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We've never, ever wanted to be mistaken for any of the countless people who claim to be a Master or slave when in reality, they just pretend for money. There's potentially a fine line in other folks' perception, and I've gone to considerable effort to never cross that line. My treasure writes here because she enjoys it, she loves to get and reply to comments and she also does it because I require it. In the beginning, it was a blog, nothing more, nothing less. In the last few years, it has become not only a blog, but also a hub for all of our online activity. Some of that activity is done simply for fun, some of it is to feed some sort of narcissistic need for kudos that I still deny having, and some of it is done to try to supplement our income by sharing our real life with others who might be willing to toss a few bucks our way for a small window into our normal activities. Normal for us but mere fantasies to them, things that they can't get at home or simply things that get their blood flowing south. Like most people, we started out never showing our faces, never being specific about where we live, blah blah blah. One day, I decided that I was tired of acting like I was ashamed of Myself or My girl, just so someone I knew wouldn't find a photo that would make them all butt hurt because of their own insecurities and closed-mindedness. In a very short time, we had started making videos and posting non-anonymous pictures all over the place. Eventually, My girl started doing live cam sessions for cash and it's become a multifaceted "business". That's why we're making this page. I didn't want it on the front page of the blog because this is still her blog, and always will be, but we wanted to add a page for some of the money-making things that we do.

About two years ago, we decided to test the waters with Kindle publishing. For a nominal fee of 99 cents a month, you can get this blog automatically delivered to your Kindle. Unfortunately, this makes it less likely for My girl to get the comments that she so loves, so if you decide to go the Kindle route, please come back here later to leave that comment you were thinking about!

Lately, we've had gentlemen ask if it was possible to buy My treasure's worn stockings. If worn stockings is what you seek, then we are happy to oblige. We've charged very reasonable amounts in the past, and that won't change. Pricing will depend entirely on quantity, color, availability, your location and any other variables or requests. We get her stockings from Europe, and we only order a few times a year, so we may have limited color options at any given time. If you're interested in My girl's worn stockings, or any other requests for that matter, please email her directly at We've done custom videos and would also be happy to do custom photosets. If it turns you on, and you think we can provide it, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Buzzing treasure

Yesterday Master and i had to go to pick up a tree that i'd spent the entire day on Monday calling all over for trying to find. Apparently the pink Dogwood tree is a hot commodity in this area. i found two, one for $69.95 on sale for 30% off and another for a cool $199.95. You pick. Oh and before any of your wheels start turning, they were the same age tree, same root size, same height. Crazy huh? So they would only hold the tree for 24 hours and we were really on a time crunch to get up there and get that tree. Master and i started out of town to get the tree and stopped for gas. The van has been acting a little weird but it's been okay for the last many days and we were sure it would be okay to take out of town. We stopped for gas and it was acting weird, Master ran to the bank and figured out the hard way that the ignition switch has partially broken. He drove it all the way home holding the ignition switch in the "on" position while i change gears (it's an automatic) a couple times. Good times! Thank goodness Master's parents just happened to be in the city where we needed to pick up our tree *with* their van at the exact same time!!!! What a piece "o" luck! We hopped in our car and raced up there to meet them.

So Master and i had planned this long leisurely day of tree shopping, going to the casino for a relaxing dinner and a tiny bit of gambling. We're not gamblers at all, i took in a $20 and we brought out $11! i think we played on that same $20 for three hours. So Master decided He'd have fun with me yesterday. He gave me a remote controlled vibrator yesterday. It's like a bullet only of course large enough to fit batteries. You just insert it and away you go! i'm not normally allowed to wear panties but yesterday was an exception to allow me to hold the vibrator in, all day. He did make me wear it from the minute we left the house which was about 2pm, maybe before that. Until we got home, which was about 1am. It fell out each time i used the bathroom and for me, yesterday was almost none. i think i went three times, maybe four. So each time i just had to reinsert it, but it got easier once i remembered how. When He first turned it on was when we were in the bank. At very first i thought my stomach was rumbling, that was my immediate thought. Then i remembered it was in and of course it kept going. There are many different settings but there's no way for Him to know what setting it's on at any given time. What was funny to me was that He would turn it on and walk away for ages. i mean ages, 15 minutes or so and just leave it going. He left it running during dinner while His parents were with us and there was nothing i could say, not that i could ask Him to turn it off, i just had to eat dinner with it running the whole time. To me, it was very loud, Master said He couldn't hear it. i wasn't sure how that was possible because it was so loud. Of course it could have been explained as a phone on vibrate, but not for that long! hahaha

Tomorrow we're having an early 4th of July so i guess we're have a "1st of July". Lame. That leaves part of the weekend open though, so i guess that's good. i have to get the pool cleaned cause it's getting hot and i wanna get in. It hasn't even been nice enough here to use it. Now it's plenty hot to use it for the first time this summer!

i hope everyone is having a good Thursday!

Peace to you!

MD's treasure

Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's just my life

i was in the kitchen just now, straightening up, cleaning out the dishwasher, making brownies for tonight's supper, just general puttering. i put my dirty dishes in the sink from my brownie mess and then realized that i was going to have to wait for Master before i could do the dishes. i still had the leather wrist cuffs on and doing dishes and taking a shower are just about the only two things i can't do with these things on. i made cookies in them once and that was a bad idea so i suppose i should add that to the list. They still have some dough in one of the slots that i just can not get out. It's the tiniest amount but, still, it's there.

Then i thought, last night we were watching TV and i hopped up to go potty, mostly i was thirsty, after a movie, only to spring back like a shot. i forgot i was on Master's leash, a very short one. i'd been on it all night and lately it's not uncommon for Him to tether me to the bed while we're watching TV. i had just forgotten. i asked Master if i could get up to go potty and He sort of ignored me and went to use the bathroom Himself, saying to Himself ohhh what a wonderfulllll relieffff it was to go to the bathroom aaaaaahhhhh. Leaving me leashed up to the bed. ha. ha. ha. He's hilarious. i said i don't have to go that bad, i'm THIRSTY, "oh would you like some urine?" Again, ha. ha. ha. Oh the hilarity that is my Master... rofl. *sigh*.

Sooo there it is, cuffed, doing humdrum chores, leashed, watching movies. i do everything everyone else does there is just a twist to it and oh boy is He twisted! HAHA, no rofl that's not what i meant... Everything i do, every minute of the day is done under His thumb. The crazy thing about it is some times i can be in wrist cuffs or on a leash and it seems perfectly normal to me, it's just my life. =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Formspring Question:

You say you both work in the church. Don't you find it awkward wearing the girdle, the stockings, the collar and the fetish shoes to the church?

We do work in a church. The fact is, i wear the same clothing no matter wear i am. The girdle i wear, nor do the stockings show through my garments. i also wear a slip so i am fairly careful. The shoes i wear depend on the situation, i wouldn't ever wear something that would be considered blasphemous to the church. my daily wear shoes aren't really anything i would consider fetish wear.

Regularly, i wear sandals, wedges, pumps, Mary Jane's you name it. They just happen to be out of the norm for the average woman in our area.

The one thing that might be a point interest would be the collar. If we were careless and i went into public in Master's leather collar then yes, i believe that it might be quite awkward. During the winter months, i wear a turtle neck shirt nearly every day just for this reason. This way i'm able to leave the house, donning the leather collar and no one is wiser. During the summer months, Master uses the eternity collar much of the time. It passes for a necklace quite easily and it's something i can hop in and out of the pool in, without having to hassle Him with! =)

As long as no one would see me with a collar on, no, i wouldn't feel the least bit odd wearing Master's collar inside the church i am Master's slave in every location, inside and outside of God's house. i love God whether i am in His house or not why should i feel awkward doing something in His house that He already knows i do, if i'm in His house or in my Master's house?

Thursday, June 23, 2011


In most every situation, Master's family refers to His Mom for even the smallest decision. Not because she makes the best ones, but because it's always the easiest for everyone involved. Master's Mom might be called by some, hard headed. No one (except Master) stands up to her, least of all Master's Dad and no one (except Master) ever argues with her.

That all having been said, just this once, because it was Father's Day, she (told) Master's Dad to choose a place to eat. Anywhere he wanted to go, anywhere at all! He choose the one place that i just can't eat, it makes me sick, all of their food, the way they fry it, makes me sick for days. They don't offer anything that isn't fried either. So that was out! =( The second place he chose was fine and we headed off there. We got there, they pulled up and Master had run inside already. i was waiting on the curb for His parents, when they pulled up and said, we (Master's Mom) changed our minds! We're going out of town to a better place! Master's Dad didn't get to choose after all, SHE chose the place, a further drive, much more expensive place, at that! For FATHERS Day! hahahaha!!! *sigh*

So off we go! This place was about 45 minutes away and it was a really nice day so we were all fine with it, it's just ironic that she told Master's Dad to chose and she ended up picking after all. We get there and Master and i are fiddling around at the car and His parents go on ahead. Master's Dad isn't the most careful person and He doesn't look after her very well. She had some pretty serious vision issues as of late and all but lost vision in one eye. She missed the curb and went down on one knee and twisted her foot. Just as Master and i turned the corner of the van we saw her getting up with the help of others and we scooted over there. If they had just waited for us! If she had just let him choose the restaurant! She was walking on it but she said it was sore, but fine. As the day progressed, it became more sore....

Yep, you guessed it. It's broken. She's got a dancers break, broken in several places even. Thank goodness she doesn't have to have surgery. A few years ago she was kicked by my sister-in-laws horse and had the worst ankle break you can get. She hasn't been the same since. She's able to walk on it and she doesn't even have a cast. It's just crazy how things work out, isn't it? She's very blessed actually.

Master is building them a deck and because He's still working out the plans, He changed them quite a bit to make sure she can roll right out the front door with no threshold bump. There may also be a ramp added in the future, either by Master or a cement contractor. When she broke her ankle Master and His Dad had to build a ramp in a day or they wouldn't let her come home.

Master let me stay home today. With all that's been going on, the last few weeks, i am worn out. Even staying home today i found myself working around the house all day. No matter what though i didn't seem to make a dent. i changed the sheets and did some laundry but i still feel far behind. At least i'm not as far behind as i was! =)

There are so many things that i want to do, i just have to take it one day at a time. i told Master and i can't keep this up, this constant running cause i have to drag my head along! He said, you're right, I can just put My head on a shelf"... /sigh that's not what i meant!!! haha i was talking about the pain!

i hope all is well in blogland! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lazy Saturday

Master and i have had yet another very busy week. Yesterday when i got up i hit the floor running and i sat down about 7:30pm. We had His family over for His Mom's birthday and for Father's Day. Rain threatened all afternoon but we ended up having a really nice night and only came inside when Master's Mom got a little crabby about being outside, for some reason haha.

Everyone left around midnight after we had cake and ice cream and all the presents were unwrapped and everyone was so stuffed they could hardly walk! That's one thing about Master, He can't boil water to save His soul but He does have some grilling skillz! It's only been in the past few years that He's taken and interest in grilling and last night was an epic win in my book. We tried a new corn on the cob, grilling recipe that turned out amazing. He also grilled Iowa Pork Chops, ya know, those super thick chops that are actually called, Iowa Chops?? haha, i'm not just sayin that cause we live here! =p i had the best pork chop i've EVER had last night, o. m. gosh! =) Everyone was saying how terrific everything was, not just me! Well except Master, He doesn't really like chops! lol pfft!

The bad thing was after everyone left we were just exhausted. Something is wrong with my ankle and it's swollen, it was hurting so badly i wasn't able to go to sleep. This isn't the first time this has happened, i even had it way up in the air and took some ibuprophen. So yeah i don't know what's wrong it's just bad and still swollen today. i twisted it when we were in Chicago and it hasn't been exactly right since then, it is sore every night but last night was by far the worst i've ever seen it, or felt it. Master gets really super tired of hearing about my aches and pains, i don't ever blame Him for being sick of it. Being sick of it is one thing, being angry i guess i don't understand but everything is relative and i don't know how i would react in His shoes. i might be angry as well, i try very hard not to let things affect how i serve Him although i know they do, to a point.

Today we have the day to recoup, i'm hoping i'll be better tomorrow. We have to go to church for the Pastors last Sunday. She's retiring and we're getting a new Pastor. This is kind of a big deal to us seeing that we work at the church so we're getting a new "boss". We just want to go to her last service because she's been great to us. After church we're going to do some shopping for Master's parents deck.

So i'm off here now to go to probably not very much, or at least whatever He says we're going to do. i hope it's not much! =)

Happy Saturday!

MD's treasure

Monday, June 13, 2011

White Heat Double Delights

Master and i had a good time Saturday night testing our latest Adult Toy from EdenFantasys! This toy was the White Heat Double Delights. EdenFantasys gives this toy 4 out of 5 vrooms and it definitely delivers every vroom they give it. It's not a large vibrator so by the look of it you wouldn't think that it would pack such a punch!
The White Heat might make you think of a rabbit vibrator, without the ears! What i really liked about this one however was that there were no ears! The ears on the rabbits aren't quite as strong as the clitoris stimulator in comparison to the White Heat! If you're looking for pure power inside and out, this is a great choice.

i also really enjoyed the fact that the White Heat insertable part was actually quite small, where some people might look at that and be turned off, i thought of it as a real positive. The small size of the insertable accentuated the clitoris stimulator. Being closer to the surface made them work really well together and there was so much going on that it was tough for me to not cum when Master told me i wasn't allowed to yet!
If there was anything that i would caution about it would be the on/off switch. There isn't much definition between off and on and the switch glides easily from the off to the on position. It's really a plus during play but could be a negative for storage. i would suggest removing the batteries for storage so your toy isn't accidentally left in the "on" position.

The insertable is ribbed and there's a real sensation of the ribbing once completely inserted. i was surprised that i was able to feel it as much as i was. i was ready to cum way before Master was ready to allow me to cum, that's for sure. It was a real job to hold off and once He allowed me to let go, it was a terrific release!!!

All in all the White Heat Double Delights was terrific fun to test and i would certainly recommend this toy to anyone who enjoys a rabbit vibrator!
Have fun!!!

MD's treasure

Saturday, June 11, 2011

i am not a slave

i am a slave.

Even when He allows me to stay home and sleep, i am still a slave. i am a slave to Him no matter where He is or what i am doing. i am a slave who plans her day to a *t*. i am the same slave who is told that she will do something entirely different than what she planned for herself. i am a slave who shuts up and does what the Master plans instead.

i am also the slave who just for a minute says "but, but", i am the slave who still hasn't learned to shut up soon enough. i am a slave who will someday learn to say Yes Master and mean it, every time, no matter what. i believe in that slave, i know i will become her. She's inside me, that slave is.

i am a slave who is easily wounded and not does not quickly bounce back from a scolding. i am a slave who loves fiercely and forgives entirely. i am a slave who needs her Master more than she should at times, i am the slave who needs to feel her Masters tight grasp.

i am a slave who will become everything her Master desires, i will always be pliable and ever changing. There is nothing i won't become for Him, i am the slave who wears her Master's collar, His wedding rings and His flesh rings.

i am a slave who will never stop making mistakes nor will i ever stop trying to improve for Him. i will fall and i will know He'll be there to pick me up. i will be there for Him as i am a slave.

i am not a slave.

i am His slave.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

To Be Or Not To Be

i have a Fetlife account but i am more of a browser than anything. i do post pictures and post on threads occasionally but more often than not, i just read the threads and answer emails that i get. There has been an ongoing thread on collars that i just can't get out of my mind. It really gnaws at me, so i'm going to post here about because i don't think my opinion would be widely accepted there!

The topic speaks about people wearing their collars 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There have been an innumerable amount of post from people chiming in how they too, never take off their collars. Never. Not even in public, not for the shower, not at family gatherings, not for the doctor unless there will be an x-ray, never, not once. Okay great. So you go to their profile pictures, out of 30 or so pictures, they are wearing a collar in 3 pictures. This is consistent throughout the thread. i don't care of you do or don't wear your collar a minute of the day or you have it tattooed to your cornea, but WHY LIE? Seriously, why? Then post pictures where clearly, people can tell they aren't wearing a collar 24/7.

i wear a collar as much as possible. i change from the leather to the shower collar and getting out again. If i'm not wearing the eternity collar, that is. If we're out in public and i happen to be wearing the leather collar and i am not wearing a turtle neck then i'll be without a collar. There are times when i'll be in the house, if Master's parents are here, without a collar. Those times are rare. i believe i even have a picture on FetLife without a collar, i asked Master to take a pic of me in my new apron, to share with my sister. It does happen, again, it's rare. To make those blanket statements, i never go without a collar, then show all those pics never wearing one... hmm. It bothers me, obviously! haha.

Last week when Master and i were in Chicago, we were in an unfamiliar store, looking for ice. We were ready to check out and i pointed to checker that *i* thought was open and available. Master said no and once again *i* motioned for Him to go to her isle. He said again, for a second time, NO. In a quiet voice but, never the less, He had to say it twice. What i didn't realize was that there was a lady who was also going to that isle, she was ahead of us and Master was allowing her to go there first. i was "taking charge" of a situation that Master had well in hand. When we came out of the store Master explain that it was an example of me not following Him instead of just "being". After sitting quietly for a while and thinking about it, i explained to Him that i am afraid that if i continuously just be, i will forget how to act independently of Him. It's such a fine line.

In the situation of the supermarket, i was clearly over the line, i should always follow His lead. Sometimes i think that He may or may not see something that He is clearly capable of seeing. In other cases i am afraid that if i get so used to just being and allow Him to do everything all the time for me, i will become way too dependent. i am still perfectly able to handle some business transactions, again there is a such a fine line when learning to completely follow Him at all times.

Sometimes He doesn't want me to think ahead and other times He needs me to think on my feet and be quick, it can be nearly impossible to say when which time is which. It all comes with learning how to be His perfect slave and wife.

We're getting so much done outside and working in the heat, it's totally exhausting. We were wiped out last night when we came inside. It's a good feeling though and we both need the exercise. It's just so stinking hot out there that we really need to be careful, Master will work in the heat till i holler or throw water at Him! lol! We don't have much or any, shade in the back yard so there's just bright sun out there! bleh! We are avoiding getting back out there now, so i better get at it!

Have a great day!

MD's treasure

Why do you always have all the dumb? Why don't you ever share?

A Formspring question from The Master:

Whoe sayd i wuz dum? Yoo arr confuzzing me with summbudde ellse.

Ask me anything

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Post from the fire

For us, it's been a busy week. For me, it's been a crazy busy week. i don't really do busy very well. i get tired fast and i don't handle being on the go very well. It's been all good stuff but just very exhausting, none the less. We've been so busy that i nearly didn't get this post in on time.

Master and i are actually outside having a bonfire right now and He's allowed me to make my blog post for the week, out here, on the lap top. i have to say, i've never blogged outside at night before. i'm happy He's allowing me to make my post, otherwise i would be in trouble.

It's been a beautiful week for weather and we have been able to spend lots of time outside doing yard work and working on the pool. We went to a craft fair another day and today we took His Mom to a party that she wanted to attend but was unable to drive to. i was happy we were able to take her, it was a nice party i would have felt bad for her to miss it. It was a 100th birthday, geez, i can't even imagine, 100 years!

i wanted to say congratulations to luna and her Master. Yesterday was the big day for them! Their long awaited wedding day and i hope that everything went as planned. Best wishes to the both of you from Master and i!!! i hope you had a terrific day!

i better scoot off of here as Master has been so gracious to let me make my entry i shouldn't take advantage of His patience.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Lovin' Leather

So Master and i decided (finally) to go ahead and take an over night trip into Chicago. The main thing we wanted to do was visit the vending area for the International Mr. Leather. As i mentioned they have one of the largest leather/fetish vending areas that you'll ever find. So while this is a gay event, there were a few hetero couples there, but very few, hahaha. The most amazing thing about this statistic is this; we could have felt totally out of place and uncomfortable but i never did, not for a second. Everyone was incredibly polite, they spoke to us and a few people even commented on my shoes. We felt more at home in this fetish community than in our home town.
Master took one of the collars that He has for me to the fair. He's been wanting to get it resized for a long time and He knew the vendors would be there. Seeing that He's been unable to contact them via email, He knew the fair would be a great chance to ask them about it. When He took the collar out of the bag He said "My collar is too large" of course, right? It is HIS collar. So the guy went to measure it, he started to put the collar on Master!!! HAHAHAHA! Immediately we both said, OH WAIT, No! But then we realized it was our fault, so as not to embarrass the guy. hehehe too funny!! =p i was already wearing the eternity collar, perhaps the vendor didn't notice it or just because Master said it was His collar! lolz

We walked around the area for a long time, there was so much to see, nothing really that you can't see on line as far as vending stuff goes. There was spanking bench and an awesome bondage table. They also did a vacuum scene and at the very end of the day they demonstrated the spanking bench!! Oh wow, i felt bad for that guy. He was up on a stage on the bench, i'm not sure if there was a dynamic between the spanker and the spankee or not, but wow was his back end R E D. He used a couple different items to spank him with. When we were walking away he picked up this very long 1 x 3, painted yellow. We could hear his cries from isles away and it's a huge place with tons of noise and hundreds if not thousands of people.
Before we were allowed to go in, we had to register and sign papers. Papers saying that we will be seeing half naked people. This was not a joke lol. There weren't any bare fronts that i saw, just a lot of bare back sides. The best part of this event was how open and free everyone was allowed to be, i loved that about it. The first people we met were in the parking garage and they were as turned around as we were trying to get to the event, the signage sucked. The very first people we met complimented me on my shoes! We got off the elevator and the guy coming off the elevator said, "oh wow he's right, those are awesome shoes". Everyone was like that, just as friendly as you can imagine.

Once we had finally exhausted the vending area and Master bought an implement of torture, we decided on pizza! Giordano's pizza! If you ever get to Chicago, there are two places to go for pizza. UNO's and Giordano's. It's a rivalry. i like both. If i had to choose, i would choose UNO's, but Giordano's is unbelievable!!! Master hasn't ever had UNO's, they are two totally different pizzas and both i think are incredible. We had a great time and there's just something about being downtown. We both love it!
Monday we were going to go to the zoo, but it didn't work out. We went and visited my nephew at his new job instead. He just moved down there and he's managing a cigar shop. He's got his dream job, living a mile away from the shop. He's living his dream and it's awesome for him and his girl. i wish we would have been able to see his new apartment, but that's okay. i was super happy to see the shop and just be downtown. We definitely had some hiccups with traffic and parking and weather. Sunday's weather was crap but Monday was gorgeous. i think if we could do it over again we'd stay out north and take the train lol. Parking sucks!! $46 on parking/cabs in two days, haha.

Anyway, i loved it, if i had a choice, i would live down there, with no car!

i hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure