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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy to be the first mate

i spent the better part of the day yesterday in the pool, finally. It was the perfect weather to swim. It wasn't windy which is pretty much amazing for here, it's always windy but yesterday it was perfect weather for swimming. Of course Master had to sit outside with me and He said that He felt like a lifeguard, i suppose in a way He is.

Yesterday afternoon we had a few people over to swim and one of them was the gal that i talk most about. Master's buddy's wife, from the cabin. She brought her kids to swim and as usual the kids were misbehaved but it's normal we're used it and it wasn't anything too bad. She is one of the few that we told about the baby, she and her husband, last weekend their oldest daughter got married she was only 18 and Master did the music so because it was a very big day for them we didn't mention anything about the miscarriage. We didn't want to bring anything down or detract from the day. So yesterday she asked how i was feeling and i said quietly out of the kids earshot, that i had lost the baby. ALL she said was.... "oh". After a very brief pause she went on like nothing else was said. She never brought it up again when we were alone and she never said she was sorry or expressed sadness of any kind. i don't know why i am shocked or surprised at all but i am. i expected at least something, at very least "i'm sorry". i shouldn't let it bother me and i shouldn't even think another thing about it. i just don't know that kind of self- centeredness.

i made a comment earlier in the day about the man always being the captain of the ship and the female always being the first mate. Master said to me "That's why we don't have friends". i didn't pick up on what He was saying right away and when i asked Him what He meant He said, that kind of thinking, that's why we don't have more friends. Because we believe the way we do.

In this day and age, there are so few people who believe that way, it's hard to find people who believe that way or anyone to accept you if you believe differently than they do. It's not like we flaunt it when we're in public either, we're just us but we don't change who we are completely either. i don't ignore Master and become someone different just because we're not at home. We know very few people who accept us for who we are, i can really think of only one couple who really doesn't care what we do and likes us no matter what. They aren't Master's favorite people but they certainly aren't at all judgmental.

Today we were going to spend the day swimming but that sort of fell through. There will be other nice days.

i hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Busy Day

Yesterday was a long day. i got up at 6am and got ready and we left early to go to The Bass Pro Shops with Master's parents. We could have spent the whole day in that place it's really amazing and there is so much to do. my tummy was pretty off all day so Master and His Mom and Dad had lunch and they were nice enough to make me some toast.

After we left there we drove another hour and a half to see this match stick place that Master's Mom has been wanting to see for months. Once we finally got there it was pretty neat but i wish they would have had pictures of all the structures that he has ever made. He has given away or sold many of the structures so you missed out on quite a few of them too. The time that he put into them was pretty incredible. He's made huge structures out of nothing but matchsticks and glue. Like the Capital building, the Hogwarts School, using hundreds of thousands of matchsticks. They are amazing.

After all that we ended up at the mall for a couple hours but our time was really cut short there. We still got to look a little bit but we can always go back, it's not that far away, it's the closest of everything we did yesterday and we'd be better off going to that alone because there is just too much walking for Master's parents.

i'm hoping to get outside today and go swimming. i need to check out the pool after all the rain and clean a little i'm sure before i can swim and if i'm going to get out there at all, i need to get scooting. It's pretty hot out today so it should be a good day to swim, i hope.

i hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

If i am quick about it i can still fit this in under the wire. Unfortunately i am not that great on the lap top keyboard yet and that's the computer i have chosen to write this entry on so who knows if i'll make it in time. i have to post two entries per week and we've been really busy the last couple days so i find myself racing the clock to make this post.

Yesterday we got up very early to go watch Master's brother in law sky dive. Master's sister gave her husband the skydiving as a gift and it was a surprise. When they got to the airport he had absolutely no idea what he would be doing until they gave him a card saying something like "the sky is the limit". He really did alright except that for that whole being terrified thing, until he started getting horribly sick to his stomach from the motion sickness. It was a very windy day and they all tandem jump so as they were jumping the chute started to sway back and forth with a vengeance and as he wasn't in control there was nothing that he was able to do but just go along with the instructor. He got incredibly sick to him stomach but he never did actually get sick. When he landed he was just gray and looked horrible. It's too bad that he felt so ill because i think it might have been a wonderful time for him, he went with several other family members who all seemed to really love it.

It really was too windy, in fact they grounded the plane after the next jump due to the wind, i just wonder if he had been able to go up on a nicer day if he would have enjoyed it more.

Today we had everyone over for a very late Mother's Day, my Mother in law's birthday and Father's Day. Master and i worked last night cutting veggies and meat for kabobs that He grilled tonight and everyone thought they were great. We marinated them in all different kinds of marinade and we had so much food everyone left stuffed to the gills. Everyone played ladder ball that Master made a better version of because ours got broken and it seemed like they all had a good time.

i think that everybody had a good time, i hope so cause i think that Master and i are both pooped. It's time to go watch TV and for Master to have His Father's Day, finally.

Peace to you and yours and Happy Father's Day!

MD's treasure

Thursday, June 17, 2010

We'll always have hope

i can't recall another time in my life where i have had such a peace about something. i know that this time it wasn't meant to be and that God had a plan for us. In my life i have felt gratefulness before but this was different. i have never been so grateful as i was to be allowed to carry this baby and spend the time i did, carrying this baby, even though the time was short. i understand that this baby wasn't the one for us, this baby wasn't meant to be but even if i am never given another chance to carry another baby, i'll treasure this time for my entire life. i never thought i would even get to do this much. i was always told that this would never happen for me so this was a gift.

i told Master that i would be sad but that i would try to be strong. When the doctor told us that the baby had lost the heartbeat i just sobbed, but not only for my loss, but for the baby. i was so sad for little "bean" as we called him (because he was the size of a bean), sad because he wouldn't have a chance. Even though i know this just wasn't little bean's time, i was sad for him and of course for us.

i believe that i'll be given another chance and i have a hope that it will work out for us. i don't think that this would just come right out of the blue like this to just never work out. That's my true feeling. So for now, i am hopeful that we'll conceive again and when i am healed, we'll have fun trying! =)

The hospital gave us the tiniest little ring and we'll put it with the ultrasound pictures and set them all away in a little memory box or something. We're sad but we're not going to dwell. i think it's really nice of them to give the ring it's a really neat memento.

Master is out doing all our running because i am laid up tonight. i had to take it easy all day and we have a house full of people coming on Sunday for which we are completely unprepared. We're going to be gone almost every day until then and there is no way we'll be ready ha. ha. ugh. Please think good thoughts for us.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rain rain go away!

i'm not sure but i think it might never stop raining! This just might be a repeat performance of last summer. This morning we were awakened by the strongest wind and rain and i can remember for a while and for this area, that's saying something. It's very windy here.

We were going to have Master's parents over for dinner tonight but it's just not going to be nice enough out to grill so we're going there so M can set up His Mom's computer and wireless router. He got us all hooked up or rather unhooked so we're totally wireless now and He's feeling guilty that He hasn't finished hers. Of course she's has her router for 4 days, 2 of those days, she was busy. Once she's all hooked up, then the fun begins. Then she can start learning how to use the lap top... ugh haha. i am just not positive she'll be able to grasp the concept. Maybe with a lot of repetition, she will. i hope she will anyway.

i am tired these days and i know it will pass but it's been really bad the last three days or so. We went to a party last night and i came home and tried to watch TV and ended up in bed very early. i have read that headaches are also very common so i'm not surprised that my head is worse than normal plus there is a significant amount of caffeine withdrawal right now too. Everything just takes a little time to get used to, i know i will adjust a little at a time and as i go i am trying very hard not to complain. M already has heard about my head enough in years past, He is very tired of hearing about it. Sometimes it's impossible not to say something but until that point i do really try. So i can come here and say that it hurts, every once in a while.

We talked a little about shoes yesterday. my Sister and His Mom asked me about the shoes and mentioned that i would have to stop wearing the higher heels soon. i told both of them that i am going to wear them as long as physically possible, until they cause me discomfort. Even then when i am sitting at my desk there is still the 4inch heel rule. We have many shoes that at this time are far too big for me that i should be able to fit into while sitting at my desk. Master was concerned about me losing all the progress that i've made and my calves relaxing. If i continue to wear the heels enough i should hope to maintain a fair balance where it wouldn't be too hard to get right back into my normal shoes.

i think that's all i have for today. As long as i am stuck inside i might as well get some cleaning done. We haven't been home much and the house shows it. i hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

High hopes!

Finally a nice day to work outside! Master is better, it's not too terribly hot outside and we don't have any plans to go anywhere. Then His Mom calls and says that her wireless router is here. Waaahhh. i'm praying that He waits a couple days to hook it up. She won't use it today or tomorrow because she's having company and she barely knows how to use the computer anyway and i've been praying for these nice days. Wow how selfish is that? Pretty dang selfish i'll say, i'm sorry, i would say go in a split second if she had been anxiously awaiting the router and was able to use it straight away, but she's not. She needs work, tons of it. Master's Dad swears she'll never learn how to use it and he's mad that she even spent as much as she has on the lap top and router. Which in the grand scheme of things is almost nothing. She got the lap top for $50 and the router for less than that. M got her a good deal on the computer, way better than we originally thought.

So my hopes for today are high! i really hope we can get a lot done. We haven't cleaned the pool yet, which is fine, i haven't really been able to swim yet anyway. Which new piercings you're supposed to wait at least 4-6 weeks before swimming and i am just barely at that now. So if we get it clean soon i'll just be able to start swimming now and Master doesn't really care that much about swimming. He just goes in for me haha to humor me.

Deadants! Once again we're invaded only this year Master said i could call the pest people, they'll be here today and none too soon. They are just as bad this year as every other year, only last year i kept them off the counter, this year, not so lucky. They just started creeping onto the counter, a couple at a time. So right in the nick of time, i can handle a few but not the way we have them. The people we have coming are cheap and if they work i'll be so grateful to be rid of them. It's just something i don't want to have to think about all summer. =)

If anyone was wondering, for that little remark i made about Master's "face"... He made me spank myself! He didn't have the energy!! hahaha. After a while it actually hurt too, well because He said i wasn't doing it hard enough. =p

Have a good day everyone!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sick people should stay home...

Only this time it was my father in law.... Last weekend we had a cook out and my father in law was sick with a cold. He is notorious for using his fingers on food only when he is sick one might think that HE would think. No go. Sooooo.... guess who is laid up in bed? Well seeing that i am sitting here typing, it's not me. Last night Master had a pretty low grade fever, about 100.5 or something. That reminds me that i should take His temp again. He's really just super groggy and got a yucky head (more than normal) hahahaha. =p i'm pretty sure i'll pay for that later!!! HAHAHA! Anyway i can't be too mad, it is my father in law and it's not something that he hasn't ALWAYS done, but i am angry that this time he actually got one of us sick! i'm more irritated that he put me at risk too, the chances of me catching it are pretty high now that Master has it. eh.. Oh well, if i get it, it won't be the end of the world, i am on some awesome vitamins.

So last night we just all hung out in bed, Master hacked and sniffled and the dog and the cat fought and we watched TV. Master insisted that He wasn't tired until i said that i really thought He should try to get some sleep, when i turned off the TV and fixed His pillows He was out pretty quick, it's just that feeling that you're sure there's no way you'll ever sleep when you're sick. i think tonight will be a repeat performance of last night.

i just heard we're expecting a pretty bad storm i suppose i should go batten down the hatches (whatever that means) and tuck us all in.

i hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday evening.

MD's treasure

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

You have my word!

i promise this won't become a "baby blog". Today i am only frustrated in people's reaction to how i am trying to deal with possible outcomes. At this time i am trying as hard as i can to remain neutral, right now even though i am 2 months along, until we have more testing and until we get further along there is nothing sure that i will be able to carry this baby. At my age there are too many variables, my health and the baby's health. So right now, until the end of this trimester, we are pregnant, but we're not sure if we're having a baby or not. i can't, until the big tests are done, the high risk assessment is done and the 12 week mark is past, celebrate the coming of a baby. Today my sister was clearly frustrated with me because i won't show the amount of excitement she thinks i should.

She doesn't understand how devastating it would be to build up my hopes only to be let down. This way at least in a very small way, i am trying very hard in my mind to say "if we have a baby", "if we're able to do this", "if this", "if that". i am sure that i am only fooling myself, it will crush me either way, but perhaps if i prepare for the worst and hope for the very best, i can celebrate and breath a huge sigh of relief in a few weeks.

Like i said last post, i am thinking good thoughts, praying for the best and the rest is up to God. That's all i can do, but the last thing i want is for people to be upset with me for not acting the way they think i should act. i know i am guarded right now, it's a defense mechanism i'm sure. i think it's foolish not to be a little guarded, i just hope this next month goes quickly.

i am noticing even more now that it might be nice to have someone to talk to who has gone through this recently. With my sister out of the country there really isn't anyone around here who has had a baby in the last quarter of a century to chat with. haha.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure