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Sunday, March 11, 2012

An Escape Route?

It's amazing that we had to set our clocks ahead last night. We didn't even have a winter this year and i know everyone says that's fine with them. i'm not sure how i'll feel about it once the mosquitoes and the vast array of other bugs pop up and we can't get rid of them though. We never got that good deep freeze we needed. Anyway it just seems so early for spring i guess, it's over 60 degrees here today!

Master seems like He's feeling much better and i'm really glad of that. i'm hoping He'll be back to what is normal for *Him* soon! hahaha!!! =p

So here's another good one from the chat room;

This one i just let slide right off my back because it was SO stupid but i thought it might give something to think about. Again the general consensus was agreeable to this statement. Women in all relationships should have an escape plan. Be it a secret credit card or a bank account with a little money stashed away. If the relationship is strictly on line they should certainly already have another user ID in place so they can delete the one they have been using and continue on with their on line life, should this relationship go south. Some thought another good idea, EVEN in a long term marriage, is that you should have a good friend or family member to go to, set up IN ADVANCE, "just in case".

This is my theory:

People wonder why so many relationships fail when they are entered into with that type of attitude and lack of trust. Of course you're not going to have a success in your partnership if you don't look at it as such. If you go into a relationship as you against me, you will never become one and the trust just can't exist. Whatever happened to a little vulnerability? Whatever happened to falling in love and jumping in feet first and taking a chance on love? That's what our friends and family are there for, we're bound to make mistakes in life but we have to count on them to pick up the pieces!

Of course there's always that literal person out there who is going to take me completely at my word. i'm not saying go into every relationship with blinders on, i'm simply saying take a chance by truly loving someone. Seriously this whole needing to have a way out and keeping secret accounts, to me is really lying to your partner. It's almost blatantly saying that you have no faith that your relationship will stand the test of time and you're selling yourself short. i believe that if you know you have a way out, you just won't give everything you've got. Why should you? If you're not sure what you would do or where you might live, if your relationship failed, you'd work your tail off to make it work. In the end you're so very thankful you did because there's a loving and successful relationship to show from all that work and devotion. That's my theory anyway. =)

i'm off to take a walk on this lovely day.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


  1. I would think one of the most exciting things about being a slave would be having a secret account and being prepared to leave at the first sign of difficulty or when something didn't go your way.

    If you keep posting things like this my eyes will seriously be stuck so far in the back of my head I'll need a blow pop them back out.

  2. I always had that feeling as well. I think when you start to make that escape route for yourself is when you see things starting to slide into abuse and you know you may need a way out.

    My husband and I have pooled our accounts since the beginning, much to the chagrin of many people we know. You have to start with trust if you expect it to grow.

  3. Conina~

    Admittedly, this way of thinking doesn't work for everyone. Like you, Master and i pooled our money in the very beginning. i moved away from my home town so i closed my accounts. He put my name on His accounts immediately. i can't even put into words what this one act, meant to me.

    It was much more than adding me to a bank account. He was telling me that He trusted me with His life and home. He was saying that He expected us to work and had no doubt that i was going to be here long enough to make a significant change in His life. We ordered checks and there was no doubt in my mind that this Man meant business.

    i'm happy to see that i'm not the only one out there who thinks that sometimes throwing caution to the wind isn't always the silliest thing in the world! =)

  4. Currently, Sir and I have separate account, and separate lives. But I'm honest with him about what I have. When we get to a point in our lives where we can live together and really start to make a home for ourselves, I definitely would not keep anything secret. Part of being in that relationship is trust. And if after everything things really weren't working, I'd want to trust my partner that if the decision was made to make a break of it, there wouldn't be a NEED for a secret escape route.

  5. Lea~

    i don't think it could work very well if you weren't living together or it would be a bit harder anyway. The thing is that the trust and expectation of longevity is there. i think that's the most important investment right there, it's not of money at all, the best investment is of faith. Faith that your relationship will in fact stand the test of time! =)