiculous chatter.  Master's story was rudely interrupted and although i immediately apologized it was too late.  i was self involved, my thing was more important. 

That's all it takes though to show how selfish i can be sometimes.  i try really hard to think about Him in all things and sometimes i think i do pretty well.   Other times, not so much. my routines are when i'm the worst i think, i get stuck in a rut.  It's not enough to be doing something FOR Him.  Does that excuse being THERE for Him?  i don't think so.  Just because i'm making His favorite dinner, does that outrank being there for Him if He called me to come to His side?

Just being aware of Him should seem so easy and sometimes that's the hardest thing.  Listening, knowing where He is, what He's doing and thinking about what He might want from me.  i'm not as aware as i wish i was, that's for sure.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Being Pliable

Quite some time ago Master was looking for the little gold locks that He uses on the leather wrist and ankle cuffs.  We call them 34 and 35 as each pair of His locks are numbered.  One of the pair were missing and it's not the 3rd 4th or even 100th time the locks have been misplaced.

The leather cuffs and locks are used often and it's one of the most frustrating things when we have little bins and designated places for these things.  So when He goes to find them, He should be able to just put His hand right on them.  This one night He was gather the 4 locks, the 4 cuffs and ... fury ensued. 

The next day i got an email with a new rule in place, from now and until further notice i will follow these instructions;

"Effective immediately, before you eat supper, you will chain your ankles. You have two can use just the chain, which is less comfortable but gives a longer stride, or you can use the cuffs (black or pink) with the chain doubled, which is more comfortable but allows a shorter stride. Either way is acceptable to me, but choose wisely because it stays on until your shower unless special circumstances dictate otherwise. When supper is over, the wrist cuffs immediately go on with the pink chain (for now), so make sure you don't have any chores left that can't be done in chains. This is a permanent new rule, but IF we have to get up early the next day, you may ask what I want to do."

In the past month i have forgotten the after supper cuffs a few times and had to be reminded.  Master also removes the pink wrist chain quite often for sleeping.  If i do sleep in the pink wrist chain sometimes He'll randomly wake me in the middle of the night and remove it on a whim.  Other times, He won't and i'll stay in both chains all night.  It's completely dependent on His mood and desires of the day or night as the case may be.

i just looked at the date of the email, it's been a month.  i got the email on October 15th and there was an adjustment period.  i wish i could honestly say that i'm so pliable that i jump into new rules with both feet first all smiles and it depends, sometimes i do.  This time i had a hard time with the wrist chain but i have adjusted and even though i had no choice, i have gotten used to wearing it each night. 

Master isn't an evil Man and doesn't want me to be uncomfortable.  It's more about me knowing i have no choice in the matter.  i will wear His chains when and where He says i will wear them and for whatever time frame He desires.  That's really what it boils down to is having no choice in the matter.  Master and i just had this conversation the other night, about "no choice".  It's not really about submitting to His will it's about having your choices taken away.

It's fairly amazing to look at a woman who once entered into a relationship under her own freewill who then proceeded to chop up all of her rights into little bits and toss them into the air like confetti!! Because to her it was a true celebration! Giving up all the control and responsibility that weighed her down, she was truly free under His control. 

If i had only known then what i know now and even each time after He makes a new rule. i wish i were more pliable i wish i could just be more of a follower.  Perhaps i need that strength for the other struggles in my life, like the pain i deal with.  i only wish i could compartmentalize it, there must be a good way to do that.

Okay i should scoot off here for now!

Have a wonderful Friday!  

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Birthday Spanking

The other day Master took me out for my birthday.  We had a really great day and He put a lot of thought into the entire day.  i wasn't allowed to know the plan for the day, the only thing He told me was the name of the town.  i was only familiar with the name and perhaps i'd been there once before, so it was all new and fun.

Master had printed maps and names of places He wanted to go but as always we got a little bit of a late start, but not too bad.  We did some shopping as always and one thing we did was take back a pair shoes that i thought i had fallen in love with.  Turned out when i walked in them, they made a vacuum noise and rubbed my foot so badly i couldn't wear them.  Master said it sounded like i was farting every time i took a step!  Okay then, those needed to go back! So that was $30 back in our pockets... hmmm what to do with that windfall?  More shoes of course!  We found this huge clearance sale at JC Penneys and ended up getting 3 pair for $16.  Super cute shoes too!!! =)

i of course can't remember everything that we did all day but one thing i certainly remember was the fact that i went back to the car for a pen at the store and yet AGAIN left a door unlocked.  This time it could have been really bad we were in an unfamiliar town and had valuables, some of which were completely irreplaceable.  For example our precious teddy bear and crew who i stopped taking with us but on special occasions i haul them along.  If something ever happened to them i would be devastated.  It's inexplicable but i really love these little guys a lot and so does Master.  Needless to say, i was in trouble... again for leaving a door unlocked.  Big trouble this time this was way worse than the front door.  We live in a really sleepy town and it's very safe but like i said out and about in your car, is way different.

i was meant to have my birthday spanking when we got home anyway... 44 swats even!  ACK!  Master was still pretty miffed about the car thing so i was expecting something in the way of a punishment i just wasn't sure.  i thought the spanking just might be worse or something.  So He set up the camera and delivered my spanking (that i did not accept gracefully) i am such a baby!  i even have marks to prove that He gave me a nice spanking!  Once i was given the 44 Master told me that i knew what i had done and seeing that i was already a mess, i would hold still. The last five would very hard and very fast!  Those are the worst for me and really i know i got off lightly.  i was already a slobbering snotty mess, so what's five more?  He told me in the very beginning, if i lifted off the pillows or raised up at all, He was going to start over..... So i was sure not to move an inch.  Master finished off with those five horrible swats and as anyone could have predicted i was undone by them but i know i deserved them.

Once the spanking was over He stood me up and took off the gag that He had placed on me to start.  The gag was so tight that the pillow i had been leaning on was completely soaked through with my spit and slobber.  i couldn't even begin to think about closing my mouth or swallowing.  Once the gag came off, He told me to kneel and thank Him for the spanking.  OH!!! That is soooo hard for me!  i did as i was told and once i was able to wrap my head around how really serious it all could have been i was thankful for the scolding, i really was.  i just couldn't imagine disappointing Him so much or losing our valuables.  i sucked His cock and brought Him to orgasm and the whole day ended really well.

Master planned a terrific day and we even left the casino ahead money!  Crazy times at that, who does that!?!?  i just need to learn to lock the stinking doors! =)

i hope everyone is having a good Sunday evening!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Question From A Reader

Every once in a while someone will ask a question in the comments section or in an email and it's such a good topic that i steal it for a blog post.  The following question is one such question:

Q:  If this isn't too personal a question (please feel free to ignore me totally if it is!), I'd like to ask if you ever get off when you have sex.

I read your blog often and love your dynamic with your master. It seems like you give him a lot of blow jobs and more rarely have sex. You'd don't ever describe that you personally orgasm. Is this this the case?

A:  The short answer is "no" i don't orgasm during sex.  That's not in my make up i'm just not built that way.

The longer answer is, just because i don't orgasm while we're having sex doesn't mean i don't get a turn.  If Master decides that i'm going to cum also then He starts with me, always.  Once Master has decided that i'm going to have an orgasm then nothing will stop Him from making that happen.  Although it's not always very easy, it's not that i don't love sex, it just takes me a while to get to my happy place.  So as i've mentioned before and as Master will freely admit, He's not the most patient Man.  If it's going to be a "me" night it's more than likely going to be on a night when He's feeling very patient.

You are quite right, Master gets lots of blow jobs, it's just the way our relationship works.  It doesn't mean that i don't get sex, Master allows me to use different toys when i'm hurting.  i am never allowed to cum without permission but i do get to cum, it's just at His discretion.

Thanks for the question and sorry for the delay in the response!

MD's treasure 

Saturday, November 03, 2012


Master and i celebrated our Anniversary last night by going out to dinner to a casino in the middle of no where.  It's somewhere we'd never been before but have wanted to try for a while.  As it turns out, if you go to this place during your birth month you get a free meal, so as my birthday is in November, score!  We had a lovely meal and it was fairly inexpensive for the two of us to eat! =)

Master and i also celebrated our Anniversary on our Anniversary, very very late at night right before it was time to go to sleep.  Master got into bed and got under the covers and He never gets under the covers, He sleeps on top where it's cooler. So i knew we were going to be *celebrating*! =)  At one point we were kissing and it was pretty vanilla sex... as vanilla as sex ever is for us.  He beat on His pussy for quite some time before we had sex.  He didn't care how badly it hurt, He was having quite a bit of fun with my screeches actually.  But other than that and the chains on my ankles, it was all pretty vanilla... hmmm okay... there's nothing vanilla about us! 

Anyway, omgosh i'm trying to make a point here!  hahaha Master was kissing me and kissing my neck and He started sucking my neck and i felt Him sucking and sucking and i thought oh no, a hickey!  my first thought was that His Mom would see it and i felt 15 again!  When we were done and i was in the bathroom getting us cleaned up the first thing i did was run to the mirror to check out the damage and there was this big purple hickey!  i came out of the bathroom and said "i am 43 years old and i. have. a. hickey!" Master was quite proud of Himself! =)  i don't care about going out in public, who cares what people think.  i just don't want Master's Mom to think i'm trashy.  When i told Master this last night He said "You know, she knows we f-*k right?" =p  Very funny!

So we had a good time last night and the night before! =)

i hope everyone is having a good weekend.  i am also thinking about those who are struggling out east, even though they aren't able to read this, those without power, that is.  i've read/seen some terrible things it looks like a war zone. my nephew said that he spoke to a friend in New Jersey, his friend isn't expected to have power until the 9th of November. Peace and blessing to all of you out there, i pray that you have some good food and a warm place to sleep tonight.

MD's treasure   

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Happy Anniversary Master


Thank You for making me Yours.  Thank You for putting the collar around neck eleven years ago.  Thank You for putting the ring on my finger nine years ago today.  Through all the ups, through all the downs, i will love You for a thousand years......

Happy Anniversary!