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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Forgeting Is No Excuse

Master came in to wake me up this morning and i stretched out my hand to Him.  He went to pull at my wrist to pull me up and slapped at my wrist.  He startled me when He said, "what's this?" i knew immediately what He meant and i gasped with horror. For the second time in a week, i had forgotten the cuffs!  All He said when He walked out of the room in complete disgust was "you're in for it".  UGH!

i seriously can't give an excuse and "i forgot" doesn't work.  That's all it is, i just forget sometimes and that's totally unacceptable.  Waaahhhh! 

In other news Master and i are working on eating healthier..  We are going to trade in our ground turkey for chicken and i like the chicken better, i think.  We are going back to light mayo and working more veggies, really just the basics.  The best advice we've gotten lately is eating until you're "sated" not until you are full but eat until you aren't hungry any more.  Of course that's really common sense but not as easy as it sounds.  i really don't like to be full at all, it's almost as bad as being hung over.  So i try very hard to avoid it but i do it more often than i would like. 

i stopped drinking because i HATE hung over feeling! Now when i have a drink it of course is with Master's permission and it's very little.

Master and i are getting ready for a garage sale that we're having in a couple weeks.  It's an amazingly beautiful day today! A lovely day to be outside enjoying the weather.

Hope you're all having a lovely day!

MD's treasure

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Taking No For An Answer

Master has had a few ailments lately.  Nothing major just a few irritations.  As His nursemaid while He's ill, it's hard for me to know when to take no for an answer.  i know that i try to do too much because when He doesn't feel well i want nothing more than for Him to feel better.  i also know that He hates to take medicine or do things that will improve His health if it's going to be an inconvenience!

Where is that line between the person who knows what is right and the slave?  It's a really thin line and He knows i have to walk it lightly.  When Master's ill i mean really ill and i take care of Him, He's always very thankful and when He's better He thanks me sincerely.  But when He's got an irritation, sometime "i" become the irritation!!! hahaha 

Master is stubborn! =p

Is this just me?

MD's treasure

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Taking The Blame

Yesterday i was writing my "Saturday Post" when Master came up behind me and said "how long do you think you're going to be able to get away with posting on Saturday and Sunday before you get in trouble?".  i have to post twice a week at the very least to be within His posting guidelines but He wants me to post more, of course.  i just really sheepishly said "i don't know Master". 

i wish my instant reaction was "i need improvement" instead of "why is He asking for so much at this difficult time?".  i turn things around to make it not my fault and even though i might not verbalize it, i think it, all too often i do verbalize it though. 

Ya know i've known i shouldn't be waiting until the last possible second to write my posts or make grocery lists or plan meals or do the laundry or omgosh the list is a mile long... and so is the list of excuses.  It's really easy to place the blame on someone else or something else when i know i need work.  How come it's so stinkin' hard to just take the blame and do the right thing or at very least, make the effort?  i think that might be the billion dollar question. 

At any rate, my immediate goal is to write earlier and if i don't take the blame or whatever else comes with it!  Next on my list is meal planning and grocery lists.  That's a biggie too!  Any suggestions? =)

i hope you're all having a happy weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, April 20, 2013

March Q & A Continued!!

As promised, i am going to try to finish up the March questions if it kills me!

This next question is a three part question.

Q. You've said many times that you wear a girdle, stockings, heels, dress/skirt every day. Do you really enjoy that?

A. This has been a long almost 12 year process.  i didn't start off in an all in one open bottom corselette, stockings and heels... the whole bit right off.  It took a while to get to this point.  Master started me in panty hose or tights because that's what i was used to.  He had me in a long legged panty girdle and now i think if He made me go back to it i would really hate the transition.  Where i'm at right now is so convenient!     

Q. Isn't it uncomfortable?

A. Not at all.  i think it was much more uncomfortable (when i did wear pants) to have the waistband of trousers tight around the waist all day vs. having a free flowing skirt and stockings. 

Q. Do you really want to dress like that for the rest of your life?

A. Yes! Had i been told by Master when i first became His that this would be my style of dress for the rest of my life, i believe i might have panicked.  However, Master didn't just throw clothing on the bed and say "this is it girl".  He certainly could have, but He didn't.  He conditioned me and taught me to have a real appreciation for this style and the feel for this way of dressing.

Some of my favorite things about dressing this way?  The feel of ultra femininity, not just "being ultra feminine" anyone can throw on some make up, a skirt and earrings and be feminine for a day.... heck i did that for years and years but now i feel as though i am able to embody femininity.  It's a very personal thing that i am able carry with me and it's the love for being female.  i love all things silk, the feeling of a beautiful slip, new stockings, new shoes off my closet shelf for the first time, taking earrings off the card or out of the box for the first wear...

All of those things make a day just a little more special but they only add to what i wake up to every day, the knowledge that i'll dress for Him each and every day in the most feminine way possible.  Not only because that's what He expects but because it's also who i've become. So yes i absolutely want to dress like this for the rest of my life.

Thank you very much for the questions.

MD's treasure   

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ever Present Dynamic

Last night Master's family came over for supper.  We all sat around, ate too much and had a nice time.  After His sister and i got the kitchen cleaned up, then some of us played a game.  Master's Dad has never been much into games and now that he's getting older the only thing he'll do is play cards.  He can't stay awake long lately anyway, as soon as he finds a chair he falls asleep.  i said to Master's sister last night that i think it's the last year catching up with him, she agreed.

Today is going to be sort of a relaxing day, although i'm going to work and so is Master, we won't be under pressure to get the house straightened and supper made by a certain time.  That alone will be nice, we've been having Master's Dad over on Sunday nights for supper but tonight he has other plans.  He's no trouble, all he does is eat and snooze. =)

Although our dynamic is ever present, if you know us and have read here for any length of time, you know that about us. However we haven't done much other than go from day to day as Master/slave.  With everything that's happened there just hasn't been an opportunity for anything else.  We are both looking forward to a time when things slow down and we're able to move ahead with "us".  There is a room in the basement that has always been used as a game room.  At some point in the not too distant future Master hopes to convert that to a dual use room.  There is a pool table in that room that will come out which will leave lots of room for other elements of torture.  It's my understanding that this room should be a play room/dungeon... isn't that really what a dungeon is anyway? hahaha

We rarely if ever have visitors in our basement and if we do we'll have to take measure to be sure that whatever we have down that can be converted into somewhat vanilla looking items.  However that will be done, i have no idea! haha =)

i wanted to say thank you for the questions in March.  However, there are still one or two i believe i never got back to due to the timing.  i apologize for that, thank you for understanding, i will finish them this week.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure   

Saturday, April 13, 2013


The other morning i disappointed Master.  He cuffed my hands behind my back and told me to get up on my knees from my stomach and it was fairly impossible for me.  He laughed at me of course, while watching me struggle to get in position.  He did try to help me a little but mostly He just laughed.  i am certain that someone 50 pounds lighter than me could have done it with no trouble at all, for me though, it was all but impossible and i'm not sure i ever got there.  All He said was that i should be ashamed.  In the process i was slightly injured in a couple different ways, but mostly i was ashamed and embarrassed and humiliated.

i don't "do" humiliation very well.  i don't say that with any amount of self respect or pride, i'll guarantee you.  At this stage of the game, i should be better at accepting pretty much whatever Master has to throw my way but for whatever reason, i don't deal with humiliation very well.  i am sensitive to things He says to me and i don't take them as being humiliation i am hurt.  It's a mind game i'm not good at yet.

i realize that there are many benefits of humiliation where in i could be stripped of more and more control.  When needed i can be knocked down a peg or ten.  i just need to learn how to take it and not let it "hurt" me.  That's where i really struggle, like so much so that i don't know how to get past the initial "ouch".

This is my cross to bear, if you will, because i realize that He'll train me or use me in any way He wishes and i will have to learn to deal with the effects.  In some ways, for me it's good to know that i have no choice because if i thought i had a say in the matter or i might be able to worm my way out of one way of training or another, i think i'd try.  How's that for an admission for you?  It's true though, i really think that if i could inch my way out of something i might try and i'm glad i can't.  Sometimes being up against the wall, is the best place for me.  =)

i have been really having a hard time writing, i hope i'm working through that....

We're having Master's Dad and sister's family down tonight for supper.  i just took 10 minutes to jot this down so i didn't break yet another rule.

i hope everyone is well in blog land!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure 

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Getting Back to Normal

i suppose it goes without saying that this has been a difficult week.  For the most part Master has been doing well, but as expected there have been ups and downs.  i think it's going to be on me to realize that He will deal with His grief much differently than i did. 

When we got home the other night Master closed the garage door and sort of dramatically said that we were going to have to live a new life, a life without His Mom.  He's been strong and weak, He's been sad and grief ridden, He's been everything that i would expect Him to be.  One thing that He's been struggling with is being happy, just the act of laughing.  i know exactly what He meant when He asked me if i felt guilty for laughing and having fun right after my Mom died.  i did, i felt terribly guilty and He feels the same way.  It wasn't until someone just flat out told me that it was okay to laugh and of course i knew it, of course i know that life goes on and that my life wasn't supposed to end just because hers did, i just needed to hear it.  So that's what i said to Master.  He knew it too and perhaps He didn't need to hear it like i did but it's all i knew to say, so i said it.

For me, i am relieved for the whole family but most especially, i am relieved for her.  She just suffered for too long and Master's Dad was suffering along with her.  i know there is a part of this that makes no sense but His suffering is over too, partially.  He has to suffer through missing her now though.

The one thing that we have learned through all of this is who you can really count on in your family and friends.  As always there are people who are there like the rocks you can always count on and there are ones who will let you down no matter what you hope for.  There are even those who surprise you in the middle of tragedy, they stir up trouble.  It's the same in every family i'm sure, it's just always a shock to me, i guess.

i'm am so thankful to the rocks in our lives and to the trouble makers, i hope they are able to find peace in their lives.

i apologize for the scattered blog posts.  Things are getting back to normal and i'll be back posting on a more regular basis.  Thanks for hanging in here with me!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure