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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i was talking to my sister yesterday basically reliving my gluttony post and she was laughing because i was so irritated by the whole situation. She said that she thinks it's funny how i really was ripping on this issue because normally i just don't lay into people ever. At the time i thought it was funny and even last night when i was telling Master about it, He thought it was funny because it's disgusting. Then last night i was laying in bed and it really hit me.

W o W.... what a hypocrite i am. Holy crapola even, i know i'm only human but it's really mean to rip on this woman like this, it really is. i mean i can get mad at her and that's only normal but i ripped her a new one and i am standing in judgment of her like i'm flawless. HA!!

i dunno.. i just feel really bad, it won't stop bothering me and i'm SURE i won't stop complaining about it but the next time i start to rip all over her i need to remember that whole, Let whoever is without sin cast the first stone, thing... lol.

Master thinks it's important for me to be ladylike, He has little or no preference on my faith really, but in my mind a true lady is truly kind, truly, not just on the surface. Woohoo, i failed! If i didn't fail Master i certainly failed myself. She's not a person who rakes someone over the coals when there's no one else around to hear and she's not a person who tells you one thing but believes another. i will however *bend* the truth if i have to in order to save a heartache or avoid hurting someones feelings unnecessarily. i'm sure that's probably wrong though.

So the pictures on my blog still aren't fixed. HMPH! It's ugly ugly ugly. *hint hint* =)

Have a happy Tuesday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The little things

This morning i got up and did all the normal stuff, went out and hit "go" on the coffee maker and smelled the new coffee that Master and i picked out at the store. He doesn't drink it but He helped me pick it out. He wanted me to try something that i might like even more than the normal stuff, so i got a dark roast. (yum, it's very good, ty Master) Then i went back to the bathroom to brush my teeth where i used the last of the tooth paste. Never fear! He just got me a brand new tube of tooth paste the other night! Then i looked up and saw the brand new hair spray and the new bottle of shaving gel.

Now granted probably 90% of the products we buy are generic and we like never ever buy designer anything cause it's well... dumb. But we never want for things. When we're at the store Master will ask me many times "is there anything else you need?". Partly because He doesn't want to come back to the store lol but mostly because He wants me to have what i need and or want. If i want something and He knows i want it, even if i'm not blatantly drooling over it, He wants me to have it. He'll ask me if i want to go back and look at it or did i want to get it, several times. Am i sure i don't want to go back and have a look at that "whatever it was".

The funny thing, ironic even, Master doesn't really like that i drink coffee. But that doesn't matter to Him. He knows that i really enjoy it, he knows that it's a pleasure of mine so He wants me to have what i want. If He could choose, He would choose that i never drank it again, it's a vise and He wishes i didn't drink it, but i helps my head a lot and it's a great pleasure, He won't take it away, not only will He not take it away but it's important to Him that i have it. That's how He is. It's the little things that i am grateful for, every single day.

Thank You Master! i love You!! =)

Oh, i'm not thankful for a snow and ice storm at the end of March! B L E H haha!!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gluttony! One of the Big ones!

i forget from one post to another what i've said and what i haven't, but i'm pretty sure i've talked about how we go out with our "cabin friends" in the winter. Instead of going to the cabin, every other Saturday night we choose a different place to go. This year it's mostly been out of town because we've sort of worn out our options in our home town. If we go out of town we can do a little shopping as well, so it's a good deal for all of us. Anyway, i'm off track.

This couple, both of them are large people. Now i really don't care how big or small they are, neither Master or i are slim and trim lol. What is very upsetting and the root of this post................ G L U T T O N Y. Where you might think it begins would be with the male of the couple and while he does indeed enjoy his food, he's actually very reasonable and generous. It is the wife. Where food is concerned she just might be the most selfish, self centered person i have ever known.

When it comes to choosing a restaurant each Saturday night the inevitable "where do you want to go?" starts maybe Thursday or Friday. Rarely and i mean rarely do we have any input it's almost always "the wife wants this" and that's where we end up. At the beginning of the Saturday night supper season M called them and said we're going out for chinese, do you wanna go? Their response? "Ya, we'd like to go out to eat, but the wife doesn't want chinese, she wants Applebee's." We were so dumbfounded that they would do that, we actually ended up at Applebee's. M HATES Applebee's, not to mention He really wanted chinese.

Last night she did it again. We were chatting about where should we go, she said fish. BOOM. Fish! End of discussion. When Master and i think about our Saturday nights we definitely think about a yummy supper, sure, but that is not the sole purpose in leaving the house! We also enjoy a nice time with friends and each other. The ride to the restaurant, the shopping all that stuff. Not just the food. Honestly, i don't care one way or the other where we go, Master and i rarely have a "taste" for something and if we do, we have each other to indulge that. We go out with our friends to spend time with our friends.

When we are at the cabin, i swear i am not making this up when they guys are done grilling and they bring in the food, if i never get to see live sharks feed, well i've seen the closest thing to it. Master and i and even Master's friend "the man of the house", stand back while his wife and children push him aside to fill their plates. The wife is always and i mean EVERY time, she is the first one with a full plate and the first one seated and she never waits for us before she starts eating. If it weren't so disgusting, it would be funny. Master and i step back and chat because it's usually the first time of the day for us to chat while we wait for the gluttons to get their food. But what we're really doing is getting out of the way of the stampede.

Apparently Master's friend must have even confronted her about how selfish she was about her food choices and needs last night. Master said to him that when it comes to food, your wife is really very selfish. He replied..."ya, you would think it would be me, wouldn't you?". Master was quick to tell him no, we think that he is very generous in almost every way, he's just a jerk. LOL!! Because on a side note, Master and His friend, it's an on going competition to see who can be the biggest butt hole to the other. hahahaha

So i have to learn to deal with this because this woman is my only friend here. i like her and i like spending time with her but i can't stand the selfishness. No one in my family is selfish we just weren't brought up that way. No one wanted to eat the last cookie, everyone wants everyone to have what they want, it was a self sacrificing environment. You gave of yourself for the good of your family. You stood up when there weren't enough chairs, no matter who needed a chair. my older brother would sit on the floor so i could have his chair without thinking about it. i can clearly remember i don't know how many times someone saying "are there anymore *this*" and the response always being "no, but you can have mine". That was an automatic response and i still say it to Master. i can even "see" my sister tearing an Easter cupcake in two to share with someone, i think it was me, lol. That's just how you do things.

Somehow i have to look past it, i just have to dig deep. *sigh* Because this isn't her problem it's mine. It doesn't bother her, it only bothers me and it's bothered me for years, i just have to let it go. i'm not sure how i can look away from it, but i need to find a way and i need to work it out because i can't tell her she's wrong, it's not my place. Who am i stand in judgement?

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, March 23, 2009

Late night post

Today was a busy day, we had company tonight for dinner for a party. A long over due bday party. M spent the afternoon cleaning and i spent the afternoon doing busy work. i had intended on writing when everyone left but they just left. They always leave later than i think they will

We had a good time but Master always gets mad at His Dad cause he's a frustrating man. Anyway, we had a good time but i'm glad tonight is done and now i can enjoy a clean house for a while lol.

i'm off to watch TV =)

Peace to you and yours!

MD's treasure

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Spring!

Last week someone wrote about knowing the plan. Sometimes i feel like a pest because i don't know what to do to prepare for things. i ask and when i don't get a straight answer, i can't ask again, then i am a pest or a nag. It's my job to let Him know what i need but i don't know what i need if i don't know what we're doing! *sighs*...

So ya... i think i'll keep cleaning till i hear differently and doing laundry in the loaner washer than i hate. i put in 2 sheets and a blanket and the load was too big! We've been trying to get our washer back this week but the guy isn't calling us back.... hmm. He said it was done though, so that's a good thing! If it was a little warmer i would hang my blanket out, but it's not quite warm enough for that yet, i don't think. Soon though.

i went to a dinner theater thing last night and saw Rumors. my Sister in law had an extra ticket and Master said i could go. It was very funny and a good production. The dinner was also very good. The only bad part about the dinner was my Father in laws driving. He scares me to death. The man should not be driving, he turns from straight lane, drives off the road, tailgates terribly. This isn't due to old age, he just doesn't pay attention and doesn't care about other drivers. His night vision is poor though, that is due to age. i can't reasonably say that i will ever willingly ride with him again. i was nearly in tears the whole way home, it was that bad and i am not a drama queen. i was just scared, it's a miracle that they make it anywhere safely.

Have a good Saturday, happy spring!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The way we talk....

It amazes me sometimes how people communicate with each other. Master was thinking about going to work on the remodel project for a bit today, He didn't want to but He also wants to get this done and over with. His mind was made up for Him however. The gal called to see if He was going to come over and shortly into the conversation Master said while she's on the phone with Him, she is also screaming at her husband and or children. The husband is screaming at the children and the gal on the phone with Master screeches F YOU... to some unknown recipient. This is Master's cue to beg off for the day and He said, "okay well, I'm not coming over in the middle of that, I'll call tomorrow" and He hung up.

It's a wonder how people can live with themselves after talking to another human being like that. Master said He was over there one evening and this same gal was swearing at her little one, i'm not sure how old she is, maybe 5? 6? But the "f" word was used and i'm sure it's a normal every day occurrence, but it was used "TO" her.

Three times in my life people have said *f you* to me. i will never forget it and each time it happened i felt like my heart would break in half. i don't think there is a more cruel or harsh thing you can say to tear someone apart than those words. People think that the words they say are only words and perhaps they mean nothing or very little to them but to some they cut deep. i've been thinking about that little girl growing up in that environment and having her mother tell her that she better shut the .... up.

How we speak to each other is really an easy thing to fix, in times when things are so rough, how we treat each other might be the only thing we have control over. i love The Golden Rule, i wish i were better at it, i wish i were able to remember it all the time and i wish i were able to censor my words every time i say something i wish i hadn't. i also wish that these folks could take a step back and see themselves and see what they are doing to each other and to themselves.

Times like this we just need a little common sense, it's not that hard.

Peace!!! to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our Apologies!

Sorry about the background. It's really annoying to anyone trying to read the blog. We lost our host for the pics. M hasn't looked into a new host site yet but He will soon. We're going to a party today but i wanted to get a quick post in before we left.

i'll post more later today, i hope! More than anything i wanted to apologize about the horrid background! =( We'll fix it soon!!!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Watch this one! =)

Nuttin but rain! As nice as it was last week all it's done this weekend is rain. We haven't done or been able to do too much really because of it. Master was going to go over and keep working on the remodeling but much of the cutting is outside due to space and that's not happening in a downpour. It looks like in the last couple of hours it might be tapering off... maybe.

We went to see Master's Mom in the hospital last night. They are letting her go home today. She wound out with some really wacky facial infection which has cleared up almost completely now. We came home and watched one of the best movies we've seen in a while.

As is my pattern lately lol here's my weekly movie review. The Great Debaters. Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker. Why this movie wasn't nominated for an Academy Award or ten is beyond me. It was brilliant. It was smart, it wasn't vulgar, every part of it was clever and the acting, every single character was amazing. i know i'm really behind in my "reviews" because we wait so long to watch movies, but if this is one you haven't seen, you're doing yourself a disservice. By the way, it's a true story.

i hope where ever you are, you're not getting rained on like we are!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Almost Productive!

i've actually been getting some stuff done lately. i might even go so far as to say i've been productive, but that might be a stretch. Yesterday Master was helping a friend remodel a bathroom, same place He is today, while He's away i've been working around the house. i work slowly, i always have but i do a good job when i want to lol. It's super nice out today and i've got the house open a little bit just to air out the winter must that builds up... bleh.

The house has been dusted, vacuumed, my laundry is put away, i cleaned the bird cage (ugh), the kitty condo area is clean and now i've moved on to linens. my sister swears i'm obsessed with washing blankets and linens, every time she talks to me i'm washing some sort of blanket or linen. i even went out and ghetto patched the fence till Master has time to do it for real. He hasn't had time to do it where it hasn't been 3 degrees or pitch dark outside and i'm afraid the dog is going to get out, every time i look outside he's at that ONE spot in the fence that is loose... *sigh*. The dog makes Master crazy cause he really is a nut case and just about the most neurotic dog i've ever seen but oddly he's gahgah for Master. When M gets His coat on to leave the dog freaks out and whenever M is gone he'll sleep at the back door for hours on end waiting for him. He's a sweet little guy, he's just a bonafied nut job. (the dog, not Master lol)

Master's Dad just called, M's Mom is in the hospital. She's got some freaky facial infection, one i've never heard of but is fairly severe. The best treatment is IV antibiotic as the oral meds weren't doing the trick. The nurses gave us a code to give them over the phone so we could get through to speak to her so she's not bombarded with calls, so i guess she's pretty tired. We'll leave her be for the day and go up later tonight for a bit. i'm sure if the infection was bad enough to hospitalize her she's pretty worn out.

Seeing that i'm on a roll i think i'll see what else i can accomplish before He gets home.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Just an opinion..

As sunny as it is today i would have thought it would be warm but when i put the dog out first thing around 7am, holy cow... bleh. Even now it's only like 28 degrees. Only a couple weeks ago it was 60 something and just like three days ago we had a regular thunderstorm. Now it feels like it could snow. i'm ready for spring, thank you or at least enough with the teasing already.

i have no idea what we're gunna do today, if anything. i've got laundry going and a movie on but so far we're just being bums, so pretty much a normal Sunday lol. The other night Master and i watched the Academy Awards that we DVR'd from last Sunday. We were pretty disappointed in the show, i can't really put my finger on it but Master was really disappointed in it. It's always a little upsetting to me one movie is totally dominant and takes to many awards. i like to see others given a fair shot. i was really happy to see best actor and actress though, both great people.

We just recently watched No Country for Old Men and while the whole movie was totally enthralling for the most part, i thought the ending completely ruined the movie. When the credits started to roll, i was so disgusted i was angry for having watched it. i don't know if i've ever seen a movie that left so many open ends. b l e h. i can't believe it got best picture last year. c r a z y!!! i'm sure my opinion would be wildly disputed by many, perhaps i'm funny in that i enjoy a movie that makes some sense lol.

We still have so many movies to watch that maybe Master will decide to do that tonight, they just keep stacking up!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure