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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunny Sunday

So this week was really pretty busy. i got all my flowers planted and we even planted a pepper plant and a tomato plant. We've never done it before but thought we'd see how it went. We've started on the pool cleaning process and we have some friends! Tadpoles! While they are super cute, there are so many that we decided to save as many as we could. We got a bucket and gathered up a bunch and last night Master dumped them into the river. i am sure many will still die in the chemical/filter/cleaning process but we really did try to save them.

The cat has been really acting weird and i haven't been able to figure out why. Turns out it's a combination of things. She has allergies and a large sore on her behind. The vet said it started as a puncture wound, abscessed and then popped. After a few days of antibiotic she should be good as new, i just feel bad for not noticing sooner. Her first dose of medicine last night was a real hassle but this morning i figured out how to do it and i think now i can give it to her without terrible fight.

Master already has dinner planned and tonight will be another movie night. We don't normally have our day planned a whole night in advance, it's a little shocking lol. i think i'll go water flowers and enjoy some of the nice weather for a bit.

i hope everyone is having a happy Sunday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

The real deal?

i just realized that i haven't written at all this week, the only way to make my quota will be to write two times today. The other day i was reading a blog that i keep up with all the time, it's always really interesting she posts on all kinds of sites is very active in the on line BDSM community. Master and i have been talking for quite some time about giving up our game and i always worry about what i would do. i don't know who i would talk to or chat with because i don't have anyone here to socialize with. He's mentioned many times that i might try to get involved in the on line community.

i am very much a sit back and watch type of person and a very 1-1 communicator. i don't do well getting into the thick of things and expressing my opinion for everyone to examine and pick apart. i don't really even do that here, on my own blog. i don't want to argue, ever and i'm not into confrontation so places like Fet-life are absolutely not for me. i am not at all up for a debate about who is living this life better or worse. i like to see different ways of doing things and not close myself off to the world, so that's why i read but i can't argue or open myself up to other's criticism, Master's opinion is the only one that matters in my world anyway.

i was reading the other day about people arguing about how their life "is too real!" *stomps foot* now honestly, yes i am sorta making fun because whether or not this life is real is no one elses business but your own. How we choose to live and carry out our day to day BDSM or Gore or Slave or Sub or Slave girl, Slave boy, Poly... whateverintheheck we wanna be who is to say we are or aren't *real* or are *real* and if it works YaY. Why does it matter if anyone else validates it or not? That's why i am not a very good debator because i think it's wrong to judge or be judged, if you like it, i love it.

i think it's partly about being comfortable in their own skin and happy with the decisions that they have made.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, May 24, 2009

'Nuther Movie Night!

Master and i spent part of the afternoon working outside. He's still working on scrapping out the computer parts and i helped a little. It's pretty warm and muggy out there and i got tired pretty fast. i didn't do too much but i helped for a bit. Tomorrow we're going to His Sister's house for a pic nic but that's earlier in the day, we'll have the evening to ourselves.

Master has declared that tonight is going to be a movie night so i'm going to make one of our favorite movie dinners soon and we'll head downstairs for a movie. i guess i better get going on my dinner soon.

i hope everyone is having a good weekend.

MD's treasure

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Thoughts

To those of you who frequently read i am sorry about the background, we're working on a new host for the picture. Sorry that it looks so crappy.

We have had a busy week this week and have plans for the weekend. Every year Master goes to a crawdad boil and this year He's dragging me along with Him. The whole thing is just not my idea of a good time but i'm sure it'll be okay. i've been before but only for a short while each time, this year i'm going with Him from the start, i'll think happy thoughts and i'm sure we'll have a wonderful time! hehe =)

i've been going to therapy and today they fit me for a TENS unit. i only had it on for a short while but i've done E-stim before in therapy and it seems pretty effective. We took it off before we left, we were going to the store and i'm not really comfortable wearing it out, at least not unless i was just having a horrible day and even then, i don't think i would unless i was able to hide the cords. i guess if it helps it wouldn't matter too much, here's hoping it gives me some relief.

i hope you all enjoy your weekend! Be safe!!

MD's treasure

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quick Note

Just a quick note...

We have lots to do today and it's already sorta late in the day, i'm not sure what we're going to do. It's hard for me to gather my thoughts today to really write about much of anything. There are several things i could write about but my thoughts are jumbled.

The cat is sick, dinner at the cabin last night was super weird, we have a bunch of stuff to do around here, Master hasn't smoked for almost a week, i have the blah's again? still? i'm not sure. i sleep late and i'm tired all the time. Maybe i need a jump start.

i am worried about the cat for sure, i don't know if it's allergies or not. So far so good Master He is really doing well and i'm not sure but i think it's getting a little easier every day for Him. i think that He's surprised Himself. =)

i hope everyone has a good Sunday

MD's treasure

Friday, May 15, 2009

One Day At a Time

The spring rains are out of control! i think we've had one day this week that was water-free. It started to rain last night right after i went to bed and it's been seriously pouring ever since. That kind of pouring rain where the water just rolls down the windows and you can barely see out to the back yard, kind of rain. It's crazy and it's been going on for hours. The other night we had an enormous flood in the kitchen but we've got that figured out we think.

i have an appointment today at therapy to see about a Tens Unit. i have no idea if it will even work for my head but they offered it so we're going to try it. So yay for us we can go out in the down pour! haha!

This week has been a new experience for us as Master/slave, Husband and wife and just as partners in life. Master (and i) quit smoking! Over the last few years He's been weaning me off smoking to where i was smoking very little, almost not at all, so it's a much MUCH bigger deal for Him. He's been cutting back for a while, but as of Monday morning, He's gone without. i will never be so stupid or naive to say He's done, it's over, He made it, Yippie! What i will say is that for now, today, He has put a ton of effort into succeeding, He wants to feel better, He wants to live longer, He wants to save money and because He's so competitive, He wants to win!

It's such a fight though, an internal fight, wanting to smoke and wanting so badly to not want to smoke. Keeping busy helps but when He goes to pick up His stuff to leave the room and reach for His soda and smokes that aren't there, He's instantly angry because of the conditioning. i don't want to patronize Him or any other smoker out there, but i am so very proud of how far He's gotten and the effort it takes to take this step.

It's awesome that after only a few days He is feeling better, He can already feel a difference in how He's able to take a deep breath. i had no idea it was that bad. Will power, what an amazing thing.

Have a great day everyone!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, May 10, 2009

One Teacher Who Doesn't Play Nice With Others

Friday night my niece graduated from college, sort of. Through her four years at the school she's done well and i can't say for certain but i believe her final GPA was near or about a 3.8, so not bad. Her graduation was very bitter sweet however because she had a professor who offered an extension on a paper, take back the extension, my niece found out about it, 3 days AFTER the extension had been revoked.

No one would work with her, the Dean of Students wouldn't get involved and her Advisor although i guess he really tried they shot him down so fast it would make your head spin. The professor wouldn't budge and my niece had no recourse, apparently. The let her walk and recieve an empty deploma but today she's moving out of state and unless she moves back and pays for an apartment and an entire semester at the University next fall, she won't get her degree. All because this ONE professor went back on her word. Oddly enough, my niece even worked in this woman's department as a tutor for her, for two years so she knew her, well. If the Dean of the College will approve it she might be able to take the class on line, otherwise, this one woman on an incredible power trip could end up costing my sister and her husband thousands of dollars. i am just hoping that she can take the class on line.

More than anything i am shocked at the insurmountable thoughtlessness and how incredibly cold this woman must be. Did she even stop to think how this one small-ish act could impact my niece and sister's lives? Of course she didn't.

No matter what happens with my niece, i am very proud of her, there were pictures of her on Face Book from her Dad and she looked amazing. =)

i just spoke to my sister and my niece isn't done with this pursuit. She'll have another meeting mid-summer to request that they allow her to take and of course pay for the class on line. Lets hope they at least allow her to do that.

It's a georgous day here today, the neighborhood is buzzing and it looks like people are even starting to open their swimming pools. i think it's a little early for us to start that yet. We don't have a heater and it's just a waste of chemicals to keep it clean when it can't be used yet. i would like to think about getting some flowers planted but not as many this year as last, just a few in the pots on the pool deck and maybe a couple in the front. All i know is i'm not planting pansies, they are too tempermental haha.

Happy Mothers Day

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, May 07, 2009

The titles are the hardest part of these dumb posts!

i am a little tired today, seems like a stood all day yesterday and i'm not even sure what i did really. i cut up a few vegetables but that shouldn't have taken all afternoon, then again i move pretty slowly and i always work in feeding the bird in there somewhere too.

The email project that Master started seems to be drawing to an end soon. He sent back another response last night and i have to double check to see if i am expected to respond again. This project has opened my eyes to one main thing. i have come a long way from the person i was when i came here. i was living on my own and running my own life, paying my own bills, my own apartment, my own car, a job and dressing in a manner that would now get me locked in the box for a week at a time.

Now i don't leave the room without permission or take a bite to eat without His say so. i wouldn't dream of putting my foot into the leg of a pair of pants and i can't really even imagine the feel of pants anymore, it's been years since i have worn pants. i think the only time i have been told to wear them is when going to a haunted house when He knows i'll have to crawl, so as not to skin my knees.

He said that He is going to respond one more time to the email project with a summary, i am looking forward to it and apprehensive at the same time. This has become a lot more serious than i thought it would be, when it started out He had said that it would be fun and i thought it would be a little more lighthearted than it's turning out to be. my biggest fear is that i am a disappointment to Him and it is really tough when i think He is expecting one thing and it turns out He's expecting something entirely different.

Speaking of being a disappointment, it reminds me of the guilt i felt the other night when i was hurting very badly. The last couple weeks my head has been bad, worse than normal where there just isn't much i can do to take the edge off the pain. Last Sunday i ended up getting sick and the other night the pain brought me to tears. Neither one of those things are new or different but they are not a regular occurrence. i have been trying to just work through the pain, when i got sick on Sunday, i kept my plans and still went to the Church supper with Master's Mom. When the pain was so bad it made me cry i went ahead and finished the dishes.

i would have loved to cancel my supper on Sunday but i don't want to let people down, Master is tired of it and i'm sure no matter what people say, Master's Mom would be upset too. i would have been happy to go to bed and leave the dishes and food sit out but that would mean Master would have to take care of it or it wouldn't get done. i just can't do that to Him and feel good about it. How can i lie in bed while He cleans up a mess in the kitchen that i made? He said that i didn't have to do it, it could be done later or whatever.... i didn't really say much... but it's my "job". He didn't want me to do it, He wanted me to lie down. But it's my job! *sigh* i was done when He walked in, or nearly done so i went to bed, but where does the guilt end? No matter how many times He was to say it, i still think i would feel guilty.

i am rambling now... i know i just send these messages out into oblivion for no one or someone to read but i should at least try to make a little sense lol.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Titles are over rated

Our supper went well we had a few more people here than we had planned for and that sorta threw Master for a loop but it all turned out alright. i was super tired after everyone left but we still went back to the cabin for a fire for a little while. We should have had a fire here, Master had a lot of stuff He would have liked to get burnt in the fire pit, but oh well, we can have a fire just the two of us soon.

This evening i am going with Master's Mom to a church supper for a Mother Daughter thing. She asked me to go with her and i can't very well say no, she doesn't really have anyone else that will go with her. Master's sister isn't really into the church thing and i don't mind going. The biggest thing is riding in the car with her at the wheel. i told her that Master would drop me at the church and she told me how stupid that was, she would come and get me. i don't want to hurt her feelings but as much as i possibly can, i have to avoid riding with her.

This weekend the weather was amazing and i got some of my summer yard stuff out! Summer is creeping up and soon we'll be complaining about the heat haha.

i need to get ready, i hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, May 02, 2009

In a hurry!

At the last minute we were asked if we could have our Saturday night supper that is normally at the cabin, at our house. The oldest daughter is having her Junior/Senior Prom tonight and it's pretty muddy and nasty down there right now. So we're having dinner so she can avoid the mess. Things being sprung on us like that don't always work that well because we always have to prepare to D/s proof the house and in this case, kid proof as well.

These kids are pretty disrespectful so nothing is off limits which makes D/s proofing the house even more difficult. Most people don't understand why they can't just march into your bedroom and sift through things, we on the other hand just can't have people do that, we have way too many unmentionables that aren't well hidden. We have a big screen TV in the bedroom and on the other side of the entertainment center Master put up tons of hooks. If you lift up the felt curtain stuck to the entertainment center with velcro, you will find a vast array of toys. Almost everything that is hanging there would not be able to be explained away to a curious young teen. Master would say that they have no business being there in the first place and while He is of course exactly right, there would still be the issue that they had seen the items, to deal with. So we are not the right people to just "spring" things on. Oddly enough, these guys know this about us and they know that we need time to prepare but they don't ever take that into consideration. So pretty much all day we've been scrambling around to get ready for them.

i better scoot off here, they'll be here in a little while. i hope all are well out there in blogland!

Peace to you and yours.

MD's treasure