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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

i "Flipping" Messed Up!

Since Master pierced my septum i have been flipping the piercing every time we see Master's Dad just out of respect for him.  He just wasn't being very nice about it and said that he would be nasty to anyone who had a piercing like that or anyone who got a tattoo.  It's been sort of an on-going conversation with Master's Dad for a while now.

Due to his unrelenting attitude about body modification we didn't want to rush into telling him that Master had already pierced my septum.  However, i couldn't keep flipping the piercing every time we see Master's family as we see them often and sometimes for many, many hours at a time.  The larger my jewelry gets the more difficult it will be to flip so last night when he was here for dinner i told him that i've actually had the piercing for quite a while.  i also gently informed him that the next time he saw me, i would have the ring down and it wouldn't change me a bit, i would just have "new jewelry".  Lastly, i told him that he wasn't going to be mean to me because i've always been very good to him and he knew everything i'd just said was true.

Master's Dad just left here after dropping off some clothes racks for the yard sale and i had the piercing down.  He looked right at my nose and didn't mention it at all.  In fact, he just asked me to do him a favor.  We talked for several minutes and he was very pleasant and he left.

i know he's not happy and i'm sure he'll talk to whoever will listen about my "stupid nose ring", but so long as he's not nasty to me, i'm okay. =)

Now..... i really screwed up with Master.  When i was telling His Dad about the piercing, Master told me to flip it down last night during the meal and Master's Dad shook his head "no", so i didn't.  Master told me to flip it down several times and i didn't do it.  i am in trouble, to say the least.

It was a horrible feeling knowing that Master's Dad wasn't ready have it sprung on him like that and at the same time disobeying Master's direct order.  i haven't been punished yet, i will be, there's no doubt about that! Ugh!

So while i feel a huge sense of relief knowing that i won't be hiding the piercing anymore, including in front of Master's sister and brother-in-law (if we see them again)... bleh more family issues! i feel a sense of doom and serious disappointment in myself.  i don't know that i've ever so blatantly disobeyed Him like that and it's the most uncomfortable, nasty feeling in the world.  i don't even have a word to describe this feeling, but it's nothing good or fluffy or fun.

There is no "up side" to disobeying your Master.  You know we have a rule in place just for this type of thing, no one was going to die, i don't care who i thought was right or wrong.  i should have obeyed His order, no questions asked.  No one's life was in peril and no one was going to be hurt and there wasn't going to be any catastrophic damage to anything or anyone.  i really messed up this time, what was i thinking?

Don't do as i do, okay!?!? =)

MD's treasure



  1. Sorry you are waiting for a punishment, that really does sucks, and it is very out of character for you.

    The reasoning behind the disobedience is understandable, you felt like you were in between a rock and a hard place. Sometimes you just forget how bad it feels to do something like that.

    Hope it gets resolved soon. Thinking about you.

    1. Hi hun, it's great to hear from you! Thanks for understanding my predicament. It makes it easier knowing my "catch-22" wasn't only in my head. The thing is, i knew right away that i was going to be in trouble and made the wrong choice.

      Because we've been so busy trying to get ready for this weekend's yard sale, Master has yet to deliver my punishment. He'll let it loom over my head for a while. That in itself is always part of the punishment.

      Take care, i hope you're doing well!! =)

  2. Perhaps because the behavior is so atypical and uncharacteristic of your serving, the punishment will not be harsh.

    Will be thinking about you...


    1. Hi Kelly,
      It's great to hear from you! i'm not sure about the punishment, i never am. Master thrives on the element of surprise. i have a feeling that this one will be a biggie though. Never can tell with Him.

      Thanks so much for thinking about me, i appreciate it, tons! =)

      Do you have a blog? =)

    2. I actually just started blogging my journey of slavery. I'd love for you to stop by (can always use the input of someone so experienced with service). You can find me at

      I might be as nervous about your punishment as you... Really sending all my support.