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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Control, Seating For 1

Last night Master's Mom called and asked us if we wanted to go out for dinner. She's always alone on Saturday night as my Father in law refuses to give up his part time job, so of course we said we would be happy to go. These evenings out usually turn out to be good conversation, we're not the type of people who rush into the restaurant order our food, scarf it down and fly out as though the place is ablaze. We don't have impatient young ones either so naturally that makes all the difference. It's not just people with families that do this though, plenty of couples of all ages are hurried as well. It's really quite incredible when you're paying attention to it, how many people rush through an evening meal, it's a wonder they even tasted it, let alone enjoyed it.

So we had a nice meal and a nice conversation. Master and His Mom used to argue a lot, she has always been very disagreeable but the older she gets the more i see Him letting things slide. It's very difficult for Him but it's a necessary evil. i mentioned to Master last week that every time i talk to her on the phone she argues with everything i say or disagrees with me just to be the opposition. me: i heard it's supposed to snow Friday. Her: No, i think it's supposed to snow Sunday. So not only is she opposing me, she's not even sure of her argument, when she says "i think".

Master offered me a great explanation of why she does this and it really gave me good insight. She must know more than everyone else and by me giving information i am one-upping-her. If i am not giving her the upper hand and saying "have you heard the weather?" or "do you know if we're getting snow?" then i am automatically putting her on the defensive. This is almost a no win situation for me because there's no way that i could plan out my questions that carefully. Confrontation is likely going to occur unless i am critically cautious and as i can't do that all that time, i will have to take my chances. There is never a time when i intentionally oppose her however.

Now armed with this knowledge it also explains a bit more about the control issues she has with my Father in law. They will and do argue about everything and i mean everything. That is the conversation we had on the way home. She and Master had some banter about control and she challenged Master about control in His relationships. Master's Mom said that He was way too controlling. This was a great opportunity for me to speak up! i said that yes He is controlling but that's the way things work best for us and that's the way we like it. It's not just about control, i don't want to make the decisions in our home and Master popped up and said a household can't run well when two people are vying control, period. Of course this put her on the defensive about her own marriage and the way she treats her husband.

What was good about last night was the fact that Master and i had a small opportunity to tell her that what she sees as an imbalance of control or misuse of power is really a happy marriage. She may not remember it today and it's not the first time she's heard it but the more times we tell her perhaps the more she might just see that there can be control without anger or cruelty. i'm happy with every chance we get to talk to her about how we live, she should know that we're happy as a couple and that this is working for us. It was a good night.

i hope you're all enjoying your Sunday afternoon.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Deal Or No Deal?

The other night Master had just gotten out of the shower and was sitting at His computer. He called out to me, "slave, come here", so i dropped whatever i was doing which most likely wasn't much and went to Him. He was still fairly involved in His computer work and not yet ready to deal with me so there i stood waiting for Him in silence.

There is always one week of the month when my blog posting is very light to say the least, my housework is at a minimum and i just do whatever i can to get by. That explains His next question to me. "How is your head?". Master doesn't ask this question very often He usually doesn't need to, it's almost always written on my face. Typically He doesn't need to know specifically my level of pain. He asks when He knows the pain has been severe and He wants to know if i am having any break.

His point was well taken and i knew very well how to respond. i told Him that it wasn't as bad as it had been and that it was bound to be very bad this week. i told Him that i would like to give Him a blow job especially because i knew how the upcoming week was bound to be. Master just shook His head and told me that He does NOT make "deals". In other words He'd have a blow job that night and any other time He wanted one regardless of my pain level.

He didn't say that but that's what He should have said. He puts up with way too much really. Let it be said that i've never refused Him, ever, not once, not nevah. However, when i am in terrible pain He refuses to allow me to give Him a blow job because He knows the kind of pain it creates. i can't even say how much i appreciate His kindness and patience. Sometimes it seems never ending because the pain is never ending. Mine pain never leaves it only waxes and wanes. It's up to me to be completely honest with Master in letting Him know what i can and can't tolerate.

Trying to "make a deal" with Him was shameful. i was trying to get Him to allow me to give Him a blow job on my terms. i was totally trying to call the shots as though saying "i feel fairly well at the moment so lets go" or "i'm not tired at the moment so, lets go". Is it really slavery if there is no sacrifice? i'm not saying there should be excruciating pain at all times or that i shouldn't have some level of comfort. Looking back at the situation the role should have been reversed completely. i should have been offering myself to Him at His leisure, not mine. Just being honest with Him at all times should be enough. Had i answered Him and told Him that i was having a fairly good night, things would have gone fine.

They went alright anyway i'm just saying that i need to be more true to Him all the time with my pain levels and true to myself. i need to ask myself who or what i am putting first, am i putting the pain first or Master first. Sometimes when i power through, i actually feel better afterward, by letting the endorphins kick in i just have to get over the hump. That's not always the case but sometimes it can be.

Note to self, He doesn't make deals. Got it. =)

i hope you're all having a good Thursday.

MD's treasure

Saturday, February 18, 2012

You may not be able to answer this question truthfully without getting in trouble. Do you have an emotional need to be a slave or do you just tolerante your masters abuse?

There are many ways from which i could approach this question, i am going to assume that you're not familiar with the dynamic i have with Master. Our relationship is multifaceted as is any successful, long term relationship be it Dom/sub or vanilla. i entered into this union under my own freewill, excited in the knowledge that i might possibly be allowed to serve as His humble and loving slave for the rest of my life, if He would only have me.

i have always craved control from any relationship i have ever been in and have always been submissive. There might be a fine line between control and abuse from the outside looking in, should you not have a clear view. Master asserting His control over me is precisely what i enjoy about being His slave. He is in control at all times, when He is in control, things run smoother, there is no power struggle and i am allowed to sit back and enjoy the ride. It hasn't always been that way, while i have always wanted to give up complete control and while i've always wanted to be His slave i had to learn how to be His life partner, His wife and His slave.

Are you lead to believe that a spanking or Master telling me that i must wear too much clothing in warm weather is abuse? i love that about this dynamic, i believe that knowing He has absolute power over me is what sets me free to make mistakes and gives Him complete control to bring me back to center every time i foul up. i trust that He'll never put me in harms way, when it gets too hot, He makes sure i am taken care of immediately. When we're not on the same page in our relationship, the spanking isn't about the spanking, it's always about reconnecting.

i have an emotional need to love Master and serve Him for the rest of my days. He allows me to be His slave and i am blessed.

Thank you so much for the reminder of who i am.

Peace to you.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

How We Got Here

There have been a few questions as of late about the way i dress and it's exciting to know that people are interested in my daily routine. i think it's important to give a bit of history as to how Master got me to this point.

This has been a very long process a ten year long process to be exact and like any relationship, we are ever changing. Master will never really be done working with me and molding me into His perfect slave, as He calls it. Part of the reason He chose me to be His slave was because i said i was willing to change and become whatever was desired of me. Sometimes that exact person isn't out there at the right time so finding someone who is pliable is almost as good, sometimes better as they aren't set in their ways.

So when i met Master on line i had almost no idea what would be expected of me. He started slowly with skirts, panty hose and lower heels. Of course when i was working i wore skirts and some dresses. i just didn't wear them all the time and i had a fairly nice selection of skirts already in my wardrobe. What i didn't have were things that i could wear on a daily basis for comfort, my things were more formal and for the work setting. So Master set out to widen my wardrobe and my mindset. The first of which was easy, the second took some time. The only thing i had to wrap my head around was to learn that there was very little you couldn't do in a skirt or dress. Over time, i had to learn it over trial and error and i've said time and again the only thing i have trouble doing in a dress is crawling. Crawling to clean, like the bathtub or to hunt for something on the floor. If i know i'm going to be doing anything like that, i wear a shorter skirt! TaDa!

Master soon after added a long legged high waisted panty girdle to the panty hose or tights and i wore those for years. Knowing what i know now and knowing that Master always gets what He wants sooner or later i wish i had been more proactive in the search for an open bottom girdle. A girdle that would look good on me and one that Master and i would both be happy with. He tried many combinations on me, until He was satisfied with something that we could both live with. i believe He only allowed me to have a say in the matter because it's a garment that i would wear constantly and wanted me to be able to wear it with some level of comfort.

my theory on His training and patience is this; Master could have presented me with any combination of a thousand foundation garments from day one. He does however love me and want me to be happy in my role as His slave and doesn't want me to be in constant discomfort. i also believe that the slower He went the more likely i would be to find my own appreciation for the same fine things that He's always loved. He was right, through years of His generosity and surrounding me with every feminine thing you can imagine His enthusiasm was contagious. This wasn't just about wearing these items for Him, it was about changing my entire way of thinking.

The longer i was in that long legged panty girdle, the more uncomfortable it became and the more i wanted something better. i wanted something that would help hold me in more and i wanted to look nicer. The first time i put on the foundation garment that i wear now, the one that really "works" for me, i. was. hooked! Everything changed. my entire silhouette was different and for the first time in a long time i could see some semblance of an hour glass. It was faint but it was there. The stockings that He bought me were perfect and i tossed that panty girdle aside like an old rag.

If there is a time now when it's too warm or there is a reason that i need to leave the foundation garment behind for the day. i am completely uncomfortable leaving the house without something under my clothes. i just don't look right and i certainly don't feel right. He always gives me a choice even after He's made His decision. If it's too warm and He has said i may go without more often than not i chicken out and put it back on before we leave the house, no matter what the weather is going to be. It just feels right.

So here we are today, moving forward again. We went from what seemed like collecting every skirt in the tri-state area and blouses to go with them that we've had to expand our closet to three. Now we've had to thin things out, a lot to make room for the next natural step. Dresses and belts, wide belts and He says the tighter the belt the better. This will be a much slower paced move as dressed are more expensive and much more difficult to come by. However, Master has spoken and there will be no more buying skirts and less wearing them.

That's where we are today. But that's all i know, i'm not privy to His future plans, i never really have been. =) That's best for both of us.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I assumed that master bought you all that retro lingerie because (like many of us) he thinks you look sexy wearing it. Now you say he insists you walk around the house either fully dressed or buck naked. Does master have you wear those heavy foundation ga

Unfortunately your question was cut off.

Master has always loved seeing a lady dressed as a lady should be. A firm foundation garment being only one of the components making up the entire outfit, of course. He does enjoy seeing me in all types of girdles and thank you for saying so, as well! =)

As your question was cut short i'll guess here a bit. As with many of Master's rules, there is a rule regarding dress. It is as follows:

#31 your standard daily attire will consist of stockings (pantyhose with permission only), foundation garment/brassiere or AIO, skirt/blouse or dress, slip, heels of 2” minimum, non-granny earrings, rings (wedding minimum) and of course My nipple and labia rings. you may wear panties (for now) unless told otherwise. you will never deviate from this without explicit permission, and you may ask to deviate from it only with very good reason.

This rule was written quite some time ago and the panties have been taken away. He doesn't typically allow the 2" heel unless i am working steadily on chores throughout the entire day.

The "very good reason" has pretty much also been taken away. The rule of thumb around the house is, i will inform Master of my needs rather than ask Him for things. Instead of pleading for Him to change things for my benefit, i inform Him of a situation and leave the decisions up to Him entirely.

IE: "Master may i please go without stockings today, i'm going to be so hot working in the heat... blah blah..." That puts Him on the spot immediately with me standing there breathing down His neck waiting for a response to get dressed.

Instead: "Master i heard it will be around 100 degrees today". Leave it at that and go do something else until He gets back to me with His decision in His own time. He might tell me that i'll wear no foundation garment, stockings or slip at all. On the contrary, He may tell me that i'll be fine and take breaks inside as needed and to get dressed as usual.

On a typical day i am in my foundation garment from the time i am out of the shower and dry, until Master says it's time to go to bed. Even though we watch television laying on the bed, under blankets. i am completely dressed, other than shoes.

Hope this was close to an answer to your question~ i took a shot in the dark!

Thank you for the question!

MD's treasure

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

All Or Nothing!

The other night we were watching TV and my bra was the new one i got for Christmas. i'd had it on all day and it was really getting tight. i could tell it was cutting into me and i asked if i would be allowed to remove just the bra, underneath my girdle. Not my entire outfit or anything because it wasn't time to go to bed and that's the standing rule. In a word, no. Normally i would have said okay but i was really hurting as these bras are pretty firm until they are worn in a few times. So the deal was "all or nothing" no negotiating. In the winter time i hate being naked. The house is always pretty cold to me when i'm dressed, naked i FREEZE! He allows me a blanket for TV but any time out of it, i'm tense and achy all over! Waaaahh right? haha! i hate it! Plus the kitchen is pretty wide open, although Master doesn't believe anyone can see over the lattice on the deck to see inside, He's probably right, but still.

That's pretty much how it's always been with Him. If for any reason at all, i am uncomfortable or need to get undressed for any reason. Say i've spilled on my blouse or skirt. Off with everything! He isn't happy with anything if it's going to be half way. So if i'm not going to be completely dressed, i'm not going to be dressed at all. i will really go to the extreme to stay clothed in the winter! =)

One time though He went against His own rule! He had been playing with me and i was completely naked except for stockings and heels! He decided He would take me out like that. He found my lovely full-length wool coat and bundled me all up. We went to subway and He took me inside and had me order my own sandwich just as though everything were perfectly normal! To everyone else i looked fine. This was a long time ago and i'm sure i'll never forget it!

Master is certainly getting one thing drilled into my head, at least in the colder months. Unless i am really uncomfortable or i've really made a mess of myself, clothing stays on until it's bed time! The funny thing is, after reading this post, He'll most likely start making me spend more evenings naked now, just for fun! =p

i hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday evening.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Knowing When To Be Quiet

As i was staring out the back doors i was thinking that i was sort of sleepy and that made me think about last night.

Master's sleeping pattern and mine have been off set for a few weeks. It kinda sorta makes me nuts but there's nothing i can do about it. Last night we were watching some DVR'd shows and He asked me if i wanted to watch one more 1/2 hour show and i said nah, i was tired and ready for bed. Normally if one of us is tired, that's it, we're done. Not last night though, He wanted to watch a particular show and He said, we'll watch this show and then you can sleep, done and done. There weren't any questions and i wasn't given an opinion.

There are countless other situations where He just decides what we're going to do or how things are going to be without consulting me. He tells me to do something, i do it and it's over. This is just something that i wasn't used to and it caught me off guard. Not a big deal with the exception that once in a while these little things are good reminders.

Like any couple, i suppose there's a method to our madness. There are some things that Master always wants to know my opinion on and other things that He will decide and i'll be quiet unless or until He asks me. Sometimes i speak up when i shouldn't and that's when i get in trouble.... He always wants to know what i "want", to eat, to drink, to wear, to buy. He's really all about making me happy. i'm supposed to speak up about movies and TV as well. Of course one of the biggest things that Master wants me to continuously work on unprompted is sex, what i want and my passion.

He doesn't want my opinion on money matters!, bondage sessions, driving!, construction, plumbing, electrical HAHA! (the list is long). Guy stuff, really. Normally i know enough to shut up but when i'm working with Him it's hard to keep quiet all the time.

While He wants me to be happy, He doesn't particularly care so much if i'm comfortable except to shut me up so that i'll stop complaining. haha! i'm not good at being uncomfortable. i'm not great at being cold, hot, sore etc. That's bad for bondage sessions. When i start hurting really badly from being in one position too long or having a buckle dig into my already sore head, i'm really bad at being uncomfortable for long periods of time. As long as i try to suck it up and as much as He tries to accommodate me, we've worked it out over the years. Padding underneath buckles on my head so i can last longer that's the biggest thing and smaller gags. Having my mouth open with a large gag makes my head want to explode.

The bad thing about this was trial and error, testing Master's patience and the years it took to get where we are today. my biggest down fall and absolute worst character trait as a slave is pain tolerance and ability to suffer. It's not that i don't want to it's that i am in pain from my head already and adding more pain somehow translates to me as being punishment already. i have no right to do this to myself when Master alone is the One who should decide how much pain i'll tolerate. i have always wanted more bondage but oddly enough, i've wanted "comfortable bondage". Really? Okay, i've wanted bondage that i can tolerate for long periods of time, let me reword that. Saying i wanted comfortable bondage sure doesn't sound very slave-like, does it? Heh, no.

So that's a pretty big confession and when i say i will always have work to do, i mean it. i've come a long way from when we first began this journey, like i said, through trial and error and with Master being patient with me. i have learned how to tolerate more pain and more than anything i want to please Him desperately.

That's all for me today, we still have to go to work and it's much later than we usually leave. Have a good night!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Dr. Sadie's, Tickle My Tush

A few weeks ago i was contacted and asked to review Dr. Sadie Allison's newest book, Tickle My Tush "Mild-to-Wild Analplay Adventures for Everybooty"

The book is fairly short at 131 pages with large illustrations, bullet points and more than a couple blank pages intertwined. The illustrations are very well done and are a vital part of the book, most of which are completely necessary. Some are just totally repetitive, but i'll get to that in a minute.

At the very beginning of the book you have no doubt that Dr. Sadie knows her stuff, she's intelligent, articulate and you have complete faith that you're going to learn exactly what you came for. Until she begins these horrible puns the puns are just completely out of place and she doesn't need them to teach you what you want to be taught.

Throughout the book Dr. Sadie is consistent, you begin to trust her completely and if you read the book thoroughly you'll learn more than you probably thought possible. The book is much more than just a guide to anal sex it's also a great tool for couples to learn how to talk to each other in the bedroom. If you buy this book, you're opening a dialog about your sex life and Dr. Sadie helps you begin that conversation, in not so many words.

Now, what she also does is repeat those instructions way, way too much. If she tells you one time to use lubrication prior to entering your partner, i kid you not she writes it fifty times. Really, we get it. Lube up, okay. There are just too many things that appear to be used as filler in this book, other than the illustrations that are also repeated in many cases.

i realize that this review seems harsh but on the whole, i would indeed recommend this book not only to a couple new to anal sex but to any couple feeling a distance in their relationship. The price is right for sure. On her website it's about $14 not including shipping and you can grab it on Amazon for about $10 with Super Saver. Totally worth it and she recommends reading it in bed together, also a great idea. It's not a quick read and that's a good thing. Take your time and the slower you go, the more you'll get to know about each other.

If you're looking for a super hot anal sex porn book, this isn't it. While you'll get all hot and bothered with your partner if you follow Dr. Sadie's instructions, the only thing hot in this book are the pics of Dr. Sadie herself.

For me, this was the take away. (chapter about strap-ons) Page 107 ~ Quickies are okay. It's perfectly fine if he says "that's good" after just a few minutes. Sex isn't measured in duration-- it's measured in adventure, pleasure and trust.

Love it!!

Thank you to the folks at Tickle Kitty for a complimentary copy of Tickle My Tush in exchange for an unbiased review, the pleasure was mine.

i asked Master to read my review before i posted it and the one question He asked me was this; "Did the book make you want to go have anal sex?".

Honestly, no it didn't. When i first started reading i thought it might but it really didn't. What it did do was open my mind to better communication but i'm almost an unfair subject. i believe this book was written for the novice, someone who has little or actually no anal sex experience. Using that line of thinking then, the novice, might begin this process with a million questions mulling around in their head. They would run not walk to the bedroom as soon as they begin this book! You be the judge!

MD's treasure

Friday, February 03, 2012

If it is so important to you to keep your sexual preferences secret from your family, friends and the public, then why don't you just dress in normal street clothes when you are with other people?

When i first came to live with Master i had a bit of an inner struggle, knowing that people around me, women mostly, were looking at what i was wearing and judging me. Over time though i realized that pleasing Master and becoming comfortable in my role as His slave was so much more important to me than anything anyone could think of me. So any judgements or dirty looks were pretty quickly tossed aside.

There were some questions as well, people thinking that Master was too controlling and mean to me. That He wouldn't allow me to wear pants or flats in different situations. That too took some time and as the family got to know our dynamic better they soon realized that Master wasn't only the one who wanted me to dress this way. Master's Mom was the most outspoken and i finally had to let her know that i am completely comfortable.

Now the way that i dress is simply, the way i dress. Quite honestly i don't dress in anything that one might consider extreme in any way, it's just different. Everything i wear can be purchased in any average store and with the exception of some pretty rockin' high heels i don't wear anything out of the ordinary, my daily wear is quite normal however. Women these days don't wear hosiery as much as they used to and few wear stockings and a girdle but that's not seen through the clothing.

Should you be referring to the fact that i was wearing the leather collar in public, this was totally an anomaly. During the summer months Master puts the eternity collar on me for the entire summer and i never get a comment. The only reason i hadn't removed the leather collar was because i had a turtle neck shirt on over the collar while in the store and while i was in the fitting room, the door was only open for seconds at a time. As a rule, if the collar is going to be seen, it's removed.

So you see this isn't just about sexual preference this is also a way of life and these are my street clothes. =) Like i mentioned earlier, i got over the judgements quickly and soon came to realize that there's nothing more important than living this life for Master and for me. If i could, if we could, we would be a bit more open with our lifestyle but at this time we can't. Maybe someday we will. In the past couple years we've taken some huge steps that we never thought we would, so we're getting there.

Thank you very much for the question! i hope answered you! =)

Peace to you!

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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Dressing For Master

This year and pretty much every year Master and i have been together, Santa brings me a new bra or two and in the last few years, a new girdle. i've been saving them for something special. Nothing huge just anything out of the ordinary as what i was wearing wasn't completely in disrepair and it's always fun for me to wear brand new undergarments!

So Tuesday Master had an appointment out of town to see the doctor. Just a three month check up type of thing, not a big deal. Each time we drive out of town though, we take advantage of the gas we're burning and make it a nice day if we can. Tuesday was no different so i thought it was a perfect opportunity to wear my pretty new things! The night before i ironed my dress and had Master's things laid out so we were all set. We even left on time, crazy for us actually. For some reason both of my full slips were just too long and my dress wasn't a short dress. It was quite annoying but i dealt with it all day. i'm going to have to put in a request to my **Buyer** hahaha (Master) to get me a shorter full slip!!! =)

After Master's appointment we had plans, or so we thought to meet His Mom and Dad for lunch. Sometimes i think they purposely throw a monkey wrench into things just to mess with our heads though. Master's Mom's appointment ran late, (absolutely unavoidable) but why they didn't call us for the almost hour and 1/2 we tried calling them to find out what in the world was going on, is still a mystery. Which was fine, it's just good to get a phone call, right? Right.

i've mentioned before that i get a lot of my clothes from Goodwill, for me it just makes sense. i also shop at department stores but i just refuse to pay full price for something that i know if i shop often enough or if i'm patient, i will get that same item for much, much less. Case in point, this Christmas season i fell head over heels for a baby pink cable knit cowl neck sweater. The retail price was $58 at Khols. i was really drawn in by this sweater and just about suckered in but i resisted. Master and i stopped by Khols to make a return and they were having a huge sale lots of stuff up to 80% off. Truth be told i had forgotten all about this sweater i just couldn't live without but there it was, large as life, for $21.00. i was so excited i couldn't believe my good fortune, my waiting had paid off, they even had it in my size!! It really was the perfect sweater, but i walked away, a second time. If i forgot about it once, i'll forget about it again and right now i'm heading away from skirts and sweaters toward dresses. It's not the direction Master wants me going. Had i gotten that sweater i would have felt guilty, knowing we're looking for cute dresses and belts to go with them. So that's what we did, we went to Goodwill! But not before we found an adorable pair of clearance shoes for $11! i put my $5 refund money toward them and Master made up the difference. Yay! =)

In some towns Tuesdays are quarter day at Goodwill other places Tuesdays are 1/2 off day of a certain color tag. Either way, Tuesday is the day to go. Sometimes when we go i make out like a bandit other times not so much. This Tuesday was just "okay". i got a couple of cute belts, one that is way too big that Master will have to cut off and another that the buckle was so amazing i couldn't pass it up but it's missing a stone and will have to be polished.

Dresses are normally $5.38 even if they aren't 1/2 off, some of them are brand new. Where else can you get a brand new dress for that price? Yeah, no where. Nothing i wear ever looks like it came from a second hand shop. It's not torn, faded, stained (unless i spill on it!) or old. i came home with an adorable Lands End dress, a little dress to wear around the house for house work and Master found a long sweater dress for when it's really cold. Not that i think i'll need it this year.

When i try on dresses at Goodwill Master stands right at the fitting room so He can give the thumbs up or thumbs down on each item. After all He's the one that looks at me, He lets me have an opinion but if He doesn't like the dress, i don't get it. This last trip i had the collar on because i was wearing a turtle neck shirt. Master will only tell me to take His collar off if i'm wearing something that will clearly show it in public, otherwise it's always on, always. So each time i opened the door to show Him my current dress obviously the collar would show. One time a lady was walking by and i stepped out with the collar on and she looked at the dress i had on and then she looked up at me and i'm sure the collar. She did a double take and kept walking. It's quite unmistakable as it's black and pink leather with a purple dog tag hanging from it. i didn't think to take it off as i was only in the threshold of the door for mere seconds at a time. i know she saw me and it though. i just have to wonder what people think when they see someone who clearly isn't "goth" wearing something so bold. i wonder if they think anything more than "huh what a weird necklace" or if they actually put thought into it. There is a huge part of me that wishes we were able to be open with our dynamic, i'm sure i'm not alone in that thinking. Maybe someday! =)

That's it for me today, i'm off to get some laundry done. i have to wash my new stuff! i hope all is well in blogland!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure