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Friday, December 24, 2004

All Wrapped Up!

We’re all done with our shopping and wrapping. i spent this morning finishing my shopping for Master and i’m all finished. Tonight we spent the entire night wrapping gifts and all but a couple that Master has to wrap are finished and under the tree. We’ve never been so far behind as we were this year but i know it’s because i haven’t been feeling well at all. On top of the regular headaches and now this tummy thing i have going, Master was kind enough to share His cold with me. So i have been battling that as well as all the other stuff.

Tomorrow night we’re going to Master’s Aunt’s house for dinner with His dad’s whole family. This is the first year that we have gone since i have been living here so i’m looking forward to it. We usually spend Christmas Eve with my family but we’re not getting together with them until the 26th. So we’ll be in town on Christmas Eve as well as Christmas Day. Then we’ll head up to my mom’s the day after Christmas and i’ll stay the week while Master comes home without me =( . As much as i’m looking forward to spending that time with my family, i hate leaving Master for such a long time. He’s ok with it but i wouldn’t say He’s overjoyed by any means.

i can’t believe all the gifts that Master keeps coming home with. Every year He goes a little crazy buying gifts for me and this year has been no exception. i’ll never forget my first year here, i had more gifts from Him in one year than i bet i had gotten in all other Christmas’s combined. He’s unbelievably generous around Christmas time and i end up feeling completely spoiled.

On behalf of Master and i and all the critters, we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! i’ll try to write again before i leave on the 26th, but if i can’t, i’ll be home on the 1st and i’ll write all about my week with my family, when i get home.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Hectic Holiday

This has been somewhat of a hectic week so far. As with just about everyone, i’m trying to get ready for the holiday. i have one more quick shopping trip to make for Master and then i’m all done with my shopping. Then tomorrow night will be spent wrapping presents. i really wanted to be done by now but time just hasn’t allowed it, so i’ll get it all done tomorrow night.

The weekend will be hectic as we have plans each day. On Sunday we’ll be going to visit my family. Then Master will leave to come home and i’ll stay up there for the week. They are planning activities and a short trip to the Wisconsin Dells and i’m going to go with them. It will mean a week away from Master and i’m really kinda freaked out about it. i just wish that He could come up there with me and stay. That would make the whole thing much easier. But He’s got to work and it just won’t work out. So He’ll come and get me on New Year’s Eve. my sister is planning a party for New Year’s Eve and i’m looking forward to that.

On top of trying to get ready for Christmas i have developed what seems to be a bit of an annoying cold. It’s just wearing me out and making it so i don’t want to do anything that needs done. i have put everything off till the last minute because i haven’t felt well enough to get the lead out and get going on Christmas projects. i will get up early tomorrow and take Master to work so i can have the car for the day. Hopefully i’ll get a few things done before He even gets home from work.

Well enough for tonight, my bed is calling me.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Friday, December 17, 2004

Very bad timing and sadness

Master gave me a project the other night in the form of an email. He wanted me to write down all my favorite places to eat and all my favorite foods. Then He wanted me to write down all the places that i don’t really care for and all the food that i don’t care to eat. i spent quite a while last night working on this. When i went to bed Master asked me if i knew where He was going with this and i said that i thought He wanted to be able to order food for me no matter where we were. He said that i was partially right. He wants to be able to take more control of just about every situation. He wants to be able to decide what and where we’ll eat and when. He also said that He’s been making notes of things that will help Him take more control in general. i’m looking forward to seeing some of the changes that might occur.

Master had me strip last night and put on a flowing skirt to come to the living room in. i did so and He kept me that way until it was time to go to bed. Then He played and petted me for a while until He decided to *take* what He owns. He put a blindfold on me and bent me over the bed. He had me rub my clit while He fucked me, until He came inside me. After that He let me use the electric vibrator.

The other night when i came home from work i had a bit of a traumatic experience. i can’t talk about it too much until i get my head around it a bit more but in a nut shell…. We were taking care of Master’s mom and dad’s dog and he passed away in the chair while i thought he was sleeping. He was 15 years old and i’m not really sure what happened to him other than he was just very old and frail. We called Master’s parents to tell them and they were very understanding saying that he was in fact very old and that they were expecting this. i was an absolute basket case having it happen when they were out of town and he was here while we were watching him. i can’t even get a grip on my emotions right now, i thought that i was taking the very best care of him that i knew how and then this happened. i’m sure that they won’t blame me for it, but it’s just so hard to tell someone that the animal they have loved for so many years has passed away.

i’ll write more soon, right now i’m off to get in bed and try and get some rest.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, December 12, 2004

A Christmassy weekend

We spent Friday night and all day Saturday Christmas shopping. We are totally done with everyone that we buy for with the exception of each other. There are still a couple things that i want to get for Master and then i’ll be done with Him too. i think that we’ll spend the evening tonight wrapping presents. i love getting the wrapping done and seeing everything under the tree. We are so very blessed and i give thanks every day for how lucky we are.

Master got up and listened to the game on the radio, i’m not quite as dedicated as He is, so i didn’t get up to “listen” to the game. It wasn’t on TV today so He has to resort to the radio. The Vikings lost today so He wasn’t too happy =(.

He’s taking a much-needed nap now while i just putter around the house and do a little laundry so it’s a very quiet day today. i think i’ll prepare some cheese and crackers before i make supper, that’s a nice treat that we always enjoy.

Last night when we took a break from shopping and went to supper, Master had me put the big collar on and wear it to the restaurant. i had on a turtle-neck sweater that really didn’t cover it up all the way but He said that it would be a good lesson in public humility. i was a little self-conscious about wearing the collar in public but He was right, i was aware of it the entire time and i’m sure that it was good for me. Then on the way home He put the leather cuffs on me and locked them and i road all the way home that way. He had me sleep in them as well and i still have them on.

We were up very late on Friday night as He was writing down all the Christmas gifts on His spreadsheet as He does every year. It helps Him keep track of what we have spent on whom. When i thought we were just about to go sleep Master decided that He’d have a blowjob. i haven’t been able to “finish the job” lately because my stomach has been a mess due to my new little “condition”. So He used His pussy. He cuffed me and placed the big red ball gag in my mouth before He fucked me from behind.

All in all it’s been a really wonderful weekend and i had a great time yesterday and i didn’t even feel too bad all day. i think that i must be getting over the worst of my stomach thing and i’m so happy about that. i’ll be very grateful when i’m all better which i think will be soon.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, December 10, 2004

Feeling guilty

Master was playing Santa tonight for His work. They were having an open house for their customers. So i went and got dressed up for Him seeing that i haven’t been feeling well at all lately and haven’t really been dressing very well. So i thought that i would make that effort for Him. It worked, He was very pleased and even said that He was happy with the way that i looked tonight.

After the open house we went to the store and came home. On Thursday night we always watch our shows so we retired to the sofa and enjoyed a relaxing evening just vegging out in front of the TV eating pizza. Master cuffed me which was nice, i haven’t worn them for a few days.

i haven’t been too bad today although i just had a bit of bought of pain and Master had to pick me up off the bedroom floor. i know that He’s tired of me being sick but it’s so hard for me when He gets visibly frustrated with me. There’s absolutely nothing that i can do about how i feel and i can’t help it that i’m in pain. Yet He gets upset and it just makes me feel worse. Worse for feeling bad and guilty because i know He’s sick and tired of me being sick and tired. That’s like the last thing i need is to feel guilty about being sick.

i think that we’ll be spending most of Saturday doing some shopping for Christmas. We have done very little and have a lot to get done. i love Christmas shopping with Master, He makes it so much fun and He’s a wonderful shopper. i just pray that i’m up to it and i’m feeling well enough to go the distance. By then i’m sure i’ll be feeling well.

i didn’t end up being able to work out going to the funeral for my friend’s baby. i really felt bad for not being able to make it up there. But with the way that i have been feeling and with our car situation and Master’s work schedule, it wasn’t meant to be. She wasn’t expecting me to come but it would have been nice to be able to give her a hug in person. i’ll give her a call next week just to let her know that i’m thinking about her and of course i sent her a card.

i think that Master will have the whole weekend off and that will be just great. With all the hours that He’s been working He’s been really pretty burnt out so i’m sure He’ll look forward to getting a little bit of rest between shopping this weekend. With any luck there might be time for some *leisure* time!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Baby Angels

The last couple of days have been spent trying to get a grip on this IBS thing and trying to deal with the intermittent pain waves. i haven’t had an appetite at all which is good because when i eat my tummy hurts more than ever. i’m sure that things have to get better soon. i have been on this medicine for a few days now and i’m thinking that it will only be a short while before i’m feeling good as new. i know that Master sure hopes i’m feeling better soon. Tonight He told me how frustrated He is with me being sick all the time and not knowing what to do to help me. There really isn’t too much He can do to help me, other than just be supportive and compassionate. The more understanding He is the easier it is to get through tough times.

Since i haven’t been able to get out much i have spent the last two days decorating the house and putting the tree up. i worked all afternoon and night yesterday and tonight i finished up the tree. Master didn’t participate too much this year as He has in the past. i’m sure it’s just because He’s really been working a lot of hours and last night He spent all night finishing up some paper work.

i didn’t get my play time this weekend and i’m sure it’s just because He knew that i wasn’t up to it. i think that He’ll have a couple days off here pretty soon and we might find some time in the near future. i haven’t mentioned play time simply because i know He trying to give me a chance to recover and get back on my feet, so to speak.

i got a phone call Monday from a friend of a very good friend. She told me that my friend had had 3 miscarriages since i had last talked to her. She then went on to tell me that she was 21 weeks pregnant and she went into labor on Saturday night. The baby was only 1 pound when it was born and he lived until Sunday afternoon, when he then became an angel. i haven’t called my friend, i’m simply just trying to respect her space and give her a chance to catch her breath. She and her husband are having a funeral Mass on Thursday of this week and i’m hoping to go home for the funeral. It will really depend on when the funeral is whether or not i’m able to work it out with Master. It’s a 3 hour drive both ways so i’ll have to make sure that it will coordinate with Master getting back and forth to work. i can’t imagine the pain that they are going through. Carrying the baby for that long, having to go through labor for the end result to be such a horrific loss. i truly believe that there can’t be anything worse than losing a child, no matter how old or young. my heart goes out to anyone out there who has lost a child.

It’s very late and i need to try to get some sleep. Sleep doesn’t come easily for me and since i have had this new bout of pain, i’m awakened with the pain throughout the night. i think i’ll go to bed and watch TV and maybe with any luck sleep will just over come me.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Rough Day

A bit of a rough day for me, i spent the entire morning in the ER getting poked and prodded. Yesterday when i got up i had the worst pain in my lower belly. It progressively got worse and i was awake the whole night. By the time Master was getting ready for work this morning i was doubled over in pain. He called His mom and she took me to the ER. i hated to go because i hate to sit in the emergency room for hours at a time but then i knew there was something wrong so i thought i better go. After 3 hours i found out that i have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. i’m not at all surprised but i am surprised that it can cause that much pain. So now i have to really watch what i eat and they put me on this new drug that is terribly expensive. i really don’t need yet another physical ailment to worry about, but i’m hoping that this was just a temporary flair up and it won’t last too long.

i’m feeling better and i was even able to go to a benefit this evening for a couple of hours. Last night Master and i went to the Christmas Stroll that they have every year down town. There were hundreds of people everywhere you looked and it was really a great time, even though i wasn’t in the best shape. We went to the shops and had cookies and hot cocoa and just listened to the Christmas Carolers. We go every year and we always look forward to it as the beginning of the holiday season. We’ll be putting up the tree at some point tomorrow providing i’m feeling up to it.

i need to get some rest so i’m off to bed soon.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Friday, December 03, 2004

A bad link

i posted yesterday about the quiz that i took and i went back today and noticed that the link i posted doesn't take you right to the quiz. So here's a better link, i would love to see some of your results posted in the comments section!! How Slavishly Devoted are you?

Have a great day everyone!!

MD's treasure

Thursday, December 02, 2004

How Slavishly Devoted Are You?

i just took a little survey from Quizilla and here are my results. There are many different results but i thought i would share mine. Feel free to share your results!!

Slave: You are extremely devoted and take your job as a slave very seriously. Though you realize that there are some areas where you maintain your autonomy, you try very hard to say attuned to your partners every need and allow him (her) to provide for you whatever is deemed best. You work hard to maintain a submissive posture in all that you do together.

i have to say that i was a little suprised about my results by pleased. i think that Master would be happy as well.

Have fun!

Dealing with the pain

This has been a pretty busy week for me. i worked on Tuesday, which is normal. But then i had to bowl on Wednesday night and i bowl again tonight. i’m not usually quite busy body that i have been this week. i have also been trying to get up at a somewhat decent time of day and i have been doing pretty well at that. i have been getting a few chores done every day and even though it’s not much, it’s enough to make me feel like i’m not a complete waste of space! Yesterday i got the house all ready to decorate taking down old decorations from Thanksgiving and making space for Christmas stuff. i’m hoping that we’ll put the tree up and i’ll get my decorating done this weekend. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas without Master’s house all decorated.

It’s not 100% yet but it’s about 95% that Master will be getting a new job at the same company. This is wonderful news for us. It means that things won’t be as stressful for us financially. We spend very little money and live a pretty simple lifestyle so we don’t need much but the extra money will just help make ends meet a little better. i’m just praying that it comes through. It looks like it will as Master’s boss told Him that he would give Master the key to the store on Saturday. So this is just awesome news.

Hopefully we’ll have some time this weekend to play as we haven’t for a while and i can feel myself needing that. i hate to ask Master for His time as He’s been working a lot lately but i know that i would feel good spending some time with Master. Even though the play time can be hard on me physically with my head hurting so much, i always feel a sense of focus and center afterward. my head has been really bad lately and that may be why Master has shied away from any roughness. i spent some time yesterday looking at web sites that address migraine pain and reading boards of those who deal with them everyday or often as i do. It was comforting to know that there are many others out there who are going through some of the same things that i am regarding headache pain. It’s truly amazing what these things can do to your life. When you have a migraine it’s all but impossible to function and they take away any sense of normalcy that one might otherwise feel. i would give just about anything to go an entire day without a headache just to see what it’s like to live again without pain. i have all but forgotten. i can only pray that some day they will fade away just as they came. As i was reading i found that there are support groups out there for people like me, i never thought about this. i would love to meet and talk to others like me. There aren’t any support groups in my area, not even one within 100 miles, but it’s still good to know that they are out there.

Have a great day everyone!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure