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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Who Needs Who

Bloggers Block. i opened this window quite some time ago and for the life of me i just can't find the words? The topic? i don't know what it is. i said as much to Master and His response? "you write because I tell you to write." Okay then, i guess i better get writing.

So i started this post yesterday and abandon it but i'm back to finish it now.

This is what i've come up with; i've been visiting some chat rooms a few times in the last couple of weeks. i've been trying to learn the dynamics, i thought it might be good to see how they interact on line these days because back when i was chatting ten years ago, things were probably much different. Turns out, they weren't really. There is still a protocol to follow and lots of people looking to hook up, there are just more of them.

In this particular room that i've been frequenting there was a discussion that i found particularly interesting. Can (should) a Dom(mme) "need" His or Her sub? The general consensus was an emphatic NO! In fact, they said that if any Dom actually needed His or Her sub, they didn't belong in the lifestyle and had no business having a sub at all. No Dom or Domme should ever need a sub, ever.

Now as i mentioned i haven't spoken in the room so i felt it would have been wildly inappropriate for me to force my way into the subject and make my opinion known. So i shut up and kept my opinion to myself, as difficult as that was. However, this is as good a place as any to share it! Now i don't know what kind of relationships these people are referring to but if i look inside my own 24/7,TPE,APE,M/s,D/s,Marriage i need my Master/Husband more than He needs me, but my Husband NEEDS me, end of sentence. Are they serious? We live it every day and just as anyone else who is in a committed relationship be it BDSM or NOT, will tell you, there are times when you not only need your significant other, you cling to them for dear life through a crisis situation. That might be one of the most ridiculous things i've heard in a while.

i felt the need to write about that here because it was the wrong time for me to speak up in that chat room. i hope that no Dom ever feels like they have to go through a relationship feeling as though they can't need their significant other because they heard somewhere one time that it might make them appear weak to their sub. There are so many things i could have said at the time to solidify my position but as always, i want to be respectful and i just don't believe i would have appeared respectful at all.

It's a beautiful day here today but Master has been feeling a bit off lately so i'm not sure if we'll be able to get out and take advantage of the day or not. i just hope Master is back to His normal Self soon! =)

i should remind folks that March is Q & A month! If you have a question you would like to ask me you're welcome to post it in the comments section or email me at

Have a wonderful Saturday!

MD's treasure


  1. I'm surprised you managed to stay upright with the mighty wind that must have been blowing through that chatroom.

  2. If I ever am fortunate enough to have a 24/7 M/s relationship I would sure hope he needs me too.

  3. I so agree with you and lovely in the way you wrote that down!

  4. I applaud your restraint in the chat room. When it comes to ridiculous statements like that i pounce... Yes i do need to control that better ;) You are right, everyone in every type of relationship needs their partner. A person could not be a Dom/me without a sub right?

  5. Haha Master! Lots of hot air for sure!! =)

    i couldn't ever imagine a relationship that didn't work both ways! Not a successful one anyway. =)

    Thank you so much for saying so! It's good to see others agreeing with me and to see that i'm not overreacting.

  6. Naida,

    i sort of regret not speaking up now and i wish i was able to be more vocal sometimes. It's nice having this blog though for times like this, when i'm too big of a wimp to voice my opinion, at least i can speak up here! haha!

    You have a great point though. It's all pretty simple isn't it? While a Dom is a always Dominant, He or She needs a sub to complete that relationship and make it whole. Thanks for pointing that out!

  7. The Great All-knowing Grand Poobah of all things BDSM is more than likely a 48 year old telemarketer living in his parents' basement with a Smoky and the Bandit alarm clock and Farrah posters above his bed. He hasn't seen a slave since he watched Roots in 1977.

  8. Wait... i know the guy You're talkin' about! The one who takes his Partridge Family lunch box to work every day!

    i wouldn't mind havin' a Smoky and the Bandit alarm clock! i'm thinkin that will be an excellent addition to my 2012 Christmas list! *snicker*

  9. It's all about the Grizzly Adams action figure.

  10. I would have had a hard time not commenting - but all the backlash is not the type of situation anyone needs to deal with. Kudos on your restraint.

    How can a Dom not need their sub? It's a two way street. Even the most Dominant of Doms is going to have a day where they need help, assistance, love, etc. And just as we need our Dominants, and this dynamic, they need it too, or else this relationship wouldn't form. It's the way in which that help is sought that can bring the relationship closer. They can tell us to do the things they need us to do. And we can be happy for the chance to serve them and help make their lives easier.

    I have thought that it would be difficult for me to be submissive if I didn't have someone to submit TO. How can one be Dominant if they're not dominating someone? I'm not talking about single instances or a frame of mind. I can be polite and defer to others, and serve others, but without that knowledge and reciprocity, I'm afraid it would fall flat eventually.

  11. Lea,

    You've pretty much hit the nail on the head. Even the most Dominant person needs someone now and again. =)