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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Something To Say

i got an email the other day and the topic just struck a cord with me so i thought i would post it here.  i asked this person if they happened to have a blog, so i could become a follower,  the response was 'no i don't have a Master, i have nothing to write about'.

So i started thinking about other times i've heard this in the past, in more of a broad spectrum, not just about this one instance and wondered how many people actually feel as though they just aren't a slave or sub until they become owned or belong to someone.  i know this isn't a new topic by any means, it's just the first time i've had an opportunity to really think about it in full. 

So many things rushed through my mind at once but the first thing i thought of was, "Of course you have something to write about!" they are still a person, a slave or submissive with thoughts on how they may one day serve his or her Master.  They have dreams and aspirations and what a wonderful way to show how they might one day serve Him than by journaling and writing down all their goals.  i know as someone who reads blogs i never know where i'm going to come across that next gem of wisdom.  It's most certainly not always from the slave who has been in the lifestyle for 25 years nor is it always from the novice.  You just never know where or from whom you'll find the best bits of wisdom on any given day. 

i'm not sure what's right or wrong, does the Master make the slave but i know i was already pretty submissive before i met Master.  Should they have a submissive's soul, he or she would have so much to share about their daily decisions and how they go about living without someone to make they decisions for them.  It's an entirely different life than what some of us lead, yet perfectly normal and content and happy.  

Being a sub without a Master doesn't mean we're always empty or sad it just means we might be in transition.  Some choose to live that way and simply live life as a submissive to many or none.  Those people certainly have much to journal about.  It's not my way of life and never could be but it's something that people definitely choose.  There of course are the ones who are looking and looking desperately.  A journal can also be a place for venting about that as well.  Again talking about long term and short term goals. 

my point being is that it's difficult for me to see someone selling themselves short simply because they aren't in a relationship.  i will never be the feminist who says "i don't need no man to make me whole!!!"   i just can't sit back and let anyone no matter who it is, sub,slave,Master,vanilla or enemy say they are worth less than they are.

Going back to that email, in my opinion; whether you have a Master or not, you have something to share. =)

i hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Making Him Moan

The other night Master got up from His computer and walked into the bedroom. i saw Him walk into the bathroom and come out again a few minutes later.  i was busy at my computer but i know Him, i know Him very well.  Sometimes it's frightening to both of us how i am able to predict some of the things He's going to do. 

This time i wasn't positive, i'm never 100% sure of what He's up to, i just have a pretty good idea.  This time i was right on the money.  i got up from my computer and took a quick drink of my soda, i thought i might want a moist mouth.  The closer i got to the bedroom door, i took off my glasses.  When i entered the bedroom, i set my glasses down on the table beside the bed and got on my knees in front of Him.  Master was just laying back with His pants at His knees getting ready to call me in to suck His cock.  THIS time, my mouth was there before He was able to call me.  This time, i was ready before He was.  =)

We had been working very hard in the yard that day and i was just sitting at my computer thinking to myself that i could fall asleep sitting there and i know i've said this before.  Sometimes those are the best times to test my level of slavery and submission.  This time i didn't want to "let the devil inside", if you will.  So i jumped up before i could even get a second thought.  Once i was on my knees in front of Master i did play with Him and pretend to fall asleep with His cock in my mouth.  We were both so worn out and sore that it was funny and He poked me and tapped me to wake me up.

Master told me something pretty neat after this last blow job.  He told me that He never used to moan or make lots of noises when He came, before me. Basically He was telling me that i make Him feel great and i love it!  What an awesome feeling to have, it's wonderful incentive to keep trying and keep finding new ways to please Him and make Him feel even better. =)

Well i'm going back outside today to work in the yard, unless my back says otherwise.  I've been cutting down the soil to even out the yard while Master fixes things.  Last night He took me out front and showed me the huge "grave like" hump that is left over from the installation of our deep well.  i knew it was there but i didn't want to even try to tackle it.  Now that He saw that i was capable of moving dirt and making it look half way decent, He's thinking He wants me to try to till up the soil and smooth it out.  i'm not sure but it may kill me if i try to do all that! hahahaha  It's not much larger than the job i did in the back yard, it's just the front yard and people will SEE it!  What if i mess it up???? haha LoOk AT ThE grEAt JoB i DId in The FRonT YaRD! Almost no DIvIts. =p

So off i go to see what sort of mess i can make so Master can plant grass seed! We have grass of course, but mostly, we have weeds! Hopefully if it's really bad the grass will cover it up! =)

Have a great day!

MD's treasure   

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dressing The Master!

There is so much talk about how we dress or rules our Master's might have for us.  The conversation almost never goes the other way. 

