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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rings and Things

Quite some time ago i wrote about how Master decided i was going to have labia piercings and He actually did the piercings Himself. Unfortunately after a few months one had to come out because it was really causing a lot of pain. The other one remained in but the entire time i could tell it was tearing but i still wanted to keep it in as long as Master would allow.

As of yesterday, He decided enough was enough and He took it out. i'm really sad about it because i loved those piercings. Not just because i loved the piercings themselves but because Master did them and now He took the second one out. i understand why and He was right of course. It was tearing during every day normal activity but that wasn't the real problem that Master had. He said it was getting in the way during sex and it was. Every time we had sex it would tear more and it would hurt badly, so yeah it had to go. It's just a bummer. There will be more piercings i'm just not sure when.

Speaking of piercings, Master ordered new nipple jewelry for me and i can't wait till it gets here! He has tunnels that will sit just inside the nipple and He ordered huge captive bead rings that will hang through the tunnels. i believe they are 1 1/8 around, which is as large as we could find to get exactly what we were looking, for the price we wanted to pay =). i haven't had new nipple jewelry for a couple years and i'm excited about the new look and larger rings. =)

Last Saturday Master and i went out for dinner. We had planned this dinner for a long time because Master wanted to go out for Corned Beef and Cabbage and we love to go to this casino. Okay, well i love to go to the casino and Master loves the food! It works out well for both of us. So since it was a lovely day, i decided to wear a nice spring outfit and a pair of shoes that Master got me for Christmas. i had only worn these shoes around the house yet as they were summery shoes so this was their virgin tour!

Master and i headed into the casino for our evening and when i'm in a very public place like that where it's very populated i try to be aware of my surroundings. In case Master and i are separated which does happen from time to time, of course it's always with Master's permission. Now you would think that people had never seen a lady in a cute dress and heels before, i kid you not. The dress i was wearing was a perfectly acceptable length, well below my knees and not at all low cut there was nothing immodest about it whatsoever. Coupled with the shoes though, one might have thought i was asking $500 an hour for my services and the women all wished i would just leave.

When Master and i are just out shopping in our hometown or at the mall, i really don't notice anything at all like at the casino. Either that or i am not as keenly aware as i was in the highly populated area.

You know it's not like i walk around with my head in the sky or nose in the air thinking i'm better than anyone else. i have never been that girl, i couldn't be that girl. i'm that girl you see at the grocery store that constantly says excuse me (because i'm a clutz lol) or the one that smiles at a stranger. i don't think i'm any different than anyone else. i get my clothes from Goodwill and WalMart and we shop at Aldi. i just happen to choose to dress in a different fashion than others. i don't look down on anyone else for choosing what they wear and it's unfair that i should have to continuously defend my choices. i feel as though i should be able to walk through the woods or the mall or the Amusement Park in a dress and heels and not be scoffed at for wearing what i feel comfortable wearing. If a man wanted to wear a suit through the woods, people would just believe he was a business man talking a walk on his lunch. If a lady is in the woods in a dress, she looks ridiculous. i don't want to look ridiculous, i want to look like me. =)

Once we lost all our money ($20) at the casino it was time to go home. Master had planned ahead for the ride home. He told me to remove my glasses and whenever He says that i know that it will be a dark ride home for me! It's sort of nice to have a change of pace though, these rides always go by very quickly and i'm always shocked when we arrive home.

We weren't home long before Master decided the evening wasn't quite over yet! i was just getting settled and getting all the animals taken care of when i heard Him call to me from the bedroom. There really are few reasons that He'll call out to me from the bedroom. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what His plan was for me. =)
It was a long day but a good one. i only wish we'd have won the jackpot at the casino!

Peace and blessings to you and yours,

MD's treasure


  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your piercings, what a bummer!

    best wishes, always, to you both!

    1. Thanks! i really am pretty bummed about it but i know that He'll have others put in at some point. He's also been loosely tossing around the idea of a tattoo, but that's in the very beginning stages. Both ideas are exciting to me, either way! =)

      Take care, hope all is well with you and yours.

  2. You have never been, and you will never be, the one who looks ridiculous.

    You do look like you. You look like the you that I've created, and that's the you that I'll have. Period.

    P.S. It'll be a cold day in hell when you go to Walmart in some pajama bottoms and thongs...or anywhere else for that matter.

    1. Thank You Master! i am proud to be the slave You've created and the slave You want. It'll always be my goal to be Your perfect slave as well and to never stop trying. =)

      i love You

  3. People are ridiculous. That outfit was cute, and akin to what my normal wear is, even to work. They just need to grow up and get over it.

    Sometimes a car ride like that is just what you need.

    I work in the woods (sometimes) so the balance of dressing like a lady continues! It does get strange looks, and you put so succinctly the disparity between men and women.

  4. Thank you Lea, it was a fun outfit to wear! =)

    The car ride was fun and sometimes those rides, depending on where we go, are nearly like a roller coaster! i have no idea where the next turn or hill will be and no clue what to expect! haha!!

    i hope you're doing well in your transitioning in clothing. Feel free to get in touch with me any time! =)

  5. I think you looked great at the casino! :) It was a very pretty dress, and (gorgeous) shoes too! Whatever anyone has to say, or any negative thoughts they are thinking are just because they are jealous little jerks who wish they could look half as sexy as you. Of course, I know you know that, but, it never hurts to hear it again, right?

    As for wearing a dress in the woods, I do that plenty. Nothing too fancy, but I've worn dresses and skirts hiking on occasion. Like I said, nothing crazy, but denim cover-all dress, or a cotton knee length dress, if the weather is nice.. Definitely! I wouldn't wear anything fancy, but the most important thing to me is to just be comfortable (and sexy for Master). And, as long as I'm happy, I don't care if it bugs other people that I'm in a dress. :) Actually, I think the tail or kitty ears throw people off more than anything else. I went on a hike with Master last year, and some cute little kid thought I was "Hello Kitty". Works for me.

  6. Awww Mew~... in all my (too many) years i never thought of myself as sexy and it boggles the mind to hear you or anyone else say so. Thank you, thank you for the loveliest of compliments and for taking the time for saying so!

    i remember those pictures of you in the ears and tail and i absolutely LOVED it! i wish i could have been a mouse on your shoulder to hear all the funny comments and see all the awesome looks you got!!!

    **BIG HUGS Mew**, you always give me warm fuzzies!! =)