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We've never, ever wanted to be mistaken for any of the countless people who claim to be a Master or slave when in reality, they just pretend for money. There's potentially a fine line in other folks' perception, and I've gone to considerable effort to never cross that line. My treasure writes here because she enjoys it, she loves to get and reply to comments and she also does it because I require it. In the beginning, it was a blog, nothing more, nothing less. In the last few years, it has become not only a blog, but also a hub for all of our online activity. Some of that activity is done simply for fun, some of it is to feed some sort of narcissistic need for kudos that I still deny having, and some of it is done to try to supplement our income by sharing our real life with others who might be willing to toss a few bucks our way for a small window into our normal activities. Normal for us but mere fantasies to them, things that they can't get at home or simply things that get their blood flowing south. Like most people, we started out never showing our faces, never being specific about where we live, blah blah blah. One day, I decided that I was tired of acting like I was ashamed of Myself or My girl, just so someone I knew wouldn't find a photo that would make them all butt hurt because of their own insecurities and closed-mindedness. In a very short time, we had started making videos and posting non-anonymous pictures all over the place. Eventually, My girl started doing live cam sessions for cash and it's become a multifaceted "business". That's why we're making this page. I didn't want it on the front page of the blog because this is still her blog, and always will be, but we wanted to add a page for some of the money-making things that we do.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

i Want my Friends & Family Back

Like just about everyone i'm sure, i have a vanilla Facebook account where i keep in touch with all my worldly friends and family.  Lately though i find myself less and less inclined to use that account.  i go to it every day because Master posts cute things on my wall and i love to see the pictures or videos.  That is really the only reason i continue to use Facebook, that and He hasn't said otherwise. 

i am finding however that while i am truly happy for my friends and family for everything that have and do in their lives.  i find it really odd how some people feel it necessary to flaunt what they "have and do" in their friends faces.

When i first started a Facebook account, i thought it was tremendous to see how everyone was getting along and to see pictures of them and their children. Some people posted a few pictures of themselves just to give people an idea of who they've become and what they are up to at this time.  i was under the impression that was the whole idea, and i am really very naive.  Of course, it's nothing of the sort.  It's a competition of "I've got mine, let me show you just how incredible I am".  "My children always look perfect, I make so much money, I take expensive vacations, We just bought another brand new vehicle!"  (this is a generalization and i know not everyone is like this) 

i want no part of that and i want my life to be more simple than that.  i just want to know the friends and family that i used to know.  Life before Facebook.  Life before everyone's first thought was, "if I look good enough in this picture, I can post it on Facebook for all my friends to see".

If someone makes a comment about something, i would love to know what they would really say, not what they think people think they should say.  Facebook has not only changed peoples responses and comments, it's changed how we think when we're not even on Facebook.  i am not interested in being involved in an on line site that changes personalities on a global spectrum in a negative way.

i want my friends and family back, before Facebook.    

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Too Cheeky!

Master and i had errands to run yesterday and had to run into work for just a little while.  As a result i was trying to rush a bit in the kitchen when we got home to get supper ready.  Neither of us had eaten all day and although it's not something we're not used to, it's a habit we're trying to break.  So i was in a hurry straightening up and getting things prepared.  Master and i share a hearty banter that's pretty much on going.  We are always having fun with each other either, if it's not at each others' expense it's making up songs or some other stupidity. 

There are times when i forget myself and Master is very quick to remind me of my place.  More often than not it's something very quick, very fast and it pulls me right back where i belong in a matter of seconds.  This is what took place last night.  As i mentioned, i was flying around the kitchen trying to do lots of things at one time and i was really right in my element.  i was really "in the zone", cleaning out the dishwasher, putting away groceries, and cooking supper and who knows what else,  i'm  more focused on the "what, than the Who".  When we're having are typical funny banter and i'm in "go mode", so is my mouth. 

i couldn't tell you what i said or how it came out of my mouth but what i can tell you is that Master wasn't pleased.  At. All.  i had chicken in a pan on the stove and a dish towel in my hand and the dish washer open.  He said STOP.  He ordered me to close my eyes and i knew what was coming.  i don't know if it's the worst thing He does but it ranks right up there.  There was no ceremony He just told me to close my eyes and i could feel Him rear back a bit and SLAP, right across my left cheek and He walked away and told me to keep cooking.  There was no mark, and it was only just "hard enough" and it stung just for a few minutes.

Instantly, i'm back where i should be and i know that i must watch my mouth.  The worst thing for me, this goes without saying, having my face slapped... it makes my head explode!  Ya know what?  That's what i get, it sucked, but i lived. =)

The other thing about it was, it's pretty much over before it starts.  The only thing that lasts is the reminder and that's the whole point. Not that i'd get in line for face slaps!  =p

i don't know if this will alter my over all behavior really because we share a really fun banter all the time.  Master also loves how we interact what He doesn't love is when i'm driven when i'm working.  The two are hard to separate for me.  Cheeky is one thing, smart mouth is another. It's very easy to forget myself when i get busy.  Master knows i'm easy to pull back as soon as He dislikes my behavior in any way, shape or form and He's not afraid to let me know! =p

i'm off here for now!  i hope you're all enjoying your Tuesday afternoon.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure 

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Lately i've gotten into a bad pattern of waiting until the end of the week to make my posts and no good for lots of reasons.  i'm sure i have lots of terrific reasons (excuses) why i just can't get them posted, right?

So here i am scrambling to make my deadline before Master's parents get here for dinner.  We like to try to have them over on Sunday nights for a meal if we can, it doesn't work out as often as we'd like though.  i try hard not to let how i'm feeling influence my attitude on them coming over.  But like it or not it is a little extra work because Master's Mom just can't help and Master does most if not all of the cooking during the summer time on the grill.  Today shouldn't be too bad though, so we should have a nice time. =)

This has to be a quick post because they'll be here soon.  With any luck i'll be able to get back on and post something with some substance.

Master and i went to our first local munch a week ago and i've yet to even touch on that topic yet!  More on that later for certain.  i hope you're enjoying your Sunday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Walking A Fine Line

There must be a point in an M/s relationship where the slave can become too dependent on his or her Dom/me  (i know i have written about this before.)  Lately i have to wonder if there haven't been times when i come close to that point.  In fact, i know there are things that i know i could do on my own but i wait for Master for one reason or another.  Sometimes i wait because it might be something that i just don't want to take a chance on breaking or doing wrong. So i put the project aside for Him, when in fact i could have or even should have done it myself.  Sometimes i ask Master about something that i am 99% sure of the answer but because there is just that 1% chance i'll be wrong, i ask anyway. Assuming isn't in my job description.

Just how far should we go before we rely 100% on our Master's and their decisions, before we're stripped of almost any decision making ability of our own.  There is such a fine line with Master and i because we live together and do everything or almost everything together.  We are just rarely apart so it's gotten to a point that i ask Him about nearly everything when i know in the past i could have done more and did do more, much more, on my own.  Are we to a point now that it might be somewhat dangerous?

This brings me to the topic at hand.  i used to be a very quick thinker, i did my best thinking in a rush made my best decisions when things were hectic.  For a part time second income job, i worked as a cafe manager and my favorite part of the day was dinner or lunch rush.  It was a blast to be super busy.  That having been said, in the past i never would have flinched had the following happened, eleven years ago.

Yesterday morning, i was making toast and as i turned away to get the jelly out of the frig, the toast caught fire in the toaster.  All i did was shout for Master to come to the kitchen, that was my first and really only reaction.  He called out to me that He couldn't get out to the kitchen quickly and told me that i had to deal with it and then immediately asked me what i would do if He wasn't home.  i unplugged the toaster and the flame went out.  The crisis was really over quite quickly but it could have been a disaster as the flame was at least 5 inches out of the appliance.  The entire house was full of smoke and my first thoughts always go to my bird, so i opened up the house, of course.

i keep wondering if i had been home alone if i would have reacted differently and faster.  When Master and i go to work at the church i know what to do on my own and i am able to work without His assistance.  There are many things i do here at home without asking for His help so of course i am not rendered immobile by any stretch of the imagination.  This was just one instance where i was shocked at my first reaction and i think He was as well.

i guess in answering my own question, there is definitely a fine line where the slave can be too dependent on the owner in some situations perhaps.  He or she has to maintain some autonomy in order to function for safety's sake.  That's what i've come up with.

Opinions? =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure  

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Master Plan

Master and i had a lot to do yesterday and He wanted to leave the house early because He wanted to be home at a certain time. i couldn't begin to imagine why He wanted to be home early because this was quite atypical for Him. He made it quite clear that i wasn't supposed to ask any questions about our evening and that He was going to plan our supper, so i was off the hook for the night. All i needed to do was show up!

Master decided that we'd pick up a take and bake pizza, which is one of my favorites! So as soon as we got home He told me to preheat the oven and then go to the bedroom. While i was busy in the kitchen tidying up, He set about doing who knows what. Once i was in the bedroom, He told me to remove everything except my stockings. Huh. Okay. When He returned He had me find a little camisole, and then handed me my lace up girdle. Ahh... now i understand why i was to keep the stockings on... it's all becoming clear! =)

i can't really put that girdle on alone, i'm not that talented! So i did the hooks and He laced me up nice and tight. Once i was all set, He told me to choose a dress that was long and somewhat fancy, so i choose a lovely long red dress that He bought this past Christmas. Master was happy with my choice so He helped me into the dress and He'd already had shoes picked out. The shoes He choose happened to be a new pair that i haven't had a chance to wear out yet. They are an adorable black open toe pump with a bow at the toe with a one inch platform at the toe, the heel being 4.5 inches.

Once Master had me all dressed the way He wanted me, i was allowed to start the pizza. He set about busying Himself in the basement, so i was fairly sure we'd be watching some type of show on the TV. So now i was even more confused because a movie night is never this big of an operation. =)

Once supper was ready and i was ready to go down stairs, Master helped carry everything down, the TV room looked as it always does, except there was a movie already in the DVR and ready to play. Hrmmm. Master told me to sit down and gave me a great big purple fluffy hat to put on. He asked me if i knew what time it was and i did not know the exact time, but i knew we were later than Master had wanted to be. He told me we HAD to be in the basement sitting down for supper at exactly 8:40pm.

Master checked the time and said do you know what today is and i said that it was April 14th, my sister's birthday. Then it hit me, Titanic. We were late, but at exactly 8:40pm our time, she hit the ice burgh. He had wanted to hit "play" at 8:40pm. i can't count how many times i've watched Kate and Leo fall in love, i can't tell you how many times i've watched her sink under James Cameron's direction. i have no idea why i was brought to tears when Master told me it was exactly 100 years ago, 1500 people went into the sea, when i've heard it more than 100 times.

Master dressed me the closest He could to how Kate was dressed when she boarded the Titanic. So when He hit play on a movie i've seen countless times, i was just as enamored as i am every other time i watch it and i was just as disappointed when i thought about what those people must have gone through. As weak as it is, this is my tribute to them. i'll never stop watching the movie, The Titanic and i'll never love the movie so much that i forget what it's all about.

Master knows how much this story means to me, for reasons even i'm not able to put to words. The thought and planning He put into this is just incredible to me.

He took a couple pictures but i wanted to get my post up and He's busy today, so there might be pics to follow, i'm not sure! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Attitude Is Everything

Master just said to me that the blog has been "quiet" this week. Translation: "write slave". i don't know why i don't write as soon as i have a thought pop into my head except that the thoughts usually come to me while i'm in the shower. By the time i'm out and dry enough to write, i've forgotten just about everything or i've even forgotten i had ideas! =/

Not long ago i made the remark in a blog post, i believe it might have been in response to a question asked last month, and i said something like i had never said "no" to Master in reference to sex. i quite emphatically defended that statement even. Just the other night Master got in bed after i had been asleep and decided He would have a blow job. my response? -insert whiney voice here- i was asleeeeeeeep. Then i got up and gave Him a blow job. i didn't technically refuse, but wow, just wow.

You know, i call myself a slave, everywhere i have a profile and on here, i call myself an owned slave. That's the first thing i say about myself to anyone in the lifestyle. i won't sit here and say that one stupid mistake is worth beating myself up about or tossing myself straight into martyrdom over, but i don't want it become a habit. Not that Master would allow it, He was all over me the second i made the comment. i'm just pretty annoyed with myself that i even did it in the first place.

It bothers me most because Master puts up with a lot already from me with my headaches. He really does give me lots of leeway when i'm having a particularly rough time. He knows what i can and can't do when it's really bad and there are even times that His needs and wants will come before my headache pain. That's the way it is and that's okay because He over looks it often enough, it's not like i'm gunna die, lol. i think more than anything He does that as a reminder to me that my pain, my head isn't going to control our relationship. If we let it, it certainly could.

Now, why can't i have that attitude in the moment? =) That's the question of the hour!

Well i am off to paint my nails!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, April 08, 2012


Easter Sunday used to be one of the happiest days for me. i don't even really know why. It was just a happy, sunny fresh day that still to this day doesn't have any ugly memories for me. When i think of Easter Sunday, everything is bright and fresh and yellow, i smell fresh cut grass and all the Easter Lily plants at the Church. i am reminded of going to Mass and seeing everyone dressed in beautiful clothes and the smell bulletins and the familiar smell of incense and echo of hard marble floor underneath the high heels.

We used to have Easter Basket organizing contests and then have them judged to see whose looked the nicest. i never won but i didn't put much effort into it, i just liked spending time with my brother and sister. i was the youngest and they weren't always that interested in spending time with me, so that was a big deal when they wanted to hang out! i was in hog heaven! =)

It was also a rare occasion that my Grandma and Grandpa came over to our house and had dinner. Whenever they were at our house everything felt safer and warmer if even for a little while and i loved it when they were there. my Grandpa exuded peace, just by being in his presence. i loved to walk with him when he was on our property. i never said anything, i just followed behind him.

i don't know why but Easter's just always been a good day.

i wish you all a very happy, sunny day.

Peace and blessing on you and yours,

Happy Easter

MD's treasure

Oh, and i love bunnies (='.'=)

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Last But Not Least!

Q: Do you find one particular method (of punishment/correction) works best for you in terms of getting you back into your slave mindset of obedience?

A: Master has used a variety of tactics and i can tell you some of the things that typically bring everything back into focus. More than anything else it's knowing i have really disappointed Him enough to bring about a punishment. There is something about the shower floor, the pain on my ankles, legs and knees, being left in the cold water and the plain humiliation of it all. It's really inexplicable how it resonates with me and leaves me feeling helpless.

Master doesn't thrive on pain and He knows how much i dislike it. Sometimes He'll place me in a situation for punishment and that in and of itself is emotional punishment enough. i know i am not punished near often enough, so when i am, i do my very best to take what i'm given and move on.

Depending on the severity, a spanking might leave a lasting impression but more often than not, i am most affected by emotional and mental tension.

A long bondage session where i am left alone with my thoughts can also be effective depending on the severity of the crime i've committed. It also depends on His presentation and His attitude. Everything really depends on that. Does He appear very angry and upset with me? Am i in real trouble and do i have a real debt to repay? How severe are the binds? Has He got me in ankle and wrist cuffs with a couple chains on the bed, a blindfold and some music for 45 minutes? Has He put the head harness on me with the straightjacket, ankle cuffs and chained me securely to the bed? Has He given me no hope of getting up for at least a couple of hours in complete silence? Everything is up to Him and how He sets the scene.

That last bit has definitely left an impression, when i know i've done something to upset Him.

Q: Sometimes i find myself disobeying my Master on purpose, to test his attention or his commitment to a particular rule or boundary.

A: This is something i've read about before but it's not something i've ever done myself.

Q: Sometimes i don’t even realize i am testing Him until i reflect on it afterward. Do you find that you do this? If so, do you usually find that you can “get away” with things, or are you usually caught/corrected?

A: i am sure that i test Master without realizing i've done it. i don't purposely test Him though, i believe this is dangerous territory. For some folks it might be fun to add a little spice but for us i wouldn't ever want to face Master and tell Him that i was purposefully disobeying Him.

Master and i have a lot of fun, we are mostly all about fun actually. One of our favorite things to do is lie in bed at night, watch TV and crack each other up. We have a blast in our relationship but there is no denying who is in charge and where that line is drawn. i believe that if He thought i was purposefully deceiving Him there would be no other way for Him to perceive it, than i was trying to lie to Him. While it might seem like it was all in fun at FIRST, when it all comes out in the wash, deceit is still deceit and it snowballs.

This is a dangerous game to play and it's just not one i would ever want to play, nor is it one i would ever recommend.

Let me give you an example.

The rule: i am not allowed to leave the house without permission.

The lie: Master isn't home, so i run to the corner store for milk.

Master gets home and He's in a very foul mood, He knew we were out of milk, so He bought milk. He opens the fridge and there's a brand new gallon of milk. Not only did i not get permission to leave, i spent money without permission.


Really? Is it worth it?

Now maybe we might try something less innocuous to start with but this is where it could lead and it's very dangerous. Of course, my opinion. =)

i would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who asked questions this past month!!! i had a blast answering every last one of them!!!! Thank you so much for reading and for your interest!

Peace and blessings to each and every one of you!

MD's treasure