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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Master and i have been invited to spend the evening with friends. i'm going to spend part of the afternoon cooking and preparing a cheese tray. We're taking some games and maybe a little bit of alcohol but Master would only be able to drink a tiny bit early, as He's the driver and i don't drink at all really anymore. Just about anything makes my head hurt beyond reason so there is no point.

We went grocery shopping yesterday afternoon and i was happy to see that the store wasn't as packed as i had expected. Things started out off on the wrong foot with Master being angry at me and lately that's been the norm but it got better as the afternoon progressed.

i am hoping we'll have a nice time tonight, we have nothing at all planned for tomorrow as Master's parents are out of town. i don't really remember if we usually do anything for New Years Day or not lol. i don't think so. Maybe He watches football, that sounds right hehe.

i just wanted to wish everyone a very safe and Happy New Year!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, December 26, 2008

"Santa" is a shopaholic!

i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends. Master and i got up yesterday and before i even woke Him up and i had my shower and got dressed. Every year our Christmas pictures opening gifts are horrible because they are just out of bed, hair everywhere, still in PJ's, pictures. We didn't have much time to spare yesterday anyway, so i thought getting ready before gifts was a good move.

Master came upstairs and we started on our stockings. Most of our gifts are in the form of stockings. We wrap only one or two gifts and the rest is left out on couches and chairs covered up and we choose one thing at time without looking. We both have a designated spot where "Santa" has left our gifts! This year as every year in the past, Santa went more than a little over board on me. Well, Santa and Master.... They conspire. i got 22 pair of stockings from the UK because that's where we've found the best deal and the ones that fight the best. But! 22! Pair!?! i got movies and earrings and candles and new shoes and oh geez i've already forgotten! But i know i got some amazing things. i think a book or two, a calendar .... but.... the best thing that Master bought me was a sweatshirt He had custom made from Disney. You all know His name for me is precious treasure, my Everquest name is trayzhur (treasure) because the name generator wouldn't take treasure lol. So He had Disney make me a sweatshirt. Pink! With Winnie the Pooh on it and right under Pooh is my name in all small letters "treasure". The name of the font is called honey pot! lol. It's fabulous! He told me that there was one present that He spent too much money on for what it was but that He knew i would love it. He did spend too much money on it but He was right.... it's AMAZING!

Late last night we got home from His parents house after having Christmas dinner. We still had one more small gift for each other. i gave Him one last movie, "The HULK". i knew what He had for me but not exactly what they would look like. New nipple rings. About every other year we go up a size in gauge and try to go bigger in the ring. Two years ago we went to an 8 gauge 3/4 inch ring. That was it, we couldn't get any larger gauge if we wanted a larger ring. i wanted an inch as did He but that's a no go unless we have them custom made as well. i think that's the case, i might be kinda wrong but i think that's the way it was. So... i'm naked in 5 inch heels, in front of a cam, chained, gagged, cuffed, blindfolded. He didn't want me getting in the way of the procedure LOL. He took out the old, cleaned the new, in the most sterile environment we can create. Gloved, alcohol, antibacterial soap. In with the new. And away i flew. i honestly was pretty well gone until he "unleashed me". i remember the new ones burning from the alchohol. The left one is always my bad one but that's all i remember. i remember Him telling me to sit up straight a few times. But i just sort of lose touch, i get dizzy, i have no sense of right, left, forward..... lol. When i was allowed to see them, they are called curved barbells but that's a misleading name. They are basically unfinished rings. One inch, 6 gauge and huge. They hurt all night and will improve in a very short amount of time. i love them!

We had an awesome Christmas, i hope you all did too!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

To all you out there in Blog Land!
Merry Christmas and Joyful New Year!

Master Dream and His treasure

Monday, December 22, 2008

Bridging the Gap?

i dunno much about too much lol... i was reading Kaya's blog as one of the blogs that i read every day. She had a topic on her blog about when you start to pull away from your Master, how do you get back to where you once were? i know i get there too sometimes, maybe we all do? i was just wondering what i would say if someone asked me how to bridge the gap, then i thought about last night. Master and i were watching TV on the couch, we have kind of a large love seat in the living room that we use as our "couch". my head hurt and i was nearly asleep so i curled up and used Him as my pillow.

Actions speak louder than words. i think maybe instead of going to Him and confessing my inner most thoughts in one fell swoop or doing one big thing to show Him how much He means to me, i think for me it would be one small action at a time. Telling Him that i wish to goodness He wouldn't take that shopping trip because i just have a terrible feeling about. That translates into "if something ever happened to You, i would die without You". Freaking out in the book isle because i can't get that one book He wanted for Christmas, knowing that disappointing Him would break my heart. Or the one night i sobbed over burnt fish because i knew i'd ruined it and i had wanted the fish to be just like His buddy made for Him.

Those might seem like rediculous examples but to me every one of them scream, i can't live without You and i want to please You more than anything in life! As with just about everything in my own life, i start small because great leaps and bounds seem to spook me. i guess i just try to keep the gap closed by little things. It doesn't always work and i think a lot of times Master might not see the things that i do the way that i do. Maybe He sees me as just being crazy LOL, i dunno. But i've always thought that actions speak volumes. Sometimes the words might seem empty if there is nothing cosistant to back it up, ya know?

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful.......!

The majority of this week has been one weather concern after another. We got a pretty big snow storm on Tuesday night and that postponed Master's shopping trip. On Thursday night we got a nasty ice storm, they had predicted up to an inch of ice followed by a possible 12 inches of snow in some areas. YIKES! If we had gotten an inch of ice and lost power we really have no way of providing heat for the animals. Everyone would be alright for a while except for our bird so we were really concerned, we have no fire place and no generator. Thankfully when the ice hit it wasn't nearly as bad as it was supposed to be and the snow wasn't as much as predicted. It was still very ugly and horrible but we didn't lose power and the roads weren't too bad yesterday. i was of course terrified to go out because i seem to be terrified to leave the house at all these days. But we made it out and back and did just fine.

i finally got to go shopping for Master! Other than dropping and breaking my pen as soon as Master walked away and getting mixed up about a few things and nearly crying in the book isle (hehe) i made it. i thought seriously about asking a group of young adult/teens to help me look for a book that Master has wanted lol. Ended up that Master just showed me where it was Himself, it was no secret that He was getting the book, He's been wanting it for months. i had already been standing there for nearly 15 minutes looking for it, it was ask Him or someone to help me, i chose Him teehee. It was wayyy down in the corner i don't think i ever would have found it. i'm just happy to be done and that Master will have a nice Christmas (i hope)! =)

It's snowing again today, the paper said "flurries" if this is flurries, i would hate to see what they call a snow storm. It's really really snowing outside! i have no idea how much we're supposed to get but we're in for the day, Master said last night that we weren't going anywhere today. i'm totally on board with that! i made cookies last night, a double batch even. i like to bake but not so much alone. Master came in and threw some stuff in the bowl for me to make it go faster though hahaha. They turned out well and now at least i feel like i did something domestic for Christmas.

Because of the death in Master's brother in law's ("J") family our plans for Christmas Day might be a set off a little. We're not sure if J will be out of town and if he is none of us want to open gifts without him, we just don't feel good about that. So we'll get together and maybe have a meal or something but wait on gifts until he's able to join us. J can be pretty indecisive so i'm sure we won't know what we're doing right up until Christmas Eve. But i guess in this situation we just need to be patient with him and give him some space right now to figure out what to do.

i've mentioned that Master and i play Everquest, there is a message board that we belong to. One thread asked "what is your favorite Christmas tradition" i thought i would share here what i wrote there. Every year my Mom would make these meat balls. The first year she made them she thought she was soooo clever because it was something so new and different! Our big mistake was in telling her that we thought they were good! hahahaha Why? Because these meat balls in question were Grape Jelly Meat Balls. *sigh* She thought they were good and because we made a fuss over them, EVERY year after that for Christmas Eve dinner, she made them!

The funny thing about this was that someone remarked about the meatballs and it made me wonder about the recipe box she put together for me years and years ago. She wrote out an entire recipe box of cards of her favorite recipes. So i thought... hmmm... i wonder.... so i went to look. Sure enough! Grape Jelly Meat Balls!

The recipe couldn't really be easier if anyone wanted to try it.

Make your favorite meatloaf recipe, make into the meat balls.
Put them on foil and into the oven for 15 minutes on 450.
Then into the crock pot.
Add 1C Ketchup
Add 1C Grape Jelly
Let simmer~enjoy... lol if you dare!!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Angels

So last week i was a complete slacker i sort of made up for it Sunday and yesterday. Sunday night we got all the presents wrapped and we're basically finished shopping. Yesterday i got the last of my card written out and they are ready for Master to look over and stamp. We put up a few more decorations and i guess that's all we're going to do this year.

Tonight is the night that Master was supposed to shop with His friend but we're getting a snow storm. Every year He and His friend go out of town shopping for myself and His friend's girl friend. i would assume by the amount of snow that has already fallen that they'll go tomorrow or Thursday night. It's really coming down out there too! Maybe there will be enough that we can go out front and make Snow Angels!

We found out last night that Master's brother in law's "Step Dad" (for all intents and purposes) was killed in a car accident yesterday afternoon. M's brother in law "J" called here to ask if i called over there and M said that no, i hadn't and J said "oh ok, by the way my 'Step Dad' was killed in a car wreck today and my Mom is doing very poorly as well". Wow. Master obviously didn't know what to say but just He was sorry and He hung up. i called back a couple hours later to talk to Master's sister to find out how J's Mom was and i guess she'll make it but she'll have a very rough road ahead of her. We just walked around the house for a while stunned. i said to Master "don't You just feel like You should do something, or say something?" Like going back to our regular routine just seems so wrong. One minute that man was driving along minding his own business and the next minute a truck hit him head on and he was killed. We didn't know him well, we've only met him a few times, but i know he was very good to J's Mom and M's sister and brother in law cared a lot for him. Now we have yet another Angel to watch over us! It's events like this that center me again and help to remind me what is important in life, as if i could ever forget. Give thanks for every single minute i have. i hope J's Mom makes a full and fast recovery!

Master and i are still working on the DVD project for His parents. We have about a billion and half pictures to scan yet. Who knows if we'll ever get this done but the plan today is to work on pictures all day. i'm going to hit the shower so we can work on it all afternoon. Have a good day!

Peace to you and yours!

MD's treasure

Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm running out of ideas for titles!

Yesterday was such a nice day. Master and i went shopping. i've said in the past that we really don't have too many to buy for but we just enjoy going out and browsing. For the most part we just like shopping for the sake of shopping hehe. One of these years i'll learn though, to keep my remarks about what i think is cute or something that i might like to have, to a minimum. i can tell already by the number of home deliveries and "5 minute" stops that He wanted to make yesterday that He's already went way overboard on me. i fight the good fight though, i try to get Him to cut back and i think that He has a little this year... maybe....not. *sighs* lol We don't do a ton for birthdays and i don't think we did anything at all this year for our anniversary so that is the argument i would get from Him, this is when He goes all out. Not that i would have any control over the matter anyway!! lolol!!

As is typical with us, we shopped too long and lost track of time and just about all the places that we had in mind to eat were closed or closing soon. So we ended up at fast food... bleh. On a somewhat depressing note and i don't want to drag economics and politics into my blog *ever* but i wanted to mention a sad turn of events happening in neighboring cities. In the past couple years (my timing might be a bit skewed) our five favorite restaurants have had to close their doors. We just went by the fifth one last night, we're not sure why that one closed or if they are closed, perhaps they just moved to another location *crosses fingers*. It's just sad. One of them had a note on the door something like: "Thank you to our loyal customers but after 28 years, we have to close our doors." GAH =( i have faith things are going to get better very very soon!!! *s*

Today M's brother and family will be in town. We're going out to lunch with them and then we'll spend tomorrow with them as well. M's not quite as excited about seeing them as i would think, it's a bit of a chore for Him. He and His brother email back and forth all the time but life is easier via email. They clash in person, polar opposites even. They don't argue, they just have nothing in common. i always look forward to seeing one of their sons, he's a great kid with tons of personality. He's the one that they think is out of control lol, funny he's the one M and i enjoy the most. We don't have to live with him though lol.

Master is waiting.... never a good thing, i better scoot!

Have a great day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Yesterday Master brought up the tree, ornaments and lights for me and i got the tree put up... *already* haha. It's usually been up a whole week by this time. i still have a few hundred more things to put out but the tree is up and a few window decorations are up. That's progress! Things were a little harder for me this year. i wasn't able to figure out one of the window decorations so instead of letting it really rattle me, i stopped, took a deep breath and packaged it back up and put it away. It's just not that important to let things like that upset me. The lights were a little harder for me this year, looking at them and putting them on the tree was a little confusing but i managed. i don't need to let things bother me, if i can't do something without it upsetting me or getting me frustrated, then i need to stop.

The day before i broke the nose piece to my glasses. Before i went to bed i thought i would swap one nose piece from one pair to another. i seriously thought it would take me two or three minutes and it should have. i have all the right tools and it's not a hard job. Forty five minutes later i had to stop, put all the pieces down and go to bed with broken glasses. The next day Master fixed them in less than 5 minutes. They are fixed and i can see, i am not afraid or too proud to ask for help but i wish i didn't have to ask Him for His help for nearly everything. eh... again i can't let it worry me... it is what it is and i am who i am right?

So this week we have quite a bit to get done before Saturday. Master's brother and his family are in town and we'll be spending Saturday with them. We will exchange gifts with them and i will have presents to wrap and some food to cook. i would also like to finish my cards before the weekend but who knows if i'll get to that or not. Once i start it doesn't take long. We were going to do some more shopping this week but i think Mother Nature might have other ideas. It's been raining...icey...snowing and it's supposed to continue that type of nonsense for a while. Maybe it will clear up toward the end of the week and we'll be able to get out of town safely. i'm a big weenie head when it comes to being out in bad weather. Master is super safe driver, i'm just a pansy lol.

It's many hours later now that i'm getting to finish this. i better get this posted before i lose it.

Peace to you and yours.

MD's treasure.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

i worry too much

So Monday morning the bank calls..... long story short the debit card people detected fraud on our card, on their rating system it was a very high rating and it was an automatic shut off. HUH? i thought M was going to stroke out right there and then. i was trying to talk to the woman from the bank on the phone and M was yelling and freaking out so bad in the background that i had to walk out of the room, which i'm not allowed to do without His permission. Then they told us that it would be at least a week or more before we'd get a new card. Now, we pay for everything with our debit card. Seriously. Everything. All M's Christmas shopping, bill paying, grocery shopping, you name it, that's how we live. We can figure it out but it's an enormous pain in the rear end. But M through such a fit that they said it would be over nighted to us. i said they called Monday. Here it is Thursday. Yeah you guessed it. No cards. We'll get them Friday because of blah blah blah blah blah blah. When they told me we weren't going to get them until Friday, i cried. i knew how mad M was going to be and frankly He just gets mad and He wasn't mad at me, just mad and it stresses me out. i guess i just sorta lost my composure. *sigh* Good times lol.

That having been said i guess just in general i don't handle Him being mad very well at all. It doesn't matter if He is mad at me or not. i don't care who or what He's mad at, He's mad and i'm upset. i know everything that can't be roses and teddy bears all the time but i think i just don't deal with things as well as i used to. i cry easier lately and tear up faster than ever. i think i miss my family, maybe it's the holidays. That's probably what it is. my sister is going through a hard time right now, she's alone, her husband is away from her for three weeks and i feel bad for her. i suppose it makes me wish i could be with her, more than i normally would wish that. They found some pre-cancer cells on her cervix and she is having a procedure to remove the bad cells. Her husband is about as disinterested as he could be, so i suppose i just feel bad for her and wish that i could be closer to her.

i am a little worried about doing my Christmas shopping this year not being able to drive myself. i'm not quite sure how i'll get it all done. It's discouraging thinking that Master will have to take me to do His own shopping lol. Not that He would mind taking me at all, i know He wouldn't. That might be what i'll end up doing. i would sure rather ask Him to take me than His Mom, riding in a car with her is just scary beyond belief rofl. Especially now that we've already had snow! UGH. We usually don't get this much snow already but M was outside for a good part of the afternoon yesterday shoveling the driveway, side walk and deck. It's pretty to me but i think i'm alone in my thinking, M's not a fan hehehe. We're headed to town soon for errands. i better sign off.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Monday, December 01, 2008

i was wrong... hehe

Master and i went Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Why people call it black Friday is kinda sorta annoying and i have no idea why they do it, but whatever. For us it's always been a fun day and if you let yourself get all worked up and stressed out over it, then why go, really? Because i lost so much weight over the summer months all or most of my winter sweaters and skirts sort of hang on me and are loose and bulky. The clothes that i had on that Friday were no exception. i was wearing a black turtleneck shirt as Master requested, so i could wear the collar all day underneath it and i had a pink sweater over that but the sleeves are very long so Master said He wanted to try something. He pulled up the sleeves on the sweater and put the sort of bulky leather cuffs on me, complete with pad lock. i protested a bit saying that they would show through and be easily detected. He really didn't care what i said one way or the other or if they were noticed. i was pretty uncomfortable for a while but the sleeves were plenty long so it went fine. When we got back in the car Master said that He would accept my apology for being wrong and for trying to resist Him. =)

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet i'm not even sure we've left the house since we got home Friday night. Last night we had a football night and His favorite team won so it was a good weekend. It snowed yesterday and last night and it's cold enough that it stuck. That's bad news for Master because He still has a garage door opener to put up. Now He'll be putting it up in the colder weather. Maybe we'll luck out and we'll get a little more warm weather yet.

It's another quiet day and there isn't much going on so i'll sign off. Happy Monday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure