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Friday, April 29, 2005

Loving Every Minute of Him

Master and i are American Idol fans. We watch every week and we both have our favorites. Master likes Scott and Carrie and i like Constantine and Carrie. We both want Carrie to win, we think she has “the look” and the voice to win. We were both convinced that it would come down to Carrie and Constantine. Last Wednesday night Constantine was voted off by the American people. This might seem trivial to some people but to me, i’m astonished and so disappointed. i stood and screamed at the TV and i think that’s when Master told me that i should blog about it, seeing that i was so grief-stricken about it. Basically i just feel like for the most part, people are screwed in the head to keep some of the ones they have and vote off a hot young super star like Constantine. i hate to rant but then, this is my blog and i guess i can rant about whatever i have on my mind at the time!

Master was off work yesterday and we had a good day. i didn’t sleep the whole day away so we got out and got a some errands run. He went over to help His dad on some outdoor project and then we had a little lunch. i had a stupid stupid stupid bowling banquet to attend last night, where everyone with a voice thought they had to use it. i’m not bowling in that league next year so i’m not at all sure why i went. Except that i did get a prize to get a free pizza, so that was a good deal. i left half way through the banquet to go stand in the hallway with Master’s sister and cousin. i had more fun in the hallway with them than i had had all night.

Master called earlier and wanted to grill out tonight. Then He just called a minute ago and said that He’ll probably be late getting home and He was furious. It seems like whenever we make plans during the evening they get messed up by His work schedule and He goes off the deep end. In truth, it doesn’t bother me that much. i was always alone in my last relationship and i’m spoiled with all the time that Master spends with me. So when He has to be late or things don’t pan out exactly the way we plan, it’s no big deal to me. i was reading in someone’s blog the other day about her sitting and waiting for her Master to get home. It sounded to me like she waits for him often and she’s lonely. i was able to relate to that so easily. my ex boyfriend left me alone 95% of the time and that’s a low estimate. He made so many promises of things we would do together, telling me he was on his way home and wouldn’t make it home until the next day. i spent 8 years of my life basically waiting for him to show up. Even when we lived together he was never home and when we had plans, he would inevitably not show up for them.

It wasn’t until i met Master that i came to realize that when you’re in a relationship you actually spend your free time with your mate. You do things together most of the time and time spent apart is rare. For us it is anyway. The only time we are apart is when He’s working or i’m at bowling. Otherwise, we are together. It took me quite a while to get used to the idea that He actually wanted to be with me and that He likes to spend His free time with me. He was invited to go fishing one time late at night and i was so shocked and surprised when He said He wanted me to come along. i said that i would stay home and i have regretted it ever since, i should have gone with. Not because i wanted to, but because He wanted me to come along. Now when He asks me to go with Him, anywhere, i want to go along, just because i know He wants me with Him. A couple weekends ago we were home for most of the weekend together and had spent quite a bit of time alone together. i never asked Him how He felt, but i remember thinking to myself, i wonder why we never get sick of each other. There are times when one or the other of us, usually Him, might get upset at something the other has done. But for the most part, we never get tired of being together. How lucky are we to have that? i would say, very lucky indeed.

Have a good weekend!

MD's treasure

Monday, April 25, 2005


Where does the time go? i haven’t written in almost a week and it felt like i had just written. i guess i just haven’t had much to write about lately. Master has been working a lot or so it seems and when i sit down to my computer, i can’t think of anything worthwhile to say. When He’s gone for the entire day i find myself wandering around the house, trying to find things to occupy my time. i haven’t been very strong physically lately so i’m not really up for big projects and even little ones seem like mountains too big to climb. He’s been giving me little tasks most days that He’s gone and i have been able to do them with not much trouble. It’s when i look at the house and see how much work there is to do, i become overwhelmed. i don’t know where to begin, so i just pick at the little things and let everything else wait. i have been doing this now for some time and things are piling up.

Master wasn’t feeling well at all yesterday so our day of cleaning was put on hold. He did a little bit in the basement and it looks better, just from the little He did. A package came Saturday and i am not yet allowed to know what it is. It’s from the sub shop so i’m sure it’s something for me, or for Him to use on me. Maybe if He’s up to it tonight, He’ll let me know what it is or even use it with me, if that’s what it’s intended use is.

The new Yorkie has been keeping us on our toes. He’s a little more hyper than i was expecting and it’s a challenge to keep him calm and quiet. When Master’s not home i let him run and play and bark with our other dog but it gets to be a little out of hand and it’s time to quiet down, especially when Master gets home from a long day at work. i think he still has a lot of puppy in him and he definitely has a lot of Yorkie in him. He’s really quite cute and very playful. It’s been a good distraction for me, i’ll take anything that keeps my mind off the pain.

A few weeks ago we met some local people who are involved in BDSM, we were invited out to their house for supper (which was wonderful) and to spend an evening getting to know each other. They are really fun people and it’s was so nice to meet someone who shares some of our interests and doesn’t consider us weird for how we choose to live. We are acquainted with one couple that will have nothing to do with us because of the way we live. We don’t flaunt our lifestyle, as a matter of fact, very few people are aware of our lifestyle choices, this couple just happened to get wind of it and has decided to completely sever ties with Master. So it’s a nice change to meet someone local. Anyway, last night our “new friends” called us an invited us back to their house in a couple weeks for a party. i’m not exactly sure what kind of a party it will be, if it’s a BDSM party or just a regular party, but i’m excited to think that we are making friends in the lifestyle. fyrestarr and her Master are very friendly and i’m hopeful that i may have found a new friend in her as i know so few people here. i thought that working at the bowling alley would help me meet new people and make new friends but it really hasn’t worked out that way. There are many people that i talk to and that i’m getting to know but there just hasn’t been an opportunity to make friends like i thought there might be. People are always so stuck in their clicks and are hesitant to open up to a stranger, that it’s hard these days to make friends the way it was when i was young.

i’m not the kind of person who usually makes friends and keeps them for a year or two, the friends that i make, i stay friends with for life. my closest friend i have been friends with for almost 30 years and my other closest friend is my sister. So i don’t tend to jump from person to person. i am not a needy person who requires much of a friend, just someone to spend time with once in a while and someone to chat with on the phone. i have never been one of those people who leans on her friends for dear life. Master is very much the same way, His two closest friends have been His friends for more than 20 years. Neither of us requires much from people and pretty much self sufficient when it comes to support systems in our lives. But i feel like i need to have some type of support here in my somewhat new home and i haven’t found it yet, outside of Master and His family. i’m sure that when the time is right, i’ll find someone who will become dear to me and i’ll feel much more at home here. Until that time, i always have Master and His family.

MD's treasure

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Serving Him

We had a really nice weekend. The wedding went well and i was correct in my assumption, the people at the reception were very demanding about the music they wanted to hear and it makes for a bit of a stressful time. Master does pretty well with it, juggling their requests as best He can. The reception ended just after 11pm and we were home before midnight. i was glad of that as Master had already had a long day, working before the wedding.

Sunday Master suggested that we take a picnic to the park and cook out. i absolutely love going to the park as it’s the closest thing to camping we have come lately. We stopped by the store and picked up a few things we needed and headed out to the state park. It’s really lovely out there and there weren’t too many people. After a short time we had the whole place to ourselves and it was wonderful. We took the dogs and it was nice for them to get some fresh air. i think our new little Yorkie is getting a taste of what it’s like to live in this family, he’s already becoming spoiled just like the rest of our “kids”. He and our poodle love running loose in our large fenced in back yard and they are having a blast playing together, it’s really fun to watch. We took the MP3 player with us and threw a toy around and mostly just sat and relaxed and listened to music until it was dark. We got home just after 9pm and we still had time to watch a movie that Master had wanted to watch. We watched Friday Night Lights and it was much better than even i had expected. All in all it was a really good but again, short weekend.

Yesterday and today have really been, well, rotten for me. i haven’t felt this bad for quite a while and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. i was up all night last night because every time i went to lie down on the couch, my head hurt so bad i couldn’t stand it. So i had to sit back up. Even reclining the back was too much for my head. When Master went to work today i was finally able to get a little sleep, but the new little dog wasn’t about to let me sleep all day. He was up and running and playing with his sister and making all kinds of racket, just enough to keep me awake for much of the day.

luna from Iron Gate talked a little bit about Sub Space in her last post and it made me think about my experience with it. Although Master and i don’t play too often, when we do, He makes certain that my time is long enough that i find a very soothing head space. The last time He played with me, it was pretty intense and it took me to a place where there are no worries, no laundry to do, no cleaning to be done and very little headache pain. i can’t say it’s complete bliss because i am well aware of what is going on, i just feel like i’m in a bubble where no one can hurt me or say mean things to me and i haven’t a care in the world, but to please Master. All in the world is right when there is nothing to do but to please my Master. That feeling alone is enough to put me in the most remarkable head space i have known. It’s the little things that make me happy as a slave to Master. When He tells me that i have done something to make Him happy or when He is visibly excited or i can hear it in His voice, then i know that i’m in the right place doing just what i need to do.

i don’t get many chances on a regular day to “serve” Him, unless it’s just making His supper. He is pretty self sufficient most of the time, sometimes more so than i wish He was. He doesn’t allow me to wait on Him much and He requires little of me most days. There are many days when i wish He would ask me to do more for Him in the way of service. i know that this is mostly because of the pain i am always in and He doesn’t want to put too much pressure on me or set me up for failure. There are certainly times that He’ll ask something of me, which makes me feel like i’m earning my role as His slave. Those are the times i really truly enjoy and i feel worthy of Him. Maybe i am just craving to be used, in any way at all, even something small, just to reaffirm my slavery to Him. i’m not sure what it is, i just know what an incredible feeling it is, knowing i have served Him well.

MD's treasure

Friday, April 15, 2005

Life Update

It’s been a pretty good week. Monday i got a call from the local Humane Society. When i took Sassy’s body in to be cremated i let them know that i was interested in adopting a Yorkie. i have wanted one for several years and i thought that now might be a good time seeing that we don’t have as many animals now as we once had. They said that they usually don’t put people on a list, you just have to call periodically and ask if they have what you’re looking for. i guess i’m lucky because they know Master very well so they put my name up and when they got a Yorkie in, they called me. i went in on Tuesday to meet him and he’s not quite as tiny as most Yorkie’s but he’s still very cute and i thought that he would make a wonderful addition to our family, so we have a new “kid”.

So far he’s been very good considering he’s in a new place and he seems to be getting along well with our other animals. He is quite interested in the kitty and chases her a little bit, but i’m hoping he’ll stop that soon. Thankfully the kitty is very good-natured and doesn’t let him bother her, most of the time. Our other dog seems to be having a blast with him and they have been playing and running around the house like crazy people. This is the first time in my life that i have had a dog of my own and i’m really enjoying him.

Master is DJ’ing a wedding tomorrow night so He’s been trying to prepare for that this week. It’s always a little stressful when He does one of these jobs because everyone is always so demanding. i think He does a good job, especially seeing that He’s not really a professional DJ. He’s got tons of music and pretty much always able to fill all the requests.

i have really been behind on my housework, laundry and just general upkeep of the house. i find that i am just so tired and out of energy that i pretty much only have the energy to do the bare minimum lately. If i keep Him in clean work clothes and keep the dishes done and keep the house picked up a little, i am doing well. Only i’m not doing well, Master isn’t picky about the house or how clean everything is, but i grew up in a clean house where everything was clean and tidy. It’s hard to keep a clean house when you live with a pack rat however. Master is the worst pack rat i have ever known and He hates to throw stuff away before He’s looked at it and deemed it garbage. He also recycles everything that’s not nailed down, which is a very good thing, if He keeps on top of it. With Him working so much, He’s really tired when He gets home and it’s hard to get Him to get stuff done, understandably. This week He spent His day off working on taxes and the wedding. Maybe next week we’ll get a few things done, we’ll see.

i talked to my mom and her insurance company has decided to pay for a shot for her anemia, so she won’t have to go to the hospital for a blood transfusion. So that is good news. She just went in today for her COPD test and she’ll get the results next week sometime. There are so many health issues that she’s dealing with, i don’t see how she’s functioning day to day, but she seems to be handling everything pretty well. On top of everything else she has to deal with my 97-year-old grandma who lives with her. my grandma is in better health than my mom so she’s not much of a worry. Sunday, they are celebrating my sister’s birthday but i don’t think we’ll be heading up there. i hate to have Master spend His day off traveling, then He really wouldn’t have a weekend at all. Not to mention that gas prices are out of this world right now and the trip alone would be terribly expensive for us. So i think we’ll have to skip this time, my sister said that she wouldn’t mind at all if i didn’t come, but it would be nice to see everyone.

Well, i have put it off long enough, time to get busy and get some work done around here. Have a great weekend!!!

MD's treasure

Monday, April 11, 2005

More Bad News

i talked to my sister this evening, i called her to just to say hi and see how her new job is going. When we were about to hang up, she very casually asked me if i had talked to our mom. i had in fact talked to her for quite a while Saturday afternoon. my sister went on to tell me that my mom was just diagnosed with emphysema and that she is very anemic. my mom has also been in slowly progressing renal failure for many years so all in all she is just getting sicker and sicker. i was totally shocked when i heard about the latest development with her health. i worked in nursing homes for a very long time and i saw people dying of renal failure and i have seen them die from emphysema and i wouldn’t wish either passing on anyone, ever. Now my mom will have to face them together and i’m scared for her.

When i talked to my mom she told me that she just didn’t think about it when she talked to me, that’s why she didn’t tell me. my mom told me that due to her anemia the doctor wants her to take a self injectable shot but her insurance company won’t pay for it and it’s extremely expensive. So she may have to go into the hospital and have a blood transfusion. She sounded perfectly fine on the phone and as calm as could be about the whole thing, but i don’t buy it. She must be scared or at least a bit concerned. i have no idea what this will mean for her future. Right now i guess we’ll just take it one day at a time and see what happens. i just wish that i could be closer to her to help out more if i’m needed.

Master worked yesterday so our weekend was a short one. We had a really good day today and a nice night last night. We took supper to the park last night and fed the ducks. Then we went out to our friends cabin on the river and stayed there pretty late. When we got home Master decided He would have a blowjob before bed and He drifted off to sleep quickly. Today we watched the race and then went outside to play. We bought a silly little toy at Wal-Mart last night and we had to try it out today. After supper tonight we spent the night outside by a fire, listening to the MP3 player all night. We didn’t come in until after midnight. It was a really nice weekend, even though it was a short one.

Master cuffed me during the race, legs and wrists and only took off the wrist cuffs when we went outside to play for fear the neighbors might see. While we were sitting by the fire i wore the “real” handcuffs for a couple hours. i had to use the bathroom and Master told me to figure it out, that He wasn’t taking the cuffs off of me. i went in there and tugged and pulled and in the mean almost wet myself before going outside to tell Master that i needed help quickly or i was going to have a mess. He relented and released one cuff long enough for me to take care of myself. i was very grateful to say the least. He’s in bed now and i think i will join Him.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A quick update

It’s been pretty quiet around here this week. Monday night we went to Master’s sister’s house to say goodbye to her 15-year-old dog. He was diagnosed with lung cancer only 3 weeks ago and they had to put him to sleep. His sister made a lovely casket for him and we just wanted to be able to say our last goodbye to him. There has been entirely too much death and bad news around here lately and i’m more than ready for it to stop.

Master is extremely unhappy with His job/boss situation right now and He’s making everyone around Him miserable. His boss is a money hungry self centered little prick and Master has had about all He can take. The only bad thing is that jobs around here are at a premium and i have no idea what He would do for work if He quit. It was so nice when His old boss was there, Master really enjoyed working with him. Now it’s just miserable for Him and miserable for me as well. i hate going through this whole job thing again, but we’ll do what we have to do i suppose.

So far the new van is working out great, we love being able to haul things by ourselves and not having to rely on Master’s mom and dad for the use of their van. We are becoming a little more independent of them and it’s good for us. i still have to rely on them for rides everywhere i want to go and i hate it. Hopefully soon we’ll have the old car running again and i’ll have some transportation. It will really be wonderful for me to be able to do things on my own without having His mom know exactly what i’m doing and when.

i have to get ready for bowling so i better cut this short so i’m not late. Master is off work tomorrow and i’m hoping to get the house straightened up a bit while He’s home. Things seem to pile up quickly around here and i hate the clutter, so i’ll be glad when He gets a chance to clean up.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, April 01, 2005

Back to Normal

i think things are starting to slow down a little bit for us. Yesterday we spent a very long day waiting for the van to be fixed and they fixed everything for nothing. So we were very grateful for that. They could have told us to go jump in a lake because we bought the van “as is”. i am really hoping that our excitement is at an end for now, i really want things to get back to normal and slow down a bit. Like i said, i don’t deal very well with stress and this week has been nothing but stress.

Master spends time at a site called Jmeeting. It’s a site where you can go and see people on web cams for free and it’s a really cool chatting site as well. Well for quite some time Master has been wondering if this one gal wasn’t an old friend of His, from the town we live in. We knew she was from our town, from her profile, but He wasn’t certain who it was. So the other night He decided to speak to her, He just wanted to make sure He didn’t offend her if He was wrong. He took a chance and it was in fact her and come to find out, she and her husband are involved in the BDSM lifestyle. This is pretty exciting to us seeing that we knew no one in our area that was involved in the lifestyle and now we do. The major plus is that Master is actually friends with her and has been for many years and now we have made contact her, so we’re pretty excited about it. We have tentative plans to get together with them this weekend, so we’ll see if it pans out.

This morning i was snoozing in bed while Master showered for work when He called to me and said that He didn’t have His towel. It was a very minor thing, but when i brought it to Him, He stopped me and kissed me and said that something so little like that was part of what was so great about having a slave. i guess just knowing that i would stop whatever i was doing to do a small favor for Him like that without a moments hesitation. i know it wasn’t much, but even the smallest affirmation from Him means the world to me. i love knowing that i am able to please Him, even in the littlest ways.

The house has been neglected from the hours i have spent away this past week, so i think i’ll try to make some sense of it before Master gets home from work. Have a great weekend!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure