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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Last But Not Least!

Q: Do you find one particular method (of punishment/correction) works best for you in terms of getting you back into your slave mindset of obedience?

A: Master has used a variety of tactics and i can tell you some of the things that typically bring everything back into focus. More than anything else it's knowing i have really disappointed Him enough to bring about a punishment. There is something about the shower floor, the pain on my ankles, legs and knees, being left in the cold water and the plain humiliation of it all. It's really inexplicable how it resonates with me and leaves me feeling helpless.

Master doesn't thrive on pain and He knows how much i dislike it. Sometimes He'll place me in a situation for punishment and that in and of itself is emotional punishment enough. i know i am not punished near often enough, so when i am, i do my very best to take what i'm given and move on.

Depending on the severity, a spanking might leave a lasting impression but more often than not, i am most affected by emotional and mental tension.

A long bondage session where i am left alone with my thoughts can also be effective depending on the severity of the crime i've committed. It also depends on His presentation and His attitude. Everything really depends on that. Does He appear very angry and upset with me? Am i in real trouble and do i have a real debt to repay? How severe are the binds? Has He got me in ankle and wrist cuffs with a couple chains on the bed, a blindfold and some music for 45 minutes? Has He put the head harness on me with the straightjacket, ankle cuffs and chained me securely to the bed? Has He given me no hope of getting up for at least a couple of hours in complete silence? Everything is up to Him and how He sets the scene.

That last bit has definitely left an impression, when i know i've done something to upset Him.

Q: Sometimes i find myself disobeying my Master on purpose, to test his attention or his commitment to a particular rule or boundary.

A: This is something i've read about before but it's not something i've ever done myself.

Q: Sometimes i don’t even realize i am testing Him until i reflect on it afterward. Do you find that you do this? If so, do you usually find that you can “get away” with things, or are you usually caught/corrected?

A: i am sure that i test Master without realizing i've done it. i don't purposely test Him though, i believe this is dangerous territory. For some folks it might be fun to add a little spice but for us i wouldn't ever want to face Master and tell Him that i was purposefully disobeying Him.

Master and i have a lot of fun, we are mostly all about fun actually. One of our favorite things to do is lie in bed at night, watch TV and crack each other up. We have a blast in our relationship but there is no denying who is in charge and where that line is drawn. i believe that if He thought i was purposefully deceiving Him there would be no other way for Him to perceive it, than i was trying to lie to Him. While it might seem like it was all in fun at FIRST, when it all comes out in the wash, deceit is still deceit and it snowballs.

This is a dangerous game to play and it's just not one i would ever want to play, nor is it one i would ever recommend.

Let me give you an example.

The rule: i am not allowed to leave the house without permission.

The lie: Master isn't home, so i run to the corner store for milk.

Master gets home and He's in a very foul mood, He knew we were out of milk, so He bought milk. He opens the fridge and there's a brand new gallon of milk. Not only did i not get permission to leave, i spent money without permission.


Really? Is it worth it?

Now maybe we might try something less innocuous to start with but this is where it could lead and it's very dangerous. Of course, my opinion. =)

i would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who asked questions this past month!!! i had a blast answering every last one of them!!!! Thank you so much for reading and for your interest!

Peace and blessings to each and every one of you!

MD's treasure

1 comment:

  1. I think its a good think that you're not purposely testing your Master - its actively thinking about being disobedient, and that's not good for the dynamic.

    I end up testing my Sir, but not with forethought. I think a bit of it is necessary; having things 100% effortless is boring and hard to achieve.

    I HATE getting away with things. If I'm wrong, I want to be caught and disciplined, even if I don't really want the discipline. I need it. I need to be kept in line, and I need to know that my Sir will be proactive with it. Letting things slide tells me that the behavior doesn't matter, and he's not gonna force it so why even bother?