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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good things, Good thoughts

We worked in the yard yesterday and put in a garden around one of our trees. Master built two frames for the gardens last fall and we are putting the mulch in the frames now. Pretty much for every holiday people give me frog statues to put in our gardens and i had lots of new ones to go in the new gardens. We have one more garden to finish now and we'll be done with this project. Of course it's just the beginning, maintaining them is always on going and living in a dust bowl like we do, there will always be lots of weeds to pull.

We started on the pool yesterday, it's been so hot already that we're able to get the pool open and hopefully this summer we'll be able to use it a lot. Last summer because it was such a cold summer, we were in it a total of four times. It was really disappointing so this year i hope to really get lots of use out of it.

We're going to a graduation party this afternoon and tomorrow we're having our family over for the holiday. Not too much else is going on, just summer-y type stuff.

We got a call from the University Hospital, we go up there in a month or so for our high risk screening and we'll have another Ultra Sound and see where we stand. One more month and we can sort of breath easy. It's a long time, it seems like a long time anyway. i was a little further along than they thought also so just shy of 8 weeks. We'll still see our doctor here in the mean time, we'll see her in a week. i like that they are keeping close tabs on us, all good things, i'm just thinking all good thoughts, it's all i can do and for now it's enough. =)

Have a good Sunday!

Peace to you and yours

MD's treasure

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Smells like summer!

It seems like we've had a fairly busy week but i don't have a whole lot to write about. The other night i was sitting at my computer and all of a sudden it sounded like someone from inside my computer threw a firecracker at me. Master said that it was capacitor from the power supply blowing. It was so loud that He actually thought that it was a rock hitting the window next to me at first. my time on the computer at this point is very limited and when i'm not using it's turned off, but we know that really limits it's life, turning it on and off. So now we have to order parts to build a new one.

Today we went to an annual crawdad boil that is held at the park where our friends have their cabin. It's always really well attended but this year there were more people than i think i've ever seen. The weather was amazing and there was no flood at all, that a problem more often than not down there. It was a pretty good time, not as bad as i expected really.

Master and i are going down later for a bonfire after we work in the yard a little bit yet this afternoon. i'm a bit queasy but i know it's just something i have to get used to and i can't let it stop me from doing things or i won't get anything done at all. i know it will pass, i just have to tough it out a few more weeks.

We're putting in a couple more mulch gardens and Master wants to try to get them done before we have dinner on Monday for Memorial Day. If that's the case we better get moving on them now. So i better get off here quick.

i hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend! i know one thing, it sure smells like summer out there!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just a quickie

Wow i think summer is here, it's 85 in the house today and bleh i feel bleh. i think or at least i hope it's time to turn the air on soon. Master and i watched the race last night in the basement and it's shocking when we come upstairs the difference in temperature from one flight to another. Lol we should have slept down there, it was so uncomfortable up here, temp wise anyway. The new bed that Master made is amazing and the mattresses are like sleeping on clouds, it's heaven, just hot the past few nights.

It's already pretty late in the day and i don't really know if we have any plans to do anything substantial. We have been getting a late start lately and i'm hoping that will change soon. i would like to be able to start getting a better nights sleep and be able to get up a little earlier.

i don't have much for today really, just another quiet Sunday here. i still have phone calls to make and family members to tell but i am taking those one at a time. haha It's a lot to explain individually lol.

Yesterday we worked in the yard maybe we'll do more of that today, who knows. i think i'll see if Master has plans for the day. i hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ya'll Ready? =)

When i was about 19 years old i was diagnosed with poly cystic ovaries and i was told it would be best to have a complete hysterectomy then. It would just lead to further complications as i aged. my Mom refused to allow them to do any type of surgery and she said we'd take our chances. i was told i would never have children i had basically a zero % chance due to the amount of cysts on the ovaries. Zero? eh maybe 99%?

The test was positive. i am 41 years old, it's very risky, there are many variables but as it stands, i'm due in January. The biggest risk is that of miscarriage followed by one in 40 babies is born with downs syndrome. There is also a risk to me and my high blood pressure. i already have some pretty serious high blood pressure while on medicine, we will go back to the doctor on Monday to address more of these issues and see what can be done.

Master has been very open with His wishes and desires. A baby is okay but His slave is His priority a baby will not supersede His position as a Master. He just can't put my health behind that of a baby. We never planned on or thought we would have a baby, think what you will, this is who He is. i can only respect His wishes.

We're taking things slowly and telling our family members one at a time with much caution. We just want everyone to know that there are risks and a lot can happen. i am not quite six weeks yet and at the end of twelve weeks we'll do a test for downs syndrome. my brother says that God doesn't give you what you can't handle, there is a lot of truth in that. We're just waiting to see how things play out. In the mean time we are taking it day by day.

We love our life the way it is. We love the freedom we have. It was Master who also said, maybe we needed this as a wake up call. We never know why things happen the way they do. Whatever happens, i'll post here, good or bad and let you all know. Please think good thoughts for us.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Little Red.... shoes =)

i had another busy day yesterday. Master was gone almost all day, working on that addition for His friend and while He was gone i worked! Housework and laundry and just general busy work. i did most of the stuff that annoys Him to pieces when He's home and while He was away is the perfect time to get things like that done.

When i was finished with my work i realized that my legs and feet were pretty tired. i had worked for at least three hours straight after i got out of the shower and got dressed. So i know for sure it was from at least 3pm to 6pm. When i finally sat down i thought that my legs were in much better form this time than when i had been doing the garage sale in the flats. i had no cramps and my feet were just tired. i know i was just tired because i had been up and down the stairs a couple dozen times and done my vacuuming,laundry and lifting in 3.5 inch heels. It never dawned on me until i sat down and realized that i hoped i didn't spill laundry soap on my new shoes. They were little red espadrille looking sandals that i got at the end of last summer and i never had a chance to wear them before it got too cold. i've been dying to wear them and i am not someone who waits for an occasion to wear new shoes. First off, i have too many shoes to wait for an occasion lol and secondly i find if they need broken in, it's best to do that at home. These, however were a perfect fit. =)

i think i mentioned that my niece moved to Bangkok, Thailand for a year to teach English. i'm not sure if many of you keep up on world news or not but posted on her wall by a friend just two days ago i saw a head line from Associate Press, Bangkok Thailand is more like a war zone than the bustling streets it's known for. There is literally a social war breaking out down town Bangkok with guns and riots. It's controlled and likely to end within a day or so but people are being killed and it's isolated but travel is restricted and no one is allowed to fly into the city from the US, if i am reading it right. Still, i can't even believe what i was reading. i talked to my niece last night and she said that it's really scary but as long as she stays in her neighborhood and stays away from what she called "red shirts" she was safe. i was in a panic when i read that head line and started reading it to Master. Once i talked to her Master told me i had to stop my worrying because He knows something like this will really overwhelm me. i do feel better, i told her that i trust her judgment and i'm sure that if it were bad enough people like her wouldn't be allowed to stay in the country.

Today is a quiet day, i was hoping we might be able to grill out tonight but it's been sprinkling all day and not a good day for grilling again. We really wanted to make Sunday our day for grilling but so far this spring Sundays haven't cooperated. Every Sunday can't be like this, can it? haha

i hope everyone is having a very nice Sunday and doing something you enjoy!

Peace to you and yours!

MD's treasure

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Cat's Away!

For the first time in a long time Master is gone for the day and i am home alone. i have kept busy until now. i was even remotely productive, i did laundry, straightened up the house a bit and trimmed the dogs furry mop. That is until the clippers got too warm to keep going. i got a new pair of dog clippers for Christmas but they get pretty hot pretty fast. i'm even getting faster at it and they still get hot pretty fast. i took a long break and used the scissors and got further this time than i ever had but i wasn't able to finish him up, i didn't want to take the chance of burning him. He looks better than he did, i just wish the clippers wouldn't get so hot.

The piercings are healing well, the salt soaks aren't as fun as they sound lol. i wish i didn't have to do them anymore. i'm pretty sure i was using way too much salt to begin with and even now that i've cut down on the salt, i'm still pretty tender. Tender is putting it mildly though, just touching down there at the end of the day is rough. A lot of places say salt soaks twice a day so i guess i'll keep it up until Master deems it unnecessary. It's only been two weeks since He did them so i know it's way too early to stop the soaks, i'm just hoping in a week or so i might be able to cut back to one soak a day. That alone might help with the raw feeling. Either way, i am thrilled that they never got infected and that they look as good as they do.

Today Master is off doing His thang. His friend who owns the cabin on the river is adding on to it, so he asked Master to come and build the walls and stuff. He left early this morning with tools in tow and i don't expect to see Him until late tonight. Not too much else is going on here with us. It's done nothing but rain here all week so our plans to work outside and get our mulch gardens in have been stalled. We finally got the mulch but that's as far as we've gotten. We'll get it done, in Mother Nature's good time.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

MD's treasure

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

i just talked to my niece she's about to board the second leg of her 21 hour journey to Thailand. She was in the Atlanta airport getting ready for the longest flight, the 14 hour flight. She's going to Thailand for a year to teach high school age girls how to speak English. my niece is 23 years old and this is quite a journey for her, i'm scared and proud of her at the same time. She'll be living in downtown Bangkok and it's a reputable program through the college but still she's a world away, literally.

Today is a much quieter day than yesterday. Yesterday the whole neighborhood was buzzing with the yard sale folks and we were up before dawn and freezing in the wind and 40 degree temps. Today it's quiet and pretty outside and not even a dog barking. What a difference a day makes. Master's Mom is out of town but we'll have to be sure we give her a call just to say Happy Mother's Day. We won't celebrate until they get back but He'll regret it if we don't call her, i'm sure hahaha.

Now that we're finished with this yard sale, we're going to spend some more time and get more stuff out of the basement and i am going to get more clothes out. We'll prepare for another one in a few weeks. Master has some other big items that He wants to put out i'm just not sure what they are haha. We also have a couple other families that want to go in with us to help make it a bigger sale, even though we did have a really nice sale this time too. Knowing that we'll have more time this go around, we'll have more stuff out, i hope!

Well i think i'll go see if Master still wants to catch a race today, if it's not too late and if there's even one on today! rofl! i am pretty out of touch! =)

Peace to you and yours and a VERY Happy Mother's Day!

MD's treasure

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Ring! Ring!

A week ago tonight Master decided it would be the big night. He would go ahead and do the piercings that He had been planning on. He put on ring on each inner labia, after much deliberation of course, He finally decided where He would put them. i was scared, i won't say i wasn't, but it wasn't because of Master, i was just a bit freaked out in general. i can't really think of anyone who goes into a piercing who wouldn't be a little freaked out, even if they have tons of them. The first one was great and even though i know the second one is always a little tougher than the first, the second one was much tougher. It sort of popped, neither one of us are quite sure why, it could be one of many reasons but no matter what reason, it was a bit more painful than i anticipated. Now that the piercings are a week old, we've been doing sea salt soaks twice a day every day and they are still fairly tender, they look good and i'm going just fine with them. According to everything we've read, i'm right on schedule with the healing process. It was exciting to do and it went off without a hitch really but for Master, i think it wasn't perfect. He doesn't like unexpected surprises and there are always things to deal with when dealing with the human body lol. i'm not sure if He would do another piercing again but i have to say, i've only have the nipples and now these done but i think He did an amazing job. It was fast, smooth and He had the jewelry in quickly, like He'd done it a hundred times. i'm sure He was tense but it went really well.

This week has been spent getting ready for a huge yard sale the main point about that being, i've spent most of the last 3 days in flat shoes. The last two nights i've been suffering terribly for it. my calf muscles are on fire because my feet just aren't used to being in flats. i came in the house earlier to find something to put on and i just didn't have time to find something warm enough to spend a lot of time in throughout the day, so i just hurriedly threw the same stupid shoes back on. Another big mistake as i am still paying the price.

Just for a few hours tonight some of our closest friends in the lifestyle dropped by to visit. It wasn't nearly long enough but at least we got to see them. i feel terrible for the state of the house as it looks like a bomb went off in here because of the yard sale. It's always so awesome to see them, i only wish they could have stayed longer.

i hope everyone is having a good weekend.

MD's treasure