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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Scary Stuff

Master brought me home last night after another week in the hospital. They tell me that they have never seen a better result than what they got with my blood clot. It was 100% blocked and now it's 95% gone. There is a very slim chance that it could come back, even being on the blood thinners that i will have to be on for the next 3-6 months. i'm giving myself injections twice a day and then when my levels stabilize i'll be able to stop those and just take Cumadin. Thank God for insurance as the shots would have been $1500, i paid $5.

Master hung a Welcome Home sign in the garage for me to see when we pulled in last night. Then He bought me some little gifts. A new blanket for the bedroom and a microphone for my computer. He also bought me a card, one of the sweetest cards i have ever seen. The front said: Just so you know..... Inside: I'll never finish loving you. Wow.... what a wonderful thing to come home to. Then He wrote me a very long letter that He put inside the card. He talked about how He will once again be tightening the reins on me but that He wants to give me a chance to heal and He doesn't want to rush me. In the past few months the D/s in our lives although always very present, hasn't been as strong as it once was. i still have His rules to follow but there has been little play time and only a little strong Dominate Force from Him. He has been as always very Dominant and in charge just not demonstrating it so much with actions. If that makes any sense, it does to me, but then it's my life =).

We had a very nice evening and went to bed early so i could rest and He could get a little sleep before getting up in the middle of the night to go to work. Just before we went to sleep, Master spoke of giving me a spanking today. i paused and said... "i don't think You can do that" "i'm not sure but, i think that might be bad" (being on blood thinners and spanking could lead to some pretty serious bruising/bleeding) ...... Not a word from Him. Once again His control has been taken away and He is powerless over whole blood clot episode. Furious? Oh yes, He was speechless but i think the only reason He didn't completely freak out was to try to help me stay as stress free as possible. He's trying so hard but now because of this mess, His power and control over me has yet again been challenged.

He turned over and after a while, He was asleep. When He got up for work in the early AM, He left for work with almost no words. i don't think He's mad at me, i think He's just plain mad. Blind Fury.... like He told me many times and maybe even mentioned in His post, He trusted the hospital to take care of His property and in His eyes, they didn't make it better, they damaged it, possibly for life. Vanilla people would have an almost impossible time understanding the depth of His rage but i think another Owner would be able to relate to Him.

Because my mom is now on dialysis she wasn't able to come and stay with me. my sister has had so many problems of her own lately, she didn't come to visit. But early Monday morning my oldest sister called me, just after i had talked to the Doctor who would be doing the Interventional Radiology procedure. It was the scariest conversation i have ever had in my life as he talked about the risks and possible complications. The clot could break off and go to my lungs, the medicine they were putting me on could cause me to stroke or bleed into my brain..... those were just a few. So when she called, i was scared and i told her what he had just told me. In a few hours, she was walking into my hospital room and she was there for the procedure and when they took me into ICU afterward. Master's parents were there and i was so glad they were, but having her there was truly a Godsend. She held my hand as long as they would let her and just let me cry and tell her why i was so scared. i said things like... i'm too young for this, i don't want to put my family through all this.... i don't want to go to ICU and be hooked up to a thousand different machines and tubes for who knows how long. She just listened and did her best to reassure me that in the end, i would be alright and she was right. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you the obvious, and all i needed to hear was "you're going to be fine".

The next day when i was all hooked up to any machine they could find, my mom walked into the ICU and things looked better still. i wasn't able to move but they did let me have visitors occasionally. She was also reassuring even if she was scared seeing her "baby" laying in ICU as i know she was, she didn't let on. Seeing Master at night was my daily treat. i waited all day for Him to walk in and hold my hand. When He got there i immediately felt like i was going to be alright and all i could think about was Him taking me home. Being home with Him and joking and laughing with Him again.

i pray that the majority of this nightmare is behind us and now we can just move forward, baby steps at getting our life back on track. i'm looking forward to what He has planned for us and Him taking a more active role in His Dominance. i need to try very very hard to stop defending my actions to Him and listen and act as soon as He tells me to do something, instead of thinking of a million reasons why i can't do what He's just told me to do. Trust. That's a biggie, i just have to let go and trust Him. We'll be alright, we always are and eventually, i'll be healthy and able to do more things for Him.

Some day i would like to wake up in the morning without my first thought being, what meds do i need to take? i'll get there, i know i will. It just takes time.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Good News

Hell, I don't know if anyone even reads this, but the counter keeps going up, so I guess someone must be reading it. My treasure went into the hospital voluntarily a little over 3 weeks ago for some IV drugs under the care of the big wig in Neurology to see if they might be able to get her some relief from the headaches that have plagued her for 9 years. On about the second day, the drug they were giving her blew out her vein. This is common for this drug they said. Well, no one ever said that before, so this was the first thing that pissed me off. Well, we'll just put in a picc line, it's no big deal, we do it every day, blah blah blah. OK, put it in then I guess...this was a little more than we had signed on for, but she wanted to really give this a shot, even though our hopes really weren't very high. You can only see so many doctors over so many years before you kind of give up hoping that someone will ride in on a big white horse with all the answers. So, go ahead with the pic line, at least she won't have to get stuck 14 times a day. Picc line in...her arm hurts. Here, have a hot pack. Next day...arm hurts...have a hot pack. On the 10th day...approximately the 7th or 8th day with the picc line, they took it out and sent her home. The whole time, her arm hurt and they just kept offering hot packs. After it came out, she still complained of worsening pain in the arm, and they did nothing. At this time, we just chalked it up to having a long ass fucking tube shoved in your vein all the way into your chest. A week later, she visited a local doctor because the pain had become horrible so he did an ultrasound on it and said Yep, you have a blood clot. He prescribed.........HEAT. 2 days later, it was unbearable and her hand was blue, so she ended up in the ER at the same hospital that she just left a week earlier. They did some tests and discovered a blood clot that went from the middle of her forearm all the way into her chest. I have since learned that blood clots are a known possible side effect of a picc line, although rare. Now...if your furnace or your refrigerator or your computer makes a funny noise, you check it out and fix it...if your car is making a funny noise, you check it out and fix it...YOU DON'T IGNORE IT! If you do, BAD things happen. So in my opinion, if you stick something in someone's vein that might cause a blood clot, however rare, and it causes pain for over a week, you MIGHT just want to check it out. So this past Friday night, she was admitted and spent the whole weekend in pain, with her arm elevated and blood thinner being pumped into her. Monday, she had some kind of big ass catheter stuck in her fucking arm with wires and shit sticking out of it, strapped to a board and they started pumping more fucking poison into her vein that has the possible side effect of internal bleeding or stroke. WHOOPIE!!! She had to lie flat on her back in the fucking ICU until tonight when they actually let her sit up for a while. Thank God the clot is now all gone except for a bit of residue left on the wall of the vein, so they're gonna give it until tomorrow and hope it'll get it all. With any luck, she'll be out of the prison ward and back in a regular room tomorrow night. I was already blind with rage before she went into the ICU, then I found out she would have no phone and my visitation "privileges" would be at their whim. I had a meltdown Monday night. I screamed at everyone who came within 10 feet of me, I threw shit and I even got into a pissing match with Nurszilla in the ICU. If someone's already visibly infuriated, the last thing you wanna do is get in their face and tell them what kind of attitude they may and may not have, especially if they're somewhat of a traditionalist and you're some kind of bitchy assed power hungry feminazi. So I guess I'm a bit of a celebrity at the ole ICU these days. My treasure overheard one nurse telling another nurse later that they almost had a code green (call security). Everyone around me tells me to chill out, things happen, I have no reason to be pissed off...BULLSHIT I don't...that's my wife and My property lying there with tubes and wires and shit sticking out of her all over the place with all kinds of poison dripping into her and it's their fucking fault. My pt is much more forgiving than me and is all but begging me to not file suit or even file a complaint with the hospital, but I'm just not sure I'll be able to accomodate her on that one...

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Here we go again...

Back in the hospital...Deep Vein kingdom for a doctor who doesn't have his fucking head up his ass...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The longest Ten Days of my Life....

i can't even begin to explain how happy i am to be home, sitting at my computer, listening to Master snooze in the next room, all the animals snoring softly next to Him, a hot cup of yummy coffee freshly brewed at my hand. Ahhhh the simple joys of life are all too often taken for granted. Yes...... i am HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i spent the last 10 days in the University Hospital being poked and prodded in places that i never knew could (or should) be poked. They told me Tuesday night that i wouldn't be leaving until Thursday but they gave me a small gift when the team of doctors appeared in my doorway yesterday morning and asked me if i would like to go home on my actual scheduled release date. i was thrilled that i would be able to call Master and tell Him the good news. As hard as the treatments were on me and as lonely as i was up there, this whole thing was much MUCH harder on Master than it was on me. He spent the entire time racing from home to work to hospital, taking care of the animals spending almost no time at home and even less time resting and no time sleeping. He was thrilled to tears (well almost) when i told Him that they were allowing me to come home a day early, as was i.

So.... was it worth it? i'm not sure yet. i had some pretty intense battles with pain and other unmentionables while i was there. But i haven't had ANY pain meds since 4pm yesterday and that's a new record for me. i am on some schedule meds of course and i have meds that i can take for pain as needed but i haven't been to the pharmacy to get those meds filled yet and so far i don't find myself needing them. When i left, the doctors were encouraged with my progress and no one said that i was cured as that really wasn't the goal, the actual goal was just to decrease my pain level and from what i can tell, it worked, so far. i am optimistic and i am tired, i'm sure it will take some time to get back into my routine but i stayed very active while i was there and when i didn't have to be in my room attached to the IV machine, i was out walking.

Master was upset with me because i pulled away from Him a couple times when He pulled me toward Him. i was lucky enough to be given a private quite lovely private room the last few days of my stay. So He thought He would take advantage of it. Only, i reacted in the worst possible way. Instead of reminding Him of some very sore spots that i have and asking Him sweetly to be careful, i just cringed and pulled away. So of course, i'm sure i hurt His feelings among other icky stuff. We ended up spending the next hour hashing over the issues that i think were long overdue and in the end we were alright and when He left we were fine. But it shouldn't have happened and i never ever should have pulled away from Him. i was out of my element, i was so very sore and more than anything i was shocked that He would use even a little bit of force with me in that setting. Even though it's always His right to do so. i reacted poorly and i hate it that it happened.

So hopefully now we'll be working on getting things back to normal around here. It would be wonderful if now that we have our home refinanced and that part of our world settled and if i can keep this pain under control, this might just be the best year that we have had to look forward to.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure