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We've never, ever wanted to be mistaken for any of the countless people who claim to be a Master or slave when in reality, they just pretend for money. There's potentially a fine line in other folks' perception, and I've gone to considerable effort to never cross that line. My treasure writes here because she enjoys it, she loves to get and reply to comments and she also does it because I require it. In the beginning, it was a blog, nothing more, nothing less. In the last few years, it has become not only a blog, but also a hub for all of our online activity. Some of that activity is done simply for fun, some of it is to feed some sort of narcissistic need for kudos that I still deny having, and some of it is done to try to supplement our income by sharing our real life with others who might be willing to toss a few bucks our way for a small window into our normal activities. Normal for us but mere fantasies to them, things that they can't get at home or simply things that get their blood flowing south. Like most people, we started out never showing our faces, never being specific about where we live, blah blah blah. One day, I decided that I was tired of acting like I was ashamed of Myself or My girl, just so someone I knew wouldn't find a photo that would make them all butt hurt because of their own insecurities and closed-mindedness. In a very short time, we had started making videos and posting non-anonymous pictures all over the place. Eventually, My girl started doing live cam sessions for cash and it's become a multifaceted "business". That's why we're making this page. I didn't want it on the front page of the blog because this is still her blog, and always will be, but we wanted to add a page for some of the money-making things that we do.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

March Q & A

This post will be in several parts. Just the other night i received an email from a reader with a few detailed questions. i'll do my very best to answer one or two at a time.

Q: I've noticed you sometimes get flustered in crowds/public and have difficulty focusing, do you know what causes this?

A: There are a few things to which i can attribute this behavior. The more pain i'm in from the headaches, the more confused i become. If i have to perform a task that is unfamiliar to me it can really throw me into a frenzy and it can be something as mundane as making a purchase at a store. It's not really that i can't do it, it's because it's something i haven't done it repeatedly and i'm out of practice. i don't want to be a burden to others or make someone else irritated and because i get nervous often times i mess up or drop something, the cashier does in fact, become impatient. It's a vicious cycle and everything is situational. Once i'm flustered about one thing, it typically snowballs and i start to hurt more, become more confused and if i wasn't with Master at the time, once i find Him, i'm a ball of mush. If we were together at the time, if i am given time to collect myself, i might just be alright.

Interestingly enough i enjoy going to huge auctions or fairs or big shopping malls where there are lots of people. As long as i am sure that Master is with me and will be helping me if i want to make a purchase or a decision. Something else that sort of goes against the grain is that i can run through the grocery store with or without a list in hand alone and make decisions whippety snap with no help at all from anyone. It's something i am perfectly comfortable with and have done tons of times. UNLESS.... it's a really bad day and my pain level is just over the top, then all bets are off.

i am getting better though, the other night when we were at the casino, i misunderstood Master's instructions and we were separated. In the past, this would have undone me until i realized that it was alright for me to go play a machine on my own and the world wasn't going to end. Once we connected, He was totally fine with what i had done and turned out, the world hadn't ended and i didn't get flustered or upset.

So really i can't answer your question succinctly. For the most part, it stems from the pain causing confusion. Everything else is situational and environmental but i am getting better!

Q: Does your Master select the foods you eat?

A: This rule somewhat applies to this question:
#14 you will never eat anything without permission.

However, He really doesn't select what i eat. Master doesn't like the fact that i have such a sweet tooth however but He doesn't demand that i don't eat cookies or cakes and such. When we're shopping i don't just take it upon myself to toss cookies or treats such as donuts or cake in the cart. If i want something of that nature i have to ask for it.

Q: If so, always or just sometimes?

A: When it's time to make supper, He most generally leaves that up to me to decide what we're going to have, even after i've asked Him what He wants. Unless He's got a real desire for something, supper is up to me. He won't even tell me how much to eat, He wants me to eat until i'm full but He wants me to do that AT MEAL TIME. He doesn't care for snacking. When i ask for a snack the most He'll do is say that i am allowed to have something and of course He would rather i eat something healthy than something sugary.

Q: Has He ever put you on some kind of diet program, and if so, how did that go?

A: Right before we got married i was at my very heaviest weight, and i mean i was big. He really was unhappy with my weight, as was i. So He told me that He wanted me to lose weight and bought me some video tapes of pilates and Richard Simmons. i don't know what all i did at the time. He was pretty serious about me taking off some weight though. He never told me that it was "a rule" but He wasn't at all happy. i lost a little bit of weight but i think at most maybe ten pounds.

So no He's never done anything formal or anything but what i was trying to do on my own for Him was pretty pathetic. i was completely unmotivated because everything was going poorly in my life at the time, except for the fact that we were getting married. Right after that, everything got exponentially better and i was able to take off nearly 50 pounds.

Q: Does He control your weight?

A: Well yes in that He controls everything about me. If i were to start gaining again He would put an immediate stop to it, one way or another. He would really like for me to lose more weight, and He won't give me forever to lose it on my own. In Master's own words, He knows He is in the position to dictate what i do and when, it's difficult for Him to look at me and be the Pot that calls the kettle black, if you will. =)

Thank you for the questions! Stay tuned, many more awesome questions to come! =)

MD's treasure

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