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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Master and i have been invited to spend the evening with friends. i'm going to spend part of the afternoon cooking and preparing a cheese tray. We're taking some games and maybe a little bit of alcohol but Master would only be able to drink a tiny bit early, as He's the driver and i don't drink at all really anymore. Just about anything makes my head hurt beyond reason so there is no point.

We went grocery shopping yesterday afternoon and i was happy to see that the store wasn't as packed as i had expected. Things started out off on the wrong foot with Master being angry at me and lately that's been the norm but it got better as the afternoon progressed.

i am hoping we'll have a nice time tonight, we have nothing at all planned for tomorrow as Master's parents are out of town. i don't really remember if we usually do anything for New Years Day or not lol. i don't think so. Maybe He watches football, that sounds right hehe.

i just wanted to wish everyone a very safe and Happy New Year!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, December 26, 2008

"Santa" is a shopaholic!

i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends. Master and i got up yesterday and before i even woke Him up and i had my shower and got dressed. Every year our Christmas pictures opening gifts are horrible because they are just out of bed, hair everywhere, still in PJ's, pictures. We didn't have much time to spare yesterday anyway, so i thought getting ready before gifts was a good move.

Master came upstairs and we started on our stockings. Most of our gifts are in the form of stockings. We wrap only one or two gifts and the rest is left out on couches and chairs covered up and we choose one thing at time without looking. We both have a designated spot where "Santa" has left our gifts! This year as every year in the past, Santa went more than a little over board on me. Well, Santa and Master.... They conspire. i got 22 pair of stockings from the UK because that's where we've found the best deal and the ones that fight the best. But! 22! Pair!?! i got movies and earrings and candles and new shoes and oh geez i've already forgotten! But i know i got some amazing things. i think a book or two, a calendar .... but.... the best thing that Master bought me was a sweatshirt He had custom made from Disney. You all know His name for me is precious treasure, my Everquest name is trayzhur (treasure) because the name generator wouldn't take treasure lol. So He had Disney make me a sweatshirt. Pink! With Winnie the Pooh on it and right under Pooh is my name in all small letters "treasure". The name of the font is called honey pot! lol. It's fabulous! He told me that there was one present that He spent too much money on for what it was but that He knew i would love it. He did spend too much money on it but He was right.... it's AMAZING!

Late last night we got home from His parents house after having Christmas dinner. We still had one more small gift for each other. i gave Him one last movie, "The HULK". i knew what He had for me but not exactly what they would look like. New nipple rings. About every other year we go up a size in gauge and try to go bigger in the ring. Two years ago we went to an 8 gauge 3/4 inch ring. That was it, we couldn't get any larger gauge if we wanted a larger ring. i wanted an inch as did He but that's a no go unless we have them custom made as well. i think that's the case, i might be kinda wrong but i think that's the way it was. So... i'm naked in 5 inch heels, in front of a cam, chained, gagged, cuffed, blindfolded. He didn't want me getting in the way of the procedure LOL. He took out the old, cleaned the new, in the most sterile environment we can create. Gloved, alcohol, antibacterial soap. In with the new. And away i flew. i honestly was pretty well gone until he "unleashed me". i remember the new ones burning from the alchohol. The left one is always my bad one but that's all i remember. i remember Him telling me to sit up straight a few times. But i just sort of lose touch, i get dizzy, i have no sense of right, left, forward..... lol. When i was allowed to see them, they are called curved barbells but that's a misleading name. They are basically unfinished rings. One inch, 6 gauge and huge. They hurt all night and will improve in a very short amount of time. i love them!

We had an awesome Christmas, i hope you all did too!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

To all you out there in Blog Land!
Merry Christmas and Joyful New Year!

Master Dream and His treasure

Monday, December 22, 2008

Bridging the Gap?

i dunno much about too much lol... i was reading Kaya's blog as one of the blogs that i read every day. She had a topic on her blog about when you start to pull away from your Master, how do you get back to where you once were? i know i get there too sometimes, maybe we all do? i was just wondering what i would say if someone asked me how to bridge the gap, then i thought about last night. Master and i were watching TV on the couch, we have kind of a large love seat in the living room that we use as our "couch". my head hurt and i was nearly asleep so i curled up and used Him as my pillow.

Actions speak louder than words. i think maybe instead of going to Him and confessing my inner most thoughts in one fell swoop or doing one big thing to show Him how much He means to me, i think for me it would be one small action at a time. Telling Him that i wish to goodness He wouldn't take that shopping trip because i just have a terrible feeling about. That translates into "if something ever happened to You, i would die without You". Freaking out in the book isle because i can't get that one book He wanted for Christmas, knowing that disappointing Him would break my heart. Or the one night i sobbed over burnt fish because i knew i'd ruined it and i had wanted the fish to be just like His buddy made for Him.

Those might seem like rediculous examples but to me every one of them scream, i can't live without You and i want to please You more than anything in life! As with just about everything in my own life, i start small because great leaps and bounds seem to spook me. i guess i just try to keep the gap closed by little things. It doesn't always work and i think a lot of times Master might not see the things that i do the way that i do. Maybe He sees me as just being crazy LOL, i dunno. But i've always thought that actions speak volumes. Sometimes the words might seem empty if there is nothing cosistant to back it up, ya know?

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful.......!

The majority of this week has been one weather concern after another. We got a pretty big snow storm on Tuesday night and that postponed Master's shopping trip. On Thursday night we got a nasty ice storm, they had predicted up to an inch of ice followed by a possible 12 inches of snow in some areas. YIKES! If we had gotten an inch of ice and lost power we really have no way of providing heat for the animals. Everyone would be alright for a while except for our bird so we were really concerned, we have no fire place and no generator. Thankfully when the ice hit it wasn't nearly as bad as it was supposed to be and the snow wasn't as much as predicted. It was still very ugly and horrible but we didn't lose power and the roads weren't too bad yesterday. i was of course terrified to go out because i seem to be terrified to leave the house at all these days. But we made it out and back and did just fine.

i finally got to go shopping for Master! Other than dropping and breaking my pen as soon as Master walked away and getting mixed up about a few things and nearly crying in the book isle (hehe) i made it. i thought seriously about asking a group of young adult/teens to help me look for a book that Master has wanted lol. Ended up that Master just showed me where it was Himself, it was no secret that He was getting the book, He's been wanting it for months. i had already been standing there for nearly 15 minutes looking for it, it was ask Him or someone to help me, i chose Him teehee. It was wayyy down in the corner i don't think i ever would have found it. i'm just happy to be done and that Master will have a nice Christmas (i hope)! =)

It's snowing again today, the paper said "flurries" if this is flurries, i would hate to see what they call a snow storm. It's really really snowing outside! i have no idea how much we're supposed to get but we're in for the day, Master said last night that we weren't going anywhere today. i'm totally on board with that! i made cookies last night, a double batch even. i like to bake but not so much alone. Master came in and threw some stuff in the bowl for me to make it go faster though hahaha. They turned out well and now at least i feel like i did something domestic for Christmas.

Because of the death in Master's brother in law's ("J") family our plans for Christmas Day might be a set off a little. We're not sure if J will be out of town and if he is none of us want to open gifts without him, we just don't feel good about that. So we'll get together and maybe have a meal or something but wait on gifts until he's able to join us. J can be pretty indecisive so i'm sure we won't know what we're doing right up until Christmas Eve. But i guess in this situation we just need to be patient with him and give him some space right now to figure out what to do.

i've mentioned that Master and i play Everquest, there is a message board that we belong to. One thread asked "what is your favorite Christmas tradition" i thought i would share here what i wrote there. Every year my Mom would make these meat balls. The first year she made them she thought she was soooo clever because it was something so new and different! Our big mistake was in telling her that we thought they were good! hahahaha Why? Because these meat balls in question were Grape Jelly Meat Balls. *sigh* She thought they were good and because we made a fuss over them, EVERY year after that for Christmas Eve dinner, she made them!

The funny thing about this was that someone remarked about the meatballs and it made me wonder about the recipe box she put together for me years and years ago. She wrote out an entire recipe box of cards of her favorite recipes. So i thought... hmmm... i wonder.... so i went to look. Sure enough! Grape Jelly Meat Balls!

The recipe couldn't really be easier if anyone wanted to try it.

Make your favorite meatloaf recipe, make into the meat balls.
Put them on foil and into the oven for 15 minutes on 450.
Then into the crock pot.
Add 1C Ketchup
Add 1C Grape Jelly
Let simmer~enjoy... lol if you dare!!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Angels

So last week i was a complete slacker i sort of made up for it Sunday and yesterday. Sunday night we got all the presents wrapped and we're basically finished shopping. Yesterday i got the last of my card written out and they are ready for Master to look over and stamp. We put up a few more decorations and i guess that's all we're going to do this year.

Tonight is the night that Master was supposed to shop with His friend but we're getting a snow storm. Every year He and His friend go out of town shopping for myself and His friend's girl friend. i would assume by the amount of snow that has already fallen that they'll go tomorrow or Thursday night. It's really coming down out there too! Maybe there will be enough that we can go out front and make Snow Angels!

We found out last night that Master's brother in law's "Step Dad" (for all intents and purposes) was killed in a car accident yesterday afternoon. M's brother in law "J" called here to ask if i called over there and M said that no, i hadn't and J said "oh ok, by the way my 'Step Dad' was killed in a car wreck today and my Mom is doing very poorly as well". Wow. Master obviously didn't know what to say but just He was sorry and He hung up. i called back a couple hours later to talk to Master's sister to find out how J's Mom was and i guess she'll make it but she'll have a very rough road ahead of her. We just walked around the house for a while stunned. i said to Master "don't You just feel like You should do something, or say something?" Like going back to our regular routine just seems so wrong. One minute that man was driving along minding his own business and the next minute a truck hit him head on and he was killed. We didn't know him well, we've only met him a few times, but i know he was very good to J's Mom and M's sister and brother in law cared a lot for him. Now we have yet another Angel to watch over us! It's events like this that center me again and help to remind me what is important in life, as if i could ever forget. Give thanks for every single minute i have. i hope J's Mom makes a full and fast recovery!

Master and i are still working on the DVD project for His parents. We have about a billion and half pictures to scan yet. Who knows if we'll ever get this done but the plan today is to work on pictures all day. i'm going to hit the shower so we can work on it all afternoon. Have a good day!

Peace to you and yours!

MD's treasure

Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm running out of ideas for titles!

Yesterday was such a nice day. Master and i went shopping. i've said in the past that we really don't have too many to buy for but we just enjoy going out and browsing. For the most part we just like shopping for the sake of shopping hehe. One of these years i'll learn though, to keep my remarks about what i think is cute or something that i might like to have, to a minimum. i can tell already by the number of home deliveries and "5 minute" stops that He wanted to make yesterday that He's already went way overboard on me. i fight the good fight though, i try to get Him to cut back and i think that He has a little this year... maybe....not. *sighs* lol We don't do a ton for birthdays and i don't think we did anything at all this year for our anniversary so that is the argument i would get from Him, this is when He goes all out. Not that i would have any control over the matter anyway!! lolol!!

As is typical with us, we shopped too long and lost track of time and just about all the places that we had in mind to eat were closed or closing soon. So we ended up at fast food... bleh. On a somewhat depressing note and i don't want to drag economics and politics into my blog *ever* but i wanted to mention a sad turn of events happening in neighboring cities. In the past couple years (my timing might be a bit skewed) our five favorite restaurants have had to close their doors. We just went by the fifth one last night, we're not sure why that one closed or if they are closed, perhaps they just moved to another location *crosses fingers*. It's just sad. One of them had a note on the door something like: "Thank you to our loyal customers but after 28 years, we have to close our doors." GAH =( i have faith things are going to get better very very soon!!! *s*

Today M's brother and family will be in town. We're going out to lunch with them and then we'll spend tomorrow with them as well. M's not quite as excited about seeing them as i would think, it's a bit of a chore for Him. He and His brother email back and forth all the time but life is easier via email. They clash in person, polar opposites even. They don't argue, they just have nothing in common. i always look forward to seeing one of their sons, he's a great kid with tons of personality. He's the one that they think is out of control lol, funny he's the one M and i enjoy the most. We don't have to live with him though lol.

Master is waiting.... never a good thing, i better scoot!

Have a great day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Yesterday Master brought up the tree, ornaments and lights for me and i got the tree put up... *already* haha. It's usually been up a whole week by this time. i still have a few hundred more things to put out but the tree is up and a few window decorations are up. That's progress! Things were a little harder for me this year. i wasn't able to figure out one of the window decorations so instead of letting it really rattle me, i stopped, took a deep breath and packaged it back up and put it away. It's just not that important to let things like that upset me. The lights were a little harder for me this year, looking at them and putting them on the tree was a little confusing but i managed. i don't need to let things bother me, if i can't do something without it upsetting me or getting me frustrated, then i need to stop.

The day before i broke the nose piece to my glasses. Before i went to bed i thought i would swap one nose piece from one pair to another. i seriously thought it would take me two or three minutes and it should have. i have all the right tools and it's not a hard job. Forty five minutes later i had to stop, put all the pieces down and go to bed with broken glasses. The next day Master fixed them in less than 5 minutes. They are fixed and i can see, i am not afraid or too proud to ask for help but i wish i didn't have to ask Him for His help for nearly everything. eh... again i can't let it worry me... it is what it is and i am who i am right?

So this week we have quite a bit to get done before Saturday. Master's brother and his family are in town and we'll be spending Saturday with them. We will exchange gifts with them and i will have presents to wrap and some food to cook. i would also like to finish my cards before the weekend but who knows if i'll get to that or not. Once i start it doesn't take long. We were going to do some more shopping this week but i think Mother Nature might have other ideas. It's been raining...icey...snowing and it's supposed to continue that type of nonsense for a while. Maybe it will clear up toward the end of the week and we'll be able to get out of town safely. i'm a big weenie head when it comes to being out in bad weather. Master is super safe driver, i'm just a pansy lol.

It's many hours later now that i'm getting to finish this. i better get this posted before i lose it.

Peace to you and yours.

MD's treasure.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

i worry too much

So Monday morning the bank calls..... long story short the debit card people detected fraud on our card, on their rating system it was a very high rating and it was an automatic shut off. HUH? i thought M was going to stroke out right there and then. i was trying to talk to the woman from the bank on the phone and M was yelling and freaking out so bad in the background that i had to walk out of the room, which i'm not allowed to do without His permission. Then they told us that it would be at least a week or more before we'd get a new card. Now, we pay for everything with our debit card. Seriously. Everything. All M's Christmas shopping, bill paying, grocery shopping, you name it, that's how we live. We can figure it out but it's an enormous pain in the rear end. But M through such a fit that they said it would be over nighted to us. i said they called Monday. Here it is Thursday. Yeah you guessed it. No cards. We'll get them Friday because of blah blah blah blah blah blah. When they told me we weren't going to get them until Friday, i cried. i knew how mad M was going to be and frankly He just gets mad and He wasn't mad at me, just mad and it stresses me out. i guess i just sorta lost my composure. *sigh* Good times lol.

That having been said i guess just in general i don't handle Him being mad very well at all. It doesn't matter if He is mad at me or not. i don't care who or what He's mad at, He's mad and i'm upset. i know everything that can't be roses and teddy bears all the time but i think i just don't deal with things as well as i used to. i cry easier lately and tear up faster than ever. i think i miss my family, maybe it's the holidays. That's probably what it is. my sister is going through a hard time right now, she's alone, her husband is away from her for three weeks and i feel bad for her. i suppose it makes me wish i could be with her, more than i normally would wish that. They found some pre-cancer cells on her cervix and she is having a procedure to remove the bad cells. Her husband is about as disinterested as he could be, so i suppose i just feel bad for her and wish that i could be closer to her.

i am a little worried about doing my Christmas shopping this year not being able to drive myself. i'm not quite sure how i'll get it all done. It's discouraging thinking that Master will have to take me to do His own shopping lol. Not that He would mind taking me at all, i know He wouldn't. That might be what i'll end up doing. i would sure rather ask Him to take me than His Mom, riding in a car with her is just scary beyond belief rofl. Especially now that we've already had snow! UGH. We usually don't get this much snow already but M was outside for a good part of the afternoon yesterday shoveling the driveway, side walk and deck. It's pretty to me but i think i'm alone in my thinking, M's not a fan hehehe. We're headed to town soon for errands. i better sign off.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, December 01, 2008

i was wrong... hehe

Master and i went Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Why people call it black Friday is kinda sorta annoying and i have no idea why they do it, but whatever. For us it's always been a fun day and if you let yourself get all worked up and stressed out over it, then why go, really? Because i lost so much weight over the summer months all or most of my winter sweaters and skirts sort of hang on me and are loose and bulky. The clothes that i had on that Friday were no exception. i was wearing a black turtleneck shirt as Master requested, so i could wear the collar all day underneath it and i had a pink sweater over that but the sleeves are very long so Master said He wanted to try something. He pulled up the sleeves on the sweater and put the sort of bulky leather cuffs on me, complete with pad lock. i protested a bit saying that they would show through and be easily detected. He really didn't care what i said one way or the other or if they were noticed. i was pretty uncomfortable for a while but the sleeves were plenty long so it went fine. When we got back in the car Master said that He would accept my apology for being wrong and for trying to resist Him. =)

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet i'm not even sure we've left the house since we got home Friday night. Last night we had a football night and His favorite team won so it was a good weekend. It snowed yesterday and last night and it's cold enough that it stuck. That's bad news for Master because He still has a garage door opener to put up. Now He'll be putting it up in the colder weather. Maybe we'll luck out and we'll get a little more warm weather yet.

It's another quiet day and there isn't much going on so i'll sign off. Happy Monday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, November 27, 2008

What are you thankful for?

It's easy to complain about what we're fed up with on a daily basis. The way people drive, the way prices continue to go up on groceries, the way people are rude or look at us wrong. But how often do you walk around a store or your own home and put on those rose colored glasses and look at the world and only see the good? i know for me it's next to never. i try and i mean i really do try to find good in most things but sometimes it takes someone else to be angry or disgusted about it for me to try to look for the good. Why can't i do that automatically? Why can't i consistently look at something for what it offers as positive rather than negative and find the hope in it? Today, i am thankful for this day and the opportunity it gives me.

Last night i was walking through the grocery store noticing that maybe prices weren't getting any higher and seeing that gas prices were at a low that we haven't seen for a while. i was truly thankful that people were out shopping and i was glad to see the sales that i saw. But i don't think that i stopped even for a second and gave thanks for my good fortune. i do give thanks but just not enough. That's why i'm glad for today. A day that was set aside for people like me who forget to be thankful enough.

i am always warm, i am always fed and i am always loved. Isn't that really all anyone could ever ask for in life? Everything else is just a huge bonus. Then i look around at all the extras and wow... our fur babies that i love so much, our home... just everything. i am humbled when i think about people who have less and i am beside myself when i think about those who have nothing. i have no choice but to give thanks for every day and every single blessing in my life. Last night i was really quite upset, i missed my family and i was missing my Mom so badly that i thought i might burst. i was really feeling sorry for myself that i'll spend this and probably many more holidays away from my Sister and her kids. i should be ashamed when i have a wonderful family here who loves me, God gave me two families. Today i am happy to be here, in the moment, where i am, who i am, with people who love me. With the Man who loves me and who i love.

Today, i am thankful for today.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Be Blessed and thankful!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, November 24, 2008


Master went in to His parents to help His Dad put up a shed today so i'm just trying to find something to occupy my time. It's really nice out today and i'm sure He would have liked to work on putting up the new garage door opener but His Dad needs help and sort of worries when things don't get done. So M is off doing His Dad's bidding. It's good though, we don't do nearly as much for them as we should sometimes. i hope it's this nice out tomorrow so we can put the garage door opener up in the semi-not so freezing weather.

i just talked to my sister and she had a doctor appointment today to have a biopsy. She's got some pre-cancer cells on her cervix. 98% of cervical cancer is caused by that virus which she doesn't have, she's the 2% that has the cells without ever getting the virus. They aren't positive about the cancer at this time or what the plan will be but very much out of character for my sister, she's taking it well and just going one day at a time. my niece is there and helping out with the holiday stuff and i'm glad because at least for today, my sister is very sore. i hope and pray that she is alright.

Our holiday plans have changed a few times already but now it looks as though we'll be going to M's sisters house as usual. i need to talk to His sister and see what i'm supposed to bring then get to the store before Wednesday when everyone else in the world will be shopping. M's brother and family are coming very shortly after Thanksgiving for a short visit but we won't be seeing much of them. They are coming because M's sister in law's father is ill so they are spending time with her family. i think we'll get together with them once though. M's Mom needs help getting her house decorated and i am going to help her with that. She had some sort of procedure done on her eyes that now she's a little incapacitated. They are always running to doctor appointments and stuff that it's hard to pin her down to find out when it's a good time to come and help her, so i'm going to have to be a little more diligent in my efforts to see that she gets her house cleaned and ready for them.

i think while M's gone i'll work on my laundry. Sounds like a good boring task for me!

Peace to you and yours.

MD's treasure

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another Meme

  1. When showering, do you start the water and then get in, or get in then start the water? Start the water, then get in.
  2. Do you read the labels on your shampoo bottle? Yes.
  3. Do you moan in the shower like the people on the Herbal Essences commercial? umm ... no
  4. Have you ever showered with someone of the opposite sex? Yes.
  5. Have you ever been forced to shower with one of your siblings? No.
  6. Have you ever brushed your teeth in the shower? Yes, but only when i've really been in a hurry.
  7. Have you ever dropped your soap on your foot? i'm sure i have.
  8. How old do you look? Probably fairly close to my age, i would guess, my Mom always thought i looked much younger than my age though.
  9. How old do you act? Well, i'm 40, i guess i act 13 =p
  10. What's the last song you sang? i sing all the time, either humming or outloud, most of the time i'm not even aware of it, so i have no idea.
  11. Have you recently become a member of anything? i don't think so.
  12. What are your plans for the weekend? The weekend is nearly over.
  13. Do you kiss with your eyes open or closed? Both, i guess.
  14. Whats the sexiest thing about Condoleeza Rice? The back of her head, when she's leaving or going away.
  15. Does anything on your body itch right now? Nope.
  16. Who's the sexiest famous woman alive? Meg Ryan.
  17. Who's the sexiest famous man alive? Matt Damon.
  18. Does every family have a crazy uncle? i don't know, mine doesn't.
  19. Have you ever smuggled something into America? No, i've never been out of the country.
  20. Does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive? No.
  21. Do you live in a city with a good sports team? No.
  22. Have you ever finished off the popcorn and ate the junk from the bottom of the bag? Not all of it.
  23. Have you ever had sex in a tent? Nope.
  24. What about in a boat? Nope.
  25. Have you ever dated a Goth? Nope.
  26. Would you rather receive amazing oral sex or have amazing sex? Amazing Sex.
  27. Can you fix your own car? i don't have a car.
  28. Would you want to kill George W Bush yourself if you were guaranteed to get away with it? No.
  29. Should guys wear pink? Everyone should wear pink.
Have a happy Sunday!!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Brr i'm cold!

i really don't have too much to write about. i have spent most of the week feeling poorly so we haven't done very much. i'm having a few more spells than normal and my head is just really worse than it's been in quite a long time. i'm trying hard to be a trooper and not complain too much but i know i don't do well. i am weak much of time and find that the spells just completely wipe out any and all energy that i might have had for that day. i am due for the doctor in a month for a medicine recheck, i might think about bumping that up. It's funny though, nothing has changed, i'm not sure why i would so much worse. bleh.. We had one good afternoon working on the DVD picture project for M's parents. It's going to be a daunting task i'm afraid. There are so many pictures to go through and scan. We just have to decide which ones we want and then M will decide how He wants to put them all together to make sense of it.

Then i'll help Him pick out songs for the DVD. That will also take forever lol. i hope they appreciate and enjoy the gift, i'm sure they'll never understand the hours that go into a project like this but it's ok, it will be something nice for them.

i don't know what we're going to do the rest of the day. M just got home from His parents house from helping His Dad. i just spent about 1/2 an hour outside looking for a little part to my halloween lights that blew away and i'm about frozen. It's snowing a tiny bit so i'm glad to be back inside.... brrrrr.

Last night M and i watched a movie and had pizza, perfect cold weather activity. We got more snack type food last night at the store, but i have no idea what's on the agenda for tonight. i'm sure i'll find out soon!

i hope everyone is staying warm and cozy out there!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Projects n more

Just a lazy day today. Master and i are going through His Christmas spread sheet, looking at who we need to buy for and every year the list gets a little shorter. We really have very few to buy for and that's OK with us. my family very small and His immediate family isn't huge. We just love to window shop, we'll go out soon after Thanksgiving, if not the Friday after. Last year i think we waited a couple days but i'm not sure.

Last night we watched a couple movies and went to sleep late so we slept in late. We're going to M's sister's house tonight for supper and i would guess they'll play games or cards or something. M will be bored to tears lol. i don't mind going but it makes Him crazy because there's never anything to do there.

We need to start working on this huge picture project that M wants to do for His Mom and Dad for Christmas. If we don't get working on it now we'll never get it done in time. He wants to put together a DVD of their life, with music and pictures starting from the very beginning. All the pictures have to be scanned and cleaned up first. That will be my job i'm sure but first we have to choose all the pictures. i think that will only take a day or so, but the scanning will take much longer. They'll love it if we can get it all done for them.

Have a happy Sunday, what's left of it!

MD's treasure

Saturday, November 15, 2008

hehe can't think of a title!

After such an exciting weekend last weekend this week was pretty quite. So quiet in fact that i have no idea what i did all week. i don't think we did much really. We went to town a couple times and yesterday M did some work for His Dad at their house. The weather has turned colder and it's been raining and cloudy for much of the week so we've just been staying inside.

Our dog isn't really feeling well and hasn't been for a while now. There isn't anything specifically wrong with him though. It's hard to say. This has been going on for months now and i think we're going to have to break down and take him to the vet. The blood test that he'll need is $100 and the office visit is about $50 but i can't just keep putting it off. He goes from good to bad off and on and there's just no rhyme or reason to it. i guess it's time we figure it out.

i was reading the paper on line this morning about how the local economy and of course the national economy will effect Christmas this year for people in our area. One organization that i assume has been active in the past with assisting families with Christmas gifts and food has said that they won't be doing anything at all this year so it looks like it will all fall on the Salvation Army. Already there have been 600 families that have applied for assistance from the Salvation Army. That's three times as many as last year at this time. i've already asked Master if He will allow me to help in a small way. i wanted to see if He would let me help wrap gifts maybe once or twice. He would have to drive me and i'm sure stay with me, so i'll have to wait and see what He says. It's not something He'll answer right away i'm sure. He'll have to think about it, if He thinks it might be stressful for me, He won't let me do it. i used to do stuff like this when i worked but since i stopped working i haven't done anything. It would be good to at least contribute something small, even if it's a few hours of my time.

We have to go out today, our garage door opener died a couple winters ago and we've been opening and closing it by hand. i guess it's time to bite the bullet and get a new one, they are on sale and M doesn't want to go through another winter without one. *bleh* i thought they were more expensive than they are though, so that's a nice surprise. So i better get off here and get ready to go.

Have a nice Saturday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, November 09, 2008

What a weekend!!!

Friday late afternoon Master told me to go get ready to go, we were going out. i had no idea what we were doing or where we were going. This is a little unusual, but it's my birthday weekend and M sometimes has little stuff up His sleeve. So we got our coats on and got in the car and He said we were going to my favorite pizza place down town with our cabin friends. They weren't sure if they could make it to the big party Saturday night, so we would all go for pizza Friday night. So OK... we get to the pizza place and sit to wait. We're at a table for 6, our friends and 2 of their 3 kids are supposed to be coming. They are a little late, so M goes out to call them, He comes back in and says that they are on their way and will be here any minute. OK... We're looking at pizza's one with artichoke hearts and spinach and i said eww just like my sister would like blech. A couple minutes later M says ... ya know that pizza that you said your sister would like... that's funny... that girl walking in the door right there, she looks a lot like your sister, huh? In walks my Sister, my best friend, my Nephew and my Brother.

i HAD NO IDEA. NONE ZIP ZERO. i cried and i cried hard i don't really know why, maybe the shock, maybe the fact that they would do that for me, maybe because they came all that way to see me. my Sister left from Ohio at 5am, went to Rockford to get my best friend then they went to get my nephew then picked up my brother from the local airport here, he flew in from Boston, then they made it to the pizza place within like 10 minutes of when they were supposed to be there. Pretty amazing timing. =)

i am still shocked that they all did that for me. i really am. i guess my Sister started mailing M a month or so ago to make arrangements. We really have no secrets and we're always together so i'm sure it was really hard for Him to keep it from me. He did go outside a couple times to talk on the phone but we do that a lot if there might be a gift involved for one thing or another. That was nothing to set off any major alarms. The whole story about meeting our friends from the cabin for pizza, it was odd but believable.

The party last night was really nice, the room was beautiful. They had it decorated really nice and a neat cake and a few family came for the party. i think there were 14 or 15 people there. i'm not sure really how many. M's Mom went early and put up some 40's decorations that were really cute too and M made me wear a 40 pin and ribbon lol. It was neat.

Last night when we got home i went to bed and i woke up about 5:30am and i was trying to remember falling asleep. i think i was literally asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. It was a whirlwind weekend and totally amazing. For someone like me who leads a very laid back and boring life this was over the top and amazing. Thank you notes and thank you to my family and to M doesn't seem like enough.

i am blessed, so very blessed.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, November 07, 2008

Thank you Master!

Yesterday was my 40th birthday, Master took me out to eat and we did some shopping before hand. We went to the mall to see if we might be able to run in to an old boss/friend of His and we did. It was great for Master to be able to visit with him, he's really a wonderful man.

Then we went on to supper where Master ate Himself sick, like always lol. We had a really nice time. This weekend there is another dinner planned with more people. i think it's really nice that everyone wants to do this for me but in true submissive behavior and fashion any fuss over me really makes me uncomfortable. i would much rather be the one throwing the party, doing the work and cooking and cleaning than the one sitting in the center of the table being fussed over. That is just not my gig. i don't even look good doing it lol. Some people are just made to be in that role, i'm not one of them. i'm overly appreciative, i'm stunned that people want to do something like this for me and i'm not very good at showing it because i'm embarrased at being the center of attention. It's dumb though right? They want me to have a little party, i must deserve it. So i'm going to be happy about it and do my best to show it.

i hope our friends from the cabin come. This isn't really their kind of thing but honestly they are really my only "friends", if i have friends here (other than Master who is my best friend) they would be them. So i hope they come. Other than them, i don't have any idea who will be there, Master said like 12 people hahaha i don't know 12 people. But His Mom knows everyone in the town.

Yesterday a friend of Master's called to talk to me, his ex-wife a woman i used to bowl with and at one time i was sort of close to, has cancer. Not the "just found out and is starting treatment" type cancer either. She has had it for a long time, it started in her colon and is now in her lymph nodes. She... has.... cancer. i am not saying that ANY form of cancer isn't totally scary and enough to make you gasp for breath when you hear it. But when i heard someone i was close to is this far along.... it really shook me. This isn't about me, it's about her. i would like to contact her but i don't know if that's what she needs or wants at this point. i thought about sending her a little card in the mail and seeing if she wants to call me, i'm not sure. i just know i would feel remiss if i didn't reach out to her in some way. Again, it's about her though, what would she need or want? i don't know what her emotional or physical state is right now. i'll run a couple ideas by M and see what He thinks.

The weather looks like it's finally made it's change. It went from 78 Tues to 68 yesterday to like 43 today haha. Oh well, the amazing warm streak couldn't last forever. It was lovely while it lasted though, thats for sure. i don't think we have anything planned for today just a quiet day. i've been doing a lot of cleaning just a little at a time. i'm pretty much done, just waiting for M to finish up a couple things in the kitchen and i can be done and done! i can't wait to call it a finished project for a day haha.

Have a nice weekend.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, November 01, 2008

and many more...

i remember not getting any sleep the night before all i did was lie there. i wasn't nervous i was just excited. my whole family came from all over, my Mom and Grandma, my brother and his family and sister, her husband and her kids. Everyone was here. Even my best friend was here. i got up and went to have my hair done and then went to the hotel where everyone was staying together. It was actually a pretty relaxed day because we didn't get married until 4pm. The day was actually much like today a little overcast and foggy but not cold. Colder than it is right now though. i remember how excited my Mom was, absolutely thrilled. Of course, once i left the house that morning i didn't see M again until the ceremony, but we spent the night together of course. He never would have let me stay at the hotel without Him and i never would have asked.

Once we all got to the church my best friend helped me get dressed and then i waited lol. Everyone was out in the sanctuary and laughing, that's the only thing i regret sort of, was missing out on that. i had to just sit back in the room alone lol. The ceremony was pretty, the Minister is a lovely man who gave a silly little service that we knew nothing about. He talked about computers, it was about the dumbest thing ever LOL. But it was our wedding and it was pretty.

i barely remember the reception, from lack of sleep and the whirlwind of the day. It really was an amazing day. my favorite part of the whole day though was our dance. We danced to Marc Cohn's True Companion. Music is a huge part of our lives and we struggled with a song and finally came up with that. We wanted our song to be perfect, perfect for us. i think we chose well.

Today is our fifth Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Master, i love You, more than ever.

Your, precious treasure.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weird or Random Facts...

Seven Random or Weird Facts:

1. i'll never know who my father is. The only person who knew for sure, took that secret with her to her grave. No one else in the world knows for sure.

2. my favorite color is pink, maybe to a very odd almost obsessive degree lol. For a pretty long time i wore almost nothing but pink, i always had some main part of clothing on that was pink. This lasted for a good 2 years i think and to this day the majority of my wardrobe is pink. i really have to push myself to look at other colors when clothes shopping.

3. i used to just love socks, nothing was more comforting than a new pair of socks. If i had a really bad day i would often treat myself to a new pair of socks, or 4. At one time i think the highest count i had was like 144 pair. Now i rarely wear them and i hardly miss them at all... it's really very odd. The only time i like them is when it's bitter cold outside, then sometimes Master will allow it.

4. i have shoes! Tons of shoes, i haven't ever counted to be sure, i would bet i have at least 200 pair of shoes. If we were to count all the shoes that are stored there might be closer to 700 lol. That's just a guess though. Most of them are 3 inch heel and higher. There are some 5 inch heels, i think those are the highest. i can't walk in 5 inch heels though lol. 4 inch i'm fine but i haven't mastered 5. At the first of the year Master made a rule that i had to wear at least a 4 inch heal whenever i was sitting at my computer, to shape my arches and calves. It has definitely worked!

5. i grew up knowing that i was the youngest of 4 children. my full brother and sister and an older half sister. It wasn't until i was a young adult that i learned i had another half sister ten years my senior, who shared my same first name! haha *boggles*

6. i'm going to be 40, soon.

7. After several years of slow progress i am up to 8 guage 3/4 inch nipple rings. Master buys new and larger almost every year. i would love one inch rings or larger but they aren't easy to find. The ones i wear now are segment rings and seemingly a flawless circle, very cool. i love them!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


i barely remembered this. Like i said in my last post this "evercrack" game we play has been taking up all our time. We're about all in with this game. i think i made it in just in time with this post for the week! i'm going to lie down, i can barely keep my eyes open!

Peace to you and yours!

MD's treasure

Friday, October 24, 2008

Addiction.... we has it.

This last Tuesday the on line game we play, Everquest, released the newest expansion. Allllllllllll we've done all week is play that game. Master has barely left His chair and we finally have a break tonight, the people that we've been playing with have taken breaks and as much as i was able, i urged Him to nap. i hear Him snoozing on the couch, a much needed nap.

It's a fun thing for us and it brings out His competitive nature, for sure. i just need the breaks more than He does. i can't stare at the computer like that and i get too tired. So this week has been anything but productive. We need to get outside and winterize. Winter is sneaking up on us and fast. It's getting colder outside, quickly. At least while we've been at the computers we haven't been blowing off a chance at working outside, it's been raining non stop for 2 days. No idea about tomorrow, it would be nice to see proof that there is still a sun.

i've been at this computer far too long myself. i just needed to get this post in for the week.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bits n pieces

M's going to watch the football game, then we have to go out to dinner tonight. bleh... We prefer to do family stuff on Sunday, or nothing at all. We're going to have dinner at a couple's house, they have been asking for months. M used to work with him and when the guy was married to his exwife, i was on her bowling team and we enjoyed spending time with them. Now they are divorced and... not so much now. He's remarried and well, they can't take a hint soooo... we're going. Fine.

That trip up to my home town i think might have set me back some. Since we've been home i've had quite a few spells. Maybe just going to the cemetary, going to see my Mom's house just made me miss her a lot. Not a surprise i guess, just the last couple days i've hurt all over, my head has been worse and just so tired. But again, probably not a shock. i'm sure i'll come out of it just as quickly as it started. i think just seeing all those familiar things, made me miss my family and knowing that part of my life is gone, it hits me hard every time i go there. my whole family was there, my whole life was spent there, then so fast, it was gone.

It didn't take long for all that to change either. First my sister and her husband moved to Ohio, then my Mom died a year later, then my Grandma went to Ohio to live and then later died. Boom! Everyone's gone from the home i always knew. Even my neice and nephew aren't there anymore. Just when M and i were getting ready to leave Thursday morning i sent my sister an email and said that i was excited about going, but going "home" sort of loses it's luster when ya realize you're not going to see Mom when you get there.

This is home, we just call going up there "Home" cause that's what we know. This feels like home when i long to go home, this is where i want to be. i love the area that i grew up, but where i live with M is home.

i think i have to lug a load of laundry with us today to take to M's Mom's house. i washer won't spin! We have a guy coming to look at it, but not until Tuesday. M's going to need some clean jeans before that. Bleh i used to lug clothes to the laundry mat, i was hoping those days were over hehehe. i do NOT miss that!!! The only thing nice about the laundry mat was that everything was done fast. Super fast if you wanted to spend tons of money lol.

Well i'm off here to gather clothes. Have a good Sunday.

MD's treasure

Friday, October 17, 2008

A perfect Day!

Yesterday Master, and His Mom and Dad and i went to my home town for the day. i got to do all my favorite things while we were there. We stopped at the bird store to get fruit for the bird and see all cool birds and M's Mom bought Christmas presents for her too. She's always needing toys and this year she'll get some nice ones. Then we went to a cafe where we got some treats and M said everything was too expensive and He was right.

We went to the cemetery and put flowers on my Mom, Dad and Grandparents graves. Then out to buy these amazing donuts!!! YUM!!! We really had an amazing day or rather, M's Mom and i did. M said "I'm just the driver" and M's Dad was just along for the ride. He slept most of the day.

Who knows when we'll go back but that's OK, we had a nice day and the weather was perfect. It was a long day and today i'm super tired lol. But it's cold and raining today so it's a good day to just rest up and do not much. So on that note, i'm going to go... not much. =)

Peace to you and yours!

MD's treasure

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pretty Days!

It doesn't even seem like fall really it's so nice outside, not that i'm complaining. It's lovely out, just warm enough to wear a light sweatshirt and yesterday i worked outside in a tshirt until it was almost dark. Master mowed the front yard and then helped me put out fall decorations. i just know how thrilled He was =p but He did help me.

We still have a lot more to do before we're ready for winter and i don't know how much longer the nice weather will be here. We better take advantage of it while we can. The pool guy was here yesterday to see about getting it fixed before we winterize it and he bent it back with very little effort. Hopefully we'll be able to get it fixed with almost no cost. The neighbors have yet to come by and claim their trampoline nor ask if it damaged anything in it's path. *sigh*

my brother in law called this morning, my sister's dog knocked his shoulder out of socket when my sister and he were playing, when she went to help him, he was scared and bit her hands. He bit her so badly that she had to have some surgery this morning. She'll be in the hospital over night tonight. The dog is getting old and really had no idea what was happening, he just knew he was in pain. It was just a bad situation all around, that little dog means the world to my sister and in a normal situation i know he'd never hurt her. Her hands are going to be fine, there isn't any permanent damage but the infection was so bad that they had to flush it out for fear she'd lose her ring finger on her right hand if they had let it go. Now that they did that, it'll heal perfectly. Now my neurotic drama queen sister has to get over the trauma of having her trusted friend biting her. i don't know how i would feel, much the same way, i'm sure. Just not as dramatic about it, i think.

Master is going fishing in a couple hours then we'll have supper at the cabin, these suppers at the cabin should be ending in a few weeks. Usually they would be over by now i think but because we had the huge flood this spring/summer, cabin season has been extended into the fall. i think we're going to have some pretty cold nights down there, come late October hehe.

Well i should find something productive to do today. i don't know what, but i'm sure i can find something! hehe

Have a nice weekend!

MD's treasure

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Parties, parties and more parties

This past weekend was busy, we had a party for M Saturday night, another one for Him on Sunday and a huge party for His sister last night. Yesterday we spent the majority of the day decorating and running errands, we had just gotten home and guy for the satellite TV was here. Then it was time to dress and go to the party.

The party was really neat it was a 50's theme because M's sister was turning 50 this year. They had a DJ and some dancing, tons of people showed up and the decorations were really cute. The only bad thing was that because they had it on a Monday night, everyone left super early. By 9pm there were very few people left. We still didn't get home till close to 11:30pm after cleaning up and by then M was furious with His Dad and we were both exhausted. M's Dad tries everyone's patience but most especially, Masters. Everything is worse when you're tired and everyone was tired.

Today is a rest day, we had sort of planned to pick up after the weekend and we still may do that inside but outside work today is out. It's been pouring all morning. We need to mow the lawn but that's going to wait until tomorrow or whenever it stops raining. They had pretty mums on the tables last night for decorations so i got to take a couple, we're going to plant them when we can. M's Mom had already bought me 3 of them, so now we've got 5 to plant. i like free stuff! =)

i'm going back to the University hospital tomorrow night for some sleep study, but it works out well because i have a very early appointment Thursday am for a psych eval. That will eliminate getting up an extra hour early, as i'll already be there, and i can get this sleep study out of the way. They've been calling since i got out of the hospital, now they'll leave me alone about this dumb test. Now they can start bothering me about something else! hehe!!

Well seeing that i can't do anything outside, today is a great day to get my laundry done. M got almost no sleep last night, so laundry is something quiet i can do without disturbing Him.

Have a nice day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, October 03, 2008

Just too long

Sometimes it seems like it was yesterday that i heard her voice over the phone. i can hear her saying my name or laughing at something silly i had done. Other times when i think that she's been gone 2 years, it's unthinkable because it seems like she's been gone forever. i can't remember what she looked like for sure or her smell. But then it all comes back.

i have clothes that still carry her smell, i have coats and sweaters that i never wear that still hold her perfume. When i open her jewelry box the wave of perfume is somewhat overwhelming at first and then calming. Especially when i see her things all around me. Her old furniture, her jewelry that have become a part of my every day life and her nic nacks that surround me are still a reminder of everything that she was. These things are comforting and special but they will never ever be ... her.

Yesterday was M's birthday and it was a big one. It was a great day i think, we did a lot of our favorite things, we went shopping and ate at His very favorite place. Although i've not mentioned it at all this week, He's a smart Man, He knows that this is the week, that this is the day she left us. He knows how hard this is for me, i try and almost always succeed to never carry a torch for her. She is gone and wallowing in that does no good but this is the day that i can't help missing her. i always miss her, always, today is just worse and i think it's for a lot of reasons but the one that bothers me the most is that i think she cheated herself out of years. i don't think she knew what she was doing when she decided to die. The doctor said even if she decided to proceed with the surgery, he didn't think she was strong enough to come back, i don't know, he didn't know for sure. i think she could have, should have tried a little harder, she threw in the towel too early.

i hope more than anything that she's happy, blissfully happy. i hope that she's laughing and smiling and happier than anyone on earth could even imagine being. That's the only way i get by, knowing that she made the right decision. i just miss my Mom.

MD's treasure

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall Decorating

Yesterday while Master was fishing i spent the day doing some cleaning and puting out the fall decorations. i have plenty decorations but some of them i don't really care for and some of them are just old. So this morning i've been looking on line for "cheap and easy" fall decorating ideas. Thousands of web sites claim that they have the best cheap and easy ideas. Well i'm here to tell ya that they don't. hehe

Just about every cheap and easy idea (not every single one) had you go out and purchase one big thing to begin the project. hmm... "For only $65 you can begin this project"... now if i wanted to spent $65 why wouldn't i just buy the dumb decoration to begin with? hehehe Other ideas were to go out into the woods and collect leaves and sticks and other natural things to bring to your home. This is actually a perfect idea but it doesn't work in our neighborhood where the trees are tiny and new nor does it work to bring in things that might also bring in a nice nasty spider along with it. Master and spiders.... yeah... no.

So i think i'll stick with my old decorations, some of which are still quite lovely even in their aged state. Maybe next year i'll plan ahead a bit better and work on something in the summer time. But i'm sure i won't! haha!

Have a happy Monday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, September 27, 2008

One from the Boss

I also like to read these things sometimes so I thought I'd participate as well for a change.

Describe Your
x. [Wallet] Black, leather, tri-fold...empty :(
x. [Hairbrush] Whatever's lying by the sink
x. [Toothbrush] Blue and white, about 97 years old, give or take
x. [Jewellery Worn Daily] Wedding ring
x. [Blanket] The blue fuzzy!
x. [Facewash] Whatever shampoo I washed my hair with...and water
x. [Coffee Cup] I'd rather eat the anus out of a dead skunk.
x. [Sunglasses] Some Wal-Mart clip-ons on rare occasions
x. [Underwear] None
x. [Shoes] Brown and black high-top "boots" (to me they're tennis shoes)
x. [Favourite Shirt] Hawaiian button down type
x. [Favourite Pants] Black jeans
x. [CD In Stereo Right Now] None, most of what I like is on the .mp3 player
x. [Tattoos] Dolphin on my right shoulder blade
x. [Piercings] Nope, but I've had one or both ears done on a couple occasions.
x. [What You Are Wearing Now] Black jeans, grey T-shirt with arms and neck cut off, white ankle socks and muh "boots"
x. [Hair] Somewhat absent, but what stayed home is brown and fairly short

[ When was the last time you ... ]
x. [Smiled] When I read My treasure's post
x. [Laughed] See above
x. [Cried] Cousin's funeral last night

x. [Bought] Groceries last night
x. [Danced] I usually do some kind of stupid dance hourly or so
x. [Were Sarcastic] I'm never sarcastic! Well, not every single minute...
x. [Had A Nightmare] Been a while, month or 2?
x. [Last Book You Read] The Singing Halibut (one of the children's books I wrote)
x. [Last Movie You Saw] 300
x. [Last Thing You Had To Eat] Frozen Burritos

[ Body ]
x. [What Do You Like Most About Your Body] My forearms
x. [And Least?] A few thousand pounds of fat
x. [How Many Fillings Do You Have] 100?
x. [Do You Think You Are Good-Looking] Ehh, maybe to a blind billy goat...I guess I've never made anyone throw up.
x. [Do Other People Often Tell You That You’re Good-Looking] When I was 19
x. [Do You Look Like Any Celebrities] Phyllis Diller

[ Fashion ]
x. [Do You Wear A Watch] Clock on my phone
x. [How Many Coats And Jackets Do You Own] Too many...couple of them even fit
x. [Favorite Pants Color] Black
x. [Most Expensive Item Of Clothing] Probably the Jimmy Buffett shirt I bought in Vegas
x. [Describe Your Style In One Word] Me

[ Your Friends ]
x. [Do Your Friends Know You] Ya
x. [Are There Traits In You That Are Universally Liked?] I like to think so.
x. [How Many People Do You Tell Everything To] 2

[ Music;Television;Books ]
x. [Favourite Band Ever] REO Speedwagon
x. [Type of Music Most Listened To] I listen to just about everything imaginable.
x. [Type Never Listened To] Rap/R&'s gotta be something awfully good for me to not turn it off.
x. [Favourite Book?] All Creatures Great and Small

[ General Questions ]
x. [Sunny or Rainy Day] Sunny
x. [Do You Consider Yourself Lucky] I'm lucky in love, but not much else.
x. [Do You Feel Pity For People Who Commit Suicide] Nope
x. [Choose One Word To Describe How You Most Often Feel] Bored
x. [Do You Own Plaid Clothing] Might have a shirt or 2
x. [Is There More Than One Zipper On Your Pants] No
x. [Do You Own Braces] Umm, have a few leg/ankle/neck/wrist that we've accumulated over the years
x. [Does Your Hairstyle Exceed A Height Of Three Inches] No
x. [Would You Classify Your Hair As A Deadly Weapon] No
x. [Do You Have A Favorite Brand Of Hair Dye] -
x. [Do You Own A Bandana] Yep
x. [Are You Amused By Safety Pins] I can't imagine what the origin of this question was. :)
x. [Have You Ever Used Duct Tape As A Sewing Substitute] No
x. [Do You Like Candles] Sometimes...I love to smell them in the store.
x. [Do You Believe In Love] Absolutely
x. [What Do You Want Done With Your Body When You Die] Leaning toward cremation
x. [What Are You Gonna Do When You Get Older] Probably move to Florida with the other fogies
x. [How Many Songs Do You Have On Your Computer] the tens of thousands
x. [What Band Are You Listening To] None
x. [Look Out Your Window... Tell Me What You See] I'd have to move to look out the window, but if I did, I'd see the neighbor's house, the street and our little tree.
x. [If You Could Have Any Animal For A Pet] Greyhound...or a panda...or a bison...I kinda like most animals.
x. [What Is The Longest You Ever Stayed Up] 68 hours...looooong time ago...there were some pharmaceuticals involved.
x. [Are You Disgruntled] Usually
x. [Are You An Anarchist?] No
x. [Do You Smoke Cigarettes?] Unfortunately
x. [Are You A Vegetarian?] No
x. [Do You Think Meat Is Murder?] No
x. [Have You Ever Slept In An Alley Or Park] Ya
x. [Do You Wash Your Hair Less Than Once A Week] No
x. [Have You Ever Gone A Week Without A Shower?] No

[ About Me]
x. [Age] 39
x. [Birthday] Next week!
x. [Sign] Libra
x. [Location] Cornfield, USA
x. [Status] Present
x. [Natural Hair Colour] Brown
x. [Current Hair Colour] Brown
x. [Eye Colour] Green
x. [Height] 5'11"
x. [Shoe size] 8.5 or 9
x. [Parents] 2
x. [Siblings] One of each
x. [Live With] Male pattern baldness

[ Favourites ]
x. [Number] 13
x. [Color] Blue
x. [Day] Sunday
x. [Month] December
x. [Song] Billy Don't Be a Hero, Can't Fight This Feeling, few others, hard to name just 1
x. [Movie] Green Beret, 50 First Dates, Mr. Deeds, Beverly Hills Cop, again, impossible to choose, the list would be 10 pages long.
x. [Food] Seafood
x. [Season] Summer
x. [Class] Creative Writing
x. [Teacher] Don't really wanna put a name here, but my high school creative writing teacher.
x. [Drink] Dew!
x. [Veggie] Onion
x. [Television Show] Grizzly Adams
x. [Radio] K-Love, Bob & Tom, progressive talk
x. [Store] Best Buy or Menards
x. [Word] Deoxyribonucleic...also rather fond of bilirubin
x. [Animal] I'm quite fond of chimpanzees.
x. [Flower] Whatever My baby likes

another one...

i stole another one, i like 'em. =)

Describe Your
x. [Wallet]
it's pink and getting pretty worn
x. [Hairbrush] green, also pretty worn
x. [Toothbrush] pink, also pretty worn hehe
x. [Jewellery Worn Daily] collar of some kind, there are a few different ones that M switches between, my wedding ring, nipple rings
x. [Blanket] a little pink fuzzy throw
x. [Facewash] just soap
x. [Coffee Cup] a yellow pooh cup
x. [Sunglasses] they changed my life, they are wrap around glasses that fit over my regular glasses, i can go outside now in the sunlight without wanting to die.
x. [Underwear] whatever...
x. [Shoes] this could take me forever... heels.. heels and more heels
x. [Favourite Shirt] silky blouses or fluffy sweaters
x. [Favourite Pants] i don't wear pants
x. [CD In Stereo Right Now] i don't think there is one
x. [Tattoos] none
x. [Piercings] ears, nipples
x. [What You Are Wearing Now] still in my night shirt
x. [Hair] blond, shoulder length

[ When was the last time you ... ]
x. [Smiled] at a picture a little while ago
x. [Laughed] last night
x. [Cried] the other night watching ER

x. [Bought] we bought frosting, last night
x. [Danced] we danced a couple weekends ago at the cabin
x. [Were Sarcastic] prolly 3 minutes ago?
x. [Had A Nightmare] i don't remember
x. [Last Book You Read] Sisters, Danielle Steele
x. [Last Movie You Saw] 300
x. [Last Thing You Had To Eat] peanut butter and honey sandwich, last night

[ Body ]
x. [What Do You Like Most About Your Body] my legs
x. [And Least?] my double chin =/
x. [How Many Fillings Do You Have] i'm not sure, 3 or 4
x. [Do You Think You Are Good-Looking] not really, no
x. [Do Other People Often Tell You That You’re Good-Looking] no, never
x. [Do You Look Like Any Celebrities] no

[ Fashion ]
x. [Do You Wear A Watch] sometimes
x. [How Many Coats And Jackets Do You Own] tons, i can think of 8 winter coats alone, when my Mom died, i got all her coats and she was something of a coat 'ho hehe. (to be technical, i own nothing, i just wear them."
x. [Favorite Pants Color] i don't wear pants, fav skirt color would be gray or black
x. [Most Expensive Item Of Clothing] the cashmere sweaters my Mom left me or my Coach purses
x. [Describe Your Style In One Word] eclectic

[ Your Friends ]
x. [Do Your Friends Know You] i have 3 true friends, my sister, my best friend who lives forever away from here and i've known her for 35 years and M. i would say yes.
x. [Are There Traits In You That Are Universally Liked?] umm yes?
x. [How Many People Do You Tell Everything To] i would say one, but really no one, but if there is something to tell, one.

[ Music;Television;Books ]
x. [Favourite Band Ever] i can't pick just one...
x. [Type of Music Most Listened To] Christian
x. [Type Never Listened To] jazz
x. [Favourite Book?] lots

[ General Questions ]
x. [Sunny or Rainy Day] rainy i think or a sunny fall day
x. [Do You Consider Yourself Lucky] blessed

x. [Do You Feel Pity For People Who Commit Suicide] not pity, no
x. [Choose One Word To Describe How You Most Often Feel] confused
x. [Do You Own Plaid Clothing] yes
x. [Is There More Than One Zipper On Your Pants] ...
x. [Do You Own Braces] hehe umm no
x. [Does Your Hairstyle Exceed A Height Of Three Inches] no
x. [Would You Classify Your Hair As A Deadly Weapon] no
x. [Do You Have A Favorite Brand Of Hair Dye] Loreal
x. [Do You Own A Bandana] yes
x. [Are You Amused By Safety Pins] no
x. [Have You Ever Used Duct Tape As A Sewing Substitute] no
x. [Do You Like Candles] i used to, not so much anymore, they aren't good for the bird
x. [Do You Believe In Love] yes
x. [What Do You Want Done With Your Body When You Die] i'm not sure
x. [What Are You Gonna Do When You Get Older] Age *nods*
x. [How Many Songs Do You Have On Your Computer] not too many ... but M might have some on here that i don't know about
x. [What Band Are You Listening To] none
x. [Look Out Your Window... Tell Me What You See] a house, a tree, grass...
x. [If You Could Have Any Animal For A Pet] a cockatoo
x. [What Is The Longest You Ever Stayed Up] 24 hours +
x. [Are You Disgruntled] eh? no
x. [Are You An Anarchist?] no
x. [Do You Smoke Cigarettes?] yes, when M lets me
x. [Are You A Vegetarian?] no
x. [Do You Think Meat Is Murder?] no
x. [Have You Ever Slept In An Alley Or Park] napped in a park yes

x. [Do You Wash Your Hair Less Than Once A Week] gross... no
x. [Have You Ever Gone A Week Without A Shower?] no, was 5 days when i was in ICU, they only did the bed bath thing... i was pretty sure i was going to kill someone if they didn't let me shower...

[ About Me]
x. [Age] going to be 40
x. [Birthday] soon
x. [Sign] Scorpio
x. [Location] Iowa
x. [Status] alive?
x. [Natural Hair Colour] light brown
x. [Current Hair Colour] blonde (mostly)
x. [Eye Colour] gray
x. [Height] 5'1
x. [Shoe size] this varies greatly 6.5 - 8
x. [Parents] are both gone
x. [Siblings] one brother, one sister, two half sisters
x. [Live With] M, our kitty, our dog and our bird

[ Favourites ]
x. [Number] 7
x. [Color] pink
x. [Day] Friday
x. [Month] October or December
x. [Song] lots
x. [Movie] You've Got Mail
x. [Food] pizza
x. [Season] fall
x. [Class] chorus
x. [Teacher] Mrs. Leden

x. [Drink] coffee
x. [Veggie] carrots
x. [Television Show] ER/24
x. [Radio] Klove
x. [Store] Pets Mart or Bed Bath and Beyond
x. [Word] ...
x. [Animal] cat/dog/bird
x. [Flower] tulip

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Survey thingy

i saw this on another journal and stole it, fair and square. i wasn't even tagged haha, how pathetic is that? haha i just like doing these! =)

1. Do you like blue cheese?

Nope, bleh

2. Have you ever smoked heroin?
hehe what the heck? no

3. Do you own a gun?
i don't own anything.

4. What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?
i was only at one sonic, like 4 years ago, didn't get a flavor.

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?
Totally depends on the appointment.

6. What do you think of hot dogs?
eh..... can take 'em or leave 'em.

7. Favorite Christmas Song?
i can't pick just one. i love Glen Campbell's Christmas Album from a long time ago.

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?

9. Can you do push ups?
In the plural? No, hahahahahaha.

10. What was the name of your first girlfriend/boyfriend?
Jake, we "went together" for i think 2 1/2 years!!!! 3,4 and some of 5th grade!!! Then my best friend went and stole him after high school and married him! The nerve!! LOL

11. What’s your favorite piece of jewelry?
Master's collar, my wedding rings.

12. Favorite hobby?
Computer stuffs anything to do with our animals, is that a hobby?

13. Do you work with people who idolize you?
umm no.

14. Do you have A.D.D.?
No i don't think so.

15. What’s one trait that you hate about yourself?
Hate? Nothing. Would like to change? Lots. i wish my hair would grow long.

16. Middle name?
The same as just about everyone in their 30's - 40's... Marie. haha

17. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment.
i hope Master isn't getting a cold. (He's hacking tons)

i need to get my skirt ironed for the funeral tonight.

i wonder if i'll have time to get any house work done before we leave.

18. Name 3 things you bought yesterday.
soda, milk, bread

19. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink.
coffee, soda, milk

20. Current worry right now?
i hope the kids make it to my sister's alright.

21. Current hate right now?

22. Favorite place to be?
Home, with Master.

23. How did you bring in the New Year?
At home with friends.

24. Where would you like to go?
To see my sister and the kids.

25. Name three people who will complete this?
i have no idea.

26. Whose answer do you want to read the most?
i like to read anyone's answers.

27. What color shirt are you wearing?

28. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?
Not really, it's more of a distraction.

29. Can you whistle?

30. Favorite color(s)?
Pink but then all the fall colors on the leaves also.

31. Would you be a pirate?
i don't think so, they are filthy and they don't have a home.

32. What songs do you sing in the shower?
i don't sing in the shower, but i have a shower radio.

33. Favorite girl’s name?
Melane or Kate.

34. Favorite boy’s name?

35. What’s in your pocket right now?
i don't have any pockets

36. Last thing that made you laugh?
i've barely spoken to anyone today, so last night it would have been M about who knows what, He's a goof and all we ever do is laugh.

37. Best bed sheets as a child?
Snow White sheets.

38. Worst injury you’ve ever had?
A blood clot caused from a picc line.

39. Do you love where you live?
No, i love our home, but the location, no.

40. How many TVs do you have in your house?
Oh geez... umm 5. For 2 people? Little extreme huh?

41. Who is your loudest friend?
Well honestly i don't have any friends other than M. i had a friend before i moved here but we don't stay in touch, her name is Bonnie. She's super loud but never really annoying, i thought.

42. How many dogs do you have?
One, anyone want a Yorkie?

43. Does someone have a crush on you?
Yeah.. my parrot. =)

44. Who is your favorite president?
umm... Nelson Mandela! /sigh... If i had to pick i would say Clinton.

45. What is your favorite book?

i can't really think of just one. i loved The perks of being a wallflower.

46. What is your favorite candy?
Snickers or peanut M&M's.

47. What is your favorite sports team?

The Vikings. But i'm really not a big sports fan.

48. What song do you want played at your funeral?

Imagine by Mercy Me

49. What were you doing 12 AM last night?

Watching the prerecorded season premier of ER.

50. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up?
The same thing i think every day when i wake up.... OMGosh my head hurts so freekin bad, take a deep breath, it won't last forever. Neat huh? lol

Wow hehe that took longer than i thought! i guess i better get my butt moving and get in the shower! Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, September 22, 2008

Thank you, to many of you.

Yesterday Master was perusing all the regular journals that we read when He said "HA! Wow, read this!" i was just getting ready to click on her site, i don't check every day, every other or every third day, depending. When i saw a nice post from Starla . i just wanted to say thank you Starla, it was very unexpected. (the link doesn't link to the post, sorry) =)

i was actually thinking, why do i read on line journals... other than the fact that Master wants me to, He's always encouraged me to find out more about the lifestyle and this is a good way to get a taste of how some people live. Since He started me on this journaling journey however, i've really enjoyed it and reading on line journals is something i enjoy, but why? Every once in a while i might see someone say that they dislike this or that, that someone has done and that also got me thinking, why do i read others journals? i think the simple answer is because i can pick and choose what i take away from each individual journal. i can live vicariously through "this person" or "that person" for the one thing that i love about them. Then i can leave what i might enjoy less about that journal behind and move on to the next. But out of every journal i read, i take away something, each journal speaks to me in one way or another, so through the magic of the internet, i can pick and choose as i like. Like a flower, i can pick the prettiest petals and leave the thorns for those who enjoy those more. That isn't to say that i don't find some that i embrace the entire person, the whole package, the person is why we read a journal in the first place, it's why we keep coming back. But if she might say or do something that isn't my cup of tea, i can pick the flowers that i like the best and no one is the wiser.

There are a lot of journals that i read that i take something with me, every single time i read them. If it's a thought or an idea or a recipe or motivation or a sense of centering or humor. i don't know why Master wants me to journal, i'm not really as open as i could be really, it's harder and harder for me to really think anymore. But i am glad He still pushes me to continue to write and i'm glad He continues to make me read. It's good for me, in more ways that i think i knew.

So thank you Starla for the lovely post but thank you to all of you out there that continue to journal and pour your hearts out. You have an effect on people, even when you don't mean to.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gotta get this in!

We're going to that little family get together in a little while and for once, i'm sort of ready. Well if i don't count the fact that my hair is still wet and i didn't feed the bird yet. The presents are wrapped, that's a plus! We went with a Halloween theme this year, the choices were plentiful and we got the funniest little bathroom thing for M's Dad. M's family is pretty funny about decorations, everyone really gets into those little dancing funny guys that some people run screaming from. i used to, i'll admit, i was a lawn ornament snob. But 'eh... i guess i lightened up hehe. They are cute and this little thing is hilarious.

i have a sore on my leg, rubbing thighs together... UGH. So instead of having me wear pantyhose for a second day in a row (which is sort of a no no), i was looking around the house for a pair of bloomers ROFL. That way i could still wear my all in one foundation garment with stockings. The whole bloomer thing is sort of a misnomer, it's basically just thin silk shorts, my Grandma wore them her entire life, even after she stopped wearing skirts, because she never stopped wearing her girdle and stockings. They are lovely because your legs never rub together. Well, sadly i don't have any "bloomers" but i did find a nice little substitute. Wow! What a great difference, now i think we're going to be looking for (omgosh i wish there was different name) bloomers. i put on these silk pj bottoms and i said to Master... hahaha i look just like my Grandma!!! That's not a bad thing though. =)

Fall is in the air, i want to decorate the house soon! Just about my favorite thing ever! M said we'd be doing some cleaning this week. That's my cue to drag out a few things, seems silly how much i look forward to it though lol. OK... i need to get ready to go.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Playing Catch-Up...

i guess i've been putting the journal on the back burner till the very last minute the last few weeks then i have to scramble to find things to write about.

Master is going to go fishing later (maybe) then we're going to go to the cabin for supper. We haven't been there for a couple weeks and actually having a couple weeks away from there has been nice. It's nice not to be so regimented in our schedule that we have to go down there every single weekend. i'd like to break it up a little more even, have it be a little more hit and miss but then it might get tossed to the wayside and that's not acceptable at all. So it's better more than not at all.

Tomorrow we're going for a family dinner celebration seeing that last weekend was cancel last weekend, M's mom wasn't feeling well. We haven't gotten together for a while, actually since early summer which is strange we usually try to get together at least for the 4th and then again at the end of the August. i guess people have just been busier this year. i still have present to wrap and cards to write out, i always wait till the last minute and then i run around scrambling for tape, paper or a gift bag lol.

i have a little cooking to do before we go tonight too so i'll scoot off here for now, have a happy Saturday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lazy Days

Well i think the rain might have tapered off for the moment. It's still gloomy but not raining at least. We've had a family get together planned for this evening but Master's Mom just isn't feeling well and can't seem to shake it so we're putting it off yet again. This is has been a pretty quiet weekend at home. We went out for dinner last night with friends and then did a little shopping but it was a short night and we were happy with that. We were happy to spend the majority of the weekend at home and not go to the cabin. i've been happy to have a break from those kids. i really enjoy our friends at the cabin, their kids are really just such a challenge for us.

Today is another football, bumming day. It's certainly not a good day to be outside at all anyway. All week i've been trying to make tacos, tonight i swear, i'm making tacos for supper! lol

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, September 13, 2008

You've Got Mail!

Master asked me last night if i thought we should start building a big wooden boat and looking for animals, two of a kind, even. It seems like it hasn't stopped raining for a week straight. i don't think we stepped out of the house for anything but to grab milk and one appointment this week. Bleh. i actually like the rain, it keeps the sunlight out and sadly the sun isn't my friend. It just makes my head hurt, tons. So the lack of sun is nice for that reason. For every other imaginable reason, it's bad. It's great sleeping weather though!!!

For anyone who watches America's Got Talent, you might enjoy this little story. Master and i are very strong supporters of Neal E. Boyd. He just seems like a pretty amazing person, outside of his unbelievable talent. Master did some poking around the other night and found an email address and sent an email to he thought might be Neal. It turned out it was to Neal's friend. Neal's friend mailed Master back immediately and said that he wasn't in the habit of sending fan mail to Neal but he thought that Neal would really appreciate reading what Master had to say. That was the end of it, or so we thought. The next morning when Master checked His email there was an email from.... Neal Boyd... it was a quick one liner very obviously not a form letter as he actually quoted Master's email back to him, then asked us to pray for him to make it through that night. Which of course he did. Now while it was "only" an email, Neal could very well be the next winner of AGT and even if it was only once, he took the time to mail Master. It was pretty special for little country bumpkin folks like us. If you don't watch the show, take 8 or 9 minutes to watch the video, it's touching and enough to brighten your day, that's a promise!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Jibber Jabber

i better get this post in before i forget and get in trouble for missing another post. Today is the first Sunday for Football. i like hearing it in the background, it reminds me of Sunday's at my Mom's house. i don't think we have any plans today but it is a really pretty day outside. i have some laundry to finish up, maybe i'll work on that and hang it outside to dry, it's great weather to do that. i think it'll be that kind of day.

M plans on keeping one eye on the TV and the other plugged into the computer and just basically having a Sunday, i think. It's a good day for me to find something quiet to do. Maybe i'll go rummage around in the freezer and see if i can't dig up something to make for supper, that always keeps me busy for hours at a time hehe.

Have a great day and enjoy your families!

Peace to you and yours!

MD's treasure

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Confucius Say

i guess this week has gone by pretty fast. i haven't even written once and i'm supposed to write twice before tomorrow night! Eeeeek!

M sends me email all the time, this time it was just a few quotes from famous men. This one was my favorite. "It is a law of nature that women should be held under the dominance of man." ~ Confucius

i just wish that people in this day still thought that way. The way that did even back in the 50's and early 60's, not really all that long ago, we still lived that way. When we look at how the world operates today though, it seems like light years away. How would a woman of today's world react should her husband try to control her, in the way things were really meant to be? i'd love to be a fly on the wall.

Maybe i makes me appear simple minded, which i know i'm not. i certainly wish that times would turn back 40 years to those days when a woman's place was at home, caring for her family, caring for her home and doing her very best to make her husband's home his castle. A place where he couldn't wait to come home to. Where block parties and neighborhood pic nics were the norm and when people still knew how to treat one another with at least a bit of respect. i wouldn't want to go back to segregation of course, so many amazing things have happened as well. But i sure would like to trade these times where people have forgotten their manners and women have forgotten their gender. To me, there is no mystery, that when women abandon their homes to go to work and forget their responsibilities to their husband's and children, why children forget their manners, act up and all of a sudden we can't understand "why kids today, act this way". But... that's just me.

We're headed to a party in a bit, i better scoot off here and get ready. Have a great weekend everyone!

Peace to you and yours!

MD's treasure

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wow... what a prize

While i'm not usually one to stand on a soap box this particular event really struck a cord with me. It's done and over with and happened last February, although i only just heard about it a day or two ago. i still think i would be remiss if i just let it slide without commenting on the depth of this societies morals, or sadly, the lack thereof.

A radio station in West Virgina WKLC to be exact, had a contest last February, Valentines Day. i don't keep up with news, so i am certain that many people know about this and have long forgotten. The prize was...... a divorce. A real divorce. i can't even begin to imagine how the powers that be at that radio station thought that it would be a good idea to promote one of the worst things that can happen to a person. i've been married once and never divorced so i'm certainly not speaking from experience. All i know is what i've seen and heard and i know that people who've gone through it will tell you that it's a horrible thing. This radio station wanted to try to find a divorce that was "funny" none the less.

i have my own convictions about marriage, we all have our own opinions but i think that anymore divorce is seen by people as a get out of jail free card. There is absolutely no incentive to work at your marriage when you know you can walk into a courtroom and walk out "free". It's become nearly as easy as getting your license plates renewed (i know that's an exaggeration).

What happened to good old fashion morals? The union of two people for life? Divorce was created for those who needed it, for the extreme situations and i also understand being young and impulsive and making a very bad decision. This whole thing about the radio station giving away a divorce as a contest is just disgusting. i could see how it might look to a young mother who might be surrounded by children and bills and saw that as a way "out". How sad, how very sad.

i wanted to leave a comment on the website but decided against it, i'm sure they've no interest in hearing from an old fuddy duddy like me lol. It's old news anyway and what's done is done. i just hope that should another contest like this come up again in the future, it's not allowed to take place.

i hope everyone out there in blog land has a peaceful weekend!

MD's treasure

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free Weeds, pull your own, please.

M's Mom has called two times today from Alaska. She's shopping. 'Nuff said there. haha... Actually, she has to know sizes, will He wear "this"... He said not to buy Him "this" what about "this" instead? She can't and usually won't take no for an answer which is sometimes a bad thing. She said they watched a glacier as it broke apart yesterday. It was an amazing sight. i didn't bother saying what i know M would have wanted to say about Global Warming. i know it was a pretty sight for her and she was excited to see it.

M said last night that we're having a weed pulling party today. WooHoo!!! *blech* That's one party i wish i hadn't been invited to, because i'm sure there won't be refreshments and the entertainment will suck... =( The weeds in the back yard are out of hand but i haven't been able to pull them, if i do it just hurts my back all over again. i think i'll ask Him if He wants me to use the trimmer to help out.

OK off here for now to get moving on this "party" wooohoodles.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure