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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Titles, who needs a title?

It seemed like i didn't stop running from the second i got up yesterday until i went to bed last night. i did my house work here before we left to go to Master's parents and then i worked there for His mom until around 9pm. i still had stuff to do when we got home from His parents house and i think i finally got to sit down around 10:30 or 11pm. Those long days take a toll on me but i don't feel too bad today. i know i still have a lot to do today and it's another really nice day today, hopefully we'll be able to get outside stuff done.

Master has been working in such cramped spaces in such odd positions that He really messed up His back. Once He was up and working yesterday it wasn't too bad but it was super bad yesterday morning. It will just take time to heal i'm sure.

We are having M's parents for a cookout tonight, the food is prepared for the most part, i marinated chicken breasts in Italian dressing last night and i'm going to make a blueberry dessert pizza. i found a recipe on line that couldn't be any easier if they did it for you. It sounds pretty good, i hope it is! When M's mom gets here we're going to put some green beans together for a casserole and i have potatoes to bake. About the easiest supper i could think of!! =)

Have a great Sunday, enjoy your families!!

MD's treasure

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just jabber

It's absolutely amazing outside today. It was really pretty out last Saturday too, i hope we get to spend some time outside today. i am just disappointed at how cold it's already getting, it seems like we've already seen the warmest of summer and we were barely able to even touch the pool. i think we are going to Master's parents house again today to work, in a little while though. i have a lot of chores and stuff i need to do here. i have laundry that i need to get done today before we leave to go to Master's parents house.

We've had so much rain that we haven't had a chance to get the back yard cut and it's super long hopefully we'll have a chance to get out there and work in the yard this weekend. We are supposed to have Master's parents over for a cook out tomorrow night i'm just hoping that it will be nice out tomorrow, like it is today.

Not much else is really going on, now that Master is almost done with the construction part of His parents bathroom, i'll be working to clean the house from all the dust. Every single inch of their house is covered in dust it will take a long time to get their house clean again from all the work they did. i didn't make much progress this week with the cleaning i was only there a couple days i think, i don't even really remember. Most nights i just remember laying on the couch, this was a pretty rough week for me pain wise. i'm sure next week will be better.

i am going to get moving on my laundry and try to get something accomplished before we have to leave.

Have a happy Saturday

MD's treasure

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Where she stops, only He knows!

The last few days for Master and i have been like one misunderstanding after another it seems. Master doesn't do well when i don't understand Him. He isn't known for His patience and the angrier He gets the more flustered i get so the less i understand. Honestly He thinks that i am upsetting Him on purpose when i could look at Him and not have any idea what i have done wrong. Sometimes i wish i had these life events on video so i could go back and watch the whole thing again and see where i went wrong. Life is just a blur to me so much of the time i feel like one of those spinning tops and Master is the Man with the string and i am trying desperately not to fall off of the surface that He's put me on, all the while continuing the spin at an acceptable pace so as not to topple over and stop spinning altogether. Wind me up too tight and i spin out of control, lolol.

This last week i worked at His Mom's house for a couple days in a row and that is hard on me, mentally and physically. i stood for 6 hours the first day and never sat down for even 30 seconds to even use the rest room and my legs paid for it later and i realized i was standing in 3 inch heels. The heels weren't the issue, it was the fact that i should have given myself short breaks to rest. The next day i stood for the same amount of time but in lower heels and i did give myself breaks but because my legs were tired from the day before it was sort of in vane.

We are going to a going away picnic today for one of Masters cousins today and i just looked at the time, i better scoot off of here before we're incredibly late for the meal. It's shaping up to be a wonderful day weather wise for the party. i hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, August 22, 2009

*cmbo* crying my butt off

The other night Master and i were getting caught up on America's Got Talent. We watched several episodes at one setting it may have been like 5 hours of the show. One of the guest performers was a band called lmfao.... First off, i'm not even sure why the network allows them to announce their name, seeing that it's an abbreviation for what everyone believes to be the foulest word in the English language. Master and i were .. speechless? angry? mortified? There just aren't enough words to describe how horrible these people are and then to be given an opportunity to play what might be one of the largest venues in the world right now... wow, just wow. Not only was their attempt at music a complete bust but the way they presented themselves was just disgusting. They looked like they were going to school on that one day during Homecoming week when everyone dressed as ridiculously as possible hoping to outdo one another.

For me it wasn't so much at how they looked though it was the fact that they seemed to have absolutely no musical ability whatsoever. i didn't hear anything from any of them that could be construed as talent yet here they were on the largest talent show on earth posing as what might be considered a model?

If you're looking for fairness in the world, that's not the place to look. How that group of folks got tossed into the limelight is not only unfair it's a train wreck.

i just stepped outside and it's absolutely gorgeous outside today. i hope we get to spend some time outside today and enjoy the weather, it's rained almost all week. Maybe we'll find something at the store to grill out, who knows i'll have to ask the Boss!

Have a great day!

MD's treasure

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A work in progress

There were many different sessions this weekend but last night was the most intense of them all. We sat out on the swing after dinner for several hours and talked. Master did most of the talking, i did the majority of the listening. He did the feeling, the demonstrating, using His property to show me just what He wants from me and what He will get, sooner rather than later. He was very gentle, never raised His voice, not once, never put a rough hand to me, never any physical pressure. He just showed me that He'll get me to where He wants me through love and Dominance, period.

This weekend has been a work in progress for me. Master has spent the weekend working with me on my openness to my own femininity. While i have grown used to dressing the way He has wanted me to for a few years now i am not where He wants me to be completely, mind, body and soul. Master doesn't only want me to look like a lady or act like a lady, He wants me to think, breath and respond to Him in every manner like a feminine lady and be aroused by all the things that arouse Him. This weekend has been fairly intense, nearly a workshop, working on responding to Him, the way He wants me to respond to Him.

In some ways, it's been difficult, nearly too intense at times and i have wanted to ask Him for a break, in some ways i have felt like the most blessed, lucky slave in the world. He has pushed my limits and become frustrated and impatient, He has also (i think) been happy with some of the results. As always like every other facet of our relationship, this is a work in progress but this weekend will never be forgotten and i now have a huge jump start toward attaining this goal. i no longer look at this seemingly insurmountable task with the same dim outlook. i know that i can do this, with Master plugging along beside me.

Peace to you and yours!

MD's treasure

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Superior Wife......? ugh

i found an article in the Reader's Digest the other night about "today's woman". i'm using the term lightly here because it's very subjective. This article and the book they are referring to certainly doesn't reflect any of my own feelings toward marriage. The book is called The Superior Wife Syndrome: Why women do everything so well and why - for the sake of our marriages- We've got to stop.

Basically the book states that men see that after having children husbands surrender all aspects of family concerns and duties to the wife and the husband becomes oblivious to everything around him. The woman is powerless to kick him into gear, so she has to do everything to keep the house running. She has created a monster by being so efficient, basically. So, who's fault is it? In a relationship like Master and i have, it's my position to do my chores and indoor tasks but if He were to one day tell me that i were to take care of every single thing around the house, would we fall into this position? Never say Never, but i would have to say i seriously doubt it. He in His dominance still runs the house and everything in and around it.

Master and i have had countless talks about how it's too bad that more people can't live this life, even if it's not M/s or D/s, just some type of clearly defined role where there is no mistaking who is in charge, there is no arguing, there is no question of how things will end up. When it's a healthy make up, there can be discussion or there can just be clearly defined rules. A woman shouldn't have to beg her mate to become part of the relationship, he should be fully invested of his own accord, if he knew he was the ruler of the roost, no matter what, if he knew he was the final say, there is just no question in my mind he'd be all in. It's just so sad when i see a woman pleading with her husband to back her up when disciplining the children, if he knew that he wouldn't be over ruled by the woman, i'm sure he would all in with those kids from day one. That's a guess but i bet it's a good one.

The only thing that this book does is reinforce my choice in life. i am so glad i chose the path that i did, honestly i really walked into it blindly for the most part, i thought it sounded "fun". Little did i know it would be one of the best things i would do for myself. =)

MD's treasure

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Another quick post

We had a really nice weekend. Saturday we went to a family pic nic and Master went night fishing, i just sat at the computer while He was gone and spent my evening that way. He got home really super late and i was already in bed. Today i went swimming and had a friend and her daughter and a friend over. It was so hot outside that the pool water was very warm and finally got to enjoy the water.

It was finally a real summer weekend.

i hope you all had a great weekend!

MD's treasure

Friday, August 07, 2009

How to be a Stepford Wife

How to be a Stepford Wife

A strong sense of the self

A sense of humor

A drive for excellence



Step 1:Always wear your makeup.

Step 2:Always take care of your hair. Not a strand should be out of place.

Step 3:If you are not well-endowed in your torso area, use bra inserts, augmenters, or the chicshaper. Large bosoms featured prominently in Levin's original story.

Step 4:If you are not thin, wear a girdle.

Step 5:Wear tight, but conservatively-cut clothing to show off your assets. (Remember to wear an apron during housework)

Step 6:Look in the mirror. Imagine yourself as a girl in a television commercial; you should look flawless, at all times. The picture of the Stepford Wife is the picture of a person who is healthy and takes good care of herself.

Step 7:Clean clean clean! Everything needs to be spotless. Even if it takes a dozen repeated rubs, scrubs, and buff in the same spot. Clean and clean some more, in every corner of the house.

Step 8:Cook.

Step 9:Shop at the supermarket. Push your cart slowly. All items need to be placed in your shopping cart neatly, methodically, and in an orderly fashion.

Step 10:Practice gracious and polite behavior even when you are alone. Eat with the silverware in place even when you eat alone. Etiquette and proper manners begin at home, when no one is looking.

Step 11:Never raise your voice.

Step 12:Always say "please" and "thank you" for the smallest things, in public and private.

Step 13:Always apologize for the smallest things, in public and private.

Step 14:Do not possess any strong opinions on any subject, unless you are expressing enthusiasm for cleaning products or food ingredients and recipes.

Step 15:Your man is No.1. He is the kingpin in your life. You answer first to him, then to your son, and then other men (and only when you are spoken to).

Step 16:Don't read, because who has time when you have this much housework to do and so many men to attend to?

The last one is funny, don't read? i also like the one about only expressing an opinion about food ingredients and recipes hehe. This reminds me a little bit of the Good Housekeeping guidelines. Master sent this to me in an email and i thought i would share it. Some of them are pretty neat and interesting!

MD's treasure

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!!!

i nearly forgot to make this post, i meant to take a couple minutes earlier this evening and it completely slipped my mind. We had a wonderful weekend with Master Dark and His desyre. We spent most of the time just chatting. Saturday the weather cleared up enough to spend some time in the pool and we had a lovely supper and a great time at the bon fire.

i think that everything went perfectly and i can't wait until they come back. i just couldn't be more excited to think that i finally have a real life friend in the lifestyle that knows us and truly knows me. This is a really exciting time in our life. Her Master is new to the lifestyle and i think He is going to be an incredible Master to her as they grow together. We're really excited for them.

Master and her Master worked on rules Saturday night. It was fun for me to listen mostly and be a part of the beginning of their life together. We're going to really make an effort to get together often. i wish we were closer but it's not too bad.

i better get this posted. i am very short on time!

MD's treasure