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Friday, May 24, 2013

New Doctor, Big Surprise

Master started seeing a Doctor here in town a few months ago.  We decided if we liked him, we would think about switching my care from my current physician to the new doctor.  It wouldn't be something we'd take lightly because i have a rather extensive medical history.  We wanted to see this doctor a few times and make sure he would be a good fit.  This was also a decision that we've been mulling over for years because my doctors nurse was really a thorn in my side and preventing me to see the doctor when needed.  my doctor, we felt, just wasn't providing great care for me so it was time to start shopping around.

Master had seen this new guy a few times and we were satisfied that he would be more than satisfactory in providing the care i was going to need.  We both liked him, he was about our age and had a good sense of humor.  It would also be nice for Master and i to see the same doctor, just for consistency.

Today was my first appointment to "establish care", as they say.  As i go to every appointment with Master, i already know the new doctor so there wasn't much of a "meet and greet" type of thing.  We just talked about what i thought i would need from him and ran through the basics, all the boring stuff.

So he had me hop up on the table and that's when he asked me about my septum piercing, he was simply curious as to when i had gotten it done as he didn't remember seeing it before.  i told him that i got it done in February and since he brought it up, i said that i'd read all over that when "doctor shopping" be sure to find a piercing friend physician.  He sort of laughed and said that he was neither, that it was none of his business!! =)  Oh, well good deal! =)

Then he said, with sort of a quirky smile on his face, "speaking of which, I do know that this (tapping the Eternity Collar) isn't just a necklace, am I right?".  i just smiled of course and looked at the doctor and looked at Master.  Then immediately said to the doctor, "How did you know?!" He just said that he'd seen pictures.  He wanted to know more, our level of involvement and what it meant to us.  i obliged by showing him the tattoo as it really tells our entire story, with the cuffs, the collar, ball gag.  We didn't completely spill the beans and say that we're Master/slave...that type of thing.  i just said that this is our life and it always has been since we got together.  Master did however say that it was the BDSM symbol at the bottom of the tattoo and the doctor was completely familiar with that.

i've been having some issues with my left shoulder that he gave me some exercises for.  He asked if we are careful not to do any BDSM related activities to further injure my shoulder, while it's healing...... hahaha REALLY?  A doctor who you can talk to about BONDAGE? OH MY GOSH!

i just can't believe how fortunate we are to have not only a doctor who tolerates BDSM but one who is familiar enough with it to recognize a collar when he sees one and knows at least a little bit about bondage! =)  Win.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

To say we were stunned is, an understatement?  Yeah that's the word.  Amazed, that's another good word.  Good fortune, that's another good saying.  


  1. Wow, am I jealous!! I've never had a doctor that I've been comfortable talking about kink with. I'm currently on the hunt for a new one, too...maybe I'll get lucky and find someone as awesome as yours! Congrats on making an awesome doctor decision ^_^

    1. Thanks Bre! We're pretty stoked about it, that's for sure! It's really good to hear from you, hope all is well with you and your Master! =)


  2. I am impressed. When you find one of these folks, it is a huge gift. How really wonderful!


    1. Thanks a lot swan! It was a total shock that's for sure! He really caught us off guard! hehe =) Thanks again! Hope to hear from you soon! =)

  3. My friend...

    Changes are on the horizon...Without mentioning what I do for a living, I can assure you that future medical professionals are being trained with a BDSM awareness...

    The stigma associated with BDSM, and its practitioners, is on its way out...

    Kelly :-)

    1. Hi Kelly! Yes, you blog about being a marriage and family therapist, pre-doctoral student. =) It's good to hear that the medical profession is becoming more aware of the BDSM community. This is an awesome step in the right direction.

      We wouldn't have been nearly as surprised had this come from a medical student or even someone 10 or 15 years younger. This man was at least our age or a bit older, someone who has been practicing medicine a long time. i'm just happy that we found him, however he's getting his information! =)

      Take care!! =)

  4. That is amazing! I don't know how I would react if that were me - probably not as gracefully as you!

    I hope he continues to be a wonderful physician. It is wonderful not to have to come up with alternate explanations for things!

    1. Thanks Lea! We were certainly excited and a bit blown away by the whole ordeal. i also recognize just how lucky we both are to be able to be open and honest him. It's really terrific! =)