What about dressing the Master?  What are His rules about that?  It almost goes without saying that we'd be responsible for the laundry and ironing should that be required, but not always.  Everyone is different and there just might be someone out there who would insist on doing His or Her own laundry to their own specifications.  But what about once the clothing is clean?

Do you play a direct role in dressing your Dom/mme? 

i bring this up because i do.  Pretty much from start to finish clothing is my area and He puts very little (if any) thought into what He's going to wear on any given day.  Master assumes that there will be clean clothes laid out and if there isn't there better be a VERY good reason.  He takes for granted that those clothes will be in good repair and if they aren't there better be a good reason for that as well.  In short, it's just not on His radar when He gets up in the morning. He's not opposed to men's apparel and He loves shopping but He loves shopping for me, not really for Him.

i have to think ahead and be prepared for the unexpected as well.  He's been losing weight and i know that if we're going to be walking long distances for the day, He's going to want His belt... but not until later.  So grab a belt and stuff in my bag.  Are we working and doing something nicer that means work shirt in my bag as well.

The problem is sometimes i forget these little details on some days and He comes to rely on me to remember.  i think i need a check list! =)

How does everyone else remember these little things each day?

i better scoot!  i have to get us ready to leave!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Do You Stand Up For Yourself?

There was a thread title that was so pertinent to my current situation right now i thought i would steal it and use it here.

"Do you stand up for yourself?"

Time after time Master says to me "Why do you let her talk to you like that?".  More often than not (as of late) He's talking about His sister, sometimes it's my sister, in the past it was His Mom.

i HATE to argue!  i really really do!  So here's the thing about His sister when there is an issue where i know i'm right i'll say my peace and leave it alone, even if i know i'm right.  i don't care about looking like an idiot or letting them think they're right.  Who cares if they walk away with their heads held high?  The bad thing is, it becomes a pattern and they think they can consistently do it and i become stomping ground.  Even when i'm right, they are clearly in the wrong, sometimes it might be important and i need to stand up, i've gotten used to just allowing them to be right.  BAD....

Case in point;  You know what a gait belt is?  It's exactly what it sounds like.  It's used to help people walk and transfer from one chair or bed to another etc. Master's sister and pretty much everyone who isn't trained thinks that the gait belt is "for wimps".  Wrong!  That belt is used for the patients' comfort as well as safety AND to help the person who is lifting.

When using the belt, you place it around the patient's torso, now you're lifting them with the security of the belt snugly wrapped around the torso and putting much less strain under their arms.  Much less of a risk dislocating a shoulder by lifting all their body weight by only lifting underneath the arms.   

It's completely a no brainer to take the extra minute it might take to wrap that belt around Master's Mom for her comfort, rather than trying to prove.... whatever Master's sister is trying to prove.  It's all a control thing, really.  i want her to use the belt and well, she won't.

There are more scenarios than i can count.  Of course it's not all about being right or wrong, it's just about Master's sister being rude and me not standing up to her.  i asked her what was going to be going on one day at a family pic nic and she said in a voice that makes me think of the Wicked Witch Of The West,  "Didn't you get a schedule?!??!  It was nothing as dramatic as that, only my memory seeing her sitting in her chair with her glasses on the tip of her nose, looking at me with such disdain....

Well yes, we did get one!  A year ago and it's hanging on our fridge.  The thing is i thought i would ASK to make conversation AND because your in contact with the people who are organizing the event, daily.  OH! PLUS NEVERMIND!  But see i didn't SAY any of that because i'm a big fat wimp, instead i sat in the corner of the room and fought back tears, trying to figure out why people are so mean.

So Master has about had it because He's tired of her being mean but i don't want to raise a stink because i don't want to upset His Mom.  Master really wants me to just say to His sister, "look, this is really enough, there's no earthly reason for you to talk to me like this and i'm tired of you being mean to me."  or just once when i am in the right about a medical issue, i should actually push the issue to the point of her backing down.  i just need to stand up to her once but that's SO much harder than it seems.  Neither Master nor i want WWII and that's what could happen.  It has to be me, not Master.  Master can stand up to her all He wants but that won't solve a thing, He's not afraid of her.

Master's sister is certainly not as bad as this post makes her out to be, i have featured only the worst side of her here.  She and i (or so i thought) used to be friends.  i don't think we ever were, i just wanted to be in a bad way.  She can be very generous at times but something changed when Master confronted her just that one time about throwing away something that didn't belong to her.  Everything went up in smoke and the world hasn't been the same since.

So if i were to post on that thread... my answer would be... HEH! NO! But i need help!  Master couldn't be more supportive of me if He tried but if He gets involved it will be a war and i'm not even being dramatic.  This one is on me to try to solve.

So now it's your turn;

Do you stand up for yourself?  i would love to hear back from you!  In comments, email where ever you like!

MD's treasure    

Formspring Question

 "Is she going to get a nose ring?"

Hi and thanks for the question.  i'll assume that you're asking Master this question.  This is actually something Master has talked about for quite some time and in the simplest of terms yes, some day He will in fact put in a nose ring.  It will be a septum piercing.

Master puts a lot of thought into everything that He does, so He wants to do it at the right time. There is a time and place for everything and certainly a place to have His slave tromping about with a septum piercing.  So there will be times when Master will want the nose ring to be less conspicuous than others.   When He wants the piercing to go undetected Master wants to be sure that the retainer He chooses will serve it's purpose well.

i'm sure that there will be a septum piercing in the future, how long in the future is completely up to Him! =) 

Have faith though that there will pictures and many of them, when it happens!  =)

Thanks again for the question!!

MD's treasure

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Showing Too Much At The Zoo

Master has been after me for years to sew up all the slits in all my dresses and skirts.  The problem is, i don't have a proper sewing machine and if i do it by hand it will look like i did it by hand.  AND.... i'm not a great seamstress, i'm not even a good one as far as that goes.  i can sew on a button and a patch and in a pinch, make a hole, "not" look like a hole.  That's about it, really.  So for me to sew up a slit and make it look like a four year old didn't do it, yeah that's probably not a job for me.

Sunday night Master came to me and told me that i was supposed to find an outfit that would be acceptable for outdoors, semi casual and then sort of fancy.  This outfit was just supposed to materialize out of nowhere hehe!  So i set to work to come up with said outfit.  i had a dress picked out that i thought would work nicely and i would be able to dress it up and or down with jewelry and shoes for each environment.  Master didn't like the belt however.  So He went searching and found two or three better dresses.  i chose one of the dresses that He liked and ... i chose poorly! 

The dress that i chose was a short little thing and i've never sewn the slit.  The last time i wore it i didn't have any trouble because my stockings were tighter.  It always depends on the brand of stockings as to how everything pulls together.  Monday, things didn't pull together very well!  The slit on this dress is actually quite short but in a dress that short, it can't be "too" long, can it? =)

So as i'm getting in the car for the first time, i think to myself that i might have a problem with my stockings!  This isn't going to work well and then i think uh oh... you're going to be able to see the stockings from the back!  As odd as it might seem, in some cases, i can be somewhat modest!  i knew we were going to be out and about all day and i didn't want to be showing stockings all day!  i should have gone right back inside and changed but we were running a little behind schedule, so i went with it.

The whole day was one surprise after another!  When we started out of town, Master told me to put on a blindfold so i wouldn't know where we were going.  i had a feeling the whole day was about going to the zoo!  There is a small zoo near us and He's been promising to take me all summer.  It was a beautiful day and even though we could scarcely spare the day away, Master just stole the day away and we did it!

Once we pulled up in the parking lot, i instantly heard this tremendously loud squawking!  It was awesome!  He knew i had a feeling where we were but we were super excited about the day!  So we hopped out and began our trip!

i only had one hesitation, my stockings were showing and i was pretty cautious about it.  When we're in a family setting, i'm more conscious than ever of how i'm dressed.  i love to look good for Master but i don't want to show "too much".  At that point there just wasn't anything i could do about it and Master said if it got too bad i could take them off but He wasn't going to give in any too soon. 

The zoo is relatively small and only took a very short time to walk through.  Once we left there we went and had a small snack.  Then back on with the blindfold for another surprise.  i had no idea where we were going and this time i was stumped.  We only drove for a short time before we pulled up at this awesome greenhouse/gift shop place that i've been just dying to go to all summer and no matter how hard we try, we just haven't been able to get there!  Master's timing was perfect because i'd all but forgotten about going to the place! We wandered around there for quite some time and gasped at the prices, mostly i just love the pretties.  =)

It was too early for supper so we did a little more shopping that we needed to get done.  Once it was finally time for supper, back on with the blindfold.  Now i just knew i had our dinner destination figured out!  WRONG.  Master drove and drove.... hmmm!  When He made some twists and turns after we'd been driving a while, i figured it out! We were at the casino. 

All day, my stockings were showing but by now, we were in an all adult environment and i didn't much care.  unfortunately, they were lower now than they'd been all day because they were getting looser and looser.  i'm not sure how visable they were but if they were i guess it was up to Master to make the decision to have me change out of them.  Which of course, He never did.

The night was great and Master decided He'd have a blowjob when we got home so i beat Him to it!  He was in His chair in the den and i went in and knelt at His side.  i told Him that i wanted to thank Him for the lovely day and He said.. Ohhh you wanna thank Me..."down there?" He granted me the opportunity to thank Him with a lovely cock sucking to end the day.  It was a pretty good day and we these days we definitely need those intertwined!

i hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Friday, September 14, 2012

Balance, i'm Tippy

i need to find balance, a happy medium if you will between complete chaos and our time being pretty much our time.  Yes in the last few years we've devoted a lot of time to Master's parents but nothing like the last few weeks since Master's Mom has been in the nursing home.  Pretty much every day revolves around going to see her, Master's Dad or if we're not going to see her we're doing something related to them.  i'm just not balancing things at home and His parents very well. 

So when i have a day at home, i feel as though i have to do everything in that day.  Clean/laundry/catch up on the blog/email/phone calls, you name it!  It's clear that i need to find some sort of routine in order to make my life just a bit easier.  i have routines for the animals because you can't just not care for them and of course the daily things like dishes, but it's the things that you can let yourself fall behind on, like laundry and cleaning!  ugh! 

i know i put this pressure on myself, no one is going to come in and inspect our bathrooms or tell me my pillow cases should be changed.  But i know!  That's what is important! 

Not only that, i just need to find a sense of balance for my own well being.  i need to know that on those days we have home, it's not going to spent running myself ragged.

i'm sorry to complain, we're sorta going through a rough time right now. 

If anyone is still reading, bless you!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Submission Is Not Negative

In the years that i've been reading blogs and writing myself, i've read so many wonderful descriptions and explanations of submission, too many to count i'm sure.  The other day i ran across a wonderful account of one slaves perspective and it's just struck me, deeply.

We've never done anything like this before but after getting Master's permission of course, i sent her an email and asked her if she'd allow me to feature her post on my blog.

The following post was taking directly as it was written from:

 Diary of an Owned Slave    

Submission Is Not Negative

Every so often I get comments from people I know, and people I don't know, saying that because I am a woman and because I submit to my man that I must be incredibly weak.

Quite the contrary.

In fact, I find that I am possibly the strongest I have ever been in my entire life. It takes guts and a LOT of trust to put your life and decisions into the hands of someone else. It does not make a person weak, it just means we have a huge amount of trust with the person we are putting that much control into. I trust that my Master knows what is best for me, and He has yet to prove me wrong.

"You're weak and pathetic."

Not really. If any of us is pathetic, it is those who think that submission is as simple as lying down and "doing what the man says." It's not that black and white. In fact, it's not like that at all. I submit because it is what makes me feel like me. I submit because I enjoy it. I submit because it is something both Master and I need in our relationship. It is what works best for us. That is in no way translated to weakness, and if anyone thinks it is, please refer to a dictionary and come back to me.

"You're just lazy and don't want to make decisions."

Wrong again. I can make decisions just fine, and truly, how am I lazy when I do chores for Master, tend to His needs, and go about my duties? That sounds less lazy and more active than anything. So please explain that to me. Truly, I can make any decision I please, and the most important decisions in my life are still MY decisions. Master will always have a say, it's how we work, but that does not mean I can not think for myself.

Submission does not equal weakness, laziness, indecisiveness, or anything else negative a person can think of. Submission is beautiful and it can be very uplifting, freeing, and even healing. I have found that since I have submitted to my Master I am a stronger person. I have a certain guidance that I have always needed and that is nothing short of a positive thing. I submit to Him because I know that I can trust Him.

This is not an abusive relationship. We are both consenting adults who know what they are getting into. I am not a mindless zombie at the whim of some evil man. I am Anastassia. A proud slave to my Master, and I have no reason to be ashamed of that.


i would like to thank Anastassia and her Master for allowing us to feature her post on my blog.  What a beautiful and honest account of what submission can and should be!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure 

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Formspring Question- Panties

 I understand you not having an issue with working in church and selling porn but do you go to church in a girdle and stockings without panties? If you do, THAT'S HOT!


 You're right, i don't have an issue working in the church or selling porn.  Both are services that we provide that i feel good about. 

So to answer your question, yes i do wear my girdle and stockings with a slip, and my choice of skirt or dress at all times, wherever i go.  Quite a few years ago Master told me that i wasn't going to be allowed to wear panties anymore.  i suppose what i consider to be my "regular daily clothing might just be a little out of the ordinary for people today. 

We don't attend Sunday church services unless it's a special occasion.  But as usual, i would be dressed as i would be on any other day!  So i wouldn't wear panties, even if we were going to church.  Master doesn't allow panties anywhere! (unless i have a visitor =/ )

i won't lie and say that sometimes i feel a bit more exposed than others without panties. It certainly depends on the length of my dress or skirt.  If i am wearing a particularly short skirt due to the heat or something, i am VERY aware of the fact that i'm not wearing panties no matter where i am, including to work. i don't wear anything obscene. =) 

i really do everything in these clothes including go hiking!  =)

Last weekend, Master and i went to a local state park and we started off on a trail which lead to a fairly long and rigorous hike.  i was wearing flats for the hike though! =)

Thank you so much for the question.

MD's treasure

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Slave And Servant

i was stumped for something to write about today so i went to submissive journal prompts and i was reminded of something Master and i were talking about when we were at work last night.

Master and i ironically enough work at a church.  So if you're a new reader, yes we do in fact sell porn and work at a church.  Neither Master nor i take issue with that, we're perfectly happy providing a service in each aspect.  Master made a remark about working at the church and i said that i really like working there, for me it reminds me of my place in the world.

Because of what i do at the church, i do a lot of cleaning, i feel good about the cleaning and it gives me a chance to serve.  We don't get paid much but it's what the church can afford and it makes me personally feel good to do it.  Master told me that my place in this world is to serve Him. my place in this world is to serve Him, absolutely and totally to serve Him.  i agree, of that there is no question.

i have always had a yearning i guess you could call it, to help and serve others.  i need to feel needed and to "do".  That's why i worked in long term care it gave me a chance to try to make their lives better, in every way i could possibly imagine, but i didn't work in direct patient care.

When there was a need though and they were short on the floor, we stepped up and got in there to help out.  i did the best i could, haha, those poor people they were the ones who had to be patient with me! =) 

i couldn't help but feel a twinge of guilt as i walked away from the conversation thinking i should have answered Master differently.  i feel as though i've been put on this earth to make some sort of small difference, if someone in my presence is in need, i can't sit by and look the other way (with Master's permission of course).  i also know in my heart that i was made to be Master's slave, i don't feel that the two need to be mutually exclusive.

Master usually indulges me when i want to do something for someone, especially if it's been for His parents or if it won't cost a ton of money.  If my ideas are really "out there" then He'll reel me back in and tell me that it's just not possible. i guess i sort of had an epiphany in that while i am most certainly Master's slave, wife, lover, servant, first,  i think i'll always be a willing servant in my heart.  i don't think that's a bad thing as long as Master approves of my activities.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure 

Sunday, September 02, 2012

In It Together

As with every area in our relationship Master and i have clearly defined roles.  Master is the one who likes to shop and spend money and i'm the one who is more ... frugal shall we say?  Master calls it cheap!  i'm not cheap i just like to be a little more careful... hrrmph. 

Master however is in charge of our finances, He pays all the bills, takes care of everything.  Pretty much every cent that is spent is spent by Master.  i have a few little pennies here and there but it's really pocket change.  i do have ways to access money immediately, of course. 

That being said, even though Master is in complete control of our finances and buys whatever He wants whenever He wants it, if there is a purchase that is out of the ordinary more often than not, He wants my opinion.  Sometimes i think He wants my opinion simply for that, just to see what i think is the better of two options or to see if i think we need that particular item at that time, what have you. 

The other side of the coin is this; Master will ask my opinion about something that He knows i'm not in favor of, yet His mind is really nearly made up.  It's clearly masochistic.  Now it's a fine line, because i am appreciative and respectful of Master because He values my opinions enough to allow me to weigh in on lots of things.  He really considers my opinion.  Other times, He'll ask me what i think and then do exactly what He was going to do in the first place.  Why? Cause He's DaBoss.  Even if i think it's a great big ole mistake. 

Here's what i don't do.  i don't sit back and give Him a great big bowl of "i told You so" if it doesn't work out.  Once a decision is made, we're in it for the long haul together.  i WANT things to go well in every situation and i want Him to be happy all the time.  That's why when i do give my opinion, i hope it's the right one, for both of us.

Master does the same for me.  If i want something and i'm just not sure if it's the right thing at the right time, He'll let me fail.  He weighs in on everything but He will let me make some of my own decisions on some things. Such as things for the yard (decorations/trees) or things that He knows i'll be the primary user.  If i mess up, we're in it together. =)

Yesterday we spent the entire day at the nursing home with His Mom and had a really wonderful day.  It was just Master and i with His Mom and it was quiet and uninterrupted.  Today and tomorrow we're home with very few plans.  i don't remember a time when we were able to spend time together, getting a few things done at home and working on projects that need to be done here.

i hope that everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure