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Sunday, December 27, 2009


We got a new game called Quelf and if your family plays games you should get it, it's one of the best we've gotten in a really long time. We played it for hours last night, we ended up staying out until very late, we didn't get home until almost 4am because the game was so fun. It's supposed to take an hour or so to play one game and it's really easy to learn but it took us longer to play because we didn't stick to the timer exactly. If we had it wouldn't have taken as long. M's Dad who is normally a stick in the mud for every game we play really had some good laughs too.

Today we need to clean up the house and i'm sure Master will shovel snow, we got a lot more than the "flurries" they were calling for. It really snowed here yesterday and all last night. Master ended up cleaning off the car two times and in a matter of minutes it was nearly completely covered again. Thankfully at 3:40am there aren't many cars on the roads and you can take up as much road as you need to when the plows haven't touched even the main highways and interstates. It could have been a dangerous ride home if we had come home any earlier or if the roads had been more heavily traveled.

i'm not exactly positive when but there is a (i think) labia) piercing in my future. Master will be doing the honors and He comes fully prepared. It's been planned for years and in the makings for years as well it's only now coming to fruition. The only other details i know is that there will be two rings, as of yet, i don't know if they'll both be placed on the same side or opposite, of course, that will be a surprise. my initial reaction was that of fear and the more i think about it the more i know that it will work out fine. When we had the nipples done the man said that if i could go through that i could do any piercing at all, they would be the worst. i think if i freak out, it will be harder on Master and if i am calm and pliable, molding, it will make His job easier and help the whole process go more smoothly, lol i think.

Not much else going on except that we've got a huge mess, a lot of stuff to put a way and no place to put it. So that's it for me. Have a happy Sunday.

MD's treasure

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Insert suggestions here -

So my cooking is going a little better. i made home made cornbread last week and it went much better than the biscuits, i just seem to have this aversion to following a recipe to the "t". i made the cornbread with homemade chili and even the chili was my own recipe. Master has said many times that He really doesn't like chili because it's too runny. A long time ago i heard someone say they tried their chili with macaroni noodles, and it's not the first time i've tried it. So i gave it another shot.

It's an unbelievably cheap meal, i filled an entire 5qt crock pot, toppings and made the bread for about 6 dollars. The best part about it is we had left overs for another entire meal and it's always better the next day. So that was a win.

i made Snickerdoodle cookies last night for Master's Mom, also another first for me and i seriously thought i was messing them up in a big way because they weren't getting brown.... on top...! ohhh you mean they aren't supposed to get brown... on top? Derrr. Thankfully i watched them closely and saw that they bottoms were browning and took them out.

i get very little feedback from Master on my cooking or baking, unless it's inedible or very good. i have come to assume that if He doesn't say anything it's acceptable. i'm still looking for that knock your socks off recipe, until i find it, i'll keep trying lol.

i'm certainly open for suggestions! =)

MD's treasure

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just a little effort, goes a long way

Tonight is a ritual night for us. A little different this year because we're watching a game also but still a ritual. We're wrapping presents during the football game, well, i'll wrap presents, Master will write out the tags. Then after we're done we're going to watch Emmit Otters Jug Band Christmas.

Now, if you've never seen it, it's seriously not to be missed. It's one of those Christmas shows that they used to have on every year and it went by the way side. i have no idea why because it's really one of the best. It's cute, the music is great and the message is amazing.

That's my plug for this year and every other year. i'm not going to take the time to look but i wouldn't be surprised if i've said this before lol.

Master put my very first collar on my yesterday because i pulled a muscle in my neck, so i put some conditioning lotion on it this morning. The collar is old, and stiff and didn't smell very good from being accidentally worn in the shower, dried and just being worn for so many years. So the lotion really helped spruce it up and took the smell away. As i was conditioning the collar i saw how worn it was, in different areas. Some areas i could polish up and made them shine again but the majority of it is so worn that there's no way to make it look perfect again. After i took some time massaging the lotion into the leather, i realized that it's just our relationship. Sometimes it gets stale and stagnant and only needs a fresh massage to look good again. It always feels comfortable and it takes very little effort to make things fresh again.

Master is out running last minute errands before the game and i'm trying to get supper ready to go before He gets home. i hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday night.

MD's treasure

Friday, December 18, 2009

Fet Life Pimp!

After all these years i finally found my way to Fetlife. Master entered a holiday give away and told me to do the same. So here i am pimping their site and “Sit on Kinky Santa's Lap” giveaway! There are some very cool things to win too! =)

Good luck~
MD's treasure

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Perception is everything

Yesterday was Master's big once a year shopping trip with His friend, they go out of town after His friend gets off work and they don't get home til pretty late. i got a late start and finally finished my hair and got dressed well after Master left. He'd left me instructions to put the leather cuffs and locks on as soon as i got out of the shower. No sooner had i changed from the shower collar to the leather collar and set the lock and slipped my foot into my shoe the doorbell rings. Thankfully the sleeves on my sweatshirts are always too long and i was wearing a turtleneck, so i yanked the arms down and pulled the neck up and went to the door. An hour and a half later, the neighbor left. She seriously talked straight for an hour and a half lol. She said a few times something about how they never hear us and how we're very quiet, they never know that we're even around. i was thinking if they only really knew us, they must think that we're the most boring people in the world that we have no lives and no imagination.

If she only knew that i was standing four feet from her wearing leather cuffs with locks, leather collar, 1 inch nipple rings large enough to swing from, she might just change her tune. But i stand there looking like June Cleaver in my skirt and stockings and heels and let her think that we're the vintage couple i'm sure she thinks we are. Perception is our own truth, if she perceives us as being boring and old fashioned which i'm sure is the case from what she's mentioned in the past, then to her, that's the truth. So be it, could be worse.

Master came home feeling bad that He didn't get to go hog wild this year like He does every year. i write about that every year, how He goes berserk with the Christmas shopping for me every year and i'm sure in my opinion He did way too much, but for Him, He didn't get to do enough. Money is way too tight for everyone this year and even for people who have money, you hear of them cutting back. We've cut back everywhere on pretty much everyone and no matter how you look at it, it sucks.

We'd love to find some kind of work we could do from home where Master didn't have to be away from me. Although the spells i've had aren't as frequent as they once were, i still have them, it would be nice if Master could be home. We've worked together before and would like to again but those jobs just don't even seem to exist. Maybe they do in larger cities but not around here in the middle of no-where-ville anyway.

Someone came in a dropped two tons of laundry in this house, can't be that i'm behind on my laundry again?? *ugh* i guess i better get moving on it, unless the laundry fairy is going to show up soon???

Take care!

MD's treasure

Sunday, December 13, 2009

At least i'm trying!

i may not be the best cook or baker but at least i'm trying out new recipes. The only way to figure out the good ones is the fail a few times. i certainly failed at the biscuits tonight but my potato and corn chowder was pretty good. i'm also realizing that timing is seriously everything. i started peanut butter cookies and before i knew it was four hours later and i finally had dinner ready and the cookies done.

This week seems to have been a busy one. We finished all of our shopping and had a really good time doing it although we had a very late day and didn't get home until like almost 2am. The winter snow storm we were supposed to have didn't turn out to be too bad.

We're going to watch a movie and Master is waiting for me so i have to scoot.

Peace to you and yours.

MD's treasure

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Scare Tactics... they work

It's a good thing that Master's Mom watches the news or we'd be snowed in with no supplies! Not like we don't have a pantry fulla stuffs but still, no milk? ACK! So far we have "some inches" of snow, i dunno, looks like *this* much. But from what the Nat'l scare.. weather service says we're supposed to get the worst storm we've have in a bajillion years or something like that. Seriously that is how they word it and in all caps too!

Here, hot off the press, this is the actual post:

Now, that's not meant to scare anyone or make anyone drive like idiots or anything, they just want to caution people. mmhmm... riiiight. Then they wonder why all of a sudden the stores are bombarded with crazy customers and people are buying canned goods by the hundreds and milk in 50 gallon drums.

Anyway, Master and i got a couple things at the store last night and we're all set. Hopefully it won't be as bad as all that. It started last night at midnight but the worst of it is supposed to hit tonight. While it's snowing outside and looking like a winterwonderland out there, i'll work on making it look like a Christmas wonderland inside.

i'm off to decorate.

MD's treasure

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Rambling kinda

We've been pretty productive i would say, i just wish it reflected on the look of things around here a bit. By the look of the house itself it's obvious that i've been pretty busy and i haven't had time to do much cleaning. Hopefully this afternoon i'll have a chance to find some sort of order, once things get out of hand it's so hard to catch up. We have made a huge dent in the DVD project though so that's good news.

It's been pretty enlightening looking through all these pictures though of how Master grew up and all the places He traveled. i always knew that He traveled and they went on a lot of vacations but i could never have imagined that they went all the places that they really did. It's actually pretty fascinating to see how much time they spent traveling. The Christmases were amazing too rooms full of presents, just awesome. i love how well documented their lives are even if the pictures aren't well organized there are just so many pictures of everything they did. His Mom didn't miss an opportunity to take a picture when she could. Master said that i haven't traveled near as much as His ex had with His family just because His parents are older and there hasn't been as much opportunity. As much as i've gotten to travel since i've been here i wouldn't dream of complaining. It's been more than i could dream of, we went to Florida two times and Master took me all over the west, not to mention two other trips south. That alone is just unbelievable to me, who could complain about that?

i think we're going to try to work on a few more pictures. i hope you're all having a nice weekend.

MD's treasure

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Slow down!

Too much to do and not enough time to do it in. All of a sudden it seems like everything is just piling up at once. The days are shorter it seems. Someone came along and just snatched away about 4 hours away from each day. Master and i are going to try again this year to get a couple DVD's made for His mom and dad and hopefully for His brother's family as well. The problem is that we have literally have thousands of pictures to sort through and i think yesterday we scanned over 500 pictures.

We have yet to put the tree up or any inside decorations but the outside ones are up and look nice. Tomorrow we're set to sit and scan pictures until our faces fall off. i just finished putting a casserole in the fridge for tomorrow nights supper so i barely have to leave the computer tomorrow. i'm going to get up, have my shower and really hit the pictures hard. We're just running short on time. We aren't doing too bad on presents and shopping but we always procrastinate and this is a project that just takes too long to put together.

i'm hoping that i'll be able to go help Master's mom clean at least one more time before Christmas for a little extra cash. It would help a bit as everything is tight right now. Seems like when it rains it pours. Extra stuff is all coming due at once and the battery on the van died, naturally. Anyway i might see if she needs help one more time before Christmas if i can squeeze it in myself.

i just hate the hustle and bustle because after the holiday there just seems like such a let down. i wish it lasted a bit longer i guess lol. my sister called last night with bad news, her marriage is really rocky right now and although Master says she has what she's got coming to her, i can't help but feel badly for her. i just hope good things for her and i wish she could be happy.

i hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season. i hope i don't sound like i'm complaining. i love Christmas and everything about it. =)

Have a happy weekend.

MD's treasure