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Sunday, September 27, 2009

What makes you tick?

The other day my sister sent me this personality test. It's a very famous test that people have devoted their lives to studying, there are conferences and books, literature and heaven knows what else is out there about this test. i've taken tests very much like this before, just not this particular test. She sent me a link to this particular test and asked me to take it, the link she sent me was a test that you had to pay to take but i was able to find a free one. Before she even sent the email she had told me that she had figured out everyone in the family, she knew what "number" they were, with the exception of me.

She thought i was a #2, in her email to follow the phone call she said she just wasn't sure. She said "I think you're a #2, here are other famous #2: Mother Theresa, Jesus and The Fairy God Mother." Lovely, that's not much to live up to, right? So i took the test and called her back in a few minutes. Just like her i am fascinated by people, i love to know what makes people tick. my result : #2. Now, lets back up a bit shall we? Master hit the nail on the head with these tests... how skewed they can be because they are meant to encompass every single individual taking them. There are good and bad traits in every single person taking them and each description offers a negative side to each person. For the #2 while they are inherently good they are also the martyr. What slave, what servant doesn't have a tendency to play the part of the martyr?

In my eyes it's a terrible character flaw and it's also true for me. So i know that Master thinks that this test was a bunch of hooie it was also good for me to see and recognize that i have some good but there is a huge flaw in that good. At my best, i am His servant, the best slave to Him that i can be. At my worst, i'll play the part of the martyr. NOT an attractive quality for a slave. i'm really happy to see it, it's not something i didn't know, i think? i am glad i know it's there because if i can catch it, maybe i can stop it. If i'm upset and i need help, at my worst, i'll stew about it. At the height of martyrdom i'll will stew about it. Knowing about it, i can do better and talking it out, when i've always been so bad at that.

We're supposed to be on our way to a pizza birthday party but we're going to be late, we're always late for some reason or another lol. Anyway i better get this posted.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Umm.. "Title"... there.

Master has been working all week on then music project on His computer. Now that His work at His Mom's house is nearly finished He felt a bit more relaxed so He spent nearly the entire week working on music. We made a huge dent but the task is huge and will take months to finish i'm sure.

It's finally starting to feel a bit like fall around here. Just a few days ago it was nearly 80 which is insane, i waited the whole summer for it to be nice enough to swim and now i'm waiting for the weather to turn just a bit for it to feel like fall. We have a lot to get done before it gets cold though, the pool to close for winter and a garage door opener to hang.

i have really felt just awful this week, some days the pain has been nearly unbearable. That's actually kind of funny, unbearable. What's unbearable? What can't we take? We can take anything that doesn't kill us i suppose and i wasn't anywhere near dying. i just hurt... a lot. There, i'll say that.

Master and i watched The Secret Life of Bees last night. i've been wanting to watch it for like.... ever! It came on HBO so He DVR'd it for me. It wasn't a movie He was particularly interested in watching which is completely atypical of Him. If i want to watch a movie, He wants to watch it with me. Last night He said He would sit through the first few minutes and if He hated it, He would get up and work on more music. He watched the whole thing. It was just awesome. When it was over He got up and said "I still don't like Queen Latifa!". Hahaha she was amazing in that movie, i gotta say and i do like her, she's been in some great movies.

Anyway, that's all i've got for today. i don't have any of my fall decorations out yet and now that it's decided to start looking like fall, maybe i should get some out.

Have a happy Saturday.

MD's treasure

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Official Declaration!

While watching the Vikings win their game today, Master made an official declaration!
Football has been declared the official sport of this family, now and forever more!!! hehe

He's been a Vikings fan forever and we used to watch NASCAR also but now all we watch is Football so.. boom. There it is. =)

We had a nice time at dinner last night, we got home, i went to bed. i really don't have much today because i got up and we watched the game. So.. ya... nuttin.

Master did tell me to blog about this though so lol here it is. i am super tired today, someone was outside in this normally sleepy neighborhood at 4am honking their horn and it set the dog off for the entire night. The rest of the night that dog was on his worst behavior barking at the wind. Master told me i should have gotten Him up, actually i'm really glad He didn't hear them. lol...

Have a happy Sunday!

MD's treasure

Friday, September 18, 2009

Stealin' a great topic

Kaya just asked a really thought provoking question on her journal and instead of just commenting on her post, i'm just flat out stealing the topic. Ya, i'm not proud =p. All i want to do is address the topic as to how it relates to me. i can't be so brazen as to think i could look beyond my own journal when it comes to something like this.

She asked basically, how are you submitting if you're never asked to do anything that isn't something you wouldn't normally do anyway. Isn't it just living your life and giving it a fancy name just cause it sounds cool?

So because she asks this i'm forced to look at my own submission and challenge myself. The easiest most discernible way to examine my life as His slave is to look at where i came from and look at the rules that i follow every day. i don't know if i've ever actually posted Master's rules for me on here but there are about 43 rules that i read every day and (try to) follow to the letter every day. i fail, i fail miserably some days but just because i have been given rules to follow that alone doesn't "make me" a submissive. The rules remind me of His will for me and His dreams for me one day, they offer reminder of His goals but the rules are small part of my submission. It's the fact that i yearn to attain those goals and continue to strive to reach those goals a little bit more every day. So many days though i feel like it's 5 steps backward and the next day it's 1 step forward.

The days i love are the days when i make 3 good steps forward and He says "good girl" at the end of the day. i think the biggest acts of submission are sometimes the smallest things. For me it's not never wearing pants again or putting on 3 inch heels every day. It's learning to stop talking back, shutting my mouth for the love of God! That's the submission that's the hardest for me. i have learned how to wear a corselette and stockings in 100 degree weather and not blink an eye, but i can't keep my fingernails painted??? What's with that?

i win and i lose but like i said the days i win are the days when HE SAYS ... "good girl". eh... submission is in you like your blood, i believe you're born with it, i know that's debatable, that is just what i believe in my heart. my submission to Master is easy in some ways because i was born to submit. =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Party Animal or not? =)

i don't have all that much on my mind today really. i'm kinda tired from a party that we went to last night and staying up late to listen to music with Master. i don't even know if i've mentioned this music project Master is working on but it's enormous and He is spending so much time on it. He said that He didn't think i was giving it as much time as i should so i've really been trying to dedicate more time to it and help Him get through it faster. i would really love to be done sometime. i love listening to music but this is more than a chore than enjoyment and the task is really insurmountable. Anyway, there have been some late nights, more for Master than me though.

Tonight we're having yet another family get together. Seems like we sure have a lot of them and i don't mind, i rather like them and now that we (Master) isn't smoking it's so much easier to spend longer days with His family. It's His parents anniversary and His Dad's birthday, they are showing another outdoor movie and i hope that this movie is nothing like that last one they had. Haha omgosh that was hilarious in an embarrassing sort of way, i thought Master was going to crawl out of His skin at some parts knowing His Mom was right there!!

The day will seem short because we have to be out at His sister's house in just a few hours and we'll be out there until very late. One nice thing is that we'll be able to start the movie a little earlier with it getting dark a little earlier. Hopefully i'll be able to stay awake for the movie! hehehe!!!

Enjoy your Sunday!

MD's treasure

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The words i don't say

It's not always what i say that sometimes seem to make things go more smoothly it's the words i choose not to say. In our day to day lives i try really hard to keep anything that might be confrontational with Master to myself, it's an unbelievable challenge to balance confrontation and sharing an opinion that i think He may want to hear. Master says that i am emotionless, last night He claimed that i addressed Him as an office manager when in fact, i couldn't for the life of me recall what i said to Him or how i said it. Now as i sit here i can't figure out what i said. The challenge of being completely obedient, following the exact rules at the exact moments and not become robotic is a conversation Master and i have had many times and it's something that i struggle with.

The claim that i'm emotionless is always hurtful though. i laugh so much with Master and my family and friends and i cry when i'm sad, i get upset or angry when things irritate me, i become frustrated... i DO have issues with letting go and breaking down walls. i have serious issues but emotionless isn't fair. i'm just throwing this out there into never never land into the world of the unknown, i'm just writing this to be writing it. At this point i think i need to start journaling with the idea that i'm writing to just get things out. The original reason i started writing. There are a lot of things that i needed to write about and then the journal became bland and a place where i wrote about a lot of nothing.

The other morning Master had just gotten up and He was getting a package together to ship and i made up a song, most times i do it to make Him laugh and this one i had practiced before He got up. i thought that if i started out the day right it would be a really good day. i waited until He was up for a few minutes, He had been up for about 10 minutes or so before i started my song. He was actually irritated this time when normally my songs are something that make His day. i wasn't really upset about it, it was just bad timing, i should have known better. The reason that i am even thinking about it is because of the comment He made last night. i forgot about the song until He mentioned that i was emotionless again last night. Emotionless people, people who have no life left in them, don't make up songs and try to enjoy life like that, as far as i would think. All i'm saying is that i know i have a long way to go in my journey to break down my walls but i do try.

Trying to live a life as a good slave, where is the line? When do we speak up and when is it considered arguing? After eight years i still haven't figured out when to shut up. Most of the time i choose to say nothing, it's safer but when i'm asked for my opinion, how far do we go?

These are things i struggle with every day and i know this post is a jumbled mess lol.

Peace to you and yours.

MD's treasure

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Keep the lid on the jar or spill the beans?

When we were preparing for the outdoor movie i thought we would never need all the pillows and blankets Master was having me gather. hehehe i was super wrong, after sitting for six hours i think we could have used even a few more cushions!! We had an amazing time at the movies! The weather was terrific it got just chilly enough about 1/2 way through the first movie that i crawled into the back of the van where we had the bed all made up. It was so cozy in there we had like 4 layers of cushions and comforters and huge pillows HAHA! With the car stereo as the movie sound it's really amazing cause you just feel the movie all around you.

The only bad thing for Master was, there were other people there!!!! rofl!! Seriously i think sometimes Master should just not be let out in public, He just doesn't deal well with inconsiderate people and that seems to make up the better part of the population these days. There was just one night after the full moon so it was really bright out, but as soon as people started their cars to pull out almost every single person, flipped their headlights on. When we're pulling into a restaurant, Master shuts the lights off before pulling into a spot, so as not to blind the people sitting at their table while they are eating. Every once in a blue moon we'll see someone else do it, but it's very rare. It's just about thinking about someone other than yourself.

When we were driving all around the other day with His parents we had their van which has a handicap permit. Master's mom wanted Him to take a Handicap spot at a very busy restaurant. Master said there was absolutely no reason for Him to take a spot that someone else can use when He can easily drop them off and walk the distance. We'd been doing it all day, we'd been dropping them at the doors and Master and i had been walking in from the parking lots. She was very angry when she got out but Master said "i want to save those spots for someone who needs them, i'm sorry if that makes me a bad person" and i said "no, it makes You a good person".

i got off on a tangent anyway, back to the movie. i guess there isn't much more to say other than, who would have ever thought that i would be sitting at an outdoor movie or any public venue of any kind wearing a leash? He kept me in a leash all night except when He let me out to use the bathroom. i had very little wiggle room, but enough that i was able to watch the movie well enough but just enough that i knew it was there. i saw that He brought other toys, next time we talked about making some kind of shades for the curtain, just something to block headlights and provide privacy on the sides. We'd like to go one more time before they close for the year, i guess we'll see.

Master and i were talking about doing different things with my blog and He said that i would have to make it more interesting. heh.. yeah ... the thing is there are a lot of things i don't talk about on here and i can't even really say why i don't write about the more intimate things. Sometimes i get these ideas that i think .. hey i should write about "that" on my blog... my opinion of a popular view on something in the BDSM world, something that i've never really written about before and then i think, bleh everyone writes about their opinions and i don't want to be looked at as someone who looks like they have all the answers to every unanswered BDSM question. It's a really cocky self righteous thing to do, to just write my opinion of something isn't it? As if to say that THIS is what i think! i am assuming that everyone wants to know my view on every BDSM topic and i'm going to tell them! LOLOL!!!

So back to the drawing board, writing about our very basic, if you will, D/s lifestyle. It can be very exciting at times but for the most part it's not a story book life, it's just life as we know it and as we live it, day to day. Then again you never know i might just venture into the unknown, if Master says that He wants more from me... i've lived bottled up for a long time. This might just be a good way to spill the beans. A few beans at a time.... eeeeep!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, September 04, 2009

Triple Feature!

This week we worked a bit over at Master's parents house trying to finish up the remodel work and i did some cleaning. Today we went shopping with Master's parents to try to see about some corner trim and i'm hoping we found some that might be the perfect thing. We'll see how it fits once Master gets a piece cut.

Tomorrow night we're going to an outdoor movie triple feature so we're preparing for the night and getting the van cleaned out. i worked getting some blankets washed up, we cleaned out the van and i used the shop vac in the very back. We're going to load the whole back end with every pillow and blanket we can find cause we're going to be back there for hours and hours hahaha. We also went to the store tonight and got tons of horrid snacks LOL. Master went NUTS at the "movie candy" section. There was actually a section of the candy isle called "movie candy" and He went crazy. He bought candy i didn't even know existed. If we even eat a 1/4 of what we bought we'll be sick for a week i swear. Master said this was only the second major thing we've done for the summer and the summer is basically over so we can stand to spend a little bit of money on this night. Actually we spent very little anyway but still it was all junk food lol. Who knows if we'll even be able to stay awake for that many movies hehehe.

i hope everyone has a wonderful safe weekend!!!

MD's treasure