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We've never, ever wanted to be mistaken for any of the countless people who claim to be a Master or slave when in reality, they just pretend for money. There's potentially a fine line in other folks' perception, and I've gone to considerable effort to never cross that line. My treasure writes here because she enjoys it, she loves to get and reply to comments and she also does it because I require it. In the beginning, it was a blog, nothing more, nothing less. In the last few years, it has become not only a blog, but also a hub for all of our online activity. Some of that activity is done simply for fun, some of it is to feed some sort of narcissistic need for kudos that I still deny having, and some of it is done to try to supplement our income by sharing our real life with others who might be willing to toss a few bucks our way for a small window into our normal activities. Normal for us but mere fantasies to them, things that they can't get at home or simply things that get their blood flowing south. Like most people, we started out never showing our faces, never being specific about where we live, blah blah blah. One day, I decided that I was tired of acting like I was ashamed of Myself or My girl, just so someone I knew wouldn't find a photo that would make them all butt hurt because of their own insecurities and closed-mindedness. In a very short time, we had started making videos and posting non-anonymous pictures all over the place. Eventually, My girl started doing live cam sessions for cash and it's become a multifaceted "business". That's why we're making this page. I didn't want it on the front page of the blog because this is still her blog, and always will be, but we wanted to add a page for some of the money-making things that we do.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Productive Day!

Yesterday was a very productive day for Master and i.  i mentioned that Master is going to build a desk for the den and that means moving things around a bit.  Master really only has His buddy that comes over on Tuesday nights to help Him move things and it's a lot to ask him to help us do everything.  So we needed to get a big entertainment center downstairs and Master was going to do it Himself.  Once Master had it all strapped to a cart, i helped Him get it down the stairs.  i didn't just guide it down the stairs either, i was working and it felt good!  Once we had it all in place in the basement, Master said that it went very smoothly and He was really excited to have that portion of the job done. 

Then later when Master's friend came over we had another task to tackle.  This one wasn't going to be quite so simple.  Master had this older 55" rear projection TV that we needed to get from the basement to the living room, up... stairs.  Just to give you and idea of the weight of the thing, it took 4 men to get it down to the basement and part of the bottom broke off when they were taking it down.  So...  this was going to be difficult to say the least.  Master and His buddy had been talking about how they were going to get this monster upstairs for literally years now. As there wasn't really a great solution it just sort of sat stagnant.  But today was the day and solution or not, it was going up!  i said that i would help and they hadn't planned on me helping nor would i be counted on for much support.

After a whole lot of deliberating, i said why can't we just carry it up "like this"? In other words just 'man handle it'? Master on the bottom, His buddy on top and me in the middle.  Master's buddy said "OHH A SANDWHICH!"  "sigh" ... hahahaha  Well, not exactly, but if we drop it, we'll have "Master pancake".  So that's what we did, one painful step at a time.  Sort of a heave-ho type of thing and it sucked but we did it!!!! i actually helped!!! i mean i helped, i know i did, cause i am sore today from lifting!! =)  It's a good sore and we're super happy to have it up here!!

The thing is, the TV wouldn't sell for more than a couple of dollars but it's still a nice TV and it was just sitting down there wasting away.  Our living room TV took a poo and why buy one when we had one in our own home?  So WIN.  =)

The best thing for me about yesterday was the feeling of being used as a real slave, a working useful slave.  When so often i am not feeling well and hurting, i am not able to participate as i feel i should or could.  Yesterday i was able to be helpful and not feel too badly afterward.  All around, it was just a good productive day!

While we were having a good day, let it be said that we were not uninformed.  We were thinking about those who are hurting, so very heartbroken and devastated by the tornado in Oklahoma.  i wish we had the resources to send lots of money to help.  Apparently that's what they need more than anything, the red-cross is asking for cash.

Peace to you and yours, especially those of you in Oklahoma.

MD's treasure 

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